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Principal Sponsor The Australian Youth Orchestra is supported

by the Australian Government
The Australian Youth Orchestra presents over
a dozen tailored training and performance
programs each year for aspiring musicians,
composers, arts administrators and music
journalists aged 12 to 30. Our training pathway
has been created to nurture the musical
development of Australias finest young
instrumentalists across metropolitan and
regional Australia: from the emerging, gifted
school-aged student, to those on the verge of
a professional career.

Vision and Mission 3

From the Chair 4

From the CEO 5

Board of Directors 7
Committees 8
2010 AYO Programs 9

Participants Summary for 2010 Programs

Auditions Summary for 2011 Programs

AYO Supporters & Program Partners 16


International Tour Fund Donors 18

Awards and Bursaries 19

Organisation 2010 - Staff Listing

Programs and Participants 22


Financial Report 45


Our Vision

To empower young Australians with musical

knowledge and imagination, and instil in
them a love of music and a dedication to
the highest standards of performance.

Our Mission

To provide professional leadership and

inspiration to talented young Australian
musicians, enabling them to expand and
extend their classical music education
training and experience, through
national and international programs and
performance of the highest standards.

In 2010, a three-year cycle of development was crowned by the Australian Youth Orchestras International Tour,
which brought the cream of Australias young musical talent to some of the worlds most prestigious venues.
Under the direction of the acclaimed conductor Sir Mark Elder, the tour began with performances in Canberra
and the Sydney Opera House, followed by concerts in Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing, then to Europe playing in
Londons Royal Albert Hall (for the BBC Proms), Harrogates Royal Hall, Copenhagens Tivoli Concert Hall and
Amsterdams Concertgebouw. The concerts were rapturously received and consistently praised in the highest
terms by critics.

The Tour represents the traditional pinnacle of the AYOs extensive range of programs, which attract the very
best of Australias young musicians and fosters their growth in every aspect of their musicianship and their
personal and professional development.

2010 also featured the Australian Youth Orchestra in a season of performances of Benjamin Brittens powerful
opera, Peter Grimes, directed by prominent Australian conductor Richard Mills, for the Perth International
Festival, along with twelve other major programs encompassing a wide array of stages and facets of musical
development and training. The National Music Camp was held in Canberra in 2010, bringing together two
symphony orchestras and a chamber orchestra in an intensive and exciting environment fostered by musical
leaders of high international standing: Lawrence Renes, Lutz Koehler and Howard Penny. A specialist exploration
of Baroque performance practice, in a Style Workshop headed by Elizabeth Wallfisch in partnership with Neal
Peres da Costa, highlighted the stylistic breadth and sophistication that has become an important feature of
the Australian musical landscape. Together with programs effectively targetting the needs and aspirations of
participants throughout the entire spectrum of the age-range of the AYOs activities, these programs offered
stimulating musical experiences that continue to leave a lasting impression on the individuals involved and help
to shape the progress of Australias musical culture.

The artistic vibrancy of the AYO is founded upon a sound financial and administrative base, and a network of
skilled musicians, administrators and experts in related fields that is truly global in its reach. I sincerely thank
our CEO, Colin Cornish for the drive and initiative he has brought to his role, and the staff who through their
hard work realize the range of the AYOs programs reaching across the whole continent of Australia and into the
international arena.

The AYO draws great strength too, from the commitment of my fellow Directors and the supporting committees
and councils which provide advice and assistance to the organisations management and staff. In particular, I
wish to record my thanks to retiring Director, Michele Walsh who has made a sterling contribution to the Boards
work over many years, as well as leading the Artistic Advisory Committee.

In an extensive and ambitious year, it is pleasing to observe that the AYO achieved a moderate operating surplus
in 2010. To maintain this level of activity and ambition for the AYOs role in Australian music, we are supported
chiefly by the Federal Government, and we appreciate the positive interest shown in the AYOs activities by
the Minister for Arts, Hon Simon Crean, MP and his predecessor, Hon Peter Garrett AM, MP. The Federal
Governments investment is complemented by the continuing support of Arts New South Wales, and a range
of corporate sponsors and donors, including our Principal Sponsor Accenture and Major Programs Partner, The
Colonial Foundation. A host of individuals, charities and corporate supporters provide funding to enable talented
individuals to participate in the AYOs programs through scholarships, and this is an increasingly important area
of focus to ensure that access to AYO programs is available to young musicians of all backgrounds.

Mary Vallentine AO

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Through fourteen major programs presented in 2010, the Australian Youth Orchestra provided 373 young musicians
from every state and territory of Australia with opportunities to develop their musical skills to the highest level.
To ensure that the AYO garnered the talents of players from across the whole of Australia, auditions for 2010
programs were held in every capital city as well as in the major regional centres of Townsville in Queensland, and
Armidale and Orange in NSW.

A feature of the year was the high artistic standard achieved by the participants, who benefitted from an
increased focus throughout the years programs, on the provision of intense tutorial and section-development
work. Participants in programs were given the opportunity to work with leading musicians as tutors, conductors
and directors drawn from around Australia and worldwide.

The year commenced with the National Music Camp held in Canberra at the Australian National University and
directed by percussionist, Tim White. With rhythm as its theme, NMC 2010 explored the coupling of melodic
beauty with the vitality of rhythm in performances of a range of orchestral masterworks. Thirteen concerts were
featured during the Camp, given by the two symphony orchestras, chamber orchestra and numerous smaller
chamber ensembles, all supported by busy teams in the Words About Music and Arts Administration programs.

The clear highlight of the year was the AYOs 20th International Tour held in July. For the first time in its history,
the Orchestra toured three continents in one tour. Musicians were engaged and challenged by the conductor for
the tour, Sir Mark Elder who was extremely well received by the musicians, audiences and critics alike. In addition,
the Orchestra had the pleasure of working with young mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Gubanova and pianist Alexey
Yemtsov. Throughout the Tour, the Orchestras concerts received enthusiastic receptions with particular highlights
being two standing ovations in Beijing, a live radio broadcast and telecast of the BBC Proms performance, and a
standing ovation at the Concertgebouw.

Back at home, the Orchestras February season was a ground-breaking collaboration with the West Australian
Opera to present Brittens opera, Peter Grimes. This program successfully met its objective to build the Orchestras
performance endurance in preparation for the demands of the upcoming International Tour. Additionally, it
provided a rare and valuable opportunity for the Orchestra members to build their understanding of the many,
varied elements of Opera and its production.

In March, the AYO Brass Quintet and in April/May, the AYO String Quartet completed regional residency programs
in Coffs Harbour, NSW and the Barossa Valley, SA respectively. Further regional activity included the extended
Regional Residency which took place in Ballarat, VIC. The finest young aspiring chamber musicians travelled
to Newcastle, NSW to complete the AYO Chamber Music Camp. The timing of this program, following the
International Tour, attracted a much younger group of participants providing them with opportunities to rise to
leadership positions.

