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The importance of the Mod music.

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The music industry Track 14
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in the news

The toilet Here are some useful toilet words and expressions.

Toilet (also, the lavatory + informal

terms: the loo, the bog, the john (US) Toilet bowl Cistern Toilet paper

Toilet roll Stall / cubicle Toilet seat Toilet lid

Bidet Sink Tiles Hand-dryer / blow dryer

More words
The toilets / the restroom
(US) a general word for
the toilets in a restaurant,
shopping centre, etc.
Public toilet a toilet in
a public area that anyone
can use. Some are coin-
operated (you have to
put money into them in
Potty Toilet brush Hand towel Soap dispenser
order to use them).
Flush the toilet to
press a button (or pull a
chain) so that water goes
into the toilet to clean it.
The ladies public
toilets for women.
The gents public
toilets for men.
Go to the toilet if you
go to the toilet, you
Hand gel Paper towel Chamber pot use the toilet.

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it How would you describe your bathroom? Whats the most unusual bathroom youve ever seen?
What was unusual about it? Are there any famous toilets in your country? Why are they famous?
Have you ever been to the toilet in another country? How were the toilets different?
Track 1: englishman & us man

imagine all
the people
who have World Toilet Day
used this!
World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19th
November. Its hosted by the World

Toilet Organization, which aims to raise
awareness for the 2.5 billion people
around the world who dont have
access to a toilet or proper sanitation.

toilets! Video

ust recently, John Lennons However, he was also
toilet was sold for 9,500. famous for inventing the first Watch a video about the
It was used by the Beatle flushing toilet. He installed worlds most expensive toilet.
between 1969 and 1972. the contraption, which he Search YouTube for Hong
Kong gold toilet.
Here are three more famous named Ajax, in his house.
toilets. Harrington was a godson of
Queen ElizabethI. One day, GLOSSARY
the Queen tried it and was so 24-carat gold exp
carat is used after a number to
impressed that she ordered indicate how pure gold is. The purest
one for herself. The toilet gold is 24-carat gold
Hang Fung Gold Technology n
had a pan with an opening a jewellery manufacturer
at the bottom. Water from a showroom n
a shop where you can see goods such
a cistern was poured into as cars or electrical appliances
to damage vb
1 The solid-gold toilet the pan through a system of if you damage something, you break it
The solid-gold toilet is levers and weights. However, a gold bar n
a quantity of gold that is produced by a
made of 24-carat gold. flushing toilets only became recognised manufacturer. They are often
And everything else in the available for ordinary people in a rectangular shape
a jeweller n
bathroom is made of gold after Scotsman Alexander a person who makes sells, and repairs
jewellery and watches
too, including the tiles and Cumming patented the Lenin n
the sink. The toilet is on design for one in 1775. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) was a
Russian communist revolutionary
Answers on page 44
display at Hang Fung Gold accessories n
Technologys showroom in bathroom accessories are things we
use in the bathroom (but not the most
1 Pre-reading Hong Kong, and its worth important things): mirrors, bath mats,
soap dispensers, etc.
Write a short description of more than $29 million. For a flushing toilet exp
your bathroom? What has it just $20 HK you can have a a toilet with a button to press or chain
to pull. When you press the button,
got? How big is it? What do photo taken in the bathroom, water goes into the toilet and cleans it
a contraption n
you like or dislike about it? although you have to wear a machine that looks strange or that
What would your ideal toilet plastic covers over your shoes does something unusual
a godson n
and bathroom be like? so you dont damage the 900- your godson is a boy you promise to
gram gold bars on the floor. 3 The Toto bring up as a Christian

2 Reading I The bathroom was created in The Toto is the toilet to

a pan n
part of a toilet where the water is
Read or listen to the article 2001 by jeweller Lam Sai-wing. have. Its really popular in a lever n
a handle (something you hold with your
once. Which toilet is the most He was inspired by Lenins Japan and can be found in hands) that is attached to a piece of
machinery. When you push or pull it, it
unusual? Why? idea that the best thing for over 70% of households. operates the machine
gold was to use it to build This exclusive toilet has a a weight n

3 Reading II public toilets. Meanwhile, heated seat, a system for

metal objects used to operate a
machine. They're often heavy
to patent vb
Read the article again. Then, the showroom seems to be eliminating bad smells and a a patent is an official right to be
write the name of a toilet next working as some people who jet of water that cleans you as the only person or company allowed
to make or sell a new product. If you
to each statement. visit the shop buy their own youre sitting down. It even patent a product, you get a patent
1. It was invented by a golden bathroom accessories. puts the seat lid down after for it
heated adj
famous poet. youve finished. Toto is one if something is heated, it is warm
2. Its popular in Japan. 2 The first of the three largest plumbing or hot
a jet of water exp
3. Its on display in Hong flushing manufacturers in the world an amount of water that flows in a
particular direction
Kong. toilet with over 20,000 employees. plumbing n
4. It comes with a heated Sir John Net sales in 2006 were the plumbing in a building consists of
the water pipes, baths, toilets, etc. in it
seat. Harrington $4.2 billion. to raise awareness exp
5. It was designed by a (1561 to if you raise awareness of something,
you tell people about it
jeweller. 1612) was Who ever thought that going sanitation n
the process of keeping places clean
6. A queen of England a well- to the toilet could be such and healthy, especially by providing
once tried it. known poet. a pleasure? clean water

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it Have you ever taken a photo of food? What food was it? Where were you? How often do you take
photos? What do you do with the photos you take? Do you ever print the photos off or upload them somewhere? When
was the last time you took a photo? What was it of?
Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as KET and TOEFL.
This looks
Answers on page 44 delicious!

1 Pre-reading
When was the last time you ate
the following food? Where were
you? Who were you with?


The growing
popularity of food

aking a photo of your soup, which I was eating at
food and posting it my desk, and just thought, Video
online is becoming I cant believe I eat this Watch this video on how some
more and more popular. gruel, let alone eat it alone restaurants are banning food
However, not everyone at my desk, she said. Other photography. Search YouTube
thinks its such a good idea. similar sites include cooksuck. for Food photography banned
A hamburger from restaurants.
com, and
Food photos are popular
on social networking sites. GLOSSARY
People often post pictures of Some chefs are trying to ban to post vb
their meals on Facebook or food photography in their if you post a photo on a website, you
Spaghetti photo sites such as Tumblr restaurants. Gilles Goujon
put it there
a social networking site n
and Instagram. Many of runs the three-starred a website where people can connect
with friends and post messages, photos,
the pictures are of delicious LAuberge du vieux puits videos, etc. to one another
Tumblr n
looking food from top-class restaurant in Fontjoncouse a social network where you can post
A sandwich restaurants. Some people in southern France. He messages or other content to friends, etc.
Instagram n
even find it addictive. I told news website France a social network for posting photos or
2 Reading I couldnt get enough of it. TV Info that every time his videos
addictive adj
Why do you think some I had to IG (Instagram) creations appear on social if something is addictive, its hard to
stop doing it
people like or dislike food every single meal, one food networks it takes away the to submit vb
photography? Make notes. poster wrote. surprise, and a little bit of if you submit a photo to a website, you
send or put it there
Then, read the article once to my intellectual property. leftover adj
compare your ideas. However, not all food leftover food is food that hasnt been
photos are so attractive. Alexandre Gauthier is the dodgy adj inform
3 Reading II There are now sites where chef at the Grenouillere
something dodgy looks bad or
Read the article again. Then, you can post pictures of restaurant in the northern to stare vb
if you stare at something, you look at it
answer the questions. horrible-looking food. One French town of La continuously and for a long period of time
1. What kind of pictures such website is saddesklunch. Madelaine-sous-Montreuil. unappealing adj
something (such as food) that is
do people upload to com. Users submit pictures He has included a no unappealing doesnt look nice
gruel n of their depressing meals, cameras logo on his a type of food made with oats (a type of
2. Who created www. which include things such menus. Before, people took cereal used for making biscuits) with milk
or water as half-eaten bits of chicken, pictures of their family in to ban vb
3. Where is Gilles leftover pizza and dodgy- the restaurant, now we take to prohibit; to say that you cannot do
Goujons restaurant? looking soup. pictures of food We tweet, intellectual property n
music, stories, film scripts, poems that
4. Which news website did we like, we respond to someone has created. The rights to the
he talk to? Sad Desk Lunch was created comments, and the dish is material belong to that person
a menu n
5. Who is the chef at by office worker Kira Fisher cold, he explained. a list of the food you can buy in a
the Grenouillere in 2012. At the time, she was restaurant
to like vb
restaurant? working as a video editor in Will you be taking your if you like something on Facebook, you
press a button (with a symbol of a hand
6. What has he included New York. I was staring at camera next time you eat with the thumb pointing upwards) to show
on his menus? my rather unappealing lentil out? that you like it

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it Which words do you find difficult to pronounce in English? Which words are difficult to pronounce
in your language? What happens to foreign words in your language? How are they spelt? How are they pronounced?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as KET and TOEFL.
Track 3: englishman & englishwoman

Answers on page 44

1 Pre-reading
Look at the list of words below.
How are they pronounced? Try
to say them. Then, compare
your version with the ones on
the audio file. You can listen

to the correct pronunciation
of the words at the end of the
audio file for the article on

problems with
this page.
1. susceptible
2. pronunciation

foreign words!
3. miscellaneous
4. deterioration
5. jewellery
6. philosophical

7. thesaurus he Spanish call it Then just to further sound more English.
8. hospitable londres, the Finnish complicate matters, there For example, instead of the
9. onomatopoeia say Lontoo and the are homographs words German Mnchen we say
10. anaesthetist Dutch refer to it as Londen. that have the same spellings Munich. The same thing
Englands capital, London, but different sounds and happens with Rome (which
2 Reading I is different in almost every different meanings. For is Roma in Italian), Naples
What problems are there language, with a wide variety of example: lead (to be in first (Napoli), Milan (Milano),
with English pronunciation pronunciations too. But what place) lead (a metal); or wind Vienna (which is Wien in
in general? What do you are the rules for pronouncing (to go around) and wind (a German), The Hague (Den
think the rules are for foreign words in English? strong movement of air) Haag in Dutch) and Seville
pronouncing foreign words (Sevilla in Spanish).
in English? Make notes. English pronunciation is There are also homophones
Then, read the article once to never easy. For a start, there words that have the same In other cases, the spelling
compare your ideas. doesnt seem to be a logical sounds but different spellings is the same but the
connection between the and meanings. For example: pronunciation is changed.
3 Reading II written and spoken forms: to = to, two, too; and For example, we say Paris
Read the article again. Then, queue is pronounced /kju/, there = there, their, theyre. instead of the French
answer the questions. draught is /drft/ and chaos Paris. Other examples of
1. Whats the phonetic is /kes/. There are also Some words in English this include paella, villa and
script for this word: problems with silent letters: are just completely illogical. chili con carne (instead of
queue? subtle is /stl /, height is / For example: Leicester the Spanish paella, villa and
2. How many vowel hat/ and debt is /det/. is pronounced /lest/, chili con carne), Volkswagen
sounds are there in Greenwich is /grent/ and (instead of the German
English? One of the main problems Magdalene (as in Magdalene Volkswagen) and Renault
3. Whats a homograph? is that there are so many College, Cambridge) is / (or even Renault), Michelin
4. Whats a homophone? different vowel sounds in mdln/. and chauffeur (instead of the
5. How is the word English. From five written French Renault, Michelin
Magdelene vowels (a, e, i, o, u) there are So, what happens with and chauffeur).
pronounced? 19 sounds. So, for example, foreign words in English? In
6. Whats the English the u in lettuce is an // many cases, the words are How are foreign words
version of the Spanish sound /lets/, but an // Anglicised theyre changed pronounced in your
city of Sevilla? sound in the word cup /kp/. or adapted to make them language?

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Track 4: Englishman & us man

Grammar Booster
How to describe simple facts with zero conditionals

Affirmative Negative Interrogative

If I press this*, it** starts. If I dont press this, it doesnt start. If I press this, does it start?
If you press this, it starts. If you dont press this, it doesnt start. If you press this, does it start?
If he presses this, it starts. If he doesnt press this, it doesnt start. If he presses this, does it start?
If she presses this, it starts. If she doesnt press this, it doesnt start. If she presses this, does it start?
If it presses this, it starts. If it doesnt press this, it doesnt start. If it presses this, does it start?
If we press this, it starts. If we dont press this, it doesnt start. If we press this, does it start?
If they press this, it starts. If they dont press this, it doesnt start. If they press this, does it start?
*this = a button / **it = a machine

If you work
fast, you a) If theyre trying to work, Nigel: All right.
earn more!
dont make too much Bruce: If you need to pause the
noise. [the Present machine, press this yellow
Continuous] (4) . And if you
b) When youve finished go to the toilet, write down
that, let me know. [the when you went and how
Present Perfect] long you took in this little
c) If I drink too much coffee, (5) .
I cant sleep at night. Nigel: OK.
[Modal verbs] Bruce: Dont touch this red
button. If you press it, the
Dialogue: The new employee (6) stops and
Nigel has just started work its really hard to re-set.
We can form the Zero I always put on some in a factory. Hes talking to OK?
Conditional with if + a verb in sun cream. his boss, Bruce. [Listen and Nigel: All right.
a present tense, and another b) The machine comes on complete the text with the Bruce: So, remember, press the
clause with a present tense if you press the green correct words.] yellow button if you want
verb. For example: button. to pause it, but dont touch
a) If you open the window, it Bruce: You must be the new guy. the red button.
gets cold in here. We can also use when Im Bruce Gorkins, the Nigel: OK.
b) If you leave chocolate in with Zero Conditionals to shop floor manager. Bruce: Right, well, then Ill turn
the hot sun, it melts. mean every time that or Nigel: Hi, Im Nigel. Pleased to the machine on, and you
whenever. For example: meet you. can get started. Ill be
We use conditionals to a) When I go to the cinema, Bruce: Pleased to meet you. So, I back in a couple of
refer to something that will I always buy some just need to go over a few (7) to see how
happen if something else popcorn. things. Basically, your job youre getting on. Good
happens first. For example: b) When Im sad, I like to consists of putting toys luck!
a) If I go to bed late, I feel go shopping. into (1) . Nigel: OK. Thanks. [The machine
terrible the next day. Nigel: OK. starts, the manager leaves
b) If I work on the computer We can use imperatives Bruce: You need to put three toys and the boxes start coming
too much, my eyes start with Zero Conditionals. into each box and then down the conveyor belt.]
to hurt. For example: close it with tape. It takes Right, toys in: one, two.
a) If it stops, press this about 10 seconds to do, so Close the box. This is easy!
We often use the Zero button here! youve got plenty of Oh, wait a minute, it was
Conditional to talk about b) When youre ready, (2) . supposed to be three. Erm,
simple facts or things that call me! Nigel: All right. to stop the (8) ,
are always true (when the Bruce: If you forget to pack the press the... the red button.
condition is met). You can We can use a variety of box, it goes down the chute Yes, the red button. OK.
start with the if clause or the different tenses and verbs without any (3) here goes. [He presses the
other clause. For example: with Zero Conditionals. in it. So, youve got to red button. An alarm goes
a) If I go out in the sun, For example: concentrate. off.] Hello? Hello? Help!

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Word Booster Free lessons to improve
Learn Hot English your English, and articles
12 useful words &
on learning English!

expressions for the summer

Here are 12 useful words expressions to use to talk about the summer.

Shade Nap Barefoot Barbecue

A barbecue
is a piece of
If you go equipment
A short barefoot, that you
sleep, you dont can use for
often wear any cooking food
An area outside in the socks or (often meat)
that is protected afternoon. shoes. outside.
from the sun. I had a little She walked We had a
It was very hot so we nap after barefoot on the barbecue in the
sat in the shade. lunch. wooden path. back garden.

Sunbathe Sunburnt Air conditioning (also, Backpacking

aircon, AC or A/C)

If a building or house has

If you get sunburnt, your air conditioning, it has If you go backpacking,
skin becomes very red a machine (or machines) you go travelling with a
To lie in the sun so your because youve been in the that provide cold air. backpack (a bag that you
skin becomes browner. sun too long. Its really hot in here. I think wear on your back.
I sunbathed for an hour this I got sunburnt because I we should turn on the air We went backpacking
morning. hadnt put any sun cream on. conditioning. around Southeast Asia.

Book Cool off Lie down Sweat

If you lie down, you go

into a horizontal position
If you book a hotel, you If you cool off, you (you arent standing or
telephone or e-mail the hotel become cooler (a bit cold) sitting). The past is lay When you sweat, liquid
and tell them when you after being hot. down and the participle comes out of your body
would like a room there. I jumped into the pool to cool is lain. because youre very hot.
We booked a room for six off after lying in the sun for We lay down on the sand and I was sweating because it was
nights in the hotel. more than an hour. went to sleep. so hot.

Learning expressions
The best way to learn any words or expressions is by seeing or hearing them in context when youre reading or listening to English.
Make a note of any words or expressions that you like (or want to learn) and write these down in sentences. Remember, always
record language in phrases or sentences never as individual words. You should also practise using the words or expressions
as often as you can: in conversation, on the phone, in e-mails, etc.

For company classes, Skype/Telephone classes or private tuition, contact / / 9
Objective To learn some useful words and expressions for talking about places in the city.
Think about it
When was the last time you went to a library? Why did you go there? How often do you go to the theatre? What sort of plays do
you like to see? When was the last time you went to the cinema? What did you see? How often do you go to the swimming pool?
Track 5: Englishman & us man

English in Action...

Places in the city

Learn 15 words & expressions for talking about places in the city!
Useful words Dialogue: At the tourist office
wheres the

Museum Park Church

Ice-skating rink Cinema (theater in US English)

Paul Jenkins and his T: Are there any cinemas?

