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2 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
Editors a&e Pick ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 3


Will the Real Bernie Sanders Stand Up?


Hasta La Fantasa
A letter writer to the Washington Post questioned whether photos Advertising:
that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders published on his website On Twitter: @FreeABQ

depicting him as an early advocate of Black civil rights in 1962 are
really him. Editor

Dan Vukelich
The photographer, Danny Lyon, who now lives in Bernalillo and (505) 345-4080. Ext. 800
is a contributor to ABQ Free Press, says they are in fact Sanders.
Critics allege Sanders padded his resume and that the student in Associate Editor, News
these two photos is another activist named Bruce Rappaport, who Dennis Domrzalski What Will You learn todaY?
(505) 306-3260
died in 2006.
Managing Editor/Arts Editor
Lyon, a student at the University of Chicago in 1962 and who, as
Samantha Anne Carrillo
the official photographer of the Student National Coordinating
(505) 345-4080 ext. 804
Committee, documented the civil rights movement both in the
North and South throughout the 1960s, says see for yourself. Online Editor
Juani Hopwood
From Lyon: The slander that Bernie was not a very early leader for
(505) 345-4080 ext. 816,
African American civil rights got so outrageous that persons went
into the archives of the University of Chicago and changed captions Circulation Manager
on 1962 photos, claiming it was Bruce Rappaport standing in Bernies Steve Cabiedes Courtesy of artist
clothing leading the demonstration in the administration building. (505) 345-4080 ext. 815 Vanessa Zamora
Top: Bernie Sanders leading a sit-in in the winter of 1962 in the University of
Chicago administration building over the schools racial policies.
Bottom: Bernie Sanders next to the University of Chicago President George Beadle, Photos credit: ABQ Free Press contributor Danny Lyon, courtesy
Terry Kocon, C.S. Tiefa I n her 25 years on Earth, Mexican pop star Vanessa Zamora has achieved an
impressive and buzzworthy international presence. Her formal musical
education began in earnest at age 8 with piano classes; from there, Zamora
as he addresses a student rally on housing sit-ins. of Magnum Photos and the University of Chicago Archives moved on to guitar, drums and vocal work.
Mark Bralley, Mark Holm, Juan Antonio Labreche, Liz Lopez,
From shout-outs on NPR to a SXSW showcase, all signs point to an excited
Adria Malcolm

ABQ Free Press Pulp News

recommendation of this Tijuana native alt-pop singers gig in Albuquerque.
Contributors this issue Mexico City resident Zamora enchants at the National Hispanic Cultural Center
(1701 Fourth Street SW) on Tuesday, March 22, at 7:30 p.m. Presented as part of
Ty Bannerman, Andrew Beale, Jeff Berg, Pete Campos,
the Chispa: Latin Diva series, tickets to this all-ages recital are only $12.
Professional Development | Personal Enrichment | Online Training
compiled by abq free press staff Gary Glasgow, Heath Haussamen, Juani Hopwood, Bill Hume,
Ariane Jarocki, Dan Klein, Karie Luidens, Danny Lyon, Vanessa Zamora 505-277-0077
Trapped and trim plants and alert human Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Ian Maksick, Joe Monahan, Sayrah Namast, Joey Peters, Tuesday, March 22, 7:30 p.m. National Hispanic Cultural Center
supervisors when a lettuce the United Arab Emirates, for Robert Pidcock, Robert Reich, M. Brianna Stallings, Richard 1701 Fourth Street SW, Tickets: $12
A 43-year-old Chinese woman example, will not grant a traveler
plant is not growing properly. Stevens, Rene Thompson, Tom Tomorrow, Christa Valdez
was found dead by an apartment a visa if they see an Israeli stamp
The company, Spread of Kyoto,
buildings maintenance workers in the travelers passport. Unlike
Copy Editors
estimates that automation will
after she was trapped in an ele- Wendy Fox Dial
Start and end your day with us!
A&E: Three to See
cut labor costs by 50 percent. The regular passports, a second pass-
vator for a month. The incident port expires after two years.
Jim Wagner
farm is expected to open in 2017.
took place in the northern city of Sales Director (505) 345-4080 ABQ FREE Press
Xian in China. Local authorities
New record Richest Pam Gutierrez x803 Attn: Abby Feldman
said the woman was trapped
Beijing has nudged out New

after maintenance workers shut An Australian man now holds Sales Representatives (505) 345-4080
the world record for the loudest York as the city with the most Abby Feldman x802 [Page 33]
off the power supply to service Size: 1/4 page vertical only 4.75 x 5.4375
the malfunctioning elevator on burp. Nev Sharp of Darwin billionaires. The Chinese capital Cory Calamari x810 #HelloMyNameIsDoris
belted out a 110.6-decibel belch gained 32 new ones last year for Sherri J. Barth x813 Run Date: March 9, 2016
Jan. 30, then left for the extended Rom-com meets Sally Field
louder than a snowmobile, a total of 100, compared to New
Chinese New Year break. They Operations Manager
motorcycle or power saw. The Yorks 95. Moscow is third with love-in
found the womans body when Abby Feldman (505) 345-4080, Ext. 802 Placed by Deborah Kastman
they returned to work on March
1. The walls of the elevator
were covered with scratches the
new world record holder credits
his win to regular training with
soft drinks and cold water. And
65, according to The Associated
Published every other week by:
Great Noggins LLC
P.O. Box 6070
UNM Extended Learning/Continuing Education
santa fe public radio
woman made trying to get out, my beer fridge is always full, he Albuquerque, NM 87197-6070
With the cooperation of AT&T
according to local reports. told UPI. Sharp said he learned [Page 30]
and other mobile phone car-

Award winning news,

how to burp as a kid, from his
Robo-veggies sister. The old record of 109.9
riers, Clear Channel Outdoor Will Ferguson and Dan Vukelich #nirvana #microbrew
Americas is working on highway
decibels was set by a U.K. man Yoga+Beer = Pints & Planks
public affairs & talk radio
Cover Illustration
A Japanese company is planning billboards that will track your
to build the first farm manned in 2009. Gary Glasgow
movements through your loca-
by robots. The automated indoor tion-enabled mobile phone after
farm will grow lettuce that
Passports you pass its billboards. The tech-
Corrections policy:
It is the policy of ABQ Free Press to correct
errors in a timely fashion. Contact the editors
will be planted, tended to and Its not well-known but Amer- nology will be installed at tens at the email addresses on this page.

Eclectic music
picked by robots, according to icans can possess two U.S. of thousands of billboards Clear
[Page 36] #WithinRange
the website The
company estimates the farm
passports at the same time. The
duplicate is useful for people
Channel owns across the United
States. The goal is to match the Where to find #concerts streaming live
will produce up to 30,000 heads who need to send a passport number of billboard impres- our paper?
From nuevo tango to
of lettuce every day. The robots off to a foreign consulate to get sions with subsequent visits to List of more than
will not be human-like but more a visa but need to travel in the advertisers stores or websites 550 locations post hardcore
like conveyor belts with arms,
according to the website. The
interim. Journalists and business
people often use a second pass-
to measure the effectiveness of
the advertising, according to The
at Listener supported public radio
robots will plant seeds, water port to travel to certain countries. New York Times.
NEWS ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 5

Med Pot Comes to Hipster-ville


N ob Hill now has its own

marijuana dispensary.
Birdland the Hippie Store,
cardholders statewide, about
half of them in Bernalillo County,
Salgado said.
3213 Central Ave. N.E., has The average age of Ultra Healths
leased part of its space to Ultra customers is 50 people who have
Health, a medical marijuana tried unsuccessfully to treat pain
grower. with traditional drugs. About half
The co-located operations suffer from post-traumatic stress
will sell tie-dyed shirts, pipes disorder, Salgado said.
and items from the 1960s up Jay Steinberg, owner of Bird-
front. Behind Birdlands display land, said the pairing of the two
counter is a brightly painted businesses in an iconic section of
1960s VW van. Albuquerque was a natural. The
Farther into the store, behind neighbors have been so positive
a locked door controlled by a and the response from some is that
buzzer, is a modern showroom they think it will increase their
with glass showcases to display dining business, Steinberg said.
large glass jars full of marijuana The sales floor of the dispensary
products. is accessible only to a medical mar-
At the time of our interview, ijuana cardholder and a caregiver.
Leonard Salgado, director of While its warmly lit, the space is
New Mexico operations for loaded with surveillance cameras
Ultra Health, awaited a final fire and motion sensors. After hours,
marshal inspection, the last step the inventory of 14 strains of mar-
before New Mexico Department
Dan Vukelich
ijuana and edibles are locked in an
of Health approval, to begin Birdland the Hippie Store, 3213 Central Ave. N.E., shares space with a medical marijuana dispensary. 800-pound safe bolted to the floor.
sales to medical marijuana Ultra Health is operated by Sal-
cardholders. gado and Duke Rodriquez, former
Albuquerque store at 7401 Menaul Blvd. N.E.
We sell medical cannabis, a Schedule 1 drug, to CEO of Lovelace Health Systems who served as
Ultra Health, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., grows
people with a medical marijuana card, and we take secretary of health under former New Mexico Gov.
marijuana for its New Mexico dispensaries in a
our business as seriously as the Walgreens down Gary Johnson. Salgado was an administrator under
23,000-square-foot greenhouse in Bernalillo, Salgado
the street, Salgado said. said. Under state rules, the company can cultivate Rodriquez at Lovelace.

One Free Salgado already oversees four Ultra Health

locations in Hobbs, Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and another
no more than 450 plants at a time.
There are about 21,000 medical marijuana
Dan Vukelich is editor of ABQ Free Press.
Reach him at
Ticket Mayors Proposed APD Crisis Contract Could Be Illegal
When Presenting This Ad BY DENNIS DOMRZALSKI

M ayor Richard Berrys administration is

working to give a $131,000, federally funded
contract for crisis intervention training for Al-
is coming from a U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance
grant that APD was awarded. Berrys recommen-
dation will be heard before a Council committee,
who presumably knew that CIT is run by APD
Berrys spokesperson, Rhiannon Schroeder, did
buquerque police to a nonprofit company run by possibly later this month. not respond to a phone message and email from
March 26th, 6 pm game three APD employees, including two assigned to the Giving the contract to CIT could violate the citys ABQ Free Press asking to talk with Perry about the
departments Crisis Intervention Unit. conflict-of-interest policy. It states the city cant enter proposed contract.
The deal appears to be a violation of the citys into a contract for more than $1,000 with a business In a telephone interview, Tinney said city and
conflict-of-interest rules and of federal purchasing in which a city employee has a controlling interest federal officials knew that CIT was owned by APD
regulations. unless the deal has been put out to competitive bid, employees.
The administration has recommended that the or the citys chief administrative officer has waived He added that neither he nor his partners in CIT,
contract for the video CIT training work go to Crisis that requirement. nor their families, can make money from the federal
Intervention Team, Inc., a nonprofit formed in 2012. It could also violate federal purchasing rules. contract. We cant make any money off it for our
State records show that CITs president is Nils A 2004 guide on contracting by the federal Office families, and we cant even pay ourselves, Tinney
Rosenbaum, who makes $113,942 a year as APDs of Management and Budget said, Costs of profes- said.
in-house psychiatrist. The firms secretary is Leah sional and consultant services rendered by persons He added that the contract, if approved, will be
Acata, and its treasurer is Matthew Tinney. Both are who are members of a particular profession or
used to hire a coordinator and buy equipment.
APD officers who make $58,240 a year, according to possess a special skill, and who are not officers or
Rosenbaum also said that he didnt see a conflict
city records. employees of the government unit, are allowable.
of interest.
Tinney and Rosenbaum are currently members of The EC from Berrys office made no mention
We have no intention of drawing any money
the citys Crisis Intervention Unit. of competitive bidding, conflict of interest or any
from it [contract/grant]. That would be a horrible
Berrys office sent an executive communication, an waivers.
conflict of interest, Rosenbaum said.
EC, to the City Council on March 7 recommending It was signed by CAO Rob Perry, APD Chief
that the CIT non-profit get the contract. The money Gorden Eden and City Attorney Jessica Hernandez, Dennis Domrzalski is news editor of ABQ Free Press.
6 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS

You Thought they Balanced

The Budget? Think Again

S ay someone
offered you
three or four dollars
half the states populationwill qualify
for Medicaid by July 2017. This is not a
population with alternatives.
if you showed them The recent legislative session ended

you had a dollar bill? with a round of self-congratulations and
A no-brainer, right? back-slapping, but now we are seeing
Apparently not in that the budget that the Legislature
the befuddled halls crafted was made with popsicle sticks
of the Roundhouse. and tissue paper. They dodged the
Heres the story: heavy lifting necessary to ensure proper

ABQ business owners

The bean counters are now reporting funding for Medicaid or the rest of state
that the state Medicaid budget is $86 government, for that matter.
million short. The healthcare program for Behind this Medicaid crisislooms
low-income New Mexicans was expanded political nonsense. Namely, the insistence
by President Obama and Gov. Susana by Martinez and her fellow Republi-
cansthat taxes can never, ever be raised

Dont settle for less

Martinez signed off on it.
Because the Feds give three matching for any reason.
funds for every Medicaid dollar plus Never mind if it could mean you get a
the extra money the Feds are throwing ride to the cemetery instead of the ER.
at us for the next couple years for Martinez reluctantly signed onto the
Obamacare if we dont come up with Medicaid expansion. A number of other
that $86 million pronto, the state will Republican governors refused. She had
actually come up short $416 million. no choice because of the hundredsof
thousands in need here. If she had
Why advertise in another local newspaper with barely half the circulation With the horrific economic impact such
opposed the expansion she might have
a drastic cut in spending would have on
of ABQ Free Press? an already ailing economy, youd think lost her re-election bid. Now that she is
SantaFe would be in a rush to fill the no longer running Martinez is pursuing
Reach our 60,000-plus readers for a fraction of what your business is paying budget gap, take the federal match and he national ambitions and has already
keep Medicaid up and running at full put the state in her rear-view mirror.
now. strength. Hope is not a sound budget strategy,
But getting $86 million from a state but thats what the governor and the
Tell us what youre paying now, show us an invoice and well better that budget already ravaged by the collapse Legislature havegiven us. They hope oil
prices jump and they hope the economy
deal and guarantee your rate for up to six insertions. in oil revenue, weak tax collections from
a weak economy and years of excessive reinvigorates resulting in a leap in
tax cutting, has the austerity hawks in the state revenue thatvoila!solves the
Martinez administrationand Legislature Medicaid crunch.

WHATS NOT TO LIKE? looking at cutting Medicaid rather than

fully funding it and, in the process,
If not, dont worry. Its just a bunch
of poor people who dont vote anyway.
leaving that $416 million on the table. And they certainly dont contribute to
If reimbursement rates for medical campaigns because theyre too busy
Email ABQ Free Press professionals are slashed dramatically, scrounging for money to pay for their

Sales Director Pam Gutierrez imagine how many doctors will join meds.
The mismanagement in Santa Fe is bad
the exodus fleeing our state. Reducing
at today! care for the 850,000 low income New enough during good times, but in bad
Mexicans who receive Medicaid benefits times like these, it is truly dangerous.

OUR NEXT ISSUE IS MARCH 23 could mean an even less healthy and True and responsibleleadership in
less prepared work force. So much for Santa Fe would have a handful of House
economic development. Republicans join with Democrats to raise
Let ABQ Free Press help your business Ironically, healthcare has been one of the gasoline tax to begin solving the
the few sectors showing job growth. If this crisis. They could also have agreed to
be known before its needed. Medicaid debacle is not resolved, thatll sweep into the budget millions of dollars
end. And dont forget, this state already for pet projects approved by the Legisla-
has the highest jobless rate in the nation. ture but left gathering dust, sometimes
Before the conservatives go off the for years.
rails over Medicaid being too generous In these ever more challenging times,
and that it can withstand severe the state desperately needs leadership,
cuts,keep in mind that Medicaid covers but right now wed settle for someone
single adults who make up to $16,242 who knows that getting three or four
a year. A family of four making up to bucks in return for spending one is a
$33,465 qualifies. good deal.
Our economy and wages are so deep Joe Monahan is a veteran of New Mexico
in the cellar that its expected that well politics. His daily blog can be found at
over 900,000 New Mexicansnearly
8 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
news NEWS ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 9

