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Discovery – Creative


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How is this connected to Discovery?

 Involves a spiritual and emotional discovery
 Involves renewed perceptions and understandings
 Involves a rediscovery
 Protagonist experiences transformative changes

The Discovery Creative

Today was another idle Monday morning in the San Francisco bay area. The traffic
helicopter whizzed past Otis’ apartment window as it surveyed the bumper to bumper
traffic down below. There was a fatal collision at the intersection between Freedom Avenue
and Happiness Boulevard. In announcing the multiple-fatality crash which killed a seven year
old girl, the morning radio show host lathered the message with an inundation for
advertisements selling flashy cars and kitchen renovations. ‘Expect heavy delays San
Francisco because there has a been a fatal collision along the intersection which has taken
four casualties including a seven year old girl , but right now, a word from our sponsors,
Flashy Caryard and Kitchen Improvements.’

“Flashy CarYards, Because People Who Drive Flash Cars Are Happy. Buy the Luxury Model
Now for only $36 000.

Kitchen Improvements, Because Someone’s Kitchen is Better than Yours. Buy the Essential
Comfort Suite for only $80 000.”

For Otis and everyone else who worked at Capitalist Office, the start of the day was
unfortunately demarcated by the invasive sounds of the analogue alarm clock which was
uncharacteristically latent in its delivery. The rest of the city had woken up an hour prior,
and at their collective moment of consciousness, each had dreaded the prospect of another
day at the Capitalist Office -another day of the endless drones from the photocopier,
another day of feigned interest in water cooler conversation and another nine hours of
precious life, spent on the tedious task of reviewing thousand page spreadsheets for what
senior management termed as quality assurance. Otis was no exception to this sentiment
and after a rushed shower, tightened his tie and jogged like a mad man to the 31st street.
Otis was approaching 45 and to his disappointment, never had the time out of his corporate
day for what he previously believed to fickle pursuits, such as love, romance and beauty.

Rushing down the subway staircase, Otis deliberated back and forth as to the best excuse
for his late arrival to the board meeting. Not before long the brainstorm in his head shifted
to a critical inquiry into the all too poignant question of ‘where did the time go?’ As he
placed his ticket into the train barrier, the memories of his past, to his dismay, rushed
violently from under his eyelids. He saw that his life had now been an eclectic mess of

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hollow conversations with plastic souls. He lamented the fact that he had been governed by
that compulsion to sprint faster and faster along the rat wheel. His heart sunk as he boarded
the late 8.47AM train to Capital Square.

Stammered conversations reverberated back and forth in the metallic underground subway,
as Otis anticipated and mouthed the automated voice which would announce that the next
stop to be Profit Central (which was the stop before Capital Square.) Up above the train
lines, the fragrant aromas of freshly brewed coffee interspersed amongst the cigarette
smoke which intensely permeated around the 32nd street. Otis glanced at his wristwatch
and despite running an hour late to work, did not exude the slightest nuance of panic. This
Monday would be different he thought to himself.

As the train neared his usual stop, Employee #6781 whilst in the middle of a conversation,
bumped into Otis. Employee #6781 had just finished apologising to Employee #1929 for
being late, and was clearly distressed because Employee #1929 and hung up on him in a
rude display of disapproval. Punctuality is everything. Employee #6781 noticed that Otis was
also late confided in him immediately. ‘Oh my god, Employee #9712 (Otis) we’re both late, I
hope we don’t get fired! Oh why won’t these train doors open already!’ Otis did not
respond and instead expressed a blank face of desire on his face. Employee #6781
continued conversation ‘Quick, let’s get off, if we sprint to the office, we’ll only be 45
minutes late to the board. Oh no!’ The doors opened and Employee #6781 sprinted off the
mark and ran out the doors without realising that Otis had not followed suit. The train driver
announced that the train was leaving Capital Square and now heading towards the Dock.
Otis had never had been to the dock before. What a beautiful moment of sheer impulse he

Otis hopped off the train and walked towards the dock. He sat contently as he sat listlessly
at the dock of the bay. He exhaled deep and purposeful breaths as if the beauty of the sight
before him was overwhelming. Had I lived til now he wondered? Forswear it’s sight, for I
never saw true beauty til’ this night. The wispy clouds began to part gently revealing the
sanguine sun which rested nonchalantly against the fresco skyline. Fractured rays of sunlight
pierced through the twirled clouds and make tiny specks of light dance and shimmer across
the effeminate movements of the water. Otis removed his clothes and dived into water. He
sank down deeper and deeper and rested down on the ocean floor. He looked above and
noticed the moon greeting him. Otis smiled back.

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