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Questionnaire for Librarian

This questionnaire targets the SPU Library department. The questionnaire is part of a self-assessment
exercise by the Department of Communication Studies of its curriculum. No names or personal identification
is required. This is a voluntary exercise. Findings of this self-assessment will be communicated to key
Kindly provide details with a breakdown per campus, where applicable.

Note: This questionnaire can be filled and returned in Soft copy. Thank you.

1. Is the library sufficiently equipped for education, study and learning purposes?
a. Kindly tick: Yes No
i. Limuru campus ___ ___
ii. Nairobi campus ___ ___
iii. Nakuru campus ___ ___
iv. Machakos campus Yes
b. Kindly explain your answer to number 1 above:
We have a good representation of all disciplines in our physical collections.
We subscribe to electronic journals
Many extensive e-book databases.

2. Is the library location convenient for the users?

a. Kindly tick: Yes ___ No
b. Briefly describe the location. 4th floor with no lift services.

3. What is the sitting capacity of the library in the main campus?_____________________

Sitting capacity for Machakos Campus__102____________________________________
Sitting capacity for Nakuru Campus_________________________________________
Sitting capacity for Nairobi Camus__________________________________________

4. Are the library operational hours sufficient and convenient for students and staff use?
a. Students: Yes __ No __
b. Staff: Yes __ No__
c. Justify your answer in number (4a and 4b) above
i. Students: We open from 8am to 8pm, the very times the campus opens and closes respectively.

ii. Staff: We open from 8am to 8pm, the very times the campus opens and closes respectively.

5. Explain the role of information technology within the library operations:

Discharging and charging of materials

Access of e- library resources

Access to institutional repository

Managing the library collection

6. Are library facilities and support staff sufficient? (Respond per campus)
a. Limuru Yes ___ No __

b. Nairobi Yes___ No __
c. Nakuru Yes ___ No__
d. Machakos Yes__ No__

7. Provide a breakdown of the number of library staff per campus:

Campus Number of staff Title Qualifications

8. In which way/s does the library meet the relevant requirements for University learning (vis-a vis CUE
regulations and requirements)? (Describe)

9. Is the annual budgetary allocation sufficient to meet the library optimal needs?
a. Kindly tick: Yes ___ No __
b. Explain

10. Does the University have a policy for support and development of the library staff?
a. Kindly tick: Yes ___ No __
b. Explain your response in 10a.

11. Comment on the overall budgetary allocation (sufficiency) for the library:

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this questionnaire.