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WtLdT \\-E

B[,LII|E \\D


\\ie belier,e lhat Chris: tn;s :: :i. as God. The spirit oiGtrc rGei Tlte iv'able Koran J:I?l\
We believe Jesus Clrrist is the So.n t-i Gri t:: ;::rnated into the flesh of a 1Ian es ntaltr Ei.ri;::, "Aneles" can do b\ Cod': pe::ri.::, --.

We believe thaL rou s(l the Lr:li rt:.::-:- t' . .: , ---of Cod bv knoii ins-the langli:-,- C : :- . i'-:- -: : -

(lCorinthians 14).

We believe all har e sinaed and ;..r:: ::-.-:: .-glorl ol God and arc ir nc.'i e': ::. .



We belier e salr atiorr

Chri:r lor all Lhe Lc>r :'ir;: (Luke 1q:9- l0: I Thes:rlirrrar: i:


1...:r. p:.''

We believe it is the of God ;::i ;.. -:-. be filled * ith rhe Holr SpiriL : .':- n of the tr.ro women Ei-e and \I"n.



we Oelleve TnaI JeSUS We believe that Jesus' gO:Del

blood of our Bible andrhi tLurd::: r--tion. A11 others are nrere suidanie :n, re n-Iere suidance ani
9 -20

l: i:li :J,



4 :22 -2 4 \.

We be|eie the Stnasogue 'Chur.r: .trr,:-:. - :-those who have r:eceire-d Je>u> L hn.i r: :i,'-: personal Saviour. We believe there shall be a bodih resur:.'r:or-:-.: just and the uniust. a Raprure or-l Jl.r'r,' :.'.::. ,.. -.-1,,' ihose who accepr tRer. li:.i: Rer. We believe in baptism br Firc and thc H.',r c:.. (Matthe\\ 3:l l,t zind confirmed in r \cls l:-:-:




Wh)'do rve clap our hands?
"O clap your hands, all ye people: shout unto God vith the voice oftriuniphi" tPsatn 1-: t t

Why do we lift our hands?
'tThus will


bless thee tyhile

thy name",1.Psalm 63:11'



I v,ill lift

up mt' hands in

)--,-L-ul-]:: I':"''": '4 -Lg##-i6# a

-l J



€= ee


J;€/ffi, a;:i'e

,Hah Seed Baptist Synagogue , '. Phsne {478) 785-8486 :'

iflJ) I-r'g






jj{;j,; : +}:: 'Rabi:!:;,')

T&ere w€s a man rvho betrar ed

'Malachi.Zailok ,orU-"L'.:.'
Has been teaching since 1967 A,D, and has covered manv, tapics in the form ofbooki and: pamphlets and works to uplilt a

our Lord and Saviour


Qhridt (7-A,D,:S6II Living),

Judas lscariot

soniBf,.Mnry'{6B.C.-SO A.D.)..' : Whei-"rwas thisj-:lnanr H€: w.as ,,"'






forgotien people. Tribe ofJudah God's Own people.

5i37Lj4dn of:'AElbarr (12 ts"c.: 48 A.tl.) and Sii-rion (28 B.C.-48

A,D,) whose


knowledge and understand-

I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with I will set up shep
, Judas
, (6 A.D.-33 A.D.)

surname was Iscariot (John 6:71 I3:2,26).

Judqs who was'bom {6 A.D.-33

A.D.) is sometimes called "The


herds over them which shall feed them" ieremiuh 3:15 & 23:4

Of Simon" (John 6:71, I3:2, 26) or Judas lscariot (Matthen) I0:4; Mark 3: I9:
Luke 6:16).
Ques; What does Judas mean?

Our Rabi has traveled' the world and has studied in

Universities in Egypl, Sudan, and America. He is a special-

ist in Ancient Semitic languages and translation. He was born June 26, 1945 A.D. to As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi of Nutria, Sudan and Mary C. York
dynamic speaker and has followers worldwide. His message iisimple. ?ou are not Negroes or African Americans. You"are Thi Lost Sheep of
is a

son of Simon Iscariot and Azubah bat Ans: The name Judas, rvhich Ephrath, a Moabite means "He shall be Praised", ts a Greek name equivalent to the Hebrew name Judah whose name in Hebrew is Ya Hu Da Galilean. ln Arabic. it is spelled Yahuwdah (lr34r) from the root word Huda (rer) (The Nobte Koran Z7i'1 t1. From Huda it became Haadi (g.rb), which means "Guide" as,41 Mahdi (1845 A.D.-f885 A.D.) (,s'e Jl) of the Sudan, who is of the Lost Tribe Of Judah. Judah is the most honoured name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Genesis 49:10, tells how the scepter, and the law will remain with Judah, (Genesis 29:35) until Shiloh comes. This is the bloodline where Jesus the Messiah came.from. For he is the Shiloh .-L.*.. (;'lt'U) meaning. "he whose ir is that which belongs to him." Or in Arabic, it is Salah (ala) meanins, "l; fix. repair." And in Ancient Hebrew ir'is Salah t9)Al. Or Yahayyus' s own who is here io repair.this world. None
other than

