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Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21 F-13
thE aircraft that defected to Israel

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Iraqi AF badge appeared in six position while the Iraqi flage was painted on both sides of the fin. the Israeli Air Force brought down 6 Syrian MiG-21s without losing any of its Dassault Mirage IIIs. Redfa’s MiG was renumbered 007. In January 1968. The operation began in mid-1963 and ended on August 16.MIG-21 Colour and Decal Application Guide Operation Diamond . landed at Hatzor air base in Israel. when on April 7. MiG-21 F-13 number 534. Hatzor AF Base. flown by the Iraqi Assyrian defector Munir Redfa. 6* Emerald Green (Hu 2) 19* 30* 18* Emerald Green (Hu 2) 30 30 2 Natural Metal . Israel and the United States were able to study the design of the plane. Soon after his defection. which evaluated the jet under the ‘Have Doughnut’ program. 1 Iraqi AF. when an Iraqi Air Force MiG-21.The defection of an Iraqi MiG-21 to Israel. on the first of many test flights. In May 1967 director of CIA Richard Helms said that Israel had proven that it had made good use of the aircraft. 1966. Its goal was the acquisition of a Soviet-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21. the most advanced Soviet fighter plane at that time. during aerial battles over the Golan Heights. The intake entry cone as well as the front section of the rear lower fin. Within a few weeks the aircraft took off again with Israeli test pilot Danny Shapira at the controls. reflecting the manner in which it had arrived. The jet’s strengths and weaknesses were analyzed and it was flown against IAF fighters. The Iraqi MiG-21 ‘007’ arrived Israel during operation ‘Diamond’. Israel loaned the MiG to the United States. 1967. The aircraft was in natural metal finish with minimal marking painted on it. The number in arabic was painted on the nose and on the centerline fuel tank in a very small size. eventually training Israeli pilots to deal with the aircraft. It was an operation undertaken by the Mossad. were painted in Emerald Green (Humbrol #2). August 1966.

Hatzor AF Base. the original Iraqi markings were deleted and and the Israeli AF insignia was painted in six positions. The aircraft didn’t carry a number yet. Shortly after its arrival.2 MiG-21 F-13 . November 1966. Emerald Green (Hu 2) 29* Emerald Green (Hu 2) 29 29 3 Natural Metal .

29 Use the pre masking we Red (Hu 174) provide in the set before painting the Red color. before painting 29 the Red color. The air brakes. June 1967. Paint 9 only otter side of D D the blade. Use the pre Use mask D for masking we A E right side and C provide in the set C for left. Paint the spine in this area in Red (Humbrol 174) 40 31 Emerald Green (Hu 2) 4 21 29 20 9 Emerald Green Red (Hu 174) Red (Hu 174) Red (Hu 174) (Hu 2) Natural Metal Red (Hu 174). The aircraft was standing on alert at Hatzor with the QRA Mirages of 101 Squadron. 3 MiG-21 F-13 #007 . F 26 29 4 13 Emerald Green 20 Emerald Green (Hu 2) 7 (Hu 2) . F 20 Red (Hu 174) A E C 9 C 32 B Red (Hu 174). Hatzor AF Base. nose and other fuselage parts were painted in bright red. In 1967 the aircraft painted in its first colorful scheme. wing tips. Paint only otter side of Red (Hu 174) 20 the blade. We provide pre cut masking to help you paint easily the horizontal stabilizers. C B Use mask D for right side and C Red (Hu 174) D D for left.

“James Bond”. Sean Connery is standing along with IAF commander Motti Hod near the 007 MiG-21at Hatzor AFB maintenance hangar. 5 .

After the paint F dry. remove the masking. Use mask E for the shevron B 24 and B for the rudder. Hatzor AF Base. 41 23 39 29 Decals #14 and #24 are 36 extra Red stripes to help 37 you cover uncomplete covered area. Mask B 29 around the area with Tamiya tape and paint in Red 174. 25 Natural Metal Red (Hu 174) 8 31 22 37 36 34 27 2 26 6 5 15 29 35 . remove the masking. Red (Hu 174) 11 16 10 34 36 37 3 Emerald Green (Hu 2) 12 1 29 A E 31 8 C Use the pre masking we provide in the set before painting the Red 35 C color. Apply decal #12 on the rudder. C ron and A for the rudder. 24 Apply decal #5 on the rudder. the aircraft was painted in a much more colorful scheme. 39 34 8 Use the pre masking we provide A E 38 C in the set before painting the Red color. Use the pre cut masking to paint the aircraft fin and protect the natural metal areas. 4 MiG-21 F-13 #007 . Use mask F for the shev. After the D D F paint dry. Mask around 29 38 the area with Tamiya tape and D D paint in Red 174. April 1968. Shortly before the aircraft was handed over to the USAF.

7 .

USAF. No other markings were painted over. the aircraft was marked only with USAF insignias on the fuselage and serial number on the fin. During its test and evaluation at the USA.wingmanmodels. 80965. 1969. 5 MiG-21 F-13. The fate of this aircraft is unknown since it was not returned to Israel. 33 17 Emerald Green (Hu 2) Emerald Green (Hu 2) 33 Emerald Green 17 (Hu 2) Emerald Green (Hu 2) 8 .