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THE GURPS STAR WARS PROJECT ................................... 2 ITHORIAN ............................................................................. 33
TABLE OF CONTENTS .......................................................... 3 JAWA...................................................................................... 34
INTRODUCTION AND OTHER INFORMATION................ 4 KLATOOINIAN ..................................................................... 35
GURPS DENIZENS OF THE GALAXY: .......................................... 4 KUBAZ.................................................................................... 36
A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR...................................................... 4 MON CALAMARI.................................................................. 37
DISCLAIMER............................................................................. 4 NEMOIDIAN .......................................................................... 38
ABOUT GURPS........................................................................ 4 NIKTO .................................................................................... 39
GURPS STAR WARS, CONTRIBUTORS, SPECIAL KAJAIN'SA'NIKTO .................................................................... 39
THANKS ................................................................................... 5 KADA'SA'NIKTO ...................................................................... 39
ABOUT THE AUTHOR ................................................................. 5 ESRAL'SA'NIKTO ..................................................................... 39
PROJECT TEAM ......................................................................... 5 GLUSS'SA'NIKTO ..................................................................... 40
OTHER CONTRIBUTORS .............................................................. 5 M'SHENTO'SU'NIKTO ............................................................... 40
RACIAL TEMPLATES OF THE GALAXY ........................... 6 ORTOLAN .............................................................................. 41
RACIAL TEMPLATE FORMAT ...................................................... 6 PACITHHIP ........................................................................... 42
ABYSSIN................................................................................... 7 QUARREN .............................................................................. 43
ADVOZSEC .............................................................................. 8 RANAT.................................................................................... 44
AMANIN ................................................................................... 9 RODIAN.................................................................................. 45
ANZATI .................................................................................. 10 SAKIYAN................................................................................ 46
AQUALISH............................................................................. 12 SARKAN ................................................................................. 47
AQUALA ................................................................................ 12 SHISTAVANEN...................................................................... 48
QUARA .................................................................................. 12 SNIVVIAN .............................................................................. 49
ARCONA................................................................................. 13 SULLUSTAN........................................................................... 50
BARABEL............................................................................... 14 TALZ....................................................................................... 51
BARAGWIN ........................................................................... 15 TEEK....................................................................................... 52
BITH ....................................................................................... 16 TRANDOSHAN ...................................................................... 53
BOTHAN................................................................................. 17 TUSKEN RAIDER (SANDPEOPLE)..................................... 54
CHADRA-FAN ....................................................................... 18 TWI'LEK ................................................................................ 55
CHEVIN .................................................................................. 19 WEEQUAY ............................................................................. 56
DEVARONIAN ....................................................................... 20 WOOKIEE.............................................................................. 57
DEVARONIAN, MALE .............................................................. 20 YUZZUM ................................................................................ 58
DEVARONIAN, FEMALE ........................................................... 20 ZEHETHBRA ......................................................................... 59
DRESSELIAN ......................................................................... 21 APPENDIX A NEW ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES
DUG......................................................................................... 22 ................................................................................................. 60
DUROS.................................................................................... 23 NEW ADVANTAGES ................................................................. 60
ELOMIN ................................................................................. 24 NEW DISADVANTAGES ............................................................ 60
EWOK..................................................................................... 25 APPENDIX B SAMPLE ALIEN CHARACTERS.............. 62
FALLEEN ............................................................................... 26 BIBLIOGRAPHY................................................................... 65
GAMORREAN ....................................................................... 27 GURPS MATERIAL ................................................................ 65
GRAN...................................................................................... 28 STAR WARS REFERENCE MATERIAL ......................................... 65
HERGLIC ............................................................................... 29 MOVIES AND TV SHOWS ......................................................... 65
HOUK ..................................................................................... 30 COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND GAMES.......................................... 65
HUTT ...................................................................................... 31
ISHI TIB ................................................................................. 32




When I first stumbled across Francis Martels
site, I was amazed. The detail and accuracy of
his translation was incredible, but the one
thing I thought needed improving was the
selection of alien races. The alien races were
always my favorite part of the Star Wars
trilogy, and the Prequel. I can't tell you how
many times I have rewound the cantina scene
in A New Hope, or Jabba's Palace in Return of
the Jedi. I approached Francis with a few
samples of Aliens I had translated over, and he
graciously allowed me to work on his project.
When you are looking through the aliens
below, keep in mind that I have taken from the
many degrees of canon sources in the SW
universe. I have drawn from the Novels,
Movies, RPG references, and Essential guides. If the question of
canon or not canon comes up, just remember that this is my own
view of the aliens of the SW universe, and If you don't agree with DISCLAIMER
something you see, simply change it to suit your needs or E-mail
The material contained in this book is drawn from the works of
your concerns to Francis or Myself (
George Lucas, his collaborators and other Sci-fi authors who have
While I did not include every alien race in the Star Wars galaxy, I helped the Star Wars phenomenon to grow since its birth in the
did include 51 races in this book. More Denizens of the Galaxy late 70s. Most of the material referred to in this book is owned
may be included in a future supplement, Denizens of the Galaxy under copyright laws by George Lucas (Lucasfilm Ltd.)
II, which I will be working on in the future. I hope that you find and/or/either 20th Century Fox. ALL NAMES, TRADEMARKS
the book both informative and useful. Thanks, and enjoy. AND LOGOS USED IN THIS BOOK ARE USED WITHOUT

GURPS is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games Inc. All
reference to their works used in this book are used without their
permission given or implied. If you are familiar with Steve
Jackson Games, and you probably are since you are reading this
document, you will know that there are hundreds of incredibly
written books for this superb system. I would strongly suggest
that you go out and purchase some of their supplements and other
worldbooks if you have the money.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thomas is from Germany, and lives in Berlin. Thomas is 29 years
old and currently works as a software developer in the Health Care
R. JASON KIDD industry. Thomas is a general SF fan and a RPG tabletop gamer. A
lot of the technical features of spaceships have been designed and
AUTHOR & RESOURCE GATHERER revised because of his numerous discussions and commentaries on
Jason is from the US, and he currently lives near Orlando, FL, the Star Wars technologies and on how to handle them in this
with his wife Melanie. He is 27 years old and is currently book.
working as a photographer. Jason's interests include role-playing,
Philosophy, Music (Both listening and playing), and Sociology. MICHAEL SIERSLEBEN
Jason has been gaming since he was twelve and has been a Star Another collaborator from Germany, Michael has worked hard in
Wars fanatic most of his life (Since Episode IV first came out in providing the information in the Campaigning section, the
'77). He is the principal writer of this book, and is also working cinematic section and in developing the Jedi Martial Art style.
on the Technical Manual supplements, Creatures of the Galaxy, Michael is 28 years old and lives in Braunschweig with his
and Denizens of the Galaxy Vol. II. Jason has also designed the fiance, Kathrin. Michael currently works as a gym instructor
covers of the majority of the adaptation supplements, as well as (Tae-Kwon-Do, Self-Defense, Thairobic, Aerobic, Fitness) but
provided info and support to the other members of the team. plans to finish university in German and English literature, as well
as in Greek philosophy. Michael is currently working on the
Empire Sourcebook, and has been a great help with suggestions on
the format and information contained in this book. The
PROJECT TEAM Gamorrean and Aquala characters in the Sample Alien Characters
FRANCIS MARTEL section were designed by Michael.

The project coordinator and author is Francis Martel, from OTHER CONTRIBUTORS
Montreal, Canada. Francis is 30 years old and lives with his wife
Stephanie and their son Marc-Antoine...And a shape shifting red THE COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL
dragon that currently poses as the household cat, Willy.
Francis has been gaming since he was about 15, which means hes
been deranged for 15 years already! His interests, as far as
gaming goes, are mostly centered on role-playing games (GURPS,
Battletech, AD&D, Travelers) and strategic gaming (Advanced I would like to thank Bob Vitas for kindly granting me permission
Squad Leader, Starfleet Battles, Wooden Ships & Iron Men...). to use some of his entries from his incredibly thorough document.
Computers also take a lot of his free time (His wife constantly If any of the readers ever have a question concerning anything in
wages war against his 3 computers...) Star Wars, just check out the URL above. The answer will most
likely be there, and you may learn something about the SW
Francis currently work for ConnecTalk Inc, an IT consulting firm Universe you didnt know before. The following descriptions
based in Montreal, with offices in the USA (NJ). His role is to were taken word for word from the encyclopedia (Dresselian,
develop IT solutions for the customers. In short, he establishes the Ewok, Falleen, Gran, Houk, Hutt, Mon Calamari, Quarren,
layout of the solution (servers, routers, data links, firewalls, OS, Sarkan, Sullustan, Wookiee).
etc.) and source out all the material, manpower and software
required to implement the solution. THE GURPS COMMUNITY
Some of the Aliens designed were based upon Franciss initial Mostly those who visited and supported the website, and some of
designs from the GURPS Star Wars Sourcebooks. Francis also is the listeners on the GURPS newsgroup, for their insights,
the editor of this book. suggestions, recommendations and overall support and assistance.


Also from Canada, JP currently lives in Calgary and studies for his For their willingness in being lab rats for this project, the
major in history at the university of Calgary. JP plans to get a following persons must be thanked. They have provided
PhD in Military History. JP is the person in charge of the Force numerous hours of great fun and have managed more then often to
Skills and as provided much material about Star Wars, mostly stump their GM: Jean, Sbastien, Vronique, Sylvain, Patrice,
from the WEG RPG. Patrick, Bruno, Stephanie and Chantal.


for putting up with his nonsense, and remaining a loyal, loving
R. JASON KIDD THANKS HIS WIFE supporter through good times and bad.


RACIAL TEMPLATE FORMAT Alien races advantages. Alien races disadvantages. I did not
include disadvantages for features that are a normal or average
The following is a sample of the format that was used in designing characteristic for that race, except in extreme circumstances.
the templates for this book. Next to each heading is a short (Example: Gigantism for Wookiees, Dwarfism for Ewoks, Fat for
definition that describes what that heading includes. Gamorreans etc) GMs, who disagree with my design method,
can simply add the disadvantage they want to the cost of the
Point cost of the alien race to use during character creation. I have
attempted to keep the point costs low, to allow versatility during SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES
character creation Skills such as Area Knowledge and Native Language that species
who grew up on their home world would receive. A character
TECH LEVEL receives these skills at IQ (or otherwise listed). These skills are
The TL or technological advancement of the alien race. The free of cost, and should not be added into the characters total.
Empire and the Rebel Alliance/New Republic TL is 12. However to raise these skills, consider the skill to be a racially
known skill, and should be able to be raised at half cost.
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN Alien races often have skills at which they excel. These skills will
The planet or system the race originally hails from. This does not either be represented as a +/- to a skill level, or they will receive a
mean that the character has to be from the same planet or system certain skill at a specified level. These skills have been added
that his or her race originates. into the races total cost. This is the area that suggested skills for
the race will be listed.
Some aliens are stronger or weaker than human norm, while DESCRIPTION
others are smarter or dumber. In the Gurps system, a races A description of the alien race and their history.
inherent strengths or weaknesses are shown by modifying the
attributes of the race. These modifications are only added once, NOTES
during character creation. Example: A Player wants to create an Notes to the reader.
Arcona character. The Arcona get a +1 to HT. The player spends
10 points on HT, raising it to 11. The player then adds the
attribute bonus for the race raising it the characters HT to 12.
Later during the game, the player wants to raise his characters The Height and Weight Tables present the average heights and
HT to 13. When calculating the points needed to raise the stat by weights of the species in question. Use it in the same manner as
1, the player would only have to figure the point cost of raising the described in the sidebar located on GURPS Basic Set page 15.
stat to 12. Which would cost 20 pts. 10 for the initial rise in
levels, and doubled because the game has started. After the stat
the attribute bonus is added again raising the stat to 13.


offworlders. In fact, many
CHARACTER POINTS: 33 offworlders believe that they
TECH LEVEL: 9 are a savage and brutal race.
While the Abyssin love
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: BYSS physical combat, they are
slightly less pleased about a
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS blaster battles, and are even
+1 ST [+10 pts] less pleased to be involved a
starship battle (After all you
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES cannot regenerate after a ship
Regeneration (Fast) [+50 pts] explodes and your atoms a
Rapid Healing (Free w/Regeneration) [+00 pts] scattered across space.) This
No Depth Perception [-10 pts] dislike of starship battles, has
Reputation (-2) [-05 pts] made some Abyssin severely
(Violent Race, see below) disliking starships altogether.
Primitive (3 levels) [-15 pts] It should be noted that the
Height and Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Abyssin themselves, do not
think of their race as violent ST Height Weight
Language, Average (Abyssin) at IQ
or savage. Even during the --- 5'7" 150lbs
Area Knowledge (Byss) at IQ
most violent "blooding", most --- 5'8" 155lbs
Survival (Desert) at IQ (2 pts) * < 5 5'9" 160lbs
of the Abyssin involved will
Brawling at DX (1 pt) * be injured, not killed. 6 5'10" 165lbs
* Pay only 50% normal costs to raise these skills 7 5'11" 170lbs
An Abyssin can be seen in A 9 6'1" 180lbs
The Abyssin are Humanoid Bipeds that have long limbs and well- 10 6'2" 190lbs.
New Hope in the cantina after
muscled bodies. Their upper and lower jaws protrude slightly, 11 6'3" 200lbs
Obi-Wan slices off Ponda
forcing their teeth to be visible unless the Abyssin makes a 12 6'4" 210lbs
Baba's arm. The planet Byss
concentrated effort to keep his or her teeth from view. The most 13 6'5" 220lbs
that they hail from is not the
Alien feature on the Abyssin is the single eye in the center of their 14 6'6" 230lbs
same Byss that Palpatine hid
foreheads. The pupil of the eye is slitted much like that of a 15 6'7" 240lbs
on between ROTJ and Dark
reptile. >16 6'8" 250lbs
The regenerative ability of the Abyssin has greatly affected their For each inch over the height
culture. This means that most Abyssin will resort to violence first of 6'8", add +10 pounds to the
and worry about consequences later. The Abyssin love violence average weight.
and fighting and this approach to physical violence confuses many


CHARACTER POINTS: 25 Riflor's constant tectonic
activity has instilled a sense
TECH LEVEL: 12 of skepticism and pessimism
in most of the Advozsec
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: RIFLOR personalities. The race seems
to be in a constant battle
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS against the planet's condition
+1 IQ [+10 pts] and Advozsec cities are
continually being rebuilt after
Dark Vision [+25 pts] Advozsec are an herbivorous
Horns (no damage) [+00 pts] race, and their technological
Pessimist [-10 pts] level mirrors much of the
galaxies, although they tend
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES to build it on a smaller, more
Language, Average (Advozsec) at IQ transportable scale.
Area Knowledge (Riflor) at IQ Height and Weight
A single member of the --- 5'2" 120lbs
The Advozsec race is characterized by their short stature, large species is referred to as --- 5'3" 130lbs
black eyes, and enlarged cranium. Their skulls are punctuated by a Advozse. Also, an Advozse < 5 5'4" 130lbs
short, thick horn, which protrudes from the center of their can be seen in the cantina in 6 5'5" 135lbs
forehead. Their ears are pointed and their large eyes allow them to Episode IV- A New Hope. 7 5'6" 135lbs
see in the murky light caused by Riflor dense, ash-filled 8 5'7" 140lbs
atmosphere. 9 5'8" 145lbs
10 5'9" 150lbs
11 5'10" 155lbs
12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
>16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


CHARACTER POINTS: 45 The Amanin are forest
dwelling creatures. They
TECH LEVEL: 3 establish their homes in the
high treetops of the forests on
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: MARIDUN their planets. The majority of
Amanin are slow to anger, but
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS once their tempers rise, the
+1 ST [+10 pts] result is bloody. They tend to
+3 HT [+30 pts] have a good sense of humor,
-1 IQ [-10 pts] but most species tend to think
it slightly morbid.
Brachiator [+05 pts] The leaders of the Amanin are
Enhanced Movement (2 levels, Roll) [+20 pts] shamans and lorekeepers, and
Infravision [+15 pts] these leaders are charged with
Regrowth [+40 pts] remembering the oral history
of the past. The Amanin have Height and Weight
Odious Racial Habit [-15 pts]
a different perception of time,
(Expel undigested material from their mouths) ST Height Weight
then the rest of the galaxy.
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] --- 5'2" 120lbs
They only see time as having
Reduced Movement (1 level, Walking) [-05 pts] --- 5'3" 130lbs
two parts, a beginning and an
<5 5'4" 130lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES ending. When an Amanin
6 5'5" 135lbs
Language, Hard (Amanin) at IQ tries to convey time to other
beings, they do it by relating 7 5'6" 135lbs
Area Knowledge (Maridun) at IQ 8 5'7" 140lbs
it to past events. This can be
Brawling at DX (1 pt) 9 5'8" 145lbs
incredibly aggravating to
Survival (Forest) at IQ-1 (1 pt) 10 5'9" 150lbs
companions of an Amani
(See also Brachiator for more free skills) 11 5'10" 155lbs
(Singular form of Amanin).
12 5'11" 160lbs
DESCRIPTION The Amanin society is set up 13 6'0" 165lbs
The Amanin are a race of tall, flat-bodied planarian that inhabit in social groups that control 14 6'1" 170lbs
the forests and plains of the planet Maridun. The Amanin skin is small forests on Maridun. 15 6'2" 180lbs
wrinkly, moist and sensitive to drying. The front of their bodies The forests are usually, >16 6'3" 190lbs
have deep yellow coloration, while the rear hood, which runs from surrounded by vast For each inch over the height
the neck to the feet, is green. They also have a striped camouflage grasslands. When a social of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
pattern along the sides of the body that enable them to both hide group grows to large for the average weight.
from predators in their environment, and hunt more effectively. forest to support the Amanin
society, the extra young adults
The Amanin have small mouths, which function as both a way to travel into the grasslands, which are called gruntak, to find
eat, and a way to expel undigested material from their bodies. another suitable forest to live in. An uninhabited forest is rare,
This process is very unsettling to the majority of other sentient and the group usually attempts to seize the forest from the other
species. Their mouth is also the location of their reproductive Amanin holding it. The bloody battles are called takitals, and they
organs, and this makes it very difficult for other species to tell the make up a large portion of the lorekeepers tales.
difference between male and female Amanin. The Amanin'
bulbous eyes are a deep, dark red color, and they can easily in They are a tribal people with a very primitive level of technology,
dark conditions. and while most Amani are skeptical and fearful of high tech
devices, their society is changing rapidly. When the Empire first
They have extremely long arms that enable them to easily swing in discovered Maridun, the Amanin reacted well to their first contact
the branches in the jungles of Maridun, and have enormous hands with the offworlders. They were both curious and interested with
that are roughly half a meter long. Each hand sports long claws, the visitors. The Empire established a small mining facility on the
which, combined with the hands size, enable them to grasp and planet, and stationed a small force of Imperial Troopers on the
ensnare struggling prey. They have short legs, which hinder their planet, to protect the Empires resources. The Amanin soon found
walking movement severely, but their unusual body shape enables themselves tricked by the Empire into selling their own people
them to roll along the ground at great speeds (50 kilometers per into slavery, and the once peaceful groups of Amanin became
hour), making them swift in their natural environment. They have distrustful and fearful. During the Galactic Civil war, the Empire
the ability to regenerate lost limbs and organs, and their brains are shifted its resources to other places, and soon the planet became
actually a network of small bundles of nerves that, along with inhabited by smugglers and other small groups of criminals, who
other vital organs, are distributed throughout their bodies. This took over the abandoned imperial facilities. The young Amanin,
combination makes the Amanin very difficult to kill.


after hearing the exciting stories of Amanin who left and returned, The Amanin can be found serving as laborers, mercenaries, bounty
are leaving the forests and moving into the new spaceports. There hunters, and scouts throughout the galaxy. Despite their large,
have been accounts of some of them are returning to the forests unusual appearance and tendency to carry long, hand-held
with blasters and other technology, which they see as magic, and weapons, which are decorated with "trophies" of their past
easily taking over the primitive tribes, who still live there. The victories, they prefer to remain unnoticed in spaceport crowds.
majority of lorekeepers are seeing these changes as signs of
corruption and are trying to counter the events that have changed NOTES
their world, but the Imperial presence on Maridun may have An Amanin can be seen in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.
changed the Amanin society forever.