13-year-old daughter Tara O: Theres one (5) the
are visiting a medieval city. high-street. They show classic
Theyre in the tourist office films.
Theatre Restaurant Swimming pool talking to the information T: [being sarcastic] How
officer. [Complete the interesting!
conversation with the correct O: [ignoring Tara] If youre
prepositions.] looking (6)
Dialogue: P=Paul O=Officer somewhere to eat, there are
T=Tara some really nice restaurants
Pub Train station Bus station
in the harbour area.
P: Hi, have you got a map of the T: Is there a Starbucks?
city, please? O: No, but there are some lovely
O: Yes, of course. Here you are. coffee shops (7) the
P: So, erm, could you main square.
Library Post office Bank recommend anything? Its our T: What a dump! Please tell
first time here. me theres a McDonalds
O: Of course. The Museum somewhere here!
of Natural History is really O: Im afraid there arent any fast
interesting. Its got a life- food restaurants.
sized replica (1) a T: Dad, I want to go home!
Hospital Zoo blue whale. Its just here (2) O: Well, you cant. Look, I know,
Marble Street. [She if you come (8) the
More words shows him on the map.] Museum of Modern Art
City centre the part of a city (often in the middle) T: Boring! with me, Ill take you (9)
where there are lots of shops and offices. O: I beg your pardon? the shopping centre
Square an open, square space in a city with buildings O: Please excuse my teenage afterwards and you can have
on all sides. daughter. Shes (3) whatever you want... plus Ill
Shopping centre (shopping mall in US English) a bad mood because I give you back your iPhone.
a large building with many shops inside it. confiscated her iPhone. T: Oh, all right.
Sports centre a place where you can go swimming, O: Oh, I know how you feel. Ive O: [to the attendant] So, could
play tennis, play basketball, etc. got a 15-year-old son. Anyway, you show me where the
Cathedral a large and important church with a bishop the Museum of Modern Art is shopping centre is, please?
(an important person in the church) in charge of it. worth a visit too. [Tara yawns O: Im afraid there arent any
Synagogue a place where Jewish people go to pray loudly] And theres a nice park shopping centres, but there
(speak to God) and study religion. just (4) the museums. are some lovely little shops in
Mosque a place where Muslims go to pray. You can rent bikes there. And the main square, and theres
Temple a building where people (often Hindus or theres a cathedral just here. a street market down
Buddhists) worship (speak to) a god or gods. And just near the cathedral, (10) the harbour!
Quarter a part of a town or city where a particular theres an ice-skating rink that T: Dad, I really need to
group of people live or work: the French quarter, etc. your daughter might like. go home!

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Natural English
Where would you like
Track 6: DANish woman,
American man, Slovenian woman,
english woman, spanish man,
Lithuanian woman

to live in the future? Photos and interviews by Georgie & Danielle

When people talk
Cecilia (Denmark, informally, they often Jack (USA, actor)
sociologist) use non-standard

I would like
to live in
where I also
live now, and
thats simply
because I I would definitely like to
think its the live in Venice because
best city in I cant imagine a more
the world. beautiful architecture.

Jerneja (Slovenia, Megan (England,

occupational fashion sales adviser)
I think in a big city
somewhere. Ive always lived
close to cities, and for me
thats what I know and what
I enjoy a big city where
theres so much you can
do, so much you can see,
different people you can go
and see. I think living in a
big city where everythings
so close and everything so
In my future, I would like to live abroad because together is what Id love. Of
erm, I live in Slovenia and nowadays its really course, the countryside would
hard to find a job, and I guess, somewhere be nice as well. One thats
where its not a crisis or something. I would not too far away, but I would
love to get job there and live there as well. prefer to live in a big city.

Jorge (Spain, Indre (Lithuania,

freelance photographer)
translator) GLOSSARY
architecture n
this word is often used to refer to buildings
In the future I and the styles in which they are designed
want to live in my and constructed
hard adj
hometown in Vilnius difficult
because its very I guess exp
I suppose; I imagine
close to my friends, a crisis n
to my family. Er, when theres a financial crisis, the
I love travelling economy is doing badly and there isn't
much money or work, etc.
and I love living in the countryside n
I would like to live in Brazil because I think different countries the countryside is an area with
mountains, hills, forests, etc. that is far away
its a marvellous country, its very big, its but just for short from towns and cities
full of nature, its full of nice people, way of period of time and I marvellous adj
life, its very nice. The food, the fruits, and still imagine the rest wonderful; very good; nice
a hometown n
of course, Rio de Janeiro really attracts of my life spending the town or city where you were born and
me. Especially their beaches, their music, in my hometown where you lived as a child
amazing adj
and all the history involved. which is amazing. incredible; very good

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Objective To improve your listening skills.
Think about it Whats the emergency number in your country? Have you ever had to call it? Why? What type of
emergencies do they deal with? Is it the same number for all the emergency services? How efficient are the emergency
services in your country? What questions do they ask you when you call the emergency number in your country?
Exams This listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as KET and TOEFL.
Track 7: several english accents
this is an

Dont read the
audio script until
youve completed
the exercises and

Answers on page 44

1 Pre-listening
What advice would you give in
the following situations?
a) Theres a fire in
the house and its
spreading fast.
b) Someone has fallen
off a ladder and hurt

2 Listening I
Youre going to listen to
two emergency phone calls.
Listen once. Was any of the
advice you thought of for
the Pre-listening activity
Audio script

Two emergency
3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, complete
the table.

phone calls
Caller I
Emergency service required

Callers street address

2 Here are two calls to the emergency services.

Callers city / town 1 The fire can. A (4) Caller II: Its my sister she
3 Emergency: 999. Which is on its way right was on a ladder
emergency service do now. Would you like cleaning the upstairs
Problem you require? me to stay on the line (5) when
4 Caller I: The fire brigade. until it arrives? she slipped and fell
Emergency: OK. Im just Caller: No, Ill be all right, off. She cant move.
connecting you. thanks. I think shes broken
Fire: Fire and rescue. Fire: OK. Bye. a (6) or
Caller II Whats the address of something.
Emergency service required the (1) ? 1 The fall Ambulance: OK, an ambulance
1 Caller: 28 Marlborough Emergency: 999. Which and paramedic (7)
Avenue in Steepsden. emergency service do is on its
Callers street address Fire: OK, whats the you require? way. Make sure she
2 problem? Caller II: The ambulance lies perfectly still and
Caller: Theres a (2) service, please. dont try to move her.
Callers city / town in the Emergency: OK. Ill just put you Caller II: OK. When will they
3 kitchen. I tried to put through. be here?
it out, but its getting Ambulance: The ambulance Ambulance: They should be
Problem worse. service. Whats there in about five
4 Fire: Is there anyone else the address of the (8) . Just
in the (3) ? incident? keep her still and
Caller: No, Im on my own. Caller II: 19 Swixton Road in well deal with her as
4 Listening III Fire: OK, shut the kitchen Noxton. soon as we get there.
Complete the audio script with door and leave the Ambulance: OK, whats the Caller II: OK. Thanks.
the correct words. house as soon as you problem? Ambulance: Bye.

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Objective To learn some useful words and expressions for expressing probability.
Think about it Do you think youll go to the cinema this week? What do you think youll see? When do you think
youll have time to read your book? How long do you think youll have? Where do you think youll go on holiday next
summer? How long do you think youll stay there? What do you think you're going to do this evening?
Track 8: several english accents

Practical English

Expressing probability
This month were looking at expressing probability.
Dialogue: Teamwork!
Alan Barker is going to give a talk on teamwork.
Certainty Hes just arrived, but there arent many people in the room.
Im sure theyre going to win. [Complete the text with the correct words.]
Im convinced that theyre innocent.
Theyre bound to succeed. Alan: Hi, Im Alan Jenkins and Alan: Oh, yes, please.
Theyll definitely see it. Im here to give the talk C: Caroline from marketing
Im 100% certain shell get here on time. on Teamwork. [theyre still is probably in the
Im totally convinced that shes the right person for chatting] Hello? Hello? cafeteria. I saw her there
the job. I said... Silence! Silence! this morning. I dont think
I definitely wont have time to go. [They go silent] Right, she (7) the
It cant be Sam and Beth its too early. thats better. As I was e-mail about the talk. I
It must be time to leave now, surely. saying, Im Alan Jenkins could go and have a look
and Im here to give the if you want.
Probability / possibility talk on Teamwork. Erm, Alan: OK. Great. But dont take
Theyll probably win it. only four people? I was too long. And put your
Theyre possibly on their way here right now. (1) that hand up next time if you
I expect youre tired. there would be at least 20. want to speak.
Shes probably in the library. Does anyone know where C: OK.
I think theyll buy it. Ms Saunders, the head Alan: Right, then, so that leaves
Perhaps I should wait a bit. of Human Resources, is? just, erm, just two of us...
He may be able to help you. [silence] Hello? Anyone erm, perhaps I should
There might be enough time tomorrow. there? Does anyone (2) wait a bit until they all (8)
There could be a meeting going on right now. where Ms back.
She should be here very soon. Saunders is? Put your D: I could go and find them
Hes got a good chance of winning. hands up if you know. if you want and tell them
[Someone puts up a hand.] to come back.
Negative probability Yes, you at the back. Alan: Good idea. But dont (9)
I doubt theyll accept it. A: She might be in her office. too long.
I cant imagine that theyd want to live here. I (3) her Weve got a lot to get
Its unlikely that shell want it. there earlier this morning. through.
I dont think she got the message. Alan: Right. D: OK. [laughing to herself ]
They arent likely to want it. A: I could go and (4) Yeah, right, see you
They probably wont find out until next week. her if you tomorrow!
Id be surprised if they liked it. want. She might have Alan: What did you say?
Im probably not going to buy it. left she had a meeting D: Nothing just that I
to go to but I can go and think its going to... erm,
Probability / certainty in the past check. snow...
It must have been them. Alan: Oh, yes, please. That Alan: Oh, right, yes, then dont
It cant have been Sarah. would be great. Right, be too long.
She might have already left. erm, does anyone know D: I wont. Bye.
They must have left it on the table. where the DVD player is? Alan: Now, where did I put my
They probably took the blue one. I was told that there notes, I thought I had
I was 100% would be a DVD player. them here... [fades out]
certain that
Id win! Anyone? Remember to
(5) your Video
hands up. [Someone puts
up a hand.] Yes, you in Watch this short video on
the pink shirt. things you probably shouldnt
do on a first date. Search
B: Mr Jacobs might have YouTube for Things You
taken it I think he was Shouldn't Do On A First
using it for a meeting Date. Watch it, and then
upstairs on the 10th make sentences expressing
floor yesterday. I could probability. For example:
go and have a look if you You probably shouldnt...
(6) . on your first date.

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Objective To improve your reading skills.
Skills Booklet Think about it Have you ever placed a classified ad? What was it for? Have you ever responded to one? Which one was it?
What you doit when
to last filmofyou
get rid oldsaw? Whatordid
furniture youunwanted
other think of it? WhatHave
things? was ityou
ever Would you What for?
used eBay?
unit 16 page 85 recommend it? Why? Why not?
In the news! Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as KET and TOEFL.
Track 9: Englishmen
no pain,
no gain!
Answers on page 44
1 Pre-reading
Youre going to read an article
about two classified ads small
adverts with information about
things people are selling:
furniture, a car, a house You can
also find jobs advertised in this
section. What objects or things
would you expect to find in the
following areas of the classified
ad section of a newspaper:
kitchen appliances, Video
accommodation, pets,
clothing, music, film, cars, Watch a news report on
an unusual classified ad.
employment, furniture, Search YouTube for Man
job offers, jobs wanted, Pays Someone to Slap
electronics Him to Prevent Him From

2 Reading I
Read or listen to the article
once. Which ad is the most
a classified ad n

classified ads!
unusual? Why? a small advert in a newspaper with
information about something youre
3 Reading II Craigslist n
a website where you can buy things, find
Read the article again. Then,

jobs, sell things, etc.
answer the questions. ave you ever put in Maneesh explained. Since to slap vb
if you slap someone, you hit them in
1. When did Maneesh a classified ad or then, Maneesh has seen his the face with an open hand
to waste vb
place the job ad? responded to one? productivity go from 35% if you waste time, you use the time
2. How many hours a Here are two very unusual to around 98% during the badly and not for anything positive or
week was he wasting classifieds that appeared in working day. (to go) off task exp
looking at Facebook? the news just recently. if you go off task, you stop working and
start doing something else
3. What did Kara have to do 2 The flat (to be) inundated with exp
to Maneesh every time 1 The job We are renting this cute if youre inundated with offers, you
receive many offers
he looked at Facebook? Back in October 2012, little loft conversion which to hire vb
to pay someone to do a job for you
4. Where was the flat computer expert Maneesh is a former storage space, (to stay) on task exp
that was advertised on Sethi put an unusual the owners of a home in if you stay on task, you continue
working and concentrating
Gumtree? classified ad on the website Central London wrote in a productivity n
5. How big is the ladder you Craigslist. He was looking classified ad on the website your productivity is the amount of work
you can produce in a certain time
need to get into the room? for a work assistant, but this Gumtree. However, theres a to rent vb
if you rent out a property, you let people
6. How much does it cost was no ordinary assistant slight problem: Please note stay in it if they pay you an amount of
a week to rent? he wanted someone to slap you cannot stand upright in money
cute adj
7. Does the writer him every time he stopped this room. Ideally, it would nice, beautiful, attractive
a loft n
think thats cheap or working. Writing on his suit someone less than 5ft a room at the top of the house just under
expensive? blog, Maneesh said hed 4in tall and with no history the roof (the top part outside a house)
a conversion n
calculated that he wasted of claustrophobia, the text
4 Language focus around 19 hours a week read. On top of that, you
if theres been a conversion, the owners
of a house change a room so it can be
The Past Passive looking at Facebook or other need to climb a 3-metre
used as something else. In this case, they
converted the loft space into a room
Look at the extract from social media websites. So, ladder to get into the room. a storage space n
an area in your house where you can keep
the article on this page, ... the idea was for his helper However, on the plus side, things: old clothes, old papers, etc.
Maneesh was inundated to hit him whenever he the loft space is available to
to stand upright exp
with offers... The writer if youre standing upright, youre in a

has used the past passive went off task. Maneesh was rent in Paddington (Central vertical position (you arent sitting)
to suit vb
(was inundated). Complete inundated with offers and London) and it only costs if something suits you, its perfect
for you
the following sentences with quickly hired a girl called 40 a week. For London, ft abbr
was or were. Kara. The next day, at this is extremely cheap as feet = there are more or less 3 feet in a
1. They given 9am, I found Kara sitting rent prices in the centre in abbr
three hours to do it. and waiting for me. Pulling have increased by an average inch = one inch is more or less 2.5cm
claustrophobia n
2. We not told up a seat, I gave her the of 43.2% over the past six someone who suffers from
about it. basic instructions she years, according to a study claustrophobia gets nervous or worried
when theyre in a small space
3. He invited to would monitor me for the by the Smith Institute. a ladder n
the party. a piece of equipment used for going up to
next few hours, and make a high place. It consists of two long pieces
4. She not paid
for the work. sure that I stayed on task, What a bargain! of wood or metal with steps on it

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it Are there any famous mysteries from your country? What are they about? Have you heard about
any airline mysteries? Which ones? What do you think happened? What mysterious things have happened to you?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL.
Track 10: englishman & us man

Airline mysteries!
Answers on page 44

1 Pre-reading
Complete the definitions (1 to 9)
with the following words:

ir travel is one of own death; and a few even hour into the flight, and
drinks ground float money
the safest forms claimed she was abducted by with everyone in the cockpit,
pilot front plane route air of transport. But aliens. In 2013, researchers Cooper lowered the rear
1. Pilot the person who flies when things go wrong, they from the organisation airstair and parachuted out.
a . usually end in tragedy... or TIGHAR claimed theyd The aircraft eventually landed
2. Co-pilot the person who mystery, as these two cases discovered the remains of at 10:15 pm at Reno Airport
assists the . clearly show. her plane off the coast of (in Nevada). Police and FBI
3. To land to bring a plane Nikumaroro Island. In past agents surrounded the jet
to the in a 1 Amelia expeditions, theyd found and searched it carefully,
controlled manner. Earhart some unusual artefacts butCooper was nowhere
4. Take off if a plane does this, Amelia there, including some sun to be found. Over the
it leaves the ground and goes Earhart (born cream from the 1930s and years, police have followed
up into the . on 24th July buttons from a flight jacket. hundreds of leads, but
5. Hi-jack to take control 1897) was the first female Has the mystery been havent been able to identify
of a plane illegally, and to aviator to fly solo across the solved? Well have to wait the mysterious Cooper.
demand in Atlantic Ocean. In 1937, she and see.
exchange for the safe return set herself a new challenge: Video
of the passengers. to be the first person to D B Cooper
6. Flight attendant a circumnavigate the globe by In 1971, an Watch a video on the
supposed discovery of Amelia
person whose job is to help flying around the equator. unidentified Earharts plane. Search
passengers, serve food and The round-the-world trip man YouTube for Amelia Earhart
, etc. started on 1st June 1937 hijacked a Plane Found 76 Year Old
7. Parachute an object you when Amelia and navigator Boeing 727 and escaped by Mystery Solved
can use to jump from a plane Fred Noonan set off from parachuting out of the back.
and in the air. Miami (USA). After several The incident began on 24th
8. Air traffic control the stops in South America, November 1971 at Portland GLOSSARY
organisation that controls Africa and Asia, they arrived International Airport in to fly solo exp
planes and tells them which at Lae (in New Guinea) on Portland, Oregon (USA). A to fly alone (without anyone else in the
plane helping you)
to take. 29th June 1937. At this stage, man who identified himself a challenge n
9. Cockpit the area at the theyd completed about as Dan Cooper bought something new and difficult for you
to circumnavigate vb
of a plane 35,000 km of the journey, a one-way ticket to Seattle to go all around something
the equator n
where the pilot sits and flies with just 11,000 km to do (Washington) a 30-minute an imaginary line around the middle of the
the plane. across the Pacific. On 2nd flight. Cooper boarded the earth at an equal distance from the North
Pole and the South Pole
July, Earhart and Noonan aircraft and took his seat. to set off phr vb
2 Reading I took off from Lae en route Shortly after takeoff, he the time you set off on a trip is the time
you leave
Read or listen to the stories to Howland Island, a small passed a note to a flight en route to exp
if youre en route to a place, youre
once. Which one is the most strip of land just 2,000 attendant. It said he had a travelling to that place
mysterious? Why? metres long and about bomb in his briefcase and a strip n
a strip of land (for example) is a thin
4,000 kilometres away. A that he was prepared to piece of land
3 Reading II radio message was received use it. His demands were an approach n
if a plane is making an approach to an
Read the article again. Then, during the approach to simple: $200,000, four area, its travelling towards that area
a search n
answer the questions. the island, but the signal parachutes, and a fuel truck if theres a search for someone, people
1. When did Amelia set off was lost and the plane to refuel the aircraft. The are looking for that person
to run out of exp
on her round-the-world disappeared. An extensive pilot was informed and he if you run out of fuel (for example), you
journey? search was carried out that contacted Seattle-Tacoma have no more of fuel
fuel n
2. When did she take off lasted for several weeks, but Airport traffic control, who a type of liquid that planes need in order to
be flown
from Lae en route to nothing was ever found. informed the local police to ditch vb
Howland Island? and the FBI. if a pilot ditches a plane, he/she lands
the plane in an emergency landing
3. When did researchers So, what had happened? to shoot down phr vb
claim theyd found the There are several theories. FBI agents got the money if enemy forces shoot down a plane, they
fire at it and make it crash
remains of her plane? Some say that the plane ran and handed it over, along TIGHAR abbr
The International Group for Historic
4. When did DB Cooper out of fuel and that Earhart with the parachutes. At Aircraft Recovery
hijack the plane? and Noonan ditched at sea. approximately 7:40 pm, the an airstair n
steps that go into a plane that you can use
5. How much money did Others claim that Amelia plane took off again with to go in or out of it
he demand? was a spy, and that she just five people on board: to surround vb
if the police surround a plane (for
6. What time did the plane had been shot down and the pilot, a co-pilot, a flight example), they go all around it
a lead n
eventually land at Reno captured by Japanese forces; engineer, a flight attendant a piece of information that helps you
Airport? some believe she faked her and Cooper. About half-an- discover the truth about something

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it How often do you cook? What are some of your favourite dishes to prepare? How do you prepare
them? Whats the most expensive meal youve ever had? If you had just 10 euros to prepare a dish, what would you
make? How would you make it?
Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL.
Track 11: englishmen
are you ready
Answers on page 44 to cook?