The Melbourne Recital Centre was the location for the 2010 Style Workshop help over the Easter long weekend.
The program provided an in-depth exploration of style in playing baroque music, and featured each violinist
involved as solo players in Vivaldis Lestro armonico concertos, op.3.

For younger musicians, the Young Symphonists program provides the perfect way in to the AYO experience.
This years program took place at Frensham School, Mittagong, NSW, directed by Paul Wright (strings) and Peter
Moore (wind, brass, percussion).

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

At the other end of the spectrum of personal and professional development, musicians who are on the cusp of
entering professional careers were involved in the well-established Orchestral Fellowships programs conducted
jointly with the Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, and members of the AYO combined with the
TSO for a concert of major orchestral repertoire.

The success of each of these programs would not be possible without the support of Government (the Federal
Government and Arts NSW) and our program partners. In addition to the many benefits provided through
the contribution of our Principal Sponsor, Accenture, the AYOs work is actively supported by The Colonial
Foundation,and Mallesons Stephen Jaques. For the International Tour, the AYO relies on the generosity of many
individual donors, and our international Tour Partner, Downer.

The inspiring feature of the entire AYO venture is the coalescence of contributions by a wide range of individuals and
communities towards a shared aim. I am grateful to the Chairman, Mary Vallentine AO and the Board of Directors
for their continuing leadership, passion and dedication to the AYO. The AYOs staff is renowned throughout the
industry for the dedication and unwavering energy they bring to the herculean task of maintaining a high level of
activity across an enormous spread of geography and scale.

Colin Cornish
Chief Executive Officer

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

In 2010 the Board of Directors of The Australian Youth orchestra met five times.

Mary Vallentine AO Clare Pullar

Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne Recital Centre Pro Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) The
Appointed: 26 May 2007 University of Queensland
Office held: Appointed: 24 May 2009
Chair (1 Sept 2007 - ) Office held:
Finance & Executive Committee (1 Sept 2007 - ) Endowment Fund Committee
Nominations Committee, Chair Nominations Committee
Peter Grant
Michele Walsh
Head of Strings, Queensland Conservatorium,
Appointed: 1 September 2007
Office held: Griffith University
Deputy Chair (24 May 2008 - ) Appointed: 24 November 2001
Finance & Executive Committee Office held:
Artistic Advisory Committee (Chair)
Ronald Ogden Nominations Committee
Appointed: 8 July 2005 Frank Zipfinger
Office held: Non-Executive Director
Treasurer/Company Secretary (8 July 2005 - ) Appointed: 24 May 2008
Finance & Executive Committee Office held:
Endowment Fund Committee Endowment Fund Committee, Chair
Finance & Executive Committee
Annabelle Chaplain
Non-Executive Director Lawrence Jacks
Appointed: 1 December 2007
Retired Principal Viola, WA Symphony Orchestra
Office held:
Appointed: 21 May 2005
ITF Committee
Resigned: 15 May 2010
Monica Curro Office held:
Assistant Principal 2nd Violin, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Artistic Advisory Committee
Appointed: 15 May 2010
Office held: Nancy Fox
Artistic Advisory Committee Managing Director, AMBAC Assurance
Corporation (Asia Pacific)
Erin Flaherty Appointed: 3 February 2001
Commercial Manager and Company Secretary, Reliance Rail Resigned: 15 May 2010
Appointed: 24 May 2009 Office held:
ITF Committee (Chair)
Luke Nestorowicz Nominations Committee
Management & Marketing Consultant Finance & Executive Committee
Appointed: 24 May 2008

Shefali Pryor
Associate Principal Oboe, Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Appointed: casual vacancy fill

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Finance and Executive Committee

Mary Vallentine AO (Chair), Peter Grant, (Deputy Chair),
Ronald Ogden (Treasurer), Colin Cornish (CEO), Katie Priddis (Business Manager).

In 2010 the Finance and Executive Committee met eight times.

Artistic Advisory Committee

Michele Walsh (Chair), Lawrence Jacks (Director), Elizabeth Koch OAM (non-director),
Jim Koehne (non-director), Siobhan Lenihan (non-director), Tim Matthies (non-director),
Marshall McGuire (non-director), Colin Cornish (CEO), Victoria Eastwood (Artistic Administrator),
Lucy Papworth (Operations & Planning Manager).

In 2010 the Artistic Advisory Committee met three times.

International Tour Fund (ITF) Committee

Nancy Fox (Chair), Julie Brown (non-director), Gillian Clyde (non-director),
Amanda Mark (non-director), Roslyn Wells (non-director), Colin Cornish (CEO),
Alan Watt (Development Manager) and Anna Gauchat (Development Coordinator).

In 2010 the International Tour Fund (ITF) Committee met four times.

Nominations Committee
Mary Vallentine AO (Chair), Michele Walsh, Nancy Fox, Colin Cornish (CEO).

In 2010 the Nominations Committee met three times.

Endowment Committee
Frank Zipfinger (Chair), Ron Ogden (Director), Clare Pullar (Director),
Peter Waters (non-Director), Colin Cornish (CEO) and Alan Watt (Development Manager).

In 2010 the Endowment Committee met five times.

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

AYO National Music Camp AYO Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

2 17 January, Canberra, ACT String Fellowships
9 17 May, Melbourne, VIC

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Season I: Peter Grimes The Australian Youth Orchestra
25 January 14 February, Perth, WA Season II: International Tour
4 July 4 August, Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing, London,

AYO Young Symphonists Strings

3 - 11 April, Mittagong, NSW
TSO Wind, Brass and Percussion
6 19 September, Hobart, TAS
AYO Young Symphonists
Wind, Brass, and Percussion
3 - 11 April, Mittagong, NSW
TSO & AYO in Concert
13 19 September, Hobart, TAS

AYO Style Workshop: Baroque

3 11 April, Melbourne, VIC
AYO Chamber Music Camp
24 September 4 October, Newcastle, NSW

AYO Regional Residency Brass Quintet

7 21 March, Coffs Harbour, NSW
National Auditions for 2011
8 August 21 September, National

AYO Regional Residency String Quartet

18 April 2 May, Adelaide & Barossa Valley, SA

AYO Ensemble-in-Residence
Stage 1: 25 April 23 May, Ballarat, VIC
Stage 2: 24 October 21 November, Ballarat, VIC

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Total number of participants = 372



The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Total number of applications = 935

These applicants made a total of 3325 applications for a range of the AYO programs on offer,
encompassing both instrumental and non-performance programs. The number of new applicants in
2010 was 301, representing 32% of all applicants.

The average age of applicants was 19 years. The majority of applicants were in the 18 -22 age bracket.
75% of applicants were over the age of 18.

