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How the immune system Benefits of
fights cancer drinking
7 common mistakes
that age you
What are antioxidants? dangers of
Know your cooking oils 1

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Stop Winter Aches with
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin. Rather Vitamin D is a potent
hormone in the body. Vitamin D is well known for its role in helping the intes-
tines absorb calcium, however what isnt appreciated are its more important func-
tions. It influences over 3,000 genes in the body, far more than any other nutri-
ent. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure, strengthening
our immune system and regulating normal growth and development of our cells.
Vitamin D also offers protection against muscle pain and weakness, autoimmune
diseases, heart disease as well as some forms of cancer. Researchers have also
pointed out that regardless of the type of cancer, the one thing sufferers
have in common is a deficiency of vitamin D

Food sources of Vitamin D are; tuna, mack- consider that exposing the body to sunlight
erel, egg yolk and cheese. But the best on a good summers day, will produce about
source of vitamin D is sunlight. During the 20,000 IU of Vitamin D.
summer months, we expose our bodies to
more sunlight, and this allows the skin to Studies have shown that in order to main-
make sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. But tain a normal Vitamin D blood level of
in the winter months, we cover-up against 40 ng/ ml, we may need up to 8000 IU of
the cold, and this prevents the skin from Vitamin D daily.
making Vitamin D.

A lot of people suffer from health problems Liquid Vitamin D-3 from Douglas Lab-
that only occur during the winter season, oratories is a unique, neutral tasting,
and scientific evidence shows that a defi- sugar free liquid of pure natural Vitamin
ciency of vitamin D in the winter months D-3
may be a reason.
1 drop provides 1000IU (volume size
One common health problem that some 500 drops). Dose 1 or more drops daily.
people have mainly in the winter season
is joint aches and pain. Rheumatologists Price 21.15 Euros per bottle.
believe that such winter aches and pain is
To order Call 965071745 or
caused by poor absorption of calcium due
to vitamin D deficiency.
Many health experts agree that the Recom-
mended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin
D at 600 IU is too low, especially when you

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High blood pressure is a common health
issue and every other person we see at
our clinic either has high blood pressure,
or show strong signs of developing high Hidden Truth
blood pressure. Sadly high blood pressure Behind High Blood
is portrayed by the mainstream health in- Pressure - 4,5,6
stitutions as an incurable disease that can
only be managed by taking medications
for life. The reality however is that high
blood pressure is only a sign of a disease. How the
In this edition, we have covered the com- immune system
monest underlying causes of high blood fights cancer - 8
pressure, and what you can do to prevent
or reverse the problem.
Our clients will be happy to know that we
have a new addition to our team. Clare
Doherty is a fully qualified UK nurse and
midwife, with specialist experience in Interviews with
emergency health care. She has worked in Kaye Underwood -9
various NHS trusts, as well as in hospitals
in New Zealand. We have also reduced
the price of our full body scan from 150
Euros to 120 Euros.

Next months issue will be looking at the Know your

detoxification system of the body and cooking oils - 10
the impact of toxins on our health. Until
then, enjoy the read!
7 Common
Dr Machi Mannu Mistakes
age you-11

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Dangers of
CT scans - 13

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Hidden Truth Behind
High Blood Pressure
any people see high blood pressure as a real disease caused by problems affecting the heart and arter-
ies. However the hidden truth is that high blood pressure is only a sign of a disease affecting any of the
organs in the body. Your blood pressure is a measure of the force of circulating blood on the arteries.
Since blood flows through all the organs in the body, many of them have a strong influence on blood
The digestive organs add nutrients to blood while the excretory organs remove waste from blood, and
both have an influence on blood pressure. The hormonal organs regulate blood pressure using chemicals,
while the organs of the nervous system do the same job with the help of subtle electrical signals. When
our organs and systems become diseased or unbalanced, the resulting effect can be high blood pressure or
Blood pressure medications can only lower blood pressure readings and have no effect whatsoever on the cause of
high blood pressure which when left untreated, may progress into more serious health problems.


The commonest cause of high blood pressure, one that

is detected in 70% of the diagnostic scans carried out
at MedB clinic, is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the
hardening and narrowing of arteries that can occur in any
artery in the body. Normal healthy arteries are flexible, and
this allows them to expand and contract in order to regu-
late blood pressure. This process fails with atherosclerosis,
causing high blood pressure.

Atherosclerosis is caused by inflammation, and many

scientific studies have identified harmful toxins and nutri-
ent deficiencies as the underlying cause of inflammation.
Unfortunately high blood cholesterol is still regarded as the cause of atherosclerosis. What we clearly understand is
that inflammation first occurs in the arteries, before cholesterol migrates to the site of injury in an attempt to repair
the damage.

