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Working With Words: Homophones in Context

Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase.

Identify real-life connections between words and their use

I can statement:
I can use homophones in context.

How this lesson relates to previous lessons and or data:

This week, our spelling words are all homophones. This lesson focuses on using some of
our spelling words in context.


Time (in Minutes): Steps:

2 min -Between the Lions Homophones YouTube clip

1 min Focus Lesson:

Discuss homophones--what are they?
Inform students that we will be adding three more homophones to
our homophone books today: sent, cent, scent

5 min Guided Practice/Productive Group Work:

-Define sent, scent, sent
(I will be displaying images of these three words and asking
students to make inferences about their meanings)
-Matching sent, scent, cent to images that I present

5 min Independent:
Add sent, cent, scent to homophone books

(Students will create sentences using these three words, students

who finish quickly may draw an illustration to represent the
sentence written)
8 min Guided Practice/Productive Group Work:
Making words (Students are given letters and must make the words
that I read to them)


Mystery word: connections

2 min Closure:
Discuss differences between sent, cent, and scent (I will pick sticks
and ask students to share their thinking)

Academic/Social/Linguistic Supports for individual students:

-I am providing images for students to use as a reference, this will allow students to
connect a word to an image to give meaning to the word.
-JS, FZ, TH, and CP will be receiving homophone book pages where the word has already
been written down for them. These students will draw a picture of the word before writing
their sentence. They also have a larger space for writing on their homophone pages.

I will collect homophone book pages to evaluate student understanding of the
homophones sent, scent, and cent.