Auditions were held in every capital city, as well as the regional centres of Armidale and Orange, NSW.
Applicants from Darwin and Townsville were provided with support to travel to Brisbane to audition.

Adelaide 28 August & 2, 3 September

Armidale 24 August & 16 September
Brisbane 31 August, 1,2,3, 5,6,7 & 9 September
Canberra 27 August, 5 & 6 September
Hobart 13 &21 September
Melbourne 19, 20, 22, 23 August & 13 18 September
Orange 26 August & 10 September
Perth 25, 26, 31 August & 1 September
Sydney 19-22, 25 August & 8,9,11, 12, 14,15 September

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Strings Words About Music

Carl Pini Jim Koehne
Young-Hee Chan Genevieve Lang

Wind and Brass Arts Administration

Margaret Crawford Lou Oppenheim
Philip Paine Lucy Papworth

Percussion Composition
Robert Cossom Paul Stanhope
Margaret Crawford
Philip Paine

Piano and Harp

Janis Cook (Piano)
Lucy Reeves (Harp)

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010



The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
Principal Sponsor The Australian Youth Orchestra is supported
by the Australian Government

2010 International Tour Partner Major Programs Partner

AYO National Music Camp Partners National Airline Partner

Honorary Auditors Commissioning Partner AYO Regional Residnecies Logistics Partner

Partner & Legal Partner

Wine Partner Media Supporter Venue Partner

The Youth Orchestras Australia Network is assisted by AYO is supported by the NSW
the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Government through Arts NSW
Council for the Arts; its funding and advisory board

Scholarship Partners

Program Partners

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

International Tour Fund Founding Donor

Mr Sheldon Trainor

Mr Robert Albert AO & Mrs Libby Albert, Mrs Joyce Sproat & Mrs Janet Cooke

The Cybec Foundation, Ms Nancy Fox & Mr Bruce Arnold, Gourlay Charitable Trust, Ms Virginia Henderson AM,
Mr Chris John, Mr Bruce & Mrs Jocelyn Wolfe, Emeritus Professor Di Yerbury AO, Mr Frank & Mrs Susan Zipfinger

AMBAC, Mr Paul Armstrong, Mrs Christine Bishop, Mr Bill Bowness, Ms Tanya Branwhite,
Ms Annabelle Chaplain & Mr Andrew Willink, Mr Alexander Clayton, Ms Marni Clayton,
Mr Martin Dickson AM & Mrs Susie Dickson, Ms Erin Flaherty & Mr David Maloney, Mr Daniel & Mrs Helen Gauchat,
Mr Ian & Mrs Cass George, Mrs Christina Green & Mr Maurice Green AM, Mr Peter & Mrs Liz Kelly,
Mr Wayne Kratzmann, Mr David Marr & Mr Sebastian Tesoriero, Dr Damien Thomson & Dr Glenise Berry,
Ms Mary Vallentine AO, Mr Cameron Williams, Mr Igor & Mrs Claire Zambelli

AustCham Beijing, Mr Lance Bartholomeusz & Ms Claire Mitchell, Mrs Keryn & Mr Paul Brunner, Mr Rod Cameron,
Mr Alan & Mrs Jillian Cobb, Mr Colin Cornish & Ms Lisa Mitchell, Mrs Jane & Mr Rob Diamond, Dr Linda English,
Mr Peter Grant, The Greatorex Foundation, Dr Des Griffin AM & Dr Janette Griffin, Mr Tony Grybowski,
Kenneth Hunt Memorial Fund, Mr Tony & Mrs Lee Ingman, The Koumoukelis Family,
Mr Nicholas & Mrs Denise Le Messurier, Macquarie Group Foundation, Ms Amanda Mark,
Dr Dennis Mather & Mr John Studdert, Mr Alan McCormack & Ms Elizabeth Brand, Mrs Tempe Merewether OAM,
Mr Stephen Minns, Ms Clare Pullar, Mr Ray & Mrs Ann Schoer, Mr John Sharpe & Ms Claire Armstrong,
Ms Margaret Sullivan, Ms Bridget Trainor & Mr Nicholas Vlahos, UBS Australia Foundation, Ms Cath Ward,
Mr Peter Waters, Mr Peter Weiss AM, Mr Peter & Mrs Katrine Wickham,
Mr Ray Wilson OAM & the late Mr James Agapitos OAM, Anonymous (1).

Up to $999
Professor Chris & Mrs Wendy Adam, Mr David Alexander, Ms Karen Alexander, Mr Leonard Amadio AO,
Dr Neville Arthur, Mr Philip Bacon AM, Ms Naomi Bailey, Mrs Heather Barker, Mr Arran & Mrs Debbie Bartholomeusz,
Mrs Annabel Baxter, Mr Christopher & Mrs Merrilyn Beeny, Ms Nicole Berger, Ms Fay Briggs,
Mrs Mary Jo & Mr Lloyd Capps, Mrs Sally Chapman, Ms Doreen Cheong, Mrs Louise Christie,
Mr Michael & Mrs Christine Clough, Ms Gillian Clyde, Mr Peter Debnam MP & Mrs Deborah Debnam,
Mrs Katherine Elder, Mr Marcus & Mrs Jodie Elsum, The Farrands Family, Mr Peter Fay, Senator Mark Furner,
Ms Jenny Garber, Ms Kerry Gardner, Professor Robert Gilbert, Mrs Marjorie Gilby, Ms Sue Gillies, Ms Mary Goldfinch,
Mrs June Gordon, Mrs Flora Griffin, Mrs Gillian Halliday, Mrs Colleen Hamilton, Mrs Janet Hayes, Mr Frank Hills,
Mr Tim Hobbs, Mr Martin Hoffman & Ms Andrea Koch, Mr Mark & Mrs Wendy Hogarth,
Dr David & Mrs Sarah Howell, Mr RJ & Mrs SH Hunt, Mrs Loretta Bertoldo-Hyne & Mr Richard Hyne,
Mr Alan Jenkins, Dr Malcolm John, Mr Merv Keehn & Ms Sue Harlow, Mr Stephen & Mrs Kylie King,
Mrs Rachelle & Mr Jeff Lee, Ms Siobhan Lenihan, Mr Brian & Mrs Meg Lewis, Mr Clive Lucas OBE,
Ms Wendy Manning & Mr Ray Bennett, Mr Robin & Mrs Barbara Marrett, Mrs Jennifer Mattocks,
Mrs Gillian McCracken, Dr John & Mrs Jill McEwin, Mr Peter Murray, Ms Janet Nash & Mr Alan Hauserman,
Mrs Greeba Pritchard, Mrs Sally Rasmussen, Mr Gary & Mrs Judy Reidy, Dr Alan Roberts, Mrs Noeline Sandblom,
Mr David & Dr Susan Shannon, Dr Marie Siganto AM, Mrs Elizabeth Storrs, Mrs Sue Sweeney, Ms Pamela Thornton,
Mr Robert Toland, Mr Paul & Mrs Jane Tongs, Mr Chris Wainwright, Ms Louise Walsh & Mr David Jordan,
Mr Tony & Dr Anna Williams, Mr R & Mrs J Williams, Mrs Janet Wilson & the late Dr George Wilson AM,
Mr Graham Wood OAM, Mrs Pamela Yule, Anonymous (16).