Since the kidneys play a vital role in regulating blood pressure, their arteries are particularly sensitive to the effects
of atherosclerosis. The kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste materials that can cause high blood pressure.
The kidneys also produce a chemical Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) that regulates blood pressure by con-
stricting the arteries. When in excessive amounts, ACE can cause high blood pressure. Some prescription drugs used
to treat high blood pressure stops the body from making this chemical.

A simple and effective treatment for atherosclerosis is Omega-3 fatty acids. Clinical studies have shown
that the deficiency of Omega-3 in our diet today is a leading cause of inflammation which triggers atherosclerosis.
Taking between 3.5 5 grams of omega-3 supplements daily for about 6 months can halt or reverse the progress of
atherosclerosis. Good food sources of omega-3 include wild deep sea salmon and flax seeds.

The build-up of toxins or contaminants in the body is a common cause of high blood pressure. Toxins can accumu-
late in any organ in the body, and are recognised as the underlying cause of many chronic diseases including cancer.
Unfortunately toxic chemicals are the bane of modern day living and are found in virtually everything around us
from cosmetics, solvents, food additives, and clothing. High blood pressure can occur as a result of the build-up of
toxins in the heart and blood vessels. Eliminating toxins from the body may be the only treatment required to cure
high blood pressure.

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Hormonal imbalance is a fairly common cause of high the heart, and arteries, and cause high blood pressure
blood pressure in women. Problems with hormones will and heart disease. Free radicals contaminate the body
affect the way the body handles stress, and uncontrolled through everyday chemicals found in foods, drinks,
stress can cause high blood pressure. cosmetics etc. Free radicals are also produced inside
What you must understand is that high blood pressure the body, when energy is generated. To protect itself,
is only a sign of an illness. It is not a disease. Proper the body employs chemicals known as anti-oxidants
management of high blood pressure should aim to find to mop up these free radicals before they cause injury
out the cause of high blood pressure. to cells. Antioxidants occurring naturally in the body
include: Vitamins C and E, Coenzyme Q10 and Seleni-
um. Some foods also contain high levels of antioxidants
UNDERSTANDING BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS and include: dark chocolate, black and blue berries and
artichoke. Green tea is also a rich source of many types
Blood pressure is recorded with a sphygmomanometer of antioxidants.
which displays 2 readings of blood pressure. The top
reading is called the systolic blood pressure and is the As crucial as it is to eat foods rich in antioxidants, it is
blood pressure when the heart contracts and pumps even more crucial to avoid the sources of toxins. Many
blood around the body. This blood pressure varies household products such as cleaning products, deter-
through the day, and rises with increased physical gents and cosmetics, contain toxic chemicals that have
activity. The diastolic reading, the bottom reading, is been linked to cancer. The aim is to replace these prod-
the blood pressure when the heart is at rest in between ucts with natural products whenever you can. For exam-
contractions. This is a better gauge of blood pressure and ple, apple cider vinegar is a cheaper and better cleaning
usually remains steady all through the day. solution than many commercial brands.

High blood pressure or hypertension is normally diag- Deficiency of Omega-3 is recognised as a leading cause
nosed when blood pressure stays consistently above of inflammation in the body. Omega-3 has powerful
140/90 mmHg. Nevertheless, a well-known fact is that anti-inflammatory properties, and counteracts inflam-
blood pressure tends to increase with age. Until the mation caused by Omega-6. Although omega-6 plays a
1980s, high blood pressure was diagnosed only when useful role in the body, in excessive amounts it causes
readings climbed above 180/110 mmHg. inflammation.

High blood pressure is rarely associated with symptoms. Sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil and other vegeta-
In some people, headache may be the only symptom. ble oils contain high amounts of omega-6 and are not
Other symptoms include dizziness, chest pain and suitable for cooking. Favourable cooking oils include
nausea. coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil and palm oil.

Drinking adequate amount of water helps maintain

WHAT YOU CAN DO normal blood pressure. Water is required to flush out
toxins that trigger inflammation and cause high blood
Over 90% of high blood pressure is caused by an identi- pressure. Coffee causes dehydration, and this may lead
fiable cause most likely related to build-up of toxins or to high blood pressure in some people. Although people
deficiency of essential nutrients. Toxins, especially the with high blood pressure are advised to avoid salt, the
kind known as free radicals, are particularly harmful to reality is that only a few people have a sensitivity 5

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to salt. Moreover, studies have shown that avoiding salt depression, poor memory, erectile dysfunction.
can cause serious health problems.
ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) inhibitors
Exercising improves the performance of the heart which are drugs that stop the kidney from making the enzyme
improves blood flow through arteries and prevents high ACE, a powerful constrictor of blood vessels. Common
blood pressure. Exercises also increases the production examples include: Lisinopril, Enalapril and Captopril.
of brain chemicals such as serotonin the feel good These medications cause persistent cough, kidney failure
hormone. Serotonin reduces stress levels and stress is a and a life threatening swelling of the mouth and throat.
major contributor to high blood pressure.
Calcium channel blockers stop the heart from using
calcium and this reduces the contraction of the heart.
Although these have less side effects than the others,
studies have shown that high doses increases the risk of
dying from a heart disease. Examples include amlodipine
and verapamil.


