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GBS Young Life Fall 2016

What happens when people meet Jesus?

Standards for Preparation:

Read it in advance starting 2 weeks out multiple times. Meditate on it, pray through it
Meet with Ian or Hayes beforehand to run through ideas
Give your full talk to Ian or Hayes by Sunday night 24 hours before club
Vision: give kids the invitation to follow Jesus every week
Dont be afraid to reference all sorts of scripture
Speak with JOY - this will impact kids more than we know! (I want what they have)

Overview of the Talks:

John 3:1-21 Sept.12th Ian Jesus Answers Our Questions

Mark 1:16-20 Sept. 19th Kelly Jesus Calls The Ordinary

Matthew 9:9-13 Oct. 3rd Hayes Jesus Calls The Hated

Mark 5:21-43 Oct. 24th Emma Jesus Calls The Outcast

Luke 7:36-50 Nov. 7th Karl Jesus Calls/Forgives The Sinner

John 4:43-54 Nov. 14th Ali Jesus Responds to Those in Need

John 8:1-11 Nov. 28th Anders Jesus Stands Up and Fights For Us

John 11 Dec. 5th Chloe Jesus Knows How We Feel

Oct. 3 - Jesus Calls The Hated (Hayes)

Subject: Matthew the tax collector, Matthew 9:9-13
Context: Jesus approaches tax collector booth and tells Matthew to leave and follow him. Pharisees later condemn
Jesus for eating with tax collectors (who are severely disliked) and sinners, in which he responds it is not the well
that are in need of a physician, but the sick.
Main Point: Jesus uses those who are deemed as disliked/hated and asks them to follow Him and be apart of His

Oct. 24 - Jesus Calls The Outcast (Emma)

Subject: The Bleeding Woman, Mark 5:21-43
Context: A woman who was ill for twelve years and was an outcast in her village had so much faith in Jesus that she
forced herself to fight through a crowd of those who were disgusted by her just to have the possibility of being
healed by Him. Even the slightest touch of His robe was enough for her. She was excluded from her village for 12
years and had no money, but had enough hope and faith that Jesus would heal her. She was physically broken but
found healing in Jesus.
Main Point: He cares for those who feel exiled/those who feel that they dont belong.

Nov 7 - Jesus Calls/Forgives The Sinners (Karl)

Subject: The Sinful Woman, Luke 7:36-50
Context: A sinful woman anoints Jesus with expensive ointment and wipes Jesus feet with her tears and the hair of
her head. When Jesus is corrected for letting this sinner touch him, he reminds Simon that those who are
forgiven much, love much. In the end, Jesus forgives the woman her sin and announces Your faith has saved you;
go in peace (Luke 7:50).
Main Point: Jesus loves and cares for those who feel ashamed or trapped in sin and forgives them.

Nov 14 - Jesus Responds to Those in Need (Ali)

Subject: The Royal Officials Dying Son, John 4:43-54
Context: A royal official went to Cana when he heard that Jesus was there and begged Jesus to heal his son, who
was at the point of death in Capernaum. Jesus told the man that his son would live and later the official is told that
the sons fever left the exact instant that he was speaking with Jesus.
Main Point: Jesus hears our cries for help and is ready to help. He is able to completely change our lives.

Nov 28 - Jesus Stands Up and Fights for Us (Anders)

Subject: Woman Caught in Adultery, John 8:1-11
Context: Woman who was caught in the act of adultery is brought in front of the public to be shamed as well as
stoned. The teachers of the law and the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus by bringing up the Mosaic law. Jesus stands
before them and tells the crowd that the one who is sinless can cast the first stone. Jesus writes in the sand/dirt
and they start to back away. Jesus then tells the woman that he does not condemn her and tells to her to go and
be free of sin.
Main Point: Jesus stands up for us and is willing to protect us. He is always in our corner. Even though we are sinful,
the only one who is perfect and sinless, who would be allowed to throw the first stone, does not condemn us.
Instead he has come to save us.

Dec 5 - Jesus Knows How We Feel (Chloe)

Subject: The Death of Lazarus, John 11
Context: Lazarus becomes ill and dies, Mary and Martha send word to Jesus for they know how He cared for him.
Mary and Martha tell Jesus when he returns to Judea that if He had been there, Lazarus would not have died.
Both sisters are very upset, and Jesus becomes upset along with them. Specifically, Jesus wept.
Main Point: This chapter shows so clearly how Jesus truly understands our emotions and what we go through. Jesus
came to this earth to gain full knowledge of what is like to live here. He is also fully man and fully God. We may
feel like he doesnt really know how we feel in any given situation, but He does and He feels those things along
with us.