1 Pre-reading
What would you cook with the
following ingredients?


Broccoli Two inspiring

food blogs!
Spaghetti ood bloggers Tony and and a well-paid job that paid ever go through that again.
Jack both experienced 130,000 a year, but lost
drastic changes. it all because of an alcohol What an inspiration!
They went from living fairly addiction. Now that hes
comfortable lives to having back on his feet he wants to Video
Sausage practically nothing. Now help others.
Watch Jack talking about using
theyre trying to help other cheap ingredients. Search
people by showing them 2 Jack YouTube for Jack Monroes
how they can eat well with Jack is another food blogger. cheap substitutes for fancy
very little money. [See our Like Tony, Jack (a girl) also pants ingredients.
Rice Recipe section for Jacks lost her job, and found
vegetarian burgers recipe.] herself with practically no
money and a young child to
1 Tony feed. After the initial shock, a blogger n
someone who writes regularly on a blog
If you have a passion for she became determined to - a website where people write articles on
special topics or give their opinions
Onion good food, but very little cook as well as she could skint adj informal
money, what do you eat? on the money she had. I if youre skint, you havent got any money
nutritional adj
How do you organise started to cook for myself nutritional food has nutrients, which
make you healthy and strong
your kitchen? Where do and my three-year-old son a menu n
you shop? Well thats the on an extremely low budget a weekly menu is a list of the food youre
going to eat in a week
Oil situation Im in, and thats because the 6 in change a budget n
what this site is about, I scraped from corners of an amount of money you have to spend on
2 Reading I explains Tony, otherwise drawers, coat pockets and to afford vb
if you can afford something, you have
Read or listen to the article known as the Skint Foodie. my sons money box was enough money for it
once. In what ways are Tony Tonys website and blog all I had to work with, an addiction n
if you have an addiction to alcohol (for
and Jack similar? In what ways ( is she explains. Later, she example), you cant stop drinking it
are they different? full of recipes and ideas started writing about her back on your feet exp
if youre back on your feet, youre all right
on how to create delicious, experiences, and including again after being ill, desperate, etc.
3 Reading II nutritional food with very recipes on her blog to feed vb
if you feed someone, you give them food
Read the article again. Then, little money. Some of his Since to scrape vb
if you scrape an amount of money, you
write Tony or Jack next to each recipes include spaghetti then, the blog has become find that money, but with difficulty
statement. He/she with broccoli, courgette and extremely popular and her a drawer n
a little box in a table where you can put things
1. once had a job that parmesan soup, and risotto life has turned around. But a money box n
a little object with a hole in it for putting in
paid 130,000 a year. with sausage. So, how does has it changed her? People money. Children use it for saving money
2. once had just 6 to he do it? Being a skint ask if I will still live on such to turn around phr vb
if your life has turned around, it has
buy food. foodie is about how you plan a tight budget now that I changed, often in a positive way
3. has a young child. your weekly menu. Its about have a cookbook deal and a tight budget exp
if youve got a tight budget, you havent
4. has a recipe on his/ investing time and effort a job. Yes, I will. Because got much money to spend on things
a cookbook deal exp
her blog that consists into shopping. Above all, its two years ago, I had a an agreement with a publishing company to
of risotto with sausage. eating as well as you can on 27,000-a-year job and a write a book about cooking
to fall apart phr vb
5. once had a job that the budget you can afford, beautiful home, and I could if someones life falls apart, it changes and
paid 27,000 a year. he adds. So, what had never have imagined life becomes really bad: they lose their job, etc.
Ill be damned if I (do that again) exp informal
6. had an alcohol happened to Tony? He once falling apart as much as it damned is used for emphasis. Its like
saying, I will never, ever do that again...
addiction. had a family, a nice home did and Ill be damned if I

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it When did you learn how to drive? Who taught you? How did you learn how to use basic tools such as a
hammer,screwdriver, etc.? Did anyone teach you? Who? When did you learn how to cook? Who showed you how to cook?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL.
Track 12: englishman & englishwoman
what can you
teach me?
Lets try teaching kids how to think, not what to think.

What should
children know
before they
leave Video

school? Watch a video on why kids

should learn to program
computer code. Search

hat did you know apologise, work in a team, YouTube for Why Our Kids
by the time youd be a good sport, eat with Must Learn to Code.
finished school? proper table manners, greet
What life skills did you have? someone appropriately, get GLOSSARY
Did you know how to read on with people, learn from a hammer n
a map? Could you sew on a others a tool used for hitting a nail into the
wall, etc.
button? Did you know how a screwdriver n
to cook? Here are some Psychology a tool used for taking out or putting in a
screw (a little metal object that is used to
things that children should be assertive, learn from hold two pieces of wood together, etc.)
a drill n
know before they leave their mistakes, put things a tool for making holes in the wall
home. What would you add in perspective, laugh at to touch type n
if you can touch type, you can type on a
to the list? themselves, spot a lie, computer without looking at the keyboard
By the age of 18, children understand their strengths peer pressure n
a peer is someone your age. If you
should know how to and weaknesses resist peer pressure, you dont do what
other people your age are telling you to do
polite adj
Health & happiness Work someone who is polite has good
manners and treats other people with
look after their body, understand the basics of respect
understand the benefits of business, negotiate, give a good sport n
a person who accepts it when their team
healthy eating, stay clean a presentation, contribute loses, they lose, they don't win, etc.
assertive adj
and smell nice, look after to a meeting, fill in a form, someone who is assertive explains
their teeth, eat well and in give instructions, prioritise, clearly what they want or need
to spot vb
moderation, understand the manage time, maintain an to notice or see
Answers on page 44 importance of doing exercise, address book and a personal to prioritise vb
if you prioritise the things you have to
control what they eat or appointment calendar do, you decide which ones are the most
1 Pre-reading drink... important and do them first
to shop around n
Make a list of 6 practical Money & finance to look at different shops to find the
best price
things that you think children Practical skills ...ask for a discount, shop a money scam n
should learn how to do before ski, ride a bike, speak a around, make a complaint, a trick that is designed to steal money
from you
they leave school: read a map, foreign language, swim, identify a money scam, use to balance vb
if you balance your accounts, you make
cook food... play a musical instrument, a cashpoint machine, keep sure you spend less than you receive
put on a tie, drive a car, their accounts balanced, to save for a rainy day exp
2 Reading I use basic tools (a hammer, understand the importance
to save money for an emergency or a time
when you really need it
Read or listen to the article once. screwdriver, drill, etc.), ride of saving for a rainy day, ID theft n
ID = identity; ID theft consists of using
Were any of your ideas mentioned? a motorbike, avoid getting avoid ID theft, create a someones personal information (their
name, age, etc.) to create a new identity
robbed, defend themselves budget a budget n
3 Reading II from a physical attack, fight, an amount of money you have decided
that you can spend on something
Read the article again. Then, cook a range of basic dishes, Outdoor adventure to forage vb
answer the questions. What sew, touch type, program a use a map, protect if you forage for food, you try to find it
outside in a forest, in a mountain, etc.
does the writer say about computer with code themselves from insects, the to purify vb
if you purify water, you make it clean so
children and what they sun, the cold and the heat, you can drink it
should know about Social Skills use a compass, put up a tent, a shelter n
a place where you can be warm and dry
1. eating? make conversation, resist cook outdoors, start a fire, when its raining, etc.
2. physical attacks? peer pressure, deal with forage for food, purify water, CPR abbr
cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An
3. peer pressure? aggressive people, avoid build a shelter, give CPR, plan emergency procedure in which you push
down on someones heart to make them
4. mistakes? danger, stay safe, be polite, a journey, tie a knot breathe again
5. ..saving money? be agreeable, treat other a knot n
if you tie a knot in a piece of string, you
6. insects, the sun, the people with respect, resolve Theres so much to learn and put one end through the other and pull on
cold and the heat? conflict, avoid conflict, so little time! the string so it can hold something

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Objective To improve your listening skills.
Think about it What are some of the most adventurous things youve ever done? Have you ever been in danger?
Skills What happened? Which outdoor activities do you enjoy doing or have you done? Which ones would you like to do?
Booklet Why? Are you an outdoors type of person, or do you prefer to be inside? Give examples.
unit 16 page 85 Outdoor fun Exams This listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL.
Track 13: englishman & us man
Im just so
Answers on page 44

1 Pre-listening
Youre going to listen to two people
talking about some adventurous
things theyve done. Look at the Note!
Dont read the
words below that come from the audio script until
two stories. What do you think youve completed
happened in each story? the exercises and
Story I: snowstorm, wind, activities.
mountain, snow, rain, storm,

Story II: parachuting, plane,

pilot, parachute, parachute

2 Listening I
Listen once and compare your ideas
from the Pre-listening task.

3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, choose the
correct answers.
1. In Story I, the incident
Audio script

Talking about
took place in the middle of
summer / winter.
2. They were on a 50-kilometre/
100-kilometre trip.

your adventures!
3. There was a storm on the
evening of the third / fourth
4. It took place at about
three / four in the morning. We asked two people about some of the adventurous things theyd done in their lives.
5. In Story II, the speaker was
in the north of 1 The snowstorm us out for our first jump. There were three of
Sweden / Norway. I once went hiking in the middle of winter and got us in the back of the plane: Sandra (another
6. They went on a one-day / caught up in a snowstorm. I was with a friend and beginner), me and the parachute instructor.
two-day preparation course. we were on a 100-kilometre trip in the mountains. The pilot (8) up to about 700
7. There were two / three of The idea was to (1) for four days, metres, and then the instructor opened a little
them in the back of the covering about 25 kilometres a day. For the first door at the side of the plane. Sandra was first
plane. couple of days, everything (2) to be out, so she hooked up her parachute and then
8. The pilot took the plane up fine, but late in the evening of the third day, there (9) in the doorway. When the green
to about 700 / 800 metres. was a really heavy snowstorm. The worst bit was light came on, the instructor tapped her on the
9. Sandra was the first / second the wind it was so strong that it ripped our tent shoulder and she jumped out. Now it was my
person to jump out. to pieces. So, at about three in the morning, we turn. By then, my heart was thumping really
had to (3) up everything and leave hard. The red light was on again and the plane
4 Language focus as quickly as we could. The problem was that it was (10) round to the same spot
Prepositions was really hard to see, and I was worried that we so I could jump out. Waiting was definitely the
were going to (4) down the side of worst part of it. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a tap
Complete the phrases from the the mountain. In the end, we just dug a hole in on my shoulder and I (11) . There
audio recording on this page with
the correct prepositions. the snow and waited for the storm to die down. was a cold rush of air, then a sudden jerk as
1. a trip the mountains It was freezing and probably the worst night Ive the parachute opened out. I remember floating
2. walk four days ever (5) outdoors. As soon as it was there, looking up and down and thinking how
3. about three in the light, we walked down the valley to a little village small everything looked below and how quiet it
morning where we got a bus back home. was, apart from the distant buzz of the plane.
4. the side the mountain
5. the north of Norway But after a minute or so, the ground suddenly
2 Parachuting (12) coming up towards me really
The most adventurous thing Ive ever done? fast, so I got ready to land, and within a few
5 Listening III It was probably when I (6) seconds I was down. I just lay there taking it
Complete the audio script with the parachuting in the north of Norway. After a all in not believing what Id just done.
correct words. two-day preparation course, they (7) It was incredible.

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Objective To improve your range of business English vocabulary.
Think about it
Who are some of the most famous singers in your country? How popular are they in other countries? Are there any music
festivals in your country? Which ones? Do they attract many overseas visitors? Who are they popular with? How many people
does the music industry employ in your country? How big a sector is it? How much does it contribute to the economy?
Track 14: englishmen

business news

How music helps the economy!

H Video
ow important makes to our quality of life as
is the music a society and as individuals,
industry? will always be our primary Watch this video on the UK
Answers on page 44 music industry. Search YouTube
According to a report by UK concern. But at a time when for The Economic Value of the
1 Pre-reading Music, its worth a lot more public finances are under Music Industry.
What do these people do in to the British economy than such pressure, its also right
the music industry? previously thought. to examine all the benefits
that investment in arts and Winston Churchill
musician songwriter
UK Music found that culture can bring and to Winston Churchill was once
singer-songwriter bassist musicians, composers, consider how we can make asked for his opinion on cutting
arts funding during World
songwriters and lyricists the most effective use of that
music tourist lead vocalist WarII to help with the war
contribute the most to the contribution. effort. He famously replied,
keyboard player drummer economy (1.6bn) and also Then what are we fighting for?
employ seven out of every Another report by VisitBrtiain
music promoter
10 people who work in the focused on music tourism. GLOSSARY
2 Reading I sector. Live music contributes
It showed that this type of UK Music n
In what ways can music 662m, followed by recorded tourism boosts the UKs an organisation that represents people
who work in the music industry
contribute to the economy? music (634m), music economy by 2.2bn a year. bn abbr
Make notes. Then, read or publishing (402m), music VisitBritain says nearly half a billion: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 million X
1 million)
listen to the article once to representatives (151m), of the average live music live music exp
compare your ideas. and music producers and audience is made up of music that is played in front of an
recording studios (80m). tourists, with visitors from m abbr
3 Reading II Music businesses also abroad spending an average a million: 1,000,000
a music representative n
Read the article again. generate 1.4bn every year of 910 while attending a person who works with bands and helps
them make records, do concerts, etc.
Then, answer the from exports, while British festivals, and 602 going to to boost vb
questions. musicians such as Emeli concerts. Domestic music to increase
(a countrys) international brand n
1. How much Sande, Adele and Ed Sheeran tourists spend, on average, a countrys international brand is the
image it has and the way other people see
do musicians, (whose albums dominated 396 while attending it and what it represents
composers, the 2012 sales charts) boost festivals, and 87 going to the arts and culture sector n
art, literature, music, theatre, film, dance,
songwriters and the UKs international brand concerts. The report also says etc.
lyricists contribute to by an estimated 72m. that overseas tourists account performing arts n
forms of art that an audience can watch:
the economy? for 6% of music tourism drama, music, dance, etc.
GDP abbr
2. How much does live Another report by Arts visits, and 20% of music gross domestic product: the total value
music contribute? Council England (ACE) had tourism spending. London of goods and services produced within a
country in a year, not including its income
3. By how much does some interesting findings. attracts 28% of all music from investments in other countries
music boost the UKs They showed that the arts tourists in the UK, with 1.8 gross value added exp
the value of goods and services produced
international brand? and culture sector (book million people visiting the in a sector (the music industry, in this
case) and how this contributes to the
4. What percentage of publishing, sound recording, capital. Its clear our music economy in general
GDP does the arts performing arts, etc.) industry is doing a great a primary concern n
something important that is worrying
and culture sector accounts for 0.4% of GDP, job for the British economy, people
represent? with 5.9 billion worth of encouraging 6.5 million music tourism n
a music tourist is someone from
5. By how much does gross value added (GVA) to tourists to visit the country, another country who travels somewhere
to see a band or go to a music festival
music tourism boost the UK economy in 2011. generating 2.2 billion last an audience n
the UK economy a The results form part of an year, said Jo Dipple, the chief the people who watch a concert, etc.
a domestic music tourist n
year? investigation by the Centre executive of UK Music, which someone from the country youre referring
6. Who contributes for Economics and Business helped prepare the report. to who travels within that country to see a
concert, go to a music festival, etc.
more: overseas (the CEBR). ACE chief to encourage vb
if you encourage someone to do
tourists or domestic executive Alan Davey said, Music is so much more than something, you persuade them to do it
tourists? The contribution culture a form of entertainment!

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Objective To improve your listening skills.
Think about it How do you generally communicate with friends? What about work colleagues? Have you got a
Twitter account? What do you use it for? What other social networks do you use? Have there been any famous Tweets
in your country? What were they? Do you think people should be charged for sending offensive Tweets? Why?
Exams This listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL.
Track 15: englishman & englishwoman
nice im serious
burger! about this!

