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WARNING Trademarks ABOUT MPEG-4 VISUAL: THIS PRODUCT Bluetooth wireless specifications of the Bluetooth device.

ABOUT MPEG-4 VISUAL: THIS PRODUCT Bluetooth wireless specifications of the Bluetooth device. Bluetooth device in the following locations: Playable Discs Note on playback operations of a DVD
4-461-526-11(3) IS LICENSED UNDER THE MPEG-4 The audio playback on this system may be In hospitals, on trains, in airplanes, at gas Some playback operations of a DVD may be
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do This system incorporates with Dolby* Digital VISUAL PATENT PORTFOLIO LICENSE technology delayed from that on the Bluetooth device stations, and any place where flammable intentionally restricted by software producers.
not expose this appliance to dripping or and Dolby Pro Logic adaptive matrix DVD DVD-VIDEO
FOR THE PERSONAL AND Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range because of the characteristics of the gasses may be present Since this system plays a DVD according to
splashing, and do not place objects filled with surround decoders. NONCOMMERCIAL USE OF A Bluetooth wireless technology.
wireless technology linking digital devices, Near automatic doors or fire alarms the disc contents the software producers
liquids, such as vases, on the appliance. * Manufactured under license from Dolby
CONSUMER FOR DECODING VIDEO IN DVD-R/DVD-RW designed, some playback features may not be
Laboratories. such as personal computers and digital Note DVD+R/DVD+RW
To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the COMPLIANCE WITH THE MPEG-4 cameras. Using the Bluetooth wireless Effective communication range This system supports security functions available.
ventilation opening of the appliance with Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D
VISUAL STANDARD (MPEG-4 VIDEO) technology, you can operate the units Bluetooth devices should be used within that comply with the Bluetooth specification CD CD-DA (Music CD) Note about double-layer DVDs
newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. symbol are trademarks of Dolby

DVD Home Theatre

THAT WAS ENCODED BY A CONSUMER involved within a range of about 10 meters. approximately 10 meters (unobstructed as a means of ensuring security during CD-ROM The playback picture and sound may be
Do not expose the appliance to naked flame Laboratories.
ENGAGED IN A PERSONAL AND The Bluetooth wireless technology is distance) of each other. The effective communication using Bluetooth technology. CD-R/CD-RW momentarily interrupted when the layers
sources (for example, lighted candles). This system incorporates High-Definition
NONCOMMERCIAL ACTIVITY AND/OR commonly used between two devices, but a communication range may become shorter However, this security may be insufficient VIDEO CD switch.
As the main plug is used to disconnect the Multimedia Interface (HDMI) technology.