Make sure you take the minimal dose required
to lower your blood pressure

Never take more than 2 different classes of

blood pressure lowering medications as this
exponentially increases your risk of side effects

If you take diuretics, make sure you also take a

good multivitamin supplement.
MAKING SENSE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE DRUGS Take measures to protect yourself against side
effects. Coconut oil protects the brain against
There are hundreds of different branded drugs used memory loss. Taking supplements and De-
to manage high blood pressure, however when these toxifying the body on a regular basis will also
drugs are properly classified based on their method of protect the body against most side effects.
action that number falls to less than a dozen. The most
commonly prescribed classes of anti-hypertensive drugs Be vigilant for side effects and report them to
include: diuretics, beta receptor antagonists, calcium your doctor as early as possible. Some people
channel blockers and ACE inhibitors. are more sensitive to the effects of medications
than others.
Diuretics reduce blood pressure by reducing the volume
of water in the body through urination. The idea is that
reducing the volume of blood will in turn reduce blood
pressure. Sadly this does not work most of the time.
Examples of diuretics include: furosemide, hydrochlo-
rothiazide, indapamide and amiloride. Diuretics cause
massive loss of nutrients from the body which can cause
irregular heartbeats, heart attacks and even stroke.

Beta receptor antagonists reduce blood pressure

by blocking the signals that stimulate heart-beat. The
assumption is that when the heart beats slower, blood
pressure is reduced. Examples include: sotalol, atenolol,
and propanol. These drugs cause serious health problems
including heart failure, reduced heart rate, dizziness,

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What are Antioxidants?

ntioxidants are nutrients that protect the body against toxic chemicals known as free radicals
that attack body fats, proteins, cell membranes and genetic materials.
Free radical damage has been linked to a number of health problems including: coronary heart
disease and stroke, cataracts, macular degeneration, premature ageing of the skin, arthritis,
Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, impaired immunity, and cancer.

Toxic Free radicals are continuously produced in the body as a result of normal and abnormal chemical
processes occurring in the body. Major sources of free radicals include cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol,
environmental pollutants, X-rays, UV light and medications.

Antioxidants neutralizes free radicals before they cause damage to cells. Several essential vitamins and
minerals act as natural antioxidants in the body and include - vitamins A, C, E and selenium.

Many antioxidants occur naturally in fruits, vegetables and nuts such as: carotenoids, isoflavones, tannins,
lignans and flavonoids. These powerful antioxidants have a beneficial effect on cholesterol balance, blood
pressure, blood sugar control and overall circulatory health. Polyphenols, a type of antioxidant found in
red wine, blueberries and green tea, increases the levels of Nitric Oxide, a chemical released in blood ves-
sels to reduce blood pressure.

People that eat the highest amount of fruit and veg-

etables are known to have the lowest blood pressure
and lowest risk of developing diabetes, coronary
heart disease and stroke.

The antioxidant potential of foods are assessed by

measuring their ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance
Capacity) score. Researchers have estimated that
the average person on a western diet receives or
obtains about 5,700 ORAC units every day.

However you need at least 7000 ORAC units for

health, and for optimal health, around 20,000
ORAC units every day.

The table below shows the ORAC scores per

100 grams of a variety of fruits and vegetables

FOOD Acai Pulp Dark Goji Pecan Nuts Pomegranate

Chocolate Berries

ORAC 161,400 103,971 25,300 17940 10,500


FOOD Hazel Nuts Cranberries Blueberries Black Pistachios


ORAC 9645 9456 9260 8040 7983


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How The Immune
System Fights
T he general understanding of the immune system
is that it protects the body against infections such
as colds and flu. Many people are therefore surprised to
learn that one of the key roles of the immune system is
to protect the body against cancer.