Accenture Australia Foundation Scholarship

Recipient: Brigid Coleridge (violin)

Colonial Foundation Scholarships

Recipients: Lachlan ODonnell (violin) & Tara Houghton (viola)

Fellowships & Recipients

Symphony Australia & Sydney Symphony Music Presentation Fellowship: David Lang

AYO Arts Administration Fellowships

Sydney Symphony: Sally Wickes

Oz Opera: Julie Boyer

Musica Viva Australia: Kate Cuddihy

Financial Assistance
Total awarded in 2010: $150,980

Financial Assistance Donors
Australian Government, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
Accenture Australia Foundation
Colonial Foundation Trust
Simon & Leonie Marks
Harold Mitchell Foundation
Eva Besen AO & Marc Besen AO Scholarships
Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Peter Weiss Cello Scholarship
James N Kirby Foundation
AYO National Music Camp Trust
Kenneth Hunt Memorial Fund
Sheldon Trainor & Emelda Wong Scholarship
Kenneth Tribe Arts Administration Scholarship
Dr Neville Arthur
Michael & Mary Whelan Trust
Philip & Cara Seppelt
Friends of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Peter Seymour Trust
Aaron Yeoh
Angela Chilcott
Canon Australia
Henry Jacono Double Bass Scholarship
Ruth Alexander Memorial Fund

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


Annual Campaign Donors

Miss Valerie Awburn Ms Claudia Krebs
Mr Dale Barltrop Mr Francois Kunc SC
Mr John Barns Ms Genevieve Lang
Mr Peter Baxter Mr Matthew Larkum & Ms Heather
Mrs Sheila Bignell Cottrell
Mrs Lynley Bramble Professor Kwong Lee Dow
Mr Patrick Brislan & Ms Allyne Tilsed Marlin Family
Ms Victoria Chatterley Ms Belinda McFarlane
Mr Ian Cooper Ms Rosslyn McLeod
Dr Lynn Dalgarno Mr Antony Morgan
Mr Jan de Voogd Dr Kenneth Muirden AO
Mr John Dean Mr Nicholas Murphy
Mrs Sheila Dempsey Mr Frank Pam
Ms Victoria Eastwood Miss Susan Pierotti
Ms Claire Edwardes Lady Primrose Potter AC
Mr John & Mrs Irene Garran Mrs Phillipa Rader
Ms Anna Gauchat Mr Allan Richards
Ms Susannah George Mrs Leona Romaniuk
Ms Christina Gourlay Dr Tim Scott
Dr Robin Gray Mrs Jill Seale
Mrs Judith Grieve Ms Nicola Snekker
Ms Gabby Halloran Mr Yosi Tal
Miss Sue Hewitt Professor Warren Thomson
Ms Lorraine Hook
Mrs Elizabeth Torrance
Ms Barbara Hornung
Mr Kenneth Tribe
Dr David & Mrs Sarah Howell
Ms Cath Ward
Mrs Kathrine Jaeschke
Mr Peter Jenkin Mrs Sue Taylor
Ms Patricia King Ms Elizabeth Robertson
Mr Rod & Mrs Elizabeth King Mr John Vallentine
Ms Sarah Knox Anonymous (7)

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
AYO Management
Colin Cornish Chief Executive Officer
Katie Priddis Financial Controller
Victoria Eastwood Artistic Administrator
Tim Kennedy Assistant Artistic Administrator &
Youth Orchestras Australia Administrator
Lucy Papworth Planning & Operations Manager
Megan Wright Operations Co-ordinator
Matthew Toffolon Production Co-ordinator
Alan Watt Development Manager
Anna Gauchat Development Co-ordinator
Jenny Pan Marketing & Communications Manager (August 09 July 10)
Sarah Becker Marketing & Communications Manager (Sept 10 - )
Emma Segrave Marketing Co-ordinator (Dec 10 - Mar 11)
Sarah Howell Development Co-ordinator - Alumni
Karen Wu Assistant Accountant (Feb 07 - Dec 10)
Howie Huang Assistant Accountant (Nov 10 - )

AYO Council
Assoc. Prof. Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AM
Mr. Leonard Amadio AO
Earl of Harewood
Mr Vladimir Ashkenazy
Mr Janis Laurs
Mr Greg Barnes
Prof David Lockett
Ms Lin Bender AM
Mr William Lyne CBE AM
Mr Patrick Brislan
Mr Donald McDonald AC
Mr Tim Calnin
Mr Marshall McGuire
Ms Diana Doherty
Mr Jonathan Mills
Mr Michael Elwood
Dr Richard Mills AM
Mr Anthony Fogg
Mr David Mullaly
Ms Nancy Fox
Mr Dene Olding
Ms Jenny Garber
Assoc Prof Patricia Pollett
Prof Helen Garnett PSM
Ms Helena Rathbone
Mrs Cass George
Mr Simon Rogers
Mr Richard Gill OAM
Mr Clive Scott
Prof Malcolm Gillies
Prof Peter Sculthorpe AO OBE
Mrs Deidre Greatore
Prof Margaret Seares AO
Mr Trevor Green
Mr Yosi Tal
Mrs Christina Green
Ms Pamela Thornton
Mr. Bradley Greive
Mr Sheldon Trainor
Mr Antony Grybowski
Prof Kim Walker
Mr Donald Hazelwood AO OBE
Her Excellency Penelope Wensley AO
Ms Virginia Henderson AM
Mr John Williams AO OBE
Prof John Hopkins OBE
Mr Ray Wilson OAM
Mr Lawrence Jacks
Mrs Daniele Kemp Mr Bruce Wolfe
Mr Arthur Koumoukelis

Anne Amigo Nuala Davis Anne Palmer

Sarah Austin Sue Gillies Kate Soni
Patrick Brislan David Howell Amber Ward

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
Music Camp

3 17 January, Canberra, ACT

Tim White Music Director

Lutz Koehler Conductor Bishop & Alexander Orchestras
Lawrence Renes Conductor Bishop & Alexander Orchestras
Howard Penny Director Barry Tuckwell Chamber Orchestra