"Umm Faalimah" of America. He

(;']'t'lnt) and is yahuwdah (4I)CAU\4)f)


the l{ouse of Israel, The Tribe Of Judah. Blacks


Original Hebrews, the Israelites. You are also Ishmaelites and \lidianites. Nluhammad the Arabian Prophet was also
of the tribe of Kedar from Ben Kenaan, who were Negroes, Nubian Islamic llebrews. The Orientals and Asians aie the Edomites. The Caucasians/Europeans are the Canaanites. Blacks are also fhe Original Sumerians and Egiptians. Blacks have an endless history where all other races have a birth date record. Blacks have been deprived of the true knowledge of self and the great things that they as Bane Eloheem "Children of God" have accomplished during the course of time. Simply because they don't know that they are in fact the seed of the Woman. "Eve. Hawwah" through Seth, God's own touch (Gen 4:25). They are the heirs to the kingdom of God (Galations 3:29; James 2:5) through his own spirit and word, Lord Jesus the Christ, whose real 'name is Yahshua Bar Yahweh, the Saviour son of The Living God. This is his ftessage. The gathering of The Lost

Al Masih or Ha Mashiakh.-

Ques: Where was Judas from?


This vision incorporated believers allowing The Holy Spirit {Acts 2:1-11 to display the attributes of Ha Mashiakh The MeSsiah {John 1:41) through every believe6 touching lives rryith each believerts sphere of influence with divine love,

,p€ace, and

joy, "till we


come into the unity of the faith."

Ans: Judas was born in Kerioth in the year 6 A.D. making him a native of Kerioth also spelled Kirioth. Kerioth 'is a to\ n south of Judah and the city of Moab as it states in Jeremiah 48:24, "And upan Kerioth, andupon Bozrah, and upon all the cities of the land af Moab, .far or near. " Moab is where his mother Azubah came ftom. She was a, Moabite. Kerioth is mentioned four times in the Bibie and in Joshua 15:25 it states: "And Hazor I{adattah, and, Kerioth. and Hezron. uhich is Hazor.". When you look under The Strong's Ilebrew Lexicon #2469r.k tel1s you Is-kar-ee-o''tace w.hi h rueans uMep Of Keriolh'f.,,Thus, Iskariotes is where Sirtron, Judas' father's surname Iscariot from the Hebrew tribe Issachar or Yissaskar ('lf[JUt) meaning to "there is recompense". Issaehar is the 9th son of Jacob and,Leah.,,fhe,1ribe of Issachar trar eled with Judah but left and set up a town in the land of Canaan qnd the city was named after llsgabliar" So
(I o r< o ptrrlrq g) pronounced

that the Greek word for Kerioth is Iskario-tes


the.Tribe Qf ..!urtah,'and hqd,-Fiied,.b-kjod. ugh ,!iS
motber Azubah's genes. the Moabite. Ques:


ho are the MoabiteC?

and_Zondervan, Canaanites are white people and the mothers and fathers of Sodom and Gomorah.
The King James Stuily Bible pubtished Bv The Thomas Nelson Publications on Page 24, tJnder Commentary For Genesis 9:25 Titled "Cursed Be Cunuan,,. It States.' ,,The

Ans: The. Moabites canre by way of Moab meaning "of his father" who is Lot's eldg$t iph through ince*uouS- 6,inh by his eldest da.ughrer Lubna. Lubna irO fr.iV*rnger sister Jalaa lay in the same bed with their father Loi whiG he was drunkeri, and thus;both sistels, became p."gnunt by their own father (Genesis t9:36-37). This is sorneihing that thelr leamed from the people of Sodom and Gomorrai who arL the Canaanties. And according to Nelson's publications

practiced rirual prostitution. homsexuality. and various grgigstic rites. (These are the same acts practiced in the
land of Sodom and.Gomorrah).,,

Canaanites l{ere Wite And In No Way Is This'To Be Interp,reted As A Curse On The Btack Rac'e. The Canaanite.s

And a,c.cording to the Thg Hallgy,s_Bi\le Hanttbook published by Zondervan. on page tS7. Unae, tne Conaoriie,' tf we wonder that some bllhese rnng* j"ur i

Yasu'a ibn Ar Rab in Galilean Yashuoa bar Yahweh in Hebrew Jesus son of the Lord in Fnglish

A.D.-stiil living)

habitation with Anima

is :.


