Original Screenplay Written by Jason Wiese

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese


FADE IN INT. – NATHAN SIMPSON‟S HOUSE SECOND FLOOR BATHROOM NATHAN SIMPSON, a scrawny, nerdy-looking teenager with glasses and a bad haircut, is staring confidently at himself in the mirror as part of his daily ritual before he leaves for school. NATHAN (optimistically) Today is finally the day that I won‟t get made fun of, I can feel it. This is the day that I will finally get a girlfriend, I can feel it. And why shouldn‟t I have a girlfriend? I‟m good-looking, I‟m smart, I‟m fun and I know how to treat a girl. (smiles) Yeah, that‟s right, today‟s the day that it all finally works out for me. NATHAN‟S MOM (O.S.) (yells) Nathan, time for me to drop you off at school, you ready? NATHAN (yells) Coming mom! Nathan takes the time to fix one piece of hair on his head even though it doesn‟t make a bit of difference then he winks at himself in the mirror. INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Nathan is sitting by himself at a long table in an otherwise crowded lunchroom cafeteria. He‟s minding his business just eating a sandwich when suddenly a big ball of tin foil comes flying over and hits him in the face.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Three JOCKS, who are sitting a few tables over, laugh and high five each other after seeing their direct hit. Nathan drops his sandwich in frustration, puts the rest of it and a juice box back in his brown bag, grabs his backpack and walks away out of the lunchroom into the HALLWAY OUTSIDE OF THE CAFETERIA Nathan walks down the empty corridor and enters the BOY‟S BATHROOM Nathan walks into an empty stall in the dimly light, dirty bathroom. He puts the seat down and sits on top of the toilet to pass the time quietly until lunch is over. He looks at his watch – 12:15 – then grabs a POPULAR SCIENCE magazine out of his backpack and starts reading an article. LATER ON Nathan is still sitting on top of the toilet reading his magazine when he looks at his watch again – 12:29. Suddenly the school bell RINGS and he packs away his magazine and leaves the stall. MATH CLASSROOM Nathan is sitting in the front row, listening attentively to the TEACHER at the front of the room. The grandmotherly-looking MATH TEACHER is working on a long, complex algebra problem on the chalkboard. The teacher is so caught up in solving the problem that she doesn‟t pay attention to the students – who are all bored and totally disinterested. The kid sitting behind Nathan starts poking him on the neck with his pen. He ignores the first couple of pokes, but when the bully pokes harder Nathan tries to swat the pen away. Undeterred, the bully pokes him even harder then laughs along with the rest of the class, this time Nathan turns around and looks at the kid.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Will you stop please? I‟m trying to learn something. The teacher hears Nathan‟s voice so she turns to chastise him. MATH TEACHER Nathan, dear, please keep quiet and pay attention, that‟s the only way you‟ll learn algebra. MATH CLASS BULLY Yeah, Nathan, stop disrupting class, we‟re all just trying to learn so we can do well on our exams. The bully and the whole class laugh. MATH TEACHER Russell, I don‟t need any help, you can keep quiet too. The teacher goes back to trying to solve the problem as the bully becomes even more brazen and draws the word “gay” across Nathan‟s neck. Nathan feeling helpless to stop it, just sits there and allows him to write while the rest of the class laughs at him. The teacher finally finishes the problem. MATH TEACHER And X equals five, there‟s your answer. The teacher grabs a workbook from her desk to verify the answer. She looks through it for the answer and is surprised to see she didn‟t do it right. MATH TEACHER Ohhh, according to my guide, X actually equals eight. The teacher looks at the chalkboard, then back at the book then at the chalkboard again to see if she can figure out what she did wrong. She can‟t so she gives up.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MATH TEACHER OK class, so let‟s just pretend that the answer is 5, OK? The bully raises his hand and speaks up before being called on. RUSSELL But how are we going to learn algebra correctly if you can‟t even do it? MATH TEACHER I did do the problem correctly, I just didn‟t get the answer. So at least now you know how to do this problem. The school bell RINGS and the whole class stands up, anxious to leave. MATH TEACHER (cont‟d) OK class, we‟ll pick this up tomorrow. Nathan walks out of the classroom and into the HALLWAY Where he walks through a crowded hallway filled with students rushing to their next class or going to their lockers. Nathan is heading towards a classroom down the hall but stops abruptly when he sees two tough-looking BULLIES, both wearing jean jackets, hanging out by a locker about fifteen feet in front of him. The bullies make eye contact with him before he can sneak by without being noticed. Nathan turns around and walks the other away to avoid any potential confrontation. BULLY IN HALLWAY #1 Hey, where are you going Nathan? on, come over here! Come


BULLY IN HALLWAY #2 Yeah, we‟re not going to hurt you.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BULLY IN HALLWAY #1 Much. The bullies laugh as Nathan rushes through the hallway to get away from them. He makes it to the end and walks down the STAIRCASE And into ANOTHER HALLWAY That he walks all the way down then goes up ANOTHER STAIRCASE Where he takes just a few steps to get to his next classroom. The bullies are standing about ten feet away with their backs to him; he ended up taking a very long detour just so he could avoid them. HISTORY CLASSROOM Nathan is sitting in the second to last row of a packed classroom. The room is quiet as all the students are busy taking an exam. The male student behind him tries to get his attention. HISTORY CLASS BULLY Psst. Nathan ignores him so he does it again. flicks Nathan‟s ear. HISTORY CLASS BULLY Psst! Nathan turns around and looks at the kid behind him. NATHAN (whispers) Hey, that hurt. HISTORY CLASS BULLY What‟s the answer to number 23? This time he


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (whispers) I‟m not telling you, that‟s cheating. Once Nathan turns back around to continue taking his test, the bully flicks his ear again. Nathan tries to brush him off but the bully does it one more time. Nathan rubs his ear to lessen the sting then turns around to look at the kid behind him again. HISTORY CLASS BULLY (whispers) What‟s the answer to number 23? Madison or Monroe? NATHAN (whispers) I can‟t tell you. HISTORY CLASS BULLY (whispers) I‟ll tell you what, give me the answer or I‟m going to punch you in the face right after class. Nathan looks at him hopelessly. NATHAN (whispers) It‟s Monroe. HISTORY CLASS BULLY (whispers) See that wasn‟t that hard. Nathan turns back around and continues taking his exam. HISTORY CLASS BULLY (whispers) Thanks bitch. The bully flicks Nathan‟s ear again then leans over his desk to whisper in his ear. HISTORY CLASS BULLY (whispers) You are my little bitch, you know that, right? Yeah, you know that.


Is it

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The bully flicks Nathan‟s ear again and Nathan again rubs his ear to lessen the sting. Nathan‟s having a hard time concentrating on his exam and just sits there, unable to answer the last five questions. He stares intently at the last page of his exam but is unable to clear his head enough to finish. The school bell RINGS to signify the end of the school day. HISTORY TEACHER Well OK class, that‟s it, pencils down, bring your exams up to me please. The students stand up and line up one by one at the front of the class to give their exams to the teacher. HISTORY TEACHER (cont‟d) Another day in the books. Enjoy your afternoon and evening and I‟ll see you all tomorrow. EXT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL - DAY Nathan, carrying an oversized backpack that‟s almost half his size, leaves the school building by himself and walks past several large fields where the BASEBALL and SOCCER TEAMS are practicing separately. He stops to watch both teams practice and is clearly envious of them - the teamwork, the camaraderie, the fact that they‟re actually doing something after school. After standing there for a few moments, he sees one of the soccer players stop what he‟s doing and look sternly over at him. Upon seeing this, Nathan sheepishly walks away and past another field where the JUNIOR and VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUADS are practicing their routines. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE HALLWAY Nathan walks into his house and through the hallway into the


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LIVING ROOM Where he throws his backpack onto a chair, grabs the remote control, turns the TV on and lays down on a couch. He changes the channel until he comes to “The Maury Povich Show” and an episode where Maury is giving guests lie detector tests to prove paternity claims. After several seconds, Nathan‟s eyelids get heavy then he falls asleep after a few more moments. LATER ON Nathan is awoken by his DAD, a stern, athletic-looking guy in his mid-forties, who is standing over him trying to wake him up. NATHAN‟S DAD Nathan, Nathan, wake up. Nathan‟s eyes begin to open. NATHAN‟S DAD (cont‟d) Are you just going to come home everyday and sleep on the couch? You‟re wasting your life away. Nathan is groggy and starts rubbing his eyes to wake up. NATHAN‟S DAD (cont‟d) Come on, wash up for dinner. Nathan‟s dad walks out of the living room leaving Nathan behind as he slowly stands up from the couch. DINING ROOM Nathan and his dad and MOM, a sweet-looking, motherly figure in her early forties, are sitting around the table eating dinner. Everyone is quiet until Nathan‟s dad speaks up. NATHAN‟S DAD Nathan, why don‟t you do something with your life?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Nathan drops his fork in frustration, as he knows he‟ll have to sit through a speech that he‟s heard countless times before from his father. NATHAN‟S MOM Honey, not this again. Nathan‟s dad ignores his wife and continues. NATHAN‟S DAD (cont‟d) You‟re in high school, these are supposed to be the best years of your life. You‟re supposed to be carefree, go out there and cause some mischief. NATHAN‟S MOM Now honey, I don‟t think that‟s the best advice to give our young, impressionable son. NATHAN‟S DAD OK, well at least get a job then, sign up for a club, god forbid, join a team, get some friends. All you do all day long is lie around the house sleeping and locking yourself in your dungeon of a room, playing video games like a loser. NATHAN I talk to other people through my headset when I play my games. Just the other day I met a cool kid from Singapore when I was playing Halo, he‟s my friend now. NATHAN‟S DAD I‟m talking about real friends. This is no way to live, you need to start experiencing life, these are your formative years. How you are now is how you‟ll be for the rest of your life. Look at me, I was an All-State third baseman at your age, captain of the track team, I had a ton of friends, I was class vice-president. NATHAN (sarcastically) Why not president? Were you not cool enough for that?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S DAD Don‟t be a smart ass, the point is, what are you doing? How come you don‟t even have a girlfriend? Everyone has a girlfriend at your age…are you gay? I mean if you are, I supposed that‟d be OK, maybe. It wouldn‟t be the most ideal situation but whatever, we could learn to live with it. NATHAN Have you ever thought that maybe girls just don‟t like me? NATHAN‟S DAD Impossible, you‟re my son. I had so many girlfriends in high school I lost count by the second half of my junior year. (his wife gives him a stern look) Honey don‟t worry, they didn‟t mean anything to me; I‟m just telling a story to prove a point. NATHAN And what‟s that point dad? That you were better than me in high school? OK, fine you were better than me! I suck and you were awesome. Is that what you want to hear? NATHAN‟S DAD No, not at all. NATHAN Then what do you want from me? NATHAN‟S DAD Just consider an extracurricular activity, it‟ll make you a more wellrounded individual, even if it‟s a damn paper route… NATHAN (interrupts) Do people still read the newspaper?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S DAD (cont‟d) …or the drug store up the street, you know what I mean. NATHAN Fine, I‟ll join something at school, will that make you happy? NATHAN‟S DAD It sure will. NATHAN Fine. The family is silent as they go back to eating dinner. Nathan, who has now lost his appetite, is just pushing his food around his plate and not eating anymore. NATHAN Mom, may I be excused from the dinner table? NATHAN‟S MOM You haven‟t finished dinner though. NATHAN I‟m not really hungry. NATHAN‟S MOM OK you can leave, just take your plate and put it in the sink. NATHAN (sadly) Thanks. Nathan grabs his plate and walks out of the dining room. His mom gives him a loving pat on the arm as he walks by. Then Nathan‟s mom shoots her husband another stern, disappointing look. NATHAN‟S MOM Don‟t you think you were a little harsh on Nathan? NATHAN‟S DAD He doesn‟t listen.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM You called him a loser though. I don‟t think that‟s very good parenting. NATHAN‟S DAD Tough love honey, we have to be firm with him. Believe me it‟ll all work out once it sinks in. I just want him to be cool. NATHAN‟S MOM For who? For him…or for you? Maybe he‟s happy with who he is, ever think about that? NATHAN‟S DAD Maybe he is…but I‟m not. NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan is sitting at his desk playing on his computer, the room is lit only by a small desk lamp. He brings up his Facebook homepage and notices that he has three “new notifications.” NATHAN (to himself) Ahhh, a few new notifications, people out there like me! His initial excitement quickly turns to depression when he clicks through to his profile page and realizes that the first new comment is from someone making fun of him. He reads the comments out loud to himself, one by one. NATHAN “What kind of loser puts as his status – „Out apple picking with my mom…Nathan, that‟s who!‟” (innocently) I like apples though. (reads another comment) “Have you gotten laid yet virgin?” (innocently) That‟s aggressive, I‟m only sixteen.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Nathan quickly deletes both comments then defriends both guys. NATHAN That‟s sad, I thought both Chad and Greg were my friends…I guess not. Nathan continues reading through his Facebook page and notices that someone made a comment on one of his pictures so he clicks through to see it. The picture is of him and his mom smiling at a family barbecue over the summer. Once again he reads the post that a fellow classmate wrote out loud to himself. NATHAN “Behold, Nathan‟s only friend in life… and she‟s a whore to boot.” (innocently) My mom is not a whore. Nathan deletes the comment and defriends that “friend” as well. Nathan returns back to his Facebook homepage and notices an invite to a Fan Page on the upper right hand corner: “Nathan Simpson Is Gay” – “six of your friends like this page.” Curious, Nathan clicks through the link to get to the Fan page. There he sees a picture of Screech from “Saved By the Bell” with an opening message which he reads aloud. NATHAN “Join this page if you think Nathan Simpson is the gayest kid ever at Cedar Heights High School.” Nathan then notices the page‟s friend count on the right side of the page. NATHAN 85 friends…58 more friends than I have. A Facebook chat box opens up from another alleged “friend” who writes, “why don‟t you just kill yourself? No one likes you anyways, you won‟t be missed” Calmly, Nathan writes back – “Leave me alone.”


