Living in Asia and working as an English Teacher has been one of the most amazing life changing life experiences of my life. I want to help out up and coming, new and experienced ESL teachers reach the same level of success as I have now. I was lucky enough to have the experience of meeting some of the highest paid and best ESL teachers while traveling throughout Asia. This is one of those ESL Games that I had the luck to learn: This game is called "Pictionary." You probably already know this game, but do you use this game in your ESL class? And do you know ways to keep the game fresh through out the school year? To play this ESL Game: 1. Divide the class into two teams. 2. Write 10 - 20 words that your students know and / or are trying to learn. 3. Cut the paper so that each word is on a small piece of paper; and put those words in a hat. 4. Have the students play, "Paper, Scissor, Stone," to see which team will go first. 5. The winner of the "Paper, Scissor, Stone," will go first... have one student from that team come up to the blackboard. Have him/her pull one piece of paper out of the hat. 6. Whichever word they pick ~ they will have two minutes to draw it on the board; and the students must say the correct word within the time limit. 7. If the team guesses right ~ they are awarded one point and then it would be the other teams turn. 8. If the one team does not guess the right answer in the two minute time limit... then the other team gets one guess to try to steal the point. 9. Keep playing this ESL game until you decide that time is up. Have fun teaching English and your students will have fun, too! Hey! Do you want to watch a video of this ESL game as well as 50 more ESL games on video? Then click here at

ESL CONVERSATION GAMES 2 First you need to know how to play the original Gun, Heart, Bomb. If you know how to play it already... just scroll down past the next paragraph. If you don't know how to play it; I will quickly explain how to now. You will need to draw a big grid on the blackboard. On the top of the grid you will need to write the letters A - J. Have the A in the first box on the far left. Have the letter B in the box to the right of the A. Then the C, and so on. You will need to write the numbers 1 - 10 in the far left boxes. Have the number one in the top box. Write the number 2 in the box below. The number 3 under the 2 and so on. Now you should have a large grid on the blackboard. Your ESL students should easily be able to pick a box: A - 6, F - 2, 7 - G, etc. During your preparation time you should decide which ESL games you will play. If you decide to play this game... then you will need to draw this same grid on a piece of paper. On your grid you will have to fill in all of the boxes. These are the items that you can put into each box. Gun, Heart, Bomb - Original Version Items: A gun means that you can shoot an opposing team members hit point. A heart means that you can give one extra hit point to one of your teammates. A bomb will explode and blow up whoever picked that box and minus one of their hit points. Gun, Heart, Bomb - Version 2.0 Items: The gun, the heart and the bomb are items that your students can find in this version of the game. Also included in this game are: A tank - A tank can shoot one person on the other team 3 times. A helicopter - A helicopter can shoot three other people one time. A flame thrower - A flame thrower can shoot two people two times. And of course, use your creativity to make up even new items. When you start the game you will need to divide the class into equal teams. Give every student an equal amount of hit points. And because this is an ESL game to be played during your English class... you will need to practice English before and during the game. What I usually do is have all of the students stand up. I will ask them a question. After they answer the question correctly they can sit down. When all of the students are sitting down ~ I will let one person from each team have a turn. If it is Jimmy's turn and he picks box 8 - C... the ESL Teacher will have to look at his answer sheet which he/she wrote during his/her preparation time to see what is in that box. Keep playing the game until one team destroys all of the other team's hit points.

ESL CONVERSATION GAMES 3 If you want to become the best ESL teacher in your school; then learn from the best ESL teachers in the world. This is one of the best ESL Games and there is no reason why you shouldn't be playing it in your classroom! This ESL Game is called, "The Crocodile ESL Game." I wish that I could show a picture of this Crocodile, but I can't. But if you have ever been to Toys R Us or any other toy store then you would have seen the Big Green Crocodile that has his mouth wide open. The way that you play this game is you can push down one of its teeth at a time. There are about 12 teeth, and if you push down the wrong tooth ~ the crocodile's mouth will close on your hand. If the crocodile bites you...that would mean that you lose. This is a fun game and the crocodile toy is cheap to buy... so do yourself a favor and pick one up. The way to play this ESL game while teaching English at the same time is to have the ESL students practice their English before they play the game. I like to have every student stand up. I will usually ask them a question with regards to some subject which we are studying/reviewing. After all of the students have answered a question... I will divide the class into two teams. The two teams will make two lines. Line Team 1 and Line Team 2. The first student in line from team 1 will get to push down one tooth. After his/her turn, he/she will go to the end of the line. Then it will be the other teams turn. Keep having the student who just had a turn go to the end of the line. When the crocodile bites one of the student's hands ~ the other team is awarded a point on the blackboard. The team with the most points at the end of the class is the winner! Hey! Do you want to watch a video of this ESL game as well as 50 more ESL games on video? Then click here at