Ques: tr4'ho is Judah?

Ans: Judah is the fourth son of yecov ,,Jacob,, and Leah, the son of Yitschaq,'!'fsaac," son of Avrom "Abraham,"

James the son of,Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whosi sarname

Zealot qea-n!, "used of God as jealous of1ny rival or against God" In Matthew I0t2-4, the disdiple; were, ',2 Now the names of the twelve apostles ure thise; The.fbst, Simon, who is called peter,-fln:d Andrew nX nritnei James lhe-son of Zebedee, and John his brother; 3 philii, and Bartholomew; Thomus, and Matthew the pubticai

Mercenary which is someone who is motivated_solely by a desire for monetary or material gain. T,ike the Zealots of which Judas' bestfriend called Siiron the Canaanife was one Luke 6:15; "Matthew and Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, and Simon called Zetotes." Tii life of Judas before the appearance of hisrname in the lists of the original disciples wbs thai of a Zealot,a Israelite who hung out with rhe Canaanjtes always ready [o betray their own people. Similar to Blacks today who infiltrate'Black organizations.working for white peofle to betray their own race. According ro the Online Bible Strong'l #220g. a

Judas was said_to be a

was Thuddaeus;

Lsgar!2t.(the betrayer ol his own kind\, who also betrayecl /r'nr. "Notice that the verses 2 and 3 have l0 disciples iist_ ed but verse 4 has Simon and Judas because it says .,a/so", peaning that both.Simon the Canannire or Zealot'and tuOa, betrayed

4 Simon the

Canqanite, and'Judas

Map'o.,f$,u,flhh where l(erioth' is lccated '' .fh€;hqme of Judas Ise*riot


Ques: How did Jes*i Chsose his disciples?. ,r

1n,1 .



,. ,.,


. '':".' .

Ans: You can **e.h,-o-* Christ picks his discipl.esn.i* yo* ,9

' .,, 3' . ,

: ''

through the Rible. he picks on. of them; then later on "u.h tells what their nar,nes would be; Iike John riy beloved (John 13:23; 21:20).or Peter the rock (Matthew 16:18).
Jesus picked his oun disciples the rnay the owner of a vine1'ard u'ou1d pick the best grapes for the best of wine. In Matthew 4:18-21 Jesus chooses his first 4 disciples. "And Jesus, walking by the sea af'.Galilee, saw two brethren,

Follow me, and I will make youf shers of men. 20 And thelt straightway left their nets, and followed him. 2l And goirg o, f'om ihen\e. he sau' otlter rvo brethren. James the inn o/Zebedee. and John his brorher'. in a sltip u ith Zebedee tlreir father: mending rheir ners; and lte called tlrettr. "

Simon called Peteri.and Andrew his brother: casting a net into the sea; .for they .were fishers. 19 And he saiTh tmto

Judas and John and Petei became fugitives. When thel caughf up with John ihey put him jail in Patmos and u,hen they caught up with Peter they put him in jail in Rorne for the murder ol Judas. They were approaching them not for the
murder of Jesus, but for the murder ol Judas.
Now, alter the Ressurection of




and the

Pharisees sent another secret

ordained more disciples after prayer. "12 And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a motrntain to pray, and continued all night in pra))er to God. And when it was da1,, he called ttnlo him l'ris
disciples: and of them he chose fv,elve, whom also he named apostles; Simon, (whom he also named Peter,) and Andrew his brother, James and John, Philip and Bartholomen, Matthett and Thomas, Junrcs rJte srtr o-f Alphaeus, and Simon called Zelotes, And JtLdas the brother of James, and Jttdas Iscariot, whiclt also v,as the traitor. And he cante down w-ith them, and stood in the plain, and the compan-v of

In Luke 6:12-16, Jesus


to try to topple

teachings of Jesus. Jesus, a


Simon Peter (3 B.C.-70 A.D.) ' son of Jona surnamed Cenhas. meaning "rotk"

Judah ofthe house ofDavid, which is where the pure Black Negro seed stemmed
from. This has been proven by the D.N.A testing of a tribes

of the tribe of

all over Africa. Similar


Malachite tribes in Africa were the original Hebrews.
Rightly called the Lost Sheep