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese To which the “friend” replies – “Why don‟t you leave the world alone? Ohh, that‟s right, you will.” And with that Nathan defriends him as well. Depressed, Nathan turns off his desk lamp and crashes stomach first onto his bed. After a few moments he flips onto his back and just stares up at the ceiling as he tries to fall asleep. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE SECOND FLOOR BATHROOM It‟s a new day and Nathan again stares confidently at himself in the mirror to repeat his daily ritual. NATHAN (optimistically) Today is finally the day that I won‟t get made fun of, I can feel it. This is the day that I will finally get a girlfriend, I can feel it. And why shouldn‟t I have a girlfriend? I‟m good-looking, I‟m smart, I‟m fun and I know how to treat a girl. (smiles) Yeah, that‟s right, today‟s the day that it all finally works out for me. NATHAN‟S MOM (O.S.) (yells) Nathan, time to go! NATHAN (yells) Coming mom! Nathan again fixes one piece of hair on his head even though it doesn‟t make a bit of difference then he winks at himself in the mirror. INT. – NATHAN‟S MOM‟S CAR Nathan calmly sits in the back seat while his mom drives through the suburban streets to school.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM Nathan, are you sure you don‟t want to sit up here in the front seat like a grown-up? NATHAN No, I feel safer back here, if we were to get into an accident I‟d rather have my head hit the cushiony back of the passenger‟s seat rather than the windshield. NATHAN‟S MOM (sarcastically) That‟s a pleasant thought. NATHAN I‟m just being realistic. After a few moments of silence, Nathan‟s mom speaks up again. NATHAN‟S MOM So your dad didn‟t mean what he said last night at dinner. NATHAN Yes he did. NATHAN‟S MOM He didn‟t, trust me. He‟s been under a lot of stress at work, unfortunately he took his frustrations out on you. He‟s sorry though, he really is. NATHAN (dismissively) Whatever, we go through the same thing all the time. NATHAN‟S MOM Well don‟t you think it‟d be a good idea if you did join at least one afterschool activity? For your social development, not to mention your college applications? NATHAN Why would I want to hang out at a place I hate any longer than I have to?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM What? School? You don‟t hate school, why do you hate school? NATHAN Because I get made fun of. NATHAN‟S MOM (oblivious) What? You get made fun of? I don‟t believe that. Stop with the excuses. NATHAN It‟s true. My favorite part of the day is when that final school bell rings at 2:55 so that I can just go home and pretend that the prior six hours never happened. NATHAN‟S MOM Ohhh, Nathan don‟t be so overdramatic, I‟m sure it‟s not that bad. NATHAN You can believe whatever you want, but I‟m just telling you the truth. NATHAN‟S MOM Well I still think you should do an extracurricular activity. NATHAN I know, but I‟m not going to. NATHAN‟S MOM But you promised your father. NATHAN I lied to get him off my back. NATHAN‟S MOM You make us so sad sometimes. NATHAN You guys make me sad sometimes too. The car finally pulls into the high school parking lot and stops in front of the main building.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM Anyways, have a good day at school. NATHAN Thanks. NATHAN‟S MOM Love you honey. NATHAN Love you too mommy. Nathan gets out of the car. His mom calls out to him when she notices that he left his backpack in the back seat. NATHAN‟S MOM Ohhh Nathan, you forgot your backpack! Nathan turns back around, reaches into the car through the window and grabs his backpack. NATHAN Thanks mom! NATHAN‟S MOM Son sometimes I think you‟d forget your head if it wasn‟t attached to your body. INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL STUDY HALL CLASSROOM The study hall is a large room filled with a series of long tables, each has 3-4 students, spread out, sitting at them. Nathan is busy reading a textbook at his table where two other STUDENTS are sitting. One of the kids at the table whispers over to Nathan to get his attention. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 (whispers) Hey…hey…faggot. Nathan doesn‟t acknowledge him, so the bully calls out to him again.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 (cont‟d) (whispers) Hey…bitch, I‟m talking to you. Nathan finally decides to acknowledge him and looks over. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 (whispers) Do you like to suck dick? Both him and the kid next to him laughs at the question. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 (cont‟d) (whispers) …because I heard you like to suck dick. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #2 (whispers) That‟s cruel man. NATHAN (uncomfortable) I don‟t suck penis. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 That‟s not what I heard, I heard not only do you love to suck dick but you swallow too. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #2 (laughs) Damn, that‟s crazy. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 Yeah, you love to swallow. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #2 Hey, you, are you the pitcher or catcher? NATHAN (confused) What do you mean? BULLY AT STUDY HALL #2 With your boyfriend…are you the pitcher or catcher?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (confused) I don‟t know, but I don‟t have a boyfriend. BULLY AT STUDY HALL #1 Ohh come on Freddie, look at how submissive he is, he‟s definitely the catcher. CAFETERIA Nathan walks into the crowded lunchroom cafeteria holding his brown bag lunch. He stands at the edge of the room surveying the scene and trying to find a table with enough empty room that he can sit and not be bothered. After a few seconds he finally finds a table at the far end of the room so he walks over and sits down. He unpacks his lunch and begins to eat quietly by himself while the room fills up with noise from the rowdy students sitting all around him. Just as Nathan makes it through half of his turkey sandwich, his ENGLISH TEACHER, a handsome middle-aged man dressed in a crisp but not expensive suit, sits down across from him. MR. WALDEN Nathan, how‟s it going? NATHAN I‟m fine Mr. Walden. (awkwardly) How are you? MR. WALDEN I‟m good Nathan, but I got to say that I‟m a little concerned about you. NATHAN Why‟s that? MR. WALDEN Have you been feeling OK? Yeah, I‟m fine. NATHAN Why do you ask?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Mr. Walden reaches into his briefcase, takes out a paper and throws it on the table in front of Nathan. MR. WALDEN Well Nathan I just got done grading your paper on Beowulf, you got a C-. NATHAN Sorry sir. MR. WALDEN Part of me isn‟t even sure if you actually read the book. Maybe you just watched the movie? NATHAN I‟ll do better next time, I promise. MR. WALDEN Well that‟s the problem Nathan. This is the fourth paper in a row that you‟ve gotten a C+ or below. NATHAN It is? MR. WALDEN Yes. An odd turn for a kid that‟s a lot better than that. I remember having you as a student when you were a freshman and sophomore. An A student in English, in fact I heard from your teachers that you were a straight A student. (pause) Not anymore though. These same teachers also tell me that you‟re now a C+ student, maybe you can become a B- student if you get your act together by the end of the semester. NATHAN C+? I guess I didn‟t even notice that my grades have slipped that much. MR. WALDEN So this all begs the question, “what‟s wrong?”


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Nothing sir. MR. WALDEN Family life OK? NATHAN Yes. MR. WALDEN Girls? Is it a girl problem? Whenever I see a student go downhill like this it‟s usually because of a girl. Trust me, there‟s plenty of fish in the sea, don‟t let a girl get to you, it‟s foolish. NATHAN No girl problem. I think I just lost my focus a little bit. MR. WALDEN Well you have to get that focus back. It‟s a bad time to lose your focus, you‟re going to have to start thinking about colleges, and your college applications, in the next few months. Nathan notices that four GIRLS sitting at the table next to him are looking and smiling at him, while giggling amongst themselves. NATHAN I know. One of the girls, HILARY, a very attractive senior with long brown hair, waves at him playfully. Distracted, Nathan doesn‟t really know how to react. MR. WALDEN So, you‟re OK? Yes sir. OK. NATHAN I just need to focus more.


MR. WALDEN Look I know high school can be (MORE)

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN (cont‟d) difficult at times. If you have any problems or if you need to talk to someone, my door is always open. NATHAN OK, thanks sir. Mr. Walden stands up and pats Nathan on the shoulder. MR. WALDEN Hang in there…and I expect you to get a better grade on your next paper. NATHAN I will sir. Mr. Walden walks away and as soon as he‟s out of sight HILARY stands up, approaches Nathan‟s table and sits down in front of him. HILARY (flirtatiously) Hi Nathan. Nathan is so nervous that a hot girl like Hilary would actually be giving him the time of day that he‟s not sure what to say. He takes a big gulp before opening his mouth. NATHAN Hi, hi Hilary. HILARY I was just noticing you talking to Mr. Walden. You looked so sexy. NATHAN (nervously) I did? HILARY (seductively) Ohh yes. NATHAN I didn‟t think you ever noticed me.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese HILARY (laughs) You‟re so silly, I‟ve always admired you from a far. NATHAN (incredulous) You have? HILARY Oh yes. I was wondering if you‟d like to go to the big dance with me at the end of this month. Everyone‟s going to be there and I‟d love to be your date. NATHAN Me? HILARY Of course you, who else silly?!? Nathan can hardly contain his excitement. HILARY (cont‟d) You‟re just so handsome and smart, you‟d be the perfect date for me. I‟m tired of hanging out with all these jocks, with their fancy cars, Ken-doll looks and big cocks. They don‟t stimulate me the way I bet you can. You do think you‟d be able to stimulate me, right? Hilary rubs her chest to get Nathan even more excited while her friends at the other table continue giggling to each other. Nathan takes another hard gulp and is still extremely nervous. NATHAN I would absolutely love to be your date! HILARY Great, I know we‟ll have a good time. Hilary touches Nathan‟s hand; her mere touch sends Nathan into a further tizzy.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I‟m so excited! I‟m so excited! I can‟t wait to tell my mom I have a date to the dance! I knew this day would come if I just remained patient. This is going to be so awesome! HILARY Oh wait. NATHAN What? HILARY You‟re a geek. That‟s right, I don‟t hang out with geeks. Sorry. Hilary stands up and walks over to Nathan on his side of the table. HILARY (cont‟d) Too bad you‟re not cool. If you were we would‟ve had some fun together. You know what a blowjob is, right? (pause) I would‟ve sucked your dick dry after the dance. Oh well. NATHAN (confused) Wait, does that mean we‟re not going to the dance together? HILARY Get real. Girls like me don‟t hang out with losers like you. NATHAN Ohhh, that‟s too bad. So you were just messing with me? HILARY You‟ll get over it. Hey, look on the bright side, at least you can tell your stuffed animals later that a really hot girl talked to you today. I bet I made your day, didn‟t I?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN For two minutes you did I guess. See. HILARY Your welcome.


Hilary walks back over to her table and rejoins her girlfriends so that they can all have a hearty laugh at his expense. NATHAN Bye. Seeing that even the girls at school are making fun of him, Nathan throws down the rest of his sandwich, packs up his lunch and leaves the table. LOCKER ROOM Later in the day, Nathan is in a crowded men‟s locker room changing for gym class. The room has wall-to-wall lockers with a long wooden bench sitting in front of them. Since a majority of the other GUYS in the locker room are buffed and chiseled, Nathan is subconscious over his scrawny frame. While the other guys don‟t have a problem taking their shirts off, Nathan won‟t even take off his white undershirt and opts to just put his gym shirt on over it. The tough-looking GYM TEACHER barges into the locker room and barks out an order. GYM TEACHER OK boys, on the football field in 5 minutes! The gym teacher leaves as quickly as he entered. As the guys get ready to file out of the locker room, one of them notices how skinny Nathan‟s legs look in his gym shorts. GUY IN GYM CLASS #1 Damn guys, look at Nathan‟s legs! I mean, I know we have gym class together all the time, but they‟re looking particularly skinny today.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GUY IN GYM CLASS #2 Friggin‟ chicken legs if you ask me. They look like something I ate for dinner last night. GUY IN GYM CLASS #1 (laughs) That‟s not even an understatement. EXT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL, FOOTBALL FIELD – DAY Nathan and the rest of the class is standing on the 50 yard line in the middle of the field. Nathan and his team are wearing yellow mesh shirts to differentiate themselves from the other team. The gym teacher picks up the football from the sideline, marches it to the 50 yard line and places it down in the middle of the two teams. GYM TEACHER OK boys, let‟s run the play again. time with more passion. This


The two teams line up; the play is called and Nathan halfheartedly runs down the field as a wide receiver since he never gets the ball thrown to him anyways. The quarterback throws it to another wide receiver for an incompletion. The gym teacher, who is standing on the sidelines, bellows out. GYM TEACHER Awful, just awful! Run it again. The two teams line up again at the line of scrimmage. The play is run again and this time the ball is completed to the other wide receiver 10 yards down the field while Nathan half-heartedly runs down the field again. This time though, the larger guy covering Nathan blatantly knocks him down to the ground when the gym teacher isn‟t looking even though he doesn‟t have the ball. GYM CLASS BULLY Stay down there dork. Nathan tries to get up but the bully kicks him in the chest to knock him back down.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The gym teacher looks behind him and sees that Nathan is on the ground. GYM TEACHER Jesus Nathan, how did you fall down? You didn‟t even have the ball? Get up you‟re embarrassing yourself! GYM CLASS BULLY Yeah, get up dork. The two teams line up again at the line of scrimmage. Two of the larger built guys is the guy that just tackled to each other then they walk Nathan‟s team and whisper to on the other team, one of them Nathan, huddle up and whisper over to the quarterback of him.


GYM CLASS BULLY (to the quarterback) Throw the ball to Nathan. What? GYM CLASS QUARTERBACK No way, he sucks!

GYM CLASS BULLY Give him an easy pass that even he can‟t miss. Then on the next play, hand it off to him. GYM CLASS QUARTERBACK Why? GYM CLASS BULLY You‟ll see. The quarterback goes over and whispers to Nathan as everyone else gets into position. A large smile covers Nathan‟s face when he realizes that he‟s actually going to be a part of the next play. The quarterback gets into place then hikes the ball. Nathan runs a quick 5-yard slant, catches the ball and is immediately tackled hard by the class bully. A collective groan is released by everyone after they see the violent hit.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GYM TEACHER (blows his whistle) You‟re on thin ice, Kolinsky! You know damn well this is touch football, not tackle. GYM CLASS BULLY (laughs) Sorry coach, I slipped! GYM TEACHER Just get back into position. Nathan gets up slowly and coughs repeatedly, he‟s also holding his side in pain. GYM TEACHER Shake it off son, never let your opponent see that you‟re hurt. (pause) You need a timeout? NATHAN No, I‟m fine. GYM TEACHER Thatta boy! The quarterback walks over to Nathan again and whispers in his ear, this time he‟s not smiling. The two teams line up at the line of scrimmage again. The quarterback hikes the ball and hands it off to Nathan. Nathan starts running for his life when he notices that he‟s being chased by the class bully. He chases him along the sidelines and out of bounds. Thinking the play is over, Nathan slows down and is caught by the bully who grabs his back collar. But the bully doesn‟t slow up, instead he pushes Nathan further into the sideline. Nathan starts shouting for him to stop. No, no, no! NATHAN Stop!