System The terms HDMI and HDMI High- single device can be connected to multiple under the following conditions. depending on the setting contents and other Super VCD Region code (DVD VIDEO only)
unit from the mains, connect the unit to an PROVIDER LICENSED BY MPEG LA TO
Definition Multimedia Interface, and the devices. When a person, metal object, wall or other factors, so always be careful when
easily accessible AC outlet. Should you notice PROVIDE MPEG-4 VIDEO. A CD or DVD will not play if it has not been Your system has a region code printed on the
HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered You do not need wires to get connected as you obstruction is between the devices with a performing communication using Bluetooth
an abnormality in the unit, disconnect the NO LICENSE IS GRANTED OR SHALL BE correctly finalized. For more information, rear of the unit and will only play a DVD
trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the do with a USB connection, and you do not Bluetooth connection technology.
main plug from the AC outlet immediately. IMPLIED FOR ANY OTHER USE. refer to the operating instructions supplied VIDEO (playback only) labeled with an
need to place the devices face to face as you Locations where a wireless LAN is installed Sony cannot be held liable in any way for
Operating Instructions Do not install the appliance in a confined United States and other countries.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION with the recording device. identical region code or ALL .
do with wireless infrared technology. Around microwave ovens that are in use damages or other loss resulting from
space, such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet. INCLUDING THAT RELATING TO Discs that cannot be played Note about Multi Session CD
is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo You can use the technology with one Locations where other electromagnetic information leaks during communication
Do not expose batteries or appliances with PROMOTIONAL, INTERNAL AND Blu-ray Discs You can play only the first session of a
Licensing Corporation. Bluetooth device in your bag or pocket. waves occur using Bluetooth technology.
battery-installed to excessive heat, such as COMMERCIAL USES AND LICENSING HD DVDs multisession disc.
Bluetooth wireless technology is a global Bluetooth communication is not necessarily
sunshine and fire. MAY BE OBTAINED FROM MPEG LA, Effects of other devices DVD-RAMs
PlayStation and PS3 are registered standard supported by thousands of guaranteed with all Bluetooth devices that
The unit is not disconnected from the mains LLC. SEE DVD Audio discs
trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment companies. These companies produce Bluetooth devices and wireless LAN (IEEE have the same profile as this system.
as long as it is connected to the AC outlet, PHOTO CDs
Inc. products that meet the global standard. 802.11b/g) use the same frequency band (2.4 Bluetooth devices connected with this
even if the unit itself has been turned off. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are Super Audio CDs
GHz). When using your Bluetooth device near system must comply with the Bluetooth
BRAVIA is a trademark of Sony
registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth Supported Bluetooth version and a device with wireless LAN capability, specification prescribed by the Bluetooth Data track of CD-Extras
The use of optical instruments with this SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony profiles electromagnetic interference may occur. SIG, Inc., and must be certified to comply. Audio material side on DualDiscs
product will increase eye hazard. Corporation is under license. Other This could result in lower data transfer rates, However, even when a device complies with DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW in
Profile refers to a standard set of capabilities
trademarks and trade names are those of their noise, or inability to connect. If this happens, the Bluetooth specification, there may be VR (Video Recording) mode
MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and for various Bluetooth product capabilities.
For customers in India respective owners. try the following remedies: cases where the characteristics or CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable
patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and This system supports the following Bluetooth
Disposal of Old Electrical & All other trademarks are trademarks of their specifications of the Bluetooth device make Media)-compatible DVD-R/RW containing
Thomson. version and profiles. Try connecting this system and Bluetooth
Electronic Equipment respective owners. mobile phone or Bluetooth device when you it impossible to connect, or may result in content flagged as Copy once.
Supported Bluetooth version:
(Applicable in the European are at least 10 meters away from the wireless different control methods, display or Notes on discs
Windows Media is either a registered About these Operating Bluetooth Standard version 2.1 + EDR
Union and other European LAN equipment. operation. This product is designed to playback discs
trademark or trademark of Microsoft (Enhanced Data Rate)
countries with separate
Corporation in the United States and/or other
Instructions Supported Bluetooth profiles: Turn off the power to the wireless LAN Noise may occur or the audio may cut off that conform to the Compact Disc (CD)
collection systems) DVD may be used as a general term for a equipment when using your Bluetooth depending on the Bluetooth device standard. DualDiscs and some music discs
countries. This product is protected by certain A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
intellectual property rights of Microsoft DVD VIDEO, DVD+RW/DVD+R, and AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control device within 10 meters. connected with this system, the encoded with copyright protection
For customers in Singapore DVD-RW/DVD-R. communications environment, or technologies do not conform to the Compact
Corporation. Use or distribution of such Profile)
technology outside of this product is The system enters standby mode Note Effects on other devices surrounding conditions. Disc (CD) standard. Therefore, these discs
prohibited without a license from Microsoft automatically. The radio waves broadcast by this system may may not be compatible with this product.
For you to use the Bluetooth function, the
or an authorized Microsoft subsidiary. When the system is in pause, stop, open, or Bluetooth device to be connected must interfere with the operation of some medical
no disc mode, the system will enter standby support the same profile as this system. devices. Since this interference may result in
mode automatically after 20 minutes. Even if the device supports the same profile, malfunction, always turn off the power on
2013 Sony Corporation Printed in China
the functions may differ because of the this system, Bluetooth mobile phone and

