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Azure Active Directory B2C

A cloud-based consumer identity and access

management service with proven ability to
manage billions of authentications.

Business objectives: B2C features:

Self-service registration using
Connect with consumers social accounts or create your own
Get a unified view of all consumers accessing your applications credentials with email verification
while providing high availability and strong security.
Out-of-the-box consumer
Pay in a way that makes sense as your business grows experiences for profile
management, self-service password
Start with a free tier and then pay as you go as your
reset, and more
applications receive more customers and traffic. Azure Active
Directory B2C pricing model combines per authentication
and per user charges so it is more cost effective than Flexible policy framework that
on-premises systems. allows enterprises to drive
application compliance
Deliver friction-free consumer experiences
Make it easy for your consumers to get to your app. Enable Unified view of the consumer
self-service sign up, profile and password management, and (profile, sign-up, SSO)
single sign-on to all your apps. to all applications

Protect consumer identities Phone-based multi-factor

authentication at the
Secure access and availability go hand-in-hand. Your
application level
customers will rest assured knowing that their profiles are
protected through various security controls and application or
policy-based multi-factor authentication, and always accessible Full user-interface customization
on a highly available, global cloud platform with an on all consumer pages
SLA of 99.9%.
Activity and auditing reports
Meet your business needs with Azure that allow you to track key
indicators such as number of
Active Directory B2C active users, abandoned sign-ups,
and failed sign-ins
Stay connected with your consumers with a cloud identity service that is
reliable and cost effective. Built on Azure Active Directory, the secure cloud
identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Bulk migration tools to migrate
Active Directory B2C is a highly available, global identity management existing consumer identities to
the cloud
service for consumer-facing applications that scales to hundreds of
millions of identities. It can be easily integrated across mobile and web
platforms. Your consumers can log on to all your applications through fully Deep integration with leading
customizable experiences by using their existing socials accounts or by development platforms and strong
creating new credentials. support for open standards.
Azure Active Directory B2C

You may purchase Azure AD B2C either on an Enterprise If you are an Azure Direct customer, your Azure Active
Agreement (via Azure monetary commitment) or via Azure Directory B2C usage will be billed using a volume-based
Direct. You can also apply your existing EA Azure monetary tiered model, as shown below.
commitment towards the Azure AD B2C service.
Stored user / month Price
B2C usage will be billed monthly based on the
First 50,000 Free
total number of both:
Next 950,000 $ 0.0011
a) Stored Users: Users stored in the Azure AD B2C Next 9,000,000 $ 0.00094
directory; and Greater than 10,000,000 $ 0.00078

b) Authentications: Tokens issued either in response to

a sign in request initiated by a user, or initiated by an Authentication / month Price
application on behalf of a user (e.g. token refresh, First 50,000 Free
where the refresh interval is configurable). Next 950,000 $ 0.0028
Next 9,000,000 $ 0.0021
Greater than 10,000,000 $ 0.0014

If you are an EA customer (with Azure monetary commitment), your Azure Active Directory B2C usage will be billed at
a low flat rate for each Stored User and Authentication, with no free tier. Please contact your Microsoft representative for a
price quote specific to your EA agreement.

Multi-Factor Authentication: a separate fee will apply if you choose to use the per application Multi-Factor
Authentication option in Azure Active Directory B2C to provide higher levels of assurance. If you are an Azure Direct
customer, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for your Azure Active Directory B2C users will be charged at a flat fee of $0.03
per authentication. If you are an EA customer, please contact your Microsoft representative for a price quote specific to
your EA agreement.

What are the licensing prerequisites for Azure Active
Directory B2C Basic?
Businesses can buy Azure Active Directory B2C

asked service via Azure EA or via the direct offer from

the Azure Portal.

questions Can I use my existing Azure monetary commitment

for Azure Active Directory B2C purchases?

Yes, you can use your existing Azure monetary

commitment towards Azure Active Directory B2C.

If I choose to use the per application Multi-Factor

Authentication option in Azure Active Directory B2C, do I
need to buy it separately?

Yes, Multi-Factor Authentication needs to be

bought separately. There is a separate Multi-Factor
Authentication offer for external users.