The gym teacher blows his whistle several times.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GYM TEACHER Play‟s over boys…play‟s over! The bully pushes him towards the back of the sideline where there‟s a steep hill leading to another field about 30 feet below. He lets go of Nathan at the top of the hill and pushes him down it. Nathan goes tumbling all the way down the hill, scraping his knee pretty badly in the process. He grabs his bleeding knee once he ends up at the bottom of the hill. Back at the top of the hill, the gym teacher runs over to the bully and gets in his face. GYM TEACHER What‟s the matter with you?!? GYM CLASS BULLY (innocently) What? GYM TEACHER I blew the whistle five times! times! Five


GYM CLASS BULLY I didn‟t hear it, I swear! I thought the play was still going on! GYM TEACHER Hit the showers, you‟re done! The bully walks across the field with a smirk on his face, giving fellow classmates high fives as he walks past them. The gym teacher looks down the hill and sees Nathan still rolling around the ground grabbing his bloody knee. GYM TEACHER Get up son. (Nathan doesn‟t respond) I said get up! INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL, LOCKER ROOM Nathan is sitting by himself in the locker room, bandaging up his knee and wiping away tears.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The school bell RINGS. NATHAN (to himself) Thank god, another day in the books. EXT. – HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT – DAY Nathan is leaving school at the end of the day, walking through the busy parking lot as all the students file out of the building and go to their cars. The cars and foot traffic thins out as Nathan walks further away from the high school and towards the far end of the parking lot. Suddenly a car filled with FIVE SENIOR GUYS pull up right next to Nathan and slowly drive alongside as he continues walking. The DRIVER is looking menacingly at Nathan. DRIVER BULLY Hey, kid. Nathan looks over to the driver. DRIVER BULLY What are you looking at? Realizing that the driver just wants to pick on him, Nathan ignores him and continues walking. DRIVER BULLY (cont‟d) Hey, you gonna ignore me? Maybe I should stop the car, get out and teach you some respect? Nathan keeps walking without saying anything, except he does give him a slight headshake “no.” DRIVER BULLY (cont‟d) Loser. The driver looks at his friend sitting in the passenger‟s seat. DRIVER BULLY Hey, grab me that can from the floor.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese His friend picks up a full energy drink can and gives it to the driver who proceeds to throw it at Nathan‟s head. All of the guys in the car laugh while Nathan says nothing and just continues walking without losing his stride. The driver peels out and speeds away, kicking up a big cloud of dirt that covers Nathan. Nathan continues walking through the parking lot, minding his own business, when a few tears start streaming down his cheeks. He tries his best to wipe them away. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE HALLWAY Nathan walks into his house and immediately heads to a door that leads to the BASEMENT Nathan walks down the steps into the dark, unfinished basement that is mainly used for storage and is cluttered with a bunch of odds and ends. He heads to the far end of the basement that his father uses as a workbench area. There‟s a large table with tools littered about everywhere and a bunch of wood leaning up against the wall. Nathan walks up to the workbench and opens a drawer that is filled with old PLAYBOY magazines. He moves the Playboys to the side, seemingly uninterested in looking at them, then finds a long rope buried at the bottom of the drawer. Nathan takes the rope out and studies pulls, stretches and yanks it to test he studies it‟s length by stepping on pulling the other end to see how long it intently. He its durability. Then one end of it and it is.


Once he‟s satisfied with the rope, he walks back up the basement steps and into the KITCHEN Where he puts the rope on the table, walks over to the refrigerator and pours himself a glass of grape soda. He

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese calmly drinks the whole glass while he stands over the table and reads the front page of the local newspaper. Once he finishes his soda, Nathan picks up the rope and opens the door in the kitchen that leads to the backyard. EXT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE – BACKYARD – CLOUDY DAY Nathan walks over to a large tree towards the back corner of the yard. He throws the rope to the ground and studies the tree, looking it up and down several times. After he‟s satisfied with the size of the tree, Nathan walks back over to the house and grabs a step stool that is sitting next to a Weber grill. He carries the step stool back over to the tree and places it strategically underneath a branch that is about 6-7 feet off the ground. Nathan grabs the rope and methodically makes a noose out of it, then he climbs up the step ladder and ties one end of the rope around the branch. Once he‟s done, he gives it a yank a couple of times to make sure it‟s securely tied. After one deep breath, he puts the noose around his neck and after another deep breath, he slowly steps off the ladder to hang himself. Now that he‟s dangling a couple feet off the ground, he begins to struggle, swinging his feet wildly and grabbing the noose around his throat in an effort to try to get loose having now had second thoughts about hanging himself. He starts losing energy and with that starts calming down as life begins to get sucked out of his body. Just as he stops struggling, resigned to his fate, the branch suddenly snaps in two from the weight of Nathan‟s body and he falls lifelessly to the ground. He‟s survived. Exhausted and coughing uncontrollably, Nathan just lies on the ground grabbing his throat where the noose is tied around. He remains lying on his stomach for a while.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Once he recovers and gets his breath back, he starts sobbing and punching the ground in anger both because he hates his life and because he couldn‟t go through with it. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan is laying on his bed watching TV, again his room is mostly dark with only his desk lamp providing light. He grabs his cell phone from off his nightstand and dials his sister at college. After a few rings, she finally picks up. JESSICA (O.S.) Hello? NATHAN Hey Jess, it‟s me, your brother, Nathan. JESSICA (O.S.) Yeah, I think I could figure that out. So, hey, what‟s going on? It‟s not often that you call me at college. NATHAN I know. JESSICA (O.S.) Is everything OK? NATHAN I don‟t know. JESSICA (O.S.) What do you mean? NATHAN (innocently) Am I a dork? JESSICA (O.S.) What? NATHAN You heard me, am I a dork?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (O.S.) Why are you asking that question? NATHAN I think people at school think I‟m a dork. Jessica tries her best to avoid answering his question. JESSICA (O.S.) Why do you think that? NATHAN Just the way everyone treats me. don‟t treat me very nicely. JESSICA (O.S.) Well, do you think you‟re a dork? NATHAN I didn‟t for a long time, I truly didn‟t. But now I‟m not so sure. JESSICA (O.S.) Why? NATHAN 950 students can‟t all be wrong. JESSICA (O.S.) Nathan don‟t be so overdramatic, I‟m sure everyone doesn‟t think you‟re a dork. NATHAN Some days it feels like it though. JESSICA (O.S.) Hey, you‟re in high school, it‟s a very awkward time for most people. I‟m only a couple years removed from it myself. Jeez, remember when I had braces as a freshman? I was so embarrassed I barely left the house for five months. It was awful. NATHAN (laughs) I remember, you looked so goofy! They


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (O.S.) Hey, stop that! (pause) But that‟s my point, everyone goes through an awkward phase, everyone does. That doesn‟t mean you‟re a dork. NATHAN So do you think I‟m a dork? JESSICA (O.S.) (hesitantly) Ummm, no, not at all. NATHAN Really? JESSICA (O.S.) No, you‟re not a dork. I mean you‟re not the coolest kid I ever met, but then again you‟ve got a good heart and that‟s all that matters. NATHAN (innocently) So I‟m not cool? Jessica still tries her best to avoid answering these kind of questions truthfully. JESSICA (O.S.) Nathan, what are you getting at? NATHAN Nothing. JESSICA (O.S.) Look, kid, hang in there. I know high school is tough. Everyone has their ups and downs. Just take things one day at a time and don‟t listen to the other kids that may call you names. They‟re just self-conscious themselves, kids with no self-esteem, you‟re better than them, trust me. They don‟t have the heart that you do. NATHAN If you say so.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (O.S.) I know so…keep your head up, everything will be fine. NATHAN I hope so. JESSICA (O.S.) OK, I have to go. I‟m meeting my boyfriend at the student union, we‟re grabbing a late night pizza. NATHAN Have fun. JESSICA (O.S.) Hey listen, you have any problems or any questions, you just give me a call, OK? Your big sis is here for you, she‟ll always be here for you. NATHAN Thanks. Nathan hangs up his phone and just lies there motionless in his bed. His eyes get teary and he cries himself to sleep. NEXT MORNING KITCHEN Nathan walks into the kitchen and joins his parents at the table for breakfast. There waiting for him is a bowl of RICE KRISPIES. His dad is sitting opposite him, dressed in a shirt and tie, he‟s busy reading the local newspaper and barely notices Nathan enter the room. Nathan‟s mom is cooking over the stove, making eggs and sausage for her husband, and doesn‟t notice Nathan enter. Nathan‟s spoon hits the side of the bowl as he eats his cereal, the noise finally alerts his mom to his presence. NATHAN‟S MOM Nathan, you little rascal! I had no idea you were here!


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I guess I‟m sneaky. Nathan‟s mom approaches her son carrying a banana and a knife. NATHAN‟S MOM Here baby, have a banana with your Rice Krispies, it‟s good potassium, you need sll the vitamins you can get as a growing boy. As she starts cutting the banana into his cereal bowl she notices a large red mark on the area of Nathan‟s neck where the noose was secured the day before. NATHAN‟S MOM (shocked) What‟s that red mark?!? Nathan, not knowing there was a red mark there, is surprised with the question so he grabs his neck. NATHAN What red mark? Nathan‟s mom looks at her husband and tries to get his attention. NATHAN‟S MOM Ummm, dear, check out Nathan‟s neck. Nathan‟s dad isn‟t paying attention and continues reading his paper. NATHAN‟S DAD What? Nathan‟s mom hits his newspaper to get his attention. NATHAN‟S MOM Honey, check out your son‟s neck? Nathan‟s dad puts down his newspaper and is surprised to see a big red mark on his neck. NATHAN‟S DAD Jesus son, what the hell did you do?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Ummm, I don‟t know really. NATHAN‟S DAD You don‟t know? How do you not know? NATHAN Like I said, I don‟t know. NATHAN‟S DAD Did you get into a scrap with another kid? Nathan wants to move on from his dad‟s questioning so he decides to agree with him. NATHAN Ummm, yeah, I did. NATHAN‟S DAD Well I hope you managed to get some marks on the other guy too. Uninterested, he goes back to reading his newspaper. Nathan‟s mom is surprised that her husband is so casual about the idea of him fighting. NATHAN‟S MOM You‟re OK with this? Seriously?!? Nathan continues to eat his cereal quietly. NATHAN‟S DAD Honey, he‟s a guy. Boys will be boys, especially in high school. Fights happen. This is probably a good thing if you think about it. At least he‟s doing something social! NATHAN‟S MOM You‟re certifiable sometimes. he got hurt? What if


Nathan‟s dad puts down his paper for a moment and looks at his son. NATHAN‟S DAD Are you OK son?

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Yeah. NATHAN‟S DAD See honey, he‟s OK. Everything‟s fine. He goes back to reading his newspaper again. NATHAN‟S MOM (sarcastically) Jeez, you‟re so compassionate. Nathan‟s mom runs her fingers through Nathan‟s hair to comfort him. NATHAN‟S MOM Are you really OK son? NATHAN Yeah, I‟m fine mom. His mom kisses Nathan‟s cheek. NATHAN‟S MOM Good. Please don‟t fight anymore, OK? Do that for your mom. NATHAN OK, I won‟t. She goes back to cooking on the stove while Nathan continues eating his cereal in peace. NATHAN‟S MOM You know Harold, it wouldn‟t kill you to get a little more involved in your son‟s life, would it? With that, Nathan‟s dad finally takes an interest so he puts his newspaper down and looks directly at him. NATHAN‟S DAD So is someone really messing with you at school? NATHAN I guess you could say that.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S DAD Yes or no? NATHAN Yes. NATHAN‟S DAD Was this a onetime thing? NATHAN Not really. NATHAN‟S DAD So what are you doing about this? NATHAN What do you mean? NATHAN‟S DAD Somebody‟s messing with you, so what are you doing about it? NATHAN I don‟t know, nothing. NATHAN‟S DAD Nothing? NATHAN What should I do? NATHAN‟S DAD Well you can stop being a pussy for one. Nathan‟s mom looks up at her husband, shocked over hearing the vulgarity. Nathan also seems quite taken aback. NATHAN‟S MOM Harold!?!?! NATHAN (confused) Wow, what? NATHAN‟S DAD Yeah, stop being a pussy or else you‟ll be treated like one for the rest of your life. Defend yourself. Stand up for (MORE)


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S DAD (cont‟d) yourself. If you don‟t, no one else in this world will. Don‟t take shit from anyone. NATHAN‟S MOM (shocked) Harold, come on! Harold continues on, not paying attention to his wife. NATHAN‟S DAD Fight back. NATHAN Fight back? NATHAN‟S DAD Yeah, fight back. A kid gets in your face, retaliate. NATHAN‟S MOM Harold, I really don‟t think that‟s very good advice to give our poor son. NATHAN‟S DAD Our poor son? Our poor son is our poor son because he‟s getting his ass kicked. Look at his neck, whatever he‟s doing now doesn‟t look like it‟s working, does it? NATHAN‟S MOM But still, he‟s so small, how far do you think fighting will get him? NATHAN‟S DAD Trust me Nathan that‟s the only way you‟ll get these kids to stop. You stand up for yourself, you‟ll gain the respect of the other guys and they won‟t keep bothering you. Hell, kids are such punks these days, you stand up to them and most will just leave you alone and not even bother to fight. So you want to stop all this stuff? Defend yourself, fight back. NATHAN‟S MOM OK guys, that‟s enough of a counseling (MORE)


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM (cont‟d) session for today. (looks angrily at Harold) And I expected better from you Harold. NATHAN‟S DAD Sorry honey, I‟m just telling him the way it is. NATHAN (pondering) Hmmm, fight back. NATHAN‟S DAD Yeah, fight back! LATER ON - SECOND FLOOR BATHROOM It‟s yet another day for Nathan getting ready in his bathroom before school but things are different this time. His typically naïve but confident pose is gone, replaced by him looking angrily at himself in the mirror, a clear departure from Nathan‟s normal daily ritual. NATHAN (depressingly) If no one likes me, why should I like them? NATHAN‟S MOM (O.S.) (yells) Nathan, let‟s go! Nathan doesn‟t respond this time and just looks broodingly into the mirror, his anger is showing even more now. NATHAN It‟s time to fight back. He walks out of the bathroom, seemingly staring down his mirror as he leaves.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAY Nathan is rushing through a crowded hallway, carrying a bunch of textbooks and notebooks, heading to his next class. As he comes upon three lettered jacket wearing JOCKS hanging out by their lockers, one of them takes a hard swipe down and knocks all his books out of his hands. A split second later, another one of the jocks sticks his foot out and trips him. Nathan falls face first to the ground as his books go flying across the hallway. Everyone around laughs at his misfortune. As Nathan struggles to stand up, one of the jocks steps on his back to keep him down as he walks across the hallway. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #1 Here let me help you Nathan. NATHAN Get off my back! What? HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #1 I‟m just trying to help you!