Talk About Raucous: ABQ Weighs in on ART ART/BRT, Page 8

What Nob Hill business owners say
A BQ Free Press readers are fairly
evenly split on the City of Al-
buquerques plan to build a bus rapid
Astro Zombies owner, Mike DElia: Of
course were afraid of construction, anything that
and that has definitely been set back. Im just
really trying to survive, and all I can do is embrace
disrupts the flow in your neighborhood, but it is it at this point. I dont believe the city cares about
transit line along ten miles of Central inevitable to deal with these issues as a business the financial impact this will have on businesses up
Avenue, our online poll shows. owner. Doing a project that is this lengthy, like the and down the Nob Hill district.
Almost half 48.6 percent of the 724 Lead and Coal project that was only supposed to Owner of Ojo Optique, Jed Hoffberg: I am
readers responding oppose the project take six months and ended up lasting 18 months, for it, and I think it will be great. I think that its
while 40 percent support it. About 12 hardly any of those businesses down that corridor going to be really hard getting through it, but we
percent had no opinion. survived that project. Every little shop over there must get accustomed to change and that takes
Almost 70 percent of respondents say was crushed, but its really not the citys concern, time. I think that what the result of the project is
they never ride city buses, but when
their only concern is their project. ... The only going to bring is definitely worthwhile. Its going
asked, Would you ride the bus rapid
people who benefit are the ones who will buy out to stimulate improvements here in general and
transit? 50.55 percent said yes and
all the empty properties once this project is over. will give a fresh perspective on the area, and
49.45 percent said no.
Since there are more than 150 businesses opposed might encourage people to help keep it moving in
The newspapers online poll ran from
to this project, there should be more consideration an upward and onward direction.
Feb. 24 to March 4. Responses were
for the publics concerns. Its clear we dont have All is One Tattoo Shop owner Delano Garcia
limited to one per IP address.
say in this at all and that just blows my mind. moved his business in preparation of the ART
The newspaper posed several questions
Off Broadway owner, Susan Ricker: Ive been project to a better location off of a street with a
in two ways, with the bus rapid transit
against this thing for a long, long time, but this stoplight. If people couldnt turn left to my shop
project presented as either the City of
thing is happening, so I want to be for it and to I would have lost out on a ton business. It just
Albuquerques plan or Mayor Richard
help make it the best it can possibly be, also so my reminds me of that Simpsons episode with the
Berrys plan. Each version was presented
to half the respondents. business can survive this project. It has put a lot of Monorail and the sleazy, swindling salesman that
stress and strain on our business, and I was getting tries to take the whole towns money, only in this
to the point that I would like to retire someday, case, the swindling salesman is our mayor.
More Online
Find detailed results What people who went to the ART meetings had to say
of our online poll on the Chris Anderson: Im for it because Al- James Kurt: Im against it because I ride the
Albuquerque Rapid Transit Rene Thompson
buquerque is really in need of a timely rapid tran- bus every day, and let me tell you, we do not have
on our website at sit, and also because theres a lack of investment a reliable transit system here. I find this project
An unidentified man gets in the face of City Councilor Isaac Benton at an ART meeting at Manzano Day School. on this corridor. I feel this project would bring to be redundant. I just dont understand why more of that here and there would be more of a they would put this project on the one street
benefit. This is going to bring jobs we desperately that already has Rapid Ride buses. Instead why
Although responses were roughly the
need here in Albuquerque. This federal money is not extend the Rapid Ride buses all over town on
same for two of the questions, our read-
going to bring us jobs, and it kind of pisses me off major streets.
ers appeared to be offering a referendum
that people are trying to stand in the way of that Head Engineer of the ART Project, David
of sorts on the mayor in response to this
progress. Leard on congestion: Obviously when we take
pair of questions: What is your overall
Maria Batista attended all of the ART meet- a lane away, traffic is going to slow down, and
opinion of the citys/the mayors bus
ings. At one, she grabbed City Councilor Isaac thats just going to happen, so the level of service
rapid transit plan.
Benton and threw papers: Ive lived here all my is going to increase because it will take people
Strong opposition to the plan was
life and I think its pretty disturbing that they have longer to move through. But right now, all data
nearly nine percentage points higher
not included the community in the planning. Their shows that people will be able to get through
39.29 percent vs. 30.67 percent when it
feasibility studies are almost non-existent besides intersections quickly with set lights for better
was labeled the mayors plan.
research that was done from 05 to 07. They are traffic flow.
Readers told us the chief drawback of
the plan will be traffic congestion, while not taking the publics safety into consideration.
20.17 percent said the project would harm
Central Avenue businesses. Eighty-eight What people said in our online poll when they were
percent of the people responding to the
poll said they did not own businesses asked what would they tell Mayor Berry:
along the Central Avenue corridor. We need to build our economy first, rapid combined reporting laws, invest in the individuals
The chief benefit of the project that read- transit later. The reason why rapid transit works who have staked their claim here, who like it here,
ers cited from the choices we gave them in other regional cities is because they already who have ideas about how to make Albuquerque
were more public transit ridership along had a vibrant or semi-vibrant economy. We have better. While we appreciate how easy it is to get
Central, making the Central Avenue nothing. up and down Central, there are other neighbor-
corridor more livable, and sprucing up Get your chicken sh*t butt to the meetings!!! hoods in Albuquerque.
Central. Those three choices received Recognize that there is more to Albuquerque If Mayor Berry really insists on a Bus Rapid
roughly the same number of responses. than the Central Corridor. Instead of talking Transit plan, put it on Lomas Avenue. It will still
Only 13.81 percent of the respondents to your rich buddies, talk to the small business service Downtown, Nob Hill, UNM, hospitals.
cite the cost of the $119 million project as owners in your city. Eighty-seven percent of a local Lomas. Think about it. Its a good idea if ART has
its biggest drawback. Rene Thompson
economy comes from small businesses. Instead to be.
ABQ Free Press staff writer Rene Thompson Central Avenue business owner Mike DElia makes his opposition to ART known through his business marquee. of courting out-of-state corporations that offer Its the only decent thing youve proposed since
contributed to this story. low paying jobs and take advantage of our lax youve been in office.
cont. on page 9
10 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
newS NEWS ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 11

Plowing Through the Details of Police Oversight Were Not Done with REAL ID, Not By a Long shot
by Dennis domrzalski New Mexico Political Report

T he Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Board

(CPOB) is up against the clock when it comes
to police abuse cases its supposed to review. The
by the Civilian Police Oversight Agency (CPOA).
And since the board only meets once a month, many
days, or even weeks, could pass before the board
the CPOA and the board have been wading through
a backlog of cases from the old police oversight pro-
cess, and the window of being able to recommend
W hen the governor signed the bill that state
lawmakers passed last month establishing a
two-tier drivers license system in New Mexico, all
Currently, DHS is enforcing only 18 requirements
to deem states compliant with Real ID, which in-
clude making ID applicants undergo a facial image
into, said Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle, a
Portales Republican.
Ingle, a key player in the drivers license legis-
nine-member board is under extreme and confusing reviews a case and makes a recommendation for discipline has long passed. But they could present involved congratulated themselves for ending a capture, sign under penalty of perjury they are not lation, said the lawmakers will cross that bridge
time constraints in which to review cases against discipline. problems in the future as the CPOA and the board years-long, contentious debate over drivers licenses giving false information, and requiring documenta- when we get there.
officers and make recommendations for discipline. That short time frame has some CPOB members move forward on new cases. for immigrants who are in the country illegally. tion for birth dates, legal status, address and Social At some point, if its necessary, other things will
worried that the citys new civilian police oversight As the oversight process moves forward, the The key reason the Legislature passed the bill this Security number. come up and I dont know if we can handle it ad-
process might be doomed to fail, at least when it CPOA and the CPOB have vowed to be transparent
People have said there are death comes to the boards ability to review police shoot- and to listen to members of the community.
year was to comply with a controversial federal law The question is whether and when DHS will start ministratively or if well have to do kind of a change
passed 11 years ago in the wake of the 9/11 terror enforcing the other benchmarks. in some kind of a law, Ingle said.
squads and that they wont even ing and excessive use of force cases in a manner that attacks in 2001. Largely absent from the discussion DHS came with a material compliance checklist, A spokesman with the New Mexico Taxation and
call the police. On the other side gives them enough time to weigh in with disciplin-
The Civilian Police Oversight was how compliance with various provisions in the Jim Harper, a senior fellow with the Cato Institute, Revenue Department, which will oversee imple-
is that the APD can do no wrong. ary recommendations.
Board has 30 days to recommend law will impact New Mexico in future years. libertarian Washington D.C. think tank, said in an mentation of the states compliance with Real ID,
The question is whether or not it is doable, and The Real ID Act establishes national standards for interview. Thats not full compliance with the law.
Those are the extremes we dont know if that is doable, CPOB member discipline to the chief of police state identification cards in an effort to crack down One controversial benchmark that currently isnt
did not return a phone call or email seeking com-
oversight agency head Ed Harness
ment before press time.
Joanne Fine said, adding that the process might be on fraud and identity theft. The law is one of the being enforced is a requirement that all states share A spokesman with the federal DHS referred NM
structurally flawed. I want the public to know that we want to know national security reforms that came out of recom- drivers license information in an interstate network. Political Report to the department websites section
Board member Jeffery Scott Wilson said during what they know, Harness said. We want to be of mendations from the 9/11 Commission. Currently just four states are complaint and share on frequently asked questions about Real ID, which
For instance, although the board technically has 30 a recent board meeting that he was worried the service to the public so that we can be part of getting Critics lament the laws potential chilling effect on Real ID databases with each other.
days to review findings in completed police shoot- confusing deadlines, schedules and time constraints some trust back to the community. says the law does not create a national identification
privacy. At some point later, DHS is going to come back card and gives states autonomy to maintain records
ing cases and make disciplinary recommendations, could set the process up for failure. I hear a wide range of allegations against the Its essentially moving towards a national ID and say New Mexico is not compliant until the state
in reality, because of meeting schedules and other And CPOA Executive Director Ed Harness said police department, he continued. People have said and control who gets access to those records and
card, state Rep. Antonio Moe Maestas, an Al- puts data into the [interstate] system, Harper said.
issues, its only five to seven days. that some of the timelines get dicey. there are death squads and that they wont even call under what circumstances.
buquerque Democrat, said in an interview. Thats going to be the next step.
In less serious cases like those involving officers The timelines are basically dictated by the police the police. On the other side is that the APD can do Regardless of what the laws impact will be here,
Real ID established nearly 100 requirements that The text of this part of the law is vague, reading
being rude, or violations of police department policy, union contract that says the police chief has 30 days no wrong. Those are the extremes. We would like to Maestas laments that Real ID was really never part
states need to follow in order to comply with the that all states must provide electronic access to all
the board has 30 days to recommend discipline to to decide on discipline against police officers after a know what the reality is and we cant know what of the debate over the drivers license issue.
law. In the decade since it went into effect, not all other states to information contained in the motor
the chief of police. But that 30-day clock starts tick- completed investigation, Harness said. the reality is unless we get cooperation from the Gov. Susana Martinez praised the bill for ending
states jumped on board. Seventeen states pushed vehicle database of the state. Harper warns that the
ing once those investigations have been completed So far, the timelines havent meant much because public. a state law that she contended made New Mexico
back and passed laws opposing compliance with language compels even states with two-tier systems
a magnet for illegal immigrants from all over the
Real ID. The federal Department of Homeland Se- to share all information in the interstate network.
world who come here to grab that drivers license
curity, which enforces Real ID, has pushed back its For now, some state lawmakers dont seem too
and then leave our state to go elsewhere.
deadlines for compliance numerous times, although concerned about how New Mexico will meet future
CALL NOW! it rejected extensions requested by New Mexico and compliance with future benchmarks. Andy Lyman of NM Political Report contributed
Washington State late last year. That sort of thing, thats something I dont get reporting for this story.

Alas, Poor GOP, I Knew Him Well

BY robert reich

Im writing to
you today to an-
nounce the death
Trumpoids who love The Donald and
are becoming convinced the greatest
threats to their wellbeing are Muslims,
Sometimes it did them with diffi-
culty, as when it strained to choose
Abraham Lincoln in 1860, Barry
Republican colleagues.
Without a Republican Party, its just
us and them. And one of them could
of the Republican Blacks, and Mexicans. Goldwater in 1964, and Mitt Romney even become the next President of the
Party. It is no longer Each of these tribes has its own sep- in 2012. United States.
a living, vital, ani- arate political organization, its own But there was always enough of a
Robert B. Reich, chancellors profes-
mate organization. distinct sources of campaign funding, Republican Party to do these impor-
sor of public policy at the University of
It died in 2016. its own unique ideology and its own tant tasks to span the divides, give
California at Berkeley and senior fel-
RIP. candidate. force and expression to a set ofcore
It has been replaced by warring Whats left is a lifeless shell called beliefs, and come up with a candidate low at the Blum Center for Developing
tribes: the Republican Party. But the Grand around whom Party regulars could Economies, was secretary of labor in the

Plan Familiar Home Internet

Clinton administration. Time magazine
TV Programming
Evangelicals opposed to abortion, Old Party inside the shell is no more. enthusiastically rally.

NEW gay marriage, and science. I, for one, regret its passing. Our na- No longer. And thats a huge prob- named him one of the 10 most effective
Libertarians opposed to any govern- tion needs political parties to connect lem for the rest of us. cabinet secretaries of the 20th century.
de llamadas only ment constraint on private behavior. up different groups of Americans, sift Without a Republican Party, He has written 13 books, including the
more than
bestsellers Aftershock and The Work of
ilimitadas a casas $29.99/mo!
Market fundamentalists convinced
the free market can do no wrong.
through prospective candidates, delib-
erate over priorities, identify common
nothing stands between us and
a veritable Star Wars barroom of Nations. His latest, Beyond Outrage,
y celulares de 200 channels Corporate and Wall Street titans principles, and forge a platform. self-proclaimedwanna-bes. is now out in paperback. He is also a

only Stand alone, 2325 San Pedro NE seeking bailouts, subsidies, special tax The Republican Party used to do Without a party, anyone runs whos founding editor of the American Prospect
Mxico! Slo Suite 1A2 magazine and chairman of Common
no bundling
loopholes, and other forms of crony these things. Sometimes it did them able toraise (or already possesses) the
$9.99/ mes, $29.99/mo! Albuquerque, NM capitalism. Billionaires craving even easily, as when it came together be- requisite money even if he happens Cause. His newest film, Inequality for

ms impuestos. required. 87110

more of the nations wealth than they
already own.
hind William McKinley and Teddy
Roosevelt in 1900, Calvin Coolidge in
to be apathological narcissist who
has never before held public office,
All, is available on Netflix, iTunes,
DVD and On Demand. His blog is
And white working-class 1924, and Ronald Reagan in 1980. even if hesa knave detested by all his
12 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
newS NEWS ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 13

Expert: APD Following Wrong Path in Crisis Intervention ABQ Free Press Local Briefs
Holm loses the harvest jumped to 66,700 tons departments, and whether ATF New jobs?
T he man who set up the nations
first Crisis Intervention Team
has a message for Albuquerque:
social worker interdiction approach
is dangerous.
What they [APDs crisis unit] do
Holly Holms reign as the UFC
bantamweight champion didnt last
from 58,700 tons in 2014, the New
Mexico Department of Agriculture
reported. The value of that crop was
considers how potentially dangerous
or violent a suspected criminal is
when determining when to arrest a
Presbyterian Health Plan is looking
for business outside the state. The
long less than four months. On $41.1 million compared to $38.7 suspected criminal during undercover insurer has signed a letter of intent
Youre following the wrong model. is really a case-management function
March 5, Miesha Tate took down million in 2014. While New Mexico operations. to provide Medicaid managed care
Sam Cochran, a 30-year veteran in order to sort of encourage, coerce,
Holm in the fifth round of their title farmers planted more chile last year, services to a group of 11 health sys-
of the Memphis police force before persuade people to take treatment, to
bout with something called a rear- they harvested the same number of New brewery tems in North Carolina. The prospect
he retired, was charged with stay home, stay sober, go to the day
naked choke. Apparently realizing acres 7,700 as they did in 2014. of new business has Presbyterian
implementing the first CIT program program if they have one, you know, A brewery of the people and by the
she was losing on all the judges considering a $20 million expansion
in the country following what to just kind of keep them on the people is taking shape in Cedar Crest.
scorecards, Tate went for it in the final Webster slaying to its corporate headquarters in
he describes as a tragic event straight and narrow so that we dont The idea behind the Ale Republic is
round. She jumped onto Holms back, Albuquerque. If the deal is approved
that may sound all too familiar to end up with a future crisis, Cubra U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham to have customers help the owners
slipped her right under the champs by federal and North Carolina
Albuquerque residents. said. wants answers from the federal gov- decide what kind of beer to brew.
chin and choked Holm until she went regulators, it could bring 600 jobs to
In 1988, Memphis police shot and Thats different from a team that re- ernment about why it let a dangerous Brewery co-founder Zach Gould
unconscious. Holm was honest about Albuquerque.
killed Joseph DeWayne Robinson, sponds to an ongoing crisis, he said. convicted felon stay on Albuquerques said hell invite customers to help
the defeat. I let my guard down
27, who suffered from paranoid I would happily say for the record
schizophrenia, after his mother that what Albuquerque has done has
and it cost me the fight, she said in streets. Davon Lymon, is alleged to develop beers. Once thats done, those No sick leave
her post-fight news conference. It have fatally shot Albuquerque Police customers will vote on what beers the
called 911 for help with her suicidal been contrary to all of the principles Officer Daniel Webster last October, Ale Republic should have on tap. The Heres some lousy news for New
was only last November that Holm Mexico workers: Nearly 50 percent
son. of crisis intervention teams, Cubra about three weeks after he sold a gun owners are completing the permitting
stunned the UFC world by defeating of private-sector workers in the state
The City of Memphis responded said. And its quite dangerous and to federal agents and could have been process and the brewery should be
Ronda Rousey in Australia. dont receive paid sick leave the
by seeking and listening to the needs to stop. arrested. In a March 3 letter to the U.S. open later this year.
advice of advocacy groups and APD spokesman Tanner Tixier, lowest rate in the nation, according
family members of the mentally ill, contacted for this article, directed the
More chile Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
DA says: No mas to a study by New Mexico Voices for
and Explosives, Lujan Grisham asked
including the National Alliance on ABQ Free Press to email questions Theres some good news for New if the ATF has written guidelines on Children. It means that workers cant
Mexico chile lovers and growers. District Attorney Kari Brandenburg, stay home when theyre sick, nor can
Mental Illness. to him. He then failed to respond to when to arrest a suspected criminal
After years of steady decline, chile Bernalillo Countys longest-serving they take the time to go see a doctor,
Their solution: a highly special- repeated emails over several days. during undercover operations. She
production in the state jumped by 2.5 head prosecutor, said she will not seek or take their children to get better,
ized group of highly trained, highly also wants to know if the ATF shares
Outside review percent in 2015. The number of acres a fifth term. Three candidates have without forfeiting wages.
motivated officers within the de- information regarding its undercover
Stock image by Aaron Amat
Ed Harness, director of Al- planted grew to 8,300 from 8,100, and announced. Brandenburg did not rule
partment tasked with responding to operations with state and local police
buquerques Civilian Police Over- out a run for another office.
calls involving a person in mental
crisis to keep them from escalating Portland Police Bureaus crisis intervention model. sight Agency, said his agency hasnt
into gunfire. While we commend PPB for training all officers had a chance yet to review Albuquerques crisis

