March 31- June 30, 2010 Dear Fellow Students: PEACE IN CHRIST! 3 months have passed since your trust and confidence delivered us to the highest position of the student body as President of the Central Student Government. In these 3 months, we have begun the work of reengineering the processes of student governance towards a more inclusive, rooted and engaging Central Student Government. Simply put it, we are starting to build a government that works for you, with you and by you. We do not assume to have immediately delivered direct results yet we hope that in the things your government did and is doing, we are starting to contribute to the momentum towards a better XU student community and beyond. This report outlines the actions of the Central Student Government on the key impact areas we have identified. We hope that this report will not only inform you but will guide you in your campus and community engagements. In Service I remain, ERNESTO B. NERI President

Reorganization of the Executive Branch In the interest of greater efficiency and organization, the executive units have been reorganized into 2 categories namely the offices and the departments. The offices are namely: the office of administrative affairs, the office of budget and finance, the office of information and promotions, and the office of research and constituent insights. The main tasks of these offices are to streamline internal systems to facilitate greater impact and reach of the government operations. The departments are namely: the department of academic affairs, the department of student services and welfare, the department of mission and social action, and the department of interior and networking. The departments are designed to be semi-autonomous which have the power to recruit and dismiss their own members and run their own programs as approved by the executive board. The departments are also designed to address specifically the 4 impact areas the CSG identified namely academic development, student services and facilities development, engaged citizenship, and campus and community leadership engagement.

Academic Development - The CSG protects and advances the student s right to quality Ignatian education through an active participation in methodology development, academic policy making and enhancement of support initiatives. This is done through the Department of Academic Affairs headed by Ms. Regine Abarquez (ABIS 4).
Book Market under the A-tenean program of the Department of Academic Affairs, this project sold old but useful books at low prices. This serves as an alternative market for students who wish to save and earn. With the collaboration of the Academic Affairs Department of the different college councils, the market raised more than of Php 50,000.00, which is identified to be one of the highest earnings in recent years. Course Syllabus The Department of Academic Affairs forwarded a letter of reminder to all department chairs reminding them of the importance and requirement of presenting a written course syllabus at the beginning of the

semester. Feedback mechanisms facilitated by the CSG have also been highlighted as one way of checking if this requirement is being fulfilled by the departments. Service Learning Program the Department of Academic Affairs has started to conduct a series of meetings with the student organizations involved in The Agora Creek Water Quality, Area Improvement and Awareness Campaign . This project engages the different competencies of the different organizations involved to assess the quality of the Agora Creek and generate awareness among the communities along its bank. This would be the launch pad for future student engagement in service learning program development. Student Academic Council the CSG is afforded 3 seats with one voting power in the Academic Council, the highest academic policy making body in the university. To be able to deliver grounded and effective representation, the CSG Department of Academic Affairs created the Student Academic Council composed of the Academic Department Chairs of all the college councils. This council is tasked to consult the student body on their academic concerns and consolidate it to form the monthly academic council agenda the CSG representative will present during the regular Academic Council meeting. Here are the policy engagements the CSG initially floated to the Academic Council. y Transparency of the grading system since this was raised last June 24, 2010, the different deans have opened up to the idea of placing the grading system in the departments bulletin board so that students will be guided and the department chair should constantly check on the teachers promptness on returning the quiz papers with comments if necessary. The CSG also suggested that a rewarding/recognition system from the students be organized which recognizes model teachers of transparency, competence and personal care. IPP integration also raised during the June 24, 2010 meeting, the students raised the need to emphasize Ignatian values in a daily classroom setting. The long term implication would be the development of service learning programs in the different courses especially in the School of Business and Management through social entrepreneurship. The CSG continues to support the creation of a review committee that shall evaluate and approve XU created manuals and books for class use. Guidelines are still being formulated.



Student Services and Facilities Development - the CSG provides basic student services that address the students needs through direct assistance and welfare programs and feedback the quality of school services and facilities to the administration. This is done through the Department of Student Services and Welfare headed by Gladys Asentista (BSED 3)
The CSG Student Service Center the CSG operated its first multi-purpose service counter at the 2 floor of the StC building. It initially offered locker rentals, cell phone load services and sells snacks and school materials. This month, the center will include calculators, chargers, and umbrella rentals among others. Student Enrolment Assistance Committee - the CSG created the Student Enrolment Assistance Committee which is mandated to assist students during the regular enrolment period. More than 20 non-regular CSG volunteers where mobilized which gave a chance for students to serve in CSG projects in short term basis. This was the first time where the enrolment was handled by an ad-hoc committee which enabled the government to operate regularly and invite more students to get involved. Students Rights and Welfare Commission 7 cases was filled since March 31 and 3 cases were resolved. For the resolved cases, one case is classified, the other 2 are namely the repair of the school bell and the speech lab fee refund for a class who paid but did not use it.