The bully walks over to his books, fakes picking one up and kicks it down the hall instead, then he “tries” picking it up again and ends up kicking it down a flight of stairs. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #1 Man, I‟m trying to pick up your book, but it keeps flying off my foot! I can‟t help it! Nathan, still laying on the ground, punches the floor in anger. One of the other jocks notice this and mocks him. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #2 Uh oh, look at Nathan, he‟s getting mad! Everyone in the hallway laughs.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 Ohhh no, I‟m scared Billy! What are we going to do? He might get up and challenge us to a spelling bee! HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #2 Or he‟ll just cry like the little bitch he is. Nathan stands up and angrily looks into the eyes of one of the bullies. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 What are you looking at nerd? Nathan continues just staring him down without saying anything. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 Hey, walk away before we have problems. NATHAN Go for it. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 What‟d you say loser? NATHAN I said go for it! The jock laughs in his face. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 Get out of here tool before you‟re sorry. Nathan doesn‟t back down and just continues standing there. The school bell RINGS signifying the start of the next class so the two other jocks walk up to their friend and grab him. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #1 Hey, let‟s go, it‟s time for gym. HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 Yeah, I‟d rather spend my time looking at chicks running around the soccer field in their short shorts than dealing (MORE)


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese HALLWAY JOCK BULLY #3 (cont‟d) with this nerd. (gets in Nathan‟s face) You‟re lucky you were saved by the bell. Nathan continues to stare them down, fuming, while the three jocks walk away. STUDY HALL CLASSROOM Nathan is sitting by himself at a long table during study hall where everyone else is quietly reading to themselves. He is doodling in a notebook that‟s sitting on top of a textbook as he hunches over in an effort to hide what he‟s doing. With his pencil in hand, Nathan is drawing a very graphic picture of his high school blowing up with a big fireball coming from the roof as students run out of the school, scattering throughout the parking lot. The STUDY HALL TEACHER walks up and down the middle aisle. Nathan hides his notebook underneath his textbook and pretends to read when he approaches. Once the teacher walks by him, he takes his notebook back out and continues coloring in the fireball with his pencil. When he‟s done coloring in the fireball, he flips to the next page of his notebook which shows a half drawn picture of a classroom filled with students being terrorized by another student wearing a long trench coat and holding a machine gun at the front of the class. Nathan takes his time to carefully color in the blast of fire that comes from the gun which is shooting at the roomful of terrified students. The school bell RINGS signifying the end of the period and all the students begin filing out of the room. SCHOOL HALLWAY Nathan is walking up a flight of stairs in a less trafficked area of the school. There are only a few other people on the staircase.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Halfway up the stairs, Nathan gets cornered by a LARGE BULLY who doesn‟t let him by. The bully gets right in Nathan‟s face. NATHAN Can I help you? GAY BULLY (menacingly) Touch it. NATHAN (confused) Excuse me? GAY BULLY You heard me, touch it! NATHAN Touch what? The bully grabs his crotch. GAY BULLY This. NATHAN What? GAY BULLY Touch my dick faggot! Come on, touch it! Nathan tries to escape but the bully continues to block him from leaving. NATHAN No. GAY BULLY You‟re not leaving here until you jerk me off faggot. NATHAN I‟m not going to do that. GAY BULLY You will or else I‟ll kick your ass. The bully unzips his pants.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GAY BULLY Do it already! You have two choices – your hand or your mouth. Nathan tries to escape again but the bully pushes him back into the wall. GAY BULLY You wanna go at it? Fed up, Nathan takes a swing at the bully but misses badly. GAY BULLY Bad move faggot, now you‟re going to get it. The bully punches Nathan in the stomach which makes him fall down immediately. With him laying in the fetal position, the bully kicks Nathan in the stomach. GAY BULLY None of this would‟ve happened if you just touched it. As Nathan rolls around on the staircase, the bully spits on him and walks away. MATH CLASS Nathan is sitting in class doodling another violent drawing in the back of his notebook while his teacher is busy working on a complex math problem on the chalkboard. As Nathan is intently coloring in the trench coat of a teenager that is shooting up a classroom full of students, the teacher turns around and asks Nathan a question. MATH TEACHER Nathan, based on this problem, what is the answer? Nathan, not paying attention, is caught completely off guard. NATHAN Ummm, four? Everyone in the classroom laughs because he is so far off on the answer.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MATH TEACHER Four? Four? Nathan have you been paying attention at all? NATHAN (embarrassed) Ummm, yeah. MATH TEACHER Then how could you even come up with that answer? The classroom continues giggling at Nathan while the teacher calls him out. NATHAN I don‟t know…I guess I‟m just not that smart. MATH TEACHER Class, does anyone who has actually been paying attention have the answer? The teacher looks around the room as most of the other students raise their hands. She finally points to one student. MATH TEACHER Yes, Andy. ANDY The correct answer is X equals the square root of 144, so X equals 12. MATH TEACHER Very good, see Nathan, everyone else is paying attention, you should too. Nathan goes back to coloring in the trench coat on his drawing as the teacher begins working on another problem. LATER ON IN THE HALLWAY Nathan is walking down a crowded hallway between classes carrying a stack of books. As a JOCK walks by him, he swoops his hand down knocking all of Nathan‟s books out of his hands again and continues walking down the hallway without missing a beat.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Nathan just turns around and stares angrily at the jock walking by him. He‟s fed up with everything. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan is sitting at his desk in the dark, playing around on his computer. He thinks to himself while he surfs the internet. NATHAN (V.O.) I just wish I was a little kid again. When I didn‟t have a care in the world and everything was simple. When everyone was friends. That kid Tommy who tripped me today? We used to play baseball together in Little League. He was the shortstop and I was the third baseman. We were buddies, I‟d go over and use his pool every weekend during the summer, of course I would stay in the shallow end because I didn‟t like the water, but it was fun anyways. It kept me nice and cool. And that kid Eddie who was flicking my ears the other day in class? Every year in grade school he‟d invite me to his birthday party, which was the same thing every year - the sundae bar at Friendly‟s. I like Friendly‟s. Those were the days, everything‟s different now. I don‟t know why, but they are. During his internal speech, he‟s goes to Google and searches - “Columbine massacre” - which brings up an article from the Denver Post on the teenagers that shot up their school. He reads the article intently, as he slowly scrolls through it. Once he‟s done, he goes back to the Google search page and picks out another Columbine article and reads it. After he finishes that article, he does a new search – “How to build a bomb,” which leads him to several links on how to build a simple homemade bomb.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He quickly peruses a handful of articles, reading up on the different ways to build a bomb. Then he grabs a pad and pencil sitting on his desk and starts taking notes periodically on anything interesting he reads. After that he does another search – “How to buy a gun” – which leads him to several links, one of them being to Craigslist. He clicks through to Craigslist and finds a post from a guy that is offering to sell a variety of guns. He reads the post aloud softly to himself. NATHAN “Selling a variety of guns in mint condition. Need to sell fast, must not have a criminal record, will do my own background check via internet. Other than that, no questions asked.” Nathan replies back to the Craigslist poster and softly voices his response out loud. NATHAN “Hi. I‟m interesting in purchasing a couple of guns. I have no record, please let me know what I have to do to facilitate a transaction.” Nathan sends his email then goes back to Google search and continues looking at more links involving the Columbine shooting. INT. – FRIENDLY‟S RESTAURANT Nathan and his mother are sitting at a table eating dinner on a Friday night. NATHAN‟S MOM How was your week sweetie? NATHAN It was fine. NATHAN‟S MOM Anything big happen at school, or life in general, this week?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (thinking) No, not really. The conversation isn‟t really going anywhere so they continue eating dinner. NATHAN Where‟s dad tonight? NATHAN‟S MOM He went out with some of the guys from work. NATHAN Oh, OK. Nathan‟s eyes focus on four high school STUDENTS, two boys and two girls, who have just entered the restaurant. They are laughing and joking with each other, having a good time. Nathan looks longingly at them, understanding the contrast between him having dinner with his mom and those kids having a great time with each other. NATHAN‟S MOM Are you OK honey? Nathan snaps out of his daze. NATHAN Oh yeah, I‟m OK. NATHAN‟S MOM So I understand there‟s a big school dance next Friday. NATHAN That‟s what I hear. NATHAN‟S MOM Are you going to go? NATHAN I don‟t think so. NATHAN‟S MOM Why not?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I don‟t know, it‟s just not my thing. NATHAN‟S MOM Maybe it should become your thing. NATHAN I don‟t know. NATHAN‟S MOM You know Nathan sometimes it‟s good to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. NATHAN I suppose so but regardless I‟m not going. NATHAN‟S MOM OK, I can‟t force you to have fun and I‟m not going to nag. But I do think it‟d be fun. Nathan takes another look at the four fellow students laughing with each other at a table close to them. NATHAN My idea of fun on a Friday night is having dinner at Friendly‟s. Nathan‟s mom grabs a hold of Nathan‟s hand. NATHAN‟S MOM Mine too Nathan, mine too. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan is sitting at his computer in the dark with “The Late Show With David Letterman” playing on the TV in the background. He is researching more articles on his computer related to the Columbine shooting and the Trench Coat Mafia. Periodically, he stops reading and takes down some notes.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CLASSROOM Nathan is sitting towards the back of the room doodling away in his notebook while Mr. Walden is showing the movie “Jaws” to the class. The movie ends and the credits roll as Mr. Walden stands up from his desk and addresses the students. MR. WALDEN OK class, you‟ve read Peter Benchley‟s bestselling book and now you‟ve seen the movie…assuming you were one of the two people in the world that hadn‟t seen it before. The school bell RINGS signifying the end of the period. MR. WALDEN (cont‟d) So your homework assignment tonight is to do a compare and contrast of the book and the movie. How were the two different? What did you like, what didn‟t you like in both. Due tomorrow, no excuses. As everyone begins to file out of the classroom, Nathan hurriedly gathers his books together and stands up. In his rush to leave class he drops his notebook that contains all his drawings without realizing it. After finishing erasing the chalkboard, Mr. Walden turns around and notices a notebook laying on the floor. He casually walks over to it and picks it up. Curiously, he decides to thumb through it and is shocked to see a graphic and violent drawing. Intrigued he flips to the next page and sees another drawing, then to another and to another. He‟s mortified. Mr. Walden turns to the front cover of the notebook to see if the person‟s name is on it. It says: “Property of Nathan Simpson.” With the notebook in hand, he rushes out into the


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese HALLWAY And looks around the crowd of students to find Nathan but he has no such luck, he is already gone. EXT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE – DAY FRONT YARD Nathan walks up to his front door and sees a UPS slip taped on it – “Package left on back porch.” Nathan walks around the house to the BACK PORCH Where he finds a package addressed to him sitting on the deck. He picks it up and looks at it for a moment before bringing it inside with him. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan opens the box which is sitting on his bed and reveals two handguns, with extra clips, sitting in it. There‟s a note sitting on top of the guns that simply says – “Enjoy!” He pushes the note aside then carefully picks up one of the guns and holds it high above his head. He is in awe of its‟ power and just stares at it in amazement. NATHAN Wow. Nathan walks out of his bedroom holding the gun and enters the SECOND FLOOR BATHROOM Where he stares at himself in front of the mirror and practices gripping the gun. Once he feels relatively comfortable holding the gun, he practices aiming the gun and pretends to shoot the mirror.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (softly) Boom! INT. – MR. WALDEN‟S HOUSE HALLWAY Mr. Walden, carrying his briefcase after a long day of work, enters his house; his tie knot is loosen and hanging low off his neck. He walks into the DINING ROOM Where his wife is sitting at the table dutifully awaiting her husband‟s arrival. MRS. WALDEN is a prim and proper, conservatively dressed, attractive middle-aged woman. A full dinner is sitting on the table, piping hot since it just came out of the oven. Her husband immediately kisses his wife on the cheek, sets his briefcase down on the side of the table and sits down. MRS. WALDEN There you are! I was worried that dinner was going to get cold before you got home. Sorry I‟m late. MR. WALDEN What‟s for dinner?


MRS. WALDEN It‟s Italian night, so we‟re having some chicken and pasta. MR. WALDEN Smells delicious. Mr. Walden looks bothered, like his mind is on something else. MRS. WALDEN Is everything OK?