Think before you Tweet!

witter is quick and looking extremely serious on
easy to use. Just write the phone to Barack Obama. Putting final
a short message of up Within minutes, versions of touches to the
to 140 characters and press the photo started appearing speech
send. But there are a few all over the internet,
hidden dangers, as these including one of British actor Be careful with those Twitter
Tweets clearly show. Sir Patrick Stewart (the star messages!
of Star Trek films) holding a
Ed Balls tube of wet wipes to his ear. Video
On 28th April 2011,
Watch prime Minister David
shadow chancellor Ed Balls Ive been speaking Cameron commenting on Aiden
accidentally tweeted his own to @BarackObama Burleys idiotic tweet. Search
name... and nothing else. As about the situation YouTube for David Cameron -
a result, the date has become in Ukraine. We Aidan Burley Tweet Idiotic.
Answers on page 44 known as Ed Balls Day. are united in
People mark the event by condemnation of
1 Pre-reading tweeting just Ed Balls. Russias actions.
a character n
What are some of the most any letter (ABC, etc.), punctuation mark or
space. In a Twitter message, you can only
embarrassing or stupid things George Osborne use 140 characters in each message
youve ever said or heard other Ed Balls. In June 2013, British a Tweet n
a message you send by the social network
people say? chancellor George Osborne Twitter
tweeted a picture of himself the shadow chancellor n
the Chancellor (of the Exchequer) is the
2 Reading I Aiden Burley eating a hamburger the day minister in the British government who
is in charge of finance. The shadow
Read or listen to the article Conservative MP Aiden before giving the budget chancellor, is the chancellor of the political
once. Which Tweet is the Burley sent the following speech. Osbourne is one party in opposition (the party not in power)
to mark an event exp
funniest? Why? tweet just after the London of several government to do something special to celebrate an event
2012 Olympic opening ministers who are often the opening ceremony n
the big event at the start of the Olympics
3 Reading II ceremony. Unfortunately accused of being posh when theres dancing, parades, etc.
idiotic adj
Read the article again. Then, for Aiden, not many people because they went to stupid
write the name of a person next agreed with him, and Englands exclusive private leftie adj informal
a left-wing person: someone who supports
to each statement. Prime Minster David school Eton. So, many saw socialist ideas
1. He was ridiculed by a Cameron described this Tweet as an attempt by a tube of n
a long, thin container for something
famous actor. the tweet as idiotic. Osborne to show that he wet wipes n
little tissues (thin pieces of paper) that are
2. He tweeted his own was a man of the people. wet and that you can use to clean a baby, etc.
name and nothing else. The most leftie However, it backfired as the a budget speech n
an official speech (talk) by the chancellor
3. News of his tweet opening ceremony Sun newspaper found out in which he/she explains how much the
appeared on the front I have ever seen that the burger was from an government will spend, which taxes will go
up or down, etc.
page of a newspaper. more than Beijing, expensive upmarket chain a man of the people exp
someone who understands ordinary people;
4. His tweet was sent on the capital of a called Byron and that it someone who represents ordinary people
28th April 2011. communist state! cost 6.75 far more than to backfire vb
if something backfires, it has the opposite
5. He included a photo of the 99p youd pay for the effect to the one you intended it to have
himself on the phone to David Cameron lowest-priced burgers in upmarket adj
upmarket products are expensive and of
someone. In 2014, British Prime McDonalds. The story even good quality
a chain n
6. His tweet was described Minister David Cameron got onto the front page of a chain of restaurants is a number of
as idiotic. tweeted a picture of himself the Sun. them owned by the same company

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MUSIC in English
Track 16: englishman & Us man

To improve your English by
reading about music and
listening to song lyrics.

Think about it

Mod music
Have you heard any of the songs
by the groups mentioned in
this article? Have you heard any
other songs by them? What did
you think of them? Did the mod
movement exist in your country?
When? How did mods in your
country dress? What music did

they listen to?
od music was popular in the UK Song extract
in the early to mid-1960s. And Im going underground, (going underground),
there was a mod revival in the Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound,
late 1970s and early 1980s. Mod music Going underground, (going underground), Watch a video of The Who
was a mixture of soul, ska and R&B. People Well, let the boys all sing and the boys all shout playing My Generation. Search
who listened to this type of music were for tomorrow. YouTube for The Who - My
known as Mods. They wore expensive suits Generation.
and rode Italian motor scooters such as Whatcha gonna do
Lambrettas or Vespas. Here are four songs about it (by the Small GLOSSARY
by famous mod groups. Faces) Mod (music) n
The Small Faces were the word mod comes from modernist:
someone who is modern
My Generation an English band from a revival n
(by The Who) London. The group was if theres a revival of a type of music, it
becomes popular again
The Who are an English formed in 1965 by members Steve Marriott, ska n
music that originated in Jamaica in the late
rock band. Formed in 1964, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones and Jimmy 1950s. It was a type of reggae music
their most famous line-up Winston. They became one of the UKs R&B n
music from the early 1950s that was a
consisted of lead singer most successful psychedelic groups before mixture of jazz, blues and rock n roll
Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, disbanding in 1969. a suit n
clothing that consists of a jacket and
bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith trousers of the same colour and material
a line-up n
Moon. Before becoming the Who, they Song extract the names of the people in a band
were known as the High Numbers. I want you to know that I love you, baby, want to get around phr vb
if you get around, you visit a lot of
you to know that I care, different places and people
Song extract Im so happy when youre round me, but Im consecutive adj
if a band has two consecutive hits, it has
People try to put us d-down, (talkin bout my sad when youre not there, two successful songs one after the other
a single n
generation), Whatcha gonna do about it (repeat). a song from an album; a CD with one or
Just because we get around, (talkin bout my two songs on it. You can also refer to the
main song on a CD as a single
generation), Poison Ivy to pound vb
Things they do look awful c-c-cold, (talkin (The Lambrettas) if someones feet start to pound, they
go up and down as if theyre marching
bout my generation), The Lambrettas were an (walking in a military style)
psychedelic adj
I hope I die before I get old, (talkin bout my English mod revival band psychedelic music is music that tries to
generation). from the late 1970s and affect your mind, just as some drugs do
to disband vb
early 1980s. Their original if a band disbands, the members of the
Going Underground line-up consisted of Jez Bird (singer/guitarist), band stop singing and playing together
whatcha gonna do about it exp informal
(by The Jam) Doug Sanders (guitarist/vocalist), Mark Ellis what are you going to do about it?
come on like a rose exp
The Jam were an English (bassist) and Paul Wincer (drummer). if someone comes on like a rose, they act
punk rock and mod revival innocently and sweet as theyre talking to
you, even though they arent really like that
band from the late 1970s Song extract get you in Dutch exp informal
and early 1980s. The band She comes on like a rose, and everybody knows, an idiomatic expression that means to get
you in trouble
members were Paul Weller (vocals and Shell get you in Dutch, poison ivy n
a plant with leaves that make you itchy if
guitar), Bruce Foxton (bass guitar) and Rick But you can look but youd better not touch, you touch them
Buckler (drums). They had 18 consecutive Poison ivy, poison ivy, a creeping around exp
if something comes a creeping around,
Top 40 singles in the UK, including four Late at night while youre sleeping, it comes to you secretly. The use of a is
number-one hits. Poison ivy comes a creeping around. just for emphasis

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Track 17: englishman & englishwoman Ne Eng l
Travel English li sh Lear
40 to n over 50
Ove pic area 0 usefu
Morer 400 im s coverinl words a
a n
For m than 30 dges to he g a wide d expres
ore in ia lp ran sio
form logues soyou learn ge of typ ns for tra

At the street market

ation t ic v
, visi you can h he words al situati elling ab
t: ww ear t a o road
w.le h nd e ns. .
arnh e langua xpressio
oten ge in ns.
glish actio
.com n.
Learn over 20 useful words for visiting a street market! p

Useful words

Stall Scarf (plural: scarves) Record Belt Handbag Shoes

Boots Candle Jewellery Bracelet Ring Earring Necklace

Words to describe Dialogue: The street market

Street market a place Jenny is at a street market. Shes interested in buying some souvenirs. Shes talking to a
outside where you can buy stall holder called Frank. [Listen once and complete the text with the correct verbs.]
food, clothes, toys, etc. it s all so
Stall holder a person
who sells things from a
table in a market.
Market square a large,
open space in a town or
city with buildings on all
sides and a market in the
Flea market a market
where you can buy cheap
goods, second-hand Trader: Can I help? what: you can have the vase, walks away] Erm, (7)
things, old furniture, etc. Jenny: Im just (1) , the earrings, the two scarves a minute, I gave
Street food food (hot thanks. How much are the and the record all for 30. him a 50-pound note and
dogs, hamburgers, etc.) records? Jenny: Erm... all right. Sounds he gave me 5 pounds... that
you can buy from a market Trader: A fiver each. good. So, this vase, where isnt right... [She goes back
or a stall in the street Jenny: This ones a bit scratched. was it made... Whoops! to speak to the stall holder.]
Knick-nacks small toys Could you (2) me a [She drops it.] Hey, you only (8)
or ornaments you can buy bit of a discount? Trader: Youll have to (5) me 5-pounds change.
in markets: Russian dolls, Trader: All right, 4. for that. Trader: No, I didnt.
little plastic animals, teddy Jenny: What about the scarves? Jenny: You knocked it out of my Jenny: Yes, you did.
bears... How much are they? hand. Trader: No, I didnt. [fades out]
Handicrafts objects Trader: 4 each or 7 for two. Trader: No, I didnt.
made by people using Jenny: And what about these Jenny: Yes, you did. GLOSSARY
their hands: little wooden earrings? Trader: Look, give me 35 for the
a fiver n inform
boxes, baskets... Trader: 3 each theyre solid silver. lot and Ill (6) you five pounds
scratched adj
Jenny: Ill (3) this pair, another vase. if a record (for example) is scratched,
please. How much is the Jenny: Erm... all right. Here you it has small cuts in it
a discount n
vase? are. Sorry, but I havent got a reduction in the price of something so
Trader: 25. any change. [She gives him its cheaper
chipped adj
Jenny: Its a bit chipped. Could a 50-pound note] if a cup (for example) is chipped, it is
broken a bit
you knock a bit off? Trader: Thats all right. Here you to knock off phr vb
Trader: All right, 20. go. [He gives her 5 pounds if you knock off 5 euros from the price,
you reduce the price by 5 euros
Jenny: OK, but as long as you change] to throw in phr vb
throw in the earrings and Jenny: Cheers. if you throw in an object during a sales
negotiation, you include that object in the sale
these two scarves. Trader: Thanks, bye. for the lot exp
for everything
Trader: Youre (4) ! I tell you Jenny: [talking to herself as she

22 / / Improve your spoken English with our fantastic Skype/Telephone classes. E-mail
15 top tips for increasing
your range of vocabulary!
Vocabulary is a key part of learning a new language. But whats the best way to pick up new words and
remember them? Here are our top tips for building up your vocabulary.
1 Read & listen! Once youve identified the you can of your target word politician) on a hill (the
The best way to learn words you want to learn, in sentences. Then, you'll surname Gil has a similar
new words is to do it the youll find that some are see it in lots of different pronunciation to the word
natural way: by reading and easier to remember than contexts. Simply type your hill). After that, she never
listening to lots of English. others. Here are our top tips target word into Google forgot the word. Try making
And if you read and listen for learning the difficult ones. and write + in a sentence. connections between
to things that youre really Then, print off the results. English words and words in
interested in, youll improve 5 Write them out! your own language.
your range of vocabulary Studies have shown 12 Record them!
without even realising it as that when we write out Use a voice recorder to Have fun learning new
you absorb language within words, we form a visual record yourself saying the words!
interesting content. representation of them in target words in sentences.
our heads, and this helps Then, use an MP3 player
2 Guess! with memory. to listen to the sentences
Learn Hot English
Interestingly, studies have while youre waiting for a Learn Hot English magazine
shown that the more effort 6 Break them down! bus, relaxing on the sofa is great for increasing your
you put into working out Break down any long or or walking along the street. range of vocabulary. Articles
what a word means, the complicated words. For Tests have shown that the in the magazine are full of
easier it is to remember. example, by taking away more ways language enters useful, high-frequency words
So, instead of reaching for the prefix (un) and the your head (through sight, and expressions. There are
the dictionary, try to guess suffix (able) from the word hearing, etc.) the easier it is also glossary boxes to help
the meaning of any difficult uncomfortable, youre left with to remember. you understand the language,
and lots of dialogues and
words. comfort, which is probably a conversations so you get the
word you already know. 13 Check them! language you need for instant
3 Focus! Use flashcards to review communication.
There are thousands of 7 Use them! your progress. Write your
words and expressions in Use any new words as often target word in a sentence
English. But which ones as you can. Studies have on one side of a flashcard GLOSSARY
key adj
do you need to learn? The shown that after youve and a definition on the very important
answer is simple: high- used a new word three other side. Then, test to pick up phr vb
to learn
frequency words. You can times, youll never forget it. yourself during the day. If to absorb vb
if you absorb information, you learn
find high-frequency words in youve got a smartphone or and understand it
dialogues or conversations. 8 Read & listen... again! tablet computer, you could to work out phr vb
if you work out the meaning of
Interestingly, a study by Keep reading and listening use flashcard apps such as something, you understand it
Oxford Online has found as much as possible. The Anki or Quizlet. to guess vb
if you guess the meaning of
that the top 3,000 words in more you read and listen something, you imagine what the
English make up 70% of the the greater the possibility 14 Translate them! meaning is even though you dont
really know
words we use. of finding your target word Translate a sentence with to reach for exp
if you reach for something close to
in different contexts, which the key word in it. Then, test you, you move your arm so you can take
4 Think context! will help you learn more yourself by covering up the it in your hands
high-frequency adj
Make a note of any about it. English version and trying to a high-frequency word is very common
and appears many times in texts,
words you want to learn translate the sentence from dialogues, etc.
in sentences never as 9 See them! your language into English. in context exp
if a word is in context, it appears with
individual words. When Try to find a picture of the other words in a sentence, dialogue, etc.
language is in context, you word you want to learn. 15 Get creative! to fit together exp
the way words fit together is the way
can see how the words fit Seeing an image of it is Use mnemonics for really they go together and are combined
to group vb
together and how theyre often a really quick and easy difficult words. Mnemonics if you group words, you put them into
used. Also, try grouping way to learn it. (pronounced nemonics) categories: animal words, food words
(for example)
words into categories are memory aids such as target adj
or themes: food words, 10 Say them! pictures, poems, rhymes a target word (for example) is the one
youre trying to understand or remember
marketing terms... Studies Repeating words out loud and stories, that you can to verbalise vb
if you verbalise ideas, you say them
have shown that we will help you remember use to help you remember to internalise vb
group words in our brains them. Studies have shown things. For example, a if you internalise something, you learn
it very well and it becomes fixed in your
according to themes or that verbalising language Spanish student was having mind/brain/head
topics. So, if you do this helps you internalise it. difficulty with the word to print off phr vb
if you print off a document, you
with the words you want hill (a small mountain). produce a paper copy of it by using a
to learn, theyll be easier to 11 Compare them! So, he drew a picture printer or photocopier
an aid n
remember. Find as many examples as of Jesus Gil (a famous something that helps you do a job

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cover feature
Track 18: englishman & us man

29 useful expressions
for the telephone
Telephone conversations
Complete the phone conversations with the correct words.
Answering the phone
Amstan Incorporated. How may I help you? The Hotel Room Leaving a Message
(business / formal) A: The Shaef Hotel. How A: Finance department.
Hello? (informal / private calls) may I help you? How can I help you?
B. Oh, hi, Im flying into B: Yes, can I speak to Mrs
Identifying yourself the caller [notice the use of this] Chicago (1) (5) , please?
Hello. This is Nick Saunders. and I was wondering A: She's on another line right
Hi, this is Sally Fields. if you had any now. Would you like to hold?
vacancies. B: No, thanks. That's all right.
Asking for identification A: Would that be a single A: Can I take a message?
Whos calling, please? or a double room? B: Yes, could you ask her to call
Which company are you calling from, please? B: A (2) room, me back, please? Im calling
please. from (6) , and my
Asking to speak with someone A: Yes, we do have a room number is 00 46 2453 8519.
Could I speak to Bob Mitchell, please? available. Could I take A: Ill just repeat that back to
Is Nancy Smith there, please? your name, please? you: 00 46 2453 8519.
B: Yes, its Sally (3) B: Yes, thats right.
Giving details of a call . A: OK, I'll give her your
Its about the job advert in the paper. A: Was it just the one night (7) right away.
Im calling to confirm the meeting for tomorrow. you wanted? B: Thanks. It's really
B: Yes, thats it, thanks. (8) by the way.
Connecting someone Ill be in about (4) A: Dont worry. Thank you
Ill just put you through. . for calling. Goodbye.
Im just connecting you. A: OK, have a nice flight. B: Goodbye.
Problems how may I
help you?
Im sorry but the line is engaged at the moment. Would
you like to call back later?
She isnt here right now. Shall I tell her you called?
Inviting someone to leave a message
Can I take a message?
Would you like to leave a message?
Leaving a message
Can you tell her that Jane called, please?
Could you tell her to call me as soon as possible, please?
Special requests
Could you repeat that, please?
Would you mind spelling that for me, please?
Could you speak up a little bit, please?
Can you speak a little more slowly, please?
Could I call you back later, please? The lines really bad.
How do you spell that, please?
Could I have your e-mail address, please?
Closing the conversation
I look forward to seeing you next week.
OK. Thanks for that.
Saying goodbye
Thanks. Bye.
Bye. Talk later.