WEEK 1: Concert #1
Saturday 9 January 2010
4.30 6.00pm


EDWARDS Veni Creator Spiritus

BISHOP ORCHESTRA Lutz Koehler, conductor

SMETANA The Moldau

ALEXANDER ORCHESTRA - Lawrence Renes, conductor

TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No.4 in F Minor, Op.36

WEEK 1: Concert #2
Saturday 9 January 2010
8.00 10.00pm


SUK Serenade for Strings, Op.6

ALEXANDER ORCHESTRA - Lawrence Renes, conductor

ADAMS The Chairman Dances: Foxtrot for Orchestra

BISHOP ORCHESTRA - Lutz Koehler, conductor

PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet: Suite No 2, Op 64

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

WEEK 2: Concert #1
Saturday 16 January 2010
4.30 6.00pm


PURCELL The Double Dealer, Z592


VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis

ALEXANDER ORCHESTRA - Lutz Koehler, conductor

WEBERN Passacaglia, Op.1

BISHOP ORCHESTRA - Lawrence Renes, conductor

STRAUSS Don Juan, Op.20

WEEK 2: Concert #2
Saturday 16 January 2010
8.00 10.00pm


WF BACH Sinfonia in F Major Dissonant

BISHOP ORCHESTRA - Lawrence Renes, conductor

ELLIOTT GYGER Deep & Dissolving Verticals of Light

BISHOP ORCHESTRA - Lawrence Renes, conductor

WAGNER Tristan und Isolde: Prelude & Liebestod

ALEXANDER ORCHESTRA - Lutz Koehler, conductor

BARTOK Concerto for Orchestra

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


Kate Salvatore Arts Administration

Monica Curro Chamber Music
Elliott Gyger Composition Program
Andrew Dixon Words About Music / Sound Engineer
Angela Turner Words About Music
Gordon Williams Words About Music
Emma Sholl Flute
Stephen Robinson Oboe
Philip Arkinstall Clarinet
Hugh Ponnuthurai Bassoon
Andrew Bain Horn
Shane Hooton Trumpet
Nick Byrne Trombone
Gary McGibbon Tuba
Susanne Powell Keyboard
Genevieve Lang Harp
John Arcaro Timpani / Percussion
Ian Cleworth Timpani / Percussion
Zoe Black Violin
Lachlan Bramble Violin
Sarah Curro Violin
Kirsty Hilton Violin
Caroline Henbest Viola
Stephen King Viola
Janis Laurs Cello
Tim Nankervis Cello
Tim Dunin Double Bass
Max McBride Double Bass
Michel McCarthy Sing & Rhythm Workshop Director

NMC Program Staff

Nicola Bell Music Librarian
Emma Cutting Music Librarian
Annette Brown Residential Coordinator
Alida Farrands Residential Coordinator
Katie Spicer Residential Coordinator

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Kate Agostino Bridget ODonnell Alan Rossman
Jhana Allan Liisa Pallandi Hannah Rowland
Iona Allan Cecilia Palmer Teagan Short
Aldreneil Anes Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba Hayasa Tanaka
Justine Ayers Elena Phatak Hayasa Tanaka
Larissa Baker-Finch Josephine Pollicina Katie Yap
Rachel Bala Madeline Procopio Nelson Yarwood
Breeana Baxter Alys Rayner Bernadette Yim
Harry Bennetts Samara Redman Alina Zamfir
Victoria Bihun Rebecca Reid
Natalya Bing Tristan Selke Cello
Hannah Brockway Georgia Shimmin Jack Bailey
Amy Brookman Riley Skevington Beatrice Carey
Alison Brown Madeleine Slaughter Jonathan Chim
Catherine Bucknell Annabelle Swainston Jordonne Colley
Emma Buss Lee Thompson Dominic Fitzgerald
Tara Chambers Emma Townsend Josie Graham
Kim Chin Ruben Vrijens Nils Hobiger
Yena Choi Rachel Walter Elizabeth Hubbard
Glenn Christensen Tamara Wanklyn James Larsen
Courtenay Cleary Adam Wasiel Mee Na Lojewski
Meg Cohen Vivian Wheatley Bernadette Morrison
Tracey Cook Sonia Wilson Timmothy Oborne
Madeleine Cowell Flora Wong Mathisha Panagoda
Felicity Doukakis Brett Yang Samuel Payne
Georgy Falster Kathleen Yardley Anna Pokorny
Jeridene Foreman Lucy Price
Rosemary Franklin Viola Rebecca Proietto
Zoe Freisberg Ashley Agar Thomas Ryrie
Annie Gard Martin Alexander Davina Shum
Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney Verity Brockman Daniel Smith
Bridget Graham Christopher Cartlidge Stephanie Stamopoulos
Stephanie Grenning Benjamin Carvalho Adam Szabo
Jesre Hazelman-Stenson Anthony Chataway Saskia Tillers
Kate Hewitt Thomas Chawner Aaron Yeoh
Jessica Higgins Julia Kate Clancy
Andrew Howes William Clark
Sophie Hudgell Alexander Colding-Smith
Joanna Hui Ting Lee Abinash Crowe
Caitlin Huxtable Gregory Daniel
Cameron Jamieson Emily Denbigh
Joanne Leask Julia Doukakis
Clare Lynch Thomas Giam
Sonya Maher Finn Gilfedder-Cooney
Miranda Matheson

John Haire
Kyla Matsuura-Miller Benjamin Haire
Yuhki Mayne Tom Higham
Quynh-Chi Nguyen Susie Kwon
Sayono Noda Matthew Laing
Lachlan ODonnell Madeline Nichols

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


PARTICIPANTS (continued)

Double Bass Bassoon / Contrabassoon Tuba

Caitlin Bass Cameron Burnes Karina Filipi
Justin Bullock Edwin Chow Mark Leece
Ella Conboy Matthew Kneale
Rohan Dasika Timothy Murray Harp
Daniel Dean Matthew Payne Georgia Lowe
Ben Farrands Jack Schiller Melina van Leeuwen
Alexandra Giller Natalie Wong
Jonathan Heilbron French Horn
Aurora Henrich Jessica Armstrong Piano
Shandelle Horsford Julia Brooke Jacob Abela
Kinga Janiszewski Sebastian Dunn
Alexander Johnson Emma Gregan Timpani / Percussion
Michael McCullough Angharad Johnson Robert Allan
Emily Mostratos Claire Linquist Sophia Ang
Alan Moxey Sharn McIver Joel Bass
Simon Pauperis Kartini Suharto-Martin Catherine Betts
Phoebe Russell Gillian Williams Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
Alex Spicer Andrew Young Brent Miller
Bonita Williams Robert Oetomo
Trumpet Anna Zeltzer
Flute / Piccolo Daniel Ballinger
Caitlin Ayers Dee Boyd Alto Saxaphone
Anna Cooper Christopher Day Yo-yo Su
Jonathan Henderson Callum GFroerer
Kiran Phatak Daniel Henderson
Helen Seppelt Louisa Trewartha
Suzanne Sherrington
Oboe / Cor Anglais Alistair Crawford
Emmanuel Cassimatis Matthew Harrison
Stephanie Dixon Michael Ingle
David Reichelt Andrew Nissen
Georgina Roberts
Toby Thatcher Bass Trombone
Sarah Young Mitchell Nissen
Cassandra Pope
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Eb
Justin Beere
Melissa Cox
Nicholas Evans
Talisha Ohanessian
Guy Spielman
Rowena Watts

