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From the above pie chart number of items borrowed are increasing compared to perivious
months this due to more marketing of library services we are doing among our users. through
notice board.
Heavely circulating books

Number of times Borrowed in Month Books by title

50 Introduction to christian worldview

45 Quantitative techniques simplified

32 Moder economics

85 Introduction to business

74 Research methodology

55 Economics Simplified

46 Research methods

20 Demystifying participatory community


49 A guide to Academic writing

Due to student demand we use above books within library or borrowed just for a day.

New patron count (by branch/category) previous Month

Statistics of Newpapers usage

Newspapers No of users during the month

Daily Nation 250

The Standard 120

Business Daily 7


The usage of news paper is high especially on Wednesday and Friday users pick news paper to
check job advert.

Statistics of Magazines

Magazines No. of users during the month

True love 42

Parents 26

Drum 15

Library activity week

Continuous E-resource training during entire week

The use of OPAC physically taking students to shelves and show arrangement of books


Internet very slow

Some Students complain the fourth floor is far and majority appreciates space given to

General report on Library progress

E resource center, reading area are ready

Luggage area also ready

Our phone functioning now

OPAC is Already

8 Computer tables, 12 tables, New 56 chair and still waiting for other tables.

Circulation desk not yet we hope that to be done today.