Every day, our bodies produce about 10,000 cancer cells,

luckily these cells are normally destroyed before they
gain a foothold. Every cell in the body is programmed 5 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM
to commit suicide at the end of its life. This process is
called apoptosis. Cancer cells however are abnormal cells Eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as you can.
that fail to respond to this self-destruct program, and Raw fruits and veggies contain extremely high
they continue to grow and spread in an uncontrollable levels of a variety of antioxidants that protect the
manner. immune system from damage caused by toxins.
The best foods for the immune system include:
The job of the immune system is to seek and destroy brightly coloured vegetables, red-blue berries and
these aberrant cells. The reality is that cancer is a fruits, garlic, ginger, dark chocolate, green tea,
disease of the immune system. For self protection, mushrooms and fish.
the body manufactures special cells known as white
blood cells. These cells roam through our blood vessels Drink plenty of water: Water is required to
and tissues searching for abnormal cells and foreign flush out from the body toxins that weaken the
entities to destroy. The white cells that target cancer cells immune system. Water is also a component of
are called Natural Killer cells. The body also attacks the lymph system a part of the immune system
cancer cells by producing proteins called immunoglob- responsible for filtering foreign substances from
ulins. Some immunoglobulins protect the body against the body. Water also keeps the mouth and eyes
allergies. Several studies have pointed out that people moist and free from deadly microbes
suffering from cancer usually have low levels of immuno-
globulins. Get enough sleep: Healing only occurs during
sleep, and according to clinical studies, most
Maintaining a healthy immune system in the world healing occurs between the hours of 10 pm and 2
we live in today is a huge challenge. Every day we are am. An established fact is that people who skimp
bombarded by thousands of foreign chemicals from on sleep have a lowered immune system and are
processed foods, medications, cosmetics, plastics, pesti- more prone to colds and flu.
cides, etc and the job of the immune system is to process
and document every chemical that finds its way into Exercise when you can: Most people are dis-
the body. This puts enormous pressure on the immune couraged from exercising because they conjure up
system. images of torturous looking exercise machines.
But studies show that brisk walking for half an
The good news is that you can support your immune hour is all the exercise we need. Exercising im-
system. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining proves levels of white blood cells, which in turn
a healthy immune system. Low levels of vitamin D are improves the immune system.
associated with many types of cancer. Another powerful
natural substance for enhancing the immune system is Have a good Laugh: Laughter is the best med-
colostrum the special milk produced by cows in the first icine. Research has shown that humour can
6 hours after birth. Colostrum is rich in immunoglob- benefit people suffering from virtually any chron-
ulins and other cancer fighting compounds. Improving ic disease. Another study found that laughter
your immune system is a sure way to protect your body increases the levels of Natural killer cells that are
against cancer. responsible for destroying cancer.

To Book a Full Body Scan, Call: 965071745,966189074

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MedB Interviews
Special Guest Kaye Underwood
Claire: How was your experience with the scan?
Kaye: Yes it was quite good. I recommended him to
my friends. Since I've been seeing Dr Mannu, I have
more energy to do things.
Claire: That's interesting, how do you spend your
Kaye: Yes I swim when I can for 45 minutes. Swim-
ming helps my joints. My aim is to get better. I have
friends from the church, and they help me mentally
and physically. I go for bible studies twice a week
and I have gained a lot of confidence from studying
the bible. I also teach art to my friends and I help
people when they need help. I think when you are
Claire: Hello Kaye, we are going to be talking about happy in your mind, your health is better. I think
your health today, but I have to tell you that you being around happy people helps.
look absolutely fantastic. Please tell me, how old are
you? Claire: Do you go out with friends?
Kaye: Oh yes, we have a lot of activities in the
Kaye: I'll be 79 in May
church, I drive my friends during the day, and they
Claire: My goodness! You look amazing whats your drive at night. We have a group of about 14 of us,
secret? and we all get together and go shopping and go to
hotels for coffee every Wednesday morning. Its
Kaye: I think it's eating right. I choose what I eat. I
easy, we take things in turns. Socialising is really
don't like beef or pork, but I eat a lot of fish, chick-
important it keeps the mind active, otherwise you
en, turkey and vegetables. I have a bowl of salad
feel bored. When we go to the hotels we see other
every day. I rarely go out to restaurants. I avoid
groups and they all come and talk to us.
prescription drugs because of the side effects.
Claire: You sound like you have an active life. Have
Claire: So you don't take prescription drugs. Do you
you always had an active life?
take supplements?
Kaye: I worked for many years in different hospitals
Kaye: Oh yes I take Vitamin C, Omega-3, Multivita-
in London. I met my late husband in England. He
min and other supplements Dr Machi gives me.
was English. I used to work 9 hours a day. I had a
Claire: When did you first come to see Dr Machi? busy life. I was working all the time, as a nursing
sister, as a theatre assistant, I learned everything
Kaye: I think it was about 3 years ago. I had high that I could. Having a busy life is very good. I never
blood pressure and I was having a lot of side effects sleep during the day I still get up by 7.00 am every
with my medications, burning stomach, joint pains day. Do you know, I still don't sleep during the day.
and all sorts, and I didn't want to take my medi-
cations. So I saw Dr Mannu, and had the scan and Claire: That's because you are so active. I wish to be
since then he has helped me. I used to walk with like you when I get to your age.
a stick, and he gave me MSM powder and other
Kaye: Do you know, 2 people said the same thing to
things, and now I don't walk with a stick. Last year
me the other day. I slow myself down on purpose.
I had lumps in my head and I was having a lot of
headaches as well, and Dr Machi found that I had a Claire: Kaye you are an absolutely incredible person,
lot of toxins and gave me Pectasol powder and the and it's been a pleasure talking to you.
headaches and lumps disappeared.
Kaye: Thank you 9
For Free Subscription, please send your delivery address to:

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Know Your Cooking Oils
Good cooking oils and fat are described as ' saturated'. This means they have a tightly built
structure that makes them resistant to high heat. Bad cooking oils and fats are described
as unsaturated, meaning that they have a loose and weak structure that makes them very
unstable and toxic when heated.
Coconut Oil: Palm Oil:
Over 90% of the fat in coconut oil is saturated fat Palm oil contains high amounts of saturated fats,

making coconut oil one of the best cooking oils. An making it an ideal cooking

added benefit of coco- oil. Palm oil also contains

nut oil is that it con- high amounts of Vitamin E

tains healthy amounts and Co-enzyme Q10. Un-

of a special type of fat fortunately, the cultivation

known as medium chain of palm trees is associated

triglyceride (MCT) with the destruction of

which is now acknowledged to help prevent and thousands of hectares of virgin forest.

even reverse Alzheimer's disease. Coconut oil also Sesame Oil:

helps keep the skin moist and supple. Although sesame oil contains about 40% unsaturat-
ed fat, it is still able to withstand high heat. Sesame
Olive Oil: oil is known to reduce high blood pressure and high
Olive oil is well-known for its health benefits and blood sugar.
is the cornerstone of cooking in Spain. It is best Oils to Avoid:
when used cold for salads and to dribble over food. Oils produced from seeds, nuts and vegetables con-

Olive oil contains unsaturated fats which makes it tain extremely high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids

slightly unstable at high temperature. Neverthe- which are associated with inflammation. These oils

less, it is still a cooking oil of choice. Unfortunate- are also highly processed and contain high levels of

ly the olive oil market is awash with adulterated toxic chemicals. Examples include:

brands of extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil contains Soybean Oil

several beneficial antioxidants that help neutralize Corn Oil

toxic free radicals that cause many chronic diseases Cottonseed Oil

such as rheumatoid arthritis Canola Oil

Sunflower Oil

MedB-Vol3 - 99&Complete.indd 10 18.02.2015 07:50:01

7 Common
mistakes that
age you

ating inflammatory foods: Inflammation is
recognised as the root cause of ageing, and
some foods promote serious inflammation in
the body. Sugar reacts with collagen and other pro-
teins in the skin to produce toxic substances that
speed-up the formation of wrinkles and age spots.

Wheat is a hidden source of sugar to the body. 2 un damage: The sun is the best source of
slices of brown bread increases blood sugar Vitamin D, but exposing the skin to too much
levels more than 6 teaspoons of pure white sun accelerates skin ageing. Sunbathing is a
sugar. Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil contain healthy habit, however care should be taken not to
very high levels of inflammation causing omega-6. overdo it. The best sun is the early morning or late
Processed foods contain additives that also trigger evening sunshine.

chronic inflammation.
un Tan Lotions and Cosmetics: Most sun-

ot Sleeping Properly: Poor sleepers show tan lotions contain harmful petrochemical
more signs of skin ageing, and recover compounds that cause damage to the skin.
much slower from skin damage. Studies Non-toxic suntan lotions contain minerals rather
show that lack of sleep is associated with paler skin, than toxic chemicals. Most skin creams also contain
more wrinkles, and more droopy corners of the an array of toxic chemicals, the best known being
mouth. Other studies have shown that those who parabens. To reduce exposure, use more natural
do not get enough sleep are prone to brain diseases. products, and read the label to find out the con-

voiding Fat: Women are generally advised

to avoid fat, and while this is true for some moking: Smoking accelerates skin ageing
types of fat, the body requires certain es- especially by destroying Vitamin C in the
sential fats in order to maintain optimal health. body. Vitamin C is needed to produce colla-
Saturated fat is an essential part of skin cells, and gen. If you must smoke, make sure you take a daily
keeps them supple and full. Fat is also necessary to Vitamin C supplement, and consider detoxing your
maintain the structure and functions of the heart, body at least twice a year.
brain and nervous system. Low levels of Omega-3
fats are associated with cellular inflammation and
accelerated ageing.

ot drinking enough water: When the skin
is dehydrated, it looks wrinkled in ap-
pearance. Many people do not drink the
minimum of 1.5 litres of water required daily, and
are unaware that they are chronically dehydrated.
Water is needed to dissolve and flush out toxins
that encourage inflammation in the body. 11