ing confirmed the Lemba and

his disciples, and a great multitttde of people out of all

Judaea and Jentsalem, and.from the sea coast of T.vre and Sidon, y,hich came to hear"him, ancl to be heakd'of their diseases; " laughed. cried and supped with Jesus Christ, thus making them the true disciples of Jesus Christ. Unlike the self-Acclaimed disciples and ipostles; Paul, Luke and Mark. Judas declared himself a disciple when he was drawn like the others by the preaching of the Baptist, or his own Messianic hopes, or the o'gracious words'o (Luke 4:22) ofthe new teacher. Judas was a secret agent him and his friend Simon u ere Zealots who rvorked for the Romans and Sanhedrins, who only became a disciple to spy and to betray our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And when Judas was dead and they took his body down from the tree and threw it over a cliff. That's wlrv vou have two places with different stories, Matthew 27:5," "And he cast dotrn lhe pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself (on a tree).-' AndActs I:18, '-Vor,r' lhis man purchased a field with the reward of iniquiry, and falling headlong, he burst osunder in the midsf, aud all his bowels gushed out. " And it states that Jesus was hung on a tree tn Acts 5:30, "The God of our.fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew ancl hanged on a tree. " This proves that the tree is symbolic of a cross. When they ia,ent to take Judas' body down from the tree, they saw two ol Jesus' disciples with Judas. Who did they see? They saw Peter, rvho went after Judas because he too was an FBI agent working with Paul and they also sau John son of Zlbedee. who rvas being mointored by Peter because John was a true follower olJesus. So when the Sanhedrin took Judas'body down off the tree and threw him orel the clillthat is uhy 1ou hare two stories. They accused John and Peter for the murder of

Of The House Of


Ali of these disciples walked. talked.

Judah (Zechuriah I2:7). \litochondrial D.\.A.

(Matthew 10:6, I5:24) Tribe of Judah called the Tents Of

And the nei.r est discor ery is that Mother Eve, is the first

Africa, namely Uganda and lrom her daughter's D.N.A.
all others on the Planet came from her. That is, it is now
proven that Blacks \4.ere the first people on this planet and

John (2 A.D.-99 A.D.) son of Zebedee and

the Bible is true then the

Real Eve "Hawwah". was in

Africa and Negro. This

the latest discovery found on

The Discovery Channel on

April 21. 2002 A.D. shown at 9'o clock P.M.

The position of Judas'name. in the lists,of the apostles in the synoptic gospels makes him the l2in disciple of Jesus Christ (Metthew 10:2-4) "Now the names of the fwelve disciples are lhese; The first, Simon, w,ho is called Peter, and Andreu, his brother; James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother; 3 Philip, and Bartholontew; Thomas, and Mcrtilten' lhe publican; James the son of Alphaetts, and Lebbaeus. whose sttrnante wss Thaddaeus; 4 Simon the Canaanite, and Jude$ I;esdB|, who also betral'ed him. " The position of

his name was due to the evil fame and reputation which aflerwards resled on his name. However. prior to that. it would seem that he took his place in the group of four which

if possbssing neither the love, foith, or devotion. He was a Negro spy a Black devil there to make repods on Jesus' actions anil scheming to set him up to be killed. He rvas a Sanhedrin govemment agent and his fiiend rvas a Zealot. Because ofJudas'betrayalbfJesus, the earlv follou ers of Jesus in penitence lasted on Wednesday.
alr,vays came iast, as

incite them against Jesus because ola rl,onan. Ther asked why are you wasting the ointment? Because rhe olnLmenr could have been'iold for a high amount, and the money given to the poor (I{atthew 26,'81. Remember who was the treasurer? That's right Judas, working lor wtrat today would
be called the IRS. His techinque was to draw attention to Jesus deating with x'omen. His puryose.il,?s to deter Jesus' follorvers and make sure that they doubted:Jesus. They hit.Jesus from all sides, the FBI, IRS, etc. When Jesus hear$what the clisciples were saying, he said, "Why are you all bothering this woman? She brought good work upon me. She poured this ointment on

Judas' always waited:.:His goal was to keep the olher disciples questioning and doubting Jesus' actions to make his pain easy He created slander about Jesus and women. When Jesus promised in the upper room to manifest himseif to the one who loved him, Judas asked, 'Lord, how is it that you will rnanit'est yoursell to us. and not io the uorld? (John t4:221. This showed that he did nol undersrand that Jesus" kingdom was and is not of this world and therefore cannot be manifested to this rvorld. Judas evidently still thought in terms of a visible and material Messianic kingdom.

my body lor m1 burial." (Manhew 26:10-t2).

Alter this event one of the disciples namely Judas. went to rhe chief priest, (a lalse Je*"), and asked what wrl1 you give nre if I betray Jesus to you'? (Matthew 26:15). They sealed an agreement with hirn lor thirry pieces of silver coins whiclr r: equir alent to fifty-tivo dollars and eighty cents, $52.80 roday. The weight of the silver pieces according to the rveight of the sanctuary was equal. to six hundred pieces. From then on Judas lvas looking for an opporlunity to hand Jesus over to
the soldiers.

