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Common colds and

influenza-like infections

These are virtually always accompanied by symptoms in the upper respiratory system (cough. runny nose. The lower respiratory system may also be affected however. The name cold is used because such a disease typically occurs when somebody has been really cold. It is caused by specific pathogens – usually viruses. Its functioning is in turn not only dependent on physical health but also on spiritual well-being. The degree of susceptibility for colds and influenza-like infections is essentially determined by the immune system.Dear Patient! A common cold is a disease of the upper respiratory system which generally lasts five to ten days. This weakens the body’s own defense mechanisms and a person is more susceptible to pathogens. hoarseness). Influenza-like infections is a generic expression for febrile systemic diseases with various causes. In this booklet you can read about: · Causes · Treatment · Prevention 3 .

whereby certain measures bodies. What is the task of the immune system and how does it function? The immune system wards off “intruders”. so-called phagocytes. therefore. This is known information ensures that a person contracts infectious diseases as droplet infection. Here these droplets are identified as aliens and de- It is important. such as bacteria. These pathogens invade the human body in information may be recalled and a so-called defense pattern is available a number of ways. The antibodies store information on com- are able to support the body’s own defense bating the invading pathogen and mobilize a wide- ranging defense mechanism in the body. e m m s n u n e e d e f 4 5 . I mechanisms. If. the person opposite us sneezes. In the event of repeated contact with a pathogen of the same type the relevant which are dangerous for the body. mucus membranes in the nose and throat. Such an infection initially affects the such as measles or rubella only once in a lifetime. The storage of droplets find their way into our nose as we breathe in. The body’s own “firefighters” can react at once. minute immediately. immune system. to strengthen the stroyed by certain cells. fungi and viruses. for example. This type of contact leads to the body forming anti.

drugstore. In order to prevent recurring attacks of colds Balance out physical and mental effort. depend on both the physical and spi- ritual well-being of a person. autogeneous and influenza you should include the following measures in your training. lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the form of modern (if not available then vitamin preparations from homeopathic the pharmacy. combination preparations: Reduce nicotine and alcohol consumption for prevention Wear clothing suited to the weather for therapy I n n Get lots of exercise and fresh air in the acute i o f phase of l t Stimulate the cardiovascular system with contrast u the disease e n baths and saunas (but only if there is no infection) n z v e a p r e Where possible avoid spending long periods in air-conditioned or overheated rooms 6 7 .g. You can do the following things to strengthen your immune system: As already mentioned. Get plenty of sleep and rest and thus also their correct functionality. through yoga. e. exercise and lots of laughter – the best way to combat daily routine: stress Follow a healthy diet with lots of vitamins: Medical support Little meat. the proneness of the body’s own defense mechanisms. health food store).

Homeopathically pro- They were developed by Dr. The average alcohol and the body’s own defense mechanisms so that content in ca. On the and never swallowed whole. ment is the stimulation of the immune system less compatible preservati- ves. as a preservative at the same time. which functions homeopathy. What are homeopathic combination preparations and how do they function with a common cold? Homeopathic combination preparations contain several homeopathically pro. drops. 8 9 . cessed tablets are always sucked who used them for detoxification purposes. tablets. This method has the added benefit that it is The objective in modern homeopathic treat- possible to forego other. Reckeweg believed that diseases occurred above all due to the body being For production-technology permanently burdened with noxious substances reasons the droplet preparations and pathogens. He was the founder of modern contain alcohol. of these combination preparations. suppositories and ampules. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. Modern homeopathic medicines are a special form from Heel are available as nasal sprays. 10 drops is the body excretes noxious no greater than the residual alcohol in a glass substances – the first step of fruit juice! towards better health. Homeopathic combination preparations cessed substances. ointments. basis of his research Dr.

As children’s organs are not yet fully developed they have a limited ability to rapidly metabolize medicines. nosis be guaranteed and the child treated accordingly. tional medicine it may well be the case that the impact only takes effect with a delay. runny noses. and may often be used particularly effectively with children. and above all in terms of compatibility and the absence of side The self-healing powers and defense mechanisms effects. following a longer course of treatment using conven- fore. they respond well and fast to homeopathic medicines as a rule and the therapy is normally successful. It is nec. High demands in terms of efficacy. What about children and modern homeopathic preparations? By far the most common diseases among infants are influenza-like infections A doctor should always be consulted if and influenza-related symptoms such as sniffles. 10 11 . are placed on medicines for use with of a child have to be reactivated. bronchitis. Many of the combination preparations the treating doctor and your child until the treat- used in modern homeopathy meet with these needs ment takes effect. If a modern homeopathic treatment is commenced essary to adopt a careful therapeutic approach there. As children have usually not yet been exposed to medicines. Only thus can the correct diag- throat infections and tonsillitis. So be patient with children. a child is ill.

Please read the package insert and consult your physician or pharmacist about possible risks and side-effects.heel. ethmoid bone. Euphorbium compositum drops The Modern Indication: Chronic sinusitis (maxillary sinus. frontal sinus. Germany · www. F o r t h e A c t i va t i o n o f sphenoid bone). particularly in influenza and viral diseases in general. Engystol ® Preparation information Angin-Heel® tablets Indication: Tonsillitis Bronchalis-Heel® tablets Indication: Bronchitis. ethmoid bone. Engystol® tablets Indication: To activate the non-specific immune system particularly in influ- enza and viral disease in general. Common colds Engystol® Tablets Indications: To activate the non-specific immune system. sphenoid bone).com 12 . Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. especially chronic smoker’s cough. frontal sinus. Baden-Baden. Homoeopathic Therapy Defense Mechanisms in Case of Euphorbium compositum-Nasal Spray Indication: Chronic sinusitis (maxillary sinus. Viral infections Gripp-Heel tablets ® Flu Indication: Stimulation of the endogenic defense mechanism in influenza and other febrile infections.

heel. Biologische Heilmittel Heel 14 .com age insert and consult your physician or pharmacist about possible risks and side- effects. Gripp-Heel ® Husteel® drops Indication: Cough. Germany · www. Please read the package insert and consult your doctor or pharma- cist about possible risks and side-effects! We wish you a swift recovery. Viburcol® suppositories Indication: For infants and children in conditions of restlessness with and without fever. Baden-Baden.-Reckeweg-Straße 2-4 76532 Baden-Baden. spasmodic bronchitis. The Modern Homeopathic Therapy Common colds and flu Infections with fever Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH Dr. Germany Tel. +49 7221 501-00 Gripp-Heel® Tablets Fax +49 7221 501-450 Indications: Influenza like infections and influenza (adjuvant). Please read the pack- www. Symptomatic treatment of common infections. pleurisy.heel.

Indications: Rhinitis of various origins (viral. Germany · www.Euphorbium compositum- Nasal Spray The Modern Homeopathic Therapy Sinusitis Rhinitis of various etiologies PDF-01/06 © Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. Baden-Baden. to facilitate nasal respiration in hay fever. rhinitis sicca. Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. Germany Euphorbium compositum-Nasal Spray Atomizer without . Sinusitis (acute and chronic). allergic). rhinitis hyperplastica and atrophicans. Please read the package ins- ert and consult your physician or pharmacist about possible risks and side-effects. bacterial.