MedB-Vol3 - 99&Complete.indd 11 18.02.2015 07:50:06

Colloidal Silver: The Universal

ilver has been used for thousands of In the 1980s, studies carried out at the
years as an antibiotic. Ancient cultures Syracuse University and the UCLA School
used silver pots to store water, with of medicine showed that colloidal silver
the knowledge that it will protect them was highly effective against bacteria,
against diseases. Silver dressings and products viruses, and fungal microbes, including
are currently used in specialist hospitals to those that had become resistant to anti-
speed-up the healing of wounds. The interna- biotics. Recently studies at the University
tional Space station and the Russian Space sta- of Texas suggested that colloidal silver
tion use colloidal silver to purify water. Most may be effective against HIV-1 virus.
recently, silver has been recommended for use
in surgical instruments and silver coated cath- Colloidal silver has absolutely no side effects.
eters, to prevent MRSA infections. . The particles of silver in colloidal silver are
extremely tiny, making it impossible for any
Colloidal Silver was recognised as a powerful form of toxicity to occur in the body. The
antibiotic as soon as it was first discovered by cosmetic side effect of argyria (greying of the
Dr Silver in 1906, but it fell out of favour dec- skin) is only seen when people consume silver
ades later, when antibiotics became available. salts and solutions that are not fit for human
And today, with the rise of antibiotic resistant consumption
microbes, colloidal silver is making a come-
back as the preferred antibiotic of choice for a
variety of infectious diseases.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated

that colloidal silver is a powerful antibiotic.

High Quality Amber Colloidal Silver from Optimized Energetics UK

To order Call 965071745,966189074 or visit:

Colloidal Colloidal
Silver Solution Silver Spray

Colloidal Silver Gel



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Shocking Dangers
CT scans

o you never feel satisfied with a hospital vis-
it until you are sent for a CT scan? If so, you
should know that CT-scans and even X-rays
have been strongly linked to many types of
cancer. The danger of X-rays are well known but not so
much the danger from CT scans, even though they are dead-
lier. CT scans consists of multiple X-ray machines that take
many pictures of the body from different angles in order to
capture a 3D image. For this reason, a single CT scan can
expose the body to the same amount of radiation as around
500 X-rays.

The radiation from X-rays cause severe injury to the body by damaging DNA- the blue print
of life. DNA damage is the most serious of injuries because it affects the ability of the body
to produce the correct sequence of information needed to maintain health.
What is also unrecognised is that the effects of radiation is cumulative. This means that
with every CT scan or X-ray that you have, your total exposure adds up. Even more wor-
risome is the whole body CT scan commonly advertised as a health check, which experts
estimate to be the equivalent of 900 X-rays.
Several studies have linked the indiscriminate use of CT scans to the sky rocketing cases
of cancer seen in society today. It is important to realise that the information revealed by
CT scans are very limited. CT scans are only useful for showing masses in the body such as
tumours or lumps. They are limited for revealing the overall state of health of an individual
and for diagnosing diseases.
So what options do you have? One of the most advanced and safest diagnostic scans today
is performed with a technology called Sensitiv Imago. Sensitiv Imago performs extensive
and detailed analysis of the body by reading frequencies emanating from the cells, tissues
and organs of the body. This information is converted to digital codes and displayed on a
computer screen.
Unlike other diagnostic scans that can only reveal the problems you have at the moment,
Sensitiv imago uses complex mathematical calculations to estimate your state of health in
the future, making it possible for you to prevent disease long before it happens. 13
If you want to contact us, please send an email to:

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Benefits of

The most important step you can take to improve your health is to form the habit of drinking
enough water through the day. You should aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water everyday. In the
summer months however we lose a lot of fluids and need to drink up to 3 litres daily.
When you consider that 70% of the human body is made of water, it puts into perspective the im-
portance of water. Water makes it possible for nutrients to be distributed and waste removed from
the billions of cells in the body.
Water is necessary for filtering out toxic substances that we become exposed to from our foods,
drinks, medications, cosmetics etc. and failing to drink enough water will cause a build-up of these
contaminants in the body. A number of health problems such as arthritis, kidney diseases and
high blood pressure can be traced to not drinking enough water. Many people have lost their thirst
for water and are unaware that they are chronically dehydrated.
Water is necessary for keeping the joints supple and preventing joint diseases. The synovial mem-
brane produces a fluid to lubricate and cushion our joints. This fluid is mostly composed of water,
and is affected by dehydration. Organs that contain a lot of fluid such as the brain, eyes and joints,
are particularly sensitive to the effects of dehydration. Unsurprisingly, common symptoms of de-
hydration include: dry eyes, headaches and joint pains.
Drinking enough water everyday will keep you healthy, and may even help reverse some health
problems. Juices and beverages are no substitute for water. You should also drink more water if
you take prescription drugs.

Memory Recall By Staring at Nothing

Ask a senior citizen to remember the name of a friend from the good old days and
chances are that they would either stare at the floor or straight into space as if the
name would magically appear from somewhere. Well it may surprise you to know that
it works. You see the human face takes up a significant percentage of our concentra-
tion and by simply staring at nothing you devote more brain power to recalling faces.