Little is known about Judas outside ofbeing a spy! a betrayer of Jesus Christ and his name being listed as one of the twelve disciples (Murk 3:19, 14:1A, I4:13-16, Matthew I0:4, 26:14-25,47-49, 27:3-20, Luke 6:16, 22:3-6, 22:4748, John 6:70-71, I2:I-6, 13:2, 13:21-30, 14:22,Acts I:1620, 1:25). He was the only Judean disciple that was a person of promising leadership. Though Judas seemed to be an important member of the twelve as indicated by being treasurer of the group John 12:6, 13:29, "For some of them thought, because Judas had the hag, that Jesus had said unto him, Btqt those things thcn v'e have neecl o/ against the .feast; or, that he should give sontething to tlrc poor' ', and the possibility ofhis reclining by Jesus at the last srpper John

13:21-26, "When Je.yus had thus said, lrc :r.us troubled in spirit, ancl testifi.ed, and said, Verily. veril, I sar un.to,,-ou, thal one of yott shall betral' me... " Jesus knew long before the night olhis betrayal that many people wanted him dead. The chief priests, the scribes, and the elders of the people assembled together to discuss how they were going to kill Jesns as it rias prophesized (Mafthei 26,52"-54,"Psalms 2:21 at the palace of the high priest who was called Caiaphas. Caiaphas was a high priest of the Judeans, Revelation 2:9, "I know the blaspltent.v of lhem v,hich sa! they are Jews, and are not", appoint"ed to that office by Vaierius Gratus, govemor of Jridaea, after the rernoval o1Simon, son of Camith, 18 A.D. He was removed 36 A.D. by Vitellius, govemor of Syria, who appointed Jonathan, son of Ananus (Annus, father-in-1ar,v of Caiaphas), who was his successor. So the land of the tribe olJudah rvas ruled by loreigners.
those who gathered decided that they rvould take Jesus subtly and kill him. Horvever, they said "t'tot on the feast day" because there irould hare been an uproar among lhe people. Jesus said my spirit is u'illing but my flesh is weak

The Last Supper
Norv it u.as the first day of the supper which is termed today as the Last Supper. At this supper. They u'ere bringing in the Pesach, the passover, the feast of unleavened bread when Jesus sat down with his 12 disciples. You see, they lived by the Israelite laus of Moses (Join I:171 and nor lie ne*'or broken lar,r olPaul. Tlrat er.ening as the) are Jesus rold rhem that one olthem would become"possessed by rhe deril and


(Matthew 26:41).
Nor'r' r'hen Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Simon the Leper (the Canaanite, Judas'friend)t a worrran carrying an alabaster box olrery plecious ointment. came to Jcsus and poured it on his head nhile he sat. When Jesus'disciples

betray hinr (Matthew 26:21, Mark I,l:18). His disciples pleaded with him to disclose u'ho his traitor was so that they could kill him, but he wouldn't. As they u'ere eating, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it. and then passed it around to the disciple and said this is my body. He then took the cup. ga\e thanks and gave it to them saying. "Drink all of it for rhis is tnl blood ol the .\'ew Tesroment." Luke 22:19-20,

saw u,hat was happening, they did not agree. Here Judas

"And he took bread, ancl gave lhanks, and brake it, and gcve unto them, saying, This is wy body which is giten far you: this do in retnembyance of me. 20 Likewise alsa, the cup afrer supper, saying, This cui is the new testamed in mv bloo(l. wltich is shed tbr vou."

ques: What-is meant by tlie btood of the New Testament?

Ans: The red prini in the New Testament symbolizes, the
Blood of Christ. This is whv Jesus' words are written in Red n hiclr is where our pur. re.,l is Found. lt could have written in any other colour 6ut this is the true word of God Ques: Was Jesus aware of his death being planned? Ans: Yes. after many incidents, strife, conflicts and disagreements that occured over a period of time, Jesus knew that his death was being planned. He and his disciples went to a place called Gethsemane where thev oftcn met. Gethsemane is a word stemming from the Galilean rvord Gath (OY.hq) *A ,,ointment, olive" v[/ine press" and shemen l1qv"/yu) meaning "An Oil Press". The Garden Of Gethsemane is a small farm situated across the brook of Kedron at the foot of Mount Olive, to the northu'est and one half to three quarts of a mile from the walls of Jerusalem, one hundred yards east ol the bridge of Kedron.

thought that he would'die (Matthe* 2A:221 right up until the night in the gaiden of Gethsemane when he fel1 on his lbce
and prayed.

Bitrle{ew Tesfament, Matthew 26:3&39'
Then saith he unto them, My soul i,s exceecling sorrowful, even unto death: tarr -"v ye here,:and wafch:tvith me. And he went a little firthea and fell on his face, andprayed, saying, O my Father, i.f it be possible, let this cup pass from tne; nevertheless not as I will, bttt as tltott v,ilt.