The Anzati Proboscises are
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS fairly useless in the average
+2 ST [+20 pts] melee. For an Anzati to
+1DX [+10 pts] attack with the proboscises,
incapacitate the victim or
Extended Lifespan (8 levels) [+40 pts]
attack while the victim is
(Lives over a 1000 years)
incapacitated. This can be
Longevity [+05 pts]
done by knocking them
Alertness (2 levels) [+10 pts] unconscious, attacking them
Proboscises (Special Attack, see below) [+05 pts] while sleeping, or restraining them in a way that the proboscises
Odious Racial Habit [-15 pts] can reach into the victims nostrils and pierce the brain. For every
(Drinks blood and Feeds on brain "energy") minute the Anzati spends feeding on a victim, the victim loses 3
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES HT. If the victims HT ever drops below 0, he dies. If the attack is
ceased before the victim is dead, and the victim somehow escapes
Language, Hard (Anzati) at IQ
the Anzati. For the next, two days he is physically, mentally, and
Area Knowledge (Anzat) at IQ
spiritually exhausted suffering a -4 penalty to all his rolls (His
Sense at IQ (8pts) "luck" has been stolen). After that, he suffers a -2 penalty for the
(See GURPS Star Wars Sourcebook page xx) next week continuing to gain more strength back. For the final
week, the character suffers a -1 penalty to all of his rolls, until he
DESCRIPTION regains his strength.
The Anzati are a race of humanoids, that closely resemble humans
on the outside, but those who do not sense the danger that exists The Anzati refer to this, as stealing a victim's luck. This
within these predatory creatures, will soon wish they had. superstition probably exists, because of the fact that most victims
Believed to be a myth to most of the galaxy, the Anzati are in fact don't survive for very long after this ordeal. The term probably
real. originated from an Anzati who fed on low-lifes, (Bounty Hunters,
Beggars, Smugglers and the like) a group of people who are
Tall, gaunt and largely humanoid in appearance, except for the always in need of their wits, otherwise they would be found dead,
prehensile proboscises coiled in their cheek pockets. These in a gutter. The physical and mental weakness that an Anzati
proboscises are long tubular organs, which can extend out from attack causes vulnerability in the victim. Rivals and enemies with
their nostrils, to pierce the brains of Anzati's victim. The Anzati vendettas probably took advantage of this weakness attacking
places his face close to his or her victim, then the proboscis extend while the victim is not fully functional. This cycle repeated itself
through the victims nasal cavity, and burrow into the brain. The and the superstition is born.
Anzati then "suck" out the brain's energies and fluids in the body.
The Anzati refer to the brain and it's energies as "soup" or "luck". The Anzati will avoid assaults on Jedi. A Jedi who has control
over his mind, able to block out unwanted probing of his thoughts
Little is known of Anzat, the planet that these creatures hail from, and feelings, can block out the Anzati's form of receptive
and they don't appear to have any sort of biological rhythm. They telepathy. The Anzati however is able to determine that the
simply exist, and when they require rest, they drop into a deep person is a Jedi and sense how powerful he is. Usually, the Anzati
coma-like state. Anzati can live over a thousand years, and they will come to the conclusion, that the risk involved is not worth the
most commonly find employment as bounty hunters or assassins. effort, and go and find easier prey. Many Anzati will stalk
especially tasty looking prey for months, even years, just to feed


on that person. After all when you are able to live for thousands Solo was wanted by
of years, what is a year or two. Jabba, So he went to
Jabba's Palace to wait Height and Weight
MODIFIED FORCE SKILL for him. After all time ST Height Weight
Sense - The Anzati have focused this skill to feed on their victims. is on his side. --- 5'6" 110lbs
The usage is very similar to the way Jedi's use it, sensing strength --- 5'7" 120lbs
In the example above, < 5 5'8" 120lbs
in the force and what not, but with one important difference. Due
Dannick focused on Solo 6 5'9" 125lbs
to the thousand of years spent using this skill, The Anzati have
because of his "luck" was 7 5'10" 125lbs
developed the ability to not only sense presence of the force, but
strong. My suggestion would 8 5'11" 130lbs
they can use it to determine the "life force or luck" of the target.
be to let the GM decide 9 6'0" 135lbs
Since their really are no rules for determining the lifeforce of a
whose "luck is stronger as 10 6'1" 140lbs
target, because it is some kind of vitality that the Anzati can sense,
you go along. Just do 11 6'2" 145lbs
the amount of lifeforce in a target or character will be left to the
whatever is appropriate to the 12 6'3" 150lbs
judgment of the GM.
story you are playing. 13 6'4" 155lbs
Example: When Dannick Jerriko, an Anzati in the Mos 14 6'5" 160lbs
Eisley cantina, first noticed Ben and Luke, he was able to
NOTES 15 6'6" 170lbs
sense that Ben was a Jedi Master and that Luke was strong Anzati PC's are not > 16 6'7" 180lbs
with the force. He immediately decided that Ben was far too recommended. Although, as For each inch over the height
much trouble to feed off of, and contemplated feeding off of always, this is the GM's of 67", add 10 pounds to the
Luke. It was when he noticed Solo that he focused on him. option. average weight.
His "luck" was strong and tasty, and he then follwed him to
docking bay 94, where Solo made his escape. Dannick
could not let such a tasty morsel get away, and he knew that


+2 ST [+12 pts]
Amphibious [+10 pts]
Gills [+10
Bad Temper [-10 pts] known as the Aquala. The
Reputation (-2) [-05 pts] lower caste has clawed hands, Height and Weight
(Bullies, 10 or less) rather than the webbed ones,
ST Height Weight
Bully [-10 pts] and is known as the Quara.
--- 5'2" 130lbs
No Fine Manipulators [-30 pts] The distinction between the
--- 5'3" 140lbs
sub-races are great; webbed
< 5 5'4" 140lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Aqualish hold governmental
6 5'5" 145lbs
Language, Very Hard (Aqualish) at IQ and commercial positions,
7 5'6" 145lbs
Area Knowledge (Ando) at IQ while the clawed Aqualish are
8 5'7" 150lbs
Swimming at ST * usually left to become bounty
9 5'8" 155lbs
* Pay only 50% normal costs to raise this skill hunters and smugglers. They
10 5'9" 160lbs
are a belligerent and
11 5'10" 165lbs
QUARA hotheaded species, but they
are a technologically
12 5'11" 170lbs
13 6'0" 175lbs
CHARACTER POINTS: 15 advanced race. Both members
14 6'1" 180lbs
of this species are known
15 6'2" 190lbs
TECH LEVEL: 12 throughout the galaxy for their
> 16 6'3" 200lbs
bad tempers and easily get
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ANDO into fights and into trouble. For each inch over the height
of 63", add 10 pounds to the
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS The Aquala live in vast average weight.
+2 ST [+20 pts] sailing ships and floating
cities, while the Quara live on
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES the planet's small islands. The two subraces have a long history of
Amphibious [+10 pts] civil war. The Aquala, who blamed the Quara for the declining
harvests of fish, initiated the war. The bloody war was ended by
Gills [+10 an exploration ship (possibly the Duros) that landed on the surface
pts] of Ando. The two groups stopped their fighting and banded
Bad Temper [-10 pts] together to attack the "trespassers". They crew was slaughtered
Reputation (-2) [-05 pts] and the non-technical Aqualish soon discovered how to fly the
(Bullies, 10 or less) ship, and even learned how to build their own. The old grudges
Bully [-10 pts] soon re-surfaced, though, and the two factions took their battle to
Ando's sister planet, which ended in its destruction. When the
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Empire arrived, the war-loving Aqualish tried to overthrow them.
Language, Very Hard (Aqualish) The sheer might of the Empire battered the Aqualish into
Area Knowledge (Ando) submission, but it instilled a deep bitterness in the Aqualish
Pay only 50% normal cost for Swimming (must still purchase culture against offworlders.
the swimming skill)

Ponda Baba the alien who had his arm chopped off in Episode IV:
A walrus-faced race of bipeds from the planet Ando. There are A New Hope was a Quara.Aqula Strength costs include the
two, distinct sub-races of Aqualish society. The higher caste has reduction for No Fine Manipulators.
hands, which are articulated webs with opposable thumbs, and is


very often, if ever. Scholars
CHARACTER POINTS: 25 tend to believe that during the
TECH LEVEL: 12 Arcona's evolution, that they
possibly made nests for their
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CONA young by digging in the soil.
Although this is just
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS speculation, the fact remains
+1 HT [+10 pts] that these talons can also be
used in combat if necessary
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES (both Thr/imp and sw/cut
Acute Hearing (2 Levels) [+04 pts] damage). The most peculiar Height and Weight
Acute Taste/Smell (2 Levels) [+04 pts] thing about the Arcona is their ST Height Weight
Claws (Talons) [+40 pts] susceptibility to becoming --- 5'2" 120lbs
Damage Resistance (DR 1) [+02 pts] addicted to salt (See Below) --- 5'3" 130lbs
(Tough Hide - No Protection from energy attacks) < 5 5'4" 130lbs
Arcona society is a very 6 5'5" 135lbs
Bad Sight [-25 pts] communal society based upon
(Near Sighted - Cannot be corrected) 7 5'6" 135lbs
the precept that the rights of 8 5'7" 140lbs
Addiction: Salt [-10 pts] the whole group out weigh the
(see New Advantages and Disadvantages Section) 9 5'8" 145lbs
rights of the individual. 10 5'9" 150lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Primarily the group is the
Arconas family; also call a
11 5'10" 155lbs
Language, Average (Arcona) at IQ 12 5'11" 160lbs
Grand Nest, although this can
Area Knowledge (Cona) at IQ include any group that follows
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
DESCRIPTION the rules of the society. The
Arcona are farmers by nature,
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
Arcona are scaleless, bipedal reptiles with triangular shaped heads tilling Cona's rich tropical
and large, marble-like eyes. Between their eyes is a tiny bulbous soil. They have also For each inch over the height
knob that is used as a heat sensor and supplement to their incorporated themselves in all of 63", add 10 pounds to the
eyesight. Their skin ranges in color from dark mahogany and gray sorts of galactic affairs and average weight.
to deep black, and bears a resemblance to fibrous wood. Arcona activities, although many
have sharp talons on their hands that enable them to dig through prefer the comforts of
soil or other substances quickly. The Arcona do not dig or burrow spaceports, if they are not living on Cona.


which they most likely
CHARACTER POINTS: 61 developed due to the close
TECH LEVEL: 10 proximity of the Barab
systems red dwarf star.
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: BARAB I The Barabel are extremely
loyal to their families, and
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS often show surprising
+2 ST [+30 pts] amounts of affection for their
+1 DX [+10 pts] young. Outside of that group
+1 HT [+10 pts] all other creatures and
-1 IQ [-10 pts] offworlders are met with
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES aggression. As mentioned
before, that unlike other
Damage Resistance, Natural Armor [+05 pts] aggressive species, the
(DR 2/DR 1 vs. energy attacks) Barabel temper that
Infravision [+15 pts] aggression with intelligence.
Passive Defense, Natural Armor [+12 pts] When the Imperials first Height and Weight
(PD 1/PD 0 vs. energy attacks) settled the planet, many big ST Height Weight
Resistance to Radiation (3 levels) [+06 pts] game hunters flocked there to --- 5'9" 170lbs
(see New Advantages and Disadvantages Section) bring home a Barabel head for --- 5'10" 175lbs
Teeth, Sharp [+05 pts] mounting on their wall. This < 5 5'11" 180lbs
Sense of Duty (to Jedi, 6 or less) [-02 pts] enraged the Barabel leaders 6 6'0" 185lbs
Primitive [-10 pts] and they retaliated. The 7 6'1" 190lbs
Reputation (-4) [-10 pts] Imperial governor at that time 8 6'2" 200lbs
(Savage Warriors/Accomplished Hunters, 10 or less) noticed their cunning and 9 6'3" 210lbs
intelligence, and began 10 6'4" 220lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES shipping Barabel off world for 11 6'5" 230lbs
Language, Hard (Barabel) at IQ use as shockboxers, 12 6'6" 240lbs
Area Knowledge (Barab I) at IQ mercenaries, and commandos. 13 6'7" 250lbs
Barabels have a reputation as 14 6'8" 260lbs
DESCRIPTION fierce warriors and competent 15 6'9" 270lbs
The Barabel are a race of bipedal reptiles that inhabit the dark, hunters, and many Barabel > 16 6'10" 280lbs
humid world of Barab I. They are covered head to tail buy horny, left to pursue careers as For each inch over the height
black scales made of keratin that functions as a natural armor, and bounty hunters The Race is of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
their mouths are filled with sharp, needle like teeth reaching well feared, and those who average weight.
lengths of five centimeters or more. They are natural hunters, are familiar with the race tend
well adapted at finding prey in the harsh environment on their to steer clear of them.
world. The Barabels eyes enable them to see in the infrared
Strangely enough, the savage Barabels have a deep respect for Jedi
spectrum, giving them an advantage over their pray, and unlike
Knights, even though they have little aptitude for sensing the
some aggressive species, they temper their aggressive behavior
Force. They will almost always yield to the commands of a Jedi,
with intelligence, cunning, and cooperation that is often necessary
and a few Barabel have tried to emulate their beliefs despite their
to achieve a goal. They also have a natural resistance to radiation,
lack of being able to sense the force.


have simply adopted the
CHARACTER POINTS: 17 technologies near where they
TECH LEVEL: 12 live. This is primarily
because the Baragwin have
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: UNKNOWN been separated for so long
that they do not have the
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS resources to develop their
None own technology. They have,
however, developed weapons
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES and tools that are useable in
Acute Taste/Smell (4 levels) [+08 pts] their three-fingered hands
Damage Resistance DR 1 [+02 pts] (These tools negate the
(Physical attacks only) penalty for the reduced
Discriminatory Smell [+15 pts] Manual Dexterity when fixing
Reduced Move (1 level) [-05 pts] something as long as they are
Reduced Manual Dexterity (1 level) [-03 pts] using their own tools).
Height and Weight
Language (Local Tongue) at IQ Hermie Odle, a member of --- 4'9" 120lbs
Language, Hard (Baragwin) at IQ Jabba the Hutt's court, was a --- 4'10" 130lbs
Area Knowledge (Planet of residence) at IQ Baragwin. < 5 4'11" 130lbs
One Mechanic skill at IQ 6 5'0" 135lbs
The TL is the average for the
7 5'1" 135lbs
DESCRIPTION species. The Baragwin adopt
8 5'3" 140lbs
the TL of the area they live in.
The Baragwins are a race of hunch-backed, bipedal saurians. No 9 5'5" 145lbs
If it is TL 11 or lower, then
one quite knows where their race originated, but the Baragwins 10 5'7" 160lbs
take the appropriate level of
have spread throughout the galaxy. They have large heads, which 11 5'9" 165bs
the Primitive disadvantage.
are almost as wide as their shoulders, and thick, muscular necks. 12 5'11" 170lbs
They have an extraordinary sense of smell, and can determine a 13 6'1" 185lbs
person's emotional state from the various pheromones exuded. 14 6'3" 200lbs
Theory has it that their homeworld has been lost for well over 15 6'5" 220lbs
several millennia. > 16 6'7" 240lbs
Baragwin communities are scattered across the galaxy, and have For each inch over the height
evolved very distinct cultural differences. Most of the Baragwin of 6'7", add 20 pounds to the
average weight.