Ask A Professional
Cochran is quick to point out the strengths he on crisis matters, this approach assumes incorrectly intervention policies. The agency is in the process
sees in the Albuquerque Police Department. Hes that all PPB officers are equally capable of safely of hiring a data analyst, he said, and he was unable
enthusiastic about the work done by APDs crisis handling crisis situations and fails to build greater to provide specific information about APDs crisis
outreach officers, and he has nothing but praise capacity among qualified officers, the report states. training process. Odes Armijo-Caster has the distinction of being the sole person
Cochran said APD Lt. Glenn St. Onge, who over- in New Mexico with dual Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal
for the officers he encountered on a recent visit to
APDs path sees crisis training for the department, did express
Albuquerque. technology. He has also provided presentations, workshops and
But Cochran said he cant shake the feeling that Paradoxically, the U.S. Justice Department settle- his preference for the Portland model as opposed seminars on solar energy systems throughout the world.
our city is making a mistake in the way it handles ment agreement with APD over its history of exces- to the Memphis model during a presentation that
crisis intervention. sive use of force seems to take the opposite direction Harness attended.
I currently have a gas heater
Competing models
of what the DOJ concluded in Portland.
I think theres not a flaw in what [Albuquerque
Its not Cochrans first time in the Duke City. He
played a minor role in establishing Albuquerques
Q: that makes my swimming pool Come in
with this ad
6-pack of
LED bulbs with
is] trying to do. I think people are trying to best Sacred Power very expensive to heat. Are today & receive every free home
Nationally, there are two models for handling first (and now disbanded) Crisis Intervention Team 1501 12th St. NW LED lightbulb consultation &
crisis situations: the Memphis model that Cochran promote as much training as possible to elevate the in 1997 during a period when APD was first pushed there solar systems can heat special! this ad!
Albuquerque, NM 87104
helped create and the Portland model. The most officers to a better awareness, Cochran said. to develop nonlethal approaches to crisis events (505) 242-2292
But training is only going to carry you so far,
my pool, and if so, how much
important difference between the two is the number use of verbal judo, bean-bag rounds and stun
of officers specifically designated as crisis interven- he said. Not all police officers are suited for or are devices.
do they generally cost?
tion specialists. even interested in crisis work with the mentally ill. That approach was eventually eclipsed by APDs A: Absolutely! There are two types of solar hot water heating systems that
In the Portland model, all officers in a department An example of the flaw in APDs approach, Cochran preference to use heavily armed SWAT teams, can be used for swimming pools and hot tubs. 1) If you have an outdoor
are given training in crisis intervention and are said, is that theres no clear on-scene leader in such armored vehicles and shootings, which in turn pool, you can use a UV stabilized polypropylene solar pool collector:
expected to respond to crisis calls. In the Memphis events. fueled APDs culture of aggression that led to lightweight, easy to install and a super economical way to heat your pool.
model, a small group of specialized crisis officers Thats a serious flaw, right there, he said. If DOJs intervention to stop the departments pattern These systems usually cost around $4000 installed and will extend your
within a department, who work closely with com- everybody is trained, [theres a] lack of clarity of of unconstitutional policing that left up to 30 people outdoor pool heating season by a least a couple of months compared to not
munity advocacy groups, is summoned to all crisis who is the leader, and Im saying in a crisis event, dead. having (or limiting) the use of a gas or electric pool heating system. 2) If
calls. there needs to be a designated leader. After visiting the city this year, Cochran said the you have an indoor pool or hot tub, you will need to use an insulated solar
APD is following the Portland model and is giving Albuquerque attorney Peter Cubra, who has officers he interacted with left him with the same collector with a copper tubing/absorber plate and a low iron glass cover-
all officers 40 hours of crisis training, but it is not litigated major cases involving the rights of disabled optimism he had 19 years ago. ing, which traps the heat inside the collector on cold winter days. This type
developing a specialized unit to respond to danger- people, helped bring Cochran to Albuquerque last I am leaving Albuquerque with the same feelings of solar system is quite a bit more expensive primarily because there are
ous crisis events. month. Cubra praised APDs progress but said as and expectations of when I left Albuquerque in
now constituted, its crisis unit does not have the more components required, including special fluids and heat exchangers to
In a public presentation Cochran gave in Al- 1997, he said. And that was a good feeling.
same duties as a specialized Crisis Intervention protect the system from freezing. Be aware however, these systems may not
buquerque last month, he pointed to a U.S. De-
Team. Andrew Beale is an Albuquerque freelance journalist qualify for State/Federal solar tax credits due to swimming pools being
partment of Justice review of the City of Portlands and frequent contributor to ABQ Free Press.
He said the path APD is taking following a labeled as a luxury item in the tax code.
performance. The review specifically rebukes the
14 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
pets/columns analysis ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 15

Helping the ABQ Indian Center, The Link Between Gun Violence and Police Shootings
And is a Special Session Likely? BY BILL HUME

by sayrah namast
A 24-year-old Army
veteran accosted at
contemporaries civil-
ian or police than was

W hat the
heck hap-
pened at the
seen at roadsides where a person has died.
It is illegal to destroy a descanso, so local
activists hope police will stop removing
gunpoint at an Al-
buquerque ATM pulled
his own sidearm and
ever the case in the late
20th century. The result
is more separation,
Roundhouse? Sen. tributes that remind people of his killing. chased the would-be more latent hostility
Jerry Ortiz y Pino, The vigil and placement of the memorial armed robber back to in interpersonal inter-
an Albuquerque is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 16 at his car. With the veteran actions. In minority
Democrat, offers the spot in the foothills where Boyd was and his friend, armed communities, these
his annual post-leg- killed, not far from the trailhead east of
with a knife, approach- tendencies are greatly
islative town

Tramway Boulevard at Copper Avenue N.E.
hall on the 2016
ing, the would-be robber magnified.
Bringing scholars and community to-
legislative session and policies that affect sped away, shooting and
gether: A common problem for university
killing the veteran. Police tactics
Albuquerque residents. The event is 1 p.m. scholars and researchers is a disconnect
Sunday, March 13 at the Hotel Blue, 717 Gun violence yet I remember many

from the local community, resulting in
Central Ave. N.W. again on the streets of years ago when I
work that doesnt serve the public.
I hold town halls at least four times a Albuquerque. watched a confrontation
Aiming to change that is the Raza
year to get feedback from constituents Graduate Student Conferences annual The nagging question between an apparently
about issues that are important to them, event starting at 8 a.m. on both Thursday, is: If the veteran hadnt drunk man armed with
John Wombacher sent us this photo of Bucky W., a 3-and-a-half-year-old Ortiz y Pino said. I think the highlight will March 24 and Friday, March 25 at the had a gun, would this a pistol and a group of
mixed-breed training to be a therapy dog with the Warm Hearts Network be a frank discussion of just how serious UNM Student Union Building. episode have more APD officers. I heard
of New Mexico. I convinced his owners to let me adopt him when he was our economic situation is, and how likely The event is titled Atl-Tlachinolli: likely ended with an officers, crouched be-
8 weeks old, John said. Soon hell be certified and Ill share him with we are to require a special session to deal Decolonized Healing. Atl-Tlachinolli angry vet having been hind their car, pointing
with falling revenues, he said. their pistols at the man,
even more folks. Also, Im training him to be in show business. is a Nahuatl, or Aztec, term that means robbed but still alive?
More impact from the economic shouting, Drop the
burning water. It symbolizes the Guns on both sides of
Send it to
downturn: There are many homeless
Native Americans in Albuquerque and they
need vital help like a place to pick up their
coalescing of contradictions that creates a
balanced union from which neither force
a confrontation are a
virtual guarantee of a
gun, drop the gun.
Another officer tiptoed
Social Security check or VA benefits, or a
overpowers the other. violent conclusion. around the corner of
Include your name, phone number, and your pets name, place they can go simply to use the phone.
As scholars of color we often struggle Gun violence in this the building, quietly up
and well try to reserve their spot in the pet parade.
to balance our identities with the realities country has increased behind the man and
The Albuquerque Indian Center, located familiarity. There are drastically more cases of
of academia, said one of the organizers, exponentially in recent years, highlighted by sense- deftly grabbed the pistol out of his hand. The others
in the International District at 105 Texas St.
Melina Juarez. persons shooting strangers. It keeps the public con-
S.E., has served those needs for more than less multiple homicides by firearms. For many, the rushed up, holstering their arms, and none too
My experience at the beginning of grad stantly concerned that these things are a palpable
25 years, helping Native Americans who obvious remedy is to curtail access to guns partic- gently took the man to the ground and handcuffed
school was really difficult. There was not risk. Proliferation of licenses for concealed carry has
lack housing or are experiencing poverty. ularly by those with histories of violence or mental him alive.
support for non-traditional grad students blossomed.
The center provides counseling, free illness. And then theres the new, more hardened percep-
and it made me want to quit. So I sought
meals, legal help, and domestic violence
out a support system from other students tion of law enforcement. The wave of police shoot- The wave of police shootings
and batterers treatment, and AA meet-
ings. Also available are Internet and email of color through Raza Graduate Student For many, the gun is only the tool; ings in recent years has turned on its head the image in recent years has turned on
access, and hygiene kits. Association, shared what was going on the shooter is the problem. of a policeman as a benign authority figure.
its head the image of a policeman
People read of persons shot to death by police in
But this year, the center is facing and the idea of the conference came
about, she said.
If Guns Kill, Spoons Make situations in which in retrospect it seemed unnec- as a benign authority figure
Rosie ODonnell Fat! is the not
financial problems and it needs support to
pay its water and utility bills until funding The conference brings together people essary. The public especially the Albuquerque
comes through. of color, non-traditional graduate students illogical bumper sticker assertion public grew accustomed to seeing the almost daily
Its hard to imagine todays APD risking a ma-
The center is holding a benefit concert at and the local community. deployment of SWAT teams groups of officers
The public is encouraged to attend neuver like that. But at the same time, they work
6 p.m., Saturday, March 12 at Warehouse armed and uniformed like heavies from a war zone
the free conference and learn about For many others, the gun is only the tool; the in meaner streets, with their quick use of guns
508, located at 508 First St. N.W. The event traveling in armored military vehicles.
is titled Native Voices Showcase and will topics that include Historical Trauma; shooter is the problem. If Guns Kill, Spoons Make matched by their more violence-prone adversaries.
feature Grammy nominee and former Miss Indigenous struggles and methodologies Rosie ODonnell Fat! is the not illogical bumper View of police When one citizen in the 100 that an officer encoun-
Navajo Nation, Radmilla Cody. and (De)Colonization politics and theory. sticker assertion. The net result is that people have changed their ters during a shift presents an actual deadly threat,
For more, go to There will be a social justice panel with By way of background, this writer came of age attitudes toward police. Call police when a family the officer must still use some measure of precaution
events/1715419282026797 grassroots activists. in a small New Mexico town. My father taught me member is distraught? Maybe not. Experience warns with the other 99 as he goes about his business.
Harassment of the homeless: One Academics can get insulated and this to shoot with the family .22 bolt-action rifle. If we that theres a real possibility it might end in death. It seems to me that guns dont cause violence, but
overlooked and continuing problem is a way for scholars and researchers to had the family car at school, there might easily have The red- and blue-marked police vehicles of the peoples attitude about others proclivity for their
that homeless people have to deal with produce work that is valued and needed use certainly does. And the increased threat of gun
been firearms in the trunk. I bought my first gun community policing era are being phased out for
is police harassment. Two years ago, the by the community, Juarez said. violence to police officers increases officers quick
at 16 years of age in an Albuquerque department sinister gray-black cruisers that look like special
fatal shooting by police of homeless As part of the event, a healing center
store, without parental participation. The only effects from a police state movie. Protect and Serve use of deadly force which in turn increases the
camper James Boyd as he tried to sleep will be set up during the events second
requirement was that I showed a drivers license is segueing perhaps to Protect Ourselves from likelihood that somebody with a gun will be quick
in the foothills became an international day offering four hours with free
news story. and produced $64. Those We Serve. to use his.
massages, traditional limpias, and other
Boyds shooting galvanized sustained It goes without saying that the actions painting the Somehow, we have to nurse this fear/acceptance
healing work.
Grab your gun of gun violence out of our everyday attitudes on
protests against Albuquerque Police For more, visit: black eye on police are perpetuated by an exceed-
Department violence, and Bernalillo Restrictions on purchasing, anxieties about ease of ingly small minority of the force but they form the both sides of the badge and among all strata of our
County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg ownership and incidents of gun atrocities were publics impression. Instead of being perceived as society. Only through something like that will we
eventually filed murder charges against Sayrah Namast is an organizer with virtually nonexistent in the 1950s and 60s. So whats ever exorcise the gun violence scourge.
the American Friends Service Committee a benign authority figure, the officer is increasingly
two police officers. different today? seen as a sinister adversarial force to be feared. Bill Hume is a former editorial page editor of the
The anniversary of Boyds death will in Albuquerque. She writes about events One factor, I think, is that use of guns in the street So, the average informed citizen of today has a Albuquerque Journal and later served as a policy adviser
be marked with a vigil and placement of of interest to Albuquerques activist has acquired an uncertain legitimacy through much greater sense of personal threat from armed to former Gov. Bill Richardson.
a descanso, a traditional marker often community.
16 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
opinion opinion ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 17

By Any Measure, the APS-CNM Bond Election Was Rigged Lets Call ART What It is, Coming soon: Your Flying Car
A Victory for Our Ruling Class

I have been asked by ABQ Free Press

why I chose to file a lawsuit against
the Albuquerque Public Schools and the

Central New Mexico Community College

concerning the tax and bond election held
on Feb. 2, 2016.
T here are only a
few things that
stir my soul to joy,
plan; and that its Berrys way of throwing
gobs of public money at his pals, our pals,
in the contracting business and in NAIOP
Some people would look the other way gratitude and ecstasy: and nothing more.
a cold 15-pack on a Of course thats what it is. And so what?
if they saw a child being abused. Some
Saturday morning, Thats the way things operate. Thats
would not. Some people would walk past
an ICBM streaking how money is made. The little people
if they saw an old person on the street in
through the night need to get used to it. The politicians,
trouble. Some would not. sky from Vandenberg bureaucrats, planners and developers run
Some people would just say, Its New Air Force Base, and this town.
Mexico if they saw repeated and sys- the moving words of that great leader Heres another way this thing is the
temic failure in their schools and a failed who once proclaimed, Government of absolute gorgeous embodiment of
election process. I did not. the bureaucrats, by the planners, for the government by and for the bureaucrats.
The success I have found as a lawyer af- developers and contractors shall not perish Did anyone see any mobs of people
fords me the opportunity to do the right from the earth. storming City Hall and the mayors office
thing in ways that others are unable. I Unfortunately, all great concepts mutate demanding Bus Rapid Transit down Cen-
have been gifted with a law license and over time into the horrific opposite of tral? Did Berrys office receive thousands,
wonderful clients over the years. Now, I their original meaning and intent. Such hundreds, or maybe even tens of letters
have the opportunity to give my work to has it been with that noble concept of from citizens demanding BRT?

government by the bureaucrats, which is Are the CEOs of IBM, Microsoft, Boeing
the public when I see the need. wo men from Slovakia have been testing a two-seat flying car with collapsible wings
being perverted by the people. and other global corporations in New
I will not discuss the specific legal issues since 2014 and plan to put it on sale this year for delivery within three years.
Puny little people pathetic troublemak- York, Chicago and Silicon Valley, firing off
in the lawsuit, since those would best be urgent messages to their boards, saying, Aeromobils Flying Roadster (shown in flight above and road configuration below) can
ers who never learned their place to bow
understood by reading the complaint. Thank God almighty! Theyre building a
reach a top speed of 124 miles an hour in the air and 99 miles an hour on land. A sport pilots
subserviently before their kings have license will be needed to fly it. No price has been announced.
However, the issues are numerous and created in their defective minds a warped 10-mile-long BRT system in Albuquerque.
substantial, including: and so disfigured view of our beloved Its what weve been waiting for. We move
The TF-X, another car-plane being developed by Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, will have
a top speed of 200 miles an hour on the ground and 500 in the air. When it finally hits the
APS changing the tax mill levy rate on bureaucratic oligarchy that they believe to Albuquerque now! market several years from now, the TF-X will have a reported priced tag of $261,000.
the ballot just 12 days before the election, that its supposed to be government of Of course not.
when the law requires the ballot issues to the people, by the people and for the This wasnt on anyones mind until our
be published 50 days before the election; people. bureaucrats realized there were pots of
No individual projects to be funded Sickening, to be sure. Dangerous. federal grant money to be had, money
were listed on the ballots, which forced The slovenly masses have failed to that could be thrown at our best people,
voters to accept all spending by APS understand that it is their place to be the developers and contractors.
have been written 30 years ago. Stories of poor grad- not so for the other 458,000 eligible voters of the The bureaucrats and planners un-
and CNM or reject everything, just to get the small governed by the rich, powerful and
uation rates, top-heavy administration that earns too general public. doubtedly with the input of wise
portion that they may think is really needed; connected, and from these unwashed
much and does too little, perpetually disgruntled And this year, it all worked as it has for years. masses has arisen the stench of dissent developers saw that money and hatched
The vague wording on the ballot gave APS and
CNM the legal ability to ignore any statements teachers that want higher pay but no more work, Roughly 19,000 people voted to give APS the that had threatened the bank accounts of the plan that would benefit the noble
and a seemingly clueless APS Board of Education, citys oligarchy. Of course BRT isnt needed,
they made prior to the election to fund any specific authority to tax everyone $375 million and borrow our noble ruling class.

(505) 544-5400
but if we governed and acted on the basis
projects and spend the money on any buildings they have been repeated over and over for decades. $200 million, and that far exceeded the roughly But now, thanks to strong leadership,
of need and whats right instead of whats
wish. The public is simply numb to it all, and very few 10,000 people who voted against the issues. things are changing back to their proper,
and hopefully, permanent alignment. best for our pals, our pals would never
In 2014, Manzano High School had a four-year bother to vote on the requests for obscene amounts Nearly 20,000 people voted for the CNM bond make the kind of money we want them to.
graduation rate of only 57.2 percent. Six percent of money for replacing leaking roofs and pencils issue while roughly 9,000 voted against. CNMs
That glorious concept of government by
bureaucrats, and not by farmers, factory Now, some losers are whining that the Have you been seriously injured?
in the classrooms, when the money for roof patch-
of the schools students there dropped out in 2013
ing and pencil purchases actually turns into a $5
share of the bond issue would have passed if just
37 percent of the CNM student body alone walked
workers, car mechanics and retail workers, citys ART meetings were a sham because
Are you being charged with a crime?
alone. the project was a done deal. Theyve
Have you been wrongfully convicted?
has reasserted its authority within the City
This year, APS has decided to spend $21.9 million million private health clinic for administrators and down the hall from class and bothered to vote. of Albuquerque. The loud and unenlight- complained that during meetings they
at Manzano, but when you voted last month, if you employees or $55 million for athletic facilities, as in Nor did APS or CNM governing boards bother to ened masses are being properly put in were forced into separate groups so as
thought the planned spending would be on science the most recent election. advertise the election. their place. to divide them and dilute their voices of
In election after election, whatever amount APS
opposition to ART.
or computer labs or a better library for research and CNM spent a total of just over $62,000, according To thank for this righteous return to
and CNM request to tax, borrow and spend virtu- Well, thats exactly what went on. So
learning, you would have been mistaken. to CNM documents, to obtain $84 million. the divine right of the bureaucrats and
ally always passes thanks to the small number of
The money will actually be spent on a new athlet- Personal Injury Criminal Defense
the politically connected to impose their
APS has not provided the total of what it spent, Remember, its government of the
ics complex. voters and CNMs and APS hide-the-ball strategy of but from the documents they have produced in
will, we have Mayor Richard Berry and his
CNM says it will spend some of its share of the selecting voting locations. Albuquerque Rapid Transit project. bureaucrats, by the planners, for the Civil Rights Appeals
response to requests, the school district produced developers and contractors. The little
bond money on a new wine and beer academy. Five of the initial 30 voting sites for the most recent
proof of only about $16,000. In return, theyll get
It is beautiful to watch.
people, the ones who pay the bills, get no Foreclosure Habeas Corpus
The tiny minds and squeakers are now
Even though I enjoy wine and beer, in a state with election were put on CNM campuses. There were
$575 million. whimpering that they never had a say voice and have no power. We do! Estate Planning Extraordinary Writs
the level of alcohol-related issues we have, it is nearly 485,000 eligible voters in the election and
Maybe this can all be changed. in the $119 million project that will rip It was Abe Lincoln who spouted that Divorce Drug Possession
particularly irresponsible for a public-funded there are about 27,000 CNM students of all types, garbage about government of the people
educational institution to choose to spend taxpayer full time and part time.
One thing I know: We have to try. We have to up Central Avenue for months and will
not perishing from the Earth. Well, who Entertainment Law Murder
require APS and CNM to comply with the law so probably drive many small companies out
money on such a program. CNM may as well use Instead of using sites convenient to voters, voting of business; that they were never asked
needs Lincoln when youve got Richard J. Family Law DWI
voters can make informed choices. That would be a
tax dollars to teach farmers how to grow tobacco for was held in hard-to-navigate school locations, often Berry?
cigarettes. without general parking. By contrast, the selection
good beginning.
whether they wanted or needed the
project; that they feel dictated to; that Dennis Domrzalski is an associate editor Se Habla Espaol
I have lived in Albuquerque for 30 years. It seems of voting sites was incredibly convenient for the Robert Pidcock is an Albuquerque attorney who the deal is the definition of a mayor who at ABQ Free Press. Reach him at
that the news stories about APS written today could 27,000 CNM students, faculty and employees, but unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2008. doesnt have a real economic development
18 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
columns news ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 19

Mr. Mayor, Repeating a Lie Why Did We Shoot This Photo?