King James Version of the Bible
Bible- .r.-eu Testament,

IIark l.l:3{-36

And saith tmto them, My sotrl is exceeding sorrowJul unto
death: tan1, ye here, and u,alch. And he v'enl.forw,ard a litrle, andfell on lhe Bround. and pt'a.ted that. if ir vere possible, the hour might pass from hin. And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible trnlo thee; take av'ay this cup t U:, uihat thou v,ilt. ,fi'om me; nevertheless no,


King James Vetsion of the Bible
Bible- New Testament, Luke 22;42-44
Saving, Father if thou be willing, remol)e this cttp ./ront me; nevertheless nol m!- will, but thine, be done. And there


appeared an angel ttnlo him from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sw,eat 14)as as it were greal drops of blood.falling down to lhe groilild.

King James Version

o.f the


The Garden of Gethsemane Ques: Why did the disciples meet

in the Garden of

Ques: What cup was Jesus speaking about?


Ans: They would meet at the Garden Of Gethsemane it was a regular communication area for Jesus. When Jesus and his disciples arrived at the Garden Of

Gethsemane, Jesus instrucied his disciples to sit while he went to pray. Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John son of Zebedee into the garden that was there. Judas was the only disciple missing. Only to find them asleep. Jesus asked them, "And he cowelh unto the disciples, andfindeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye rutt rvatch with me oie hour? " (Matthew 26:36-45). Jesus told his disciples that the son ol man will be crucified as it states in Matthew 262 and i quote: "Ye know that after two days is thefeast ofthe passover and the san ofman is betrayed to


Jesus Christ was a willing sacriltce and was willing to die for our sins. Jesus Christ, the body himsell thought that he, the spirit, was going to die on the cross. Many other times in the New Testament you wiil find where it says the son u be delivered up. killed and resunected again. He


Ans: Jesus was speaking about his death by crucifixion which was in the year 33 A.D. He said. "Nor Of My Will. Btrr That Thy Wll Be Done"!!The reason w-hy he wanted the cup to pass was so that the will of the father could be done. In others rvords, he u'anted the cup of crucifixion to pass into the hands of The ones who would betray him. To the Muslim world, in The Noble Korun 4:157,ihere is much confusion and conjecture about the crucihxion and death of Jesus who they call Isa (r-.,,rc- ). Only one verse in the whole Noble Koran speaks about the crucihxion and the Muslim world can not understand that in this new Persian Arabic or in translation. So iet's see what it reaily says in The Noble Koran 4:157 "ktd they (Judeans of Jesus''time) say; verily "Mary we killecl the saviour iutt,t ton of @l Masih', Isa lbn Maryam), messenger of God, and thel'' dki not kill hitn rtnd did not crucif"v him, but it was onl,v- made to loak that way for them. Anrl verily, those v,ho dispute in this mattet are in distrust abotrt it (not stre). They dou'r have any tnte knov'ledge (facts) about it, they onlv follow conjecture and for cet'tain. rltey rrhe Judeansl did not kill him. (Mat. l2;14. John I9:23, Mrk. 9:2, Mat. l7:2)" So it does not say that he was not crucitred or that Judas'was his replacement. None


. orthit

is ttrere.



trtuttdali"rraid n"iifu"iry

that the Jew did,not:kill him'and thaf's the truth-,


lesus and was the

:,: f{6112n soldiers who,*rucified lesus (Matthew'::27:22-35, :- 'John 19:23) under Pontius Pilaie (7-36 A.D.)

Caiaphas (JbhU 18:10). llsu'evet...our Lord Jesus Ch-risi cured Malchusl-'right ear'nith a touch (Matthew 26:51, Msrk I4:47, Lulie'22:51). This was the last miracle of bodily cure broughl by our Lord. Aftei this rniracle, Maichus
was co[verled, Everyone in thergarden realized that he was the prophesized Messiah and bqqame his followers except the Romans. The evil nature. ef''Judas gradually unfolded itself when "sfian entered into himu'John 13:27-"And Afrer The Sop Satan Entered Into Him. Then Said Jesus Uttto Him, That Thou Doest, Do Quickly. " and he betrayed our Lord (John l8:3) "Judas Then, Having Recei,.'ed A Band Of Men And Officers,From'The Chief Priests And Pharisees, Cometh Thither Wth Lanterns And Torches And Weapons. "

that in view of the'op.position that ho received from the Sanhedrin the ZealsJE$e highest Judicial and reli'composed gious council of the'Israelites of 70 to 73 memL'ers of Judeans and the RomaR government, that ho would be destined to die. Jesus did not want to die. This is why he prayed unto the. heavenly father saying "My Spirit Is 'Willing, But My Flesh Is Weak" (Matthew 26:41).
Jesus knew

Ques: What did Jesus mean when he made the statement

in Matthew

26:.41? Son of God, he wanted to do the

Ques: Why did Judas betray Jesus?