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Vegetarian Omega-3:
the Preferred Choice for men
Omega-3 belongs to the special class of nutri- chronic inflammatory diseases.
ents called Essential nutrients. Such nutrients
are not produced by the body, and only get Omega-6 occurs in high amounts in processed
to us though our diet. The brain and heart vegetable oils like corn, canola, sunflower and
rely heavily on omega-3 in order to function safflower oils. Omega-3 is not so common-
smoothly. But Omega-3s most important role ly found in foods. Good sources of Omega-3
in the body is as a powerful anti-inflammatory include: deep sea oily fish such as salmon and
agent. mackerel, flax seeds, fish oil, hemp oil, and
walnuts. Farmed Salmon however, contains
Inflammation is now recognised as the hid- very little Omega-3.
den trigger for many chronic diseases such as
Dementia, Arthritis, Cataracts, Alzheimers Fish oil goes rancid and becomes toxic when
disease and Liver diseases. Inflammation how- exposed to air and recent studies have found
ever, is a vital process in the body, and plays that fish oil may be contributing to prostate
a key role in wound healing. Omega-3 is the diseases. For this reason men are now advised
recommended therapy of choice for atheroscle- to consider a vegetarian source of Omega-3.
rosis or hardening of the arteries. Vegetarian Omega-3 from Nutridan, Denmark

A major cause of inflammation today is high 1 bottle (90 caps) retails for 28.
levels of Omega-6 in the body. In contrast to Dose For Heart Disease 1 capsule 3 times
Omega-3 which is anti-inflammatory, Ome- daily; Maintenance dose 1 capsule daily
ga-6 promotes inflammation. Both compounds
are found in the body, however, the body To order Call 965071745,966189074 or
maintains the same proportions of Omega-3 visit:
and Omega-6 to prevent inflammation from
getting out of hand. Clinical studies show that
many people have up to 33 times more Ome-
ga-6 than Omega-3, and such unhealthy ratios
puts the body at high risk of developing

Gold is respected throughout the world for its value. For the past 2600 years, gold
has been used for wealth protection and wealth generation for many reasons. Gold
holds its value, and for this reason, is considered the best hedge against inflation.
This means that gold bought today will be worth more in future.

Karatbars is a registered international e-commerce company located in Stuttgart Germany. Karat-

bars specialises in the sale of 999.9 gold bars, small gold bars, gift cards and other gold collectibles
and merchandise. Karatbars works only with gold refineries listed under London Good Delivery
to guarantee premier quality, highly crafted and trademarked products that have world-wide recog-
For more information visit: or send an email to
You can also call 966189074 or 965071745 15

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Relieve Joint and Muscle
Aches and Pain with MSM
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is the most vital nutrient required by
the body to build and maintain strong and healthy joints and bones. MSM
occurs naturally in the body, and is used to make collagen an important
component of our bones, joints, skin and hair. More so than calcium, your
body needs MSM to build; bones, joints, skin and hair. For this reason,
MSM has been called the beauty mineral
MSM is a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent, and studies
have shown that MSM is more effective than prescription medications for
treating Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Muscle
Cramp, Neck Pain and Back Pain.
MSM = Painkiller + Anti-inflammatory + Bone and Joint Reconstruction
Introducing brand new MedB MSM manufactured by Rain Nutrience
UKmakers of high quality supplements. MedB MSM is manufactured from
plant sources, unlike other forms of MSM that are synthetic and less effective.

One container (500 grams) retails for 35

Dose 1 -4 scoops 3 times daily
To order call 965071745,966189074 or

Kitchen remedy
for acid reflux
Stomach acid suppressants such as omeprazole are
very commonly used in hospitals to treat acid re-
flux. However a safer and much cheaper treatment
can be achieved with apple cider vinegar. Apple
cider vinegar has been used for centuries to treat
acid reflux.

As improbably as it may seem, acid reflux can be caused by either too much acid in the stomach, or too
little acid in the stomach. In fact most cases are due to too little acid. The change in acidity of the stomach
causes a dysfunction of the valves that prevent acid from escaping from the stomach into the oesophagus.

Apple cider vinegar adds to the acidity of the stomach when there is too little acid, and buffers the stom-
ach acid levels when there is too much acid. The recommendation is to take 2 table spoons of apple cider
vinegar diluted in a small quantity of water every morning, or immediately after experiencing heart burn.
Note that foods that contain wheat trigger acid reflux.


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Over the counter (OTC) medications can cause
Alzheimers disease and Dementia

new study has shown very clearly that over-
the-counter medicines such as those used
for treating asthma, allergies and insomnia,
increase the risk of Alzheimers disease and
other forms of dementia.

The study also found that the risk may not be revers-
ible, even after several years off these medications.
Some of the OTC drugs studied include those used to
treat: allergies, motion sickness, irritable bowel syn-
drome, colds, depression, cough and muscle pain.

