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The importance of computers in the teaching - learning - assessment of biology lessons

Prof. Mariana Faur

Liceul Teoretic Grigore Moisil
The computer has become a necessity in the modern school, being used by the teacher in
teaching- learning -evaluation. . Since I'm a high school biology teacher at a high school
specialized in Mathematics-Computer Science , I tried to make the transition from passive
accumulation of information by students to active learning , through discovery,because the
students of our school have very good skills in computer programming.
Biology , in this profile?, is assigned only one hour a week so I tried using information
technology to make interactive lessons. I reached the conclusion that the teacher can not be
replaced by the computer. The teacher remains an active presence in communicating with the
students and it can not be substituted by interactive lessons.
After the experiment ,that I have conducted , I found the following results:
At a Mathematics-Computer Science specialized high school, the use of computers in the
Biology class is beneficial.
The students made the neccessary compeuter programms !for the experimental lesson this
way: one grup of student had to do the homework "Hereditary genetic disorders" in whatever
way they wanted whilst another grup of students got the lesson scheme from the teacher .
The majority of students were interested by the method, some of them even considered it
better than the original way.Why? First of all, the students were bored by the rigid way of
teaching.Second of all, the students got the chance to use their knowledge in programming.Third
of all , the students didn't have to write anything in their notebooks and last of all, the students
could discuss and work out any problems encountered during the class. Many students think that
the teacher-student relationship is improved by this method of teaching, fact approved by the
class A from the 11th grade. At the begginng of the school year , during the first semester , there
were certain problems about the communication between the mediocre students and the Biology
teacher, those problems being resolved by the experiment. This students opened up and they
shown signs of pleasure in taking the class. This is highlighted in the increased participation rate
of 14% at the exam that was taken on the computer .
Some students considered that it would be much easier to learn on a computer ,
compared to the classic aproach, but, in general , the above average students are more prone to
the before mentioned aproach.
A significant progress of the below average students has been noticed .
They are more involved in computer-assisted lessons and are getting better grades in tests than in
the previous semester. For these students the computer can be used to stimulate them.
The majority of the ninth grade students who took part at the
computer based test, stated that this kind of examination compared to the old paper exams has
concrete result, and thus it should be used for all subjects.
Being of great use to the Biology class is our high school's
forum, where on the entire duration of the.academic term ,.the students benefited from our
recapitulative schemes, comparisons between process and phenomena , drawings for the
olimpics and many more.