Ans: Spiritually as the


of his father but physically, as a man the Son of Man, his
body was afraid. As a holy person, He overstood. However, as a human being who was going to be killed physically, abused, spat on, thorned and nailed, he was scared because he saw how the Romans abused the people. He told his disciples to take their rest because the time rn'as almost near when the son of man would be betrayed into the hands ol sinners. (Matthew 26:45). Later on, Jesus came back and woke the disciples up and told them to come with him because the one who would betray him is drawing near.

Ans: Judas was a spy for the Sanhedrine and a very greedy mat (Mutlhew 26:15, Zechariah 11:12). He betrayed Jesus
to test his real Godliness. Judas thought that if Jesus ll,as the

if he was not the Messiah, he would perish. Judas hoped that Jesus would use his forceful revolutionary means against Rome. In the latter days in Jerusalem when Judas came to realize that Jesus
Messiah, he would escape harm and

would not use these means against Rome, and that Jesus even recommended paying taxes to Rome (Mark 12:17),
this prompted Judas to betray Jesus. Ques: Did Jesus know who would betray him?

Bible- \ew Testamen t. Hebrews 5:7

oq €v ratE qlt€,pqtq rne odpKoq aurou Se4oetq r€


Ans: In the entire 18th chapter of the Book of John, you will find that Jesus Christ kneu that Judas was coming
with Roman soldiers to aruest him and to be crucified. Bible- \eu Testament. Luke 22:22

perd KpqDyqq rcXzpcrq rcat Sarpuav npol*eyKdq ercarouo\etq afia rnE *LaBenq

Kernprae ftpoe rov Suvapevov oco(etv aurov €K 1avarou


pra))ers and supplications with strong cry-ing and tears trnto -him that was abTe to save him frorn death, and v,as heard in that he feared;

"Who in the days of his Jtesh. uhen he had offerecl up

Ancl truly the Son of man goeth, as it was determinecl: but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayed!

King James Version Af The Bible
Ques: rr{ hy did the Romans and the religious authorities want to arrest Jesus?

King James Version of the Bible
Ques: How did Judas betray Jesus?

with a multitude of

Ans: While Jesus was speaking to his disciples, Judas, came

whb were car-rying Roman swords and sticks. Judas told the soldiers that whoever I kiss is the one to grab (Matthew 26:48). Judas betrayed Jesus by tuming Jesus over to the Roman soldiers. When Judas gave Jesus a kiss, he was letting the Roman soldiers know who Jesus was. The Roman soldiers never saw jesus so they didheard

n't know what he looked like, until then. They had only nhors about him. So when Judas kissed Jesus. it was
a sign for the Roman soldiers to take

him away and cruci$r

him (Luke 22:?1-22, 22:47-48).
They jumped ro their feet with the intentions of arresting him. In fear of,the,impending arrest and in defense of Jesus, his,disciple Sirneon Peter drew his sword and cut offthe ear of Malchus; the personal servant or slave of the high priest

Ans: Because when Jesus was being questioned by the high priest and the Roman soldiers (lo-ni *Sz-lSl, i.rur ru]d that he \^as the son olGod and because he said this. they thought that he was blaspheming the name of God. Th-e Romans had a law that rvhoever should claim to be the son of God should die (John 19:7). However, when Jesus said he was the son of God he r,r,,as quoting ftom Psalm 82:6, "I have said, Ye are gods; and all ofyou are children ofthe most High. " And said tn, John 10:34 u,hete it states: "...1s lt not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? " When Jesus is on the cross and is being mocked and doubted in Luke 23:36 "And the soldiers also mocked him, coming ro hint.
and offering him vinegar, " Jesus then makes a plef to these

unknowing people who wanted to crucifu him in order to crucifl' the God-of Isragl just ot say he ditid like their Gods, Zeus, Herceles, Athena etc. They were trying to destroy the God of Israel by destroying Jesus. However you caruot kill the spritual God. They were killing the man of ,Jesus" not


Jesus the son of,God io, ni6i.it had already ascended and was with God. This is whaiJesus meant when,he said in


"Then'said Jesus, Father, forgive them;for they knov' not what they do. An'd they parted his lsiment, and cast lots. " In an atternpt to destroy and kill God, they only destroyed the flesh of a man,,for they knew not what they n'ere doing. You cannot destroy God. Aftei the verdict of the Sanhedrin condelnning Jesus to death, Judas brought again the thirly pieces of s'ilver to the chief priest and c-ast the money he had rece.ived as the wages of his iniquity down on the floor of the sanctuary. With "an exceeding bitter cry" Judas cried out, 'I have sinned in betraying innocent blood' (Matthew 27:14). After Judas threw the pieces of silver into the temple the chief priest took the thirty pieces of silver and said "it is not lav,ful.for to put lhem inlo lhe fi'easuty, because it is the ptjgs Jjfhleed." (Mutthew 27:6). After this statement q'as made Judas then u,ent and killed himself.

