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1.Where is the reception area located?_____________________________

2. How is it divided? What can you do at the reception?


3. A good hotel receptionist must have many qualities in order to perform his or her duties
successfully. Insert the given expressions to describe the main duties of a receptionist.

Answering , queries, managing, valuables, handling, cancelling, directions, registering,

taking, handling

- Welcoming and___________________guests.
- Welcoming, registering and_______________________groups.
- Helping guests who have_____________________.
- ________________telephone calls politely and efficiently.
- _______________, alterig or________________reservations.
- _______________ over to a guest their keys or keycards, mail and messages.
- Receiving guests'___________________for safe deposit.
- Giving __________________ to guests to help them find their way.
- ___________________ complaints.

4. What kind of a person does a receptionist has to be? Make adjectives from the nouns given
below. The adjecives should define what kind of an employe or a person a receptionist has to
Noun Adjective
patience patient
resource resourceful

5. A receptionist also has to have some other skills , such as:

Pay, focus or attract - ATTENTION , do the exercise of v erb- noun combinations, but
cross out one verb in each row that does not go with the noun in the right.

prove, maintain, show, make PROGRESS

have, possess, make, show SKILL

provide, pay, offer, give HELP

cancel, show, accept, offer HOSPITALITY

take, make, answer, welocome A TELEPHONE CALL

answer, take, make, cancel A RESERVATION

have, handle, possess, make A COMPLAINT

6. What are the steps for checking-in and checking-out procedure?

CHECKING IN PROCEDURE - put the steps in order!!!

a) The guest gets a keycard or a key. ____

b) The guest arrives in the hotel and hands in his voucher or cnfirmation telex.____
c) A porter escorts a guest to the room.____
d) The guest is given the registration form to fill in.____
e) The receptionist calls up the reservation details on the computer screen and checks them
with the ones on the voucher or confirmation telex.____

CHECKING OUT PROCEDURE put the steps in order!!!

a) He makes up the compete bill, and gives it to the reception clerk.____

b) The cashier checks to see if there are any items that have still to be added to the bill.___
c) The clerk marks the room vacant but not ready and notifies other departments of the
hotel (houskeeping, telephones etc) so that they can update theit lists.____
d) The guest hands over his key/keycard and asks to settle the bill.___
e) The guest pays the bill, and is given a receipt.___

7. A receptionist must be very careful when handling complaints. But it is also important to
know the expressions of making complaints.

A)Language for making complaints: I don't generally make a fuss..

I'm sorry but I have to tell you that...
I don't want to complain, but...
I am really upset and angry/disappointed...

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