Teaching English Overseas can be your best friend or worst enemy. It all matters on what different ESL Teaching Games that you have learned. Because teaching English using ESL Teachng Games is the key to success when you are TEACHING ENGLISH OVERSEAS. TEACHING ENGLISH SECRETS ( ESL TEACHING GAMES ) It can open doors that you never knew existed. You can meet new people, experience different cultures, figure out what kind of person you truly are and make enough money to buy what ever you like. Or Teaching English Overseas can be a nightmare. Maybe you will have Visa problems, maybe you won't be able to find a job, maybe teaching English isn't for you... whatever the case may be; some negative people will always find negative things to put their attention on. If you are one of these people stop reading this article. This Ezine Article is for new and experienced ESL (English Second Language) teachers who enjoy their work. And they must also enjoy to work with the students. If this is you... then I know a few ways to improve your class starting with your next lesson. Did you know that most ESL School Owners make their ESL teachers teach the "OLD SCHOOL WAY" of teaching. However... as more and more ESL businesses go out of business due to the students having no fun; more and more ESL business owners are being more open to allowing their teachers teach the class in their own style. However, if the ESL teacher teaches in his/her own style and their are complaints; the owner will then tell you how to teach. However, if you teach the class in a way that is fun and also engages the students in conversations, discussions and encourages the students to learn faster; the owner of the school will allow you to teach using your own style. If you would like to learn an effective teaching style which is fun and can lead to you earning more money click here

This esl conversation game is called "TABOO." TABOO is a fun game that helps reinforce new vocabulary and it is a hoot to play! To play this game the teacher will first divide the class into two teams. The teacher will then pick a number from one to ten. Whichever team guesses the correct number gets to go first. After one team has won the right to play first... the teacher will bring one of the students up to the board. The teacher will turn the student so that his/her back is facing the blackboard / whiteboard. The teacher will write the KEYWORD on the board. For this example we will say that the Keyword is "SPIDERMAN." Spiderman will now become TABOO. And because Spiderman is Taboo, none of the students can say the word "Spiderman." Underneath the Keyword the teacher will then write three other words which are also Taboo. This means that the students cannot say these three sub keywords either. For this example the teacher would write three words which the students cannot say - because it would give away the main keyword. The three words under the main keyword/taboo word will be: Peter Parker Mary Jane Web The blackboard / whiteboard will look like this: SPIDERMAN Peter Parker Mary Jane Web The students cannot say any of the words listed above and they cannot make any ACTIONS to help the student with his/her back to the board. When the teacher says, "Start" the one team will get two minutes to help the student guess the keyword. The students may give hints such as these:

"He is a man." "He has an insect on his chest." "He has a girlfriend." "His aunt's name is May." "He wears a blue and red costume." "Sometimes he fights Venom, Sandman and the Green Goblin." "He has his own comic book." "The insect on his chest has eight legs." "He was bitten by a radio active insect and it made him special." If any of the students say any of the Taboo words, his/her team cannot win a point. But if the student with his back turned to the board says, "Spiderman" - his/her team will get one point. After the team gets the point or time runs out; the teams will switch. This E.S.L game is called Taboo. And if you teach English overseas it is one of the best E.S.L. games that you can play because it is fun and it helps reinforce and teach vocabulary. And on top of that... the students will have fun while they are learning English as a Second Language. To see a video of this game or any of the other 100 teaching game videos go to:

To see a video of this game or any of the other 100 teaching game videos go to:

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