2 3 4 5

Playable Types of Files It may take time to read files in the Unpacking Preparing the remote control Assembling the tall-type speakers (DAV-DZ650/DAV-DZ950 4 Remove any slack of the speaker cord in the speaker by gently pulling it from below the
following cases: base ().
Video there are many folders or files. Checking the supplied items Insert two R6 (size AA) batteries by matching only)
the and ends on the batteries to the
File format Extensions the memory capacity of the USB device Main unit (1) Remote commander markings inside the compartment.
Spread a cloth on the floor to avoid damaging the floor when you assemble the speakers.
MPEG4 Video1) .mp4, .m4v that you are using is very large. (remote) (1) Note
the memory of the USB device that you The upper part of the front speakers can be directly wall mounted (the lower parts are not used). In
Xvid Video .avi are using is fragmented. this case, the below assembly is not required.
Music 1 Place the base () on the lower part of the speaker (), and secure it with three screws
File format Extensions ().
MP3 (MPEG1 Audio .mp3 Speaker packages Be sure use three screws for each speaker.
Layer 3)2) DAV-DZ350
WMA3) .wma
AAC 4) .m4a
File format Extensions
JPEG .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe
DAV-DZ650 Speaker assembly parts for the tall speakers
1) AVC is not compatible. For DAV-DZ650
2) MP3PRO format is not compatible.
3) WMA DRM,WMA Lossless or WMA 2 Thread the speaker cord of the upper part of the speaker () into the top of the lower
PRO format are not compatible. (2) (8) part of the speaker (), then pull the speaker cord from below the base ().
4) AAC DRM and AAC Lossless formats are
not supported.
Note DAV-DZ950 Speaker assembly parts for the tall speakers
Some files may not play depending on the For DAV-DZ950
format, the encoding, or recording
Some USB devices may not work with this (4) (16)
system. 3 Place the upper part of the speaker () onto the lower part of the speaker () while
The system supports ISO 9660 Level 1/ gently pulling the speaker cord from below the base. Then secure the upper and lower
Level 2, or Joliet in DATA CD. parts of the speaker with a screw ().
FM wire antenna (aerial) (1) R6 (size AA) batteries (2)
The system supports UDF (Universal Disk
Format) in DATA DVD.
The system supports FAT12, FAT16, and
FAT32 in USB device. Video cord* (1)
The system can recognize the following files High Speed HDMI cable* (1)
or folders in DATA DVD, DATA CD and
USB device:
up to 300 folders Operating Instructions
up to 648 files (this manual)
* High Speed HDMI cable and video cord are included only in certain areas.
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Connecting the Speakers Connecting your TV *1 Supplied only in certain areas. This is the When Installing the 2 Fasten the screws to the wall, then
basic connection via video cord (yellow). hang the speaker on the wall.
Caution Depending on the jacks on your TV or set-top box, select the video and audio connection method. *2 Supplied only in certain areas. Picture Speakers on a Wall
Do not use any speakers other than those supplied with this system. quality will be improved compared to a Caution Depth of fastened screw
Insert the speaker cords to match the color of the SPEAKERS terminals of the unit. When connecting to a TV only When connecting a TV and set-top box/PlayStation3 video cord.
The TV has OPTICAL OUT or AUDIO OUT jacks: The TV has OPTICAL OUT or AUDIO OUT jacks: The TV does not have OPTICAL OUT and AUDIO OUT Contact a screw shop or installer for
*3 Sold separately. Sound quality will information regarding the wall material or
jacks: improved compared to audio cord.
Rear panel of the main unit Audio screws to be used.
When connecting the ARC (Audio Return Set-top box/ Video Set-top box/ *4 Sold separately. To listen to TV audio via
Use screws that are suitable for the wall 3 to 5 mm
Channel) compatible TV PS3 PS3 the system, connect with an audio cord material and strength. As a plaster board
Making an HDMI cable connection enables this Video (red and white). wall is especially fragile, attach the screws
system to output TV sound when the TV is *5 Available only when your TV is compatible securely to a beam. Install the speakers on a
Video Audio compatible with the ARC function.*5 Video Audio Video Audio with the ARC function. For the center speaker
SURROUND LEFT vertical and flat wall where reinforcement is
SPEAKER (BLUE) applied.
Select [TV (HDMI)] manually from [TV Audio] in Connecting the FM wire antenna
Sony is not responsible for accidents or
SUBWOOFER Connecting a video cord and an audio cord [General Setup Page]. For details, see Using the (aerial) damage caused by improper installation,
(PURPLE) Select *1 or *2 for the video connection based on the jacks on the TV. Setup Display. insufficient wall strength or improper screw
Select *3 or *4 for the audio connection based on the jacks on the TV. installation, natural calamity, etc.
Audio -- General Setup Page -- 1 Prepare screws (not supplied) that are
TV Display 16:9
SURROUND RIGHT Video suitable for the hole on the back of
SPEAKER (GRAY) Control for HDMI On each speaker. See the illustrations
FRONT RIGHT TV Audio HDMI TV (HDMI) below. For the small speakers
L R 4 mm
Last Memory On
(GREEN) Auto Standby On 30 mm
FRONT LEFT SPEAKER *1 *2 *3 *4 *1 *2 *3 *4 *1 *2 *3 *4
Options *5 Hole on the back of the speaker
Note Note 5 mm
To output the TV sound via the connected optical Find a location and an orientation that
SUBWOOFER cable, select [OPTICAL IN] from [TV Audio] in provide good reception, and then set up the
CENTER [General Setup Page]. antenna. 10 mm
To output the TV sound via the connected analog Set up the antenna away from the AC power
cable, select [AUDIO IN] from [TV Audio] in cord (mains lead), other cables, and metal
Main unit
[General Setup Page]. objects such as windows.