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start early, act fast
and diversify! Objective
To learn some business tips from
world-famous entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Think about it

corner Who are some of the richest
people in your country? How did

Carlos Slim
they get rich? Had you heard of
Carlos Slim before? What else do
you know about him? Are there any
businesspeople who dominate
any markets in your country?

rom 2012 to 2013, Mexican magnate wrote in a business profile. Carlos has
Carlos Slim was ranked the worlds invested in a wide range of sectors in both GLOSSARY
richest person, with Forbes listing his Mexico and the USA. In 2008, he made a magnate n
a very rich and powerful businessperson
net worth at $74 billion. Here are a few of headlines when he bought a 6.4% stake in to rank vb
his top tips for succeeding in the world of The New York Times Company, and recently if someone is ranked first (for example)
on a list, they are at the top of that list
business. acquired more, upping his stake to 7.5%. a net worth exp
Additionally, he also owns 1% of Citigroup, all the money and property a person has,
minus any liabilities or debts (money they
1 Start early! and 16% of the shares in Saks Fifth Avenue. owe to others, etc.)
a trader n
Right from an early age, Carlos was taught a person whose job is to buy or sell shares
the basics of business by his father. And 5 Watch your costs! in companies, etc.
to invest vb
when he was only 12, Carlos bought shares Carlos is very careful about his costs, and to buy some property or shares in a
company with the hope that youll make a
in a Mexican bank. He went on to study civil he likes to streamline any new businesses. profit in the future
engineering at the National Autonomous Its not a question of arriving and putting to slump vb
if an economy slumps, it does very badly
University of Mexico, and became a trader in a whole new administration, but instead, and theres very little money or work
after graduating. In 1966, at the age of 26, arriving and compacting things as much to play it safe exp
if you play it safe, you act carefully and
he was already worth US$40 million. as possible, reducing management layers. you dont take any risks
a host of exp
We want as few management layers as a number of
2 Choose your moment! possible, so that executives are very close mining n
the industry connected with taking minerals
Carlos likes to invest as others are getting to the operations, he once explained. On a (coal, gold, etc.) from the ground
out of the market. When theres a crisis, personal level, Carlos is famously frugal. He retail n
selling goods directly to the public (in
thats when were interested in getting in, has lived in the same six-bedroom house for shops, etc.)
to buy up phr vb
Carlos once said. In 1982, the Mexican the past 30 years, wears clothes from his own if company A buys up company B, company
economy slumped. But instead of playing it modest stores, doesnt own a single home A buys all the shares (or most of them) in B
and becomes the owner of company B
safe, Carlos invested in a host of companies outside Mexico, and drives himself to work. on the cheap exp
very cheap; at a low price
in a wide variety of industries including a conglomerate n
telecommunications, financial services, 6 Have vision! a large business consisting of several
different companies
mining and retail. Although Carlos is a technophobe, he to drive out phr vb
recognises the power of technology. if you drive out a company from a
particular market, you force that company
3 Act fast! Technology is going to transform peoples to leave the market and stop selling
a monopoly n
Carlos is famous for buying up companies lives and society everywhere in the world. a company which is the only one providing
on the cheap, then re-organising them, I spend most of my time studying new a particular product or service
antitrust regulations n
forming conglomerates and driving out technologies. My main task is to understand laws that stop big companies from
dominating a market, fixing prices,
the competition. When we decide to do whats going on and try to see where we can interfering with free competition, etc.
something, we do it quickly, he once said. In fit in, he once explained. diversification n
the process of increasing the variety of
1990, Carlos worked with France Tlcom and things you have or do
Southwestern Bell to buy up the state-owned 7 Be generous! to make headlines exp
if you make headlines, you appear on the
telephone company Telmex from the Mexican In May 2011, Carlos appeared on Forbes list front page of a newspaper or in an article
a stake n
government. These days, the company, which of the Worlds Biggest Givers after donating if you have a stake in something, you
is run by Carlos, operates the majority of millions to his anti-poverty foundation. own part of it
The New York Times Company n
Mexican landlines (over 90%). Another one However, he doesnt believe in simply an American media company with
of his companies, Amrica Movil, is Latin throwing money at problems. He once newspapers, radio stations, film companies...
to up vb
Americas largest mobile phone provider, told USA Today that education and jobs to increase
Citigroup n
serving more than 150 million customers in 11 can fight poverty better than charity. Its an American multinational financial services
countries, and operating almost 80% of all the not a question of giving money away, its corporation
Saks Fifth Avenue n
mobile phones in Mexico. Both companies a question of going somewhere and doing an American luxury department store chain
to streamline vb
are virtual monopolies, something and making sure
which wouldnt be permitted
Bio - Carlos Slim Hel the basic costs are paid Im
to make an organisation more efficient by
taking away unnecessary parts of it
to compact vb
in countries such as the US Carlos Slim Hel is a channelling resources to try to make smaller
Mexican businessman. He
under antitrust regulations. was born in Mexico City to solve problems as quickly frugal adj
someone who is frugal doesnt spend
on 28th January 1940. as possible.... Our concept is much money on themselves
modest adj
4 Diversify! Hes the owner of several more to accomplish and solve a modest shop (for example) isnt large
With control of more than companies in the fields of things, rather than giving or expensive
communications, technology, a technophobe n
200 companies, Carlos is retailing and finance. His that is, not going around like someone who doesnt like technology
to throw money at a problem exp
the master of diversification. parents (Julin Slim Haddad Santa Claus. Poverty isnt to spend money trying to solve a problem,
Its hard to spend a day in and Linda Hel) were solved with donations. without being careful about how much you
originally from Lebanon. spend, etc.
Mexico and not put money to channel resources exp
Carlos married Soumaya
in his pocket, a journalist Domit in 1967. They have Its nice to know hes doing if you channel resources (money, etc.)
into something, you put that money into
for the Wall Street Journal six children. his bit! that thing

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Recipe Film script Real Language in action

Vegetarian burgers Along Came Polly

Learn how to make some vegetarian burgers. Based on a Along Came Polly is a 2004
recipe by food blogger Jack Monroe ( American romantic comedy thats
directed by John Hamburg. It stars
Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston.
While on his honeymoon, Reuben
Feffer (Ben Stiller) discovers that
his wife is having an affair. Back in
New York, Reuben runs into former
high school classmate Polly Prince
(Jennifer Aniston), and they soon
start dating. In this scene, Reuben is at home with Polly.
He's taking some throw pillows off his bed.

The script R=Reuben P=Polly

R: OK, so throw pillows go in a bed and breakfast?
this cabinet here. P: Not anymore.
P: Oh, you dont, you dont R: Do you know how many
sleep on these? minutes a day I spend throwing
R: No, no, theyre decorative. pillows on and off the bed?
P: For who? P: How many?
Ingredients 2 R: What do you mean? R: Four minutes in the morning
1 1 carrot P: I mean youre the only one and four minutes at night.
2 Kidney beans (one pot) who sees them, but you dont Thats eight minutes of
3 1 onion 6 sleep on them, then you my life, I figure thats 56
Cumin take them off the bed every minutes a week. Thats
4 Olive oil night, put them in the box, nearly two days of my life a
5 Flour take them out of the box, year I spend putting pillows
6 6 burger buns 7 put them out... I just dont on and off this stupid bed.
7 Lettuce 8 understand the point. P: Whoa, whoa, you hit
8 Tomatoes R: I dont know. I mean, Lisa mattress!
Video thought they looked nice. R: Oh, yeah.
Method P: Oh, I see.
Watch how to make the burgers.
1. Cut up the onion and grate Search YouTube for A Girl Called R: Yeah.
the carrot. Place in a frying Jack: cooking on the breadline P: Yeah.
pan and cook gently with R: [to himself ] Dont see what Watch the scene from the film.
a little olive oil. Add some the big deal is. Make the bed Search YouTube for Along Came
cumin to the mixture.
GLOSSARY look nice. [Polly leaves then Polly - Stabbing the Pillows.
cumin n
2. Open the pot of kidney a sweet-smelling spice thats popular in comes back with a large
beans and rinse the beans in Indian cooking
to grate vb knife. She starts stabbing GLOSSARY
cold water. Then, boil them if you grate food, you move it many one of the pillows.] Hey! to run into phr vbif you run into someone,
times over a grater (a metal object with you meet them accidentally
until theyre soft. Drain the little holes that cuts food into very small What are you doing? Thats a throw pillow n
water, then mash up the pieces)
a frying pan n
goose down! a small pillow (an object you put your head
on in bed) that is used to decorate a bed
cooked beans into a thick a metal object you use for cooking food P: Im liberating you. Try it! a cabinet n
in hot oil
paste. to rinse vb R: No, Im not going to... a piece of furniture for storing (keeping)
3. Add the onion, carrot and when you rinse food, you wash it in P: Just one stab. Come on, see decorative adj
clean water something that is decorative is for
cumin mixture to the kidney soft adj how you feel. Come on! decoration only (to make something look
bean paste and mix it all something that is soft changes shape
easily when you press it
R: This is ridiculous. nice) and doesnt really do anything useful
the point n
together. If it isnt sticky to drain vb P: Its not that ridiculous. if you dont understand the point of
if you drain food (spaghetti, for
enough, you can add some example), you put it in a sieve (a round R: Its not like driving a knife into a something, you dont understand why that
thing is important or useful
flour. object with little holes) so the water pillow is suddenly going to make a big deal exp
goes out
4. Take a bit of the mixture to mash up phr vb me feel... [He stabs the pillow.] something
that isnt a big deal isnt

and roll it into a ball. Then, if you mash up food, you put pressure
on it so it becomes a soft substance
Wow, that feels really good. to stab vb
to push a knife into something or someone
flatten it to make a patty. Do a paste n P: Ah huh! Right! goose down n
a soft, wet substance
the same with the rest sticky adj R: Yeah! down refers to the feathers from birds.
A goose is a bird that looks like a big
of the mixture until youve a sticky substance is soft and has a bit P: What did I tell you? duck
of liquid in it. It can be made into a shape to liberate vb
got about six patties. to flatten vb R: You know what, youre right! if you liberate someone, you free them or
5. Fry the burgers in a little if you flatten something, you put
pressure on it and make it flat (smooth
P: Come on, bigger one. help them escape
to run vb
oil. Then, serve them in and even with no high areas) R: What is the point of these if you run a hotel, youre the manager
a patty n
a bun with some lettuce an amount of meat (for example) formed things, really, right? of it
whoa exp
and tomato, as well as into a flat, round shape P: No point. [Theyre both stop!
a bun n a mattress n
some ketchup or mustard small pieces of bread that are usually stabbing pillows.] Stupid! the large, flat object on a bed that makes a
if you want. round in shape
R: I mean, what am I, running bed comfortable and soft to sleep on

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably? Where were you? What were you laughing at? Have
you ever been in denial about something? What was it? How do you react when youre stressed or angry? What do you do?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as FCE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 19: englishman & englishwoman
excuse me,
but I just

8 psychological
hen were angry, Regression arent what other people
frightened, Definition: behaving say you are.
nervous or immaturely. Example: someone who buys
stressed, we often try to Example: someone who slams a large car to compensate
protect ourselves from a door, cries and shouts for feelings of inferiority; or
Answers on page 44 these unpleasant feelings uncontrollably when they someone who spends a lot of
by acting in unusual dont get what they want. money to prove that he/she
1 Pre-reading ways. Here are eight typical is really generous.
The 8 paragraph titles in the psychological defence Rationalisation
article refer to psychological mechanisms we use, often Definition: trying to justify Do you recognise any of
defence mechanisms that without even realising it. an action. these?
we use. What do you think Example: not telling the
they involve? Make notes. Laughter cashier when he/she gives Video
Then, read the article once to Definition: laughing during a you the wrong change, then Watch a scene from the movie
compare your ideas. stressful situation in order to trying to convince yourself Midnight Run in which they
reduce the tension. that its all right because talk about living in denial.
2 Reading I Example: giggling uncontrollably its a big shop and they can Search YouTube for Midnight
Read the article again. Then, during a serious meeting. afford to lose the money. Run (3/9) Movie CLIP - Living
write one of the paragraph in Denial.
titles next to each statement. Denial Displacement
1. Someone starts crying Definition: refusing to accept Definition: taking your anger GLOSSARY
because they dont get reality or facts. A typical out on someone who isnt to giggle vb
what they want. expression with this word the true cause of your if someone giggles, they laugh like a
child and cant control themselves
2. A buys B an enormous is, Hes in denial about his rage. In some cases, the gambling n
bunch of flowers and problem. anger can even come from playing games for money: poker, roulette...
to attribute vb
a diamond ring after B Example: someone with a mistreatment as a child. if you attribute event A to B, youre
accuses A of not loving her. serious gambling problem Example: shouting at a saying that event A caused B to happen
unfaithful adj
3. Someone cant keep a who says they win more than subordinate at work for no if A is unfaithful, A has a relationship
with someone who isnt As partner
straight face as theyre they lose. apparent reason. to slam vb
being told off. if you slam a door, you close it violently
and aggressively, making a lot of noise
4. Your boss tells you Projection Repression a cashier n
off at work for being Definition: attributing your Definition: keeping distressing a person who works in a shop. They take
your money when you buy something
careless, when hes the own thoughts, feelings or thoughts and feelings buried to take out phr vb
if A takes out his/her anger on B, A
one whos been making motives to another person. in the subconscious. shouts at B even though A is angry about
the mistakes. Example: A accuses B of Example: blocking out the something else that has nothing to do
with B
5. Someone shouts at you stealing, when A is the one memory of a violent act that to bury vb
even though you havent whos been taking things. someone witnessed as a child. if you bury a feeling, you hide it and
dont show it
done anything wrong. Or, A is in a relationship the subconscious n
your subconscious is the part of your
6. Someone is drinking with B and accuses B of Compensation mind that can influence you even though
excessively but wont being unfaithful. However, Definition: exaggerating a you arent aware of it
to witness vb
recognise theyve got its really A whos been certain type of behaviour if you witness a crime (for example),
a problem. unfaithful. in an attempt to prove you you see it

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it What type of natural disasters occur in your country? Have you ever been affected by a natural disaster?
What happened? Have there been any stories of sinkholes in your country in the news lately?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as FCE, IELTS and TOEFL. Track 20: englishman
& us man
I needed this like a
hole in the head!

Watch out for

the sinkholes!
sinkhole is a hole City in 2010. An area Florida professor, runs a
that suddenly approximately 20 metres company that injects grout
Answers on page 44 appears in the wide and 30 metres deep to fill cracks that develop
ground. They can be a few collapsed, swallowing a underground. Its like a
1 Pre-reading metres deep or large enough three-storey factory and dentist filling a cavity,
Write the name of a natural to swallow whole buildings. killing 15 people. he explained to USA Today.
disaster from below next Over the years, there have
to each definition (1 to 6): been several incidents. So, what causes sinkholes? You might want to find out
landslide, bush fire, Sinkholes mainly appear in whether youre in an area
drought, flood, avalanche, On 15th February 2014, karst terrain. This is an with sinkholes.
earthquake 17 homes were evacuated area of land with soluble
1. The earth moves a lot in Hemel Hempstead bedrock (such as limestone Video
and buildings fall (England) after a sinkhole or gypsum), which can be Watch this video about sinkholes.
down = 10 metres across and 6 dissolved by water. About Search YouTube for How Scary
2. Theres no water = metres deep opened up in a 10% of the earth is made up Sinkholes Are Formed.
3. A mass of earth slides residential street. of karst terrain. Over time,
down a mountain the rock is gradually worn
or hill = On 12th February 2014, a 4.5 down. As this happens, GLOSSARY
4. A mass of snow comes metre sinkhole opened up the soil on top becomes to swallow vb
if a hole swallows a car (for example), the
crashing down a on the M2 in Kent, causing weaker. Eventually, it cant car disappears in the hole
a crater n
mountain = the road to be closed support its own weight and a very large hole in the ground
5. A large area of land between junctions 5 and 6. collapses. a driveway n
a piece of hard ground that leads from the
is on fire = road to the front of a house or other building
6. Theres a lot of water On 3rd February 2014, a A sudden collapse can to neigh vb
when horses neigh, they make a loud
on the ground = 9-metre crater swallowed a be caused in two ways. sound through their mouth
to rush down phr vb
car in High Wycombe, after 1. During long periods of if you rush down somewhere, you go there
2 Reading I appearing in the driveway drought, groundwater levels quickly
rumbling adj
Youre going to read an article of Phil and Liz Conrans will fall, meaning cavities a rumbling sound is a low, continuous
about sinkholes holes that house in High Wycombe that were once supported noise
monstrous adj
suddenly appear in the ground. (England). by the water they were filled a monstrous hole is a very big one
a storey n
What do you think causes with may become weaker. 2. a level in a building: a three-storey building
them? Make notes. Then, read In July 2013, Pheobe Garlick On the other hand, a lot of has three floors
soluble adj
or listen to the article once to from Buckland St Mary rain after a heavy downpour something that is soluble will dissolve
compare your ideas. (in England) was woken can add dramatically to the (disappear) in liquid
bedrock n
up by the sound of her weight of the surface layer of the solid rock in the ground. Soil (see entry
3 Reading II horses neighing in the field. soil, making it too heavy for further down) is on top of it
to dissolve vb
Read the article again. Then, Rushing down, she found the cave beneath to support. if a substance dissolves in liquid, it mixes
with the liquid and disappears
answer the questions. one of the animals in a to wear down phr vb
1. How big was the 2-metre sinkhole. The horse So, what can we do about if rock is worn down, it becomes weaker or
smaller over time
sinkhole that appeared was eventually rescued. sinkholes? Not much, soil n
the substance on the surface of the earth.
on 15th February 2014? unfortunately, but you Plants grow in it
2. What was Phoebe woken In April 2010, Ben Luck was can watch out for them. to collapse vb
if a building (for example) collapses, it falls
up by in July 2013? at home in Grays (Essex, People in a sinkhole zone down suddenly
3. What did Ben think England) when there was should look around at the a cavity n
a hole in the ground or rock
was happening in April a rumbling sound like an land and buildings. Signs a downpour n
when theres a downpour, it rains a lot in a
2010? earthquake. I ran out to that a sinkhole may be short period of time
4. Where do sinkholes look and there, just a couple about to appear include sagging adj
a sagging tree (for example) appears to be
occur? of steps away, there was this sagging trees, doors that falling to one side
5. What are some of the monstrous hole over seven no longer close properly grout n
a mixture of sand, water and cement or lime,
signs that a sinkhole metres deep, he said. and rainwater collecting which is used to fill in holes in a wall
a crack n
might be forming? in unlikely places. Some a line that appears on the surface of a table,
6. What did Mr Randazzo One of the most devastating developing sinkholes can be the ground, etc. when its a bit broken
a cavity n
compare filling cracks sinkholes in recent times filled in. Anthony Randazzo, a hole in a tooth. It is often caused by decay
in the ground to? occurred in Guatemala a former University of (destruction through natural processes)

