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Business English Level 1 // Light Blue

Total hours
96 hours 144 Wednesday, Thursday and +
Course Target This is a Business Englsih speaking-oriented class. Students can express themselves very well, but need to ad more pre
knowledge to support the conversations.Teachers will help students to express themselves more fluently with pricise sentenc

Lesson Teaching Plan

(48hrs) 15-20
Vocabulary Business Knowledge Suggested Speaking Practice Topic

author, speaker, training,

1.1 World of work 2hrs Job titles and responsibilities Where do you work at?
consultant, CFO, assistant
Lesson 1
greetings, meeting, pleasure,
1.2 Personal and professional
2hrs introduce, hobby, job, interests, Introductions, meeting people Introduce yourself

temporary jobs, abroad, pay Work progress, hiring and

2.1 Work in progress 2hrs Temporary jobs
rise, fire, employ firing
Lesson 2
meeting, confirm, accept,
Arranging and confirming
2.2 Making arrangements 2hrs decline, lunch, conversation, Demos of meeting letters, invitations

biography, profile, values,

3.1 Company biography 2hrs goals, history, inauguration, Company history and profiles Presenting your company
operations, expand, worth
Lesson 3
Lesson 3

production, sales, price,

Company structure and
3.2 Company performance 2hrs performance, organisational Analyze a company
chart, customer

wholesale, retail, customs, port,

competition, consumer, Imported goods, control over
4.1 International business 2hrs Case: export a product of your choice
producer, export, import, imports
Lesson 4
complaints, order, cancel,
4.2 Business communications 2hrs reception, caller, paper, letter, Business communications Practice on the phone
telephone, message, promotion

money, bankrupt, budget,

Where would you work at if you could start
5.1 Career choices 2hrs profit, loss, risk, spend earn, Career changes
all over?
borrow, change
Lesson 5
plan, goal, progress, results,
5.2 Achievements and plans 2hrs improvement, report, profit, Goals and progress How to ask for a bank loan

flight, train, bus, station, ticket,

Travelling communciation and
6.1 Business travel 2hrs late, refund, meal, website, Case: you lost your flight
possible problems
Lesson 6
book, amenities, hotel,
6.2 Travel arrangements 2hrs restaurant, reception, online, Booking stays, planning Making a booking
travel, flight, pick-up

labels, price, expensive,

7.1 Products and services 2hrs competitive, quality, customer, Value of a product or service Customer service questionnaire
Lesson 7 value, durability

size, color, weight, price,

7.2 Orders and contracts 2hrs quantity, quality, material, date, Orders and contracts Make an order for a product
insurance, contract
supply, demand, manufacture,
8.1 Manufaturing process 2hrs factory, capacity, production, Productions process Case: manufacturing of Coca Cola
storage, costs, goods, delivery
Lesson 8

problem, prevent, stop,

increase, develop, accomplish, Introducing and solving
8.2 Problems and solutions 2hrs Problem solving in groups
avoid, cause, detect, explain, problems

prediction, tendency agree, Prediction about the future,

9.1 The future 2hrs Predict the performance of a company
decrease, improve, strategy strategizing
Lesson 9
arrange, crisis, miss, run, team,
9.2 Meetings 2hrs damage, collapse, attend, Brainstorming, crisis meetings Brainstorming

portfolio, skills, courses,

Leadership, descriptions, What could you do to improve your
10.1 Career development 2hrs seminars, leadership, creativity,
training business skills portfolio?
innovation, class, training
Lesson 10

budget, conference, speaker,

10.2 Organising a conference 2hrs fee, event, enroll, founder, Create an invitation Small talk
invitation, details

danger, hazard, alarm, fire,

smoking, elevators, first aid,
11.1 Health and safety 2hrs Health and safety vocabulary Draw symbols for health and safety signs
voltage, exit, emergency, help,
Lesson 11 extinguisher

fall, split, trip, hit,crash, blood,

11.2 Reporting accidents 2hrs urgent, cut, breath, hospital, Report and handle accidents Safety suggestions
salary, colleagues, hours,
ovetime, responsibility,
12.1 The job market 2hrs Job satisfaction, getting a job What do you look for in a job?
unemployed, holidays,
Lesson 12
Lesson 12
advertisement, application,
cover letter, interview,
12.2 Job application 2hrs Job application Problems at work
qualifications, experience,
skills, languages

Pair methods
work, games,
performance, conversation
BEC practice, interactions, free
talk share

very well, but need to ad more preofessional business english

more fluently with pricise sentences.

Culture Extra
Knowledge Share

How to handle working

time vs personal time

Find your method to finish

Time management
work on time

Every company has

different policies and Organizational culture
Every company has
different policies and Organizational culture

How can imports affect

domestic economy?

How does a bank work? Banks

Always know something

Cultural tips
about the country you are at

7 P's or 4 C's Marketing

Basic Excel commands Optimization

Possible problems of the

Problems of the future

Prepare your CV CV

What do you think? Are

Labor regulations
they followed?

Personal SOWT SOWT

Personal SOWT SOWT