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Color System Setup Parts and Controls

1 Connect the AC power cord (mains Front panel Remote control BRAVIA Sync DVD MENU
lead). ONE-TOUCH PLAY Opens or closes the DVDs menu.
2 Turn on the power of the main unit Activates One-Touch Play. MUTING

and TV. TV I/ (on/standby)* Turns off the sound temporarily.
Turns on the TV or sets it to standby mode. ///
/ (on/standby) Moves the highlight to a displayed item.
/ Turns on the system or sets it to standby (ENTER)
mode. Enters the selected item.
Function selection buttons VOL +/
Select the playback source. Adjusts the volume.
BLUETOOTH Opens or closes the setup menu.
3 Press FUNCTION repeatedly or DVD/ / (on/standby) (play) USB DIMMER
CD to switch the function to DVD/CD. Turns on the unit, or sets it to standby Starts or re-starts playback (resume play). FM Switches the brightness of the front panel
Playback starts automatically if a disc mode. (stop) TV (HDMI) display between DIM OFF and DIM ON.
with an auto playback function is loaded. Stops playback and remembers the stop OPTICAL/AUDIO IN
Press twice to stop playback. Remote sensor DISPLAY
point (resume point). Switches the sound source between Opens or closes the Display Menu.
4 Switch the input selector on your TV Front panel display The resume point for a title/track is the OPTICAL IN and AUDIO IN. TIME
to display Home Theatre System. MIC 1/MIC2 jacks last point you played. EQ Switches time information during playback.
5 Press SETUP in stop mode. (USB) port VOL /+ Selects equalizer mode. Playback operation buttons
The Setup Menu appears. Used for connecting a USB device. Adjusts the systems volume. SURROUND / (previous/next)
FUNCTION Selects surround audio output mode. / (fast reverse/fast forward)
6 Press / repeatedly to select Disc tray Selects the playback source. MIC VOL + / (slow)
[Preference Page], then press . Play operation buttons / (previous/next) Increases the microphone volume. Activates slow reverse/slow forward when
7 Press / repeatedly to select [TV (open/close) AUDIO / is pressed in pause mode.
Type], then press . Opens or closes the disc tray. Selects the audio format/track and FM mode. (pause)
8 Press / repeatedly to select [PAL] KARAOKE (play)
Opens or closes the Karaoke Setup menu. (stop)
or [NTSC] from the displayed list, then Rear panel
press . MIC VOL Radio operation buttons
Decreases the microphone volume. PRESET +/
9 Press SETUP to turn off the Setup Number buttons TUNING +/
Menu. Enter the title/chapter numbers, preset radio
Note SHIFT stations, etc. * Works with Sony TVs only. Depending on
The display on the TV screen may be Press and hold this button to use buttons with PROGRAM your TV, you may not be able to use some
interrupted momentarily after changing the purple text labels. Activates program play and presets radio of the buttons.
color system as described above. TV INPUT* stations.

