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Margo Tripsa

Ed. S. Instructional Technology

Dec. 5th, 2016
Action Plan: Part II Data Coachs Plan

Goal/Purpose Action/Activity Time Materials Time Who will be

Required Frame involved?
TASK 1: Meet with building 2 hours Coachs Guide; CD-ROM August Data Coach;
Plan the rollout of the administrators to review Building
Using Data Process the goals and process of Administrators
(UDP) of Using Data Process
Collaborative Inquiry (UDP).
Garner interest and Lead a presentation on 1 hour Task 1 Slides; Handout 1.1: Early Data Coach;
support of the Using UDP. Using Data Process September School Faculty
Data Process by the Overview; Pre-Planning
school faculty Handout 1.2: The Using Data
Process Components and
Handout 1.3: Using Data
Gets Results
Establish a school- Meet with leadership 1 hour Coachs Guide Mid September Data Coach;
wide data team team to establish a data Pre-Planning Leadership Team
Clarify the Data Activity 1.3 30 minutes Handout 1.4: Launching the Early October Data Coach;
Teams Purpose and Clarifying the Data Data Team Planning Data Team
Roles and Teams Purpose and Template
Responsibilities Responsibilities
Handout 1.5: Data Team
Establish Activity 1.4 45 minutes Handout 1.4: Launching the Early October Data Coach; Data
Collaborative Norms Establish Collaborative Data Team Planning Team
Norms Template;
Handout 1.6: Norms of
Toolkit - Seven Norms of
TASK 2 Activity 2.1 Create the 20 minutes Power Point Slides S 2.1-S Mid October Data Coach;
Look at the school Body of Your School 2.2 School Faculty
from a demographics

Dialogue and Activity 2.2 Engage in 60 minutes Handout H2.2 Dialogue Mid October Data Coach;
discussion about Data driven Dialogue versus Discussion School Faculty
school demographics with Demographic Data Power Point Slides Building
data S2.3-S2.16 Administrators
TASK 3: Activity 3.2: Dialogue 45 minutes Late October Data Coach;
on the Principles of Final Word Dialogue School Faculty
Reflect on the idea of Culturally Proficient
culture. Leadership
Learn about a Activity 3:3 Explore the 60 minutes Cultural Proficiency Early November Data Coach;
framework for Cultural Proficiency Continuum School Faculty
thinking about a Continuum Building
range of responses to Administrators
cultural differences,
from cultural
destructiveness to
cultural competence
TASK 4: Activity 4.1 Engage 30 minutes Handout H4.1 Four Mid November Data Coach;
Create a vision for with Four Variations on Variations on All Students School Faculty
our school (task 4) All Students Can Can Learn Building
Learn Resources R4.1-R4.4: Administrators
Choose Your School
Discuss students Activity 4.2: Craft Core 60 minutes Power Point Slides S4.1-4.10 Mid November Data Coach;
learning and Equity Values About Student Resource R4.5: School of School Faculty
Learning and Equity Our Dreams Building
Reflect on how close Activity 4.4: Envision 45 minutes Handout H4.2: Guiding Early December Data Coach;
or far away our Curriculum and Questions for the School of School Faculty
school is from a Instruction, Equity, and Our Dreams
dream school Critical Supports Resource R4.5: School of
Our Dreams
TASK 5: Activity 5.1 Assess own 30 minutes Handout H5.1: Self Early December Data Coach;
Assess own data data literacy Assessment for Data teams: School Faculty
literacy Data Literacy and
Collaborative Inquiry
Knowledge and Skills
Learn about the Activity 5.2: Engage 45 minutes Resource R5.1: Data Mid December Data Coach;
variety of types and with the data pyramid Pyramid Preparation School Faculty
levels of data and and drill-down Handout H5.2: Constructing Building
their uses a Data Pyramid Administrators
Handout H5.3: The Data
Handout H5.4 What Can We
Learn from the Drill Down?
Handout H5.5 Background
Reading: What Can We
Learn from the Drill-Down
Understand the Activity 5.3: Compare 30 minutes Handout H5.6: Low Capacity Mid December Data Coach;
difference between High- and Low- Versus High-Capacity Data School Faculty
high- and low- Capacity Data Use Use Building
capacity data use Administrators
Understand Activity 5.4:Explore 30 minutes Handout H5.7: Data Early January
principles of Data Principles and Principles and Safety
effective data use and Safety Regulations Regulations
safety regulations
Match data sets to 45 minutes Early January Data Coach;
appropriate displays. School Faculty

