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Bata Industries v CA Digest Search

Trademarks in
G.R. No. L-53672, May 31, 1982

The respondent New Olympian Rubber Products sought to register the mark "BATA" for casual rubber shoe
products, alleging it had used the said mark since the 1970s. The petitioner, a Canadian corporation opposed
with its allegations that it owns and has not abandoned said trademark. The petitioner has no license to do We register and protect IP
business in the Philippines and the trademark has never been registered in the Philippines by any foreign
entity. Bata Industries does not sell footwear under the said trademark in the Philippines nor does it have any rights in Lebanon and MENA
licensing agreement with any local entity to sell its product. region
Evidence show that earlier, even before the World War II, Bata shoes made by Gerbec and Hrdina (Czech
company) were already sold in the country. Some shoes made by the petitioner may have been sold in the
Philippines ntil 1948. On the other hand, respondent spent money and effort to popularize the trademark
"BATA" since the 70's. Moreover, it also secures 3 copyright registrations for the word "BATA". The Philippine
Patent Office (PPO) dismissed the opposition by the petitioner while the Court of Appeals (CA) reversed said
decision. However, a 2nd resolution by the CA affirmed the PPO decision.
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Issue: Does the petitioner have the right to protect its goodwill alleged to be threatened with the
registration of the mark? Apr 28 2015
Mary Jane Veloso Lives!
NO. Bata Industries has no Philippine goodwill that would be damaged by the registration of the mark. 1
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Any slight goodwill obtained by the product before World War II was completely abandoned and lost in the
more than 35 years that passed since Manila's liberation from Japan. The petitioner never used the trademark Apr 21 2015
either before or after the war. It is also not the successor-in-interest of Gerbec & Hrdina and there there was 5 Reasons Not to Cry Over a Cheating
no privity of interest between them, Furthermore, the Czech trademark has long been abandoned in Lover
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Apr 21 2015

3 5 Signs You Could Be The Next Trending

Hottie (or Lawyer)
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Apr 16 2015
Lawyering and the Digital Age
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Apr 14 2015

5 When Penmanship Counts

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