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN Yes. (thinks for a moment) No. MRS. WALDEN What‟s wrong? MR. WALDEN It‟s one of my students. One of my good students. Actually he was one of my good students before, now he‟s just average. Suddenly his grades took a nosedive of late. MRS. WALDEN Why‟s that? MR. WALDEN I‟m not sure, but I did find this today. Mr. Walden reaches into his briefcase sitting beside him, takes out Nathan‟s notebook and puts it on the table in front of his wife. MR. WALDEN This student dropped his notebook in my class. Mr. Walden opens the notebook up to a graphic picture of a teenager standing in front of a classroom full of students shooting a machine gun at them. MRS. WALDEN (shocked) Ohhh dear. That‟s disturbing. MR. WALDEN Unfortunately there‟s a lot more of these pictures. Mr. Walden turns the pages one by one, slowly revealing several graphic depictions of violence. MRS. WALDEN (shocked) Oh my god. This is crazy.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN I know. MRS. WALDEN So what are you going to do? MR. WALDEN I don‟t know. MRS. WALDEN (puzzled) You don‟t know? MR. WALDEN No, I don‟t know. MRS. WALDEN Well you have to tell the police. This is obviously a cry for help. This kid could be dangerous, very dangerous. You need to get help for this kid, before he hurts someone, or hurts himself. MR. WALDEN Maybe they‟re just harmless drawings? I don‟t want to get the kid in trouble, he‟s a good kid. I don‟t want to screw him for the rest of his life. MRS. WALDEN He‟s a good kid? MR. WALDEN He is. MRS. WALDEN I‟m not so sure a good kid would draw these kind of pictures. MR. WALDEN Maybe this is just how he gets out his aggression, how he blows off steam. I mean he‟s a small kid, he can‟t fight, so maybe this is how he fights, at least in his mind.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MRS. WALDEN Are you listening to yourself? Since the kid can‟t fight, maybe he‟s showing you exactly how he thinks he can fight, by blowing up the school, by shooting innocent people. MR. WALDEN Who said they were innocent? MRS. WALDEN What do you mean? MR. WALDEN I‟m pretty sure I know kids pick on him. MRS. WALDEN That may be so, but look at these drawings. Maybe this is how he thinks he can get revenge. In his mind, maybe this is how he thinks he can level the playing field. MR. WALDEN Perhaps, but I don‟t think so. MRS. WALDEN Perhaps? (picks up the notebook) I don‟t think this is something you can take too lightly. MR. WALDEN I know, I know and I‟m not taking this lightly. I just want to do what‟s best for him. MRS. WALDEN Well think about what‟s best for the rest of the students too. MR. WALDEN I am. Mrs. Walden grabs her husband‟s hand from across the table. MRS. WALDEN Honey, do what‟s right, that‟s all I ask.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN I am trying to do what‟s right. MRS. WALDEN Then you know what to do. MR. WALDEN I suppose. MRS. WALDEN Go to the authorities. It‟s the safe thing to do, the smart thing. He can seek help that way and I‟m sure he‟ll get it. MR. WALDEN (reluctantly) I guess so. MRS. WALDEN You don‟t need this added stress in your life. Do you really want to wake up every morning wondering if this is the day that he goes off? Or do you want to go to bed every night thinking if the next day will be the day that he finally falls off the deep end? It‟s not worth it. MR. WALDEN Every student is worth it in my eyes. MRS. WALDEN (exasperated) You know what I mean. MR. WALDEN Do I? MRS. WALDEN You should. MR. WALDEN I just don‟t want to destroy his life. MRS. WALDEN You won‟t be, you‟ll be saving his life. Besides if you do nothing you (MORE)


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MRS. WALDEN (cont‟d) might be aiding in the destruction of several lives. MR. WALDEN That‟s a sobering thought. MRS. WALDEN It‟s true. Mr. Walden flips through the notebook again. MR. WALDEN The kid‟s got talent though. MRS. WALDEN That may be so but still… MR. WALDEN (interrupts) Maybe I can encourage him through his art. MRS. WALDEN After you get him help. (grabs his hand again) Go to the authorities. Mr. Walden reluctantly shakes his head in agreement then the two go back to quietly eating their dinner together. EXT. – MR. WALDEN‟S HOUSE, BACK PORCH - NIGHT Mr. Walden is sitting quietly in a rocking chair on his back porch calmly smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of whiskey. Nathan‟s notebook is sitting on a glass coffee table in front of him. He gently rocks back and forth and looks deep in thought. After a few moments he picks up the notebook and flips through the graphic drawings again. NATHAN (to himself) Nathan my boy, what are we going to do with you? What are we going to do with you?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAY - NATHAN‟S LOCKER The school bell rings and the hallway quickly fills up with students leaving their classrooms and heading to their lockers. The walls are filled with posters promoting the big dance that night. Nathan walks up to his locker almost tipping over due to the amount of books he‟s carrying. He struggles for a moment to open his locker and is finally successful. Four JOCKS wearing lettered jackets walk up to Nathan‟s locker and surround him. MARK, the most athletic, handsome guy of the bunch, approaches Nathan with a big smile. MARK Nathan. NATHAN Hi Mark. MARK You going to the big dance tonight? As Mark distracts him, his friend reaches into Nathan‟s locker and grabs his lunch. NATHAN Ohhh, I don‟t know. MARK You should, you should. I might even have a girl lined up for you. NATHAN You do? MARK Yeah, do you like retarded fat girls? NATHAN (confused) What?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MARK Yeah I mean she‟s not full blown retarded but she is pushing two bills. I figure she‟d be right up your alley. Nathan turns around and notices Mark‟s friend taking out his lunch. NATHAN Hey, what are you doing? Nathan tries to grab his lunch from the guy but he throws the brown bag over his head to Mark. When he approaches Mark, he throws the bag to another friend and the four of them start tossing the bag around, making Nathan the “monkey in the middle,” as he tries desperately to get his lunch back. Once it lands in his hands again, Mark opens the bag, grabs an apple out of it and takes a bite. Then he drops the bag on the floor and steps on it, smashing everything inside. Mark pats Nathan on the face then walks down the hallway with his three other friends. MARK Enjoy the day loser! MARK‟S FRIEND See you later bitch. BETHANY, a really attractive blonde, quickly rushes up to Nathan. With a caring expression on her face, she looks ready to console him. BETHANY Don‟t listen to those guys Nathan, they‟re just jerks. They can‟t help being who they are. NATHAN Yes they can, they‟re right I am a loser. No you‟re not. BETHANY You‟re a good guy!


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN You think so? BETHANY I sure do. NATHAN OK, will you dance with me if I go tonight? Bethany runs her fingers up Nathan‟s shirt. BETHANY I think I can make that happen…as long as you‟re gentle with me. NATHAN I will be, trust me. Bethany continues running her fingers along his chest then looks past Nathan and laughs out to the four jocks who have walked a few lockers down. BETHANY (laughs) OK, I can‟t do this anymore. I thought I could but I can‟t, it‟s too funny! NATHAN (confused) What? Mark shouts out down the hall to Bethany. Come on Bethany! MARK You can do it!


BETHANY (laughs) I can‟t, I just can‟t! Bethany starts walking away from Nathan and towards the four jocks. NATHAN What‟s going on?

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BETHANY Sorry I don‟t feel bad for you. are a loser.



Bethany high fives her four jock friends as they shout out in support of her. BETHANY Dream about me freak. Bethany turns her back to Nathan and shakes her ass. MARK‟S FRIEND I‟m sure he‟s going to do more than dream about you tonight. MARK Yeah enjoy masturbating to my girl, while I get the real thing tonight after the dance. Mark kisses his girlfriend, Bethany, then they walk off hand-in-hand down the hallway with his friends following. Nathan just stands by his locker sulking. NATHAN (to himself) We‟ll see who gets the last laugh, I will be going to the dance tonight. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE KITCHEN Nathan is making a sandwich in the kitchen when his mom enters and puts her tote bag down on the table. NATHAN‟S MOM (exhausted) What a day. I‟m exhausted, thank god the weekend‟s here. NATHAN Rough day? Rough week. NATHAN‟S MOM How was your day?

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN It was fine, nothing really interesting happened. NATHAN‟S MOM That‟s OK. So it‟s Friday night, you know what that means…dinner at Friendly‟s! What are you going to get tonight for desert, that cute little clown face sundae where they use Reese‟s Pieces for the eyes, nose and mouth? NATHAN Actually mom, I think I‟m going to the dance tonight. NATHAN‟S MOM (proudly) I‟m so happy! That‟s great!



NATHAN You don‟t mind? I mean we did have plans to go to Friendly‟s tonight. NATHAN‟S MOM Ohhh that‟s quite alright Nathan, we go to Friendly‟s every Friday night, it‟s OK if we take a rain check. NATHAN Are you sure? NATHAN‟S MOM Of course! This is great that you‟re going to the dance. Let‟s get you all spiffy so that all the girls will fight over you. NATHAN (laughs) Mom, the girls aren‟t going to fight over me. NATHAN‟S MOM Yes they will, you watch.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FIRST FLOOR BATHROOM Nathan‟s mom helps him get ready for the dance by fixing his hair, then handing him a perfectly pressed shirt to wear and finally helping him tie his tie. Once Nathan is fully dressed, his mom does one final touch up on his hair. NATHAN‟S MOM There…perfect. She takes a step back to admire how nicely she thinks Nathan looks. Nathan looks very clean cut in a Sears-type suit but he doesn‟t look hip at all, instead he looks like he‟s going to his First Communion. NATHAN‟S MOM Ohhhh, you look so handsome! Nathan‟s mom pinches his cheeks while he tries to swat her away. NATHAN Thanks mom…stop pinching my cheeks though! NATHAN‟S MOM I can‟t help it, you look so cute! Come, let‟s get you to the dance. Nathan and his mom walk out of the bathroom and into THE HALLWAY Suddenly, Nathan does an about face and heads for the staircase. NATHAN Oh mom, I need to grab something before we leave. Nathan runs up the stairs. NATHAN‟S MOM OK, hurry though, we‟re already running late.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan walks into his bedroom, grabs his backpack from the floor and puts it on his bed. Then he walks over to his dresser, gets down on his knees and starts digging through one of the drawers. After a few moments of rifling around, he takes out two handguns hidden under some clothes. He puts the guns down on the floor then opens another drawer and takes out a series of ammo clips hidden beneath a pile of clothes. Nathan picks up the guns and the ammo clips and walks back over to his bed, he unpacks his backpack and puts its‟ contents on his bed. Then he picks up one of the handguns and looks at it intensely. He strokes the barrel a couple times and runs his fingers along it. NATHAN‟S MOM (O.S.) Nathan, did you get lost or something? Let‟s go! NATHAN Coming mom! Nathan hurriedly packs his bag with the two handguns and the ammo clips, puts the backpack on his back and rushes out of the room. LIVING ROOM Nathan walks into the room where his mom is waiting for him. NATHAN‟S MOM What‟s with the backpack? NATHAN I‟m staying over my friend Billy‟s house tonight. I mean if that‟s OK with you. NATHAN‟S MOM That‟s perfectly fine with me. (MORE) Look at


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM (cont‟d) my little son, going to the school dance, sleeping over a friend‟s house, you‟re finally coming out of your shell. I‟m so proud of you! Nathan‟s mom kisses him on the cheek. NATHAN OK, OK, let‟s go. INT. – NATHAN‟S MOM‟S CAR – NIGHT On the drive to school, Nathan‟s mom is very talkative while Nathan just sits there, barely paying attention because he‟s so nervous. He looks aimlessly out the window concentrating hard on nothing in particular. NATHAN‟S MOM I‟m so excited that you‟re going to the dance…you look so adorable tonight…I wonder who will be the lucky girl to get the first dance with you…How about that girl Sally, you know that cute little blonde that lives down the street… she‟s cute, I like her. Or how about Molly, I‟m really good friends with her mother…maybe you can befriend her tonight and I can put in a good word for you with her mom when I see her next week at church. She looks over to Nathan and notices him staring out into the distance. NATHAN‟S MOM (cont‟d) Earth to Nathan…are you there? That‟s OK, I understand you must be nervous. It‟ll be fine, you‟re going to have a great time. It‟s natural to be nervous, but you‟ll be comfortable once you get that first dance under your belt. So what kind of music are the kids listening to now? In my day, it was a lot of soft rock from the „70s, like Lionel Richie. Ohhh and the BeeGees, I loved the BeeGees. They just don‟t make good music like that anymore, it‟s (MORE)


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM (cont‟d) all a mess now…I don‟t understand hiphop, what is that? It‟s not music, I can tell you that. And these kids making music these days, where‟s the talent? Everyone thinks they can sing, everyone is a singer now. Well you know what? That‟s not true. The car pulls up to the front of the high school. NATHAN‟S MOM Well here we are at the school. So, your dad and I are going on a nice little dinner date tonight, but if you have any problems give me a call or text. OK? Nathan remains silent. NATHAN‟S MOM OK, get going. Show them that you can dance like Michael Jackson. Nathan grabs his backpack and gets out of the car. He just stands there and stares at the large school building in front of him as his mom drives off. He slowly walks up the steps that lead to the front entrance. INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL GYM Nathan enters the crowded gym and surveys the scene – most STUDENTS are dancing in the middle having a good time, while several other students are hanging out in small groups around the perimeter. He looks out of place dressed in his cheap suit while everyone else, even the TEACHER CHAPERONES, are dressed in more stylish clothes. Mr. Walden notices Nathan enter from the far side of the gym. After a few moments, Nathan turns around and walks out of the gym and into the


