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Innovation with Growth

March 19, 2017

Hotel Westin, Pune
Gaurav Marya
Franchise India

Think Big
...Act Fast
Today, Western India market stands tall as the The Food Service Industry is a culmination of
most favorable location for the Indian Global several successful ecosystems, these ranges
Food Service Industry with overall food ser- from delighting the customer, to developing
vices market in India anticipated to grow at a an efficient and effective supply management
CAGR of over 12% through 2020 coupled with system, getting the right people who under-
a strong 60% of the urban population eating out stand the service ethos, and then to be able to
more than once a week, and around 48% eating replicate it at each location . The West Indian
out daily once (when at work). customer demands value for money and with
the infrastructure costs being even higher, the
The ultimate need for this industry to further way to profit is through volumes. To add to the
capitalize this fast growing consumption trend concerns of a restaurant operator, the issues of
with a sturdy service infrastructure and quin- pilferage, attainment of license, rising inflation,
tessentially food. The way forward for captur- food safety challenges are plaguing the industry
ing this growth is building consolidated brands which we all need to address collectively.
that would cater across segments, locations
and price points. Accordingly we have themed The fast changing, ever-evolving Restaurant in-
the Restaurant India Conference as A Bite of dustry makes it important to stay on the cutting
West India Innovation with Growth. The Res- edge of Growth and Innovation. Restaurant In-
taurant Market in West India is clearly calling dia 2017 is the platform where the Whos who
for an exponential expansion, requiring brands of the Restaurant Industry will take the centre
to open more restaurants at faster pace and in stage together with leading restaurant own-
optimal locations. As Indian palate gets more ers from Indian and Global markets and lead
diverse, Restaurant owners must find a niche the trends and the way forward on how to find
market, distinguish themselves from their peers, growth paths together. I invite you to join us in
and maintain a nimble attitude. Majority of the this Industry congregation as we together set
beneficiaries will be the stand alone restaurant new thinking for the industry to Think Big and
operators expanding in an organised format. Grow Fast!

Market Size
Total market in the city
INR Cr. 6,465

Chain Market
Organised Standalone Total market in the city

1220 INR Cr. 8,250

Chain Market
Unorganised market
Market Size 1175
4615 Pune Organised Standalone
7.2 MN Unorganised market
7.6 MN
Market Size Mumbai
Total market in Chain Organised Unorganised Population
the city Market Standalone market
23 MN
INR Cr. 32,330 4715 9950 17665



15% 14%
Socializer Shopping
36% 37% and Casual
Family QSR Outing
24% Seeker
30% Family
CDR Outing

Fun Seeker
Over the past few years the region has witnessed humungous cultural
shift across consumer demand algorithms. The restaurateurs are
hence keeping pace with emerging demand triggers and key trends by
introducing innovative gourmet concepts which seems to be scalable
and popular already among masses.

Taking in consideration all those factors we at Franchise India felt the

need to bridge the gap and create a cross lineage between the industry
players and emerging brands to come on a single platform to tackle
various business challenges and celebrate the new partnerships.

The exclusive Conference will largely be divided into eight prominent

sessions specially designed to empower the fraternity with business
consultancy pointers shared by industry experts. The conference will
be aimed at delivering value through a two way dialogue among the
participants and delegates to find passages of exponential business
growth together!


Chain Store/Standalone Restaurant Owners
Multi-Unit Restaurant Franchisees
Executive Chefs
F&B Directors
Professionals Managing Operations -Finance, Marketing & SCM Functions
Investors/Entrepreneurs looking to start a Restaurant Business
Food-Tech Startups Seeking funding or growth opportunities
Restaurant Industry Products/Services/Solution Providers
Food manufacturers & ingredient and raw material private label suppliers
Menu R&D Experts
Processors and packers
Bankers & Financial Institutions
Angel, PE, VC investors
Supply chain and logistic providers
Retail design and shop fit firms
Trade associations and trade press
Commercial Real Estate/Shopping Malls
Government bodies
Food service Suppliers/Consultants

Identifying the growth drivers & business opportunities in Restaurant sector
Achieving Quality, Consistency & Food Safety in Multi-chain restaurant operations
Understanding the scope of Technology deployment in a conventional Restaurant design
Networking with HNIs, PE/VC & Funding bodies
Collaborating opportunities for Restaurant Franchisors & Franchisees
Comparing two business growth strategies - Company Owned vs. Franchise Stores
Learning best practices for Vendor selection process