Australian Youth Orchestra
Annual Report 2010

25 January 14 February, Perth, WA

In association with WA Opera and Perth International Arts Festival

Conductor: Richard Mills


Peter Grimes

Fanfare for St Edmundsbury for 3 Trumpets

Russian Funeral March (1936)

Sword in the Stone Suite (1939)

Movement for Wind Sextet (1930)

Sinfonietta Op. 1 (1932)


Violin 1 Margie Blades

Violin 2 Zak Rowntree
Viola Berian Evans
Cello Jon Tooby
Double Bass Joan Wright
Flute Mary-Anne Blades
Oboe Joel Marangella
Clarinet Alex Millier
Bassoon Simone Walters
Horn Barry Tuckwell
Trumpet Dave Elton
Trombone & Tuba Josh Davis
Percussion & Timpani Alex Timcke
Harp Sarah Bowman

Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


First Violin Cello French Horn

Brigid Coleridge Concertmaster Mee Na Lojewski Principal Alexander Love Principal
Glenn Christensen Mathisha Panagoda Sebastian Dunn
Simone Slattery Rebecca Proietto Julia Brooke
Lucas Obrien Jarrad Mathie Jessica Armstrong
Caroline Hopson Sarah Kim
Madeline Procopio Adam Szabo Trumpet
Francesca Hiew Anna Orzech Rob Mattessi Principal
Allana Wales Louisa Trewartha
Anna OHagan Double Bass Josh Rogan
Rebecca Gill Ben Farrands Principal
Kate Sullivan Douglas Rutherford Trombone
Astrid Sugden Bonita Williams Michael Ingle Principal
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba Phoebe Russell Alistair Crawford
Justin Bullock
Second Violin Bass Trombone
Lachlan ODonnell Principal Flute/Piccolo Nathan Kibble Principal
Rebecca Adler Kiran Phatak Principal
Amy Furfaro Jessica Jiang Tuba
Hayato Simpson Mark Shearn Principal
Edwina George Oboe/Cor Anglais
Christina Morris Emmanuel Cassimatis Principal Timpani
Bridget Graham Stephanie Pitt Brent Miller Principal
Sophie Hudgell
Yuhki Mayne Clarinet Percussion
Riley Skevington Alex Morris Principal Catherine Betts Principal
Tristan Selke Nicholas Evans Rebecca Lloyd Jones
Viola Bassoon/Contrabassoon Harp
Christopher Cartlidge Principal Jack Schiller Principal Natalie Wong Principal
Tara Houghton Matthew Payne
Hana Hobiger Alexander Vetter
Neil Thompson
Michael Webb
Alexander Colding Smith
Katie Yap
William Clark
Alexina Hawkins

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

4 July 6 August, Australia, China & Europe

Conductor: Sir Mark Elder

PROGRAM #1 (Canberra, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing)
PROKOFIEV Piano Concerto No.3 in C Major, Op.26
Soloist: Alexey Yemtsov piano

RACHMANINOV Symphony No.2 in E Minor, Op.27

PROGRAM #2 (Sydney, Copenhagen, London, Harrogate, Amsterdam)

BRETT DEAN Amphitheatre

MAHLER Songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn

Soloist: Ekaterina Gubanova mezzo soprano / Sarah Connolly mezzo soprano (Amsterdam only)
Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht?
Wo die schnen Trompeten blasen
Verlorne Mh
Das irdische leben

SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony No.10 in E Minor, Op.93

Violin 1 Jennifer Hoy
Violin 2 Marina Marsden
Viola Jane Hazelwood
Cello Fenella Gill
Double Bass Alex Henery
Flute Rosamund Plummer
Oboe Diana Doherty
Clarinet Frank Celata
Bassoon Matthew Wilkie
French Horn Robert Johnson
Trumpet Anthony Heinrichs
Trombone & Tuba Nick Byrne
Percussion Rebecca Lagos
Timpani Rick Miller
Harp Louise Johnson

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


First Violin Cello Horns

Brigid Coleridge Concertmaster Mee Na Lojewski Principal Alexander Love Principal
Glenn Christensen Mathisha Panagoda Sebastian Dunn
Simone Slattery Rebecca Proietto Julia Brooke
Caroline Hopson Jarrad Mathie Andrew Young
Rebecca Adler Adam Szabo Jessica Armstrong
Anna OHagan Dale Rickert
Madeline Procopio Anna Orzech Trumpets
Daniel Kowalik Kirsten Bishop Robert Mattessi Principal
Rebecca Gill Stephanie Arnold Joshua Rogan
Edwina George Eleanor Streatfeild Louisa Trewartha
David Dalseno
Gemma Laing Double Bass Trombones
Yuhki Mayne Douglas Rutherford Principal Liam OMalley Principal
Sophie Hudgell Muhamed Mehmedbasic Michael Ingle
Astrid Sugden Bonita Williams
Phoebe Russell Bass Trombone
Second Violin Justin Bullock Cassandra Pope Principal
Lachlan ODonnell Principal Rohan Dasika
Lucas OBrien Chloe-Ann Williamson Tuba
Francesca Hiew Shandelle Horsford Mark Shearn Principal
Hayato Simpson
Allana Wales Flute Timpani
Amy Furfaro Kiran Phatak Principal Brent Miller Principal
Fiona Doig Jessica Jiang
Natasha Conrau Percussion
Bridget Graham Piccolo Catherine Betts Principal
Zoe Freisberg Lina Andonovska Principal Jennifer Morrish
Jason Tong Rebecca Lloyd Jones
Riley Skevington Oboe
Inga Franks Emmanuel Cassimatis Principal Harp
Yena Choi Stephanie Pitt Natalie Wong Principal
Tristan Selke
Cor Anglais
Viola Jonathan Ryan Principal
Christopher Cartlidge Principal
Tara Houghton Clarinet
Susanna Ling Alex Morris Principal
Thomas Chawner Nicholas Evans
Michael Webb David Hatch
Alexander Colding Smith
Katie Yap Bassoon
Su-Ying Aw
Chloe Turner Principal
Emma Fetherston Jack Schiller
Angela Huang
Charlotte Fetherston Contra Bassoon
William Clark Matthew Payne Principal

