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The responsibilities of this position are:

1. Handling efficient provision of the port operations services as required by the vessels in
port and as per procedure

2. Providing arrival and departure documentation requirements on a timely manner and

without causing delay to vessel berthing or departure

3. Obtaining all required arrival and departure information from the vessel and relay to
concerned office staff / all concerned parties as per procedure

4. Analysing vessel schedule and requirements for basis of planning an efficient and on time
attendance to the vessel

5. Upon vessel arrival, carrying out a thorough discussion with the vessel command on all
the requirements as per AgencyNow Check List in order to plan for efficient and timely

6. Timely procedure delivery of hand carried items, cash and mobile phone to the vessel
(and collection of mobile phone thereafter)

7. Ensuring all principal / standing / safety instructions are clearly understood

8. Ensuring all operational and safety procedures are strictly complied

9. Providing full liaison support functions for official matters with Port and Immigration
Authorities with compliance to procedure

10. Having Close coordination with the vessel command /concerned authorities and other
parties in order to comply with vessel requirements

11. Ensuring full details of complaints, procedure and safety related issues are reported to
Senior Ship Supervisor and required appropriate corrective actions carried out

12. Safe delivery of Cash to Master, collection of respective acknowledgment receipt and
submitting to Shipping Manager - AUH thereafter

13. Carrying out Boarding Representative duties as per procedure

14. Handling all immigration related processing activities in Abu Dhabi.

15. Handling for building and maintaining good relationship with authorities

16. Providing Crew Feedback Form are provided to off signers

17. Collecting Crew Feedback Form from on signers and submitted to Shipping Managers
office thereafter

18. Providing In port Master Satisfaction Feedback Form to the Master

19. Collecting filled in Master Satisfaction Feedback Form from the Master and submitting to
Shipping Managers office thereafter

20. Improvising performance in carrying out responsibilities to achieve customer satisfaction

to highest standards.

21. Ensuring effective implementation / compliance of Management Requirements as per

Kanoo Shipping Operational / Quality / HSSE Procedures and Policies

22. Monitoring suppliers to ensure Kanoo Shipping Operational / Quality / HSSE /

Accounting requirements are strictly complied at all times

23. Witnessing Operations Coordinator 2 (Husbandry) during Cash handling to

Master. Ensuring funds collected from cashier is correct amount and is sealed in the cash
bag before delivery to the vessel