Switches the TVs input source between the REPEAT
TV signal and other input sources. Activates repeat/shuffle playback mode.
OPTICAL IN jack AUDIO IN jacks Sets the sleep timer. Opens the DVDs Top Menu.
16 17 18 19 20
Playing a Disc Playing Files on a Disc/USB Using the Bluetooth This system can be paired with up to eight Note 3 Start playback on the Bluetooth Other Playback Operations To search for a title/chapter/ To play repeatedly/shuffle, etc. Selecting the Sound Effect
devices. If a further device is paired, the Use a Bluetooth device such as Bluetooth device.
1 Press DVD/CD. Device function pairing information of the device with the mobile phone in an easily visible place in 4 Adjust the volume.
track/scene, etc. Press and hold SHIFT, then press REPEAT
You can also select this function by You can listen to music from your Bluetooth the same room where the main unit is
To change angles When playing a DVD/VCD
repeatedly to select the desired playback To select an equalizer setting
1 Press DVD/CD or USB. oldest connection date is overwritten with Set the volume of the Bluetooth device to
Press DISPLAY during playback to select mode. The selected mode appears in the Press EQ to display the current mode. While
pressing FUNCTION repeatedly. mobile phone or Bluetooth device over a new information. placed. a moderate level and press the VOL +/- 1 Press DISPLAY during play.
DVD/CD: For a disc. the desired angle. (This applies to DVD front panel display. the current mode is displayed, press EQ
2 Press to open the disc tray. USB: For a USB device.
wireless connection. The connection history with this system is If Wi-Fi equipment is used, Bluetooth buttons on the remote control. The Display Menu appears on the TV
This system supports the Bluetooth A2DP communication may become unstable. In VIDEOs only.) REP CHP: Repeats the current chapter. repeatedly until the desired mode appears on
You can also select the function by deleted on the connected device. Tip screen.
3 Place a disc on the tray, then press . and AVRCP profiles. For details on Bluetooth that case, use the Bluetooth device as close REP TT: Repeats the current title. the front panel display.
pressing FUNCTION repeatedly. The system is reset to its default status. When you press on the remote control 2
wireless technology, see Bluetooth wireless as possible to the main unit. To display subtitles Press / to select an option, then REP ALL: Repeats all titles. AUTO: Automatically selects the movie
2 Load the source. in step 2, the Bluetooth connection will be press . REP TRK: Repeats the current track.
technology. Pairing this system with a Sound may be interrupted because of a made with the device that was connected
Press DISPLAY during playback to select or music sound mode based on the disc
For a disc 3 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the REP OFF: The system returns to normal type.
About the indicator for Bluetooth Bluetooth device problem with the Bluetooth device. last time.
the desired subtitle language. (This applies to
playback mode.
Place a disc on the tray by pressing to DVD VIDEOs only.) number buttons to jump to the MOVIE: Enjoyable, powerful bass and
The blue indicator on the front panel display, Pairing is performed as described below. Passkey may be called Passcode, PIN
open/close the disc tray. code, PIN number or Password, etc.,
Note desired option. SHUFFLE: Plays the contents once in sound effects; recommended for movies.
lights or flashes to show the Bluetooth status.
For a USB device 1 Place the system and a Bluetooth depending on the device. If the source device has a bass boost To change the sound When playing a CD
random order until all the contents have MUSIC: Well-balanced low and high
Connect a USB device to the (USB) System status Indicator device within 1 meter of each other. function or equalizer function, turn them been played. range; recommended for music.
The pairing standby status of the system is Press AUDIO repeatedly during playback 1 Press DISPLAY during play.
port. The system is pairing/ Flashes quickly. off. If these functions are on, sound may be SHUF REP: Repeats shuffle play. TV: Clear, mid-range vocals;
2 Press BLUETOOTH. canceled after about 5 minutes and the
to select the desired audio signal. The selection display appears on the TV
waiting indicator on the front panel display turns
distorted. FOLDER: Plays the current folder. recommended for watching dramas or
BT READY appears in the front panel When the system is playing a DVD screen.
With the label side up. off. If pairing is not successful, repeat the In the following cases, you will have to RANDOM: Plays all files in random comedies.
The system is connecting Flashes slowly. display. VIDEO recorded in multiple audio
make the Bluetooth connection again. 2 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the order. GAME: Enhanced low and high range;
with a Bluetooth device 3 procedure from step 1.
4 Press to start playback. Set the Bluetooth device in pairing The power of the unit does not turn on. formats (PCM, Dolby Digital, or MPEG number buttons to select the desired SINGLE: Plays the current file. recommended for action or shooting
The system has established Lights up. mode. The power of the Bluetooth device does not audio), you can change the audio format. If REP ONE: Repeats the current file.
5 Press VOL +/ to adjust the volume.
in connection with a For details on setting the Bluetooth device
Listening to music with the track. games, etc.
turn on, or the Bluetooth function is off. the DVD VIDEO is recorded with REP FLD: Repeats the current folder.
Bluetooth device in pairing mode, refer to the operating Bluetooth connection multilingual tracks, you can also change
When playing a video/music/photo file
The Bluetooth connection is not Note To select a surround setting
USB device The system is not in the Turns off. instructions supplied with the device. The system supports SCMS-T content established. the language. 1 Press DISPLAY during play.
The selectable modes and their order differ
protection. You can listen to a Bluetooth The selection display appears on the TV Press SURROUND to display the current
Bluetooth mode 4 Select SONY DVD HOME THEATRE If more than one device paired with the With a VIDEO CD or CD, you can select depending on the disc or file.
device that supports SCMS-T content screen. mode. While the current mode is displayed,
SYSTEM on the Bluetooth device unit is being played back, sound will be the sound from the right or left channel
3 Press / to select a folder, then Note protection. press SURROUND repeatedly to select the
display. heard from just one of those devices. and listen to the sound of the selected 2 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the desired surround audio output mode. The
press and select a file. For details on operation of the connected Before starting music playback, check the channel through both the right and left number buttons to select the desired
On some Bluetooth devices, the list may selected mode appears in the front panel
4 Press to start playback. devices, refer to the operating instructions following: Finishing the Bluetooth speakers.
not be displayed. number. display.
supplied with the devices. The Bluetooth function on the Bluetooth
5 Press VOL +/ to adjust the volume. If a Passkey is requested, enter 0000. connection MULTI (A.F.D. MULTI): When the
The Bluetooth devices to be connected device is on. To play a VIDEO CD with PBC To play in programmed order
Note Perform this step within 5 minutes, Terminate the Bluetooth connection by any of source is 2 channel, sound is output from
must support A2DP (Advanced Audio The pairing procedure is completed on functions
otherwise pairing will be canceled. the operations listed below. Select the tracks to play in the order you want all speakers.
Do not remove the USB device during Distribution Profile). both this system and Bluetooth device.
operation. To avoid data corruption or About pairing 5 Once pairing is completed, the device Operate the Bluetooth device to terminate When you start playing a VIDEO CD with (only for CDs). STANDARD (A.F.D. STANDARD): The
damage to the USB device, turn the system is automatically connected to the 1 Press BLUETOOTH. the connection. For details, refer to the PBC (Playback control) functions, the menu 1 Press and hold SHIFT, then press system discriminates the sound format of
Pairing is an operation where Bluetooth BT AUDIO appears in the front panel
off when connecting or removing the USB system. operating instructions supplied with the for your selection appears. PROGRAM. the source and presents sound as it was
devices are registered with each other display.
device. When the Bluetooth connection is made device. To play without using PBC The Program Menu display appears on recorded/encoded.
beforehand. Use the procedure below to pair
Depending on the disc/USB device, files the system with your Bluetooth device. Once correctly, the indicator of the front panel 2 Start the Bluetooth connection from Turn off the Bluetooth device. In stop mode, press and hold SHIFT, then the TV screen. DOLBY PL (PRO LOGIC): Performs
may not play back. display lights and the pairing information the Bluetooth device. Turn off the system. press the number buttons to select the track Dolby Pro Logic decoding.
a pairing operation is performed, it does not
Select any function except BT AUDIO.
2 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the
have to be performed again. However, pairing is stored in the system. The indicator of front panel display lights number you want. 2CH ST (2CH STEREO): All formats are
number buttons to select the desired
when the Bluetooth connection is downmixed to 2 channels.
is to be repeated in the cases listed below. track.
Pairing information is deleted by repairing
established. Note
3 Press /// to select [Start] to play
Depending on the playback stream, the
the system.
the program. surround settings may not be effective.

