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Module 1 Assignment

Lesson 1.1 Assignment

The mass and volume of 5 pieces of aluminum and their volumes are given below

Number Mass (g) Volume (mL)
1 10 30
2 15 45
3 20 60
4 25 75
5 30 90
1. Draw a graph of mass on the y-axis and volume on the x-axis.
 Choose two points on the graph and use them to measure the slope of
the graph.
 What does the slope represent?

Slope= 3
The slope represents the mass of the aluminum

2. Write a short paragraph on the difference between fundamental units and
derived units giving examples.

A fundamental unit is one of 7 different units that cannot be broken down
any further, and is the basis of all other units of measurement. For example, a
second is the fundamental unit of time. A derived unit however comes from these
units. Using time as an example again, a minute or hour would be a derived unit,
as it is derived from the second.

Lesson 1.2 Assignment

a bathroom scale measures the force exerted upon it in pounds instantly. Write a paragraph on what you understand by the law of conservation of momentum. For example. Force is the effect on an object from another object towards a direction (either vertically or horizontally) either through touch or from a distance. Discuss Newton three laws of motion:  by defining force  by measuring force  how forces that come in pairs assist us in our everyday life. although a rock that weighs 5 pounds exerts force on the ground. 2. Paired forces are all around us. For example. the combined momentum of the objects will be the same after the collision as before the collision. The law of conservation of momentum shows that if two objects collide. We can measure force in a variety of ways. it remains motionless since an equal force pushes against it at the same time. . the biggest being gravity’s force on us. We can also use the equation F= mA.1.