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese HALLWAY Nathan walks down a long, quiet hallway and heads to the BATHROOM Where he sets his backpack on the counter and splashes some water in his face to relax. After that he stares at himself in the mirror for a few moments then fixes his already perfectly combed hair. Next he takes out his handguns, methodically loading them both with a clip of ammo and sticking the guns in his waistband. Finally he zips up his bag and puts it on back. He takes a deep breath then walks slowly of the bathroom and back into the HALLWAY Nathan walks slowly down the long, quiet, empty hallway, he‟s sweating profusely. He is also almost frozen with fear as he knows he‟s just a few seconds away from shooting up the gym filled with students. Nathan grabs the guns in his waistband a couple times while he‟s walking down the hall to make sure they‟re secured. Just as he gets to the gym door and reaches out for the handle, prepared for his final act; Mr. Walden walks out. MR. WALDEN Ahhh, Nathan, there you are, I was hoping to find you. Nathan quickly buttons his sports jacket in order to hide his guns. NATHAN (surprised) Mr. Walden…h-hi. MR. WALDEN Why are you all sweaty? NATHAN (nervously) I guess it‟s a little hot in here.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN Nathan, walk with me. Mr. Walden puts his arm around Nathan and guides him back down the hallway. MR. WALDEN I saw you step out from the gym a few minutes ago. I was hoping that I‟d be able to run into you before you got back. NATHAN Why‟s that sir? MR. WALDEN I want to talk to you in private. NATHAN About what? MR. WALDEN Let‟s get to my classroom first, then we‟ll talk. The two continue walking down the hallway. MR. WALDEN Are you enjoying the dance? NATHAN I don‟t know sir, I just got here. MR. WALDEN Well I‟m glad you made it out. I think this is the first dance I‟ve seen you at. NATHAN It is sir. MR. WALDEN What made you come out? NATHAN I don‟t know, I guess I just wanted to see what one was like.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN Well OK, I won‟t keep you too long as I‟d like to get you back to the dance so you can actually start enjoying it. The two walk up to a classroom, Mr. Walden opens the door and they both walk in. MR. WALDEN‟S CLASSROOM MR. WALDEN Come sit down. Mr. Walden leads Nathan to a desk in the front row. MR. WALDEN Nathan, do you have any idea why I called you into my classroom right now? NATHAN No sir. Mr. Walden walks over to his desk, reaches into a drawer, takes out Nathan‟s notebook and drops it in front of him. MR. WALDEN Do you care to explain this? Nathan just looks at the notebook sitting in front of him, mortified that it ended up in his teacher‟s hands. NATHAN (naively) It‟s my notebook. MR. WALDEN It is. Care to take a look at what‟s inside it? NATHAN (nervously) No. Mr. Walden starts flipping through the notebook slowly. The first half of it is filled with harmless notes and complex formulas from math class, which leads into the second half that is filled with page after page of


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese elaborate drawings featuring macabre violence – mass killings, terrorism, explosions. Nathan just sits there speechless. MR. WALDEN This is pretty gruesome stuff. NATHAN How did you get this? MR. WALDEN You dropped it in my classroom the other day. NATHAN Why didn‟t you give it back to me then? MR. WALDEN I didn‟t find it until you were down the hallway. NATHAN You know you had no right to go through my stuff. This is private, you invaded my privacy! MR. WALDEN You‟re right, it was a mistake, but it‟s a mistake I‟m glad I made. (pause) You want to talk to me? NATHAN Not really. Mr. Walden sits on a desktop next to Nathan to get more comfortable. MR. WALDEN Come on Nathan, I told you before, you can talk to me, my door is always open. NATHAN I don‟t think you‟d understand. MR. WALDEN I was a teenager before, try me.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I hate school. MR. WALDEN Most kids your age do. Call it a necessary evil, something you have to do in order to secure a good future for yourself. NATHAN Yeah, most kids hate school but they still manage to have fun while they‟re stuck in here. I don‟t. MR. WALDEN Why‟s that? NATHAN I can‟t go more than one period without getting made fun of. MR. WALDEN Kids can be cruel, especially at this age. NATHAN You know I used to stand in front of my bathroom mirror every morning and tell myself that this was the day that I will get a girlfriend, that this is finally the day that I won‟t get made fun of. I feel so stupid now looking back at that, I was just so naïve. I really believed for some reason that things were going to magically change one day even though I wasn‟t changing at all. And I wasn‟t even wishing to be cool, I just wanted to blend in. In actuality, being a nobody made me a somebody. Unfortunately it was a somebody in a bad way. I‟m tired of people picking on me. Mr. Walden points at one of the graphic drawings depicting a teenager shooting up a classroom filled with students. MR. WALDEN And do you think this is the answer?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I don‟t know, maybe. MR. WALDEN Maybe? NATHAN At least they‟d stop picking on me, one way or the other. Some would be dead and the ones that survive would finally respect me. MR. WALDEN That‟s a screwed up way of looking at life, you don‟t really believe that, do you? NATHAN I don‟t know what I believe anymore. MR. WALDEN This really is some serious stuff you‟re drawing. NATHAN What do you want from me, I‟m angry. I didn‟t used to be, but I am now. MR. WALDEN Well at least you have a creative outlet to get your aggression out, and thankfully they‟re just drawings at this point. But I‟m afraid that they might become something more. So what now? principal? NATHAN Are you going to tell the


MR. WALDEN Honestly Nathan, after looking through this notebook, I should do more than tell the principal. I should go to the authorities, the police. These drawings shouldn‟t be taken lightly. Nathan, worried that he might get into serious trouble, discreetly reaches into his jacket and puts his hand on one

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese of his guns, seemingly contemplating shooting the teacher and escaping. NATHAN I don‟t think you need to go to the police, they‟re just harmless drawings. MR. WALDEN Maybe so, but they could also be a cry for help and if this cry for help isn‟t taken seriously by someone then these drawings can turn into actions, violent actions. NATHAN So you‟re going to tell the cops? MR. WALDEN Nathan, I agonized over this all last night with my wife, thinking about what I should do, what my responsibilities are to ensure the safety and security of not just you but all the other students here in this school as well. Even the bad ones that constantly make fun of you. (pause) You‟re such a good, sweet kid. This isn‟t you. NATHAN I didn‟t think it was me either. just got fed up. I


MR. WALDEN Understandable… (points to the notebook) …But this isn‟t the answer. If you turn these drawings into action, your life is over. You‟ll either be dead or in jail for the rest of your life. You have a big future ahead of you, don‟t ruin it. NATHAN I‟m not so sure I have a big future in front of me.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN You do. NATHAN But my grades… MR. WALDEN (interrupts) You can get them up with no problem. NATHAN I guess. (pause) So what are you going to do? MR. WALDEN I‟m not going to the authorities Nathan, hell I won‟t even go to the principal, even though I should. After hearing this, Nathan takes his hand off his gun. MR. WALDEN (cont‟d) With that said, I‟m taking a huge risk on you by not going to the police. So you have to do something for me. NATHAN What‟s that? MR. WALDEN Forgetting for a second about the content of these drawings, the fact remains that you have some serious talent. How long have you been drawing for? NATHAN Ever since kindergarten. Granted I‟ve been drawing pretty nice nature scenes and landscapes for most of my life, the violent depictions are something new for me. Mr. Walden gets up, walks over to his desk and takes a pamphlet out from one of the drawers. MR. WALDEN I think you should use this creative outlet for good.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He then places the pamphlet on the desktop in front of Nathan and sits back down next to him. MR. WALDEN I want you to enroll in this special art program that‟s held up at the community college. Curious, Nathan picks up the pamphlet and starts looking through it. NATHAN Art program? MR. WALDEN Yes, it‟s one of the top programs in the state for high school students. It‟s pretty intensive, three days after school and Saturdays each week. It‟d look great on a college application and if you complete this you‟d be almost guaranteed to make it into a prestigious college art program, like Cal Arts or RISD. NATHAN How did you find out about this? MR. WALDEN I want to help you out, I really do, so I did some quick, intensive research last night on my computer. I found out about this program and I stopped up at college today during my lunch break to chat with the program director. It sounds really good. NATHAN (surprised) You did all of that for me? MR. WALDEN I sure did Nathan. NATHAN Nobody‟s really done anything for me, ever.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN I told you I care. That wasn‟t lip service. Nathan looks through the pamphlet again. NATHAN At least this will give me something to do after school, I guess. MR. WALDEN Nathan, this could very well be the beginning of your future. NATHAN You think so? MR. WALDEN Sure. (pause) So will you enroll in this? Nathan continues to flip through the pamphlet while contemplating the answer. NATHAN (smiles) Yes, yes I will! MR. WALDEN Great. You‟re in luck, the next program session starts next weekend and runs for three months. Next weekend? to enroll? NATHAN Do I even have enough time


MR. WALDEN Don‟t worry, I already enrolled you with the program director this afternoon. NATHAN You did? MR. WALDEN I figured you‟d come around and understand this would be in your best interest.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Sneaky Mr. Walden. MR. WALDEN I know. Nathan continues to look through the pamphlet. NATHAN This looks expensive though. I‟m not sure my parents will want to pay for this. MR. WALDEN Don‟t worry about that either. I had a heart to heart talk with the director and he agreed to give you a full scholarship. NATHAN He did? MR. WALDEN Yes. NATHAN Why? MR. WALDEN Let‟s just say he was willing to help out a troubled, yet intelligent, student in need. NATHAN I‟ve never really felt the need to thank anyone for anything…but thank you Mr. Walden that was really nice of you. You didn‟t have to do this. MR. WALDEN Hey, it was my pleasure. (points at his notebook) You just need to promise me that these kind of drawings will stop for good. Go back to drawing pretty little trees and cows in pastures. NATHAN I will sir, I promise.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN Good because I‟ll be watching you and if I see another one of these drawings then I will not only go to the principal, but I will go to the authorities too. NATHAN I know. MR. WALDEN Good. Don‟t make me regret this decision. Instead, make me proud. Mr. Walden picks up the notebook, rips out all the violent drawings and throws them into the trash can. NATHAN (confused) My drawings. MR. WALDEN I‟m sure we can both agree that it‟s not a good idea to have these laying around. NATHAN You‟re right. MR. WALDEN Come, let‟s go back to the dance. Both of them stand up and head over to the door. NATHAN Actually I think I‟m just going to go home. MR. WALDEN Are you sure? It looks fun out there. They‟re playing some great music. The two of them walk out into the HALLWAY NATHAN Yeah, I don‟t feel much like dancing anymore.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. WALDEN OK, understandable. The two of them approach an exit door to the outside. MR. WALDEN (cont‟d) Are you going to call your mother to pick you up? NATHAN No she‟s at dinner with my dad, I‟m just going to walk home. MR. WALDEN OK, I‟ll see you on Monday morning, enjoy your weekend. NATHAN You too Mr. Walden. Nathan walks outside while Mr. Walden remains in the hallway watching him walk off into the distance. EXT. – WOODED AREA CLOSE TO SCHOOL – NIGHT While walking home, Nathan passes a very wooded area alongside a one-lane road. He walks a few feet into the pitch dark woods that‟s lit only by the moon above, takes out his two handguns, unloads them and separately tosses the guns and clips far into the woods. NATHAN And that‟s that. Once he sees them land, Nathan walks out of the woods and continues walking down the barely lit, quiet road. EXT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS – DAY Nathan‟s mom pulls up in front of a large building on a sprawling college campus. INT. – NATHAN‟S MOM‟S CAR NATHAN‟S MOM You have your pencils?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Yep. NATHAN‟S MOM Erasers, don‟t forget you need erasers. NATHAN Yes mom, I have them. NATHAN‟S MOM OK, well, have fun. I‟m really happy that you decided to do this, I think it‟ll be great for your development. I owe that Mr. Walden a fruit basket or something for getting through to you. Nathan opens the door and gets out of the car. NATHAN See you later. NATHAN‟S MOM I‟ll be here at 3p sharp to pick you up. EXT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS – DAY As Nathan‟s mom drives away, he starts climbing up the many steps that lead to the entrance of the main building. INT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE, ART CLASS Nathan enters the art room which is filled with easels, paintings on the wall, a kiln and other assorted art materials. There are only a handful of students already in the room so he surveys the scene and takes a seat at a workstation in the middle of the room. As Nathan settles into his seat and unpacks his art supplies from his backpack, BRIDGET, an adorable, petite girl with strawberry blonde hair, enters the room. She also surveys the scene before walking up to Nathan‟s workstation, which has an empty seat at it. Excuse me. BRIDGET Is anyone sitting here?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Nathan‟s eyes light up at her unique beauty, she definitely looks like an “art girl.” NATHAN Ummm, yeah sure. I mean, no, no one‟s sitting here. He‟s immediately smitten as he hurriedly moves his art supplies to his side of the workstation. BRIDGET Do you mind if I sit? NATHAN Yes, please. Bridget takes a seat and settles in, she also takes out her art supplies and places them methodically on the table in front of her. BRIDGET (bubbly) Hi, I‟m Bridget. Bridget enthusiastically reaches out her hand to shake Nathan‟s. NATHAN (nervously) Hi, I‟m Nathan. Instinctively, Nathan puts his guard up and is afraid that Bridget might start picking on him. NATHAN (cont‟d) (worriedly) Are you going to make fun of me now? BRIDGET (confused) What? NATHAN Ohhh nothing. BRIDGET So where do you go to school?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I‟m a junior at Cedar Heights High. How about you? BRIDGET I‟m a junior at Montclair High. NATHAN (awkwardly) So we‟re both juniors, cool. BRIDGET (smiles) Yeah it is. NATHAN So what brings you here? BRIDGET I like art. NATHAN I should‟ve realized that. find this program though? How did you


BRIDGET My mom. She actually works here at the college. I‟ve always been big into art – drawing, painting, sculpting – so she thought this program would be good for my college applications. I want to be a famous painter, like a female Picasso. How about you, why are you here? NATHAN One of my teachers thought this would be good for me, that it‟d help me get out of my shell. I don‟t know if you‟ve been able to pick up on this yet but I‟m a little awkward…or so I‟ve been told. BRIDGET Don‟t listen to other people. you‟re cute. Nathan lights up. I think

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN You do?!? BRIDGET Yeah, in an awkward kind of way. Bridget laughs playfully as Nathan just sits there, not knowing how to react. She grabs his arm and shakes it to show that she was just playing around. Relax! BRIDGET I‟m just kidding.


