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Department: Storage
Stage: Receiving & storage of raw materials

PURPOSE : This SOP outlines the procedure for the proper receiving and storage of materials.

RESPONSIBILITY : H.O.D / Receiving person.

REFERENCE : Quality manual

PROCEDURE : 1. Open the door of carrier and inspect for;:
• The condition of the shipment e.g. damaged or dirty packaging, exposed product.
• Water damage.
• Unlabeled products.
• Products from unapproved suppliers (check supplier list or check with purchaser)
• Insect pest activity.

2. If you suspect a problem like damage, notify your supervisor and/or QA designate
immediately. All materials received in damaged condition will be rejected.

3. Inform purchase designate of the shipment.

4. Collect & check all the documents related to shipment.

5. Unload the shipment and transfer to raw material staging area.

6. Record the details of the received materials on the – Receiving material log book.

7. Ensure the product type; product code & quantity match the packing slip.

8. Material deemed unacceptable (out of specification) will be tagged as such with a
“HOLD” sign.

9. The product will be unloaded and staged in the receiving area.

10. Use forklift for movement of bulky material.

11. Maintain adequate space between the rows of stored products for cleaning,
monitoring, and inspection.

12. All chemical based materials shall be kept in area designated for the same.

13. All raw materials shall be stored in area designated for the same.

14. All rejected materials shall be kept in designated area for rejected material

15. Undertake proper rotation of all raw materials, packaging supplies and other
materials on First In, First Out basis.

OBJECTIVE : Proper storage of material.

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