For company classes or private tuition, contact / / 29

Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Skills Think about it Do you ever give any money to charity? Which one/s? Why? How much does your country donate to developing
Booklet nations? How effective is foreign aid for developing countries? Whats the best thing that can be done to help developing or poor countries?
unit 15 page 80 Product promotion! Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as FCE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 21: us man & englishman

Why does Britain

spend so much
on foreign aid?
ritain spends over British aid, describing it potential they provide for
10 billion a year as peanuts. India even UK companies as their
on aid to poor and tried to terminate the aid export markets continue
Answers on page 44 developing countries, programme but reluctantly to develop, explained
making it the second most agreed to accept it after Justine Greening, Britains
1 Pre-reading generous donor in the the British begged them to international development
What do you know about the world (after the USA). But keep taking the money, The secretary. So, aid is seen
following countries? Try to just how effective is it? Sunday Telegraph revealed. as a valuable investment in
write down at least two facts Apparently, officials at DFID Britains future.
for each country. Some say that Britain is (Britains Department for
giving aid to the wrong International Development) Finally, giving aid is also a
Britain the USA Nigeria
countries. Incredibly, Brazil told Indian officials that way of preserving Britains
Brazil Russia India (which is now officially richer cancelling the programme position as a leading figure
than the UK) receives money would cause grave political in international affairs.
from both Britain and the embarrassment to Britain. Donating is, in effect, a
2 Reading I European Union, as does way of maintaining the
Before reading the article, try Russia a country with Many say that the UK simply UKs global influence, and
to answer these questions. more than 100 billionaires. cant afford to give aid. creating opportunities to
What are the arguments in Oil-rich Nigeria is set to With many in Britain now push for reforms or interfere
favour of or against giving receive 305m of British living on the breadline, the in the internal affairs of
aid to developing countries? aid in 2014-15, even though money is needed at home, other countries.
What type of aid is the most its got its own space especially as spending on
effective? Make notes. Then, programme and plans to the military, the police and It isnt all about helping the
read or listen to the article to send its first astronauts to care homes is being cut. poor!
compare your answers. outer space within two years. Others say the money is
wasted as it goes to corrupt Video
3 Reading II India is now the worlds officials to pay for their
Read the article again. Then, fourth largest economy, luxury yachts, Swiss bank Watch this debate about foreign
answer the questions. with a 6 billion space accounts, Rolex watches or aid. Search YouTube for QT:
Why should UK give foreign aid.
1. How many billionaires programme and its own property portfolios. And an
does Russia have? nuclear weapons but it investigation by the Sunday
2. What is Nigeria also receives a substantial Telegraph showed that a GLOSSARY
planning to do within amount of aid from the UK. lot of aid money is used aid n
money, equipment, services, etc. for
two years? It has even started its own to pay expensive British people in poor countries
a donor n
3. How much is Indias foreign aid programme, consultants, some of whom someone (or a country) who gives money
space programme giving out to other countries earn seven-figure salaries. to help poor people
peanuts n inform
worth? more or less the same as a very small amount of money
4. What did one Indian it receives from western So, why does the UK donate to beg vb
if you beg for something, you ask for it
minister describe donors. British-financed so much? Prime minister, desperately because you really need it
grave adj
British aid as? projects have included fitting David Cameron, told world a grave situation is very serious
5. Why did the British buses in the city of Bhopal leaders at a UN conference an embarrassment n
if something is an embarrassment, it
beg the Indians to with GPS satellite tracking that it was the right thing makes you feel bad and ashamed
keep receiving aid? systems something that to do. However, others to live on the breadline exp
someone who is living on the breadline is
6. What did an buses back in the UK didnt point to a less altruistic very poor and has very little money for food
a consultant n
investigation by the even have at the time! motive: by helping other a person who gives advice or help to an
Sunday Telegraph countries develop, the UK organisation
a seven-figure salary n
find? The situation has even can export more goods an amount of money you receive for
7. What reasons does become somewhat comical. to those countries. You your job that has seven figures (seven
numbers): 1,330,000 (for example)
the writer give at the Back in 2012, Indias only have to look at the altruistic adj
someone who is altruistic is concerned
end for Britains aid Finance Minister said that business generated by about other people and likes to help the
programme? his country didnt require China and India to see the poor, etc.

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Vocabulary clinic

Come into money Be out of your price range Be in the red

If you come into money,

you win it or inherit it (you If something is out of your price If youre in the red, youve spent more
receive it after someone dies). range, its too expensive for you. money than you have in the bank.
He came into a lot of money after We wanted to buy the house but it was out Im in the red after buying all those
his grandfather passed away. of our price range. expensive clothes.

Splash out Hard-up Rolling in it / stinking rich

If you splash out, you spend Someone who is hard-up is poor

a lot of money on something. or hasnt got a lot of money. If someone is rolling in it, theyre
We really splashed out on the Hes a bit hard-up now after his tenants very rich.
party and it ended up costing us moved out and hes no longer receiving Hes rolling in it now hes got that job in
more than $20,000. any money from the property. the financial services company.

Peanuts / chicken feed A spendthrift A skinflint A nest egg

A skinflint is someone
who doesnt like to spend
money. Adjectives to
If someone is paid A spendthrift is someone describe someone like A sum of money that
peanuts, they arent paid who spends a lot of money this include mean, tight, someone has saved for a
a lot of money. in an extravagant and tight-fisted and stingy. special purpose, often for
Mistakes happen and quality irresponsible way. Ive never known him to buy when they retire.
is affected when you pay people Even though she hasnt got a lot anyone a drink hes such a Hes got a nice little nest egg
peanuts. of money, shes a real spendthrift. skinflint. tucked away for his retirement.

Broke Worth a fortune Rip-off

Something thats a rip-off is too

If someone is broke, they If something is worth a fortune, expensive for what its worth.
havent got any money. its worth a lot of money. Theyre asking $50,000 for it, which is
Im completely broke after spending That piece of furniture may not look like a rip-off its only worth about half that
all my money on the holiday. much but its worth a fortune. amount.

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Track 22: englishman & US man

Unusual news stories from around the world. Nasty clowns

Quirky news The Killer Klowns from Outer Space
This film is a 1988 American sci-fi

Clowns its no laughing matter! horror comedy about a race of clown

aliens who come to Earth to catch
Do you think
Im funny? Pennywise the Dancing Clown
Pennywise the Dancing Clown
appears in Stephen Kings horror
novel It. Hes an evil creature who
takes the form of a sadistic clown.
The book was made into a TV mini-
series that was shown in 1990.
Krusty the Clown
Krusty the Clown is a cynical,
miserable cartoon character from
the animated television series The
Simpsons. Hes the host of Bart and
Lisas favourite TV show, The Itchy &

Scratchy Show.
lowns International John Wayne Gacy who
John Wayne Gacy
(CI), a professional worked as a clown in his John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer
clown organisation, spare time. He once admitted who murdered more than 30 people.
has seen its membership that he liked dressing up as a He often performed as Pogo the
fall from almost 1,000 in clown because a clown can Clown, appearing at parades, parties
and charitable events.
the 1980s to little over get away with murder.
100 in recent years. And
Answers on page 44 numbers at the World Others are more sceptical. Video
Clown Association have Ten years ago, Id never Watch this trailer for a scary
1 Pre-reading dropped from 3,500 in heard of clown phobia. clown film. Search YouTube
Use the following words 2004 to 2,500 in 2014. Its rubbish, Brattle said. for Killer Klowns from Outer
(or any others) to describe Children might be nervous, Space (1988) Old & Classic
what a clown looks like and To make matters worse, but they get scared of Santas Movie Trailer.
what they do: big shoes, few new clowns are coming and mascots too, he added.
painted face, red nose, into the profession. Most GLOSSARY
red hair... clowns get into it because Whatever the reason, to fall vb
if numbers fall, they decrease or go down
their mum or dad is its clear that theres less to get into exp
2 Reading I involved, Blue Brattle, work for clowns now. It if you get into a profession (for example),
you start working in that profession
Youre going to read an article the former chairman of CI, used to be cool to have a a decline n
if numbers decline, they go down or decrease
on the decline in popularity of explained in an interview clown at a party, but now to blame vb
clowns. Why do you think this with The Daily Telegraph. it is all DJs, paintball and if you blame someone for a bad
situation, you say that theyre responsible
is happening? Make notes. There are still clowns themed-parties, another for that bad situation
the media n
Then, read or listen to the coming through, but not clown explained. A few you can refer to television, radio,
article once to compare your in the numbers they once years ago, I would have newspapers and magazines as the media
to fuel vb
ideas. were, he added. provided entertainment at if something fuels a situation, it makes
10-, 11- and 12-year-olds it worse
a serial murderer n
3 Reading II So, whats the reason for this parties, but now, when I do someone who kills several different people
at different times. They often kill for
Read the article again. decline in popularity? Many get bookings, its for 3-, 4- pleasure
Then, answer the questions. blame the media. Theres or 5-year-olds. Its the way to get away with murder exp
to do something bad and not to suffer any
1. What does CI stand for? a very negative view from of the world. Children are negative consequences
2. By how much did Hollywood, with films like It, growing up quicker, sceptical adj
if youre sceptical about something, you
numbers at the World and characters like Krusty the he added. dont really believe it
its rubbish exp informal
Clown Association fall by Clown from the Simpsons. its a lie / it isnt true
between 2004 and 2014? These clowns are so The depressed state of cool adj
3. What does negative. They dont look at the economy isnt helping paintball n
coulrophobia mean? the positive, Brattle added. things either. These days, a game you play with two teams. Each
player has a gun that shoots little balls that
4. Why does Blue Brattle fewer shopping malls are filled with paint
a themed-party n
mention Santa? Others say that its down hire clowns as a form of a party in which everyone has to dress
5. How old are the to an increase in clown entertainment. Instead, the same way: a wild west party, a pyjama
party etc.
children that clowns phobia (otherwise known they use community choirs, a booking n
entertain at parties as coulrophobia), with which are often cheaper or if someone has a booking, they're paid to
do a job at a certain time
these days? clowns having now become even free. a shopping mall n
a large building with many shops in it
6. Why are more and an object of fear. This has to hire vb
more choirs providing been fuelled by cases of real- It seems that beneath the if you hire someone, you pay them to do
a job for you
entertainment in life killer clowns, smiles, there isnt much to a choir n
shopping malls? such as the serial murderer laugh about! a group of people who sing together

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Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Skills Think about it When was the last time you went to a wedding, meeting or conference? What was it like? Did anything funny, strange
Booklet or annoying happen while you were there? What types of events do you like going to? Why? Which ones dont you like attending? Why?
unit 16 page 85 Lets talk! Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as FCE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 23: englishmen & us man
i wasnt
supposed to
say anything
but I will.

Dont read the
audio script until
youve completed
the exercises and
Answers on page 44 activities.
1 Pre-listening
What can go wrong during the
following events: a wedding, a
meeting, a conference?

2 Listening I
Youre going to listen to three
people reporting back on events
they attended? Listen once and
compare your ideas from the
Pre-listening activity.

3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, answer the
1. Why was the bride late?
2. What did the priest get

Describing an event!
3. What couldnt the best
man find?
4. In the second extract,
how much was the other
party demanding?
5. What helped to settle Three people report back on events they attended.
everyone down again? 1 The wedding said that they wouldnt hand over the final files until
6. In the third extract, how My cousins wedding? It was great, although there they received the payment. Margaret, my boss just
far away was the hotel were a few hiccups. For a start the bride was late hit the roof, and at one stage, both sides were (5)
from the conference because her dad (1) as he was driving , and Margaret nearly stormed out but
centre? her to the church. About two minutes before the I managed to calm her down. In the end, someone
7. How did he get into the ceremony, she still hadnt turned up so Mike was suggested (6) . We met up again after
conference centre? getting pretty nervous. She eventually arrived with about half-an-hour and both sides seemed to have
8. Why couldnt he do about (2) ! Then, during the ceremony, settled down by then, luckily.
anything for the first day? the priest got Mikes name wrong while they were
exchanging vows. He said, Do you, Mike Long, take 3 The conference
4 Language focus this woman to be your lawful wedded wife but his The conference? Not too bad. I mean, I met a lot of
Reported speech surname is actually Smart. Oh, and then the best people, made some good contacts and even managed
man couldnt find the rings when he was supposed to secure a few deals. The only thing was that I was
Look at the extract from the
audio script on this page, to (3) . It was a bit like something out of booked into a hotel that was about 10km away (7)
they said that they Four Weddings and a Funeral! , so I had to drive in every day. There
wouldnt hand over was a train, but it was really slow and there were
the final files until they 2 The meeting only three a day, so it was easier (8) ,
received the payment. The meeting? A complete disaster. I mean, it started although parking in the city centre was a nightmare
What would the direct speech off all right, but then we got onto the topic of payment. and really expensive. Then, for the first day I couldnt
version of this reported As far as we were concerned, we were all up-to-date on really do anything because they hadnt delivered (9)
speech sentence be?
the payments, but the other party was insisting there . Theyd said theyd have it there for us
was still an outstanding bill of 20,000 for some extra when we arrived, but they sent it (10)
5 Listening III work (4) that wasnt in the original spec. and it took another 48 hours to sort that out.
Complete the audio script with This was all completely new to us and wasnt anything Anyway, it turned up eventually and everything was fine
the correct words. that wed calculated for. To make matters worse, they after that.

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Useful Idioms
The weather Over
15 Lea
visit: 0 usefu rn more
prod l idiom ! Get
.lear s + aud an idiom
nhot io fil s
engl es. Fo booklet
ish.c !
om/ r more i
idiom nform
Come rain or shine Save up for a rainy day s-bo

To save money
for a time that
you might need
it (during an
emergency, for
Whatever happens or example).
whatever the weather. I try to save about
Ill be at the theatre 10% of my salary
tomorrow, come rain or shine for a rainy day. You
I wouldnt miss your debut never know when
performance for the world. you might need it.

Snowed under Put something on ice

If youre snowed under, youve got too If you put something on ice, you
much work to do and not enough time. delay or postpone it.
Im completely snowed under at work this week. Weve put the project on ice until weve
Can we meet up sometime next week? spoken to the bank about getting the loan.

The tip of the iceberg Have your head in the clouds

If something is the tip of the iceberg, its Someone who has their head in the
only a small part of it. clouds isnt being practical or realistic.
What I told you is just the tip of the iceberg theres Youve got your head in the clouds if you think
a lot more to it than you could possibly imagine. theyre going to accept all these changes.

A cloud on the horizon The calm before the storm

A cloud on the horizon is a problem or something that

is worrying you and that will happen in the future. A quiet or peaceful period just before an argument or fight.
Things are going well. The only cloud on the horizon is that dental She got in early to work and sat down to have a relaxing cup of coffee
appointment Ive got next week. Im dreading it! before the meeting so she could enjoy the calm before the storm.

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Objective To improve your advanced listening skills by listening to several speakers chatting in an informal setting.
Think about it
How often do you watch TV? What do you generally watch? What are your favourite programmes? Why do you like them?
What do you like or dislike about television? What do you do instead of watching TV? Do you think you watch too much?
Track 24: several english accents
Shall we see
whats on TV?

Group Talk

Chatting about TV!

Audio script
Melanie: So, I Ive just found Now you can watch an the the detail and
Im just getting a bit entire documentary or the the look of it.
fed up with TV recently. an entire series [Yeah] [Yeah] And its erm
I havent I havent when you sit down. Ive had Ive Ive
Note! found as many shows Tyler: What series are you spoken to people who
Dont read the audio script that Ive enjoyed. Ive guys watching though? were sort of young in
until youve completed started to sort of look What are you what are during that time, [Yeah]
the exercises. Also, please
note that when people chat on the internet to find you into? and they said its very
informally, they often use documentaries, and Eli: At the moment, Im authentic and very
non-standard English and and things like that. watching Big Bang very well done.
rarely speak in full Tyler: Like, on YouTube, or Theory. Its Tyler: Really?
sentences. where? I mean, where Tyler: Ah, is that those guys? Melanie: Yeah.
do you find this stuff on Eli: Yeah. Its about four guys Tyler: I mean, I love the
Answers on page 44 the internet? who live in San Francisco characters and the
Melanie: Yeah, usually on that are nerds. the writing. I think
1 Listening I YouTube. I mean, Theyre physicists, that whats-his-name,
What do you like or dislike you can find erm and they have a lot Don Draper, hes an
about television and videos that people of problems meeting interesting guy. I kind
television shows these days? have uploaded of girls. They have a lot of of want to be him,
Make notes. Then, listen to I dont know just social issues. [Yeah] But I think, but
the conversation once. Were documentaries from theyre very, very funny.
any of your ideas mentioned? around the world. Generally, when I watch GLOSSARY
Tyler: Thats true. Because TV, I want to watch fed up with exp
2 Listening II now YouTube has, like, something that doesnt if youre fed up with something, youre tired
of it and a bit angry about it. Also, fed up of
Listen again. Then, answer one hourlike, its not make me think. [Oh a documentary n
the questions. 10 minutes 10-minute really?] and I can enjoy a television programme or film about real
events or about a particular subject
1. Where has the limit, you know, theres, myself. stuff n
a general word that means things. In this
woman found the like, longer shows, so Tyler: Im totally the opposite. case, its referring to documentaries in
documentaries shes you can actually treat it I want, like, challenging general
to upload vb
watching? as a TV channel. [You drama. I like I like to put something from your computer (or
2. According to the can!] And obviously, you Mad Men, not that Mad another device) onto a website
a nerd n
speakers, how has have a lot more choice, Men is challenging an insulting/offensive term to refer to
someone (often a young person) who is
YouTube changed? [Yeah] you dont have drama, but yeah its very interested in computers or science
3. Which TV shows are to wait around for your kind of you know. and who doesnt wear fashionable clothes
challenging adj
mentioned in the show to come on. I mean, I dont know something that is challenging is difficult
conversation? Eli: Exactly. Its much better have you guys have to understand and it makes you think
a drama n
4. Whats the TV show than having to reload you guys seen that a play, film or TV programme about a
serious subject, and with no comedy in it
based in San Francisco 10 minutes and then show, Mad Men? whats-his-name exp
about? 10 minutes [Exactly] Melanie: I have. Ive seen this expression is used to refer to a man or
boy when you cant remember his name
5. What does the woman and then 10 minutes. I think its amazing,
think about the other
TV show? Top tip: how to listen
6. What does one of the The most important thing to remember when listening to a conversation is that you wont understand every
men say about Don word. So, you should only listen out for the key words the most important words in the conversation: the
nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Then, you can use your intuition to fill in the gaps just as you do in your own
Draper? language. Knowing the context and topic of the conversation will help with this.

