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Family name Nanda
Name Bhavnik Kaur (Nicki)
Address 545 Duquesne, Saint-Bruno (Qubec), J3V 6C7
Telephone 514-531-6568
Languages English (spoken, written)
French (spoken)


2013-Present McGill University
Bachelors in Early Childhood Education (Kindergarten/Elementary); in progress

2011-2013 Champlain College Saint-Lambert
D.E.C. in Education

IMovie (Editing program)

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: First Aid Certification


2016 Private Tutor
Identified the childs academic areas of difficulty and provided her with the necessary support
measures (process of scaffolding)
Researched and collected resources to support the childs learning
Assessed the childs progress and provided her with self-assessments to track her successes.

2016 Private Babysitter
Provided care to children aged 3 to 9
Main responsibilities included meal preparation, homework, bathing, bedtime

2015- 2016 Garderie Les Flamboyants (Educator- to a group of eight 3 year old children)
Interacted regularly and respectfully with my administration, group of children, and their parents.
Exhibited flexibility (working with different age groups)
Managed and was given the responsibility of taking care of a group of young children
Expressed a dynamic and positive energy in the workplace
2015 Field Experiences 2 & 3: Internships completed at Courtland Park Elementary School

Took on leadership roles, and contributed solutions to problems that arose
Responsibly observed and managed a classroom of students
Rapidly learnt strategies from my mentor and engaged in teaching situations
Participated in collaborative work with my peers and cooperating teachers
Demonstrated high levels of patience when teaching and working with young children
Worked one-on-on to support students with learning difficulties
Developed and executed engaging lessons that contributed to their learning experience

2009 - 2011 Camp Counselor Counselor and coordinator at Heritage Regional High School
Assisted children starting high school in order to facilitate a smooth transition from elementary
school to high school
Organized itineraries and schedules for the students
Created and researched games in order to coordinate activities
Served as a guide and mentor to the campers
Communicated effectively with parents
Encouraged the children to interact with other campers and to undertake various leadership


2009-2011 Member of C.I.A. (Community Involvement Ambassador) at Heritage Regional High
Helped to organize and coordinate community based initiatives such as the 30 Hour Famine,
Vow of Silence, Walk-a-Mile-in-Their-Shoes and Sister School Project.

2008-2011 Head Prefect at Heritage Regional High School
Serving as a guide to faculty members, parents, and students of the school
Used knowledge about the programs and activities offered to promote the school to prospective
Planning and delegating tasks in an effective manner with fellow prefect members
Providing first year students with help on their first day of high school

Planning and creating arts and crafts
Communicating appropriately with parents and children
Thinking and acting accordingly in a strategic manner
Fast learner
Teaching useful life skills to young children


Visual arts, designing, baking, reading, music, organizing events and spaces, travelling