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


3 11 April, Mittagong NSW
Music Director: Paul Wright

VIVALDI La Senna Festeggiante Sinfonia (Mvt 1)
Margaret SUTHERLAND Concerto for Strings
TELEMANN Don Quixote Suite
GRIEG Holberg Suite

Violin 1 Brendan Joyce
Violin 2 Jennifer Hoy
Viola Caroline Henbest
Cello Minah Choe
Double Bass Max McBride

First Violin Emily Denbigh
Yuhki Mayne Ashley Agar
Annabelle Traves Kae-duen Su
Liam Oborne Amy Quinn
Justine Ayers Hannah Moldrich
Courtenay Cleary
Harry Bennetts Cello
Tracey Cook Daniel Smith
Kate Hewitt Jack Bailey
Julia Janiszewski
Second Violin James Morley
Bridget ODonnell Jo Dee Yeoh
Annabelle Swainston
Iona Allan Double Bass
Amaya Flores-Williams Kinga Janiszewski
Se-Jeong Eum Alex Spicer
Kentaro Koido Rhiannon Oakhill
Sayono Noda
Julia Nicholls

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010


3 11 April, Mittagong NSW
Music Director: Peter Moore

Orchestral Repertoire
TCHAIKOVSKY Capriccio italien
BERLIOZ Symphonie fantastique, Op.14 (Movt 4 only: Marche au supplice)
SIBELIUS Finlandia Op.26
DVORAK Slavonic Dances, Op. 46, Nos 5-8

Small Wind Ensemble Repertoire

STRAUSS Suite in B flat Major, Op.4
MOZART Serenade No.11 in E flat Major, K.375

Wind Quintet Repertoire

DAMASE 17 Variations for Wind Quintet
MILHAUD La Chemine du Roi Ren
LIGETI Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet

Brass Ensemble
G GABRIELI Canzon septimi et octavi toni
Jim PARKER A Londoner in New York
BERNSTEIN Presto Barbaro from On the Waterfront
Eric WHITACRE Lux Aurumque
Chris HAZELL Flora from Three More Cats
WAGNER Entry of the Gods into Valhalla from Das Rheingold

Percussion Ensemble
John CAGE Living Room Music
Fritz HAUSER Le souvenir
Robert COSSOM God of Thunder
Gerard BROPHY Trash

Flute Emma Sholl
Oboe Megan Billing
Clarinet Chris Tingay
Bassoon Peter Moore
Horn Euan Harvey
Trumpet Leanne Sullivan
Trombone & Tuba Michael Wyborn
Percussion Rob Cossom

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Flute/Piccolo Trumpet
Eliza Shephard Charlie Bale
Simone Maurer Niran Dasika
Sarah Ismail Zac Anderson
Jonathan Baker
Sarah Young Trombone
Madeleine Randall Nicholas Lyall
Toshiyuki Hosogaya Danny Horsford
Brett Milford
Clarinet Christopher Retter
Benjamin Mellefont
Sandra Ismail Tuba
Sacha Gibbs-Mcphee Ryan Trussler

Bassoon Percussion/Timpani
Timothy Murray Gabriel Fischer
Jack Muir Bartholomew Haddock
Nina Oyama Morgan Knowles

Ian Wildsmith
Alex Miller
Marielle Allan
Campbell Mcinnes
Lillian Pearse

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
AYO Style

3 11 April, Melbourne VIC

Music Director: Elizabeth Wallfisch

VIVALDI LEstro Armonico, Op.3

(listed in alphabetical order)

Violin Cello
Rebecca Adler Mee Na Lojewski
Natasha Conrau Dale Rickert
Edwina George Adam Szabo
Rebecca Gill
Caroline Hopson Double Bass
Sophie Hudgell Bonita Williams
Joanne Leask Chloe-Ann Williamson
Liisa Pallandi
Tristan Selke Harpsichord & Chamber Organ
Simone Slattery Diletta Bredow
Jason Tong Neal Peres da Costa

Christopher Cartlidge
Susanna Ling
Katie Yap

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
AYO Chamber
Music Camp

24 September 4 October, Newcastle NSW

Carducci Quartet
Matthew Denton violin 1
Michelle Fleming violin 2
Eoin Schmidt Martin viola
Emma Denton cello

Doric String Quartet

Alex Redington violin 1
Jonathan Stone violin 2
Simon Tandree viola
John Myerscough cello

Freshwater Trio with guest pianist Benjamin Martin

Zoe Black violin
Josephine Vains cello
Benjamin Martin piano

Zellwood Quartet
HAYDN String Quartet in G Major, Op.33, No.5 How do you do (Mvts. 3 & 4)
MENDELSSOHN String Quartet in E minor, Op.44, No.2 (Mvts 1 & 3)
WESTLAKE Focus [2001]
Tukay Quartet
MOZART String Quartet No.3 in E flat Major, K. 428 (Mvts. 1 & 3)
BORODIN String Quartet No.2 in D Major (Mvts 2 & 3)
WILLCOCK Feux [2001]
Lavazza Quartet
HAYDN String Quartet in D Major, Op.33, No.6 (Mvts. 3 & 4)
PROKOFIEV String Quartet No.2 in F Major, Op.92 (Mvts. 1 & 2)
MUNRO Country Dance [2009]
Darby Quartet
MOZART String Quartet in B flat, K 458 The Hunt (Mvts. 2 & 4)
BRITTEN String Quartet No.2 in C Major, Op.36
SCULTHORPE Little Serenade

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Greenbaum Quartet
MOZART String Quartet in C Major, K.465 Dissonance (Mvts. 1 & 3)
GLASS String Quartet No.3 Mishima [1985]
GREENBAUM String Quartet No.4 Danny Boy Variations
Semana Quartet
MOZART String Quartet in D Major, K.499 Hoffmeister (Mvts. 3 & 4)
SHOSTAKOVICH String Quartet No.7 in F sharp minor, Op.108
PETERSON Tallawarra [1999 2000]
Merewether Trio
HAYDN Piano Trio in E flat Major, XV:29 (Mvts 1 & 2)
SMETANA Piano Trio in G minor, Op.15 (Mvts. 1 & 3)
EDWARDS Piano Trio [2001]
Sollertinski Trio
HAYDN Piano Trio in E flat Major, XV:27 (Mvts 2 & 3)
SHOSTAKOVICH Piano Trio No.2 in E minor, Op.67 (Mvts. 1 & 4)
KERRY A Colder Music [2001]
Trio Yu
HAYDN Piano Trio in E Major, XV:28 (Mvts. 2 & 3)
MENDELSSOHN Piano Trio in C Minor, Op.66 (Mvts. 1 & 3)