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Objective To teach you some slang words and expressions.
Think about it How often do you go to the pub? What do you do there?
When did you last go to the pub? Who did you go with? What are some of
your favourite pubs? Why do you like them? What do you like or dislike about
Track 25 Englishman pubs? What are the pubs like in your country?
& us man
Many of the words and
Slang Conversation expressions from this
section are used in informal

At the pub!
situations. So, be careful
how you use them

Pete and Bob are in the pub. Bob wants to go home, but Pete,
whos a bit drunk, wants to stay. Listen once and answer these Totalmente Ingles residential
questions: courses are designed to
1. What happens to Pete in the end?
2. How does Bob manage to avoid getting kicked out?
increase fluency and confidence
Then, listen again and try to guess the meaning of the following when speaking English.
slang expressions (also marked in bold in the text). Write out a
version of them in Standard English: An effective solution to
Slang expression Standard version
language learning.
1 ITS YOUR SHOUT This increasingly popular
3 CALL IT A DAY method to improve your
4 RUBBISH! speaking and listening skills is
available now in Spain.
THERES NO WAY For more information visit
receive a 50 euro RESERVE
15 YOU TWAT (OFFENSIVE) discount on YOUR
THE LOO your course. NOW
19 BLOODY Shall we see what's
on TV?
Los cursos
residenciales de
Dialogue P=Pete B=Bob L=Landlord G=Girl
Totalmente Ingles estn diseados
P: Come on, its your shout. Mines a para incrementar la fluidez y
whisky. la seguridad al hablar ingls.
B: I think youve had enough.
P: Youre so tight. [He gets up.] Ill go. Una solucin efectiva para
B: No, really, I think you should call it a el aprendizaje del ingls.
P: Rubbish! Im fine. [He falls off his cheers! Este mtodo, cada vez ms popular,
chair.] Stupid chair! B: No, she didnt. [standing up] Come para la prctica de las habilidades
B: Youre completely wasted. You need on, were going home. de escucha y habla en ingls est
to go home and get some kip or P: Actually, Im feeling a bit dodgy.
youre gonna have to pull a sickie Wheres the loo? ahora disponible en Espaa.
tomorrow. Theres no way youre
gonna get up for work if you drink any
B: Just over there on the left. [He
stumbles across the bar.] No, the
Para ms informacin visite
P: Oh, stop being such a stick-in-the-mud.
other left. Thats it!
P: Oh, no. I think Im going to puke! [He
Come on, one more for the road!
B: No, Im calling for a cab.
throws up.]
G: Gross!
Su cdigo para
P: Hey, I think Im in with a chance. P: [to the girl] May I have the pleasure of recibir un
That girl over theres been eyeing me the next dance?
descuento de RESERVE
up all night. G: Youre revolting! SU PLAZA
B: What are you talking about?
P: [to the girl] Hello, darling. Whats
L: Look at this bloody mess.
P: Dont worry! Ill clean it up.
50 euros en su AHORA
your name?
G: Piss off, you twat!
L: No, you wont. Get out ! [The landlord
throws him out of the pub.] [to Bob]
curso: HE514
P: [to his friend] See! She said she liked Is he with you?
my hat. B: No, no. Ive never seen him before. Follow us on:
Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Think about it When was the last time you hurt yourself? What happened? Do you know anyone who has sued their
employer? Why? Have you read any stories about people suing companies or others? What had happened? Did they get
any compensation? Do you think the police should be able to sue over personal injury claims? Why? Why not?
Track 26: englishman & Exams This activity will help prepare you for English exams such as CAE, IELTS and TOEFL.
ow! it really

Ridiculous Video
Watch a news report on a police

injury claims
officer who made a personal
injury claim. Search YouTube
for BBC News - Police officer
sues garage over fall.

by the police! GLOSSARY

knife-wielding exp

a knife-wielding person has a knife in
olice officers often her ankle, causing minor their hands and theyre moving it around
in an aggressive way, etc.
Answers on page 44 find themselves in damage. on duty exp
dangerous situations: if a police officer is on duty, he/she is
1 Pre-reading face-to-face with an armed PC Flopston was awarded
entitled to exp
What accidents could you have robber, a knife-wielding 10,600 after receiving if youre entitled to something, its your
right to have it
with the following things? drunk or a crazed killer. burns to the right knee after personal injury exp
damage or injury to a person (not a
And if theyre ever injured tripping over a cable.
a computer handcuffs on duty, theyre entitled to
building, car, etc.)
PC / WPC abbr
PC = police constable the lowest rank for
hand gel a stapler compensation. But some WPC Brakely sued the force a male police officer; WPC = woman police
police claims for personal for 400,000 after hurting constable
a floor cable a hand drier injury are completely her back lifting boxes of
to sue vb
if you sue someone, you start a legal
process against them in order to get
a box of documents ridiculous, as these stationery. compensation (money)
examples clearly show. a siren n
a tray of drinks WPC Woolly sued for 900
a device on a car, ambulance, fire engine,
etc. that makes a loud sound like an alarm
a dog an office chair PC Whinge claimed 600 after banging her head on a a riot n
when theres a riot, a group of people act
after he injured his back hand drier in the toilets after violently in a public place and break things,
2 Reading I while reaching across a desk bending down to collect etc.
to sting vb
Read or listen to the article once. to switch on a computer. paperwork from the floor. if a liquid stings your eyes, it hurts your
eyes and you feel a sharp pain there
Which personal injury claim is to squirt vb
the most ridiculous? Why? WPC McDeftly sued for PC Sturdy was left with torn when you squirt a liquid out of a
container, you press the container and the
500,000 after claiming ligaments in his foot during liquid comes out
3 Reading II shed developed a fear flinch training (an exercise to award vb
if youre awarded money, youre given
Read the article again. Then, of sirens following a riot- to teach officers not to flinch that money to help you pay for hospital
bills, etc.
answer the questions. Try to training exercise. during a confrontation) after heavy-duty adj
do it without referring back to the instructor accidentally a heavy-duty object, is very strong
an ankle n
the article. PC Sore won 108,000 after stamped on his foot. the joint in your body between your foot
and your leg
1. Why was PC Whinge he was injured by handcuffs to trip vb
claiming 600? on a safety course. WPC Carryon sued the if you trip, you hit something with your
foot and fall over
2. What caused PC Sores force for 700 after she stationery n
injuries? PC Jones injured his foot made three cups of tea and equipment used in the office: paper,
envelopes, paper clips, etc.
3. What was PC Jones run after being run over by an dropped them as she tried to bend down phr vb
when you bend down, you move the top
over by? out-of-control office chair. to carry them all at once part of your body downwards and forwards
4. What did WPC Wiggins He put in a claim for 500. without a tray. a torn ligament n
a ligament is an area of strong tissue
drop on herself? that connects bones in your body. If you
5. How did PC Flopston PC Slipston suffered A police dog trainer sued the tear a ligament, you break the tissue
to flinch vb
get the burns to his stinging eyes after force for 900 after he was if you flinch, you make a small sudden
movement, often when youre frightened
knee? accidentally squirting hand bitten on the mouth by a or surprised
6. Where was WPC Woolly gel into his face. He was police dog that jumped at him a confrontation n
an argument, fight or battle between two
when she banged her awarded 750. in order to retrieve a ball. people or groups of people
head? to stamp vb
if you stamp on someones foot, you
7. Why did the dog bite WPC Wiggins put in a claim Youd expect a bit more from push your foot down on their foot
a tray n
the police trainer in the for 500 after a heavy-duty the men and women who a flat, plastic or metal object for carrying
mouth? stapler fell from a desk onto have chosen to serve us! drinks or plates of food

38 / / For great company classes, e-mail

Objective To improve your listening and reading skills.
Think about it Have you ever experienced road rage? What happened? Have you tried to open a package lately? How
easy or hard was it to open? How did you open it? Have you ever lost any money in a vending machine? What did you do
about it? Have you ever been upset over a sporting defeat? Which one? What did you do?
Exams This activity will help prepare you for English exams such as CAE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 27: englishman & us man
oh, no, not
car park!

6 different
types of anger!
hen was the last Vending machine rage divert to Ireland, eventually
time you got Definition: extreme anger landing in Shannon Airport.
angry? Here are directed at a vending Lauren, 41, was arrested
six types of rage that you machine. and later appeared in court
might have experienced. Example: In 2004, Colin charged with being drunk
Snoop was arrested after and abusive on a plane.
Road rage smashing up a vending During the incident, Lauren
Definition: violent aggressive machine with a baseball apparently told a female
behaviour while driving. bat. Id put in the money cabin crew member that she
Example: In 2010, 27-year-old for a bar of chocolate but it was ugly; when the pilot
Dwayne Derks was arrested just wouldnt drop, and no intervened, Lauren turned
in Little Rock (Arkansas) amount of shaking would on him too. Jenny Lauren
after shooting at another make it come down. I hadnt denies the charges.
driver with a crossbow. eaten all day so I was really
Derks had chased the driver hungry, he told reporters Stay calm... if you can!
Answers on page 44
for over 10 kilometres after as he was being led away by
being cut up in heavy traffic. police. Video
1 Pre-reading The arrow went through the
Watch Larry David (star of
When was the last time you rear window and fortunately Sports rage the comedy show Curb Your
got angry? Why did you get missed the driver. Definition: extreme anger Enthusiasm) experiencing
angry? Where were you? caused while watching a wrap rage. Search YouTube for
Who were you with? What Car park rage sports game. Larry David Packaging Rage.
happened in the end? Definition: extreme anger Example: On 15th June
caused by the stress of 2011, Canadian sports fans
2 Reading I looking for a parking space. went on the rampage in GLOSSARY
a crossbow n
Read or listen to the article Example: In 2011, Don downtown Vancouver after a type of gun that shoots arrows
once. Which types of rage have Sharp was arrested after the Vancouver Canucks (long, thin sticks with sharp points at
the end)
you experienced? stabbing a driver in a fight lost to the Boston Bruins to cut up phr vb
over a parking space. during the 2011 Stanley Cup if someone cuts you up while youre

3 Reading II The argument escalated finals. In total, 140 people

driving, they drive right in front of you,
often changing from one lane to another.
Cut off in US English
Read the article again. Then, after Colin Jackson (32) were injured, four people to stab vb
write a type of rage next to each threatened Sharp with a were stabbed, nine police to push a knife into someone
to escalate vb
statement. Try to do it without firearm. Following that, officers were hurt and 101 if a bad situation escalates, it becomes
referring back to the article. Sharp (61), grabbed a knife people were arrested, with more serious or worse
a firearm n
1. It involved a 32-year-old and stabbed Jackson. 16 further arrests following guns, rifles, pistols
to grab vb
man. the event. if you grab something, you take it quickly
2. Several police officers Wrap rage and with force or violence
to sever vb
were hurt. Definition: extreme anger Air rage if you sever an artery, you cut it
3. A crossbow was fired at caused by an inability to Definition: violent behaviour an artery n
a tube in your body that carries blood from
someone. open a package. on a plane. your heart to the rest of your body
molded plastic n
4. A relative of a famous Example: In 2009, the Example: In January 2014, a very hard form of plastic thats often
person appeared in ambulance services were Jenny Lauren (the niece used as packaging to protect goods
to go on the rampage exp
court. called out to deal with a of designer Ralph Lauren) when people go on the rampage, they act
5. Someone was 32-year-old man who had was arrested in a drunken violently, break things, cause damage, etc.
the Vancouver Canucks n
threatened with a severed an artery with a air rage incident on a plane an ice hockey team from Vancouver,
firearm. large knife while he was on route to New York City to divert vb
6. Something was trying to remove a light from Barcelona (Spain). if a plane is diverted, it goes a different
way to the one planned
destroyed with a bulb from its molded plastic As a result of the incident, to turn on phr vb
baseball bat. packaging. the plane was forced to if A turns on B, A starts to attack B

FREE subscription if you recommend Hot English Language Services to your company. E-mail / / 39
Objective To improve your reading and listening skills.
Skills Think about it When was the last time you had to read over a work contract? What type of information was there in the
Booklet contract? Did you ask to change anything? What? Do zero-hours contracts exist in your country? What do you think of them?
unit 16 page 85 Work fun! Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as CAE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 28: englishman & us man

reality TV shows

contracts to *Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares

A reality TV show starring British

watch out for!

chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon visits
failing restaurants and tries to help
sort out the problems.

hen was the last contract, which were also **The Voice
time you had to leaked to the press, say A reality TV show in which
read over a work that broadcasting company contestants sing a song in front of a
live audience. If they do well, theyre
contract? Most consist of NBC can sue contestants chosen to participate in a singing
basic information on your for $1 million for revealing competition in teams with famous
timetable, salary, holiday details of the show. Potential singers.
entitlement, sickness pay contestants must also
Answers on page 44 and other benefits. However, agree to being shown in a Video
not all contracts are that disparaging, defamatory
1 Reading I straightforward. and embarrassing light. Watch an Al Jazeera news
report about zero-hours
What would you expect
contracts. Search YouTube for
to find in a typical work In 2013, a copy of a contract These days, zero-hours Britons rally against Zero
contract? Make notes. Then, for employees at Amys Baking contracts are becoming Hour contracts.
read the article once. Which Company was leaked to the more and more popular.
work contract is the worst or website Zero-hours contracts (ZHC)
most unusual? Why? Amys Baking Company is an are literally contracts with GLOSSARY
Italian pizzeria and bakery in no guarantee of how many entitlement n
if you have an entitlement to
2 Reading II Scottsdale, Arizona (USA). hours youll work. A typical something, it's your right to have that
Read the article again. Then, The owners of the restaurant, clause in the contract might straightforward adj
write Pizzeria, Voice or Zero Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, read, The company is under something that is straightforward is
simple, basic and easy to understand
next to each statement. once appeared on an episode no obligation to provide work to leak vb
1. You can get fired for of Gordon Ramsays Kitchen to you at any time, and you if a secret document is leaked, people
learn about it or a journalist is informed
being supposedly Nightmares*, and became are under no obligation to about it
a confrontation n
disrespectful. famous after a series of accept any work offered by an argument, fight or battle between two
2. You might not get any confrontations with the British the company at any time. people or groups of people
to show up phr vb
work at all. chef. The four-page contract This means your salary will to arrive
3. A four-page copy of the had a number of interesting depend on when you work a threat n
a promise to do something bad to you
contract was leaked to clauses, including a $250 and how many hours you do, dismissal n
when theres a dismissal, someone
the press. penalty for not showing up if you do any work at all. loses their job.
4. Millions of people have to work on holidays and attitude n
someone with attitude acts
this type of contract. weekends, a rule against Zero-hours contracts are aggressively and doesnt show respect
5. Theres a $250 penalty unnecessary talking, and a common in the restaurant and to others
NBC abbr
for not showing up on threat to deduct a charge from building industries. There are The National Broadcasting Company an
American television and radio network
certain days. salary payments for breaking clear advantages to employers: to sue vb
6. A 32-page copy of the things or burning food. when they need extra staff, if you sue someone, you start a legal
process against them in order to get
contract was leaked to they can have them without compensation (money)
the press. Other conditions in the having to hire them officially. disparaging adj
if someone says something disparaging
7. You can get sued for contract included a ban And when there isnt so much about A, they say bad things about A
defamatory adj
talking to the press. on mobile phones while work, they dont have to keep defamatory comments about A are bad
working, immediate paying a salary. Obviously, things that people say about A
4 Language focus dismissal for any type of zero-hours contracts arent
a light n
the light that youre shown in is the way
Preposition review attitude, and the legal very popular with employees. that you appear. For example, if youre
shown in a bad light on television, you
Complete the phrases or right... to inspect any and all Zero-hours contracts form look bad
expressions from the article packages that you may have a one-way street, whereby zero-hours contracts n
work contracts that do not say how many
with the correct prepositions. brought with you. There employers bear no risk, hours you will work you only work if
1. ...was leaked the were also non-compete avoiding sickness and
theres something for you to do
under no obligation exp
website... clauses, such as the one holiday pay and overtime, if a company (for example) is under no
2. ...a series of saying that employees cant said Len McCluskey, the
obligation to do something, they dont
have to do that thing
confrontations a one-way street n
her boss... work for any competitor General Secretary of the if you describe a relationship as a one-
3. ...conditions the within a 70-kilometre radius trade union UNITE. The way street, you mean that only one of
the sides in the relationship benefits or
contract included... of the restaurant one year union estimates up to 5.5 receives anything good
4. ...a ban mobile after leaving the company. million people in the UK are to bear no risk exp
if you bear no risk in a situation, theres
phones... on zero-hours contracts. no danger for you
overtime n
5. ...instant dismissal But thats nothing compared overtime is time that you spend working
any type of... to the contract for the reality Before starting a new job, outside your normal working hours
6. ...cant work any TV show The Voice**. make sure you read over the
a trade union n
an organisation that defends workers and
Details of the 32-page contract carefully. tries to improve their conditions

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Objective To improve your listening skills.
Think about it When was the last time you received a telemarketing call? What was it for? What were they trying
to sell you? How do you usually respond to telemarketers? Have you ever bought anything as a result of a telemarketing
call? What? Have you ever made a sales call? Who to? What were you trying to sell? Did you make any sales?
Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepare you for English exams such as CAE, IELTS and TOEFL.
Track 29: several english accents
Hello! Can i sell
you something?