Doesnt Make it True W hats in this photo? Why the hell did
we shoot it? This is the start of a new
BY dan Klein
ABQ Free Press photo feature of places and

I t appears neither the mainstream

Albuquerque media nor our govern-
ment officials care about the truth.
Next up: New Mexico State Police
Chief Pete Kassetas. My survey of the
New Mexico State Police,conducted
things around Albuquerque that may have
some sort of significance historical,
cultural, or notorious.
A story from KRQE-TV on Feb. 25, 2016, after they graduated a new class in early
proclaimed, Its a problem all across the December, revealed that that agency Whether its locations or details from
state, agencies struggling to fill their was 100 percent staffed, at 678 officers, Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul or just
police academies. The same problem goes with no openings. close-ups of everyday things that an
for New Mexico State Police. That led Pete Dinelli, Albuquerques observant Burqueo should recognize,
An Albuquerque Journal editorial former director of Albuquerques public well be out there with our smartphones.
stated that because the Legislature safety task force, in testimony before
failed to approve Mayor Richard Berrys a House committee less than a month Your job is to identify it and send us
double-dipping bill for retired police, later, to praise Kassetas for achieving your answer, plus a little bit of detail and
citizens who need a cop should try 100 percent staffing. context. Each issues winner will be the
calling your state senator. Kassetas responded by telling Dinelli, person who our judges believe provided the
Both KOB-TV and KOAT-TV stations How dare you say my agency is 100 most entertaining explanation in 150 words
chimed in with their own statewide percent filled! I guess Kassetas doesnt or less. Well publish the winning answer
police-shortage reports. Berry is now
threatening to raid smaller departments
take compliments very well. Then, the following issue.
Kassetas boss, Greg Fouratt, secretary of
by offering signing bonuses to later-
the New Mexico Department of Public Send your entries to
al-transfer officers because APD is in
a hiring crisis. The media drinks this
Safety, testified before another House with the subject line Mystery Photo by
rhetoric like a Berry-flavored Kool-Aid,
committee that NMSP was down 81 5 p.m. the Wednesday after each issues
never bothering to check the facts.
officers. publication date in this case, March 16.
Fouratt now headed to Las Cruces to
If they did, they would know its a lie.
I naively thought the truth would be
be a U.S. magistrate never explained This issues prize: Two tickets to the
reported after an ABQ Free Press survey
why his head count was in conflict with March 23 Gladiators arena-football game
of 60 police agencies in New Mexico
what NMSP told us. He just dumped a Dan Vukelich at Tingley Coliseum.
this past October proved there is no number out there, and no one in the
shortage of police officers outside of mainstream media challenged him. Just
Albuquerque. days after Fouratts testimony, Kassetas
I honestly thought this urban legend appeared on KRQE-TV and stated, Im

perpetuated by Berry would end and probably down 52 officers.
that the mainstream media would use So which is it? Is NMSP 100 percent
our survey to put an end to the myth of staffed or short 81 officers or short 52
THERE MAY BE MONEY a statewide police shortage. Instead, they officers? In less than 90 days, the leaders
AVAILABLE TO YOU ignored it. Nor did they ask Berry for of NMSP floated three different staffing
proof of the statewide cop-acalypse. figures. Why is the truth so difficult?
FOR EYEWEAR AFTER I can only assume the news editors And why does the mainstream media
CATARACT SURGERY? found it was easier to repeat what Berry ignore this?

Must be 65 Years of Age

was selling them rather than fact-check
APD is graduating 38 new officers,
bringing its numbers to 852 sworn
How will you lead ?
With that in mind, allow me to officers. APD has another 30 cadets on
fact-check the local media as well. In an track to graduate in June. This will bring Whether you are aspiring to obtain a PMI credential or looking for project
You May be Eligible editorial, the Journal blamed the Senate
Democrats for the failure of Berrys
APD close to 90 percent staffing. Why
hasnt anyone in the news media, other
management experience, UNM Continuing Education offers four certificate
options and a range of classes to build and polish your project management skills.
For Benefits! return-to-work bill. than ABQ Free Press, challenged Berry
Improve your organizations project results measured in cost, time, and quality
using accepted project management tools, techniques, and principles.
The truth is that neither Sen. Stuart with the facts?
Ingle, a Portales Republican who New Mexico is last in everything good Project Management Certificate Options
serves as Senate minority leader, nor Visit to review certificate options and download our Project
and first in corruption. When the news
Call MULLER OPTICAL Albuquerque Republican Rep. Larry media are just a public relations arm for
Management Certificate Flyer.
Larraaga two of the bills co-sponsors Upcoming Project Management classes Start Dates
Today for your FREE took time to present the bill in the
those in power, they do a disservice to
their community. The lies about a police
Integrating Project Management: Principles and Practices Apr 4
Project Management Professional/CAPM Exam Preperation Apr 7
Consultation Senate Public Affairs Committee at a shortage are one example, but there are MS Project Module 1: Project Plan Definition May 3
crucial point in the session. many more. MS Project Module 2: Budgeting and Tracking May 10
After the committee waited hours Journalists have an obligation to MS Project Module 3: Team Communication and Productivity May 17
Let Us H our
for the return-to-work bills sponsors to check facts rather than just regurgitate MS Project 2013: Project Reports Jun 1

You Find Y appear, without someone to present the them. They have to ask hard questions Lean Mastery - Online Self-paced
te Six Sigma Green Belt - Online Self-paced
bill and ask the committee to act on it, of those in authority. The First Amend-
the bill died. Six Sigma Black Belt - Online Self-paced
ment demands that the media challenge
Instead of telling their readers to call
those in power to tell the truth. their senator, the Journal should more For more information, contact
accurately be telling them to call Ingle Dan Klein, a retired Albuquerque
9000 Menaul NE and Larraaga. police sergeant, is a columnist for 505-277-0077
(505) 296-8187 But wait, theres more. ABQ Free Press. Reach him on Facebook.
20 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
EDitorial cartoons/ANALYSIS editorial ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 21

How Long Must We Wait For Were for Kasich the Sane One
Santa Fe to Clean Up its Act?

By HEATH HAUSSAMEN I f there must be a Republican in the White

House, please, God, let it be John Kasich.
We agree with him that in the recent Repub-
Fresh-faced Marco Rubio, hoping to be the
GOP establishment alternative, has been clearly
outclassed by his rivals. We reluctantly agree with

B ribery. Fraud. Perjury.

Tampering with public
records. Violating the ethical
statements. It would require
those who have consulting busi-
nesses or spouses with consulting
lican presidential debates, hes been the only
adult on the stage.
Thats why were endorsing him in the GOP
Trump that Rubio who has the backing of Gov.
Susana Martinez is a lightweight.
But well go further and suggest Rubio will
principles of public service. businesses to disclose informa- primary. Too bad theres a chance hell likely be be little more than a stooge for the GOP estab-
Former Sen. Phil Griego is tion about clients who paid them out of the race before New Mexicos Republicans lishment, which includes Wall Street, the War
charged with egregious abuses of more than $1,000. vote in June, but we can only hope. Machine and the fossil fuel industry.
the public trust. As a lawmaker The legislation comes partly in This newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton within When we look at Ted Cruz, we see a religious
he pushed a bill to let a private response to an issue I reported a week of her announcement last year. We stand zealot who will roll back 75 years of progress on
company buy a historic Santa Fe on in 2015. State Auditor Tim behind that endorsement, although we get an civil rights. And then theres the likeability factor.
building from the state. What Keller, when he was a senator, email a week urging us to feel the Bern. Quoting Cruzs fellow Republican, South Carolina
Griego didnt disclose, the attor- failed to disclose that he did work But back to the Republicans. Sen. Lindsey Graham, If you killed Ted Cruz on
ney general alleges, is that the for Laguna Pueblo. He actually Who can support Donald Trump with his the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the
company paid Griego more than claimed the opposite. boorish, junior high insults and race-baiting Senate, nobody would convict you.
$50,000 for his assistance. Kellers Laguna work created behavior and call themselves a fair-minded, That leaves Ohio Gov. Kasich. While theres
If its true, Griego should be a potential conflict. He repeat- tolerant American? much not to like his stands on labor and
punished. edly criticized the Martinez In a recent phone call, a friend in Maine abortion, for example he has bolstered the
But what then? Weve been Administrations awarding of a pointed out that Trumps rhetoric mirrors economy of a faltering Rust Belt state and
convicting and ousting misbe- 25-year lease toThe Downs at perfectly that of Adolf Hitler as he rose to power straightened out Ohios finances. In Congress,
Albuquerqueto operate a casino in Germany in the 1930s: Lets Make Germany
having state government officials while the ranking member of the House Budget
Great Again.
for more than a decade. It doesnt and racetrack at the state fair- Committee, he helped balance the U.S. budget.
Trumps speeches echo another Hitlerian theme:
seem to be reducing corruption grounds. Laguna Pueblo was the Rather than throw insults, Kasich talks about
Our nations problems are the machinations of
or helping our state rise from the losing bidder. jobs and working with the other side of the aisle.
others. Not Jews, but Mexicans and Muslims.
bottom of important lists. Keller had reason to scruti- Thats what the United States of America needs
Even Trumps demand that his crowds raise their
I believe the vast majority of nize the questionable deal. The now.
hands to swear theyll vote creepily echoes the
New Mexicos 112 legislators fairgrounds are located in the Dan Vukelich is editor of ABQ Free Press.
stiff-armed salute of the Nazis.
and other government officials Senate district that as a state sen-
The other choices are hardly more appealing. Reach him at
and employees are hard-working, ator he represented at the time.

What N.M. Needs Next

good people. But Keller also had a business
But systemic, structural flaws relationship with Laguna that he
discourage ethical behavior. We didnt disclose.
dont pay lawmakers or give The situation highlights a seri- BY SEN. PETE CAMPOS
them adequate resources to do ous problem: Many of our unpaid
their jobs. We choose to let them
be dependent on campaign
donors and lobbyists.
lawmakers have to seek other
employment that creates conflicts.
In the extreme that can lead to
I believe we can diversify our economy and begin
to stabilize state revenues by:
Strengthening our support of the film industry;
examining exemptions and credits and whether
they are functioning as intended. I have served
in the Legislature for over 25 years, and in that
Paying legislators alone wont Griegos alleged crimes. Promoting our natural attractions; time, I dont think I have ever seen a proposed
fix this mess. There must be Our weak laws sometimes Cutting red tape and focusing on what tax exemption that wasnt sold to the Legislature
stronger accountabilityinclud- dont require transparency. How works best for small businesses, particularly as economic development.
ing a commission that sets ethical many others act unethically in in rural areas; and We need to take a close look at those exemp-
standards for government and secret? Expanding the clean energy industry; and tions to determine whether they still represent
helps police violationsand Keller and Martinez have Improving our statewide broadband economic development. Tax reform is going to
better transparency. made mistakes, but theyre technology system by shoring up dead spots mean some hard choices for the Legislature, but
Its noteworthy that archived among those working for change. in rural communities. this session showed that our dependence on too
video of a 2014 Senate Rules Both support increased financial We should discuss making the best use of few sources of revenue can get us into trouble.
Committee hearing, recorded disclosure. our water and strengthening our agricultural We need to develop innovations that are
by the Governors Office, helps We must work together to industry, too. genuinely tailored to meet the needs of New
make the case against Griego. build a system that encourages Its true that these measures will help us Mexicans. I firmly believe that we have the brain
The amateur recording shows ethical behavior. Voters should diversify our economy, which should translate to power, experience and ability to develop the
embrace amending the state a more stable, predictable budgeting process (at
Griego presenting the resolu- kind of innovations we will need to diversify our
least as far as revenues are concerned).
tion authorizing the real-estate Constitution to pay our legisla- economy and reform our tax system.
There is an even greater benefit to these
transaction. tors. Policymakers must accept In addition to diversifying our economy and tax
measures, though: well-paying jobs. Growing the
Fortunately, House members widespread reforms to increase reform, we should begin immediately to carefully
film and clean energy industries and promoting
finally voted this year to begin transparency and accountability. review our budget. Analysis should be conducted
small businesses will equal more jobs for New
publicly archiving video of their That will help the best among to assess current and trending public needs, like
hearings. But senators continue us lead. It will enable govern- public education and health care. It is critical
Plus, small businesses help make up the fabric
resisting archiving their webcasts. ment to act in the interest of all that we get started as early as possible on this
of all New Mexico communities, particularly the
Webcast archiving isnt New Mexicans. Its how well and that we stay committed to it throughout the
smaller, rural ones. Helping them grow and be
enough. New Mexico needs begin to rise from the bottom of interim.
able to hire people has always been a top priority
many reforms. For example, important lists. I began the 2016 legislative session with a
of mine.
Gov. Susana Martinez and some message of hope. I will not give up on that hope,
Haussamen runs, To me, there is no better source of hope than a
Republicans have pushed a bill especially now, when there is so much work yet
an online news organization. job with a decent wage or owning a business that
that would require all candidates to be done and the vision for our path forward
for legislative and statewide Reach him at, functions as a vital part of the community, both in
has never been more clear.
on Facebook at /haussamen, or on terms of goods and services and in employment
offices and many other offi- of others. Sen. Pete Campos is a Democrat from Las Vegas
cials to file financial disclosure twitter @haussamen
We also have to re-evaluate our tax base by who sits on the Senate Finance Committee.
sports ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 23

Is This Finally the Year

For Birminghams Lobos?

T he sky is fall-
ing! The sky is
falling! That was
very little on the mound. In 1998, UNM
hit .332 at the plate and yielded an ERA
of 9.04. Thats awful. Birminghams last
the cry of Chicken four seasons produced an ERA under
Little, who really 5.00. Thats pretty good.
did believe the sky His Lobos of 2016 have the chance to
was falling. The produce the right combination at the
cowardly chicken plate and on the mound. Birmingham
was wrong. has a strong core of hitters back. Better
Lobo baseball coach Ray Birmingham yet, he returns nine of 11 pitchers from
has a yearly cry, too: The road to 2015.
Omaha. The road to Omaha. The The Lobos under Birmingham are 3-8
optimistic New Mexico coach believes in NCAA play going 1-2, 0-2, 1-2 and 1-2.
his Lobos will make it to Omaha some The Lobos also have missed the NCAA
day. This is the site of the College World tourney the past two seasons. UNM
Series. Its where the big boys of college went 32-27 in 2015, finishing 17-13 in
baseball go to play. the Mountain West (fourth place) with
So far, Birmingham has been wrong a young team.
about reaching that lofty destination, The Lobos might have the balance
and you cant help but wonder if to make a little more noise in the first
Chicken Littles prediction will come true round of NCAA play, but there are issues
first. that could roadblock Birminghams stroll
Its not that Birminghams Lobos down the lane to Omaha: the home-
arent doing well. They have wedged field advantage.
their foot onto the NCAA path four Usually, of course not always, the
times from 2010 to 2013, which is a home team advances. Birminghams
tremendous achievement and a credit to Lobos have been sent on the road each
UNMs shoot-from-the-hip (Ah, shucks, time partly because of their status
Im from Hobbs) coach. The Lobos last in the NCAA pecking order but also
NCAA bid prior to Birmingham came in because of their facility.
the 1960s. Lobo Field now called Santa Ana
Birmingham has done a lot of good at Star Field is a work in progress. It
UNM since his hire in 2008 was pushed is a far cry from the days when UNM
through by a lot of wise politicians and played in Isotopes Park, which had to be
powerful money men, who put the lean considered one of the premier college
on the UNM administration to pluck sites in America. Isotopes Park has
Birmingham away from New Mexico stadium seats, modern concession stands,
Junior College. decent restrooms, and is protected
Birmingham had won 75 percent of from the wind, rain and sun. It was
his games at NMJC and won a national fan friendly, and a lot of fans attended
JC title. He also had the reputation of Lobo games for the same reason they
building his squads with New Mexico attend Isotopes games for the venue.
talent. A lot of Lobo fans like to see Now, you go to Lobo games only for
New Mexico talent on UNM rosters. the Lobos. On a bad weather day, that
Birmingham has a nice squad in 2016, might not be enough.
too. His Lobos clawed their way into the The Santa Ana Star Field is something
Top 25 earlier this season, and they have you might expect to find in . . . well,
the potential to move in and out of lets say its not something you would
those rankings all year. expect to find as an NCAA site.
Because Birmingham has pitching. So, are Birminghams Lobos doomed
The backbone of Birminghams success and destined to die on the NCAA road?
at UNM has been his sticks. His Lobos hit Maybe not this year! The Lobos have
baseballs the way Donald Trump smacks hitting. The Lobos have pitching. The
around political opponents. But in base- Lobos have Birmingham.
ball, you often hit for show and pitch to Maybe the sky will fall on somebody
advance in NCAA play. The Lobo hitting else.
can be overrated, too. The Lobos have
Richard Stevens is a former sports
always hit the ball. From 1971, UNM had
writer for The Albuquerque Tribune.
40 seasons hitting .290 or higher. From
More recently, he was an insider at the
1991, UNM had 24 of 25 seasons above
.300 at the plate.
Lobo athletic department. Reach him at
But a lot of those Lobo teams had
ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 25

Ruiz de la Torre Law Firm: We Help Law Make Sense

1801 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Suite C
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Open MonFri, 9 am5 pm
(505) 544-5400
Our March 23 ABQ Free Press Small Business Spotlights and
Carlos Ruiz de la Torre may seem young at 36, but he
Taxes special issue will feature: has more than ten years of experience defending clients
in criminal cases. He meticulously investigates his cases
and he ensures his clients have a good understanding of
the law.

