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Margo Tripsa

Ed. Specialist instructional Technology

Dec. 5th, 2016
Action Plan: Part I
Student-Learning Goal: By spring 2017-2018, the difference in the average RIT scores (MAP assessment)
between 6th and 7th grade boys and 6th and 7th grade girls will decrease from 19 RIT
points and 14 RIT points, respectively to 12 RIT points and 7 RIT points.
Tools/ Person(s)
Person Resources/ Expected Assessments: Responsible for
Strategies Actions
Responsible/By Budget Outcomes Short-Term Monitoring/
When Medium-Term By When
Strategy 1: Students will get Classroom
intensive support Data Coach/ Spring No cost. Reduced gender observations Data Coach, ELL
A system of tiered from the ELL 2016 achievement gap staff
interventions will team by half in reading Frequent
be put in place for 6th and 7th Formative
Replace Words grade students assessment data
Their Way with a Curriculum
vocabulary Director/ Spring $3,000 Student-work
enrichment 2016
program Benchmark Data coach,
assessments curriculum
Teach vocabulary director
explicitly for at Teachers/throughout Fall and spring
least 15 minutes the year No cost. MAP assessment
every day results

Have students
create picture
dictionaries or No cost.
digital flashcards
After school After School
enrichment Activities No cost.
program coordinator
Strategy 2: Thinking Maps Curriculum Reduced gender Classroom Data Coach, ELL
Implement training Director/ Spring $1,000 achievement gap observations staff
Professional 2016 by half in reading
Development Use of Thinking for 6th and 7th Frequent
Training on Maps (at least one No cost. grade students Formative
Thinking Maps a week) across Teachers/throughout assessment data
disciplines the year
Use internal and Data coach,
external experts Benchmark curriculum
for teaching Teachers/throughout assessments director
reading strategies. the year No cost.
The teachers will Lesson Plans
be expected to
teach Atlas- curriculum
comprehension teachers mapping tool
skills explicitly
Fall and spring
Implementation of No cost. MAP assessment
Socratic Seminar teachers results
(training offered Curriculum
by internal Director

The teachers will The teachers will

be encouraged to be using the PD
attend PD in the money offered by
area of reading. the school.
Parent &
Involvement: The parents will be informed via our weekly newsletter and at our coffee mornings. Letters will also be
Describe how you
will communicate the sent home to advertise the after school enrichment program. To involve the parents in this initiative, the
action plan to parents data coach will share with them resources to help them hold them accountable for reading every night.
and the larger
community. Include
The school owners will also be informed about the school improvement initiatives by the Senior
how you might Leadership Team and by the school director.
involve them in its