Answers on page 44 Dont read the
audio script until
1 Pre-listening youve completed
the exercises and
What would a telemarketer activities.
typically say or offer in order
to try to sell one of the

Dealing with
following services?

a mobile phone
connection internet
service access home
cleaning gym
telemarketing calls!
Audio script J=John T=Telemarketer B=Bob G=Girl
membership stocks
and shares water, gas, Carpet cleaning help you?
electricity pay-per-view J: Hello? T: Oh, hi, this is Amy Spokes, the managing director
television T: Oh, hi, this is Jeff Masters. Who am I speaking to, of First Guard Computer Systems. Is there
please? somebody I could speak to (5) ?
2 Listening I J: John. B: Erm, I guess that would be me.
Youre going to listen to two T: Well, hi John! Hows it going? T: Oh, great, and your name is?
calls by telemarketers. Listen J: All right. B: Bob.
once. Which telemarketer is T: Well, Im just calling to offer you 20% off our T: Well, hi, Bob. I hope youre having a nice day.
the most successful? Why? environmentally-friendly carpet-cleaning service. B: I am, thanks.
Our super-deep professional clean will leave your T: Great, well, in case you didnt know, First Guard is
3 Listening II carpet bacteria-free and just like new. a professional provider of online security systems.
Listen again. Then, answer J: All right, but We offer cloud computing and (6)
the questions. T: Plus, if you sign up to our exclusive offer all over the world.
1. What is the first caller (1) , youll also get 10% off your B: Ah-huh.
offering? next cleaning bill. T: Well, the reason for my call is to offer you an
2. What does the caller J: Erm, I dont think exclusive opportunity to join our affiliate scheme.
guarantee? T: And in case you didnt know, weve got more than (7) , wed just like you to offer our
3. What will the customer 15 years experience cleaning carpets services to your customers, and in return youll
get in addition for (2) that will remove all harmful make 30% from any of your customers who sign
signing up to the dirt and dust mites, along with any grease, up for our special offer. Is that something that
exclusive offer? bacteria or stains. (8) ?
4. Why doesnt the J: Erm, that sounds very good but B: Erm, maybe, could you send me the details by
customer want to book T: So, when would you like to book your e-mail?
an appointment? appointment with us? T: Of course. And just so you know, (9)
5. How does the second J: Erm within the next 10 days, were
caller describe First T: Is there any day in particular (3) ? offering an exclusive 35% revenue deal instead
Guard Computer J: Well, there wouldnt be much point. of the usual 30%.
Systems? T: I I Sorry, what did you say? B: OK.
6. What is she offering? J: Weve got wooden floors. So, there wouldnt be T: So, could you give me your e-mail address,
7. What will the customer much point. please?
get in return? T: Oh, well, erm, have you got any rugs? B: Yes, its
8. What's on offer if her J: No. T: So, thats
company signs up T: Any carpets at all anywhere in the house? B: Thats correct.
within the next 10 days? J: Nope. T: Great. Well, then, (10) this
9. Whats the customers T: Oh, OK then, well, (4) , John, and afternoon and get back in touch sometime later
e-mail address? have a nice day. this week to discuss it and see what you think
J: Thanks. [the phone goes dead] of it.
4 Listening III B: OK. Great.
Complete the audio script Website security T: Thank you, bye.
with the correct words. B: Winchester Web Marketing Services. How may I B: Bye.

For fantastic Skype/Telephone classes, e-mail / / 41

Phrasal Verbs
Likes & dislikes This month we are looking at some phrasal verbs you
can use to describe likes and dislikes.
use earn m
Complete the sentences (1 to 8) with the words from below. visit: ful phra ore! Get
prod sal ve a phr
ucts. rbs + asal
learn audi verbs
hote o file
nglis s. Fo booklet! O
first met party keen song famous together surfing r mor
m/p ver
hras e inform 150
1 2 t

Grow on Get on with

If something grows on you, you If you get on with someone, you
start to like it. have a good relationship with them.
I didnt like that at Ben and Samantha get on really well and
first, but its starting to grow on me. often go out .

3 4

Take to someone Be into something

If you take to someone, you start to like them usually If you are into something, you like that thing.
just as a friend, and not in the romantic sense. Hes really into skateboarding, snowboarding and
I took to her from the moment I her. .

5 6

Go off something
If you go off
something, you stop
liking it.
I used to quite like the group Look forward to something
when they were relatively
unknown, but Ive gone off If youre looking forward to something, youre excited
them now theyre rich and about it and cant wait for it to happen.
. Im really looking forward to your next week.

7 8

Get into something End up

If you get into something, you start to like it. If you end up liking something, you like it eventually.
I didn't like it at but Im really I wasnt that on seeing the film, but I ended
starting to get into it. up quite liking it.

42 / / Learn more! Get a phrasal verbs booklet! 300 useful phrasal verbs + audio files. For more information, visit:
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Answers Articles Great content Vocabulary

In the News (page 5) Tweets (page 20) 11 A cab A taxi

1 Pre-reading 3 Reading II
12 In with a chance If you think youre in with a chance, you think you
1. The first flushing toilet; 2. The Toto; 1. David; 2. Ed; 3. George; 4. Ed; 5. David; 6. Aiden could be lucky or successful
3. The solid-gold toilet; 4. The Toto; 5. The solid-gold If someone is eyeing you up, theyre looking at you
toilet; 6. The first flushing toilet Travel English (page 22) 13 Eye up a lot because they like you
1. looking; 2. give; 3. have; 4. joking; 5. pay; 6. give; 14 Piss off (offensive) Go away!
Photography (page 6) 7. wait; 8. gave
3 Reading II 15 You twat (offensive) You idiot!
1. pictures of bad food or depressing meals; Telephone conversations (page 25) 16 Dodgy If youre feeling dodgy, you dont feel very well
2. Kira Fisher; 3. in Fontjoncouse (southern France); 1. tonight; 2. single; 3. Burns; 4. 9pm; 5. Notes;
4. France TV Info; 5. Alexandre Gauthier; 6. Norway; 7. message; 8. urgent 17 The loo The toilets
6. a no cameras logo
Psychology (page 28) 18 Gross! Disgusting!
Pronunciation (page 7) 3 Reading II This offensive word is used for emphasis and to show
19 Bloody (offensive)
3 Reading II 1. Regression; 2. Compensation; 3. Laughter; that youre angry
1. /kju/; 2. 19; 3. a word that has the same spelling 4. Projection; 5. Displacement; 6. Denial
as another word, but a different pronunciation and Personal injury claims (page 38)
meaning; 4. a word that has the same sound as Sinkholes (page 29) 3 Reading II
another word, but a different spelling and meaning; 1 Pre-reading 1. because hed injured his back;
5. /mdln/; 6. Seville 1. earthquake; 2. drought; 3. landslide; 4. avalanche; 2. some handcuffs; 3. an office chair; 4. a
5. bush fire; 6. flood stapler;
Grammar Booster (page 8) 3 Reading II 5. by tripping over a cable; 6. in the toilets;
1. boxes; 2. time; 3. toys; 4. button; 5. book; 1. 10 metres across and 6 metres deep; 2. her horses 7. because he was trying to retrieve his ball
6. machine; 7. hours; 8. machine neighing; 3. he thought there was an earthquake;
4. in karst terrain; 5. sagging trees, doors that no Types of anger (page 39)
English in Action (page 10) longer close, rainwater collecting in unlikely places; 3 Reading II
1. of; 2. on; 3. in; 4. near; 5. on; 6. for; 7. in; 8. to; 9. to; 6. a dentist filling cavities 1. Wrap rage; 2. Sports rage; 3. Road rage;
10. by 4. Air rage; 5. Car park rage; 6. Vending
Foreign aid (page 30) machine rage
Emergency calls (page 12) 3 Reading II
3 Listening II 1. more than 100; 2. send astronauts to space; Work contracts (page 40)
3. 6 billion; 4. peanuts; 5. because to have stopped 2 Reading II
Caller I Caller II 1. Pizzeria; 2. Zero; 3. Pizzeria; 4. Zero;
1. Emergency service accepting it would have caused Britain grave
required Fire brigade Ambulance embarrassment; 6. that a lot of aid money is used 5. Pizzeria; 6. Voice; 7. Voice
to pay expensive British consultants; 7. its a way of 3 Language focus
2. Callers street 28 Marlborough 19 Swixton Road 1. to; 2. with; 3. in; 4. on; 5. for; 6. for
address Avenue preserving Britains position as a leading figure in
international affairs
3. Callers city / town Steepsden Noxton Telemarketing calls (page 41)
Quirky news (page 32) 3 Listening II
4. Problem Fire in the kitchen Sister fell off ladder 3 Reading II 1. 20% off their environmentally-friendly
1. Clowns International; 2. by 1,000; 3. a fear of carpet cleaning service.
4 Listening III clowns; 4. he said that children are frightened of him 2. To leave the customers carpet bacteria-
1. incident; 2. fire; 3. house; 4. fire engine; 5. windows; too; 5. three, four or five years old; 6. because theyre free and just like new.
6. leg; 7. team; 8. minutes cheaper than clowns or even free 3. Ten percent off the next cleaning bill.
4. Because he hasnt got any carpets or rugs
Practical English (page 13) Reporting back on events (page 34) at home.
1. told; 2. know; 3. saw; 4. get; 5. put; 6. want; 7. got; 3 Listening II 5. As a professional provider of online
8. come; 9. take 1. because her dad got lost; 2. Mikes surname; security systems and cloud computing.
3. the rings; 4. 20,000; 5. having a break; 6. about 6. An opportunity to join their affiliate
Classified ads (page 14) 10 kilometres; 7. by car; 8. because the material for scheme.
3 Reading II the stand hadnt arrived yet 7. Thirty percent of the amount they
1. in October 2012; 2. 19; 3. slap him; 4. in Central 4 Language focus receive from customers who sign up for the
London; 5. 3 metres tall; 6. 40; 7. cheap We wont hand over the final files until we receive offer.
4 Language focus payment. 8. Thirty-five percent, instead of the usual
1. were; 2. were; 3. was; 4. was 5 Listening III 30%.
1. got a bit lost 9.
Airline mysteries (page 15) 2. 30 seconds to spare 4 Listening III
3 Pre-reading 3. hand them over 1. to get your carpets cleaned
1. plane; 2. pilot; 3. ground; 4. air; 5. money; 6. drinks; 4. theyd had to do on it 2. with our revolutionary steam-clean system
7. float; 8. route; 9. front 5. screaming at one another 3. when we could come round
3 Reading II 6. taking a break 4. thank you for your time
1. 1st July 1937; 2. 2nd July 1937; 3. in 2013; 7. from the conference centre 5. about your website security
4. On 24th November 1971; 5. $200,000; 6. 10:15pm 8. to go by car 6. online safety services for major companies
9. the material for our stand 7. Theres no cost to you
Food bloggers (page 16) 10. to the wrong place 8. youd be interested in
3 Reading II 9. if you agree to join the scheme
1. Tony; 2. Jack; 3. Jack; 4. Tony; 5. Jack; 6. Tony Group Talk (page 36) 10. Ill send the information over to you
2 Listening II
What children should learn (page 17) 1. on the internet / on YouTube; 2. They have longer Phrasal verbs (page 42)
3 Reading II clips and more choice; 3. Big Bang Theory and Mad 1. song; 2. together; 3. met; 4. surfing;
Children should learn Men; 4. Four guys have social issues who have 5. famous; 6. party; 7. first; 8. keen
1. about the benefits of healthy eating. problems meeting girls; 5. She thinks its amazing
2. about defending themselves against physical and she likes the detail and look of it; 6. That he Hot Crossword (page 45)
attacks. wants to be like Don Draper
3. how to resist peer pressure.
4. how to learn from their mistakes. Slang conversation (page 37)
5. about the importance of saving for a rainy day. (other answers may be possible)
6. how to protect themselves from these things.
Slang expression Standard version
Outdoor adventure (page 18) 1 Its your shout Its your turn to buy the drinks
3 Listening II
1. winter; 2. 100-kilometre; 3. third; 4. three; 5. Norway; 2 Tight Someone who is tight doesnt like to spend money
6. two-day; 7. three; 8. 700; 9. first 3 Call it a day If you call it a day, you stop what youre doing
4 Language focus and go home
1. in; 2. for; 3. at; 4. of; 5. in 4 Rubbish! Lies! / That isn't true! / That's a lie!
5 Listening III
1. walk; 2. seemed; 3. pack; 4. fall; 5. spent; 6. went; 5 Wasted Very drunk
7. took; 8. climbed; 9. stood; 10. circling; 11. jumped; 6 Kip Sleep
12. started
7 Pull a sickie To inform someone at work (often by telephone) that
youre ill or sick and you cant go to work
Business news (page 19)
3 Reading II 8 Theres no way It would be impossible... / Its impossible that...
1. 1.6 billion; 2. 662m; 3. 72m; 4. 0.4%; 9 A stick-in-the-mud Someone who is boring and not fun
5. By 2.2bn; 6. overseas tourists
10 One more for the road One more drink before we go

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2. person who gives advice or help to an 1. If something is like this, its difficult Sign up for our
organisation. (page 30) to stop using it. (page 6) newsletter:
4. Money, equipment, services, etc. for 3. Not nice, horrible. (page 6)
people in poor countries. (page 30) 5. If something does this, it has the
6. A piece of equipment for going up to a opposite effect to the one you
high place. It has steps on it. (page 14) intended. (page 20)
7. The people who watch a concert, theatre 8. If one of these is carried out, people
play, etc. (page 19) are looking for something or
9. Equipment used in the office: paper, someone. (page 15)
pencils, pens, envelopes, etc. (page 38) 12. A type of weapon that shoots
10. The substance on the surface of the arrows. (page 39)
earth that plants grow in. (page 29) 14. A tube that carries blood from
11. A person who makes, sells and repairs your heart to the rest of your body.

Like Us.
watches, necklaces, rings, etc. (page 5) (page 39)
13. If something is like this, it is warm or 15. If the pilot does this to a plane, the
hot. (page 5) pilot flies the plane in a different
16. A period of heavy rain. (page 29) direction. (page 39)
18. Nice and attractive. (page 14) 16. A country or person who gives Because We Like You.
19. If you do this to time, you use it badly and money to poor people, etc.
for nothing positive or creative. (page 14) (page 30)
20. A piece of information that helps you 17. To ask for something desperately
discover the truth about something. because you really need it.
(page 15) (page 30)
21. To give someone a job. (page 14) 22. A list of the food served in a
23. A situation with people acting violently in restaurant. (page 6)
the street, breaking things, etc. (page 38) 24. Stupid; silly. (page 20)
26. To look at something continuously and 25. If you do this, you hit your foot
without looking away. (page 6) against something and fall.
27. To increase. (page 19) (page 38)
29. A rifle, gun, pistol. (page 39) 26. To hit someone in the face with an
30. One of the levels in a building. (page 29) open hand. (page 14)
31. A number of shops, restaurants, etc. all 28. A flat, plastic or metal object for
owned by the same company. (page 20) carrying food. (page 38)
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one mans fish
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man's poison! Philip McIvor designer
Mary Jones writer
Day joke GLOSSARY Steve Brown writer
a weekday n
Christine Saunders writer
A: I say, I say, I say. Why only joking. Here, Ill any day of the week except Saturday Lorna Booth writer
or Sunday. Week has the same
are Saturday and buy you a nother drink. pronunciation as weak, which means
Sunday strong days? I cant stan<d to see a not strong Blanca San Roman translation
B: I dont know. Why are grown-man cry. to stare vb Magnus Coney proof reading
if you stare at something, you look at that Marcie Lambert proof reading
Saturday and Sunday No, dont worry, says thing continuously and without stopping
Natalia T. Piekarowicz proof reading
to grab vb
strong days? Frank. It isnt you. Its if you grab something, you take it with Laurent Guiard French depart.
Peter Barton proof reading
A: Because they arent just that today has been force or violence
to down (a drink) in one exp Josh Saxon proof reading
weekdays! the worst of my life. This if you down a drink in one, you drink it all Georgina Kiely intern
morning, I slept through quickly and without stopping Rayner Taylor intern
A really bad day to slam vb Vanessa Simmonds writer
the alarm clock and got if you slam something down, you put it Petra Bates writer
on a table (for example) quickly and with
Frank is in a bar, staring to work about an hour a lot of force
Slim Pickens special intern
Nick Hargreaves writer
at his drink. Hes been late so my boss fired me. to break down in tears exp
to start crying Printing
like that for about half Then, when I went to pick to sleep through exp
if you sleep through the alarm clock, you Printerman
an hour when this really up my car, I found out continue sleeping even though the alarm
big guy walks in, grabs that itd been towed away. clock is ringing Audio Production
to fire vb HEP
Franks glass, downs the So, I got a cab home, but if someone is fired at work, they lose
contents in one, then when I arrived, I found their job CD Production
to pick up phr vb
slams the empty glass my wife in the arms of if you pick up a car (for example), you HEP
collect it from the place where you left it
down on the bar. At first, Jim, my neighbour and to tow away phr vb ISSN 1577-7898
Frank is too shocked to supposed best friend. So, if your car is towed away, a tow truck Depsito Legal M.14277.2001
(a vehicle) pulls your car away. This often June 2014
say anything, but after I left home and came to happens when you park in a restricted
zone, etc.
a couple of seconds, he this bar, and just as I was a cab n informal
Published by Hot English Publishing, S.L.
breaks down in tears. about to put an end to it a taxi Paseo de Extremadura, 21, Oficina 1A,
poison n Madrid 28011, Spain
Surprised, the big guy all, you showed up and a liquid that can kill you if you drink it Phone: (00 34) 91 549 8523
says, Oh, come on, I was drank my poison. Fax: (00 34) 672 317 912
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