We sat down with Ruiz de la Torre to find out what his

The latest news firm is all about and why he is so passionate about
providing second chances to his clients.
in the tax world
Q: Why the law?
A: Because I enjoy helping people with the law and solving their problems. When I went into law school, it was actually because a friend was going
How to file accurately and my dad was also lawyer, so I figured I would try it out.

(and advantageously) Q: What type of cases do you handle?

A: Ive done a lot of criminal defense appeals. If they didnt get a fair trial for whatever reason, sometimes you can get a persons conviction
overturned. Thats always the best feeling and one of the most exciting things that Ive been able to accomplish. Were taking on more than criminal
How this tax season differs defense work, and some personal injury, family law and some entertainment law. Were also trying new forms of handling cases for family law and
divorce such as collaborative or mediated divorces. When people come in, sometimes theyre confused about the process and we want to make
for individuals and small sure they know the process of the law every step of the way.

businesses Q: How many cases have you represented?

A: Ive represented hundreds of cases. I did appeals with the Public Defenders office for more than five years. Theres no end to the caseloads the
PDs office takes on appeal.

Q: Other than a law degree, what kind of special training or knowledge do you have?
A: Actually, my background before criminal law was entertainment law and I studied music and got bachelors and masters degrees concentrating in
jazz and master piano.

Q: What is your philosophy, your key to winning?

A: Really, its all about preparation and thoroughness in what I bring to a case, and to truly
understand the history of the case, as well as planning the best strategy possible. I pride myself on
being a lawyer who will take the time needed to properly prepare.

Q: What makes your firm stand out from the rest?

A: Were compassionate and we make sure the law makes sense to our clients.

Q: How do you or your business contribute to the local community? (505) 345-4080 ext. 803 A: We do help to set up non-profits in getting them organized, and some non-profits could be
charged up to $5,000 for a lawyers services, so we assist them as much as we can in the
beginning stages so they dont end up broke before they even get started. We also contribute to
a lot of local stuff, like Gods Warehouse

Our Small Business Spotlights and Taxes Q: Why Albuquerque?

A: I love the mountains and wide-openness of Albuquerque, the pace of life here, the people and
the mix of cultures, as well as the small town feel in such a big city.
Issue publishes March 23
26 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
arts food ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 27

Matters of the Art: Meow Wolf, Chupacabra Cantina

French Fusion Invades Downtown

H ey there, Matters of the Art

readers. Im still filling in for
the eminent Lisa Barrow, who will
they must abandon many things that
made up their lives. You cant outrun
a soldiers gun while carrying a grand
Breve Crpes & Coffee
400 Gold SW
cannoli and sushi-like mini-rolls.
Given how protective the French
are of their culinary customs, what
soon return to these pages. piano on your back. would they say about this sort of ex-
Meow Wolf Fortunately for all of us, we can Hours: MonFri, 7 a.m.4 p.m. perimentation? When an online photo
Its life force stems from fierce cre- carry our cultural heritage with us as we Sat. 8 a.m.3 p.m. of crpes stacked and cut cake-style
ative passion; its physical space seek refuge in a new place: our foods, went viral recently, French comment-

Santa Fes old Silva Lanes Bowling jokes, music, art, stories and legends. But alk into Breve Crpes & Coffee ers reacted with shock and horror.
Alleyis partly owned by literary how do our traditions evolve, and how (400 Gold SW), and you may BuzzFeed France declared it un
sensation George R. R. Martin. are they maintained in the strange new feel youve stepped out of downtown crime international against crpes.
Its opening attracted talents like place we call home? Albuquerque and into a caf in south- Friedman and Garrison dont care
musician/author Amanda Palmer, Thats one of many questions ern France. about such snobbery. They believe
accordionist/artist Jason Webley raised by Story Space: Stories & Songs Sunlight streams in through an Burqueos are ready to embrace new
and beloved country doomers The Immigrant & Refugee Artists, happen- all-glass front facade, setting uphol- twists on an old-world favorite. And
Handsome Family, for an already stered seats aglow. Burlap coffee sacks it seems theyre right. Within an hour
ing from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, March 20,
sold-out weekend of music. The and jars of freshly cut flowers hang of their grand opening early on Sat-
at Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale
Meow Wolf artspaces eagerly an- above tables. Behind the counter, the urday, Feb. 27, every seat in the house
SE). All ages are welcome for a series of
ticipated emergence has even been baristas aprons match the wall an was filled.
short performative talks with renowned
heralded in the LA Times. expanse of Yves Klein blue thats When I joined the line, it was all
immigrant and refugee artists who Courtesy of Breve
hands on deck as staff hustled double
On Thursday, March 17, at 5 now live in Albuquerque. Story Space reminiscent of the Mediterranean.
p.m., The City Different welcomes And, of course, theres the heavenly Is this crpe heaven? time to meet demand. Despite valiant
9 a.m. to 2 a.m., with sweet dance beats provided explores art as it relates to notions of effort, a single griddle can cook only
The Venue Different, at the grand cultural identity, migration and belonging. scent of coffee and crpes. of a spatula. The resulting tissue-y Skippy peanut butter and a bag of
opening of the Meow Wolf Art Complex (1352 Ru- by Chicagos Sassmouth, Denvers David Last and one crpe at a time, and some of
Featured artists include two-time Grammy gold pancakes are crisp around the mini-marshmallows. This is still us waited a full 15 minutes for our
fina Circle). Guests are invited to experience Meow homegrown Numbtron. The music starts at 9 p.m.,
and tickets are still available. Opening weekend Award nominee Rahim Al Haj, a virtuoso oud On Breves vibe, food and edges but thick enough in the center America, yall. orders. Oh, well, I thought, theres
Wolfs first permanent exhibition, The House of moniker to support your choice of toppings. More than being anything in par-
prices for viewing the exquisite House are $25 for musician and composer from Iraq who The San nothing more French than leisurely
Eternal Return. On the ambiance: We purposely did half
Which toppings, you ask? Co- ticularFrench, Italian, whateverI
From the outside, it looks like the ceiling split open adults and $15 for kids. Thereafter, general admis- Francisco Chronicle described as one of the our seating with comfy chairs and couches so service.
sion will range from $10 to $18. greatest oud players in the world; Nada Kherbik, owner Mandy Garrison addresses the want it to be a welcoming experience, Then Friedman finished my order
and an old Victorian house dropped fully-formed people would stay and relax, says co-owner
Regular Meow Wolf hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. a journalist, teacher and Arabic interpreter from topic over a macchiato: The Nutella Garrison confirms. The priority here and delivered it with an apologetic
from the sky. Inside the whopping 20,000 square Mandy Garrison.
Wednesday through Sunday, with late hours possi- Syria; Rujeko Dumbutshena, a dancer from Zimba- crpes are very popular. And all of the isnt tedious authenticity; its sensory grin. Sorry it took so long. Thanks
foot space, visitors of all ages can play live-action On the name, Breve: I wanted it to
ble on Fridays and Saturdays; the complex is closed bwe who appeared in Fela!, a Broadway musical fruit, any combination you can think pleasure. for waiting! Lets face it: Theres
choose-your-own-adventure in an assortment of be something that would roll off the tongue,
passageways within an imaginative multiverse of Monday and Tuesday. For arts patrons with pockets about Nigerian music legend Fela Kuti; and Mexico something that just sounded good when you of. Berries, bananas and Nutella?! One glance at Breves Instagram really nothing more American than
unexpected environments. too light to invest in the $2,000 Lifetime Pass, a native Chuy Martinez, a musician and former host said it. Vive la France! feed ( reveals service with a smile.
Thursdays $250 VIP gala includes dinner, drinks, $150 annual family pass thats good for up to five of TV show Lo Maduro De La Cultura. On the menu: People eat with their eyes Examine Breves design more how breathtakingly bouquet-like their So, is it more French or American?
and entertainment. The public opening starts at 2 family members is also available. For more info, Story Space is moderated by folklorist and first, which is why we work so hard to make the closely, and its plain to see Garrison creations are. That unparalleled visual On first bite of my crispy-soft pancake
p.m. on Friday, March 18. Although The House call (505) 395-6369 or visit urban/regional planner Wade Patterson and pre- crpes pretty. and partners Billy Nguyen and Teddy component is thanks to chef Friedman, and its melting Nutella, it was clear
will be open and available until 2 a.m., the music sented in conjunction with 516 ARTS exhibition At Friedman are doing more than merely who brings more than a decade of that Brev offers the best of both
portion of the evening (Palmer and Webley) quickly Story Space Home in the World which runs through April 16. Espresso machines are now rel- emulating chic French eateries. Bagels, culinary experience to the Brev team. worlds. As for the wait, dont fret;
sold out, as did the next nights The Handsome Five-dollar tickets for Story Space are available at atively commonplace in American complete with green chile cream Were always looking for inspira- Friedman assured me theyre getting
People leave their homelands for a variety of
Family concert. cafs, but Breve offers an even rarer cheese, are also on the menu. tion, Friedman says. Were going a second griddle soon.
reasons, including extreme poverty, religious and To learn more, call 268-0044 or
Exhibition hours on Sunday, March 20 run from ethnic persecution and perpetual war. In their flight, visit sight, a genuine crpe griddle. The The potted succulents rep to do crpe cakes as well layered Karie Luidens is an Albuquerque-based
cont. on page 27 cooks spread batter over its 16-inch the Southwest, not the south of crpes with buttercream frosting. writer of criticism, commentary, current
surface and flip it with a careful flick France. Alongside the Nutella sits Shes also experimenting with a crpe events, and semiconnected musings.

ABQ Free Press matters of art, Page 26

song embellishes the tales. This is the sec-
ond year of The Chupacabra Cantina,
is now hiring written by Soledad Hindi. It was first per-
The Chupacabra Cantina
Account Executives Las Meganenas (the big girls) is a Latina
formed in 2015 at the National Hispanic
Cultural Center.
(salary plus commission) repertory troupe operating on the core belief that its Presented by Atlixco Productions as
members hold a unique position in society, that of part of N.M. Women & Creativity Month,
storytellers. Company founder, Atrisco neighbor- the play boasts performances from Hindi,
hood native, actress, filmmaker, photographer and Valerie Borrego, Vivian Fernandez Gelln,
Contact Pam Gutierrez: Chupacabra director Alicia Lueras Maldonado is Nicole Gramlich, Juanita Roberts, Jaime
something of a Renaissance woman. Pardo, JoAnn Ulibarr, Olivia Baldwin- The troupe, which has already received two Geiln, Miranda Sol Urrea and Lita
(505) 345-4080, ext. 803 McCune grants, presents The Chupacabra Cantina Sandoval.
at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 10 and 17; Friday, Thursday tickets are $10. For Friday
March 11 and 18; Saturday March 12 and 19; and at through Sunday shows, general admis-
2 p.m. on Sunday, March 13 and 20, at VSA North sion is $18. Students and seniors save

Now Hiring:
Fourth Art Center (4904 Fourth Ave NW). three bucks. For more info, visit hold-
The production includes stories from around the
globe, from Palestine to Tierra Amarilla, a ghost
town in Northern New Mexico. Live music and M. Brianna Stallings writes so you dont Courtesy of Las Meganenas
have to.
28 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
living DRINK ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 29

On Service: The Boss Is Coming To Dinner Beer Town: The View from Barley Peak

H ow many more breweries and tap

rooms can our city handle? Ive
everywhere: the
stink and roar of
O MG! Your better half invited
their boss and spouse to dinner.
Theyre from New Mexico but have
leaving the base plate free so salad
can be preset; this leaves more time
for conversation with everyone at the
the guide glass, and it always touches
the tip of the dinner
knife, while the wine glass touches
below the tine or bowls) and knives
by the waist (between blade and
handle). Grab glasses by the stem or
heard people asking that question and
have asked it myself for a couple years
nearby traffic.
It doesnt hurt
now; so far, the answer has repeatedly that the beer and
traveled extensively and dined in fine table. (See TTT sample setting online.) the water glass. Never lift a glass or base. These spots are least likely to come back as More, more, more! food here are excel-
restaurants worldwide. You met them Like a catered affair, set the table Thats no problem from where Im lent as well. Pair the
at the holiday party and company pic- in advance. If you remember that sitting, somewhere near the top of fish and chips with
nic. Theyre great, but you havent had the boss drank Corona at the picnic, balmy Barley Peak. But while taking a pint of Scottish ale
any special guests over in a while, and kick off small talk by asking a in the hop-scented breeze, Ive stum- to really soak in the
you want to make a great impression. related trivia question: Does any- bled upon a theory. In order for the Celtic vibe.
body know the reason why lime beer bubble to continue expanding, Meanwhile,
To access an expanded version of this is served in a bottle of Corona? breweries will have to orient them- Firkin Brew House
article, with Professor Services place setting (Answer: To keep the flies away.) selves away from the novelty of the has quietly opened
download, visit and browse Its always a nice ice-breaker. beer itself and toward the community at 3351 Columbia
Living, How To subcategories. Get out the good linen or use
that supports it. NE. The prohibi-
placemats for a less formal feeling.
Were long past the point where tion-themed joint
If youre really nervous about the
most people will drive across town for has been slinging
Professor Service says, KISS: lefts and rights of service, remem-
the sheer excitement of trying a micro- brews since Feb. 5,
Keep It Service Simple. Dont try to ber to serve food with the left hand
brewed ale. Instead, as the taprooms though they only
compete with restaurants. Instead, from the left, pour beverages from
anchor themselves in new neighbor- just appeared on
add New Mexico touches to standard the right with the right hand and
hoods, let them adapt to serve those my radar. Come on,
American fare. Use the good china, if clear everything from the right
neighborhoods and become comfort- guys, hit me up at
you have some. If not, make sure all with the right hand. In any case,
able, family friendly gathering spots, the email at the bot- Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.
items are spotlessly clean and nothing its always LL/RR; whatever you
with clientele that actually reflects the tom of the column.
is chipped. do from the left of the guest, use President Jim Hargrove, the plan probably already aware of the kombu-
neighborhood. In their defense,
If youre fretting about setting your left hand and from the right,
the grand opening isnt until March is to use the bars license for a new cha craze. This lumpy, slightly bubbly
the table, re-watch that scene Bienvenidos! 19, when you can show up in your location of its more substantial Draft tea has been ascribed a wide variety of
from Pretty Woman where the With that in mind, it makes perfect best roaring 20s duds for a chance Station concept. healing properties by its proponents,
hotel manager tells Julia Roberts, sense that this issues offerings start at winning prizes. Get more info at ranging from gastrointestinal relief to,
We always eat from the outside be touched by guests, thus less- with Quarter Celtic Brewpub (1100 well, immortality.
in. A good KISS menu is a Cae- ening the spread of germs. San Mateo Blvd. NE), a place Im sure
Got a hot tip on Albuquerques beer scene?
On the horizon, weve got Monks The scientific and medical commu-
sar salad, a duo of roasted-grilled Dessert and coffee can be to frequent, as it offers all the precise
Know of a seasonal draft Ive simply got to try?
Lab Brewery, Ale Republic and, oh, nities havent exactly endorsed these
beef overlapping grilled chicken offered at the table, but serve qualities I extolled above.
Drop me a line at
about 238 more breweries set to open claims, but you can get a draft pint of
breastno worries about it in the living room or on a The warmly appointed interior sometime this spring. the mystery liquid at Bow & Arrow
rare, medium or well-done patio or porch to mix it up. Set design, an expansive patio, boasts
preferencescomplemented it up buffet style. As a parting Bye-bye, Microbar The fighting hop-heads Brewing Co. (608 McKnight NW).
friendly staff and a casual atmosphere.
by potatoes and vegetables and gift, offer a bottle of water Our citys love of hops is making Why not? It probably wont kill you.
The semihidden location, inside the On a less cheerful note, Chama
a dessert pie. For beverages, for the road adorned with a waves on the national stage. The word
ACE Hardware Courtyard in the spot Rivers Downtown Microbar, located DIY Dog
provide bottled water, wine and ribbon and a thank-you-for- from the tireless reporters at Darkside
previously occupied by Fremonts in the Sunshine Theater Building for
beer. Have ice cream on hand, coming card attached. Brew Crew (nmdarksidebrewcrew. Heres some exciting news for
Fine Foods, reinforces the relaxed the past decade, closed in early March.
along with diet soda and sugar When were out of some- com) is that Turtle Mountains Adrift homebrewers. Scotland-based Brew
outdoor seating by providing a What? Why? That place was always
substitutes. thing in the service industry, IPA, Bosque Brewings Scale Tipper Dog, perhaps best known for its Punk
buffer from the bane of patio dining packed. According to Chama River
To look like a mind-reader, call we say 86, but thats a IPA and Boxing Bears Bear Knuckle IPA, just released every single one of
the boss assistants or co-workers whole nother story. In my IPA have advanced to Round 4 of its beer recipes in a free, open-source
to glean inside info on their food next column, learn to add Brewing News National IPA chal- document.
preferences, allergies and sensi- pizzazz features to make the lenge, beating rivals from all over the Thats more than 200 beers that you
tivitiesthink gluten-freeso boss coming to dinner an even country. Check out can start brewing up right away, from
youre prepared for all contin- more memorable occasion. to cheer for our brewing brawlers. simple pale ales to oak-aged barley
gencies. Serve a dynamite bread Thats an 86 for now from wines. Each recipe has been scaled
item. For a touch of New Mexico, Ian Maksik, Professor of Brew of the fortnight down to homebrew proportions, and
serve warm tortillas and a choice Service. The beer that tantalized my taste the booklet, available for download at
of garlic croutons or tortilla chips *TTT (Touch Touch Touch) buds this time around is a rye offering, includes instructions
with the Caesar salad. Some hot is copyrighted by Ian Maksik, from Chama River. Smooth and crisp, for all-grain brewing.
New Mexican appetizers wouldnt be use your right. This method of serving cup and saucer off the table to pour. Professor of Service. with a touch of fruit and a beauti- Thats it for now, Albuquerque.
amiss here. Use imaginative garnish ensures youre always maintaining Use a napkin splash-guard with your ful red luster, Rye-kus is a fine, 6.3 Until next time, Ill see you, in spirit if
Ian Maksik is a Cornell Hotel School
aka plate dcor because presentation open body language and eye contact left hand a rectangular fold will percent ABV beverage for enjoying naught else, at your neighborhood or
graduate, former Hilton general manager
is what makes simple special. As a and never backhanding or putting stop anythingbetween the glass a gentle spring breeze on the Chama
and catering editor for New York maga- backyard taproom.
centerpiece, fill a sombrero with cacti your elbow in someones face. and guest when pouring water or River Draft Stations patio (1720
zine CUE. Known as Americas Service
or flowers. Use the base plateor a nap- wine with your right hand. Central Ave. SW). Tip one back to the Ty Bannerman is a beer drinker, co-host
Guru, Maksik has keynoted, lectured and
The secret to setting a table is TTT kin folded in a 10-inch by 10-inch Show you care about your guests memory of the Downtown Microbar. of City on the Edge podcast and author
trained owners, management and staff of
(Touch Touch Touch*) so every setting squareas the template with forks safety by using a 10-inch round plate of Forgotten Albuquerque as well as
hospitality facilities in 21 countries and at Kombucha, man
is identical. Tuck a simple rectangular touching the left of the napkin, knives as a splash-guard to prevent hot ouch a forthcoming memoir. He most recently
notable industry conferences. Contact him
napkin fold under the base plate touching the right and dessert flatware splashes. So germs shall never mix, If youre a fan not only of beer served as managing, feature and food
at or (954) 804-5413. Quarter Celtic Brewpub
or place a pyramid fold to the left, touching the top. The water glass is always hold flatware by the neck (just but all things fermentable, youre editor at Weekly Alibi.
A beer class at Quarter Celtic
30 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
drink sports ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 31

