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Subject: FCC reclassification - Background and legislative actions

Over the past month, we have been focused on the recent fall out from the Comcast court
decision which has thrown into question the FCC's legal authority and ability to promote
broadband deployment and adoption, as well as protecting an open internet. There were
several paths available to clear up this issue and move forward on the National
Broadband Plan and other issues. As a result of the Court's ruling, the FCC has chosen to
pursue a path to re-classify the transmission portion of broadband Internet access under
Title II of the Telecom Act through a rulemaking procedure. We believe that this
approach is the wrong one to take. The rulemaking procedure, when completed, will
only lead to further litigation and confusion over the FCC's jurisdiction. The litigation
would tie things up in the courts for at least two years all while the the broadband providers
will shift capital away from investment in broadband networks, with serious implication for jobs.

Attached is a comprehensive background document prepared by Debbie Goldman which

outlines the issue. Also attached is an article from CQ weekly which summarizes the
problems and issues.

CWA - along with the major telecom employers - has taken a strong position that such
regulatory uncertainty and years of litigation are not the route that should be followed at
this crucial time. Further delay in the implementation of the National Broadband Plan is

Our solution is for the Congress to pass a narrow and focused piece of legislation that
would provide statutory authority clarifying the FCC's jurisdiction over broadband
access. We have been meeting with the vital Congressional Committee Chairs and staff
to discuss our concerns and approach to a legislative fix.

We will be focused on this legislative fix over the coming months and will be calling on
you to help with these legislative efforts.

The first step that we need to take is to thank those Congressmembers that recently
signed a group letter to the FCC expressing reservation with the rulemaking approach.
(List is below). Those Democrats that signed that letter have come under withering
attack from Free Press and other advocates of "Net Neutrality". We need to let them
know that we appreciate their stand on this issue. We have sent a thank you letter to each
of those Congressmembers that signed the letter. (I have attached our letter).

We are asking that if you consider sending a similar thank you letter from your District
VP to those Congressmembers that signed the letter. Also, if you have any locals in those
Congressional districts, to please have them send a letter as well. We would also like you
to please consider placing letters to the editor in any local newspapers in those
Congressional Districts. Sample letters are attached.

We are working on setting up a conference call with all LP Coordinators for next week to
walk through the issue and the legislative state of play.
So, what we are encouraging for right now is:
1) Send a thank you letter from District VPs to the Congressmembers in your District that
signed the letter to the FCC
2) Send a thank you letter from Locals in the Congresmembers District
3) Get letters to the editor signed and placed thanking Congressmembers for signing the

District 1
Adler, John H. (D) NJ-03
Sires, Albio(D) NJ-13
Arcuri, Michael (D) NY-24
Bishop, Timothy (D) NY-01
Clarke, Yvette (D) NY-11
Crowley , Joseph (D) NY-07
Maffei, Daniel (D) NY-25
McMahon, Michael (D) NY-13
Meeks, Gregory (D) NY-06
Murphy, Scott (D) NY-20
Owens, William L. (D) NY-23
Towns, Edolphus (D) NY-10

District 2
Cummings, Elijah E. (D) MD-07
Kratovil, Frank Jr. (D) MD-01
Ruppersberger, Dutch (D) MD-02
Nye, Glenn (D) VA-02
Rahall, Nick J. II (D) WV-03

District 3
Bright, Bobby (D) AL-02
Boyd, Allen (D) FL-02
Brown, Corrine (D) FL-03
Hastings , Alcee (D) FL-23
Kosmas, Suzanne (D) FL-24
Barrow, John (D) GA-12
Bishop, Sanford (D) GA-02
Scott, David (D) GA-13
Melancon, Charlie (D) LA-03
Childers, Travis (D) MS-01
Taylor , Gene (D) MS-04
Thompson, Bennie (D) MS-02
Butterfield, G. K. (D) NC-01
Shuler, Heath (D) NC-11
Davis , Lincoln (D) TN-04
Tanner, John (D) TN-08
District 4
Halvorson, Deborah (D) IL-11
Rush, Bobby (D) IL-01
Hill, Baron (D) IN-09
Peters, Gary (D) MI-09
Driehaus, Steve (D) OH-01
Fudge, Marcia (D) OH-11
Space, Zachary (D) OH-18
Wilson, Charles (D) OH-06

District 6
Ross, Mike (D) AR-04
Moore , Dennis (D) KS-03
Carnahan, Russ (D) MO-03
Clay, Wm. Lacy (D) MO-01
Boren, Dan (D) OK-02
Cuellar, Henry (D) TX-28
Gonzalez, Charles (D) TX-20
Green, Al (D) TX-09
Hinojosa, Rubén (D) TX-15
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D) TX-30
Ortiz, Solomon (D) TX-27
Rodriguez, Ciro (D) TX-23

District 7
Giffords, Gabrielle (D) AZ-08
Kirkpatrick, Ann (D) AZ-01
Pastor, Ed (D) AZ-04
Boswell, Leonard (D) IA-03
Minnick, Walt (D) ID-01
Teague, Harry (D) NM-02
Schrader, Kurt (D) OR-05
Larsen, Rick (D) WA-02

District 9
Baca, Joe (D) CA-43
Cardoza, Dennis (D) CA-18
Costa, Jim (D) CA-20
Richardson, Laura (D) CA-37
Sanchez, Loretta (D) CA-47

District 13
Altmire, Jason (D) PA-04
Brady, Robert A. (D) PA-01
Carney, Christopher (D) PA-10
Dahlkemper, Kathleen (D) PA-03
Fattah, Chaka (D) PA-02
Holden, Tim (D) PA-17
Schwartz, Allyson (D) PA-13