Skyscraper Rotating Buildings

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The world¶s first moving building, an 80-storey tower with revolving floors giving a shifting shape, is under construction in Dubai. ³It¶s the first building that rotates, moves, and changes shape,´ said Italian architect David Fisher. The Dynamic Tower design is made up of 80 prefabricated apartments which will spin independently of one another. ³This building never looks the same, not once in a lifetime,´ he added. The 420-metre (1,378-foot) building¶s apartments would spin a full 360 degrees, at voice command, around a central column by means of 79 giant power-generating wind turbines located between each floor. The slender building would be energy self-sufficient as the turbines would produce enough electricity to power the entire building and even feed extra power back into the grid, said the Italian architect. The apartments, which will take between one and three hours to make a complete rotation, will cost from $3.7m to $36m. A 70-storey skyscraper rotating building is also under construction in Moscow. Russian real estate developer Mirax Group is behind the Moscow tower, while the planned Dubai building is backed by Fisher¶s Rotating Tower Technology Company. Leslie Robertson, who was the structural engineer for New York¶s World Trade Centre Twin Towers, which collapsed in September 2001 after being hit by two hijacked planes, is an engineering consultant for Fisher¶s project. The Florence-based Israel-born architect, who has never built a skyscraper before, says he would also like to build a third dynamic tower in New York City. Planning to complete so-called dynamic towers ² prefabricated sun- and wind-powered skyscrapers that will keep changing shape as each floor rotates around a central axis ² in Moscow and Dubai by the end of 2010 and will cost an estimated $700m. Instead of just one revolving floor, like other buildings around the world, every floor in Fisher¶s towers will rotate. The tower, which will be comprised of 10 luxurious villa-style condos, 35 residential floors beneath those, the middle 15 floors will be a luxurious hotel, and the lower 20 floors will be used for retail and commercial space, for a grand total of 80 floors. You¶d expect to have an elevator in a building such as this but what about an elevator for your car? Yep, this has got it, and it goes all the way to the top floor! So how does it work? Each floor rotates at a slightly different speed independently of each other while they are all connected to a concrete core. One looking at it

from the outside will have a different view of the building every time they look at it and those looking out from inside the building will complete the entire panoramic view every one to three hours. Not impressed yet? Of course such an ingenious building takes into consideration all contemporary concepts and The Dynamic Tower is no exception. With all the talk of ³going green´, the tower will be powered solely by wind and solar energy. Each floor has a cell placed on the top that will collect 15 percent of the sun¶s rays throughout the entire day, creating enough energy to power the entire structure. Construction has already begun and it¶s expected to be completed in 2010. Along with swimming pools and gardens, the buildings will also be fitted with car elevators so that residents can park right outside their homes. The towers are expected to generate enough electricity for themselves and other nearby buildings from solar panels and wind turbines fitted horizontally between each floor. People who own an entire floor will be able to simply speak to control the rotation, with speeds varying from an hour to three hours for each full rotation. Glenn Howells Architects have been appointed to design and develop the first fully rotating apartment building, which offers its residents 360-degree views across the Dubai cityscape. Time Residences will revolve through the use of solar panelling, making it a fully integrated, ecofriendly design. Glenn Howells Architects have been working with consultants to develop a faÁade system that not only provides residents with full, energy efficient control of their internal environment, but will also create a dynamic, multi-layered appearance from the outside. The pure, cylindrical form of the building is anchored by an organic podium, which allows the external landscape to permeate into it. The top of the building is crowned by an elegant crescent element that accommodates an observatory and viewing gallery and will be the focus of dramatic light shows at night. Glenn Howells Architects have focused on producing equally strong top, middle and bottom elements of the building to ensure that Time Residences becomes a landmark building within the city. The Dynamic Tower, the world¶s first rotating skyscraper, has been named one of TIME Magazine¶s ³50 Best Inventions of the Year´ in 2008 for its revolutionary design and innovations. The Dynamic Tower is environmentally friendly and the first building designed to be completely self-powered, with wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floor, and photovoltaic cells placed on the roof of each rotating floor to produce solar energy. The Dynamic Tower will also be the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop and then installed on site. This method offers a number of advantages including an environmentally clean construction site, less onsite accidents, and reduced time and cost of construction.

Residents of the Dynamic Towers will be able to park their cars at the entrance to their apartments, which will have voice activated systems. From their swimming pools located next to the glass wall of the building, residents will be able to look out and see the world rotating around them. These will also be the first buildings where construction begins at the top, with each floor mechanically installed from top to bottom. Renowned Italian architect Dr. David Fisher is the creator of the Dynamic Tower, a building in motion. He has spent more than 30 years working to redefine the technical and technological extremes of buildings in many international cities. For more videos: Rotating Skyscraper to Transform Moscow Skyline The world¶s Tallest Rotating Skyscraper in µRussian Manhattan¶ will change Moscow¶s Skyline×8APYQ&feature=channel The First World Dynamic Architecture in Dubai Project

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