Pints & Planks Fuses Yoga and Beer

BY rene thompson
Destiny Readies to Rumble

I ntoxication and exercise dont

necessarily go hand in hand. Yet O n March 19, Destiny Wrestling Organizations
heavyweight champion, the wickedly scraggly
Johnny K, will defend his title from homegrown
What do you find so
compelling about
a new trend fuses these activities
together in an unlikely way. Its catch- baby-face Thunder at the Westside Community Its definitely the
ing on in breweries throughout the Center (1250 Isleta Blvd. SW). stories. In boxing, its
country, including Albuquerque. just two guys fighting.
In mixed martial arts,
Destiny Wrestlings next match, Gimmicks Are Forever,
Pints & Planks its just two guys
starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 19, at the
Where: Rio Bravo Brewery fighting. Theres no
Westside Community Center (1250 Isleta Blvd. SW).
1912 Second Street NW set-up. With wrestling,
Visit for more info.
When: Sundays at 11 a.m. theres a back story to
Cost: $5 donation it. I like how theres
Meanwhile, take-no-prisoners tag team Brute a dramatic reason for
Rio Bravo Brewing Co. (1912 66 will dish out pain to rivals The Keepers of the these matches to take
Second Street NW) and YogaZo Faith. And you can bet your ass that Hobo Hank place.
teamed up to offer these hybrid yoga and DWOs Director of Competition Matthew
classes every Sunday at 11 a.m. A $5 Roblezs long-standing feud will continue unabated Who are your fans?
donation for the Pints & Planks class especially after Roblez arranged for Hank to get We have something
comes with a $2 discount from Rio assaulted outside the ring at the last match. for everyone. Kids
Bravo on the students first pint. Wait, what? Listen up. If you havent attended love us. We have
YogaZo owner/instructor Ashley DWOs Albuquerque wrestling matches, youve many female fans, as
Fathergill says that while pairing beer
Rene Thompson
honestly been missing one of the most entertaining well. We wanna make
and yoga might sound strange, people shows in town. The bouts offer all the fun of WWE- everybody aware that Nick Cvjetkovich aka Sinn Bodhi once called WWE SmackDown home.
Pints & Planks: Fitness trend brings yoga and beer to a whole new frontier
are beginning to love the idea of doing style matchs oversized gimmicks and theatrics this is something you
yoga while enjoying a brewski on without the crass commercialism of Vince McMa- can bring your family
presently being donated to Animal most reasonable classes offered. After setting, these well-rounded all-level Plus these guys are going out there, and theyre
Sunday mornings. hons empire. to. Its something different. Its absolutely the oppo-
Humane New Mexico. Theyre also only a handful of classes, a real sense classes feature themed, upbeat sound- giving you 110 percent. Its something that gives us
Part of those $5 donations goes Best of all, DWO is 100 percent Albuquerque. In site of what youll get at an Isotopes or basketball
hosting a monthly pet adoption event. of community has already begun to tracks. Fathergill encourages everyone an edge over WWE, if youre deciding whether to
toward non-profit organizations in advance of the March 19 bout, ABQ Free Press sat game. People love it, and people are loud. You saw
Fathergills master plan includes form, Fathergill says, because the class to take beverage breaks aka the beer watch a TV show or come to a DWO show. I think
need. Thats the reason I wanted to down with DWO Commissioner Adam Merrick people were loud that night [you attended].
donating to a number of organizations, genuinely brings people together to pose between yoga poses. its a no-brainer.
do Pints & Planks, says Fathergill, to talk about the organizations roots and why he
so participants contribute to making socialize in a different way, one that When the class ends at noon, its
because I want to start getting non thinks its even better than WWE. Definitely. When you came out in your suit, every- Ty Bannerman co-hosts City on the Edge podcast,
a real impact on a variety of causes in was lacking in The Duke City. business as usual at the Rio Bravo
-profits involved togive back to the one went a little crazy. And then the guy with the freelances for publications like ABQ Free Press and Atlas
New Mexico. The atmosphere is laidback, Brewery when regular patrons are
community but also because I want to ABQ Free Press: Tell me about Destiny Wrestling sunglasses? Obscura, and authored Forgotten Albuquerque and a
The beer and yoga trend runs whereas some yoga studios could allowed entry and food trucks begin
have this be a community based event. Organization. Where did it come from? Matthew Roblez! Hes our director of competition. forthcoming memoir. He most recently served as manag-
$10$15 per class in some other cities, prove a bit intense or intimidating filling the street outside. At present,
Pints & Planks proceeds are Adam Merrick: Honestly, it was an idea I came up ing, features and food editor at Weekly Alibi.
making Pints & Planks one of the for beginners. In a fun, comfortable three instructors rotate classes.
with in high school. Me and some friends just did it Right! Hes this sort of sleazy cheater. At one point,
Whether someones a veteran yogi,
for fun. We didnt take it seriously at all. Then a few he bopped somebody on the head or something
a complete beginner or merely a beer
years later, Id say 2006, I came across some guys like that, and the crowd was booing like crazy.
connoisseur, Fathergill says these
who were really into wrestling. And they were really Yeah, hes always getting involved. Hes in charge
classes are designed for all practition-
passionate about it. They wanted to pursue it and of the matchmaking at Destiny Wrestling. Hes
ers over age 21. You can do as much
try and bring it back because Albuquerque has a rich been a great asset, plain and simple. As far as the
or as little as you want. If people just
history with wrestling. storytelling side of it, I think hes a great. You saw
want to sit and watch, they can do
how involved he was at Day of Destiny [in October
that too, Fathergill said.
Does it? 2015]. He cost Martin Casaus his match, but he got
In the warmer months, Fathergill
There used to be events at the Convention Center what was coming to him during that match with
plans to hold the event outdoors,
back in the 70s with Ricky Romero. He was really Hobo Hank when the Sheik blinded him with the
where attendees can enjoy the beer
popular. Unfortunately, those events stopped. Mike fireball. So he can take a beating. I dont like mix-
garden patio and even bring their dog
London was a huge promoter here in Albuquerque ing it up with these wrestlers because I know how
along. She also hopes to incorporate
during the 70s. This is all stuff we learned along the ferocious these guys can get, especially in the heat of
the outside class with other events Above: Local fans can purchase innovative merch, like
way. And we knew there were other fans here be- battle. So I try to stay away from that stuff. I only get wrestler-adorned prayer candles.
held at Rio Bravo, adding a raffle for a
cause every time we went to a WWE show at the Pit involved if its really needed.
free growler during every class which
or the Star Center, there were thousands of people. Below: DWO ring girls interact with fans.
will include a $5 gift card toward
So there was a fan base for it already. Why should somebody go see a Destiny Wrestling
event rather than stay home and watching the
The minimal class cost boasts the
Who is we exactly? WWE on TV?
added bonus of giving back to the
That would be myself and three other gentlemen Getting the interaction with the wrestlers! When
community. The prospect of having
who were [and are] wrestlers. Thats the DeathRage youre watching it on TV, youre not gonna have
a frosty cold one while stretching
Cartel [Josh Pain, Dextor Deranged and Johnny K John Cena come out and slap your hand while
it all out may entice you to try out
Das Boot]; we originally put this together. This is youre sitting on the couch. At DWO, you get that
Albuquerques newest wellness trend.
kind of our baby. I was the one who didnt have interaction. You can say Hey, Johnny K, you suck!
You really cant go wrong by trying
aspirations to wrestle. I was more intrigued with and you might get a reaction from Johnny. Who
out this fitness crazeat least once.
behind-the-scenes stuff doing whatever I could to knows? You can sit out there and cheer for Dom
Rene Thompson is a staff reporter for be a part of the show and they were more into the Vitalli.
ABQ Free Press. wrestling part. And Dom Vitalli might give you a thumbs up.
All photos courtesy of Isaac AlaridPease
32 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
film/music film ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 33

N.M. Film Focus: Seeing, Being Stars

Hello, Doris: May-December Romance Spans Generations

High Desert production

New Mexico is packed to the rafters
Foxtrot, starring Tina
Fey and now playing in
theaters nationwide.
DiCaprio finally nabbed the Best Ac-
tor Oscar at the 88th annual Academy
A t age 69, Academy Award-win-
ning actress Sally Field is the
prime theatrical mover in what may
Antonoff, and YouTube
comedy star Anna Akana.
John is naturally flirta-
with spring productions. The AMC
series Preacher is filming its first Later in March, New be the indie romance of the year: tious, leading Doris to fall
Mexico will be well dis- Farewell, A&M Hello: My Name is Doris. further head-over-heels.
full season in Albuquerque. Television
pilot Midnight Texas, based on a su- guised as an otherworldly For the better part of the past The films titular character is a single After a casual date and
pernatural fiction series, is being shot fortress in the widely decade, three Screen Actors Guild- sixty-something living and working innuendo lost in transla-
alongside the third season of the NBC anticipated flick Batman franchised talent agencies have called in Manhattan. Her job in a large firms tion, Field and Fremonts
medical drama The Night Shift. v Superman: Dawn of our state their home base. On April accounting department is nothing to physical comedy chops
In other parts of the Duke City, an Justice. Albuquerque 4, 2016, just two will exist here. After write home about. She seems lonely brilliantly illustrate the
can also be seen playing years as the head of Santa Fe-based and goes to therapy but somehow absurdity of not just a May-
untitled sci-fi series pilot comes to
herself in the second sea- A&M Talent House, talent agent Jody avoids opening up while not seeming December romance but
town in mid-March, and El Rey net-
son of Better Call Saul, Black announced the agencys closure withdrawn. After a transformative really any human relation-
work series From Dusk Till Dawn
airing Mondays on AMC in late February. The remaining SAG- self-help seminar, Doris finally feels ship. When Doris asks John
trades its Texas home for the Land of
through April 18. franchised talent agencies are Mitchell to re-inflate the ergonomic
& Presley Talent Group and The ball thats replaced her
Up north in Santa Fe, lawman Walt
Homegrown talent OAgency. Hello, My Name is Doris office chair, total hilarity
Longmire is ready to climb back in
Lakota-Sioux actor-
opens on Friday, March 18, ensues.
the saddle, and hes not the least bit Film 101
precedent setter-director at Century 14 Downtown in Albuquerque Misconstrued cues and
lonesome. Later this month, produc- Roadside Attractions
Amber Midthunder Pro-tip: There is no such thing as a and the Violet Crown in Santa Fe. entirely unsubtle clues
tion commences on the fifth season of
recently made national headlines with casting agent. The term is frequently Visit for showtimes. prevail throughout. Deceit Doris Miller (Sally Field) and John Fremont (Max Greenfield) stroll down lovers lane in Hello: My Name is Doris.
the characters namesake series.
is projected to film in Albuquerque the news that she landed a co-starring misused, usually in an attempt to urged on by adoration
A new western series set in the
starting in April. The cruelest month role opposite Dan Stevens and Aubrey describe either the position of either nearly always proves dan- debuted at SXSW in March 2015 and In a bedazzled nutshell, Doris time-
1800s is also expected to start produc- motivated to get what she wants. But
will also boast Hugh Jackman sight- Plaza in the FX network series pilot a casting director or a talent agent. A gerous. Doris 13-year-old niece helps was quickly snapped up by Roadside less love story is worthy of moviego-
tion in Santa Fe this summer. Sci-fi is what is that exactly?
ings all over New Mexico. The third Legion. casting director is hired by produc- her make a phony Facebook profile. Attractions. The quirky romantic ers ranging from mature to Millennial.
slated to return to the City Different Is she content rambling around This act proves a major problem later
installment of the Wolverine franchise On Oscar night, the world caught tions to cast talent in background dramedy won the coveted headliner
by summers end, in the form of a the Hoarders set she and her late in the game, one that leads Doris to Jeff Berg is New Mexicos foremost film
will be shot here from late April a glimpse of Bosque High School stu- or leading roles. A talent agent audience award, so dont be shocked
series titled Red Mars. Remember, mother called home? Her brother continue to see Johns intentions as historian, and he writes about movies for
through the end of July. dent Forrest Goodluck. Albuquerque represents contracted clients, namely if much of the blue hair in its theater
our states capital city played host to Todd (Stephen Root) and his grating she hopes they are. ABQ Free Press.
teen Goodlucks role opposite actors, in seeking out such roles and audience was achieved with a bottle
the Fox series Cosmos: A Space Time spouse Cynthia (Wendi McLendon- Greenfield, star of TV show New
Southwest scene Leonardo DiCaprio was literally front negotiating professional fees. of Manic Panic.
Odyssey in 2013. Covey) urge Doris to clean up and sell Girl, also had a role in this years
Albuquerque proves a stellar stand- and center at the awards ceremony, New Mexico film expert Christa Valdez,
Big-screen dreams the house, perhaps eyeing a percent- Oscar winner The Big Short.
in for the Middle East in the political as a clip from The Revenant fea- of, reports on age. The always whip-smart Tyne Greenfield fleshes out the character
A teen drama known as Star Girl journalism comedy Whiskey Tango turing Goodluck played right before movie industry news for ABQ Free Press. Daly plays Doris loyal work BFF. of John as a genuinely nice guy who
Dressed like a colorblind gumdrop, unintentionally misleads Doris while

Rock Out with Your Co-op

the otherwise gray mundanity of
Doris existence builds to a crescendo,
and shes overdue some well-de-
deeply involved with a woman closer
to his own age.
Director Michael Showalter based
served excitement. Doris meets the Doris on a short film directed by
firms new art director, John Fremont co-screenwriter Laura Terrus, and he
D own to drink, jam and stroll? Then
downtown Albuquerque is your
rockin bar-hopping destination. But
Doll Skin hails from Arizona; when
this foursome pops into Albuquerque
on Saturday, March 12, the third stop
(Max Greenfield), in a crowded-ele-
vator meet cute. Instantly and thor-
shot the movie in just three weeks.
Showalters usual stomping ground
oughly twitterpated, she has no idea is TV, including the 2015 miniseries
what if youre a diehard music fan
whos under 21? There are plenty of
on their 2016 tour, theyll have played
two shows in their home state, opening
John is headed to his first day of work Wet Hot American Summer and, Submit your purr-fect
venues with all-ages nights but those for legendary punk malcontents Dead
at her office.
A lovestruck Doris manufactures
more recently, an episode of the hit
Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie. cat videos by April 30
spots also sling booze. Enter The Co-Op, Kennedys. far-fetched excuses to get closer to Hello, My Name is Doris checks
a new venue entirely devoted to all- That makes sense; although Doll Submit entries to:
John. His gregarious responses seem all the requisite boxes for a film thatll
ages shows. Skins members are all teenagers, this to emanate from kindness, but she rate with adults of all ages. The movie
Its housed in the old Freed Company all-female group is as loud, fast and out mistakenly reads Prizes to be awarded at the event:
storefront (415 Central NW), a space of control as their punk elders. Opening them as a reciproca-
that once traded in exquisite imported acts include On Your Doorstep, Sheep $250 Best in Show Cash Prize
tion of romantic in-
oddities and was also the home of as Wolves and the Albuquerque School Gift Baskets for 2nd & 3rd Place
terest instead. Never
now-defunct, all-ages Amped Perfor- of Rock Performance Band. Doors are minding the (age)
mance Space. at 6:30 p.m., and the show starts at 7. Guidelines available at:
gap, Doris becomes
So far, The Co-Op is a hit with young Tickets are $10 via convinced John is
music lovers. Recently, it was one On Tuesday, March 22, The Co-Op gently pursuing her.
Courtesy of artist
of many national stops on the Three welcomes My Body Sings Electric, Standout support-
Headed Monstour with Hawthorne a poppy post-hardcore quintet from Doll Skin members pose for a photo with Dave Grohl. ing and cameo
Heights, Mest and The Ataris, and Denver whose crisp sound earned them roles include Peter
tickets are already sold out for Young a Buzzworthy nod from MTV in 2014. their roots to busking for tourists in As ever, doors are at 6:30 p.m., with Gallagher, Natasha
Americans: An All-Ages Tribute to Da- They share the bill with twin sisters Sarasota, Fla., but Good Graeff also has music at 7. Ten-dollar tickets are avail- Lyonne, Elizabeth
vid Bowie, happening Friday, March Brooke and Brit of the duo Good Graeff. a loyal fanbase in Vietnam where the able at Reaser, Bleachers
11. Dont despair, though: The Co-Op Brookes on guitar, Brits in charge of sisters both moved to teach English and For more information about The frontman Jack Roadside Attractions
still has some great shows coming up. cello, and both sing. They can trace offer motorcycle tours. Co-Op, visit
film ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 35

The Oscars or: How I Learned to Love Jenny Beavan


W hether consumed sincerely or

ironically, the 88th Academy
Awards proffered quite the spectacle.
Leonardo DiCaprio finally scored one
of those really fancy paperweights.
Host Chris Rock must have felt the
#OscarsSoWhite protest pressure, but
he performed and provoked more
than ably.