Violin Viola Cello Piano
Iona Allan William Clark Kirsten Bishop Jacob Abela
Catherine Bucknell Emily Denbigh Jordonne Colley Gladys Chua
Glenn Christensen Charlotte Fetherston Josie Graham Nicholas Youn
Rebecca Gill Tom Higham Robert Manley
Bridget Graham Hana Hobiger Rachel Meredith
Isabel Hede Nelson Yarwood Timmothy Oborne
Sophie Hudgell Anna Pokorny
Anne-Marie Johnson Daniel Smith
Joanne Leask Eleanor Streatfeild
Yuhki Mayne
Anna OBrien
Lachlan ODonnell
Tristan Selke
Hayato Simpson
Jason Tong

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
AYO Regional

AYO String Quartet

18 April 2 May, Adelaide & Barossa Valley SA

Anton WEBERN Langsamer Satz in C Minor [1905]
Andrew FORD String Quartet No.2 A Reel, a Fling and a Ghostly Galliard [2006]
Antonn DVOK String Quartet in G Major, Op.106 Cypresses (selection)
Franz Joseph HAYDN String Quartet in G Major, Op.77, No.1 Lobkowitz [1799]

AYO String Quartet Tutor Natsuko Yoshimoto

Caroline Hopson Violin 1
David Dalseno Violin 2
Charlotte Fetherston Viola
Adam Szabo Cello

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

AYO Brass Quintet

7 21 March, Coffs Harbour NSW

William BYRD Earl of Oxfords March, arr. Stephen Denroche
Andre PREVIN Two movements from Four Outings for Brass
Peter SCHIKELE Mozart on Parade
Malcolm ARNOLD Quintet for Brass
David STANHOPE Three Folksongs for Brass
Alan HOLLEY Canzona for Ligeti
John CHEETHAM Scherzo
Leonard BERNSTEIN Excerpts from West Side Story, arr. Jack Gale

AYO Brass Quintet Tutor Paul Goodchild

Louisa Trewartha Trumpet
Josh Rogan Trumpet
Sebastian Dunn French horn
Alistair Crawford Trombone
Karina Filipi Tuba

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

AYO Ensemble-in-Residence: Stage 1

23 August 17 September, Armidale NSW

Samuel BARBER (1910 1981)
Summer Music for Wind Quintet Op.31 [1956]

Carl NIELSEN (1865 1931)

Wind Quintet in A Major, Op.43 [1922]

Jean FRANAIX (1912 1997)

Quintette [1948]

Jacques IBERT (1890 1962)

Trois Pices Brves [1930]

Ross EDWARDS (1943 - )

Incantations [1985, rev. 2006]

Eugne BOZZA (1905 1991)

Scherzo for Woodwind Quintet, Op.48 [1944]
Malcolm ARNOLD (1921 2006)
Three Sea Shanties, Op.13 [1943]

Gyrgy LIGETI (1923 2006)

Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet [1953]


Michael Last Flute

Angus Lindsay Oboe
Amy Whyte Clarinet
Jakab Kauffman Bassoon
Kartini Suharto-Martin French Horn

Andrew Bain French Horn
Geoffrey Collins Flute

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

AYO Ensemble-in-Residence: Stage 2

14 November 9 December, Ballarat VIC

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770 1827)
String Quartet in C minor, Op.18, No.4

Ross EDWARDS (1943 - )

Enyato No.1 (Chorale and Ecstatic Dance)

Joseph HAYDN (1732 1809)

String Quartet in E flat Major, Op.64, No.6

Maurice RAVEL (1875 1937)

String Quartet in F Major

Igor STRAVINSKY (1882 1971)

Three Pieces for String Quartet

Jason Thomas violin
Belinda Glerhart violin
Anna Webb viola
Kim Worley cello

Monica Curro violin
Katharine Brockman viola

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010
AYO Orchestral

MSO String Fellowships

9 17 May, Melbourne VIC


Monica Curro Assistant Principal 2nd violin

Kathryn Taylor 1st violin
Kirstin Kenny 1st violin
Lorraine Hook 1st violin
Justin Williams viola
Simon Collins viola
Sharon Draper cello
Angela Sargeant cello
Steve Newton double bass

Professional Development Seminars

Bronwen Ackermann, Andrew Bain, Nicholas Bochner, Monica Curro, Andrew Macleod, Mairi Nicolson,
Lou Oppenheim, Matthew Tomkins.

Glenn Christensen violin
Caroline Hopson violin
Liisa Pallandi violin
Susanna Ling viola
Hana Hobiger viola
Mee Na Lojewski cello
Jarrad Mathie cello
Chloe-Ann Williamson double bass

Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

AYO TSO Wind, Brass & Percussion Fellowships

5 13 September, Hobart TAS

David Nuttall Oboe
Duncan Abercromby Clarinet
Lisa Storchheim Bassoon
Wendy Page Horn
Yoram Levy Trumpet
Don Bate Trombone
Gary Wain Percussion

Professional Development Sessions:

Concerto Workshop, with Yoram Levy
Excerpt Workshop No. 1, with Duncan Abercromby and David Nuttall
Excerpt Workshop No. 2, with Duncan Abercromby and David Nuttall
Audition & Performance Preparation & Presentation, with Evan Woodroffe, Gary Wain, Donald Bate and Douglas Mackie
Music & Media, with Andrew Ford, ABC Radio National
Music Health, with Bronwen Ackermann, music physiotherapist

Emmanuel Cassimatis Oboe
Nicholas Evans Clarinet
Jack Schiller Bassoon
Joshua Rogan Trumpet
Michael Ingle Trombone
Catherine Betts Percussion

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2006

TSO & AYO in Concert

13 19 September, Hobart TAS
Conductor: Oleg Caetani

RACHMANINOV Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor, Op.18
Soloist: Alexey Yemtsov piano

TCHAIKOVSKY Manfred Symphony, Op.58

(in alphabetical order)

Violin Cello Bassoon

Rebecca Adler Jarrad Mathie Jack Schiller
Catherine Bucknell Rachel Meredith
Natasha Conrau Adam Szabo Trumpet
Inga Franks Joshua Rogan
Sophie Hudgell Double Bass
Lucas Obrien Shandelle Horsford Trombone
Liisa Pallandi Michael McCullough Michael Ingle
Hayato Simpson Chloe-Ann Williamson
Tristan Selke Percussion
Oboe Catherine Betts
Viola Emmanuel Cassimatis Jennifer Morrish
Patrick Brearley
Thomas Chawner Clarinet Harp
William Clark Nicholas Evans Natalie Wong
Alexander Colding-Smith
Alexina Hawkins

The Australian Youth Orchestra

Annual Report 2010

Financial Report contents listing

Directors Report 2
Auditors Independence Declaration 6

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Statement of Financial Position 8

Statement of Changes in Equity 9
Statement of Cash Flows 10

Notes to the Financial Statements

Directors Declaration 19

Independent Auditors Report to the Members 20