located on their home planet
CHARACTER POINTS: 41 of Clak'dor VII, for analysis to
TECH LEVEL: 12 find prospective mates. Once
a mate is chosen, Bith
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CLAK'DOR VII children are then created from
the genetic material, which is
combined, fertilized, and
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS incubated for a year. After the
year is up, one of the parents
+4 IQ [+45 pts]
will pick up the child and
-1 ST [-10 pts] then raise it. The Bith are
- 2 HT [-15 pts] native to the planet Clak'dor
They quickly developed
Alertness (1 level) [+05 pts]
advanced technology, and
Acute Taste/Smell (1level) [+02 pts]
unfortunately for the Bith,
Doesn't Sleep [+20 pts]
among the advancements Height and Weight
Fearlessness (5 levels) [+10 pts] included the development of
Microscopic Vision (3 levels) [+12 pts] biological and chemical
ST Height Weight
Manual Dexterity (1 level) [+03 pts] warfare weapons. Soon a war
--- 4'10" 110lbs
Bad Sight [-25 pts] broke out between the city-
--- 4'11" 115lbs
(Near sighted, cannot be fixed) < 5 5'0" 120lbs
states of Nozho and Weogar,
6 5'1" 125lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES based on the patent rights to a
new stardrive engine. In this
7 5'2" 125lbs
Language, Average (Bith) at IQ 8 5'3" 130lbs
war the use of these potent
Area Knowledge (Clak'dor VII) at IQ weapons of mass destruction,
9 5'4" 130lbs
See the advantage of Manual Dexterity 10 5'5" 135lbs
destroyed their once beautiful
11 5'6" 135lbs
DESCRIPTION planet, and left the Bith with
two choices remaining bound
12 5'7" 140lbs
The Bith are a highly passive, race of biped, humanoids with pale 13 5'8" 145lbs
on the dead planet or travel to
skin, long splayed fingers, and large skulls. They have huge black 14 5'9" 150lbs
the stars. The survivors of the
eyes, with no eyelids. Their lack of eyelids is because the Bith 15 5'10" 155lbs
war built hermetically sealed
have evolved past the need for sleep. Their large eyes allow them > 16 5'11" 160lbs
cities, although they soon
to see in minute detail, but they are incredibly near sighted. Both realized that it would be For each inch over the height
the thumb and their pinky fingers on each hand are opposable, and better if they expanded to the of 5'11", add 10 pounds to the
this enables the Bith to excel at skills that require the use of stars. This whole experience average weight.
manual dexterity, such as pickpocketing, surgery, musical has had a tremendous effect
instruments, and fine tool operation. Their basic intelligence is on the Bith. They have
unequalled, and they excel at abstract thinking, although they lack developed a very passive attitude toward the rest of the galaxy,
certain instinctual emotions like fear and passion. The Biths' and developed a great deal of tolerance as well.
mechanical abilities are sought threw out the galaxy, and they can
be seen employed by the Empire, various private corporations, and The chemical warfare between the two city-states occurred just
the Alliance/New Republic. The Biths' ancestral origins are still a before the Galactic Civil War. Just after the ecological ruin of the
mystery to many. The reason it still remains a mystery is mostly planet, the Empire offered and provided the Bith with great
because of the fact that their bodies contain no residual traces of amount of aid to assist the Bith in recovering their world from its
any former life form they may have evolved from. This may have ecological ruin. (Unlike Honoghr, the homeworld of the Noghri,
been caused by the way the race procreates. Bith mating is not a where the Empire did everything possible to keep that planet in
passionate experience, and has been fined tuned to a science over shambles) In return the Bith worked hard to propagate the ideals
the years. Because of this the Bith have lost their ability to of the empire, providing support for the computer programming
procreate sexually. When a Bith wishes to procreate, he or she and reviewing the designs of all new Imperial equiptment for the
will bring their genetic material to a computer mating service, Imperial Military.


indeginous draft animals.
CHARACTER POINTS: -5 This caused the Bothan's foot
TECH LEVEL: 12 soldiers, early in their history,
to have to carry the necessary
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: VARIOUS equiptment, and heavy
armaments into battle. The
BOTHAWUI, KOTHLIS, MANY OTHER COLONIES Bothans soon grew disgusted
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS with the inefficient methods
of combat and they began to
learn how to attack opponents
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES using subterfuge and through
Reputation (-2) [-05 pts] political means. Through the
(Untrustworthy Opportunists, 10 or less) years of evolution they
became masters of gathering
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES intelligence and using it for
Language: Bothan (MA) at IQ political gain. Assassination
Area Knowledge (Planet the character grew up on) at IQ is rare in Bothan society, as a Height and Weight
Must purchase two espionage or politically based skills at IQ Bothan statesman will most
ST Height Weight
likely resign when allies
--- 4'2" 70lbs
DESCRIPTION begin to desert him and/or an
--- 4'3" 80lbs
embarrassing scandal is
The Bothans are a humanoid race that hails from the planet < 5 4'4" 80lbs
revealed. Many other races in
Bothawui and several other colonies throughout the galaxy. They 6 4'5" 85lbs
the galaxy view the Bothans
are furry, bipedal creatures, and are known as masters of 7 4'6" 85lbs
as untrustworthy opportunists,
brokering information. The Bothan spy network based on 8 4'7" 90lbs
and refer their political
Bothawui rivals the best that the Old Republic, the Empire, and 9 4'8" 95lbs
methods as "the Bothan Way".
even the New Republic could create. This is partly due to the 10 4'9" 95lbs
peculiar cultural evolution of their species. Bothawui, the 11 4'10" 100lbs
Bothans home planet, has many predators, but it has no 12 4'11" 100lbs
13 5'0" 105lbs
14 5'1" 105lbs
15 5'2" 110lbs
> 16 5'3" 120lbs
For each inch over the height
of 5'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


This has instilled an innate
CHARACTER POINTS: 11 fear of drowning in the
TECH LEVEL: 12 Chadra-Fan. Even just the
threat of drowning causes
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CHAD them to go into shock.
Despite this, the Chadra-Fan
(FOURTH PLANET IN THE CHAD SYSTEM) are good-natured beings, who
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS will pursue any sort of action
if they believe it will give
+1 DX [+10 pts]
them enjoyment. They seem
-2 ST [-15 pts] to like almost any being they
-1 HT [-10 pts] encounter, and they love to
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES tinker with technological
things. Any technological
Acute Taste/Smell (3 levels) [+06 pts]
device left within reach of the
Dark Vision [+25 pts]
Chadra-Fan has the potential
Discriminatory Smell [+15 pts]
to be disassembled and then Height and Weight
Phobia (Drowning, Severe) [-20 pts] reconstructed, usually
ST Height Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES resulting in a bizarre
--- 2'10" 30lbs
Language: Chadra-Fan (MA) malfunction. Many droids,
--- 2'11" 40lbs
who have had the unfortunate
Area Knowledge (Chad) < 5 3'0" 40lbs
circumstance of making the
6 3'1" 45lbs
DESCRIPTION acquaintance of the Chadra-
7 3'2" 45lbs
Fan, tend to have a
On the fourth planet revolving around a blue-white star in the 8 3'3" 50lbs
pathological fear of them
Chad system are a species of aliens known as Chadra-Fan. The 9 3'4" 55lbs
because of this bizarre trait.
Chadra-Fan are a race of humanoids with mouse-like faces, large 10 3'5" 60lbs
They live in a clan-based
ears, flat noses with four nostrils and seven senses (touch, sight, 11 3'6" 65lbs
society in which interclan
hearing, taste, smell, dark vision, chemoreceptive smell). Because 12 3'7" 70lbs
marriages are welcomed. The
the Chadra-Fan have two senses of smell, they rely on their sense 13 3'8" 75lbs
wedded individual is then
of smell heavily. The largest of their four nostrils detects water- 14 3'9" 80lbs
accepted into the smaller clan,
soluble odors, while the inner two nostrils contain specialized 15 3'10" 90lbs
increasing the clan's size and
chemoreceptors. > 16 3'11" 100lbs
The Chadra-Fan have suffered greatly from the large number of For each inch over the height
tidal waves that have torn their society apart over the millennia. of 311", add 10 pounds to
the average weight.


migrate, maintaining food
CHARACTER POINTS: 24 supplies and avoiding harsh
TECH LEVEL: 10 weather, in villages across the
surface of their planet They
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: VINSOTH have long heads that rest at
the end of a thick neck that
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS curves downward, this allows
+1 HT [+10 pts] them to forage for food more
easily without having to bend
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES over, and some Chevin have
Damage Resistance DR1 [+02 long facial tusks, which is
pts] allowed to grow, impedes
(no defense from energy attacks) their ability to speak. The
Passive Defense PD1 [+12 pts] Chevin are avid hunters and
(no defense from energy attacks) are quite skilled in working
Temperature Tolerance (5 levels) [+05 pts] together to corner prey.
Extended Lifespan (1 level) [+05 pts] NOTES Height and Weight
Primitive (2 levels) [-10 pts] ST Height Weight
The Chevin have dominated
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES the planet Vinsoth, and have ---
Language: Chevin (MH) enslaved the Chevs, the
humanoid race is native to the < 5 6'8" 240lbs
Area Knowledge (Vinsoth)
planet Vinsoth. The Chevs 6 6'10" 260lbs
DESCRIPTION resemble pale skinned, violet- 7
The Chevin are a race of elephant-like humanoids from the planet eyed humans. A Chevin can
be seen in Jabba's Palace in 9 7'4" 320lbs
Vinsoth. Chevin have rough, gray, thick skin that allows them to
Return of the Jedi. 10 7'6" 340lbs
tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Their temperature
11 7'8" 360lbs
tolerance is incredibly useful to the Chevin, since the they
12 7'10" 380lbs
13 8'0" 400lbs
14 8'2" 420lbs
15 8'4" 440lbs
> 16 8'6" 460lbs
For each inch over the height
of 86", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


which they take great pride in
and groom quite regularly.
DEVARONIAN, MALE The females, however, are
covered in a mat of fur that
CHARACTER POINTS: 0 ranges in color from white to
dark brown and they are
TECH LEVEL: 12 without horns.

SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: DEVARON The two genders differ more

than just in appearance. The
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS males of the species are docile
and non aggressive. When a
male Devaronian begins going
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES through puberty, he begins to
Horns [+00 pts] feel drawn to explore. This
Teeth, Sharp [+05 pts] "wanderlust" leads the males
Compulsive Behavior (Wanderlust) [-05 pts] to live exciting lives full of
action and adventure, and this Height and Weight
(see New Advantages and Disadvantages Section)
makes them unreliable and ST Height Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES undependable. Devaronian --- 5'2" 120lbs
Language, Hard (Devaronian) males are commonly seen --- 5'3" 130lbs
Area Knowledge (Devaron) sights in almost every < 5 5'4" 130lbs
spaceport. There they can be 6 5'5" 135lbs
found in nearly every line of 7 5'6" 135lbs
work possible. Devaronian 8 5'7" 140lbs
DEVARONIAN, FEMALE males usually don't stay in one 9 5'8" 145lbs
spaceport for very long, 10 5'9" 150lbs
CHARACTER POINTS: 0 because it is in their nature to 11 5'10" 155lbs
roam and wander. 12 5'11" 160lbs
TECH LEVEL: 12 13 6'0" 165lbs
Females however are
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: DEVARON incredibly aggressive by
nature and tend to dominate
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS their culture. They are very
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
None reliable, and the majority of of 63", add 10 pounds to the
them are not at all interested
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES in adventure and traveling the
average weight. Females
None subtract 6 inches and 20lbs.
stars. They would prefer to
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES stay at home and let the
affairs and comforts of the Galaxy come to them. Females rarely
Language, Hard (Devaronian)
leave the comforts of home.
Area Knowledge (Devaron)
The Devaronian race is believed to have descended from a race of
DESCRIPTION primates, which reside in the mountains on Deveron. It is also
Devaronians are a mammalian, biped race the hail from the planet believed that their horns were an evolutionary mutation that
Devaron. The species is one of the most unusual species in the enabled them to fend off predatory birds that soar in the sky of
galaxy, primarily because the males and the females of the race Deveron. Devaronians are primarily carnivores and have an
differ so drastically. The males have red tinted skin and are incredible metabolism. They also were one of the first races to
completely hairless. They also have short horns on their heads, develop a stardrive and learn the secrets of space travel.


to their own independence,
CHARACTER POINTS: -10 and followed the Bothans in
TECH LEVEL: 5 (12) support of the Alliance. They
have developed steam-level
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: DRESSEL technology, but have willingly
accepted the blasters and
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS repulsorlift technology offered
+1 ST [+10 pts] by the Bothans.
+1 DX [+10 pts] NOTES
Alertness +1 [+05 pts] supported by the Bothan
Primitive (7 levels) [-35 pts] during the Galactic Civil War.
After the Conflict, the
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Dresselians were accepted
Language, Average (Dresselian) at IQ into the New Republic.
Area Knowledge (Dressel) at IQ Despite this fact, the planets
Height and Weight
inhabitants are still quite
DESCRIPTION primitive, and many of the ST Height Weight
An alien race native to the planet Dressel, the Dresselians are tall, Dresselians would still have --- 5'2" 120lbs
thin humanoids with heavily wrinkled skin. They are often the Primitive Disadvantage. --- 5'3" 130lbs
referred to as prune-faces, a description of their long, wrinkled If you wish to play a character <5 5'4" 130lbs
skulls. They are a tenacious race, discovered some 200 years without the Disadvantage, buy 6 5'5" 135lbs
before the Galactic Civil War by the Bothans. The Bothans off the disadvantage at 7 5'6" 135lbs
recognized the potential of the Dresselians, and left them to evolve character creation. 8 5'7" 140lbs
on their own. However, the Empire took control of the Bothan 9 5'8" 145lbs
mining interests in the system and subjugated the Dresselian race. 10 5'9" 150lbs
Throughout their enslavement, the Dresselians remained dedicated 11 5'10" 155lbs
12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
>16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


CHARACTER POINTS: 35 Malastare, the arboreal Dug
homeworld located in the
TECH LEVEL: 10 Mid-Rim, has extremely high
gravity (1.7 G), and the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: MALASTARE majority of the Dug, remain in
(A PLANET IN THE MALASTARE SYSTEM) the trees swinging from tree
to tree.
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Because of the planet's high
+2 ST [+20 pts] gravity, the Dug have evolved
+2 DX [-20 pts] with incredible strength and
-1 IQ [-10 pts] coordination, and the Dug use
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES their strength to bully most
other lifeforms that attempt to
Brachiator [+05 pts] live on Malastare. This has
Extra Arms [+10 pts] caused many colonists and
(Feet can be used as manipulators) businesses to seek other
Improved G Tolerance [+10 pts] Height and Weight
worlds to inhabit in the
Bully [-10 pts] Malastare System. ST Height Weight
Primitive (2 levels) [-10 pts] --- 3'2" 60lbs
While the Dug's themselves --- 3'3" 70lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES rarely leave their homeworld, < 5 3'4" 70lbs
Language: Dug (MA) at IQ preferring to remain in the 6 3'5" 75lbs
Area Knowledge (Malastare) at IQ trees. There is one spaceport 7 3'6" 75lbs
known on Malastare, and it is 8 3'7" 80lbs
DESCRIPTION located in the city of Pixelito. 9 3'8" 85lbs
Dugs are an alien race with camel-like faces from the arboreal 10 3'9" 90lbs
planet of Malastare. Their skin is hairless and is leathery greenish NOTES 11 3'10" 95lbs
gray in color and texture. They have small beady eyes and can Sebulba from Episode I: The 12 3'11" 100lbs
also walk easily on their hind legs, forelegs, or on all fours. Both Phantom Menace is a Dug. 13 4'0" 105lbs
of the Dug's fore and hind limbs end with fine manipulators, 14 4'1" 110lbs
enabling them to use their feet as hands and vice versa. They also 15 4'2" 120lbs
have very loose skin around their necks. The skin inflates when > 16 4'3" 130lbs
the Dug's use mating calls. For each inch over the height
of 4'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


in space stations or serve
CHARACTER POINTS: 10 aboard starships, and very few
TECH LEVEL: 12 members ever return to their
home planet.
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: DURO Among one of the first species
to develop hyperdrive capable
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS ships, the Duros have all, but
None abandoned their home planet,
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES which was once a rich
agricultural world, but now is
Technological Aptitude [+10 pts]
a dumping ground for waste
(Space Vehicles, Vessels, and Space Travel
and toxic materials. People
see New Advantages and Disadvantages Section)
visiting Duros, rarely touch
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES the planets surface, never the
Language: Duros (MA) at IQ less enter the planets
Area Knowledge (Space Station in the Duros Star System) at atmosphere. During the
Empire's reign in the core Height and Weight
worlds, the Duros homeworld ST Height Weight
DESCRIPTION was home to the Imperial --- 5'5" 120lbs
Reprogramming Institute, and --- 5'6" 130lbs
The Duros are thin, blue skinned humanoids with large, orange after the Institute was closed, < 5 5'7" 130lbs
eyes, no nose, and a small slitted mouth. They evolved originally the Duros homeworld has 6 5'8" 135lbs
in the Duros star system, and are extremely dependable, hard remained almost completely 7 5'9" 135lbs
workers, who have a natural ability with skills involving Starships uninhabited since. 8 5'10" 140lbs
and starship travel. They are extremely calm beings and enjoy 9 5'11" 145lbs
telling stories of their exploits in space. Most of the species live 10 6'0" 150lbs
11 6'1" 155lbs
12 6'2" 160lbs
13 6'3" 165lbs
14 6'4" 170lbs
15 6'5" 180lbs
> 16 6'6" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'6", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


mining or with high frequency
CHARACTER POINTS: -7 lasers. This enabled the
TECH LEVEL: 12 Elomin to ply their world's
resources on the galactic
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ELOM market. Elomin admire
order above all else, and they
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS view other species as
-1 ST [-10 pts] unpredictable and chaotic.
Rather than work with these
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES other chaotic species, Elomin
Fur [+04 pts] usually work with others of
Quirk (Loves order above all else)[-01 pts] their race.

SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES During the height of the

Language: Elomin (MA) at IQ Empire, the Elomin and their
Area Knowledge (Elom) at IQ world were placed under
martial law. They were
DESCRIPTION enslaved and forced to work Height and Weight
for the Imperial effort, mining ST Height Weight
The Elomin are biped humanoids that are tall, thin and covered in lommite, a major component --- 5'2" 120lbs
fur. They have four hornlike protrusions emerging from the top of in the manufacturing of --- 5'3" 130lbs
their head and they easily be recognized by their tusked noses, the transparisteel, for their < 5 5'4" 130lbs
long hair behind their ears, and widely set protruding eyes. When Imperial occupiers. After the 6 5'5" 135lbs
the Old Republic first contacted the Elomin, They were, compared Battle of Endor, the Elomin 7 5'6" 135lbs
to the rest of the galaxy, quite primitive (TL7). However they were offered a place in the 8 5'7" 140lbs
considered themselves to be quite advanced. They welcomed the New Republic, and they 9 5'8" 145lbs
Old Republics representatives with open arms. The Old Republic graciously accepted. 10 5'9" 150lbs
officials offered technological aid and the Elomin accepted. Soon 11 5'10" 155lbs
the Elomin joined the rest of the galaxy in the stars, cruising the 12 5'11" 160lbs
hyperspace lanes, racing repulsolift crafts across open terrain, and 13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight


TECH LEVEL: 3 (4) A diminutive race of furry
creatures on the Forest Moon
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ENDOR of Endor, they resemble teddy
bears. They have large, bright
THE FOREST MOON eyes, small black noses, and
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS hands, which possess two
fingers and an opposable
+1 DX [+10 pts]
thumb. Although they have no
-2 ST [-15 pts]
true technology, they have
-1 HT [-10 pts] developed a highly developed
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES civilization based on various
Acute Taste/Smell (+4) [+08 pts] mechanical devices built from
tree limbs, bones, and animal
Chameleon (1 level) [+07 pts]
hides. They live in the huge
Discriminatory Smell [+15 pts]
Fur (1 level) [+04 pts]
trees of Endor, but have farms Height and Weight
and fields on the ground.
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] They are friendly by nature,
ST Height Weight
Reduced Move (1 level) [-05 pts] and have cunning minds
--- 3'2" 60lbs
--- 3'3" 65lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL MODIFIERS capable of solving puzzles.
<5 3'4" 65lbs
They worship a religion based
Language, Very Hard (Ewok) at IQ 6 3'5" 70lbs
on the legends of spirits living
Area Knowledge (The Forests of Endor) at IQ 7 3'6" 70lbs
in the moon's giant trees.
Survival (Forest) at IQ (2 pts) 8 3'7" 75lbs
Other appropriate skills include : Hunting, Tracking, 9 3'8" 75lbs
Pilot (Ewok Glider), and any forest based skill at TL 10 3'9" 80lbs
11 3'10" 80lbs
12 3'11" 85lbs
13 4'0" 85lbs
14 4'1" 90lbs
15 4'2" 95lbs
>16 4'3" 100lbs
For each inch over the height
of 4'3", add 5 pounds to the
average weight.


over their skin, the Falleen
CHARACTER POINTS: 43 can release pheromones to
TECH LEVEL: 12 complement their skin color.
Using this combination, the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: FALLEEN Falleen can cause most near-
human species to become
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS incredibly attracted to them.
+1 HT [+10 pts] Because of an accident at a
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES Imperial bacteriological
research outpost that was
Amphibious [+10 pts]
located on the Falleens
Appearance (Attractive) [+05 pts]
homeworld was under
Pheromone Control [+25 pts]
Imperial subjugation during
Cold-blooded (<50) [-05 pts] the Galactic Civil War.
Quirk (Considers Mammals Inferior) [-01 pts] Bacterium had escaped the
Quirk (Hides Emotions) [-01 pts] Research outpost, and Darth
Height and Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Vader himself ordered his
ships in orbit to destroy the ST Height Weight
Language, Hard (Falleen) at IQ
laboratory and the area --- 5'2" 120lbs
Area Knowledge (Falleen) at IQ
surrounding it to destroy the --- 5'3" 130lbs
Swimming at DX bacterium. He was successful < 5 5'4" 130lbs
DESCRIPTION in the destruction of the
bacterium, but had also
The Falleen are a reptilian humanoid species that hail from the destroyed the entire city 8 5'7" 140lbs
Falleen system, and because of their exotic appearance, surrounding the research 9 5'8" 145lbs
pheromone control, and color changing abilities, they are widely facility. It is quite possible 10 5'9" 150lbs
regarded as one of the more aesthetically pleasing species of the that the planet is still under 11 5'10" 155lbs
galaxy. The hides are covered in small scales, and they have a Imperial subjugation. 12 5'11" 160lbs
pronounced spiky ridge running down their backs. They have 13 6'0" 165lbs
clawed fingers and toes, and give birth to their litters underwater. NOTES 14 6'1" 170lbs
For the most part, the Falleen do not allow them selves to display Encountering a member 15 6'2" 180lbs
emotions. While the Falleen experience strong emotions, the race Falleen race is very rare and > 16 6'3" 190lbs
simply does not display them, especially in public. Their customs highly unlikely. The race is For each inch over the height
and physical composition have helped them develop enormous so rare that the GM may want of 63", add 10 pounds to the
control over superficial signs of expression. This control of the to disallow PCs to play them. average weight.
mind has also extended itself into control of the body, as the Of course this is always the
Falleen have developed the ability to control their pheromones, GM' s option.
and skin color. Normally a gray-green color, the Fallen can alter
their skin color to fit the situation at hand. Along with the control


rather for the amusement of the
CHARACTER POINTS:-4 Gamorreans involved.
TECH LEVEL: 3 Gamorreans begin training for
combat very young, and the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: GAMORR training is almost entirely based
on combat. It is very rare if not
(AND PZOB, COLONIZED) impossible, to find a Gamorrean
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS with knowledge of even the
basic principals of mechanical,
+1 ST [+10 pts]
technical, or any sort of
-2 IQ [-15 pts] intellectual skill. There is an
+2 HT [+20 pts] incredible amount of prejudice
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES toward the Gamorreans off
world. Much of the Galaxy
Dark Vision [+25 pts]
considers the Gamorreans to
Combat Reflexes [+15 pts]
be unintelligent oafs. This is
Passive Defense (1 level) [+25 pts] Height and Weight
one of the largest obstacles
Damage Resistance (2 levels) [+06 pts]
facing off-world Gamorreans. ST Height Weight
Bloodlust [-10 pts]
Although they are not --- 5'2" 160lbs
Cant Speak Galactic Basic [-10 pts] particularly bright, they are --- 5'3" 180lbs
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] cunning and they do not <5 5'4" 200lbs
Reputation (-4) [-10 pts] consider themselves stupid. 6 5'5" 210lbs
(Savage Sadists) This prejudice is probably 7 5'6" 220lbs
Sadism [-15 pts] caused by the Gamorreans 8 5'7" 225lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES inability to grasp Basic, the
common language used in the
9 5'8" 230lbs
Language, Very Hard (Gamorrese) at IQ 10 5'9" 235lbs
galaxy, and their war-like 11 5'10" 240lbs
Area Knowledge (Gamorr or Pzob) at IQ
tendencies. However despite 12 5'11" 245lbs
They will usually have the skills of Brawling and this prejudice, Gamorreans 13 6'0" 250lbs
a melee weapon skill such as axe/mace or sword. are hired or enslaved as 14 6'1" 260lbs
DESCRIPTION guards and mercenaries.
Gamorreans will refuse to
When the first traders landed on Gamorr, they were amused and work for anyone who does not For each inch over the height
slightly baffled by what they saw. Hundreds upon hundreds of best them in combat. When of 6'0", add 10 pounds to the
green, pig-like aliens slaughtering each other for what seemed to Jabba the Hutt employed average weight.
be no reason at all. But, there was a reason, and the unfortunate several Gamorreans, he
spacers soon learned that after one group emerged victorious and tricked them into thinking
proceeded to assault and kill each member of the crew of the ship. that it was a custom on his planet to be blindfolded when fighting
What they were fighting for the whole time was to see which clan for employment rights. Of course when they were blindfolded
would have the honor of killing these new visitors. This story Jabba silently ordered his men to beat them senseless. After the
pretty much prefaced the Gamorreans' contribution to the Galaxy employer has proven his worth, they will fight loyally under their
and sums up the Gamorrean way of life. The Gamorreans are employers, and will not betray him or her. Many Gamorreans
large, porcine warriors with green skin, short height, and portly think that fighting for an employer makes up for missing out on
bellies. On their homeworld, Gamorr, they live in clans ruled by the bloodshed between the clans on Gamorr. Gamorreans value
matriarchs. Female Gamorreans have a much longer lifespan. their honor highly, and will assault anyone who insults their
This has less to do with the actual physical makeup of the male appearance, clan, intelligence or honor within earshot.
Gamorreans than the fact that male Gamorreans spend the
majority of their lives in violent combat. Gamorreans are skilled NOTES
melee warriors, and they prefer bladed weapons such as knives
The pig like guards in Jabba's Palace, in Return of the Jedi, were
and axes to modern weapons, such as blasters or grenades. These
weapons are used in the constant warfare between clans. These
wars are almost never based with a political agenda in mind, but


race in general; all Gran mate
CHARACTER POINTS: 0 for life, with the survivor
TECH LEVEL: 12 usually dying of a broken
heart shortly after its mate's
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KINYEN death. Their infrared sight
allows the Gran to detect their
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS companion's emotional state.
None The Gran race was hesitant to
join the galactic community of
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES the Old Republic, fearing that
Infravision [+15 pts] huge distances would dilute
Pacifism (Self Defense) [-15 pts] their cultural bond, but in the
end they did join. They
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES remained, however, isolated
Language (Gran) at IQ from the Republic, for the
Language (Basic) at IQ most part, and the Old
Area Knowledge (Kinyen) at IQ Republic respected their Height and Weight
wishes. After the birth of the
DESCRIPTION New Order, the Gran
ST Height Weight
--- 5'2" 120lbs
A race of three-eyed humanoids native to the planet Kinyen, the organized peaceful protests
--- 5'3" 130lbs
Gran have tan skin. Their eyes are set out away from their heads against Palpatines rule.
< 5 5'4" 130lbs
on thick stalks, and they have large ears. Their eyes are adapted However, the Empire quickly
6 5'5" 135lbs
for seeing into the visible spectrum as well as the infrared subjugated them. On their
7 5'6" 135lbs
spectrum. They evolved from an herbivorous species, and have own, the Gran developed
8 5'7" 140lbs
two stomachs to digest their food. The females have three breasts, space travel, and have
9 5'8" 145lbs
which they use to suckle their young. In general, Gran are peaceful developed a healthy trade
10 5'9" 150lbs
and hospitable, and no conflicts have been noted in their 10,000- route with the Herglics.
11 5'10" 155lbs
year history. They are strongly attached to their families and their 12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


CHARACTER POINTS: 29 When Palpatine made his rise
to power, the Herglic suffered
TECH LEVEL: 12 dearly. The newly formed
Empire seized control Herglic
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: GIJU manufacturing centers and
HERGLIC SPACE starship construction sites.
Although, the Herglic
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS desperately fought back
+2 ST [+20 pts] against the Empire, the result
+2 HT [+20 pts] was an endless slaughter of
the Herglic troops. Herglic to
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES decide that it was futile to
Damage Resistance (DR2) [+04 pts] fight back against such a
(physical attacks only) superior enemy, and they
Gambling Weakness [-05 pts] submitted to the Emperors
See New Advantages and Disadvantages Section forces. Because they openly
Reputation (-2) [-10 pts] joined the Empire, the Herglic Height and Weight
Former/current Imperial Supporters soon found that the galactic ST Height Weight
community distrusted them. --- 5'2" 220lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Many people believe that --- 5'3" 230lbs
Language, Average (Herglic) at IQ even after the end of the New < 5 5'4" 230lbs
Area Knowledge (Giju or another Herglic community) at IQ Order, that the neutral 6 5'5" 235lbs
Herglics are still working 7 5'6" 235lbs
DESCRIPTION with Imperial Forces. While 8 5'7" 240lbs
Herglics are large bipeds, which xenobiologists believe may be individually this may be true, 9 5'8" 240lbs
related to or evolved from aquatic mammals. They are about the but as a whole the Herglic 10 5'9" 250lbs
same size as humans in height, but are extremely wide due to the race just wants to prosper and 11 5'10" 260lbs
layers of protective blubber that lies underneath the Herglics skin. holds no allegiance to the 12 5'11" 270lbs
They have smooth, rubbery, hairless skin that ranges in color from fallen Empire. 13 6'0" 280lbs
pale blue to dull black. Although, the Herglics still breath threw The majority of Herglics hail 14 6'1" 290lbs
blowholes, that are located on the tops of their heads, the Herglics from trading families and 15 6'2" 300lbs
have lost every other trait that points to the possible water based guilds. They tend to have a > 16 6'3" 310lbs
origin of the species. strong work ethic and are For each inch over the height
extremely loyal to their of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
It has been documented, that the Herglics were first exploring average weight.
their system and neighboring systems around the same time that families. They have an innate
the Corellians were first exploring theirs. The Herglics soon met curiosity concerning Sabaac
other space faring races, and because of their steady temperament and other games of chance.
and naturally inquisitive personalities, they were accepted with Once a Herglic is introduced to a new game he will feverishly
open arms into the galactic community and the Old Republic. spend the majority of his free time, and money trying to develop a
Their angular freighters soon became a common sight in system that will make him rich. Herglics can be seen throughout
spaceports of the Old Republic, and Herglic communities began to the galaxy, but they are more likely seen on technologically
form in various locations around the Galaxy. advanced worlds.


other solution to a problem.
CHARACTER POINTS: 40 The Houk generally use any
TECH LEVEL: 12 method possible to gain an
advantage over their
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ANSUROER opponents, including sneaking
up on them and attacking
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS from behind. Thus, many
+3 to ST [+30 pts] other races consider them
+2 to HT [+20 pts] cowards. The Houk that
settled on the planet Sriluur
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES were often at war with their
Bad Temper [-10 pts] neighbors, the Weequay, until
the Empire stepped in and
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES subjugated both races. The
Language, Average (Houk) at IQ Empire used the Houk as a
Area Knowledge (Home Planet) at IQ basis for creating the "perfect
slave," but it is unknown if Height and Weight
DESCRIPTION their program was successful.
ST Height Weight
An extremely large, humanoid race originally from the Ansuroer The Houk race has produced
--- 6'2" 180lbs
Sector, the Houk have spread throughout the galaxy following little technological
--- 6'3" 190lbs
their contact with a Vaathkree trading ship. Their skin is colored advancement, but has adapted
< 5 6'4" 200lbs
deep blue or purple, and their eyes are a piercing yellow. They are well to the use of hyperdrives
6 6'5" 210lbs
second in the galaxy in brute strength only to the Wookiee race, and modern weapons.
7 6'6" 220lbs
but they do not display the violent rage of the Wookiee. However, 8 6'8" 240lbs
they have short tempers nonetheless, and prefer fighting over any 9 6'10" 260lbs
10 7'0" 280lbs
11 7'2" 300lbs
12 7'4" 320lbs
13 76" 340lbs
14 7'8" 360lbs
15 7'10" 380lbs
> 16 8'0" 400lbs
For each inch over the height
of 8'0", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


temperature and makes it
CHARACTER POINTS: 79 impossible to puncture their
TECH LEVEL: 12 skin with a knife. Hutts are
also hermaphroditic, often
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: NAL HUTTA choosing to appear as one sex
or the other for the benefit of
(AND OTHER HUTT WORLDS) their audience.
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Young Hutts spend their first
+3 IQ [+30 pts] year of life inside a pouch on
+2 HT [+20 pts] their mothers belly, and are
-3 DX [-20 pts] virtually mindless. They live
near their mothers for several
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES decades after birth, returning
Cast Iron Stomach [+15 pts] to their pouches when they
Damage Resistance (DR4) [+08 pts] are scared or tired. Young
(Physical attacks only) Hutts arent considered
Dark Vision [+25 pts] accountable until they are Height and Weight
Extended Lifespan (6 levels) [+30 pts] well over 100 years old. All ST Height Weight
(Lives over 1000 years) Hutts have a given name, --- 5'2" 600lbs
Extra Hit Points (+4) [+20 pts] which is supported by their --- 5'3" 650lbs
Force Resistance (4 levels) [+08 pts] clan name and their surname < 5 5'4" 650lbs
Longevity [+05 pts] (e.g., Jabba Desilijic Tiure). 6 5'5" 675lbs
Passive Defense (PD2) [+25 pts] The history of the Hutt race 7 5'6" 675lbs
(Physical Attacks only) can be traced to the early 8 5'7" 700lbs
Cold-blooded (<50) [-05 pts] times before the formation of 9 5'8" 700lbs
Greed [-15 pts] the Old Republic. They were 10 5'9" 750lbs
Inconvenient Size (large) [-10 pts] a strong force even then, 11 5'10" 775lbs
dominating large portions of 12 5'11" 800lbs
Megalomania [-10 pts]
the space surrounding their 13 6'0" 850lbs
Quirk (Distrusts other Races) [-01 pts]
homeworld. After the 14 6'1" 900lbs
Reduced Manual Dexterity (2 levels) [-06 pts]
discovery of the hyperdrive, 15 6'2" 950lbs
Reduced Move (4 levels) [-20 pts] > 16 6'3" 1000lbs
the Hutts began expanding
Sense of Duty (To Family) [-10 pts] their territories, but ran into For each inch over the height
Vow: major [-10 pts] Xim the Despot. Xim and the of 6'3", add 50 pounds to the
(Never kill the messenger from other Hutts) Hutts fought several fierce average weight. It must also
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES battles near the uninhabited
world of Vontor, until the
be noted that the Height is
measured from the belly
Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ
Hutts discovered the Si'Klaata (where it touches the ground)
Area Knowledge (Homeworld)at IQ
Cluster and the strong, to the top of its head, not
merchant and other business skills are appropriate
warrior-like races it hid. The from head to the end of its
DESCRIPTION Hutts managed to sign the
Klatooinians, Niktos, and
A large, slug-like alien with short, stubby arms, huge eyes, and a Vodrans into perpetual servitude, and used many warriors during
wide mouth. They originated on the planet Varl, but have the Third Battle of Vontor. This was the decisive battle against
populated a great number of other worlds including Nal Hutta. Xim, and left the Hutts in control of large areas of the galaxy.
They speak their own language, and have the ability to see in However, the Hutts could not escape their own greedy nature, and
visible light as well as ultraviolet light. They often light their soon began to covet each others holdings. Interclan wars broke
palaces with both, turning off the natural lighting to give out, and the clans eventually broke off relations with each other.
trespassers a false sense of stealth. Despite the sheer bulk of their When they realized that this was bad for business, they began
flesh, Hutts do not have a skeleton. Instead, an internal mantle exchanging messengers. The Hutts took to killing the messengers
helps shape the head and support the arms, while the rest of their if they didnt like the message, but this further impaired business.
body is simply one large, snail-like foot. So, the Hutts made a pact that recognized messengers as
The skin of a Hutt is incredibly thick, and is covered with a sacrosanct. As a race, Hutts do not trust any other races, a trait
mixture of mucus and oily sweat. This makes the skin able to that stems from an incident in which an assassin executed all
resist harsh chemicals and even some blaster bolts. Below the prominent Hutts on Nal Hutta.
epidermis is a thick layer of blubber that helps maintain body