The study showed that the risks are increased when

higher doses are taken, or when these drugs are pre-
scribed for a long time. Also, when these drugs are
taken in combination, the danger increases exponen-

The study: Shelly L. Gray, Melissa L and Co. Larson.Cumulative Use of Strong
Anticholinergics and Incident Dementia.JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015

Tips for Buying Prescription Drugs

One of the benefits of living in Spain is that you can buy many kinds of prescription drugs over the coun-
ter. The downside is that it encourages self-mediation which can be dangerous. Here are some points to
consider before buying prescription drugs.

Saving Money: Drugs normally have 2 names the generic name and the brand name. The generic name
is the approved name, while the brand name is the fanciful name of the drug, often chosen to be memo-
rable for advertising. The generic name is usually written in small letters while the brand name is written
out more clearly. Generic name drugs are usually much cheaper than brand name drugs even though they
are the same. For example paracetamol is a generic name, while Panadol or Calpol are brand names with
exactly the same ingredient as paracetamol.

Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs: Many people take pain killers on a regular basis, however
painkillers and anti-inflammatories are associated with serious side-effects. Taking these drugs for a long
time can cause liver and kidney damage. On the short term however, pain killers and anti-inflammatories
cause inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) and to avoid such problems, doctors commonly prescribe an
acid suppressant such as omeprazole. Pain killers only provide short term relief. The proper way to manage
pain is to identify and treat the root cause of the pain.

Antibiotics: Antibiotics are useful for getting rid of harmful microbes from the body, however antibiotics
are blind and are unable to differentiate harmful microbes from beneficial ones. Beneficial microbes are
necessary to digest food properly as well as boost the immune system. Unsurprisingly, antibiotics are as-
sociated with diseases of the gut and the immune system. If you must take antibiotics, make sure you also
take probiotics. 17

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Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic
Carretera Almoradi, no.18,bajo,
03169, Algorfa
Tel: 965 071 898 / 618 337 616

Dr Dutey-Harispe D.C is a highly experienced

chiropractor who has helped a lot of Patients overcome difficult health issues with chiropractic care. While
other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, Chiropractic is
concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment
Why people visit the clinic;
For relief of symptoms
For correction of the underlying causes of symptoms and health problems
To prevent the development of symptoms, health problems and degeneration.
To achieve an optimal level of health and well being

We offer all new patients a FREE Posture Screening analysis.

Fortuna Health Retreat

Ever wanted to recharge your batteries but wanted the peace and tranquillity
of spending time just with your partner, or own your own? At Fortuna Health
Retreat, the answer awaits you. The retreat is situated by the foothills of a moun-
tain, in an environment that was sort after many thousands of years ago by the
Romans, for its truly unique and harmonious nature. Fortuna offers luxurious
fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments, swimming pool, and most important,
the peace and quiet that you need.



Price only 40 per night.

To book call 0034 671839685
or send an email to:

Alexis Armero Paya

Taxi No. 73, Torrevieja
Airport Service
Service for Disabled People

Call 626864867


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Remove Toxins from Your Body with

magine spending your life in a house that is never cleaned. The human body without
proper detoxification (or clean-up), is exactly the same as that house. Every day we
are exposed to dozens of toxic compounds that cause chronic diseases. From pre-
scription drugs to household cleaning products, cosmetics, plastics and even drink-
ing water, we are surrounded by potential sources of deadly toxins that contaminates the

Researchers have calculated that the average person has inside them over 100 deadly
toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, mycotoxins (from moulds), DDT, in-
secticides, BPA (from plastics) and many others. These toxins accumulate in all our organ,
and over time cause chronic health problems such as memory loss, high blood pressure,
arthritis, diabetes, dementia, sexual dysfunction and premature ageing.

Pectasol is the only orally taken natural detox that has been rigorously tested and shown
to remove many different kinds of toxic chemicals from the body.

Research has also shown that Pectasol binds to a cancer causing chemical in the body
called Galectin-3

Pectasol helps people suffering from Tiredness, Heart and artery disease, memory loss
and dementia, rheumatoid arthritis as well as asthma.

Dose: 2 level teaspoon in a

glass of water in the morning,
and then drink 1.5L of water
all through the day. For 22

To order Call 965071745,

966189074 or visit:


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Promoting Wellness and Healthy Ageing

Full Body Diagnostic Scan

Advanced Computerised Technology approved for the EU
Non-invasive and 96% Accurate

Detailed Examination and Analysis of all body systems and organs

Detection of microorganisms (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites)
Biochemical Analysis (hormones, enzymes, proteins)
Detection of Toxins and Allergens
Diagnosis of Diseases and Complications
Blood Test
Food Allergy Test
Chromosomal analysis
Natural Therapy and Nutrition Counselling
Call: 965071745,966189074 or visit:
Clinic at 1161 Punta Marina, Punta Prima, Los Altos
In partnership with Sensitiv Imago Technology


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