Himanshu: 8595350505
10:00AM - 10:15AM: Welcome Note By: Ms. Ritu Marya, Multiple units, multiple concepts: how the modern day franchise
Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India owners model is changing?
Lighting of Lamp & Inauguration Why West Indian is a great and a Natural market for QSRs in
terms of acceptability, ecosystem and Business Mind-set
10:15AM - 11:15AM: Inaugural Session: Setting The Scene How Food Service & Restaurant Industry can think Sustainble
for Restaurant Growth in West India Scalabilty
The State of the Restaurant Industry:
Restaurant economics and consumer Trends in West Indian 2:45PM 3:30 PM: Session 4 - Whats trending in West
market and Opportunity India Menu Trends by Leading Chefs From
Food law and policy: Complying with new menu labelling & food Indian and Global Markets:
safety regulations The latest trends in food, ingredients, travel and pop culture.
How technology is shaping the future of food service markets The Lost Recipes make a comeback: Regional cuisines,multi-
and their suppliers cultural flavors and Reinvented Foods
From idea to IPO Finding Success in Scale Healthy is trending: How restaurants are integrating a clean and
nutritious menu strategy by new balanced options or cleaning
11:15AM - 11:30AM: NETWORKING TEA up items
New Beverages Trends
11:30AM -12:15 PM: Session 1 - Meeting The Need of
The Evolving Consumer Trends and 3:30PM-3:45PM: Session 5 - Outlining The Future Of
Innovation: Restaurant Management Solutions:
What are the hot new concepts, foods and products in the West Eradicating Simple Pen and Paper Method to record and track
Indian market? What eating trends are shaping the industry? customer information and enable a restaurant to optimise
How is the traditional business model evolving? How are operations, through better walk-ins, waitlist and reservation
millennials changing the models and concepts of the future? management.
Appealing to Changing West Indian tastes and sensibilities : Bringing all restaurant operations to 1 easily accessible, user
Aiming for consistency in food while having a creative menu friendly dashboard.
The growing Night Life culture and global cuisines 3 Components of a Restaurants Bermuda Triangle - Recognise,
The Bistro and the Caf Moment in West India Personalise and Reengage with the customer.
Building Omnichannel and Mobile Brand Experience for tech savy Focus on ROI Based Marketing - How to drive more footfall to
consumer your restaurant?
Benefits of Co-Branding to capture the non-customer An Assorted blend of brand positioning for a QSR restaurant
Factoring Service Efficiency and Guest Experience for hard to (White label app on ios and android, SEO, SEMs, Website)
please consumer Actioning loyalty and receiving food orders/takeaways, through
self run channels to increase revenue and utilise the in house
12:15PM-1:00PM: Session 2 - The Capital Forum What restaurant spends more efficiently.
are they looking for? Why do they invest
in F&B? At what stage of the cycle is 3:45PM 4:00PM: NETWORKING TEA
the market at currently? Where are the
opportunities for 2016-17: 4:00PM 4:45PM: Session 6 - QSR Growth: The need to
Market Signals : What is important for Investors in 2016-2017 transform your brand:
Why Casual dining over other segments The competition: Where is it coming from?
Finding the right balance in valuations for restaurants and new Sustaining growth with consistency
food product businesses Understanding ever demanding customers
Evaluating the state of private equity investing in franchisees Overseas influences: Whats the ruling formula
Exit outlook amongst PEs and early-stage backers Trends that are popping up: Healthy is the new green
Consolidate and conquer: Merger is on the menu
Making Best Deal Possible: How Advisors are connecting 4:45PM 5:30PM: Session 7 - Changing The Business
Restaurant Owners to Investors Model Of Hotel Restaurants:
With F&B being a cornerstone of most hotels, what are the best
1:00PM-2:00PM: NETWORKING LUNCH ways to maximize revenue in a restaurant space? What are the
key elements in play for revamping the hotel restaurant scene?
2:00PM - 2:45PM: Session 3 - Building Growth From Local What innovative models are being used?
To National To International Taking into
consideration cultural, societal and geo- 5:30PM -6:00PM: Session 8 - Designing for Scalability:
political differences, how can you make Whats hot, exciting and innovative in design
your concept palatable nationally and How to translate a brand into different markets seamlessly.
internationally and get greater ROI for Instilling your brands DNA into your design to make your
your business: customers feel at home. Making sure your concept fits into any
Taking authentic West Indian restaurants Pan India and In surrounding.
global markets Location. Location. Location :Getting the right combination of
What happens when expansion extends beyond the original high street, malls & food courts and non traditional places
geographic market area; how to keep the stores consistent and
the locations similar? 8:00PM ONWARDS: Restaurant Awards 2017
Whats Cooking West India?
Restaurant India 2017 is the Mecca where Western and
Global brands and hospitality businesses will make their
presence felt. Its the most mint opportunity to connect,
network and divulge into business partnerships. It is the
ultimate space where top brands and global leaders will be
eyeing to find and leverage scalable roadmaps, innovative
solutions and replicable business models to invest in. The
Exclusively designed exhibition arena will be your canvas to
familiarize the world with your unique F&B concepts and ideas
that will fast forward your brand and business reach.