which help the Ishi Tib's
CHARACTER POINTS: 10 bodies to retain moisture.
TECH LEVEL: 12 They are fairly adaptable to
other environments. However,
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: TABRIN Ishi Tibs must bath once a day
in briny seawater, in order to
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS maintain their skin's moisture
None levels and to keep their lungs
moist. The Ishi Tibs are
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES descended from a species of
Amphibious [+10 pts] bony fish, which had large,
Gills [+10 fluke-like fins that were
pts] highly developed. They
Teeth (Beak) [+05 pts] escaped predation by leaving
Dependency [-15 pts] the ocean and staying on land
(Must be immersed in water at once a day for at for short periods of time, and
least ten minutes) natural selection allowed the Height and Weight
development of arms, legs,
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES and lungs. They have built
Height Weight
5'2" 120lbs
Language, Average (Ishi Tib) at IQ cities upon the coral reefs of
--- 5'3" 130lbs
Area Knowledge (Tabrin) at IQ Tibrin's oceans, taking great
< 5 5'4" 130lbs
Swimming at DX care so they don't disrupt the
6 5'5" 135lbs
Most have Administration, Merchant, Accounting, delicate environmental
7 5'6" 135lbs
Tactics, and Research balances. The Ishi Tib are
8 5'7" 140lbs
patient and rational creatures
DESCRIPTION are not provoked easily. They
9 5'8"
Ishi Tibs are a race of amphibious, humanoids that come from the are meticulous planners and
11 5'10" 155lbs
Planet Tibrin. Their beak-like mouths and large eyes characterize they are highly sought after as
12 5'11" 160lbs
this race, and they spend most of their lives under the water, efficient organizers.
13 6'0" 165lbs
inhabiting Tibrins oceans. Their green skin is incredibly thick 14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


Mother Jungles. The laws
CHARACTER POINTS: 15 and customs of the Ithorians
TECH LEVEL: 12 prevent anyone to come in
contact with the surface of the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ITHOR planet. The only exception to
this is their eco-priests, who
OTTEGA SYSTEM care and nurture the great

ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Ithorians gather together in

+1 IQ [+10 pts] "herd" ships, which are
actually large cities that
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES migrate around the planets
Reputation (+2, Pacifists) [+10 pts] three civilized continents.
Pacifism (self defense) [-15 pts] They are Herbivores, and they
never take more than they
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES need from their planet. When
Language, Very Hard (Ithorian) at IQ they do remove something Height and Weight
Language, Average (Basic) at IQ from their planet they practice ST Height Weight
Area Knowledge (Herd Ship) at IQ a system of planting two --- 5'8" 165lbs
Agronomy/TL12 at IQ plants for every plant they --- 5'9" 170lbs
Ecology/TL12 at IQ remove. Some of the "herd" <5 5'10" 175lbs
Botany/TL12 at IQ cities have been equipped 6 5'11" 180lbs
with hyperdrives and this 7 6'0" 185lbs
DESCRIPTION enables them to carry unusual 8 6'1" 190lbs
The Ithorians are the strange looking natives of the planet Ithor. merchandise from system to 9 6'2" 200lbs
These gentle creatures are often referred to as "Hammerheads" by system. The Ithorian "herd 10 6'3" 210lbs
other species because of their long neck, which bends forward and ships" interior is designed to 11 6'4" 215lbs
ends in a t-shaped dome. Ithorians eyes face forward and are set mimic the jungles of Ithor. 12 6'5" 220lbs
on opposite sides of the t-shaped, top portion of the head. They This include indoor jungles, 13 6'6" 230lbs
also have two mouths set below the sloped portion of the head. sample species, vast corridors 14 6'7" 240lbs
These two mouths generates a "stereo" effect, which produces one of lush vegetation, and 15 6'8" 250lbs
of the most beautiful languages in the galaxy The fact that they weather native to the jungles >16 6'9" 260lbs
also have two throats makes the language very difficult (almost of Ithor. For each inch over the height
impossible) to speak, and unfortunately when speaking basic, of 6'9", add 10 pounds to the
Ithorians are gentle, peace average weight..
makes them almost impossible to understand. When the Imperials loving creatures. They have
first contacted the Ithorians, the already extreme xenophobia of an enormous respect for all
the Imperials was heightened by their inability to communicate forms of life. They are
with each other. gregarious and curious people, who enjoy their roles as space
The Ithorians are a peace-loving race with an extreme fondness for merchants, almost as much as ecological preservers. In the Outer
nature. Ithor, the fourth planet in the Ottega star system, is a Rim Territories, the arrival of an Ithorian herd ship is much cause
world with thick jungles that the Ithorians have learned to respect for celebration.
and even worship. The Ithorians refer to their world as the great


warm to the touch. This is
CHARACTER POINTS: -30 because; their body
TECH LEVEL: 12 temperature is normally 116
degrees Fahrenheit.
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: TATOOINE The Jawas travel the wastes
of Tatooine in huge,
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS lumbering contraptions that
-2 ST [-15 pts] locals have dubbed
-1 HT [-10 pts] sandcrawlers. In these
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES massive machines, Jawas
travel the Tatooine deserts in
Night Vision [+10 pts]
search of discarded hardware
Odious Racial Habit [-10 pts]
to collect, wrecked ships to
(Jawas tend to smell bad) salvage, wandering droids,
Cowardice [-10 pts] and unattended vehicles. They
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES clean up and repair these
Height and Weight
items to sell to Tatooine
Language, Hard (Jawa) at IQ
settlers and those passing ST Height Weight
Area Knowledge (Tatooine) at IQ
through Mos Eisley. Jawa --- 3'2" 35lbs
Merchant at IQ
society is broken up into loose --- 3'3" 40lbs
Scrounging at IQ < 5 3'4" 45lbs
clans. The clans usually
Mechanic (choose specialty) at IQ specialize in a certain area of 6 3'5" 50lbs
7 3'6" 55lbs
DESCRIPTION machinery.
8 3'7" 60lbs
Jawas are diminutive, desert dwelling scrap merchants native to NOTES 9 3'8" 65lbs
the planet Tatooine. These foul smelling, little creatures are 10 3'9" 70lbs
In ANH, the Jawas that
rodent-like beings, whose glowing eyes pear out from underneath 11 3'10" 75lbs
picked up R2-D2 and C-3P0
the folds of their dirty brown cloaks. Jawas are inherently 12 3'11" 80lbs
were Droid Traders, a loose
cowards, and speak in a random, variable language that is hard to 13 4'0" 85lbs
union of Jawa clans that
understand. Very few people have seen what the Jawa looks like 14 4'1" 90lbs
specialized in droid salvage.
underneath the folds of their cloaks, and a few xenobiologists 15 4'2" 95lbs
believe that may have human origins. A Jawa's body is extremely > 16 4'3" 100lbs
For each inch over the height
of 4'3", add 5 pounds to the
average weight.


and increase in strength over
CHARACTER POINTS: -10 time has greatly affected the
TECH LEVEL: 12 Klatooinian philosophy and
society. They emulate the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KLATOOINE strong characteristics of the
fountain and try to instill
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS children. They have even
gone so far as referring
+1 ST [+10 pts]
themselves to the "Children of
+1 DX [+10 pts] the Fountain."
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES At the age of ten, every
Subjugation (Hutts) [-20 pts] Klatooinian is sold into
Code of Honor (Klatoonian) [-10 pts] servitude. They are usually
(Patience, Strength, Respect for elders) given to governments and
corporations, but sometimes,
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES in the case of extremely Height and Weight
Language, Average, Klatooinian (MA) at IQ rebellious youths who break ST Height Weight
Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ the traditions of the extremely --- 5'2" 120lbs
Area Knowledge (Klatooine) at IQ religious race, will be sold --- 5'3" 130lbs
into slavery. This negative < 5 5'4" 130lbs
DESCRIPTION reinforcement has helped the 6 5'5" 135lbs
The Klatooinians are a tall, humanoid race characterized by their Klatooinian youth to learn to 7 5'6" 135lbs
flat, canine faces and rough leathery skin. The Race hails from respect and admire the elders 8 5'7" 140lbs
the planet Klatooine, where they have been under the rule of the and traditions of their race. 9 5'8" 145lbs
Hutts for over 25,000 years. During this period of Hutt Like the Fountain of the 10 5'9" 150lbs
subjugation, the Klatooinians have fought for the Hutts in many Ancients, the Klatooinians 11 5'10" 155lbs
different conflicts, including the battles against Xim the Despot. hope that they can endure 12 5'11" 160lbs
long enough to grow strong 13 6'0" 165lbs
The Klatooinians have a culture designed and tied strongly to with age and shed the Hutt 14 6'1" 170lbs
traditional values, and they strive to be as patient and tenacious as subjugation. 15 6'2" 180lbs
the Fountain of Ancients. The Fountain of Ancients is a unique, > 16 6'3" 190lbs
natural phenomenon that is located in the center of the Derelkoos
Desert located on Klatooine. Liquid wintrium seeps from the
NOTES For each inch over the height
Barada, a skiff guard for of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
fountain only to crystallize on the surface of the desert. As it average weight.
solidifies, the wintrium forms incredibly beautiful patterns and Jabba the Hutt in Return of
shapes. The crystals are incredibly hard, and it takes an extremely the Jedi, was a Klatooinian.
powerful weapon even to alter the crystalline form. It's growth


music, many different
CHARACTER POINTS: 1 mediums of art, and other
TECH LEVEL: 12 forms of sophisticated
entertainment. One of the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KUBINDI most notorious pastimes of
the Kubaz is the insect
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS banquet. Though they will
None not be insulted if a guest
refuses, the guest may find his
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES lack of culture and refinement
Alertness (1 level) [+05 pts] called into question. The
Acute Taste and Smell (3 levels) [+06 pts] Kubaz place a high value on
Light Frequency Sensitivity [-10 pts] their family units, and most
see New Advantages and Disadvantages Section offworld Kubaz serve as chefs
for the Imperials who have
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES developed a taste for the
Language: Kubaz (MH) at IQ exotic foods of Kubindi, the Height and Weight
Area Knowledge (Kubindi) at IQ homeworld of the Kubaz.
ST Height Weight
The Kubaz are a rare species of humanoid with two toes on its feet Garindan, the spy who led the < 5 4'10" 110lbs
and four fingers on each hand, the most noticeable feature of the stormtroopers to the Docking 6 4'11" 115lbs
Kubaz is the short prehensile trunk that serves as the creatures Bay 94, where the 7 5'0" 115lbs
nose. The Kubaz's skin is rough in texture and usually greenish, Millennium Falcon was 8 5'1" 120lbs
black in color. They have coarse, bristly hair on their scalp and located in Star Wars Episode 9 5'2" 120lbs
their eyes are quite large. The Kubaz's eyes are highly sensitive to IV: A New Hope, was a 10 5'3" 130lbs
the red wavelengths of light, and this requires most of them to Kubaz. 11 5'4" 130lbs
wear protective lenses in most environments. 12 5'5" 135lbs
In the Kubaz's minds, they are highly sophisticated beings, who 13 5'6" 135lbs
enjoy many forms of sophisticated entertainment. This includes 14 5'7" 140lbs
15 5'8" 145lbs
> 16 5'9" 150lbs
For each inch over the height
of 5'9", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


CHARACTER POINTS: 39 Unlike the Quarren, the Mon
Cal desired to travel to the
TECH LEVEL: 12 stars, and began
experimenting with space
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CALAMARI flight. Their first starships
were quite successful, but
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS their dreams of a peaceful life
None in space were cut short. As
with most other alien races,
Amphibious [+10 pts] exploring the galaxy when the
Gills [+10 Empire discovered them.
pts] They were quickly put on
Nictating Membrane (1 level) [+10 pts] Palpatine's list of races to
Pressure Support [+10 pts] subjugate. However, the Mon
Quirk - Prefers moist environment [-01 pts] Cal were one of the few races
that put up a fight in the face Height and Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES of certain doom. The ST Height Weight
Language, Hard (Calamarian) at IQ normally-peaceful Mon Cal --- 4'11" 110lbs
Language, Average (Galactic Basic) at IQ learned quickly from the --- 5'0" 110lbs
Area Knowledge (Mon Calamari) at IQ tactics of the Imperial < 5 5'1" 120lbs
Swimming at DX invaders, and were able to 6 5'2" 120lbs
drive them off. This solidified
DESCRIPTION the Mon Cal psyche, and they
A bipedal, amphibious race, the Mon Calamari share the same decided to join the Alliance 9 5'5" 135lbs
homeworld as the Quarren. Many xenobiologists believe the Mon and overthrow Palpatine's 10 5'6" 135lbs
Calamari are descended from squid, but evolved a more humanoid New Order. After serving the 11 5'7" 140lbs
appearance than the Quarren. The males have salmon-colored Alliance at the Battle of 12 5'8" 145lbs
skin, lobed heads, and protruding eyes. The females are more Endor, the Mon Cal have 13 5'9" 150lbs
streamlined, with olive-colored markings on their salmon skin. continued to be persecuted by 14 5'10" 155lbs
the remnants of the Empire. 15 5'11" 160lbs
The Mon Cal, as they are often called, are shore-dwelling, land Calamari was the first place
creatures that prefer to live near the water. Early Mon Cal > 16 6'0" 165lbs
the reborn Palpatine took his For each inch over the height
civilizations fed on the creatures they found in the shallows, and World Devastators, and was
developed an advanced aquaculture system. When they discovered of 6'0", add 10 pounds to the
later attacked by Admiral average weight.
the Quarren - the other intelligent race on Calamari, who live in Daala, in an attempt to show
the ocean deeps - the two races combined to create a symbiotic her superiority. The Mon Cal,
society in which both races flourished. Together, they built the along with Quarren and the New Republic, have driven back all
huge floating cities that populated Calamari's oceans. attempts to take the planet.


organizational and
CHARACTER POINTS: 20 administration skills to the
TECH LEVEL: 12 majority of the species. These
inherent skills combined with
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: NEMOIDIA their greed, had made them a
leading force in the once
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS powerful Trade Federation.
+1 IQ [+10 pts] Displays of wealth are
+1 HT [+10 pts] common in Nemoidian
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES society. These displays
reflect a Nemoidians status in
Alertness +2 [+10 pts]
their culture, and as a result,
Coward [-10 pts]
the entire race tends to wear
Greed [-10 pts] elaborate and expensive
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES clothing, including
Language, Average (Nemoidian) at IQ headdresses, extravagant
robes, and other high priced Height and Weight
Language, Average (Basic) at IQ
garb. Nemoidians, as a ST Height Weight
Area Knowledge (Nemodia) at IQ
whole, are also cowards, and --- 5'2" 120lbs
Fast-Talk at IQ+1
often use armies of droids to --- 5'3" 130lbs
Merchant at IQ+1 fight for them. While their < 5 5'5" 130lbs
Administration at IQ droid army secures an area, 6 5'7" 135lbs
7 5'9" 150lbs
DESCRIPTION the Nemoidians remain far
away from the conflict, only 8 5'11" 160lbs
The Nemoidians are tall, green skinned humanoids. They have showing their faces after all 9 6'1" 170lbs
large oval shaped heads and large eyes. They are taught the traits signs of any threat to them are 10 6'3" 190lbs
of greed and selfishness from a very early age. At birth, all diminished. 11 6'5" 210lbs
Nemoidians are placed in communal hives, and the Nemoidian 12 6'7" 225lbs
grubs are given a limited food supply. The grubs then begin a NOTES 13 6'9" 240lbs
struggle that will last until they are old enough to leave the hive. 14 6'11" 260lbs
In Episode I: The Phantom
The grubs compete with each other for food, and quite a few grubs 15 7'1" 280lbs
Menace, The commanders of
die of starvation, while others hoard their food supply. At the age > 16 7'3" 300lbs
the droid army that invaded
of seven, the young Nemoidians emerge from their hives fearful of For each inch over the height
Naboo were Nemoidians.
death and extremely avaricious. of 7'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.
Nemoidians manage massive hive complexes and huge fungus
farms, located on their homeworld, which bestows excellent