After a few moments, Nathan breaks into a smile then a full on laugh. The ART TEACHER, a trendy-looking hipster in her midthirties, enters the room. ART TEACHER Good morning class and welcome to your first day of an intensive three month art program. Class is four times a week and attendance is mandatory. I‟ll need you to notified me in advance if you‟re going to miss a class. You miss more than three classes without a valid excuse then you will not get credit for the class. Bridget leans over and whispers to Nathan. NATHAN Wow, she‟s tough. NATHAN (whispers) I know, but that‟s OK, I don‟t plan to be absent. I don‟t have anything else to do, ever. BRIDGET (laughs) You‟re silly.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ART TEACHER (cont‟d) This is a serious program and it‟s for serious students. Any questions? The art teacher looks around the room waiting for questions but there are none so she continues. ART TEACHER OK, let‟s jump right into it then. I don‟t like to teach art in a vacuum, so I‟d like everyone to partner up with someone. There will be some projects that you‟ll work together on, it‟ll teach you the value of teamwork, which is sorely missing in a lot of art projects. Then there will be solo projects that you work on, however you‟ll work with your partner on the evaluation of these projects. Constructive criticism will make you a stronger artist and it‟ll probably help make your skin a little thicker. Having thick skin will help you keep your sanity if you choose art as a career path, which I hope you will since you‟re in this program. Working with a partner on the evaluation will also help you develop articulation skills, another crucial part in your development as an artist. If you can intelligently explain your art and what you were thinking when you made it, then you‟ll gain more fans who can truly appreciate you as an artist. So go ahead, partner up. Bridget turns to Nathan. BRIDGET Would you like to be my partner? NATHAN Are you sure you want to be mine? BRIDGET Of course, you look fun. be a good time. I bet you‟ll


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN I‟d really like to be your partner then. BRIDGET Good! After everyone finishes partnering up with someone, and moving their seats, the art teacher speaks up. She grabs a vase from behind the desk and puts it on a table in front of the room to showcase it. ART TEACHER OK class, your first assignment is a simple one. I‟d like each of you to draw your interpretation of this vase. NATHAN OK, this looks pretty easy. BRIDGET Deceptively easy maybe. There‟s a lot we can do with shading, lighting and composition. Not to mention, we can get really creative with this. NATHAN What do you mean? BRIDGET Well maybe I see something more than a vase here, maybe I see a scene. NATHAN What kind of scene? BRIDGET I don‟t know, maybe I see a man coming home on his wedding anniversary giving a vase filled with a dozen red roses to a very appreciative wife who is crying in joy after seeing the love of her life greeting her with flowers. Maybe that‟s what I see. NATHAN (amazed) Wow, you‟re really good at this.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET I told you, I like art. NATHAN I think maybe I‟ll just stick with drawing a simple vase. BRIDGET Suit yourself, but don‟t be afraid to open your mind. NATHAN Is that a challenge? BRIDGET You can take that for whatever you think it is. NATHAN I take that as a challenge. I accept your challenge. BRIDGET Oh, you do, do you? NATHAN Yes. I bet my drawing will be more unique than yours. BRIDGET You‟re on. No peeking though, you have to do this yourself. MONTAGE of Bridget and Nathan working independently on their art projects but also laughing with each other and joking around. Bridget looks like she‟s genuinely enjoying Nathan‟s company. Towards the end of class, the art teacher addresses the students. ART TEACHER OK class, time to wrap it up. Why don‟t you take a few minutes to discuss your drawing with your partner. Bridget, all smiles, excitedly turns to Nathan. OK Bridget,


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET OK, what do you got? NATHAN You first. BRIDGET Nah, I asked you first. NATHAN Should we show ours at the same time? BRIDGET OK. Both of them brace to turn around their drawing so the other one can see it. BRIDGET One. NATHAN Two. BRIDGET Three. They reveal their drawings to each other. BRIDGET OK, explain yours. NATHAN I went a little bit morbid which, if you knew me better, you‟d completely understand. The vase is actually an urn, sitting on someone‟s mantel in their living room, by a baby grand piano. I was thinking that the ashes would belong to the homeowner‟s mother. Bridget spends a few moments to take the drawing in, then she shakes her head in approval. BRIDGET You‟re weird Nathan.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (sadly) I get that a lot. BRIDGET (backtracking) Ohh no, in a good way. You‟re unique. I like that. NATHAN OK, what about yours? Tell me about your drawing. BRIDGET You can‟t tell what it is? Nathan looks at Bridget‟s drawing a little harder. NATHAN The girl in the picture definitely looks like you, so you drew a self-portrait. BRIDGET Yes, but there‟s someone else in the picture. Do you know who that is? Nathan looks at the drawing even harder. NATHAN Not sure. BRIDGET (laughs) It‟s you silly! I drew a picture of you and me at our workstation drawing, with the vase sitting between us in the background. NATHAN (surprised) You drew a picture of me? No one has ever drawn a picture of me, well at least one that didn‟t have a penis going into my mouth or someone‟s foot kicking my groin. BRIDGET (confused) What?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Nothing. BRIDGET Ohhh, I get it, that was a joke. (laughs) That was funny! Bridget is clearly smitten with Nathan now as she just gazes into his eyes while he sits there awkwardly. EXT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS – DAY Bridget and Nathan walk out of the main building with the other students at the end of class. At the bottom of the steps Bridget walks over to a bike rack off to the side of the stairways. BRIDGET So how are you getting home? NATHAN My mom is picking me up? You? How are you getting home? I‟m sure my mom could drop you off if you needed a ride. Bridget walks over to her bike, grabs her helmet and puts it on. BRIDGET Thanks for the offer, but I rode my bike here. NATHAN I wish I knew how to ride a bike? BRIDGET You don‟t know how to ride a bike? NATHAN No. Bridget gets on her bike, ready to pedal off. BRIDGET Well maybe one day I‟ll teach you. NATHAN I‟d like that.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET It was a pleasure meeting you today Nathan. Bridget extends her hand to shake Nathan‟s. NATHAN You too Bridget. BRIDGET I‟ll see you next week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Bridget slowly rides off on her bike. BRIDGET Ohhh yeah and try to draw something a little more upbeat next time. No one likes a Donald Downer. NATHAN OK, I will. BRIDGET See you later friend. With a big smile on his face, Nathan gives her a big, awkward wave and watches her ride off. Bridget laughs at his goofy wave good-bye. Once she‟s far into the distance, Nathan notices that his mom has driven up to the front of the building and she‟s beeping her horn. He snaps out of his daze and skips enthusiastically to his mom‟s car. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE DINING ROOM Nathan, his parents and his sister JESSICA, home from college for the weekend, are sitting around the table eating dinner. NATHAN‟S MOM So, Nathan how was your first day in the art program?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN It was good. (smiles) I met a girl. NATHAN‟S MOM (excitedly) You did?!? That‟s so great! NATHAN‟S DAD (cynically) This isn‟t another imaginary friend like the last time, is it? NATHAN No dad she‟s real. NATHAN‟S DAD Real ugly probably. Nathan‟s mom disapprovingly slaps her husband on the wrist. NATHAN‟S MOM Harold, is that really necessary? Your boy has taken an interest in a girl, isn‟t this what you wanted? You should be happy and you should be encouraging Nathan. NATHAN You‟re right. (looks at Nathan) Nathan, I‟m really happy for you. NATHAN‟S MOM So, what‟s her name? NATHAN Bridget and she goes to Montclair High, she‟s a junior just like me. NATHAN‟S MOM This all sounds promising. NATHAN We‟ll see. She‟s my partner in class so we‟ll have to work together on a lot of projects.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN‟S MOM This is great, this is great! You guys are going to work together, get to know each other really well, you‟ll fall in love, get married, have kids. I‟m going to be a grandmother! NATHAN (laughs embarrassingly) Mom! Slow down! I just met her today. You already have us getting hitched. NATHAN‟S DAD Yeah, wait for him to scare her away. Nathan‟s mom hits her husband on the wrist again. NATHAN‟S MOM Harold, stop. My baby isn‟t going to scare her away, he likes her! NATHAN Mooom, I don‟t know if I like her yet. I just met her today. JESSICA Ohhh come on, you like her. Why else would you mention that you met her today if you didn‟t like her? NATHAN OK, fine, I like her…a little. JESSICA Well play it cool. You don‟t want to look too desperate. NATHAN But I am. JESSICA I know that, but she doesn‟t. You don‟t want to appear too desperate, it turns girls off. Just like guys don‟t like girls that are too needy. NATHAN I like any type of girls. Basically if they talk to me, I‟ll like them.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JESSICA (jokingly) Beggars can‟t be choosers, right? NATHAN Hey! Jessica playfully slaps him on the arm. JESSICA I‟m just kidding, bro! Jessica puts her arm around his shoulder. JESSICA I‟m proud of you kid. I hope everything works out with this girl. NATHAN‟S MOM And I hope she‟s a good girl too. NATHAN I think she is, at least she seems like she is. JESSICA See what happens when I make a weekend visit from college? Nathan falls in love! I should come home more often. Nathan, his face covered with a broad smile, is loving the positive attention he‟s getting from his family. JESSICA Let‟s go to the mall after dinner Nathan and find you a nice shirt that you can wear to impress this lovely lady. NATHAN OK! JESSICA It‟ll also give me an excuse to go shopping too.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LATER ON IN NATHAN‟S BEDROOM Nathan is sitting in the dark at night playing on his computer before bed. He‟s on a website researching top art colleges. Suddenly, an AIM box pops up from “ArtChick083094” asking to become his buddy. Nathan accepts and a text box pops up: “Hi it‟s Bridget, whatchu doing?” Nathan responds: “Hi Bridget, I‟m not doing anything, just sitting in my bedroom watching TV before bed. What are you doing?” Bridget types: “Just eating an ice cream sandwich, watching re-runs of the Golden Girls.” Nathan types: “Ohh that‟s cool…I like ice cream sandwiches, they‟re tasty.” Bridget types: “Yeah, another slow Saturday night for me. I can‟t really say I‟m one of the popular girls in school. I think I‟m a little too unique to be popular. LOL!” Nathan types: “I know what you mean.” Bridget types: “Do you usually do a lot of things on Saturday night?” Nathan types: “No, not really. I mean unless I go out to dinner with my parents. But that‟s usually it.” Bridget types: “Well maybe one day we can hang out and do something on a Saturday night…that is if we can find a date that‟ll work for both of us. LOL!” Nathan types: “That would be nice. open.” As I said, I‟m usually


Bridget types: “Well I just wanted to say hi and get you on my buddy list so that we can talk whenever. I gotta go now, good night!” Nathan types: “Good night to you too!” Nathan logs off his computer and climbs into his bed. For the first night in a very long time, he lays in bed with a giant smile on his face. He‟s completely satisfied.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – NATHAN‟S HIGH SCHOOL GYM A disinterested-looking Nathan standing by himself in gym class immediately gets hit in the head hard by a fast flying red ball during a game of dodgeball. NATHAN Son-of-a… Stunned, Nathan stumbles around in a daze when suddenly he‟s hit by four, five, six balls that are flung hard at him. The same gym class bully that pushed him down a hill before picks up a ball and throws it at Nathan‟s head. GYM CLASS BULLY Come on, aim more for the head! Am I the only one that can do this?!? Tired of Nathan‟s classmates excessively picking on him, the Gym Teacher blows his whistle to make them stop. GYM TEACHER OK, calm down everyone! He gets the point, he‟s out! Still dazed, Nathan finally falls to the ground. GYM TEACHER Come on Nathan, don‟t be a drama queen. Get to the sidelines and take a seat. Nathan stands up and gingerly makes his way over to the sidelines. Laughing, the gym class bully huddles up with a few of his fellow teammates and players from the other team, both guys and girls, in the middle of the gym to discuss something. GYM TEACHER OK everyone, back to the game. With that everyone takes their position. The gym teacher blows the whistle to start the action again.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Everyone runs to the middle of the gym from their respective side to pick up a ball then, when they all have one, they abruptly stop, turn towards Nathan and throw their balls right at him. He tries to block some of the balls but it doesn‟t help, he gets pelted hard repeatedly even though he is minding his business on the sideline. ENGLISH CLASSROOM Nathan is sitting towards the back of the room while Mr. Walden is standing in front addressing the class. MR. WALDEN For the past few weeks we‟ve concentrated on newer books from the 20th century, now we‟re going to go a little farther back in history and read one of my personal favorites. He picks up a book from his desk and shows it to the class. MR. WALDEN (cont‟d) Charles Dickens‟ “A Tale of Two Cities.” The first page does a great job in setting up the book…the stark differences between the two locations, England and France. (pause) Do we have a volunteer to stand up in front of the room and read the first page aloud? He looks around the room but no one raises their hand, so he picks a student randomly. MR. WALDEN James, come on up and read the first page. JAMES, an average-looking male student, sheepishly tries to hide behind his book to avoid being picked. No such luck though. MR. WALDEN Come on James, come on up here.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese James slowly stands up and walks to the front of the room. He takes the book from Mr. Walden and prepares himself to read in front of the class. JAMES (nervously) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… As James begins to read, Nathan quietly opens his notebook and continues working on a half-drawn portrait of Bridget that he‟s been doing from memory. JAMES (cont‟d) (nervously) …it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredible… Mr. Walden begins to walk around the room. MR. WALDEN (interrupts) Try that word again. JAMES Incred-incred-incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness… Mr. Walden quietly walks behind Nathan and sees him drawing a picture of a girl so he leans down and whispers to him. MR. WALDEN Nice picture. Startled, Nathan quickly covers up the picture to hide the fact that he‟s doodling during class. MR. WALDEN (whispers) Don‟t worry, it‟s OK. I like the tone of that one much better than your old ones. Mr. Walden continues walking around the classroom.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JAMES (cont‟d) …it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us… A tough guy-looking BULLY, sitting directly behind Nathan in the last row of class, leans over his desk to whisper in his ear. ENGLISH CLASS BULLY Your mother‟s a whore. Nathan tries to brush him off but the bully doesn‟t flinch. ENGLISH CLASS BULLY (cont‟d) (whispers) No seriously, your mother‟s a whore. She went down on me last night. I have the bite marks on my dick to prove it. Next time tell that bitch not to wear so much lipstick, I had to take two showers, and I had to scrub really hard to get that shit off my balls. Thank god your sister was there to help me. JAMES (cont‟d) …we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way… The bully‟s friend sitting next to him decides to get in on the act of picking on Nathan. ENGLISH CLASS BULLY #2 (whispers) Wait, you had his mom last night? I had her yesterday morning. After she dropped Nathan off at school, she texted me and asked to meet her on the 50-yard line. She gave me the best ride of my life…in broad daylight. Dirty little whore. ENGLISH CLASS BULLY Yeah, she is a dirty whore. The bully pushes Nathan‟s head hard then sits back in his seat, Mr. Walden doesn‟t notice any of this.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JAMES (cont‟d) …in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. Nathan continues working on his drawing of Bridget. INT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS, ART CLASSROOM Nathan and Bridget are getting settled into their workstation at the same time. BRIDGET How‟s it going Nate? NATHAN Nate? BRIDGET Yeah, I‟ve decided to give you a nickname. I like Nate. What do you think about it? NATHAN (thinking) I like it. Nate, yeah I can get used to it. Good. BRIDGET So how was your day today Nate? NATHAN It was school.