I uke 23:31

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Ques: IIow did Judas die?

As we proclaim Jesr,rs. the Christ, (The Anointed One and His Anointing), as head of the cl.u.rrch and the manifested Word and Spirit of Cod, our soal is to teach the Word of God u,ith simplicity and understanding u ith the proper translations, n hich is missing in our churches todal'. so that iI (The \lbrd) may be applied to our everldar'1rr-es rn a practical and effectire manner. And you knon that r ou are the children of God created as the glory of God (lsaiah 13:7). \\'e are laborers together in the Body of Christ of the Seed olChrisni'ith the Blood type "J" for Judah, Jahovah. Jesus to bring hon-re all Christ came to save (Matthews 15:24: \lattheus 10:5):.\11 he sent us lbr'(Matthew
10:5-6); not to the Gentiles "Canaanites". brit to his or.vn (John 1:11). We do not fbllou Paul (1 Trmothl'2:5) an Anti-Christ. We have one mediator. Paul s ent to his orr.n, the Gentiles but Christ came lor his ou.n (Hebress 7:14). He is described by race while in his tlesh as it states in Revelatron 1:14 and where you see "feet the colour ofbrass". The original word for brass there is copper' (Daniel I 0:6 ). because brass is an al1oy and they wouldn't describe Jesr-is the colour of fake metal. And where they say he had hair like lamb's rvool, that's nappy hair. It is clear in the original language. in fact a Prophet who is his dis-

self, in Matthew 27:5 where it states "Ancl he cast dolvn the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and wenl and hanged himseff " He perished in his guilt and "went unto his own place" (Acts I:25). The statement tn Acts 1.',18 states that Judas 'fell headlong and burst asunder in the midst, And All his bo.*els gushed out," He committed suicide first by hanging himself over the valley of Hinnom, in Calvary. Jerusalem. He R'as cut down and his body was thrown to waste. This Judas the tretrayer is not to be mistaken for the many other Judas' mentioned in the Bible. Ques: How many Judas' are mentioned in the Bitrle?

Ans: Judas the traitor's life came to an ultimate end when he threw the silver in the temple and then went and hung hrm-

Ans: There are four other men by the name of Judas in the
Bible. You have: Ques: Was Judas ever forgiven for betraying Jesus? Ans: Yes. Judas said I have sinned, I have betrayed innocent blood. This meant that he repented and was forgiven by Cod the Father. Mosl churches ne\ er inlbrm their congregations about this fact. Now read it for yourself.

ciple and brother named Simon is called "Niger" "Nigget" (Acts 13:1). uhich means in Greek, Black Skin.

"Let no rnun not devil make you break the covenant of God n'ith your Seed form .\loah to Abruham, A perpetual covenant thut we keep the law of Israel until all is fu(illed. That is all

Matthew 27:3-4


spx,wpsuolv Kol rolq npeoButepotg l.eyolv npoprov nupu8oug flllio, oerDov 01 5r tlfiov 11 Tlpog tltlog ou oVfl
which had betrayed him, when he sau'that he was condetnnqd, repented himself, and brought again the thir4, pieces: of sitver to the ciief priests and elders, 4
Then Judas,

rape),r1Oerg qncorpt\yev


louDog o napc8rSoug o.utov

on rcarercpt0q ro tploKovro opytrpro. tolq

is contplete (Mut. 5:18) rultich means till Yushua Ha Maslriukh returns bitrds you tltrough Blood snd Spirit and Heirs of God nnd we are caugltt up with ltim (1 Thess 4:16I7), But until lhulfalfillntent we are to keep the laws of Moses in order to ltave ilte grace afld tt'utlt of Jesus" (John 1:17)


I have sinned in that I have betray^ed the innocent Otbod. ,qnd they. said, what is thctt to us? See thou to that.

We are ca11ed to bring the family of God. the Tribe of Judah and then the other tribes to make 144,000, being prepared as a bride adorned for her husband (Rev. 2 1:1 -8), rvashedin the, blood of the Lamb. save through his suffering and dying, for our sins.

Tlre ninth hour (Matthew 27:45-46).

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