Lesson Plan Template for EDCT 2030 –

Name: Alivia Milesky
Subject: Science
Grade: 8th

Lesson Summary: To actively get students to work in small groups and through online
enrichment to gain knowledge in tectonic plates and boundaries.
Estimated Duration: 50 mins

Commentary/Standards addressed:
Topic: Physical Earth
Content Statement: Earth’s crust consists of major and minor tectonic plates that
move relative to each other. (There are three major types of plate boundaries --
Divergent, Convergent and Transform. Each type of boundary results in specific
motions and causes events -- such as earthquakes or volcanic activity -- or features
such as mountains or trenches -- that are indicative of the type of boundaries.)

Lesson Objectives:
Students will complete a pre-assessment using a Google Doc with 100% completion.

Students will collaborate and complete their assigned role within the group to complete
their group’s slide as a whole on a Google Slide with 100% completion.

Students will then complete an exit slip with 100% completion given by the teacher that
will give the teacher an idea how the activity influenced the students learning.

Technology Used:
-Pre-Assessment: will be administered using Google Docs and submitted in Google
-Student Group Creation: Teacher will use a Google Spreadsheet to strategically create
groups of four students that contain skills that will compliment each other.
-Jigsaw: Teacher will create Google Slides template for each class that will be posted in
Google Classroom. Students will fill in slides together as a jigsaw activity. Students will
present their part on SmartBoard with their group using Google Slides.
-Online PHET: If students get done they will use their Chromebook to complete an online
simulation (tinyurl.com/ptphet)

To gain insight on what students already know and what misconceptions students have,
they will complete a pre-assessment using Google Docs. This pre-assessment will give
students at least three initial questions. They will answer the questions and then explain
their thinking and provide any background knowledge that helped them answer the
question. I will use student responses to guide my teaching.

Pre-Assessment Scoring Guidelines:
The pre-assessment will serve as a formative assessment that will provide me information
for future instruction. It will allow me to have a thorough understanding of what students
know and what they still need to learn. This will not be taken for a grade.

Since this is the beginning of the unit, students will only complete an exit slip on a half slip
of paper with 3 questions. This post assessment will only serve as a ungraded formative
assessment to guide my teaching/reteaching of the material. Within a week, students will
complete a 10 question quiz covering material from daily formative assessments which will
be collected for a grade.

Post-Assessment Scoring Guidelines:

(rubric attached for the scoring attached in this same folder)

The 10 question quiz will be taken as a summative assessment. It will be worth 10 points --
1 point per question. Students will be given the opportunity to retake all quizzes up until
the date of the unit test. However, only partial credit can be earned back.

Instructional Procedures:

1. Teacher will instruct students to log onto their chromebook and go to
their Google Classroom. The pre-assessment will be listed at the top of their feed.
Students will complete pre-assessment and turn in.
2. Teacher will split students into their groups based on pre-made
3. Teacher will give instructions for Google Slides Jigsaw activity and
break class into predetermined small groups.
4. Students will use Google Slides template to complete Jigsaw activity
with their group members.
5. Students will present their slide with their group on SmartBoard
using Google Slides.
6. Teacher will add any background information to each group’s
presentation/ask guiding questions to enhance information gained. Teacher will
clarify any misconceptions.
7. If students finished early, they will begin working on an online PhET
website that reviews plate boundaries.
8. With five minutes remaining in the period teacher will distribute exit
9. Students will complete an exit slip containing three questions.
10. Teacher will collect exit slip and review before the next day’s lesson
to make adjustments.

Differentiated Instructional Support/Modifications/Accommodations

For learners who are advanced:

Students will be put into groups to complete the Jigsaw activity. Each student will be given
a task that they are to fulfill for their group. Advanced students will be strategically
placed in a group with students that have varied abilities. The advanced students will be
given the role of finding the most complex information that will be included on their
Google Slide. These students will also be challenged with the PhET extension.

For learners who are struggling with the activity:

Students will be put into groups to complete the Jigsaw activity. Each student will be given
a task that they are to fulfill for their group. Students that tend to struggle will be
grouped with students that work at a higher level because this helps students obtain
information in a different way. For students that may have trouble with speaking or
presenting in front of large groups, I will make sure to provide them with their role ahead
of time so that they are prepared when called upon.

I want to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to participate and succeed in
all activities completed.

One extension that will be provided uses an online PhET that acts as a simulation. There is
an online worksheet that students can complete that requires them to apply their basic
understanding of plate boundaries. They must then manipulate the variables to create a
situation or landform in order to correctly answer the question.

Another extension that I could provide would be an online marketing brochure that
advertises one of the plate boundaries. Students would have to choose a boundary and a
real-world example to then research different things to market in their brochure.

Materials and Resources:

Lesson Materials:
-Smart Board
-Pre-made Google Slides Template
-Google Classroom
-Google Classroom Pre-Assessment
-Pre-made Grouping Google Spreadsheet
-Printed Exit Slips




Google software