Freshmen Help Desk In partnership with the Ateneo School for Upcoming Leaders (ASUL), the CSG installed a help desk located in front of the new library to assist the freshmen in locating their classes and to address other concerns. The desk assisted more than 250 queries. New Media the CSG finally operated a blog which is updated regularly. This hosts not only announcements but also official documents of the CSG. The CSG also has its presence in facebook, yahoo and twitter. Page views of the blog site since its operation on March 31, 2010 reached 3,673. The CSG shall continue to engage new media as a new frontier in information dissemination. Library Strategic Planning Involvement the CSG was given a chance to give an input on students feedback on Library services last March. The report included the need to expand scientific journal catalogues, cosy study area with potato couches, a study cafe in the old library lobby, and easy access to audio visual materials. The CSG regularly uploads to its blog the monthly acquisitions of the library. Students with disabilities Due to the increase of students with disabilities (specifically in wheel chairs), the CSG through the DSSW had personally assisted a student during enrolment ( a friend of the student contacted the CSG prior to the enrolment seeking assistance). The CSG aims to forward this concern to the OSA and the security office concerning the proper use of elevators which should prioritize students with disabilities.

Engaged Citizenship - the CSG strengthens and opens opportunities for student socio-political engagement that contributes to the transformation of Mindanao and the rest of the country through political education, environment stewardship and community-based involvement. This is done through the Department of Mission and Social Action headed by Sheena Marie Lim (BSED 4)
Xavier Votes the Department of Mission and Social Action in partnership with the XU Governance and Leadership Institute and the Kristohanong Katilingban sa Pagpakabana launched a non-partisan mobilization effort in preparation for the May elections. The project mobilized 63 volunteers who were assigned to work in the different forums organized by the said offices and conducted voters education in the border barangays of the city. The project also included a room to room campaign on how to vote with a dummy PCOS machine as a helpful prop. The CSG is committed to engage politics in the campus, local and national level by providing political education especially among the youth and provide venues for political participation. Solid Waste Management Committee the Physical Plant Office has committed to purchase through the Central Purchasing Unit sets of color coded bins with stands to be installed around campus following the committees earlier recommendations. The actual infrastructure will aid the formation and awareness efforts of the FFP, NSTP and the Central Student Government. The Central Student Government is looking into the development fee and lobby the administration to allocate a certain percentage (or Php 10.00) for the maintenance of the Solid Waste Management Program. Formation Unit panel involvement After the approved proposal of moving NSTP to 2nd year level, the Freshmen Formation Program also began to reform its modules to accommodate the changes. The CSG was part of the feedback panel on the formation track modifications. The discussion opened doors of opportunities where the CSG can directly assist the FFP students in terms of their academic formation by aligning the module towards the tutorial and skills building services of the CSG.

Campus and Community Leadership Engagement - the CSG nurtures and supports student organizational development and enhance student leadership opportunities through strategic linkages,

organizational support, and skill and knowledge enhancement initiatives. This is done through the Department of Interior and Networking headed by Edracel Del Rosario (BSN 4).
27 Buklod Atenista A delegation of 7 CSG and College Council Officers joined the 27 Buklod Atenista, an annual gathering of the student leaders of all Ateneo college student councils. Major highlights of the gathering were the approval of the Ateneo Youth Agenda which will be lobbied locally,the networking lunch with different non-government organizations, and the congress proper. Xavier University Central Student Government passed the most number of resolutions which was approved unanimously. This includes a resolution calling on the creation of block representatives, the strengthening of the ID wearing policy in campus, the review and revision of the Magna Carta, the creation of a Student Assistance code, the banning of styro in campus and a stronger punitive policy on vandalism. This was a great opportunity to build networks and exchange ideas that can help the student councils govern more effectively. Orsem Talent Expo The CSG was involved in the 3 day ORSEM 2010 as the head organizer of the OrSem Talent Exposition. This showcased the different talents being honed in campus. Some performances already represented the University in various nationwide and local competitions. Org Trip 2010 the Department of Interior and Networking organized the week long showcasing and recruitment drive of the different organizations of the University. The Org Trip attracted 2,500 plus students to register in their organization of interest. Organizations installed booths around campus to promote their organizations. The CSG is committed in developing the student body and promote the vibrancy of student life through the diverse student organizations and the Org Trip serves as the launching pad towards this direction. Review and Recognition Committee 4 organizations applied for recognition namely Bible Readers Society International (extra-curricular), Xavier University Alliance of Business Economics Students (co-curricular), Junior Marketing Association (co-curricular), Xavier University - Junior Financial Executives (co-curricular). Recognition is still pending due to some revisions of their submitted proposals. Alumni Office Consultation the CSG and college councils were part of the consultation panel formed to assess the new direction of the Alumni office. The CSG identified 3 areas where it can assist directly y y y The organization of Alumni scholars Integration of Alumni resources in the political education program of the CSG To facilitate dialogue with the Year Book concerning a creation of a scholarship fund
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´An Inclusive government means a transparent, accountable and responsive representation that is mindful of the mandate bestowed upon him by the electorate. A rooted government means a leadership that anchors itself, its resources and effort on the real needs and concerns of the students. An engaging government is a leadership that goes to the frontiers to build relationships among institutions and people for best results.µ
-Campus Election Campaign, February 2010


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