+1 DX [+10 pts]
Extra Fatigue (2 levels) [+06 pts]
Nictating Membrane [+10 pts]
Stubborn [-05 pts]
Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ
Area Knowledge (Kintan) at IQ TECH LEVEL: 12
Survival (Desert) at IQ
CHARACTER POINTS: 24 +1 DX [+10 pts]


Acute Hearing (2 levels) [+04
Temperature Tolerance [1 level] [+10 pts]
Nictating Membrane [+10 pts]
+1 DX [+10 pts]
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ
Claws, Sharp [+05 pts] Area Knowledge (Kintan) at IQ
Nictating Membrane [+10 pts] Climbing at DX
Stubborn [-05 pts] Survival (Mountains) at IQ


Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ
Area Knowledge (Kintan) at IQ
Climbing at DX
Survival (Forest) at IQ


They all have a natural eye
covering of a transparent
Height and Weight
GLUSS'SA'NIKTO keratin-like shroud, which
aids them in guarding against ST Height Weight
--- 5'2" 120lbs
CHARACTER POINTS: 20 the adverse affects from a
sandstorm or other conditions. --- 5'3" 130lbs
TECH LEVEL: 12 They all generally share the < 5 5'4" 130lbs
rough skinned, flat nosed, 6 5'5" 135lbs
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KINTAN opaque eyed, basic humanoid 7 5'6" 135lbs
(SI'KLAATA CLUSTER IN HUTT TERRITORY) shape, and are all tough, 8 5'7" 140lbs
reliable fighters. 9 5'8" 145lbs
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS The Nikto's fierce natures and
10 5'9" 150lbs
+1 DX [+10 pts] stubborn personalities have
11 5'10" 155lbs
12 5'11" 160lbs
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES been honed over the 13 6'0" 165lbs
Acute Hearing (2 levels) [+04 thousands of years of survival 14 6'1" 170lbs
pts] against the vicious predators 15 6'2" 180lbs
and harsh environment of
Nictating Membrane [+10 pts] > 16 6'3" 190lbs
Kintan. These psychological
Stubborn [-05 pts] For each inch over the height
traits were one of the main of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES factors that led to violent civil average weight. All members
Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ wars, which nearly destroyed of the Nikto subraces use the
Area Knowledge (Kintan) at IQ Kintan and their race, some same table to determine
Swimming at DX 30 years before the Hutt's height and weight.
arrival on the planet. They
are one of the three races that
signed into servitude with the Hutts, during the Hutt's battle
M'SHENTO'SU'NIKTO against Xim the Despot, and they have remained under Hutt
control for over 25,000 years. Hutts commonly use them as
CHARACTER POINTS: 15 bodyguards and soldiers throughout the Hutt territories and the
Galaxy even after Xim's defeat.
Many offworlders view the Nikto as barbarians, but they have
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KINTAN developed a rich, technologically sound culture on Kintan. The
(SI'KLAATA CLUSTER IN HUTT TERRITORY) Nikto developed atomic-level technology on there own, and
absorbed galactic technology from the Hutts. They acknowledge
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS and respect other races of the galaxy, but believe that their race is
+1 DX [+10 pts] the superior one. They perform very well in groups, each one
knowing the capabilities of the others, and overcome the odds
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES through teamwork. They have also, as a whole, remained neutral
Nictating Membrane [+10 pts] throughout the Galactic Civil War and the battles that have ensued
Stubborn [-05 pts] since.
Language, Average (Huttese) at IQ The most common Nikto is the Kadjain'sa Nikto or "Red Nikto".
Area Knowledge (Kintan) at IQ These Nikto have physically adapted to the arid, desert regions of
Kintan. They have eight, small stubby horns that are located over
DESCRIPTION their brows. They have a protective flap that covers their noses,
The Nikto are a humanoid race that hails from the planet Kintan, and a pair of small breathing tubes on their necks, covered by
located in the Si'Klaata Cluster in Hutt space. Their leathery skin, permeable membranes to prevent them from inhaling sand, small
reptilian eyes, stubborn attitudes, and fierce temperaments particles of dirt, and other contaminants that are commonly air
characterize the Nikto. Due to a number of environmental and born in the air in the desert wastes.
geological changes on the planet, The Nikto race has evolved into
5 unique subraces, the Kajain'sa'Nikto, the Kada'sa'Nikto, the Kada'sa'Nikto
Esral'sa'Nikto, the Gluss'sa'Nikto, and the M'shento'su'Nikto. One The Kadas'sa, or "Green Nikto" comes from the forested and
of the main reasons, causing the once singular Nikto race to mountainous regions on Kintan. Visible, green scales cover their
separate into several subraces, was the high amount of radiation skin, and they have apparent noses, unlike some of their Nikto
emitted from the nearby star, M'dweshuu. Each of the five cousins. The Green Nikto's eyes are encircled by a series of small
subraces have adapted to the region that they inhabit, and the 5 horns, and they also have claws, which they use for climbing the
subraces are very similar in appearance, overall. rocky bluffs and trees that are located in their environment.


Esral'sa'Nikto M'shento'su'Nikto
The Esral'sa'Nikto, or the "Mountain Nikto", as they are M'shento'su'Nikto, or "Southern Nikto", have white, yellow, or
sometimes referred, have smooth, blue-gray skin, and like the Red orange skin, and numerous breather tubes. The main trait that
Nikto, they have a nasal skin flap. Facial fins that dangle from makes the Southern Nikto different from the other members of the
their cheeks characterize these Nikto. These fins help them race is the their complete lack of horns.
regulate their body temperature, and enhance their hearing.
There are many Nikto seen in during the Mos Espa sequence in
The Gluss'sa'Nikto, or the "Pale Nikto", are found on the islands of Episode I: The Phantom Menace and in Jabba's Palace in Episode
the planet Kintan. These Nikto have gray-white scaly skin. They VI: Return of the Jedi.
have small fin like ears that enhance their hearing abilities, and
have the small horns encircling their eyes.

species tends to be obsessed
CHARACTER POINTS: 40 with food. This is mainly due
TECH LEVEL: 12 to the fact that, in the past,
the ancient Ortolans survived
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ORTO a devastating disaster on their
planet. A large mass struck
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS the planet, and the species
+1 IQ [+10 pts] managed to survive by eating
+2 HT [+20 pts] very little, while the planets
larger predators starved to
Acute Hearing (+3) [+06 pts]
Many other races think of the
Acute Sense of Smell/Taste (+2) [+04 pts] Height and Weight
Ortolans as simple-minded
Immunity to Poison [+15 pts] creatures, but this is far from ST Height Weight
Gluttony [-05 pts] the truth. In fact, the Ortolans --- 4'1" 120lbs
Light Sensitivity [-05 pts] are quite clever, and they --- 4'2" 130lbs
Poor Grip [-05 pts] often use the prejudices of < 5 4'3" 130lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES other races to obtain food
form them.
6 4'4" 135lbs
Language, Average (Ortolan) at IQ 7 4'5" 135lbs
Area Knowledge (Orto) at IQ They have developed a basic 8 4'6" 140lbs
technological level and a high 9 4'9" 145lbs
DESCRIPTION level of industrialization. The 10 4'10" 150lbs
Empire originally had a treaty 11 4'11" 155lbs
Ortolans are heavy, squat blue furred bipeds that are native to the 12 5'0" 160lbs
planet Orto. Their long, trunk-like noses, floppy ears, and small with the race that forbade the
Ortolans from leaving their 13 5'1" 165lbs
mouths characterize them. Each of their hands has four chubby 14 5'2" 170lbs
fingers, and a thumb that is partially opposable. They are planet, but slavers often
captured them and smugglers 15 5'3" 180lbs
descended from a nocturnal race of creatures, and retain many of > 16 5'4" 190lbs
the original traits of that species. Their beady, black eyes are visiting the planet would
sometimes have stowaways. For each inch over the height
sensitive to bright lights, and are more suited to low or dim levels of 5'4", add 10 pounds to the
of light. They have excellent sense of hearing, and the
conversations of the Ortolans are carried at subsonic levels, with NOTES average weight.
the majority of the sounds being omitted through their noses. Max Rebo from Episode VI:
They also have a very good sense of smell. Return of the Jedi is an
Ortolans tend to have agreeable personalities, and they tend to
react even better to beings that offer them food. In fact the entire


bony ridge runs along the
CHARACTER POINTS: 32 back of their heads to protect
TECH LEVEL: 10 their brains and Their two
large black eyes are located at
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: SHIMIA the top of their skulls.
Very little is known about the
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Pacithhip. They are not active
+2 ST [+20 pts] space explorers, and they
+2 HT [+20 pts] rarely leave their home Height and Weight
Their society is
undergoing an ST Height Weight
DR1 [+02 pts] < 6 5'2" 120lbs
industrial revolution. Their
Not effective against energy weapons 7 5'3" 130lbs
home planet, Shimia, lies
Primitive (2 levels) [-10 pts] across a major trade route in 8 5'4" 130lbs
9 5'5" 135lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES the Outer Rim. During the
10 5'6" 135lbs
Language: Pacithhip (MH) at IQ rule of the Empire, the
Pacithhip were fortunate 11 5'7" 140lbs
Area Knowledge (Shimia) at IQ 12 5'8" 145lbs
enough that their planet had
13 5'9" 150lbs
DESCRIPTION nothing the empire considered
14 5'10" 155lbs
The Pacithhip are a race of humanoids, who have a long pointed 15 5'11" 160lbs
head with two long, thin pointed tusks. Their skin is greenish, > 16 6'0" 165lbs
gray thick and textured with fine wrinkles. Their noses are long For each inch over the height
elephantine trunks that end with the creature's mouth. A thick of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


the Mon Cal did, and this
CHARACTER POINTS:34 began to create friction
TECH LEVEL: 12 between the two races. When
the Mon Cal's dream of
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CALAMARI contact with other stars
became the deadly war with
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS the Empire, the Quarren
+1 DX [+10 pts] chose to ignore it, leaving the
battle to the Mon Calamari
Amphibious [+10 pts] themselves.
Gills [+10
However, the Quarren could
not escape the Empire, and it
Nictating Membrane (1 level) [+10 pts]
is rumored that a Quarren
Pressure Support [+10 pts] helped the Empire evade the
Quirk - Prefers moist environment [-01 Calamarian defenses and
pts] overtake the planet. Height and Weight
Dependency [-15 pts] ST Height Weight
(must moisturize their skin daily) Unfortunately, the Quarren --- 5'2" 120lbs
were enslaved along with the
< 5
Language, Hard (Calamarian) at IQ resisted Imperial rule, the 6 5'5" 135lbs
Area Knowledge (Mon Calamari) at IQ Empire began destroying the 7 5'6" 135lbs
Swimming at DX floating cities. This served to 8 5'7" 140lbs
unite the two races 9 5'8" 145lbs
DESCRIPTION temporarily, and together they 10 5'9" 150lbs
A humanoid race native to Calamari's deep oceans, they have were able to solidify their 11 5'10" 155lbs
helmet-shaped heads that are composed of a mass of tentacles set defenses and drive off the 12 5'11" 160lbs
below close-set eyes. They are more accustomed to deep-sea Empire with nothing more 13 6'0" 165lbs
living, and chose to live below the water. Their conservative and than crude weapons. After 14 6'1" 170lbs
solitary nature has led them to be unwilling to trust new ideas or that, there were a number of 15 6'2" 180lbs
lofty concepts. When they first came in contact with the Quarren who left the planet, > 16 6'3" 190lbs
shore-dwelling Mon Calamari, the Quarren were hesitant. They seeking a life among the stars For each inch over the height
eventually began to cooperate with the Mon Cal, and together they as their neighbors the Mon of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
developed a symbiotic relationship in which the Quarren provide Cal did. average weight.
the raw materials, and the Mon Cal provide the knowledge and
expertise; this led to the construction of the huge floating cities
that dominate Calamari's oceans. Because of their pragmatic
nature, the Quarren did not want to travel and explore the stars, as


confusion, three Ranats
CHARACTER POINTS:-32 managed to stow away aboard
TECH LEVEL: 3 a smuggler's vessel. The crew
of the starship was attacked
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: RYDAR II and eaten by the bloodthirsty
vermin, and the ship crashed
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS on the planet Aralia. There
+2 DX [+20 pts] they were able to repopulate
+1 HT [+10 pts] the species, and establish
-3 IQ [-20 pts] themselves on Aralia. After
several severe incidents on
Height and Weight
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES Aralia, the Empire attempted ST Height Weight
Acute Taste/Smell (+3) [+06 pts] to take control of the Ranat --- 2'7" 30lbs
Dark Vision [+25 pts] problem once and for all. The --- 2'8" 30lbs
Teeth, Sharp [+05 pts] Empire hired "pest <5 2'9" 35lbs
Tunnel (1level) [+50 pts] controllers," but 6 2'10" 35lbs
environmentalists challenged 7 2'11" 40lbs
Bloodlust [-10 pts]
the Empires decision and 8 3'0" 45lbs
Odious Racial Habit (Eats Sentients) [-15 pts]
pointed out that they were 9 3'1" 45lbs
Overconfidence [-10 pts]
violating Imperial Laws 10 3'2" 50lbs
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] 11 3'3" 55lbs
against harming a sentient
Sadism [-15 pts] 12 3'4" 55lbs
race. The Empires
Short Lifespan (1 level) [-25 pts] 13 3'5" 60lbs
Bureaucrats soon found a way
Social Stigma (Semi-Sentient Being) [-10 pts] around the problem, they 14 3'6" 65lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES added the Ranats to the list of 15
Language, Hard (Ranat) at IQ semi-intelligent species. This
meant that the Ranats could For each inch over the height
Area Knowledge (Local Area) at IQ
hold no rights to property, and of 3'8", add 5 pounds to the
Stealth at DX average weight.
could be killed in self-
Primitive non-tool using/non-interactive skills (x3)
defense. The Ranats were
50% cost to buy at character creation and to raise later
never completely wiped out.
DESCRIPTION The New Republic never changed the Ranats semi-intelligent
status, primarily because no one has ever opposed it.
Ranats are a small rodent-like race that originated on the planet of
Rydar II. The Ranats were first discovered and named by the There are several unconfirmed rumors that abound about the
colonists of Rydar. The Rydans originally thought, as most people Ranats. One rumor states that a small group of Ranats now lives
do, that the Ranats are just unintelligent rodents. However the in the lower levels of the late Jabba the Hutt's Palace. Another,
Ranats are a semi-intelligent race of sadistic killers. The Ranats states that the Empire experimented on the race to find some way
call themselves the Con Queecon, which means "the Conquerors" of using the race against the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil
in their language. This overconfident attitude has lead the Ranats War. Still another, states that the Emperor himself twisted the
to develop a strange code to which they live by. Ranats will never minds of many Ranats using the Dark Side of the Force to act as
surrender. In combat they will fight an opponent to the death, and vicious paranoid guards, to free up stormtroopers for secret
if by some chance the Ranat is left alive, he will return with a operations. As stated before, these rumors are unconfirmed.
larger party to seek vengeance, to restore the creatures twisted
sense of honor. NOTES
A Ranat can be seen in the cantina in Episode IV for a split
The Ranats were nearly made extinct, several hundred years
before the rise of Emperor Palpatine. The Rydans discovered that
the Ranats had been stealing and devouring infants, and they
immediately began to exterminate the Ranat race. During the


make their living as bounty
CHARACTER POINTS:23 hunters for crime lords.
TECH LEVEL: 12 Every hunter is required to
supply a valid record of his
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: RODIA kills to the Guild on Rodia for
logging in the record books.
Because of this and their
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS natures, Rodians love
weapons of mass destruction,
+1 DX [+10 pts]
such as grenades and thermal
Acute Hearing (+4) [+08 pts] The Rodians have developed
Combat Reflexes [+15 pts] dramatic plays, as a way to
Obsession (Violence) [-05 pts] funnel their violent tendencies
Reputation -2 (Violent Hunters) [-05 pts] in a more creative arena. This
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES sense of creativity was
founded when the race was in Height and Weight
Language, Average (Rodian) at IQ
danger of becoming extinct, ST Height Weight
Area Knowledge (Rodia) at IQ due to the death toll that their --- 5'2" 120lbs
Rodians will most likely have skills relating to hunting own race was causing to each --- 5'3" 130lbs
and acting other. The Rodians needed a < 5 5'4" 130lbs
6 5'5" 135lbs
DESCRIPTION way to funnel their tendencies
in a way that their race would 7 5'6" 135lbs
Rodians are a green-skinned, bipedal race of aliens from the survive. Thus began their 8 5'7" 140lbs
planet Rodia, located in the Tyrius System. They have large success as actors and 9 5'8" 145lbs
multi-faceted eyes and tapered snouts. Their heads are crested playwrights. Rodian plays 10 5'9" 150lbs
with a ridge of spikes, and each of their fingers end in small usually revolve around 11 5'10" 155lbs
suction cups. Rodian ears swivel in their sockets to allow them a violence, but are surprisingly 12 5'11" 160lbs
greater range of hearing, and they even allow them to hear in well written. The plays have 13 6'0" 165lbs
different directions at once. become successful in the 14 6'1" 170lbs
Galaxy, and it is not 15 6'2" 180lbs
Rodia was once filled with lush jungles that were teaming with
uncommon to see Rodian > 16 6'3" 190lbs
life, but the Rodian's over hunting and the industrialization of the
troupes traveling from place For each inch over the height
planet, soon wiped out much of the native animal and plant life on
to place performing their of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
the planet. Rodia has since become highly industrialized, and the
plays. average weight.
majority of Rodian society labors during the day at various
weapons factories that dot the landscape of Rodia. After a days
work, the laborers return home to dine on reconstituted protein,
which now fills the majority of the Rodians diet. Greedo, the alien in the cantina, in A New Hope, who tried to
bring Han Solo back to Jabba, was a Rodian.
Rodians are obsessed with violence and hunting. They are superb
hunters by nature, and bounty hunting seems to hold a place of
high esteem in their culture. Many Rodians who live off planet


