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Educational Support Services Team Meeting

Date: January 16th, 2017

School: School A
In Attendance: Principal, Vice-Principal, Resource, Psychologists, Social Worker, Occupational
Therapist, Classroom teacher, Guest (me)


Topic Issues Addressed

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Student Success 1.
Student concerns 1. Student A

- we had SIW support for him the first 2 weeks of school

- we then had an SIW support him during meltdowns until we lost this support at the
beginning of November

- can be hands on when upset

- parent meeting 2 weeks before the parent teacher interview this was positive, Guidance
shared the zones work she has been doing, OT package was shared, Psychologist role was
shared dad took all this information home

- dad and mom then came to the meet the teacher

- mom was concerned about why Student A would receive a 1 in working with others and
mental health

- dad said the teacher labeled his son as a danger to society

- dad was upset that we are sending him to the retard room to calm

- he is greatly impacting the positive learning environment

- parents are not on board with the OT referral they found the parent questionnaire very

- both psychologist and Social worker have been in to observe Student A in the classroom

- strengths coding, reading, articulate, science


1. Recommendation from psychologist is for a parent meeting to happen at district

office with the school admin. Team
2. Keeping a communication log of any time the parents are contacted
3. Continue with the data collection
4. Think preventatively as we can designated spot on the carpet, ensure he has a
predicable peer to work with, prepping him ahead as much as possible,
5. Practice the zones of regulation within the classroom as a support and extension of
what Ben is doing with Guidance
6. Use social stories to help teach Ben with his peer interactions
7. SIW request for Student to be submitted
8. We will look at having the parents in for a meeting in February