For an expanded, link-infused version

of this list, including technical, editing
and documentary Oscar winners, visit
the Film category of our website,

Assisted by Tracy Morgan and

Whoopi Goldberg, Rock slayed in a
sketch about black character tropes in
film. For me, though, the 2016 Oscars
was all about the convention-defying
red carpet style and unshakeable con-
fidence of Jenny Beavan, who won the
Oscar for best costume design Oscar for
her work on Mad Max: Fury Road.
Unencumbered by 3-inch heels
and strategically placed gaffers tape, At this years Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor for his role as American frontiersman Hugh Glass in The Revenant.
Beavan unabashedly strutted from
the nosebleed section (read: tech- to visually body-check, giggle and style and comfort rather than solely column on page 32 to learn more
nical award nominee seating), past blanch at Beavans decidedly un-prin- paying tribute to the fairy tale branda- about homegrown talent being show-
A-list actors and directors in all their cessy garb; see the Vine that started it palooza that is the Oscars and related cased on the screens all over.
smoldering product-placement glory. all at media coverage. (Thing is, I can never 2016 Academy Award Highlights
Directors seated near the aisle appear Beavan audaciously dressed for remember who Leo was wearing. A list of the winners for best, well,
Funny that!) everything, begins here; visit freeabq.
2016 Academy Awards Highlights Speaking of DiCaprio, Albuquerque com for the complete, hyperlinked
teen actor Forrest Goodluck scored version.
Best picture: Spotlight Oscar screentime when his role oppo- Samantha Anne Carrillo is a situation-
Best actor: Leonardo DiCaprio: The Revenant site this years Best Actor was spot- ist, fourth-wave feminist and managing
lighted prior to Leos long-awaited win. editor at ABQ Free Press. Email her at
Best actress: Brie Larson, Room Read this issues N.M. Film Focus
Best supporting actor: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies
Best supporting actress: Alicia Vikander, The Danish
Best director: Alejandro G. Inarritu, The Revenant
Best original screenplay: Spotlight, by Josh Singer
and Tom McCarthy
Best adapted screenplay: The Big Short, by Charles
Randolph and AdamMcKay
Best foreign-language film: Son of Saul (Hungary)
Best costume design: Mad Max: Fury Road (Jenny
Best production design: Mad Max: Fury Road
(Production design by Colin Gibson; set decoration
by Lisa Thompson)
In his role opposite DiCaprio, Albuquerque actor Forrest Goodluck shines as Hugh Glass teenage
son Hawk.
36 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS

Within Range: March In!

CALENDAr ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 37


The Austin Piazzolla Quintet
Argentine musician Astor Piaz-
wrote songs like A Boy Named Sue
and had illustrations printed regularly
Caladh Nua: New Haven for March 20 at Popejoy Hall, UNM Cen-
ter for the Arts. Tickets are $36, $46
1 Events: Mind Body Spirit 2016
5 Artspree: Painting the Divine:
9 Shows: AlbuqadabraAn Evening
e venT
in Playboy, youre bound to have a
traditional Irish music
and $54 via
4:30 pm, Free, Santa Fe Farmers Market, Images of Mary in the New World of Magic in the
zolla was a revolutionary composer,
lot of diverse influences under your Irish musicians Caladh Nua once
1607 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe
New Mexico History Museum, 113 Lincoln
7:30 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center,
ABQ Free
transforming tango into an all-new
2 Community: The Makerstate 1025 Broadway Blvd SW, 848-1320,
own belt. gave a lovely live performance of Rich- My Gold Mask Initiative: 3D Printing & Scanning
Ave, Santa Fe, (505) 476-5200,
genre, nuevo tango, through his
Since its formation in 2000, Cana- ard Thompsons Beeswing at the Before their lives in Chicago, My 11 am, Taylor Ranch Library, 5700 Bogart St 10 Screens: Only Yesterday
incorporation of jazz and classical resplendent Castle Gurteen in County NW, RSVP: 897-8816, TUESDAY, MARCH 15 CCA Cinematheque, 1050 Old Pecos Trail,
dian post-hardcore band Silverstein Gold Mask founding members Gretta
sounds. Piazzolla died in 1992, but Waterford. The band name means 3 Shows: Strings n Beats: Shambhavi 6 Word: The United States National Santa Fe, (505) 982-1338, Email even
thats right, named Rochelle and Jack Armondo each t info,
New Haven in Gaelic. lived in Albuquerque. Neither one
Dandekar, Shakir Khan, Harshad Gem Collection:
MONDAY, MARCH 21 including
for the Kanetkar Dr. Jeffrey Edward Post event nam
Its a fitting one, given knew that, however, until theyd each 11 Word: Slam of Enchantment time, addr e, date,
late Shel 7:30 pm, Outpost Performance Space, 7 pm, New Mexico Natural History Museum,
ess and co
Silver- how seamlessly these moved on to the Windy City. Its clear 210 Yale Blvd SE, 268-0044, 1801 Mountain Rd NW, 7 pm, Tortuga Gallery, 901 Edith Blvd SE,
369-1648, phone num
stein has five blend traditional that no matter where they met, the MARCH 1213 THURSDAY, MARCH 17 ber
Irish music with contem- THROUGH MARCH 25 or website
released two were destined to come together to 4 Artspree: Women as Creators & 7 Shows: One Night of Queen calendar@ , to
a body porary British folk. make music. The pair formed My Gold Keepers of Tradition performed by Gary Mullen & 12 Artspree: Encompass: Harwoods
The members of Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th St The Works
25th Anniversary Celebration
one month m
of work Mask shortly after meeting in 2008. Its NW, 843-7270, 7:30 pm, Popejoy Hall, UNM Main Campus, The Elementary Students of Escuela in advance
that deftly Caladh Nua all hail from eponymous debut album came out the del Sol Montessori of publica
neighboring southern following year.
203 Cornell Drive NE, 925-5858,
Site Specific Installations: Nanibah tion.
maneu- 8 Eats: Salud y Sabor: Bolivia Chacon, Lance Ryan McGoldrick
vers from counties in Ireland. The Described on AllMusic as fusing 5:30 pm, National Hispanic Cultural Center,
Harwood Art Center, 1114 7th St NW,
Courtesy of artist
hardcore to emo to group features five artists with breath- goth pop drama and garage rock en- 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771,
The Austin Piazzolla Quintent
heavy metal: from ergy, My Gold Mask released two
When Broken Is EPs in 2010, then in 2013 brought
Easily Fixed, the groups 2003 in a third member, drummer
his innovative legacy lives on thanks
debut, to 2015s I Am Alive in James Andrew, in 2013. Second
to the musical artistry of the Austin
Everything I Touch. full-length, Leave Me Midnight,
Piazzolla Quintet.
Along the way, Silverstein came out shortly thereafter in the
Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas
has recorded a wide swath of same year. Now, My Gold Mask
by violinist James Anderson, the
covers, including OneRepublic, tours in support of their latest
quintet also features pianist Jonathan
Green Day, NOFX, Fleetwood record, Anxious Utopia, released
Geer; Mike Maddux on accordion and
Mac and Kanye West, and on March 4 by Moon Sounds. CLUBS & PUBS March 18, Cactus Tractor, SATURDAY, MARCH 12 MARCH 1227 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16
bandoneon; cellist Tony Rogers; and
played the Vans Warped Tour Rochelle and Armondo drop in Ali Holder & Little Brave
bassist Pat Harris. These five esteemed MARCH 1222 March 22, Lollipop records Caravan
artSLAM: The Ultimate My Fair Lady Ekachai Jearakul
and Australias Soundwave to Low Spirits (2823 Second Street Variety Show Rodey Theatre, UNM Main Campus, 7:30 pm, Keller Hall,
musicians specialize in one-of-a-kind Showcase
Festival. Now Silverstein plays NW) on Thursday, March 24. Sunshine Theater Part of Women & Creativity 2016 203 Cornell Drive, 925-5858, UNM Main Campus,
arrangements of Piazzollas works, as 120 Central Ave SW, 764-0249,
March 23, Diarrhea Planet, Music Band
7 pm, Keshet Center for the Arts, 203 Cornell Drive,
right here in the 505, at Sun- Polished local indie act Great March 24, My Gold Mask, Great States
well as passionate improvisations and 4121 Cutler Ave NE, 227-8583,
shine Theater (120 Central SW) States opens. With its combination March 12, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary,
March 25, BloodStone The Art and SUNDAY, MARCH 13
original compositions. Sound of Metal Pouya with The Buffet Boys
on Wednesday, March 16. Courtesy of artist of lustrous piano, versatile harmo- Cryptopsy Ekco Poets-Dance and Dancers The Austin Piazzolla Quintet & Suicide Boys
The Quintet released their first March 15, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, MARCH 1323 7:30 pm, Outpost Performance Space,
In keeping with Silversteins Caladh Nua nies and creative lyrics on debut 3 pm, Tricklock Performance 7 pm, Warehouse 508, 508 1st St NW,
album, 2010s Libertango, to rave After the Burial Laboratory, 110 Gold Ave SW, 210 Yale Blvd SE, 268-0044, 296-2738,
eclectic sensibilities, the band is full-length Gatsby, Great States March 16, Silverstein, Being As An Sister Bar
reviews and sold-out performances 407 Central Ave SW, 242-4900, 254-8393,
touring with an international roster of seems poised to be the Next Big Radio Ocean, Emarosa Carl Peterson THURSDAY, MARCH 17
around Texas. 2013s Lo Que Vendra taking range and skill: Brian Mooney March 21, blessthefall, Miss May I, Green Velvet
fellow heavies including Calis Being Thing to come out of Burque. March 13, Bongzilla, Black Cobra 9 pm, The Stage, Part of Bloody Sundays Brunch Uxia and Narf
saw the groups audience expand to a (banjo, bouzouki, whistles); Lisa Butler
The Plot in You and Bloody Mary Bar Noon, Free, North Valley Library,
As An Ocean; Kentuckians Ema- Doors to this 21-and-up show are at March 17, EN Young Santa Ana Star Casino, 54 Jemez
national level. (lead vocals, fiddle); Paddy Tutty (fid-
March 22, Fear Factory
March 18, Conan w/Serial Hawk, Canyon Dam Rd, Santa Ana Pueblo, 11 am, Distillery 365, 7704 2nd St NW, 897-8823,
rosa; Japanese metalcore screamers 8 p.m., and the show starts at 9. Ticket
APQs latest release, fittingly titled dle, viola, bodhran); Derek Morrissey MARCH 1225 Sandia Man 867-0000, 2921 Stanford Dr NE, 221-6281,
Coldrain; and fellow Canucks Rarity. prices arent listed at press time, but
APQ, includes original compositions (button accordion); and Caoimhn Launchpad
March 21, Weedeater, Author Jake Shimabukuro FRIDAY, MARCH 18
Doors to this 13-plus show open at 6 visit to get that info. & Punisher, Today is the Day 7:30 pm, Albuquerque Academy, Chatter Cabaret:
by Anderson and Geer, as well as Piaz- Fearghail (guitar, flute, vocals). Irish
618 Central Ave SW, 764-8887,
March 23, Head Wound City Simms Center for the Performing Arts, Rare + Romantic Eryn Bent
zollas Michelangelo 70, Soledad, p.m., and the hardcore sounds kick off M. Brianna Stallings writes so you dont
5 pm, National Hispanic Cultural 7 pm, Distillery 365, 2921
at 6:30. Tickets are $18. For more info, Music Magazine characterizes the Ca- March 12, Beard Cd Release Show 6400 Wyoming Blvd NE,
Retrato de Milton, and Kicho. ladh Nua sound as solid traditional
have to. March 13, Skizzy Mars SHOWS Center, 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771, Stanford Dr NE, 221-6281,
Revel in the nuevo tango sounds of visit March 14, Prayers, Plague Vendor 2nd Annual Rock and Rhythm
music with plenty of flair and lots of March 15, New Years Day, Blinddryve
THROUGH MARCH 19 Foundation Benefit Concert Dreamflights Masterworks Polyphony:
the Austin Piazzolla Quintet on Sun- musical imagination. March 16, Koffin Kats, Russian The Philadelphia Story 2 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center, 1:30 pm, AirDance ArtSpace, Voices of New Mexico
day, March 13, at Outpost With influences Girlfriends The Vortex Theatre, 2900 Carlisle NE, 1025 Broadway Blvd SW, 848-1320, 3030 Isleta Blvd SW, 842-9418, 7 pm, Cathedral of St John,
318 Silver Ave SW, 821-1956,
Performance Space (210 ranging from classics
March 17, Pouya, Fat Nick and the 247-8600,
Frederick Frahm: Neighbor-
Yale SE). Doors are at 7 like The Chieftains
Buffet Boys
THROUGH MARCH 20 Shinedown
The Curtis Institute of Music
March 18, Intronaut, Scale the Summit Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort hood Concert of Organ Music
p.m., and the music starts and Planxty to March 19, Butcher Babies, Anesthesia The Chupacabra Cantina & Casino, 287 Carrizo Canyon Rd, 3 pm, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Brass Sextet: Music from
at 7:30. All ages are wel- modern counterparts March 20, Violent J, Nova Rockafeller VSA North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St Mescalero, 9100 Menaul Blvd NE, 323-4343, Angel Fire
NW, Noon, Free,
come. Tickets range from like Altan, Dan And
March 21, The Contortionist, Tal National
New Mexico Museum of Art,
Monuments Julius Caesar Jackie Greene
$15 to $20. Learn more at Solas, this vibrant en- March 22, Denzel Curry, Duke City Repertory Theatre, 700 1st St
7:30 pm, Skylight, 139 W. San Francisco
107 W Palace Ave, Santa Fe,
St, Santa Fe, (505) 982-0775 Taos Mesa Brewing, 20 ABC Mesa Rd, semble from Irelands Allan Kingdom NW, 797-7081, El Prado, (575) 758-1900, (505) 476-5072,
March 23, Secrets, Palisades, MARCH 1213
southland is sure to Real Women Have Curves
In the sun with Too Close to Touch Part of Siembra: Latino Theatre Festival AlientoState Street Ballet: Mozart & Kurtag Uxia and Narf
have you singing March 25, Ab the Thief, MXM National Hispanic Cultural Center, Carmen Noon, Free, Cherry Hills Library,
Silverstein Erin go Bragh! this Low Spirits 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771, National Hispanic Cultural Center,
10:30 am, Las Puertas Event Center,
1512 1st St NW, 6901 Barstow St NE, 857-8321,
When you name yourself Courtesy of artist St. Patricks season. 2823 2nd St NW, 344-9555, 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771,
after a beloved childrens Silverstein Caladh Nua performs Courtesy of artist
March 12, Gilded Cage Burlesk & West Side Story Pea Feminina: Noche Flamenca! 8 pm, Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort
book author who also at 3 p.m. on Sunday, My Gold Mask Variet presents Sideshow Spectacular Albuquerque Little Theatre, 224
Zuni Olla Maidens
Part of Women & Creativity 2016 & Casino, 287 Carrizo Canyon Rd,
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center,
March 13, Possessed by Paul James San Pasquale Ave SW, 242-4750, 2401 12th St NW, 843-7270, 7:30 pm, Las Amapolas, Mescalero, (800) 545-9011,
March 17, Dilescielo, Zack Freeman, 6909 Menaul NE Ste G,
Esme Olivia
38 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS
CALENDAr CALENDAr Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Kids Future Paleontologist SATURDAYS
ABQ FREE PRESS March 9, 2016 39

Meow Wolf Ascends

Flute + Guitar Brooklyn Hard Bodies March 1824, Awakening in Taos:

You Rock, Rock!

10:30 am, Las Puertas Event Center, Male Revue The Mabel Dodge Luhan Story, FestivalSpring Show Class Downtown Walking Tours with
1512 1st St NW, 9 pm, Effex Nightclub, 420 Central SW, Creative Control Expo New Mexico, 300 San Pedro Dr NE, 10 am, Mamas Minerals, Albuquerque Historical Society
842-8870, March 2531, Mountain Men 222-9700, 800 20th St NW, RSVP: 266-8443, 10 am, Free, meet at Central and 1st
Lunasa with Tim OBrien by Century Theater, 289-0586
BY ARIANE JAROCKI 7:30 pm, KiMo Theatre, 423 Central Cirque de la Symphonie THROUGH MARCH 31
Ave NW, 768-3544, Popejoy Hall, UNM Main Campus, 203
MARCH 1325
CCA Cinematheque Women & Creativity 2016 TUESDAY, MARCH 15 International Folk Dancing
DSanti Nava Cornell Drive NE, 925-5858, 7 pm, Lloyd Shaw Dance Center,
1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, Various locations, Albuquerque, AARP Smart Driver Course
Part of Bloody Sundays Brunch Deorro 5506 Coal Ave SE, 299-0332,
(505) 982-1338, 1 pm, Loma Colorado Main Library,
& Bloody Mary Bar.11 am, Distillery 9 pm, The Stage at Santa Ana Star
March 13, Wedding Song 755 Loma Colorado Blvd NE,
365, 2921 Stanford Dr NE, 221-6281, Casino, 54 Jemez Canyon Dam Rd,
March 16, Au Revoirs Les Enfants SATURDAY, MARCH 12 Rio Rancho, RSVP: 891-5013x3033, Saturday Night Swing Dance Santa Ana Pueblo, ShamRock Fest 2016 7:15 pm, Rhythm Dance Company,
Starts March 18, River of Fundament
Willy Sucre and Friends: Trios Max Gomez March 20, Les Heritiers 11 am, Anderson Abruzzo Balloon 3808A Central Ave SE, 250-6146,
for Piano, Violin and Viola 6pm, New Mexico Museum of Art, Starts March 25, Embrace of the Museum, 9201 Balloon Museum Dr NE, SATURDAY, MARCH 19
3 pm, Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, 107 W. Palace Ave, Santa Fe, Serpent 768-6020, Basic Necklace & Earring
7 Paseo de San Antonio, Placitas, (505) 476-5072, Making Class OUTDOORS
867-8080, 10th Annual Moustachio THROUGH MARCH 20 MARCH 1819 1 pm, Free, Mamas Minerals,
Bashio A French Film Mini-Fest: Kicker Arenacross and 800 20th St NW, RSVP: 266-8443, ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN
MONDAY, MARCH 21 8:30 pm, El Rey Theater, Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival Freestyle Motocross Show Las Huertas Farmer Training
Rudest Priest, Absolutely Not, 622 Central Ave SW, Various locations, Santa Fe, Santa Ana Star Center, Parenting Class and Incubator Program
The Baby Magic Rio Grande Community Farm, Caity Kennedy
New Mexico Actors Showcase 3001 Civic Center Circle NE, 10:15 am, donation, Bodys Peace
7 pm, The Tannex, 1417 4th St SW, 891-7300, Place for Kids, 333 W. Cordova Rd, 916-1078, Aspen Eyes concept art
3 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center,

W 1025 Broadway Blvd SW, 848-1320, THROUGH JULY 31 Santa Fe, (203) 788-1993, hen buildings are abandoned, they often decay until IAIA Student Filmmaker MARCH 1820
TUESDAY, MARCH 22 Showcase Treasures of the Earth 2016 Home Composting Basics theyre bulldozed to house a used car lot or strip
Stratus Phear Trans + Queer Thrive Education
Vanessa Zamora Institute of American Indian Arts, Gem and Mineral Show Noon, Free, Manzano Mesa mall. The old Silva Lanes in Santa Fe has been spared that
6 pm, Pueblo Harvest Caf, Conference