Technology & Service Providers
Kitchen Equipment Suppliers
Logistics & Warehouse Firms
Food Processing Companies
Chefs, F&B Consultants
Architecture & Design Firms
International Brands Looking for Tie-ups in India
Existing Brands looking for Franchise Partners
Security/Hygiene Management Services
Furniture & Textile Manufacturers
Legal, Taxation & Audit Firms
Developers & Builders Specializing in F&B Project

Showcase your products to various industry Stakeholders
Seek Franchise partners & expand your Restaurant Chain
Discover the latest food service innovations & trends
Pitch & network with PE, VC & Government Funding Bodies
Generate new sales leads & network with prospective clients
Expand your business network & raise your profile
in the industry
Leverage your Restaurant brand identity internationally
Attract potential investors & strategic partners
Meet & establish relationships with potential buyers from
around the world

Shilpi: 9555943277
Abhishek: 7838201821
Rekha : 7899087005
Restaurant Awards 2017
The Restaurant Awards prime focus is to create recognition for various
spectrums of industry experts who are part of this affluent industry.
The awards will create a platform for the Indian players to showcase
their expertise and gain prominence in the international markets by
acknowledging outstanding creativity, customer service and top quality
dinning that is on offer in down West.

Restaurant Awards - West India Edition Cafe & Bakery Awards Service Provider & Supplier
Best Restaurant of the Year - Pune Cafe of the Year Awards
Best Restaurant of the Year - Mumbai Tea Cafe of the Year Best Consultant of the Year
Best Restaurant of the Year - Nagpur Bakery of the Year Best Kitchen Equipment Supplier
Best Restaurant of the Year - Ahmedabad Best Ice Cream Parlour of the Year of the Year
Best Restaurant of the Year - Surat Best Juice & Shakes Parlour Most Innovative Food Product
Best Restaurant of the Year - Goa of the Year Supplier/Manufacturer of the Year
Best Restaurant of the Year - Non- Metro Most Efficient Food Delivery
Best Debutant Restaurant of the Year Design Awards Services of the Year
Restaurant Serving best coastal cuisine Best Theme Based Restaurant/Restro Restaurant Technology Award
Best Multi-Cuisine restaurant of the Year Restaurant with outstanding ambience
Best Indian Cuisine Stand- Alone/Chain and interiors award Individual Awards
Best Foreign Cuisine Stand Alone/Chain Restro- Bar/Gastro -Pub with outstanding Restaurateur of the Year
Best Fine Dine Stand- Alone Restaurant ambience and interiors awards Young Restaurateur of the Year
of the Year Life Time Achievement Award
Best Fine Dine Hotel Restaurant of the Year Special Awards Sous Chef of the Year
Best 24 hour dining Restaurant offering Best Menu R&D and Innovative Executive Chef of the Year
Best Chef led restaurant of the Year Culinarians Award Pastry Chef of the Year
Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year Business Growth Award Celebrity Chef of the Year
Best Vegetarian Restaurant of the Year Best Food Court of the Year
Best Stand-Alone/Chain Quick Service Best Hotel Management Institute
Restaurant of the Year of the Year
Best healthy food restaurant of the Year Best Food App of the Year
Food Truck of the Year Best Caterer of the Year 2017
Best Subscription based food delivery
Nightlife Awards Service model of the Year
Best Restro- Bar of the Year Best Chef based food delivery service
Best Gastro-Pub of the Year model of the Year
Restro-Bar/Gastro Pub Customer Loyalty Initiative of the Year
Microbrewery of the Year Best Creative Concept of the Year

Last Date for Award Nominations: 10th March, 2017
For Award Nominations
Abhinav: 9313034080
Our Flagship Show Other Regional Show

28 -29 August 2017, J W Marriott, New Delhi, Aerocity

Payment Method For Registration & More Information Call:

Option 1: Conference Registration

Regular Package : Rs. 12,000/- per delegate + 15% tax
Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of
Franchise India Holdings Ltd payable at par and Award Registration Fee
to be sent to, 4th & 5th Floor, Charmwood Plaza, Rs. 15,000/- Per nomination + 15% Tax

Eros Garden, Charmwood Village, Surajkund Road, For Conference Registration For Award Nominations
Faridabad - 121009 Call: 8595350505 Call: 9313034080
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For Sponsorship / Exhibition For Partnership
Wire transfer / Online payment.
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