Reflect on progress Activity 5.6 Reassess 20 minutes Mid January Data Coach;
made in developing Our Data Literacy School Faculty
the data literacy
knowledge and set
goals for the future.
TASK 6 Activity 6.1: Establish 15-20 minutes Resource R6.1: Group Role Mid January Data Coach;
To establish the Group Roles Cards School Faculty
group roles Building
To get familiarized Activity 6.2: Facilitate 75-90 minutes Power Point Slides S6.1-S6.5 Late January Data Coach;
with the criteria for Data-Driven Dialogue Handout H6.1: Stoplight School Faculty
aggregated and with Aggregated Data Highlighting: Our Criteria Building
disaggregated data for Aggregated and Administrators
Disaggregated Data
Resource R6.2: No-Because
Data Examples and Data
To synthetized what Activity 6.3: Closure 15-20 minutes Early February Data Coach;
has been learned and Reflection School Faculty
from aggregated data
TASK 7 Activity 7.1: Facilitate 60-70 minutes Data examples and Data Early February Data Coach;
Analyze Data Driven Dialogue Templates School Faculty
disaggregated data with disaggregated data Building
reports and make a Administrators
line graph to
represent it
To synthesize Activity 7.3: Closure 30 minutes Handout H7.1: Cultural Mid February Data Coach;
learning and the and Reflection Proficiency Continuum School Faculty
teams cultural Reflection Building
proficiency Administrators
TASK 8: Activity 8.1: Facilitate 60-70 minutes Data Examples and Data Mid February Data Coach;
Analyze the strand Data-Driven Dialogue Samples School Faculty
data with Strand Data Handout H8.1: Stoplight Building
Highlighting: Our criteria for Administrators
Strand Data
Reflect on the strand Activity 8.2 Closure 15-20 min Late February Data Coach;
data and interpret it and Reflection School Faculty
TASK 9 Activity 9.1: Facilitate 60 minutes Handout H9.1: Stoplight Late February Data Coach;
Analyze multiple Data Driven Dialogue Highlighting: Our criteria for School Faculty
choice items with multiple choice Percentage Correct on Building
item data: percentage multiple-choice items Administrators
correct and distractor Handout H9.2: Stoplight
patterns Highlighting: Our criteria for
Distractor Patterns
Data examples and Data
Analyze open Activity 9.2 Facilitate 30 minutes Handout H9.3 Early March Data Coach;
response items Data Driven Dialogue Stoplight Highlighting: Our School Faculty
with Open-Response criteria for Percentage Building
Items Passing or Proficient on Administrators
Open Response Items
Data examples and Data
Deconstruct test Activity 9.3: Engage in 20 minutes per Handout H9.4: Task Early March Data Coach;
items Task Deconstruction task Deconstruction example School Faculty
Handout H9.5: Task Building
deconstruction table. Administrators
TASK 10 Activity 10.1: Facilitate 90-120 minutes Handout H10.1: Ground Mid March Data Coach;
Discuss what a high- Data Driven Dialogue for analyzing Rules for Looking at Student School Faculty
quality student with Student Work the work Work Building
response should look Handout H10.2: Student Administrators
like before looking at Work protocol
samples and predict Data Examples
what they will look
like; then analyze the
samples and make
TASK 11: Activity 11.1 Facilitate 30 minutes All handouts and resources Late March Data Coach;
Synthetize what Data-Driven Dialogue from tasks 6-10 School Faculty
teachers learned from and Conduct Drill Building
analyzing the Down into Common Administrators
common assessments Assessments and Other
Local Student-Learning
Data Sources
TASK 12 Activity 12.1: Walk 60 minutes Late March Data Coach;
Identify connections Across the Data School Faculty
and patterns across
the data
Identify and Activity 12.2: Identify 60 minutes Handout H12.1: Student- Early April Data Coach;
prioritize student- and Prioritize Student- Learning Problem Statement: School Faculty
learning problems learning problems Example
Turn a student- Activity 12.3: 60 minutes Resource R12.1: student- Early April Data Coach;
learning problem into Articulate a Draft learning problem statement School Faculty
a goal student-learning goals template Building
statement Resource R12.2: Draft Administrators
student-learning goals
statement template
Handout H12.2: Draft
student-learning goal
TASK 13 Activity 13.1: Generate 15 minutes Power Point Slides S13.1- Mid April Data Coach;
Determine possible possible causes S13.2 School Faculty
Take a reflective look Activity 13.2: dialogue 30-45 minutes Mid April Data Coach;
at the causes about causes and their School Faculty
underlying assumptions
Determine whether Activity 13.4: Identify 60 minutes Mid April Data Coach;
or not the possible causes for further School Faculty
causes identified are verification Building
supported by Administrators
research Activity 14.1: Study the
TASK 14: Activity 14.2: Frame 60 minutes Handout H14.1: verify Late April Data Coach;
Generate questions questions for local data causes table: local data School Faculty
for local data
Develop the local Activity 14.3: Develop 30 minutes Handout H14.1: verify Late April Data Coach;
data collection plan the local data collection causes table: local data School Faculty
plan Handout H14.2: local data Building
sources Administrators
Analyze local data Activity 14.4: Analyze 60-120 minutes Handout H14.1: verify Early May Data Coach;
and analyze causes local data and analyze causes table: local data School Faculty
causes Building
TASK 15: Activity 15.2: Build 60-120 minutes Handout H15.1: the Using Mid May Data Coach;
Build the Logic Your Logic Model Data Process Logic Model School Faculty
Model power point slides S13.1- Building
S13.2 Administrators
TASK 16 (Skip this Activity 16.1: Refine SKIP
step) the Logic Model
TASK 17: Activity 17.1: Expand 30-60 minutes Handout H17.1: Tools for Late May Data Coach;
Expand our our repertoire of monitoring the School Faculty
repertoire of monitoring tools implementation of strategies Building
monitoring tools and outcomes Administrators
TASK 18: Activity 18.1: The big 2.5 hours Handout H18.1: Action Late May Data Coach;
Design an action plan picture of change: Planning Template School Faculty
Action Planning Building
Assess the Activity 18.2: Regular Throughout the Data Coach;
implementation of Monitoring: (monthly or year School Faculty
the action plan and Action/Reflection Cycle bimonthly) Building
analyze the check in Administrators
monitoring of the meetings of
data 1.75 hours
Task 19: Activity 19.1: Celebrate Bimonthly Data Throughout the Data Coach;
Celebrate and share and share results Team meetings year School Faculty
results and annual Building
celebrations (60 Administrators
to 90 minutes)
Adjust and Renew Activity 19.2: Adjust Depends on the Early June Data Coach;
Collaborative Inquiry and Renew actions for next School Faculty
Collaborative Inquiry steps Building
Review the school Activity 19.3: School 30 minutes Early June Data Coach;
culture culture review School Faculty