Part of Latin Diva Concert Series 83 Avan Nu Po Rd, Santa Fe, 10 am, Expo New Mexico, Creative Multigenerational Center, fatelocal art collective Meow Wolf has breathed new life
he Albuquerque Gem & Mineral Club hosts Treasures of 2401 12th St NW, 724-3510, 8:30 am, Dane Smith Hall,
7:30 pm, National Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, 300 San Pedro Dr NE, 501 Elizabeth St SE, RSVP: 275-8731,
the Earth, the 47th annual AGMC show, at Expo New UNM Main Campus, more info/RSVP: into the space.
Center, 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771, SATURDAY, MARCH 12 222-9700,
With the help of investors like Game of Thrones author
Mexico (300 San Pedro SE), on the weekend of Friday, March Tabularasa
A Thousand Voices
18, through Sunday, March 20.
8 pm, Taos Mesa Brewing,
3 pm, Free, Indian Pueblo Cultural SATURDAY, MARCH 26 ONGOING SUNDAY, MARCH 13 George R.R. Martin, you can choose your own adventure at
THURSDAY, MARCH 24 20 ABC Mesa Rd, El Prado,
Center, 2401 12th St NW, 23rd Annual Csar Chvez Day Geology Hike Meow Wolfs new art space. It begins with The House of
This event has been running nearly five decades, and it (575) 758-1900,
Buika 843-7270, 10:30 am, National Hispanic Cultural 2ND TUESDAYS 11 am, Cerrillos Hills State Park, Eternal Return, a full-scale model of a Victorian home
features more than 50 rock and mineral dealers hawking Part of Chispa The Temporary Tattoos Center, 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771, 37 Main St, Cerrillos, NM,
Korean War Veterans belonging to a Southern family. From there, it could go any
everything from amethyst cathedrals to zebra rocks. The 7:30 pm, National Hispanic Cultural 6 pm, Marble Brewery Westside, MARCH 1720 Open Meeting (505) 474-0196,
kids can bring mystery rocks for the club to ID. Three silent Center, 1701 4th St SW, 724-4771, 5740 Night Whisper Rd NW, fantastical place, even an aspen grove thatll stare right back
Movies & Meaning: The Qs OUTstanding Awards 1 pm, New Mexico Veterans Memorial,
auctions are held per day. 508-4368, A Dream Space 7 pm, Sandia Resort & Casino, 30 1100 Louisiana Blvd SE, 256-2042,
SATURDAY, MARCH 19 at you.
The AGMC will also be joined by the New Mexico Bureau globalFEST On the Road: KiMo Theatre, 423 Central Ave NW, Rainbow Rd NE, 873-8084, Home Composting Basics This magical, interactive space opens the weekend of March
Creole Carnival MARCH 2627 10 am, Free, Albuquerque Garden 18 with a gala, concerts and other cool events. For more info
of Geology & Mineral Resources, who will offer educational 7:30 pm, Lensic Theater, Southern Slam Dancers (Zuni) MARCH 2627 2ND WEDNESDAYS Center, 10120 Lomas Blvd NE,
displays, maps, books and guidebooks to attendees. on opening weekend goings on, see our rundown in Matters
211 W. San Francisco, Santa Fe, Noon, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 Rio Rancho Home & Drinking Liberally 296-6020,
Learn more at (505) 988-1234, 2401 12th St NW, 843-7270, RSVP: of the Art, page 26, or visit
A Night of Generation Justice Remodeling Show Albuquerque Chapter Part of NM PBS Community Cinema Santa Ana Star Center, 6 pm, ONiells NE Heights, Meow Wolf: House of Eternal Return
Treasures of the Earth 2016 FRIDAY, MARCH 25
SUNDAY, MARCH 27 7 pm, Free, KiMo Theatre, 423 Central 3001 Civic Center Circle NE, 3301 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 264-1368, EATS
Live Stand up Comedy: Keith
1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, NM, (505) 395-6369,
Expo New Mexico, 300 San Pedro NE, 222-9700, Ave NW, 768-3544, 891-7300,
Brekenridge, Rachel Hroncich, David Crosby SATURDAY, MARCH 12
Fri-Sat, 10 a.m.6 p.m., Sunday, 10 a.m.5 p.m. T-Gram 7:30 pm, Lensic Theater, THURSDAY, MARCH 24 APRIL 1517 WEDNESDAYS 24th Annual Chocolate WedSun, 10 a.m.8 p.m., later FriSat
Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE, 211 W. San Francisco, Santa Fe, Fastball New Mexico International ABQ Jazz Trio Open Jam Fantasy: Cosmic Soire
255-1848, (505) 988-1234, Auto Show 5 pm, Free, Lizard Tail Brewing, 6:30 pm, Sandia Casino,
MARCH 18APRIL 10 MasterworksPolyphony: Peri Pakroo
7 pm, KiMo Theatre,
30 Rainbow Rd, 796-7500,
Max Graham 423 Central Ave NW, 768-3544, Albuquerque Convention Center, 9800 Montgomery Ave NE,
Voices of New Mexico Part of Bloody Sundays Brunch and Los Ranchos Growers Market Collected Works Santa Fe
The Graduate 9 pm, El Rey Theater, 401 2nd St SW, 768-4575,
7 pm, San Miguel Chapel, Bloody Mary Bar, 11 am, Distillery 365, 10 am, 6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, 202 Galisteo St, Santa Fe,
Aux Dog Theatre, 3011 Monte Vista 622 Central Ave SW,
Blvd NE, 254-7716,
401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, 2921 Stanford Dr NE, 221-6281, FRIDAY, MARCH 25 1ST AND 3RD THURSDAYS SUNDAY, MARCH 19 (505) 988-4226,
821-1956, The Pink Floyd Experience
8 pm, Route 66 Casino, Strangers on a Train (1951) SUNDAY, APRIL 17 Drinking LiberallyCedar Southwest Chocolate &
14500 Central Ave SW, 352-7866, Solo Violin and Voices Part of Hitchcock Hits La Montaita Co-ops Earth Fest Crest Chapter Coffee Fest March 13, BooksigningDouglas
Calle 66 8 pm, Taos Mesa Brewing, 5 pm, Greenside Caf, 10 am, Expo New Mexico, Santa Fe Farmers Market: Atwill & Walter Cooper 10:30 am, Las Puertas Event Center, KiMo Theatre, 423 Central Ave NW,
20 ABC Mesa Rd, El Prado, 300 San Pedro Dr NE, 222-9700, Railyard March15, J. Michael Orenduff, The Pot
6 pm, Pueblo Harvest Caf, 1512 1st St NW, 768-3544, Nob Hill is 100 Unleashed: 12165 NM-14, Cedar Crest,
(575) 758-1900, Quietly Kept 8 am, 1607 Paseo de Peralta at Thief Who Studied Georgia OKeeffe
2401 12th St NW, 724-3510, Pet Parade and Fair 264-1368,
7 pm, Distillery 365, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30 Guadalupe, Santa Fe, March 16, Sedena & George Cappan- NM Philharmonic Classics
2921 Stanford Dr NE, 221-6281, SCREENS
14th Annual Farfesha Student Concert: Olga Rocks Punks Dead: SLC Punk 2 The Best is Yet to BeHow to Age
Showcase Rachmaninoff MARCH 1227 7:30 pm, KiMo Theatre, COMMUNITY Latin Gold: Salsa Lessons TUESDAYS SUNDAYS
6 pm, Popejoy Hall, UNM Main Campus, Raven and the Sweet Potato Wisely and Fall in Love with Your
7 pm, South Broadway Cultural Center, Guild Cinema 423 Central Ave NW, 768-3544, & Dancing
203 Cornell Drive NE, 925-5858, Pie Band Truckin Tuesdays Pints & Planks Yoga Class Life...Again
1025 Broadway Blvd SW, 848-1320,
6 pm, Pueblo Harvest Caf,
3405 Central Ave NE, 255-1848, THROUGH MARCH 8 pm, Free, Q Bar-Hotel Albuquerque,
11 am, Civic Plaza, 1 Civic Plaza NW, 11 am, donation, March 19, Patricia J. Conoway, Listen- 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW, 225-5928,
2401 12th St NW, 724-3510, THURSDAY, MARCH 31 Conquer Anger 3rd St NW and Marquette Ave NW, Rio Bravo Brewing Company, (937) ing with My Eyes: An Abused Horse, a
Hairspray and Hitmen: A Saudade March 1213, Triplets of Belleville Thursdays, 7 pm, Kadampa Meditation 671-8917, Mother with Alzheimers
Tribute to John Waters and 9 pm, Scalo Northern Italian Grill, March 1214, Embrace of the Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 Center, 142 Monroe St NE, 292-5293, March 24, James R Scarantino, The
3500 Central SE, 255-7871, Thriftworks Serpent, Sembene Observations from the 21st 1ST SATURDAYS
Quentin Tarantino
Sister Bar, 407 Central Ave, WEDNESDAYS Drum Within
March 1517, Gabo, Janis: Little Girl Century American Road The Organ Transplant
8 pm, Fire & Ice, 9800 Montgomery
MARCH 1920 Blue 7 pm, Guild Cinema, THROUGH APRIL Awareness Program of Red Willow Farmers Market WORD
Blvd NE, 10 am, 885 Star Rd, Taos Pueblo,
How Love Wins March 1819, The Hunger 3405 Central Ave NE, 255-1848, New Mexico
John Gorka MARCH 25APRIL 10 Volunteers needed for NM
10:30 am, Erna Fergusson Library, MARCH 1322
2 pm, National Hispanic Cultural Cen- March 1821, Creative Control, Veterans Museum
7:30 pm, Historic Old San Ysidro The Quality of Life Talin Market Food Truck Bookworks
Church, 966 Old Church Rd,
ter, 1701 4th St SW, 506-9038, The Club New Mexico Veterans Memorial,
3700 San Mateo Blvd NE, Puzzle on page 40 Keshet Center for the Arts, 4121 Cutler March 19, The Messenger FRIDAY, APRIL 1 more info: 344-0512 Round Up 4022 Rio Grande NW, 344-8139,
Corrales, 1100 Louisiana Blvd SE, 256-2042,
Ave NE, 227-8583, March 20, Still Dreaming Dial M For Murder 11 am, 88 Louisiana Blvd SE
TCMG presents Into the Light 2ND & 4TH SATURDAYS March 13, Derek Cressman,
Kansas March 2224, Ingrid BergmanIn KiMo Theatre, 423 Central Ave NW,
Harwood Museum of Art, MARCH 25APRIL 17 When Money Talks
8 pm, Inn of the Mountain Gods Her Own Words 768-3544, Coder Dojo
Resort & Casino, 287 Carrizo Canyon
238 Ledoux St, Taos, (575) 758-9826,
Caesars Blood SATURDAY, MARCH 12 10 am, ages 717, Quelab, FRIDAYS March 17, J. Michael Orenduff, March 2527, Sin Fronteras Film
Rd, Mescalero, (800) 545-9011, Basic Necklace & Earring 680 Haines Ave NW, ABQ Food Fridays The Pot Thief Who Studied Tewa Dancers (Ohkay Owingeh)
The Adobe Theater, 9813 4th Street
NW, 898-9222,
Festival 2016 EVENTS Making Class 4 pm, Civic Plaza, SW Section, Georgia OKeeffe
Noon, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Noon, Free, Mamas Minerals, 1 Civic Plaza NW, March 19, Richard William Smith,
Ks Choice
2401 12th St NW, 843-7270, MARCH 1231 THROUGH MARCH 13 3RD SATURDAYS 3rd St NW and Marquette Ave NW, The Moor, the Mason and the Alien:
7:30 pm, The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing Terra Nova 800 20th St NW, RSVP: 266-8443, Jean Cocteau Cinema Baca Rodeo Series A Call to Action
Company, 37 Fire Place, Santa Fe, (505) The Vortex Theatre, 2900 Carlisle NE, Lyme Get Together
418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, Southwest Event Center Arena, March 20, Paul Secord, Bandelier
424-3333, SUNDAY, MARCH 20 247-8600,
(505) 466-5528, 24 Dalies Rd, Los Lunas,
How to Become an Addiction 12, Free, location varies, Coffee Education and Tasting
National Monument
Lunasa and Tim OBrien Counselor in New Mexico more info: 304-9411 6:30 pm, Prosum Roasters,
Caladh Nua SATURDAY, MARCH 26 March 1217, 17th Annual Interna- March 22, James Scarantino,
7:30 pm, Lensic Theater, 10 am, Free, UNM Continuing Education 3228 Los Arboles Ave NE Ste 100,
3 pm, Popejoy Hall, UNM Main Campus, tional Animation Show of Shows, Ran The Drum Within
211 W. San Francisco, Santa Fe, 203 Cornell Drive NE, 925-5858, Bloodstone March 1516, Psycho Pass: The Movie
Building, 1634 University Blvd NE, 379-5136,
(505) 988-1234, 5 pm, Burts Tiki Lounge, 313 Gold Ave SW 277-0077, RSVP:
40 March 9, 2016 ABQ FREE PRESS

calendar Crossword
IAIA Library Readings
Various dates and times, Institute of American SUNDAY, MARCH 13 Across 52. Itinerant, British var. 24. Omen
Indian Arts, 83 Avan Nu Po Rd, Santa Fe, A View in the Collection: Pablita, 56. Fox competitor 26. Drudge
Helen & Margarete 1. Pretense
SATURDAY, MARCH 12 1 pm, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 4. Chips ___ 59. Expression of pride? 28. No longer working:
The Literary History of Poets in Placitas: 2401 12th St NW, 843-7270,
8. Like some kitchens 60. Baroque Abbr.
Larry Goodell & John Roche
FRIDAY, MARCH 18 13. Vamps accessory 61. Military approaches 29. Cold capital
11 am, Placitas Community Library,
453 Hwy 165, 867-3355, Meow Wolf! House of Eternal Return: 14. Narthex neighbor 64. Hindu wives 30. Eye problem
Lucy Lewis: Celebrating the Legacy Public Opening 65. They may be wild 31. Brute
Meow Wolf!, 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, 15. Unite
1 pm, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center,
(505) 395-6369, 16. They were intro- 66. Consult 32. Didnt stand pat
2401 12th St NW, 843-7270,
duced by Sohmer & 67. Fur capitalist 33. Freshwater fish
Co. in 1884 68. ___ Who 35. Radiohead tune
StorytimeWhat Makes a Snowflake: RSVP: James Joseph
Ross Van Dusen The Small Engine Gallery, 19. Out 69. Much spam 36. Stalk
2:30 pm, Page One Books, 5850 Eubank Blvd NE 1413 4th St SW, 38. Cliffs pal on
20. Cousin of a canvas
Ste B-41, 294-2026, Down
MARCH 18MAY 20 back Cheers
MONDAY, MARCH 14 WOMAN 21. Big bang producer 1. Old Jewish scholars 39. Chaos
The Art of Zuni: Bronwyn Fox and Edition One Gallery, 1036 Canyon Rd, 2. Go downhill, maybe
Santa Fe, (505) 570-5385, 22. Appropriate 40. Bon mot
Robin Dunlap
2 pm, Wheelwright Library, 704 Camino Lejo, 23. Computer instruc 3. Put off, as a motion 46. Means of escape
Santa Fe, (505) 982-4636, SUNDAY, MARCH 20 4. Measure for 47. Like some vases
Imaginary Friends and Fools: tions
TUESDAY, MARCH 15 Artist Talks 25. Web page Measure villain 49. Big cheese
Your Dazzling Brain presentation 3 pm, Tortuga Gallery, 901 Edith Blvd SE, 27. Money transferring 5. Dwell 50. Dude
by UNM Researchers 369-1648, 6. Female gametes
systems 51. Pointer
6:45 pm, Albuquerque Academy, Simms Center Placitas Artists Series February
for the Performing Arts, 6400 Wyoming Blvd NE, Visual Artist Reception 31. Uneven 7. Fiddler on the 53. Bangladesh dough
272-8085, RSVP: 2 pm, Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, 34. Stumblebum Roof role 54. Charger
7 Paseo de San Antonio, Placitas,
SATURDAY, MARCH 19 36. Most immense 8. Afterword 55. Toadies replies
Made in Albuquerque FIlms: Jeff Berg Ryan Singer & Liz Wallace Gallery 37. In a pompous style 9. C.S.A. state 56. Old Mogul capital
10:30 am, Special Collections Library, 423 Central Reception 41. Pull back 10. TV control 57. Support group?
NE, 848-1376 5 pm, Free, Jean Cocteau Art Gallery,
42. Heater 11. Desktop feature 58. Jargon
Making Micaceous Clay: Shari Holmes 418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe,
2 pm, Genuine Southwest Arts & Gifts, (415) 517-9782, 43. Kind of skin 12. Birth place 60. Camp Swampy dog
1919 Old Town Rd NW, Ste 2, 15. Debate (with) 62. Liberal leader?
243-1410, MARCH 20SEPTEMBER 15 44. Some painted
Landscape of an Artist-Living Treasure: vessels 17. Sure 63. Spa sound
OKeeffe Close Up and Faraway:
Deborah Blanche Dan Namingha 45. New couple 18. Datebook abbr.
7 pm, Historic Old San Ysidro Church, 966 Old Museum of Indian Arts and Culture,
48. Frilly hat of long ago 23. Kind of ticket Answers on page 39
Church Rd, Corrales, 710 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, (505) 476-1269,
Silk Stockings: Susi Wolf Storyteller
7 pm, Tortuga Gallery, ONGOING
901 Edith Blvd SE, 369-1648,
Spains Contribution to the American THROUGH MARCH 12
Revolution: Dr. Thomas Chavez Failure of Modernity: Kent Monkman
2 pm, Placitas Community Library, Peters Projects, 1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe,
453 Hwy 165, 867-3355, (505) 954-5800,
Under a Triumphant Sky, a Bike Across
America Story: Steve Garufi THROUGH MARCH 19
1 pm, Taylor Ranch Library, 5700 Bogart St NW, Sacred Realm: Blessing & Good Fortune
897-8816, Across Asia
Museum of International Folk Art, 706 Camino Lejo,
SUNDAY, MARCH 20 Santa Fe, (505) 476-1200,
Three Promises for Jane
A True Story of Madness and THROUGH MARCH 20
Redemption: AJ Liese Gustave Baumann and New Mexico
3 pm, Page One Books, New Mexico Museum of Art,
5850 Eubank Blvd NE Ste B-41, 107 W. Palace Ave, Santa Fe,
294-2026, (505) 476-5072,


Gabrielle Walker with Chris Williams Taylor Oliver
Part of In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom lecture series Jean Cocteau Cinema,
7 pm, Lensic Theater, 211 W. San Francisco, 418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, (505) 466-5528,
Santa Fe, (505) 988-1234,


From Cubes to Cutouts:
1ST WEDNESDAYS Alejandro Moralez & Nacho Jaramillo
Poetry and Beer KiMo Gallery, KiMo Theatre,
7 pm, Tractor Brewing Wells Park, 423 Central Ave NW, 768-3544,
1800 4th St NW, 243-6752,
WEDNESDAYS Aesthetic Empathy
Crazy Wisdom Poetry Holocaust & Intolerance Museum of New Mexico,
4 pm, Free, OffCenter Arts, 808 Park Ave SW, 616 Central Ave SW,
247-1172, 331-0036,