Ahhh, you know.

BRIDGET What does that mean? NATHAN Let‟s just say today was a good day because I was only made fun of twice. BRIDGET Do you get made fun of a lot? NATHAN Sadly, yes.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET That sucks. NATHAN Do you think any less of me? BRIDGET Absolutely not. I think a little less of your fellow classmates at Cedar Heights though. NATHAN You do? BRIDGET Of course. Look, I don‟t know you that well yet, but you don‟t seem like the type of guy that should be getting made fun of unprovoked. NATHAN Thanks, that‟s awfully kind of you to say. BRIDGET I told my mom about you the other day. NATHAN You did? Why? BRIDGET I just wanted her to know that I met a nice kid. She‟s always on my case, asking me when I‟m going to meet a nice boy. So I told her I just did last weekend. NATHAN (smiles) That‟s funny because I told my parents that I met you too. BRIDGET Oh yeah, you did? NATHAN Yeah, same reason too. I just wanted to let them know that I met a nice girl.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET You think I‟m a nice girl? NATHAN Ohhh yes, yes I do. BRIDGET (smiles) Thank you. The art teacher enters the classroom, puts her several bags down by the desk and immediately gets into the day‟s assignment. ART TEACHER Good afternoon class, let‟s jump right into it, shall we? Today I‟d like everyone to think about a simple pleasure in life, you‟re simple pleasure. What basic thing or idea gives you happiness in life? OK, once you have that simple pleasure in your head I want you to convey that through art. It could be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, computer animation, heck it could even be through Paper Mache. It‟s a pretty straightforward, open-ended assignment. Any questions? The teacher looks around the room but no one has a question. ART TEACHER OK, get to work then. NATHAN (turns to Bridget) This is tough. So many possibilities. BRIDGET I know. It‟s these open-ended projects that are the most difficult. We can do anything. I usually like to be more focused, given much more direction then I use my creativity to build something off of that.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (thinking) Hmmmm, simple pleasures, a simple pleasure. What‟s your simple pleasure? Good question. pleasures. BRIDGET I have a lot of simple


NATHAN Like ice cream sandwiches. BRIDGET (laughs) Yes, like ice cream sandwiches…and fresh cut grass, a cute little puppy or a rainy day during the Spring. NATHAN I like rainy days too…but then again that‟s probably because it gives me an excuse not to leave the house. BRIDGET Ohhh, that‟s sad. NATHAN Not really, I like my house. BRIDGET How about you, what‟s your simple pleasure? NATHAN I don‟t know…maybe my TV. doesn‟t talk back to me. BRIDGET Interesting. NATHAN I also like conversation…when it‟s not mean-spirited. Ohhh and I like to read… Bridget is looking at him with puppy dog eyes and suddenly decides to interrupt him. At least it

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET There‟s an art gallery downtown that‟s having a special exhibit of a local artists‟ work this weekend. I‟ve been following him for a while, he‟s really cool. NATHAN Oh yeah? BRIDGET Yeah, he‟s the one that does those weird stencil drawings around the mall parking lot. Nobody‟s supposed to know that he‟s the guy responsible, but I do. NATHAN I like those drawings. Very unique. BRIDGET So do you want to go with me? NATHAN What, to the mall? BRIDGET (laughs) No, jeez you‟re going to make this difficult for me, aren‟t you? NATHAN I don‟t mean to. BRIDGET Would you like to go to the art gallery exhibit with me this weekend? Saturday night perhaps? NATHAN (smiles) I‟d love to! BRIDGET Great, so it‟s a date! NATHAN It is?


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET Well yeah. (pause) OK come on, we have to do our project now. We have to think about what we want to do. Nathan is still in a dazed over being asked out on his first date. NATHAN I don‟t know if I can concentrate, I‟m so excited. I have a date! Nathan waves his hand to cool himself down. BRIDGET Think about how I feel! I was so nervous this whole afternoon because I was thinking about asking you out to this exhibit. NATHAN Why were you nervous? BRIDGET I didn‟t know if you‟d say yes or not. NATHAN I would‟ve said yes a thousand times over. BRIDGET (sighs) Ahhh, that‟s so sweet. (playfully taps his hand) Come on, enough stalling, we have to do some work now! The Art Teacher walks over to their workstation and sees that they haven‟t made any progress. ART TEACHER OK kids, socializing hour is over now, get to work. You‟re here to make art, not to become best friends, so make some art!


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Yes, Miss Anderson. Bridget gets to work on sketching out her project as the art teacher walks away. BRIDGET So do you know what you‟re going to do yet? NATHAN Besides pass out from excitement? BRIDGET I‟ve got some ideas. Bridget picks up a pencil from the table and gives it to Nathan to encourage him. BRIDGET Here, come on, just start drawing something. It‟ll get your creative juices flowing. NATHAN OK. As Nathan takes the pencil from Bridget, she very briefly and gently rubs her index finger along his hand. It‟s so brief that Nathan doesn‟t even notice her quiet flirtatious gesture. Nathan begins working on the sketch for his project. NATHAN Are you going to sculpt something? BRIDGET Nah, I‟m more of a painter than a sculptor. I mean I like sculpting and all but I love painting, so I‟m going to paint. Did you figure out how you‟re going to do your project? NATHAN I like to draw. That‟s usually my outlet. I‟m not good with paint, I‟m like a messy Jackson Pollock. No.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET (smiles) You‟re funny. NATHAN I don‟t mean to be. BRIDGET Nate, just take your compliment and be happy. Both of them fall silent as they concentrate on drawing their sketches. LATER ON The art teacher walks to the front of the room to get everyone‟s attention. ART TEACHER OK class, time is up. We‟re going to do something different today. Today, you will come up to the front of the class and very simply, very quickly, tell everyone your simple pleasure and show how you chose to express it. She looks around the room then picks Nathan to go first. ART TEACHER (cont‟d) Nathan, why don‟t you start off? NATHAN Do I have to? ART TEACHER Yes, I‟m not asking you, I‟m telling you. Come up here. Nathan slowly lumbers up to the front of the room with his drawing. ART TEACHER Remember, keep it short and sweet. I want the emotion to come out of your art, not your words.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN My simple pleasure is comic books. I like comic books because for an hour, or for however long it takes me to read one, they take me out of real life and put me into this imaginary world where I can pretend to be anyone or anything. It‟s a great escape for me, at least for a little while, in an otherwise tough existence. Nathan turns his pad around to show the class his detailed drawing of five comic book heroes – Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Batman and Captain America. Superman is front and center in the middle of the drawing, much larger than the other comic book characters that flank him on either side. NATHAN (cont‟d) So I drew a collage of my favorite comic book characters – Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Batman and Captain America. I would‟ve drawn more but I knew I was going to run out of time, so I stuck with five. Superman is my favorite, so he‟s the largest character drawn in the collage. He gets top billing. ART TEACHER Thanks Nathan. I love the detail you put into your drawing. (pause) Let‟s continue going around the room. Bridget, your turn. Nathan walks back to his seat while Bridget gets up and walks to the front of the room. BRIDGET My simple pleasure is grapes…plain and simple. I love grapes and there‟s nothing I like better than grabbing a bowl of them, sitting on my front porch and hanging out with my grandmother when she‟s over the house.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Bridget turns her canvas around to show a remarkably clear and detailed painting of her and her grandmother sitting on a porch and eating a bowl of grapes while watching the sunset. ART TEACHER Very nice, very nicely done Bridget. EXT. – COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS, MAIN BUILDING – DAY After class, Nathan and Bridget walk out of the building with the other students. NATHAN So I‟m assuming you rode your bike again today and don‟t need a ride from my mom? BRIDGET Yeah I‟ve got my bike here. Nathan walks Bridget over to the bike rack. NATHAN Well just know you have a standing invite to get a ride home. BRIDGET I‟ll keep that in mind. I might have to take you up on that offer on a rainy day. NATHAN Please do, it‟ll be my mom‟s pleasure. BRIDGET Not yours? NATHAN Ohhh that goes without saying, but something tells me my mom will take even more pleasure in it, if that‟s possible. Bridget grabs the helmet from her bike. BRIDGET Don‟t forget, Saturday night. NATHAN There‟s no way I‟ll forget that.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET Good, so I‟ll meet you at the gallery. 7 o‟clock sharp. NATHAN 7 o‟clock. After a few moments of silence, Bridget reaches in and kisses Nathan on the cheek then smiles. NATHAN (shocked) Wow. BRIDGET (laughs) Goodbye Nate! Bridget gets on her bike and rides away. Nathan stands there and watches her until she disappears down the road. INT. – NATHAN‟S HOUSE SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM Nathan is standing in front of the mirror fixing his already perfectly placed hair when his mother excitedly enters. NATHAN‟S MOM Ohhhh, there he is! There‟s my boy! His mom pinches Nathan‟s cheeks as he pushes her away. NATHAN Stop it mom! NATHAN‟S MOM I‟m just so happy and proud, your first date! NATHAN OK, OK, OK don‟t get me all riled up though, I‟m nervous enough as it is. NATHAN‟S MOM I‟m just excited that‟s all.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Well if you‟re excited think about how I feel. Expressionless, Nathan‟s dad walks into the bathroom, looks at his son then nods his head in approval. NATHAN‟S DAD Have fun tonight son. He gives Nathan a handshake and, with that simple gesture, quietly walks out of the room. NATHAN Thanks dad. Nathan‟s mom picks a piece of lint off of Nathan‟s shoulder. NATHAN‟S MOM You look great. I‟m sure she‟s going to have a good time. NATHAN Thanks mom. NATHAN‟S MOM Well, I‟ll be waiting in the car. NATHAN Great, by the way I need to make one quick stop before you drop me off at the gallery. NATHAN‟S MOM Sure thing, anything you need. She takes the time to fix one errant piece of hair on Nathan‟s head. NATHAN‟S MOM Don‟t take too long up here, it‟s not polite to keep a girl waiting. NATHAN I won‟t mom. As soon as his mom leaves the room, Nathan stares at himself in the mirror.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN (optimistically) This is the day that I will finally get a girlfriend, I can feel it. Today‟s the day that something will finally work out for me. Trying to act cool, Nathan throws his comb up in the air and tries to catch it but he fumbles around and it falls to the floor instead. Nathan looks sheepishly at the mirror, accepting the fact that he can‟t even try to look cool, and then leaves. INT. – ART GALLERY Bridget is standing close to the front entrance of a trendy, half full but intimate art gallery looking at a painting hanging on a wall. There‟s a mix of young, trendy hipsters in their twenties and older couples dressed more sophisticated – sports jackets for the men, cocktail dresses for the women – milling about. Bridget excitedly turns to the door every time it opens, hoping to see Nathan enter, but is disappointed the first few times when someone else walks in. She continues walking slowly through the gallery and looks at another painting on the wall. Suddenly the front door opens, Bridget turns and is delighted to see Nathan enter. A huge smile covers her face. She runs up enthusiastically to greet him. BRIDGET There you are mister! Nathan keeps one hand behind him back, like he‟s hiding something from Bridget. NATHAN Sorry I‟m late, I had to run to a couple of stores and it took me a little more time than I thought it would.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET Oh yeah, why did you have to go to the store? NATHAN For this. Nathan takes his hand out from behind his back to reveal Bridget‟s simple pleasure, a bag of grapes. BRIDGET (laughs) Ha ha ha, grapes! Nate, You‟re awesome! NATHAN I thought it‟d be a nice little gesture. BRIDGET (excitedly) It is, it is! Bridget takes the grapes and gives him a big hug. continues laughing. NATHAN What‟s so funny? BRIDGET It‟s funny because I got something for you too. Really? thing. NATHAN You didn‟t have to get me anyShe


BRIDGET I wanted to though. Bridget reaches into her bag, takes out a comic book and gives it to Nathan. BRIDGET Here. NATHAN (surprised) A Superman comic book! Oh my god! you shouldn‟t have!

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese BRIDGET I know, but I did, and I‟m happy I did. Next time you want to get away from the real world, just open up this comic book and read. You‟ll feel better. Just think of me when you read it though. Nathan looks at the comic book in awe, he can‟t believe someone cares about him enough to get him his simple pleasure. I will! you! NATHAN Thank you! Thank you! Thank


Nathan gives Bridget an awkward hug, a hug much more awkward than the one she gave to him. BRIDGET You‟re welcome. Here I‟ll hold onto your comic while we walk around. Bridget puts the comic book back into her bag. NATHAN OK, don‟t steal it though. BRIDGET Don‟t worry, I won‟t. (pause) Come, let‟s check out all the art now. I took a sneak peak while I was waiting, this artist is awesome. The two walk around the gallery checking out the various paintings as Bridget periodically digs into her bag of grapes to eat. She offers him a grape from the bag. BRIDGET Would you like one? NATHAN No, I‟m good. BRIDGET OK, suit yourself. These are good grapes though, thanks.

“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Bridget and Nathan walk over to a sculpture of a man and a woman embracing each other so hard that their bodies have become one. They both look at it intently. BRIDGET This right here, this is my favorite work of his. NATHAN Very provocative. BRIDGET It is. Look at the two lovers. Their embrace is so powerful and their love is so strong that they‟ve actually become one. NATHAN I hope I can love someone as much as that one day. As Nathan continues to look deeply at the sculpture, Bridget looks him in the eyes then leans in and gives him a kiss on the lips. Nathan is surprised at first and almost instinctively moves away, but he stays with it and learns to enjoy the kiss. After a few moments, Bridget moves away and they both look into each other‟s eyes. NATHAN That was my first kiss. BRIDGET (smiles) Mine too. Do you want to go for a second one? NATHAN (sheepishly) Sure. This time Nathan leans in and gives Bridget a long, sweet kiss. After the kiss, Nathan lightens the mood.


“Bullied” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese NATHAN Can I buy you an ice cream sandwich after this? BRIDGET (laughs) I‟d love too! It‟ll go great with my grapes. NATHAN Let‟s go then. Bridget grabs a hold of his hand as they leave the gallery and walk outside. FADE OUT


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