Their ears are pointed, giving
CHARACTER POINTS:27 them a sinister appearance.
TECH LEVEL: 12 They have the ability to see
into the infrared spectrum,
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: SAKIYA and have incredibly keen
sense of smell. This sense of
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS smell enables this species to
None track by smell. They have a
fondness for hunting and are
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES frequently sought out for
Infravision [+15 pts] employment as trackers and
Acute Sense of Smell (+5) [+10 pts] bounty hunters. Very little is
known about their home
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES planet and their culture.
Language, Average (Sakiyan) at IQ
Area Knowledge (Sakiya) at IQ NOTES
Tracking at IQ A Sakiyan named Djas Puhr Height and Weight
can be seen sitting with
DESCRIPTION Muftak the Talz, and several
ST Height Weight
--- 5'2" 120lbs
The Sakiyans are a species of humanoids that hail from the planet other aliens in the cantina in --- 5'3" 130lbs
Sakiya. They have deep, greenish black skin, and large craniums. Episode IV: A New Hope. < 5 5'4" 130lbs
6 5'5" 135lbs
7 5'6" 135lbs
8 5'7" 140lbs
9 5'8" 145lbs
10 5'9" 150lbs
11 5'10" 155lbs
12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


highly colored. They walk
CHARACTER POINTS:38 upright, and use their thick
TECH LEVEL: 12 tails to balance themselves.
Their clothing is often
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: SARKA adorned with gemstones, and
they prefer to travel in groups
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS of three. They have their own
ST +3 [+30 pts] version of protocols, and
IQ +1 [+10 pts] anyone who doesn't adhere to
them is considered a
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES barbarian. Their standard
Dark Vision [+25 pts] greeting has its own protocol,
Teeth, Sharp [+05 pts] and must include the life
Cold Blooded [-05 pts] history of each individual, the
Code of Honor (Sarkan Code) [-15 pts] number of battles each has
Intolerance [-10 pts] won, the number and value of
Against those that do not adhere to Sarkan customs all gemstones each has mined, Height and Weight
Quirk (Travel in groups of three) [-01 pts] and the various mates each
ST Height Weight
Quirk (Wear highly adorned outfits) [-01 pts] has acquired over time.
--- 6'2" 180lbs
Obviously, these greets often
--- 6'3" 190lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES last for hours, and any
< 5 6'4" 200lbs
Language, Average (Sarkan) at IQ greeting of less than an hour
6 6'5" 210lbs
Area Knowledge (Sarkan) at IQ greatly diminishes the giver's
7 6'6" 220lbs
8 6'7" 230lbs
DESCRIPTION 9 6'8" 240lbs
This is a race of humanoid lizards, native to the planet Sarka. 10 6'9" 250lbs
They have short, pointed snouts and large eyes, and are often 11 6'10" 260lbs
12 6'11" 270lbs
13 7'0" 280lbs
14 7'1" 290lbs
15 7'2" 300lbs
> 16 7'3" 310lbs
For each inch over the height
of 7'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


made a deal with them to
CHARACTER POINTS:37 trade technology for service.
TECH LEVEL: 11 Soon many Shistavanen could
be seen in the galaxy serving
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: UVENA III the empire as scouts and
surveyors, but some
SESSWENNA SECTOR Shistavanen left the empire
condescending treatment of
+2 DX [+20 pts]
the Imperial Officials. These
+1 HT [+10 pts] malcontents could be seen
Acute Sense of Smell/Taste (+2) [+04 pts] corporations and in the
Rebellion/New Republic
Teeth, Sharp [+05 pts]
Army as scouts and bounty
Primitive (1 level) [-05 pts]
hunters. Although the race is
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES uncommon, they can still be Height and Weight
Language: Shistavanen (MH) at IQ seen in spaceports, usually
ST Height Weight
Area Knowledge (Uvena III) at IQ located in the Outer Rim
--- 5'2" 120lbs
Stealth at DX-1 territories, enroute to their
--- 5'3" 130lbs
next assignment.
Tracking at IQ < 5 5'4" 130lbs
Very little is known of the Uvena System, and the wolf-like race, A Shistavanen, named Lak 8 5'7" 140lbs
that originated on the third planet, is even more a mystery. The Sivrak, can be seen talking to 9 5'8" 145lbs
Shistavanen, also called Shistavanen Wolfmen by some in the a strange looking Lamproid, 10 5'9" 150lbs
galaxy, are wolf-like humanoids with extraordinary senses, and in the original Star Wars 11 5'10" 155lbs
are superb hunters and trackers. Episode IV: A New Hope. 12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
When the Empire discovered the Uvena system, they realized the 14 6'1" 170lbs
Shistavanen's potential as trackers and scouts, and immediately 15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


unstable. The flawed male
CHARACTER POINTS:24 mutates throughout his
TECH LEVEL: 12 lifetime, and devolves into a
sociopathic individual capable
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: CADOMAI of destroying Snivvian
civilization. Because of the
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS extreme danger surrounding
+1 HT [+10 pts] the twins, they are usually
exiled at birth and never
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES allowed to return to their
DR1 (Physical only) [+02 pts] homeworld.
Temperature Tolerance (2 levels) [+12 pts]
The Snivvians high level of
genetic technology has given
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES them a false sense of security
Language, Average (Snivvian) at IQ about their strength as a race,
Area Knowledge (Cadomai) at IQ and it led them to become
enslaved by the Thalassians Height and Weight
Genetics is commonly known in among the Snivvians
several centuries before the ST Height Weight
DESCRIPTION Galactic Civil War. The Old --- 4'0" 90lbs
Republic intervened in the --- 4'2" 100lbs
The Snivvians, or Snaggletooths as they are sometimes called, are conflict, and after Cadomai < 5 4'4" 110lbs
short humanoids with protruding lower jaws studded with short was liberated, they introduced 6 4'6" 120lbs
fangs and tusks. They have incredibly thick skin, enabling them the Snivvians to hyperspace 7 4'8" 120lbs
to with stand the harsh frigid temperatures on their home world. travel. Soon the Snivvian 8 4'9" 125lbs
This skin is formed of special membranes that open and close race was traveling the stars, 9 4'10" 125lbs
pores to regulate heat loss during temperature changes. Because but the races continued travel 10 5'0" 130lbs
their skin does not exude moisture, they don't sweat, and they are through hyperspace, has 11 5'2" 130lbs
immune to frostbite. somehow caused genetic 12 5'3" 135lbs
Snivvians are incredibly knowledgeable in the field of genetics. changes in the Snivvians. In 13 5'4" 135lbs
This knowledge is primarily due to their intense desire to breed recent years, the birthrate of 14 5'6" 140lbs
out any undesirable characteristics in the Snivvian physiology. At twin males has dramatically 15 5'8" 150lbs
every birth, the Snivvians produce two offspring. Normally, the increased. As a race, the > 16 5'10" 160lbs
birth results in one male and one female child. However, a snivvians have begun to limit For each inch over the height
dangerous flaw in their genetic structure, which they refer to as hyperspace travel among their of 5'10", add 10 pounds to the
the Blood Code, produces twin males once every several million people, desperately trying to average weight..
births. There have only been about 200 twin births recorded in prevent more births of
Snivvian history, and the results have been disastrous in every dangerously unstable male
instance. The genetic flaw reveals itself in one of the male twins, twins.
and usually causes the male to become extremely emotionally


avoid Sullust's inhospitable
CHARACTER POINTS:5 atmosphere. Their ingenuity
TECH LEVEL: 12 and adaptability has allowed
them to created huge
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: SULLUST underground cities, and their
technology has grown at an
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS incredibly fast rate. They have
None an intense sense of direction,
having lived in caves all their
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES lives, and have the uncanny
3D Spatial Sense [+10 pts] ability to remember a path or
Absolute Direction [+05 pts] map exactly, even after the
Gregarious [-10 pts] first time they see it. Thus,
many of the Sullustans have
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES become pilots and navigators.
Language, Average (Sullustan) at IQ Many Sullustans, after the age
Area Knowledge (Sullust) at IQ of 30 standard years, begin to Height and Weight
experience corneal defects,
DESCRIPTION and must be fitted with
ST Height Weight
--- 3'8" 65lbs
Small, mouse-like aliens with huge black eyes, loose jowls, and special visors.
--- 3'10" 70lbs
pointed ears. They salivate quite often, and live underground to < 5 4'0" 75lbs
6 4'2" 80lbs
7 4'4" 85lbs
8 4'6" 90lbs
9 48" 95lbs
10 4'10" 100lbs
11 5'0" 110lbs
12 5'2" 120lbs
13 5'4" 130lbs
14 5'6" 135lbs
15 5'8" 145lbs
> 16 5'10" 155lbs
For each inch over the height
of 5'10", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


sun shining off of the snow,
CHARACTER POINTS:56 but the eyes are completely
TECH LEVEL: 2 (3) ineffective in the dark. They
are a calm, good-natured race,
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ALZOC III and are tireless workers.
When the Empire discovered
the planet, they immediately
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS put the peaceful giants to
work digging raw ore from
+1 DX [+10 pts]
deep pits bored into Alzoc III's
+2 ST [+20 pts] crust. Their oppression
+1 HT [+10 pts] continued unnoticed, because
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES Imperial officials failed to
record the findings in the
Fur (3 levels) [+29 pts]
planetary registry, and the
Polarized Eyes [+05
rebel alliance never knew
about the races subjugation. Height and Weight
Dark Vision [+25 pts]
After, the Battle of Endor the
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] Empire abandoned the base,
ST Height Weight
--- 6'2" 180lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES and the Talz had once again
--- 6'3" 190lbs
Language, Hard (Talzzi) at IQ gained their freedom.
< 5 6'4" 200lbs
Area Knowledge (Alzoc III) at IQ
Survival (Artic) at IQ
Muftak, the furry white alien 8 6'7" 230lbs
DESCRIPTION located in the cantina in 9 6'8" 240lbs
Talz are large white furred, four eyed bipeds that hail from the Episode IV is a Talz. 10 6'9" 250lbs
world of Alzoc III. Their shaggy white pelts, provides them with If the game takes place 11 6'10" 260lbs
protection from the freezing temperatures on Alzoc III. Over the previous to the Battle of 12 6'11" 270lbs
Talz's evolution, this race's eyes have adapted to the conditions on Endor, the Talz will have the 13 7'0" 280lbs
their homeworld. The larger and lower pair of eyes has adapted to disadvantage of Subjugation 14 7'1" 290lbs
allow them to see clearly during the dark nights on their (-20pts), due to the 15 7'2" 300lbs
homeworld, and they remain closed during the day or around enslavement of their species. > 16 7'3" 310lbs
bright lights. The smaller pair of eyes allows the Talz to see For each inch over the height
clearly in extremely bright light, such as the blinding glare of the of 7'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


equal value. Although what a
CHARACTER POINTS:49 Teek will consider "an equal
TECH LEVEL: 3 value", will often differ from
that of the object's original
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ENDOR owner. Visitors to Endor,
who have the misfortune of
THE FOREST MOON encountering the race, might
hydrospanners and scanners
+5 DX [+60 pts]
missing, only to be replaced
-2 ST [-15 pts] with nuts and beetle shells.
-1 IQ [-10 pts] Teeks wear rudimentary
-2 HT [-15 pts] clothing, with many pouches
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES and pockets filled with items
they have managed to collect.
Enhanced Move (Running, 8 levels) [+80 pts]
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] The Teeks main defense is the
Kleptomania [-15 pts] short bursts of incredible Height and Weight
Curious [-10 pts] speed, that they use for ST Height Weight
fleeing from their enemies --- 2'2" 20lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES and from fleeing from victims --- 2'3" 30lbs
Language, Hard (Teek) at IQ of their thievery. Although < 5 2'4" 30lbs
Area Knowledge (The Forest moon of Endor) at IQ many find their encounters 6 3'0" 35lbs
Pickpocket at DX+2 with the creatures frightfully 7 3'1" 35lbs
Scrounging at IQ annoying, Teeks are generally 8 3'2" 40lbs
Stealth at DX good natured and well- 9 3'3" 45lbs
meaning creatures. 10 3'4" 50lbs
DESCRIPTION 11 3'5" 55lbs
Teeks are rodent like, simian creatures that inhabit the forest NOTES 12 3'6" 60lbs
moon of Endor. They have long, pointy ears and short, white fur. Teeks can be seen in the 13 3'7" 65lbs
They have a set of buckteeth the makes them look unintelligent, Ewok Adventure, a made for 14 3'8" 70lbs
and they're hands are amazingly quick and agile. They're language TV movie shown in 1984. 15 3'9" 75lbs
consists of undecipherable chattering noises, that many consider Teeks generally don't consider > 16 3'10" 80lbs
very annoying. their actions stealing and they For each inch over the height
will always leave an item of of 3'10", add 5 pounds to the
On Endor, the Teeks fulfill the scavenger niche in the ecological average weight.
"equal" value behind. See
system, and they are packrats by nature. Although the Teeks are
accomplished thieves, they do not consider themselves dishonest.
When a Teek takes an item, he will replace it with an item of


orange coloring to dark
CHARACTER POINTS:57 brown, and their mouths are
TECH LEVEL: 12 filled with sharp teeth.
Trandoshan have a
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: TRANDOSHA regenerative ability that can
even regenerate lost limbs.
SUMITRA SECTOR Because of this ability,
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Trandoshan will often take
great risks in combat.
+2 ST [+12 pts]
-1 IQ [-10 pts] The Trandoshans, who refer
+1 HT [+10 pts] to themselves as T'doshok, are
well known for their hatred of
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES Wookiees that inhabit the
Claws, Talons [+40 pts] neighboring planet of
Heavy Scales (PD 1/DR 2) [+30 pts] Kashyyyk, which resides in
Infravision [+15 pts] the same system. They are
Cold Blooded [-05 pts] especially proficient in Height and Weight
No Fine Manipulators [-30 pts] hunting their hated foes, and a ST Height Weight
Intolerance (Wookiees) [-05 pts] Trandoshan official was the --- 5'6" 150lbs
culprit who officially sold the --- 5'7" 160lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES idea of enslaving the Wookiee < 5 5'8" 165lbs
Language, Hard (Trandoshan) at IQ race to the Empire, during the 6 5'9" 170lbs
Area Knowledge (Trandosha) at IQ beginnings of the Galactic 7 5'10" 175lbs
Civil War. 8 5'11" 180lbs
DESCRIPTION 9 6'0" 185lbs
Trandoshans are a vicious, warlike race of reptilian bipeds that NOTES 10 6'1" 190lbs
hail from the planet Trandosha in the Sumitra Sector. The feared bounty hunter 11 6'2" 200lbs
Trandoshans have long arms, which end in wide, splayed fingers. Bossk is a Trandoshan. 12 6'3" 210lbs
They have blunt heads, and small red eyes, which enable them to 13 6'4" 220lbs
see in the infrared spectrum. Their scales range in color from an 14 6'5" 230lbs
15 6'6" 240lbs
> 16 6'7" 250lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'7", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


CHARACTER POINTS:26 Traveling in small groups atop
their banthas, these nomadic
TECH LEVEL: 9 creatures are experts at desert
survival and their traditional
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: TATOOINE weapon the gaderffi stick.
Although, The Tusken Raiders
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS use gaderffi sticks most of the
+2 ST [+20 pts] time, they have been known to
use primitive blasters that were
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES most likely stolen during a raid
Combat Reflexes [+15 pts] on some jawas or moisture
Primitive (3 levels) [-15 pts] farmers. They have many deep-
Reputation (-4) [-05 pts] seated traditions to which
Brutal terrorists and bandits, Tatooine Settlers they cling. One of these
and visitors, 10 or less traditions is the rite of
passage, in which young Height and Weight
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES Tusken Raiders are required ST Height Weight
Language, Hard (Tusken Raider) at IQ to prove their manhood by --- 5'2" 120lbs
Area Knowledge (Tatooine) at IQ accomplishing a series of hard --- 5'3" 130lbs
Brawling at DX physical feats. The most < 5 5'4" 130lbs
Gaderfii Stick at DX difficult of these feats is the 6 5'5" 135lbs
Riding (Bantha) at DX hunting and slaying of a Krayt 7 5'6" 135lbs
Animal Handling (Bantha) at IQ Dragon, a large reptilian 8 5'7" 140lbs
Survival (Desert) at IQ carnivore that roams the 9 5'8" 145lbs
deserts of Tatooine. The 10 5'9" 150lbs
DESCRIPTION Tusken Raiders have learned 11 5'10" 155lbs
The name Tusken Raider was derived from the settlers of how to train the stubborn 12 5'11" 160lbs
Tatooine, to put a name to the brutal species that attacked and banthas that are native to 13 6'0" 165lbs
slaughtered so many people at Tusken Fort so long ago. The Tatooine as mounts. 14 6'1" 170lbs
Tusken Raiders or Sandpeople as they are sometimes called, are a Marauding groups of Tuskens 15 6'2" 180lbs
nomadic species of alien, with extremely violent tendencies. To will ride the bantha in single > 16 6'3" 190lbs
protect themselves from the harsh desert environment, the file to hide their numbers. For each inch over the height
Sandpeople wear heavy robes, strips of cloth, breath masks, and Each Tusken Raider works of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
eye protectors. A few xenobiologists have claimed the Tusken with the same bantha for life. average weight.
Raiders have human origins, but the autopsies done on what little If a mount is killed the
dead they have left behind, have revealed many non-human Tusken Raider must wander
characteristics leaving the mystery of their origins unsolved. The the desert alone. If the bantha's spirit deems it so the Tusken will
Sandpeople have an uneasy peace with the settlers of Tatooine, be befriended by another bantha. Otherwise the Tusken will most
but have been known to attack settlements occasionally. This is likely die in the wasteland. If a rider is killed the bantha is
primarily the fault of a bandit named Alkhara. Before Jabba the released into the wild. The bantha must quickly find the security
Hutt had even settled on the desert planet, a desert bandit named of a herd or it will most likely fall the teeth of a predator. The
Alkhara had befriended these creatures. After a fierce fight, Tusken Raiders have no written language. Their knowledge is
Alkhara's enemies were slaughtered at the hands of his group and passed by a revered member of the tribe known as the storyteller.
his new Tusken "friends". Alkhara then turned on the Sandpeople The storytellers know the life history of every member in his tribe.
slaughtering every last one, and after this incident the Sandpeople He also knows the tribes entire history word for word,
have hated and despised humanity ever since. There are eliminating any chance for misinterpretation or distortion of the
occasional attacks on the more outlying settlements, but as violent truth. The storyteller usually has an apprentice that he teaches the
and aggressive as their nature is, the Sand People stay as far from tribes history. The apprentice is usually forced to prove
the moisture farmers as the moisture farmers do to them. themselves as warriors often, for making a single error in reciting
the histories means death.


Alertness +2 [+10 pts]
Language, Very Hard (Twi'leki) at IQ
Gesture (Lekku Communication) at IQ
Area Knowledge (Ryloth) at IQ

The Twi'leks are a tall, thin humanoid race that hails from Ryloth,
a planet located in the Outer Rim. They have several rows of
pointed teeth and close-set eyes that resemble those of a pig.
Their skin color ranges from pasty white to dark green. The one
thing that visually sets the Twi'lek apart from the other races in
the galaxy are the two appendages that sprouts from their smooth,
slightly pointed head. These appendages are called lekku. . The
lekku, or head tails as they are sometimes referred, are very
sensitive, and contain many additional sensory nerves, that cause
many to believe that they are erogenous zones. The Twi'lek have
also developed a complex language combining both verbal
components and subtle gestures of their lekku. Twi'leks are also
able to drop the verbal components completely and converse
secretly with other members of their species. Using subtle highly prized and common
movements and gestures of this silent language, a Twi'lek could throughout the galaxy as
communicate with another Twi'lek, even in a loud, crowded room, Height and Weight
dancing girls. This is in part
in complete secrecy. Twi'leks also have multiple stomachs, which because of the exotic dancing ST Height Weight
they use to digest a variety of foods from their planet, which are techniques taught traditionally --- 5'2" 120lbs
hard to digest for humans. The main foods in the Twilek diet are to Twilek women. The --- 5'3" 130lbs
the wide variety of fungi, which grow on the planet. There are galaxies taste for the erotic < 5 5'4" 130lbs
several subraces of Twi'lek. Two of these subraces are the Rubian dancing style has created a 6 5'5" 135lbs
Twi'lek, which can be identified by their blue skin color, and the market for young female 7 5'6" 135lbs
rare Lethan Twi'lek, which can be identified by the pink coloration Twi'leks among slavers. 8 5'7" 140lbs
of their skin. Slavers will often make 9 5'8" 145lbs
annual stops on Ryloth, to 10 5'9" 150lbs
The Twi'lek homeworld, Ryloth, has a peculiar orbit with its sun.
gather young Twi'leks to sell 11 5'10" 155lbs
The rotational orbit of the planet keeps one side of the planet
on the galactic slave market, 12 5'11" 160lbs
constantly lit and the other side in perpetual darkness. Violent
and some less reputable 13 6'0" 165lbs
heat storms generate on the light side of the planet and move
Twileks will sell their own 14 6'1" 170lbs
around to the dark side. The heat from these storms warms up the
family member to crimelords 15 6'2" 180lbs
dark side of the planet enough to keep life from dying out. The
and slavers throughout the > 16 6'3" 190lbs
planet is a dry, rocky world with an incredibly thin, but
galaxy in exchange for favors For each inch over the height
breathable, atmosphere.
or monetary gain. of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
The Twi'lek society is divided into clans, which are governed by a average weight.
five-member group referred to as the head clan. It is also tradition NOTES
in Twi'lek society, for the members of a clan to append their clan
name to their given name. The race is known for their skills in Bib Fortuna, the right hand
business, persuasion, and other related skills. Female Twi'leks are man of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi, was a Twi'lek.


translates into "The Followers
CHARACTER POINTS : 15 of Quay." Once a month, the
TECH LEVEL: 9 Weequay gather together and
battle a large animal, and then
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: SRILUUR sacrifice it to their god. Jabba
the Hutt had hired a clan of
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS Weequay to serve him as skiff
+1 HT [+10 pts] guards, and he would often
have to deal with an angry,
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES local tribe of Tusken Raiders,
Secret Communication [+20 pts] due to the fact that the
Primitive (3 levels) [-15 pts] Weequay skiff guards would
sacrifice bantha to there god.
Language, Hard (Weequay) at IQ The Weequay have developed
Area Knowledge (Sriluur) at IQ a racial animosity toward the
Houk, another species of
DESCRIPTION alien. The Houk supports a Height and Weight
large colony on Sriluur, and ST Height Weight
The Weequay are a humanoid species with coarse, leathery skin the Weequay have lived with --- 5'3" 130lbs
from the planet Sriluur. The species is characterized by the the Houk for many years. The --- 5'4" 130lbs
topknot of braided hair, which is often worn to the sides of their racial tensions between the <5 5'5" 135lbs
heads, and the amount of braids a Weequay has determines his two races often erupt into 6 5'6" 135lbs
rank within his clan. Their coarse, leathery skin enables them to war. The last conflict was 7 5'7" 140lbs
blend in to the deserts of Sriluur, and they communicate with each resolved just before the Battle 8 5'8" 145lbs
other by releasing pheromones, that other Weequay of the same of Yavin, but racial tensions 9 5'9" 150lbs
clan can decipher as a language. This form of communication only between the two peoples 10 5'10" 155lbs
seems to work within the individual Weequay clan, and other remain high. Weequay being 11 5'11" 160lbs
races only smell the musty scent of the pheromone release and are the silent and violent race that 12 6'0" 165lbs
not able to sense the silent communication. Weequay do not they are, can often be seen 13 6'1" 170lbs
name themselves verbally, but by a specific sequence of serving Hutts and other 14 6'2" 180lbs
pheramonal releases that other members of the clan recognize. disreputable individuals as 15 6'3" 190lbs
Other races have taken to calling an individual Weequay by their guards and soldiers. >16 6'4" 200lbs
species name. The Weequay are an extremely violent and For each inch over the height
religious race. They worship the moon that orbits Sriluur, which of 6'4", add 10 pounds to the
they call Quay. In fact the word, "Weequay" in their language average weight.


in length at birth. They were
CHARACTER POINTS:56 enslaved by the Empire, and
TECH LEVEL: 9 don't enjoy the presence of
humans, even after the
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: KASHYYYK Alliance freed them.
While Wookiees are known as
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS: fierce warriors, they do follow
ST +5 [+60 pts] a rigid code of honor. They
HT +2 [+20 pts] do not betray their species -
IQ 1 [-10 pts] individually or as a whole,
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES they do not betray their
friends or desert them, and
Acute Sense of Smell (+4) [+08 pts]
they may break the "law," but
Brachiator [+05 pts] never their code. The Code
Claws [+15 pts] is as rigid and inflexible as it
Extended Lifespan (2 levels) [+10 pts] is ancient. Atonement for a
Extra Hit Points (+3) [+15 pts] crime against Honor is nearly Height and Weight
Fur (3 levels) [+29 pts] impossible - it is usually only ST Height Weight
Longevity [+05 pts] achieved posthumously, but --- 6'2" 210lbs
Berserker [-15 pts] Wookiees falsely accused can --- 6'3" 220lbs
Code of Honor (Wookiee Honor Code) [-15 pts] be freed of their dishonor. < 5 6'4" 230lbs
Cant Speak Galactic Basic [-10 pts] There are legends of 6 6'5" 235lbs
Reputation (-3) [-15 pts] dishonored Wookiees 7 6'6" 235lbs
(Dangerous brutes, everyone, all the time) returning with their honor 8 6'7" 240lbs
Primitive (3 levels) [-15 pts] clean, but that is what these 9 6'8" 245lbs
Vow (Never use claws in combat) [-10 pts] stories are just legends. 10 6'9" 250lbs
Sense of Duty (To honor a life debt) [-10 pts] 11 6'10" 255lbs
Sense of Duty (Family, all Wookiees) [-10 pts] NOTES 12 6'11" 260lbs
Quirk [-01 pts] The Extended lifespan and 13 7'0" 265lbs
(Cautious of Large Predatorial Animals) the Longevity advantages 14 71" 270lbs
were based on Chewbacca's 15 7'2" 280lbs
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES age and references made by > 16 7'3" 290lbs
Language, Very Hard (Wookiee) at IQ Lucas himself. The For each inch over the height
Area Knowledge (Kashyyyk) at IQ Brachiator advantage was of 7'3", add 10 pounds to the
See Brachiator for additional skills added after reading an average weight.
interview with Lucas, which
DESCRIPTION said that Wookiees are very
Tall, fur-covered bipeds from Kashyyyk, Wookiees are perhaps agile in the canopies of Kashyyyk, often swinging from tree to tree
best-known known for their fierce style of fighting. They are like apes.
believed to be descended from tree-climbing mammalians, and
The spelling of Wookiee and Kashyyyk were taken from the
they live in the trees above Kashyyyk's carnivorous flora. They
original Episode IV script.
have retractable claws that they use for climbing in the trees, but
will never use in combat. The females have six breasts that are If game is taking place during the Galactic Civil War Era, then the
used to feed their live-born litters, which are born after about a disadvantage of Subjugated -20pts. Should also be added to the
standard years gestation. The baby Wookiees are nearly four feet Wookiee character.


CHARACTER POINTS:-35 The Yuzzums' main food
source is the rugger, a small
TECH LEVEL: 3 rodent like creature, and they
will hunt in small, organized
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ENDOR hunting parties, chasing the
THE FORST MOON rodents to their warrens.
Upon locating a rugger
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS warren, the Yuzzum then burn
-2 IQ [-15 pts] a strong narcotic weed to
incapacite the ruggers, and
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES then snatch them up, as the
Enhanced Move (Running, 1 level) [+10 pts] unfortunate rodents stagger
Voice [+10 pts] out of their holes dizzy and
Primitive (9 levels) [-45 pts] delirious.

SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES The Yuzzum species have a

Language, Average (Yuzzum) at IQ fair amount of intelligence, Height and Weight
but seem incapable of
Area Knowledge (Dragon's Pelt) at IQ ST Height Weight
understanding other lifeforms.
Running at HT --- 5'5" 90lbs
Smugglers and Slavers have
Singing at HT --- 5'6" 100lbs
attempted to take the species
< 5 5'7" 100lbs
DESCRIPTION off of the moon to be sold as
slaves and pets, but the 6 5'8" 105lbs
Yuzzums are a race of creatures, who dwell in the savanna grasses Yuzzums' nature does not lend 7 5'9" 105lbs
of the Dragon's Pelt, located on the Forest Moon of Endor. They well to captivity. Their 8 5'10" 110lbs
have long thin stilt like legs that are attached to a small, furry language is musical in form 9 5'11" 115lbs
round body. The Yuzzums' long legs keep their heads just above and sound, and a few offworld 10 6'0" 120lbs
the tall grasses of the Dragon's Pelt. Their mouths are wide with yuzzum have found 11 6'1" 125lbs
protruding teeth, and their heads are topped with dark colored fur. employment as singers and 12 6'2" 130lbs
musicians. 13 6'3" 135lbs
14 6'4" 140lbs
15 6'5" 150lbs
> 16 6'6" 160lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'6", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.


planet, the ZeHethbra have
CHARACTER POINTS:40 white fur with a slightly blue
TECH LEVEL: 12 hew. No matter what the
color of the fur, all ZeHethbra
SYSTEM OF ORIGIN: ZEHETH have the characteristic black
and white mane. The mane
ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS begins near the bridge of their
None nose, runs over their heads,
and then proceeds down their
ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES backs, ending at the tailbone.
Spray Attack [+40 pts] Female ZeHethbra have much
(See New Advantages and Disadvantages) wider stripes than males, and
some males have branches of
SKILLS AND SKILL BONUSES black and white fur running
Language, Average (ZeHethbra) at IQ out from the main stripe. The
Area Knowledge (ZeHeth) at IQ ZeHethbra also have a gland
that emits a spray of noxious Height and Weight
DESCRIPTION gas. The spray is very
ST Height Weight
The ZeHethbra are tall, furry humanoids, which can be identified dangerous, and has been
--- 5'2" 120lbs
by their black and white striped mane. Their homeworld, ZeHeth, known to incapacitate
--- 5'3" 130lbs
has a variety of ecosystems, and the ZeHethbra race is just as individuals who threaten the
< 5 5'4" 130lbs
varied. They have many distinct cultural and ethnic groups and ZeHethbra.
6 5'5" 135lbs
have many different races. Northern ZeHethbra tend to have 7 5'6" 135lbs
reddish-brown colored fur, while in the southern regions of the 8 5'7" 140lbs
9 5'8" 145lbs
10 5'9" 150lbs
11 5'10" 155lbs
12 5'11" 160lbs
13 6'0" 165lbs
14 6'1" 170lbs
15 6'2" 180lbs
> 16 6'3" 190lbs
For each inch over the height
of 6'3", add 10 pounds to the
average weight.




2 pts/level -15 pts
The character has a higher tolerance to radiation than normal. Salt addiction is not commonplace on Cona. The absence of salt
Each level purchased gives you +1 to your HT role when in their environment has caused them easily addicted to the
determining damage from radiation and resisting effects caused by substance. Their brightly glowing, yellow eyes easily mark an
radiation. Arcona as a salt addict. This is a result of the chemical interaction
between the salt and their optic nerves. This interaction causes
mild hallucinatory visions. Too much salt impedes the pancreatic
ability to break down ammonia into a water-conserving enzyme,
and is life threatening to them.
Any Arcona who consumes salt must roll a willpower roll to
(Space Vehicles, Vessels, and Space Travel) 5 pts/level
determine if he becomes addicted at a -1 penalty to his roll. If he
A Duros Character receives +1 bonus to any skill, per level, consumes salt again he must make the check again at a -2 penalty
related to Starships (Piloting (Starfighter), Gunnery (Starfighter), to his roll. This continues adding another penalty each time the
Shields, Piloting (Capital Ship), Astrogation etc) Arcona consumes salt until he is addicted or a full day passes at
which point it starts all over again. A salt addict must consume 25
grams of salt a day or he suffers a -1 penalty to all of his actions.
This disadvantage includes both the salt addiction and the
susceptibility to salt addiction and the cost of the disadvantage is
ZEHETHBRA' SPRAY ATTACK adjusted accordingly. Also, only an Arcona Character can take
(Area) 40 pts this disadvantage.
Somewhere during the evolution of the their species, the
ZeHethbra developed a biological defense to deter predators. This
defense is the release of horribly smelling, yet very dangerous gas
that is stored in scent glands in the ZeHethbra's body. All CANT SPEAK GALACTIC BASIC
creatures in a ten-foot radius must roll against their HT to resist -10 pts
the effects. A failed roll causes the victim suffer 1 point of The races vocal cords prevent the character from Speaking
damage per turn from breathing in the fumes and temporary Galactic Basic the primary language of the Galaxy. The character
blindness (for 1d minutes after leaving the effected area) from the can understand Basic if he speaks it, and it only costs half the
burning of the victims eyes (-10 to attack). The damage will normal point cost to take and raise the Language: Galactic Basic.,
continue each round until the effected creature is unconscious. since he can't actually speak the language.
Gas Masks or similar protective gear will prevent the effects of
the ZeHethbra's spray attack. The duration of the gas attack
depends on the environment, which the attack was made. For
example, underground with very little wind the gas may remain COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR:
effective for 5 minutes or so. While on a very windy day above
ground, the cloud of gas may last for barely a round. The smell of
the gas will remain in the area for much longer (An hour or so), -15 pts
although this will have no effect on any passersby. ZeHethbra are Devaronian males do not like to stay in one place for any extended
completely immune to the gas, and it can only be used once per period of time. They enjoy seeing new places, and experiencing
day. Only ZeHethbra characters are permitted to take this new things. They are however able to hold jobs, but the first
disadvantage. Area affected - 3 hexes - Duration - 1d turns opportunity that they get to move on, they will most likely take.
under average circumstances

-5 pts
A character with this disadvantage, will find themselves
irresistibly drawn to games of chance. When the character is
exposed to a game of chance, he must make a willpower roll to
avoid the intense sensation to join in the game. This disadvantage


differs from Compulsive Gambling, because the character does not
have to actively search out a game of chance to get his fix. LIGHT FREQUENCY SENSITIVITY
Characters cannot buy both Compulsive Gambling and Gambling -10 pts
Weakness, as Gambling Weakness is just a lesser form of Your eyes are sensitive to a certain or frequency of light (Infrared,
Compulsive Gambling. red, ultraviolet etc....). When they are exposed to the frequency
of light, you are effectively blind until you find shelter from the
light source, and let your eyes adjust for at least 10+2d6 minutes.
A character that is suddenly blinded, suffers a -10 penalty to all of
LIGHT SENSITIVITY his rolls in combat and all of his skills that his eyesight is crucial
-5 pts (GM has final ruling). This disadvantage can be corrected using
Your eyes are sensitive to bright lights. During exposure to goggles to filter out the harmful frequency of light. Notes: A
powerful light sources (Spotlight, Sun etc.) you suffer a -2 penalty character may not take this disadvantage along with the blindness
to all actions due to the terrible pain it causes you. This disadvantage.
disadvantage can be corrected with goggles or shaded visors.
Notes: A character may not take this disadvantage along with the
disadvantage of blindness
-10 pts
You are overtly negative, about just about everything. If
something could go wrong, you know it will. Once people realize
that you are so pessimistic, they will react at a -2 penalty to your
reaction roll.








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