21 22 23 24 25

Enjoying Karaoke To add an echo effect Using a Tuner Convenient Functions To cancel the sleep timer function Using the Setup Display [OPTICAL IN] Note [C]: Adjusts the distance of the center
Press and hold SHIFT, then press SLEEP The system can receive the digital audio When the resume playback memory is full, speaker. This parameter can be set between
1 Plug a microphone into the MIC jack. 1 Press KARAOKE. repeatedly until OFF appears in the front You can make various adjustments to items signal of the TV via an optical cable. the resume playback point for the earliest 1.6 m shorter and equal to the L/R channel
The Karaoke Setup menu appears. To preset radio stations About the Control for HDMI panel display. such as picture and sound. [AUDIO IN] disc is deleted. setting.
2 Press / to select [Echo Level] , then You can preset 20 FM stations. You can then function (BRAVIA Sync) Displayed items vary depending on the The system can receive the analog audio [SL/SR]: Adjusts the distance of the left/right
[Auto Standby]
press . tune in any of those stations simply by You can control a TV compatible with the To view information about the country model. signal of the TV via an analog cable. surround speaker. This parameter can be set
The default setting is underlined. [4:3 Letter Box]: Displays a wide picture with [On]: Enters standby mode automatically
selecting the corresponding preset number. Control for HDMI function by connecting it disc Note between 5.0 m shorter and equal to the L/R
3 Press / to change the echo level.
1 black bands on the top and bottom. when in stop, pause, no disc, or eject mode
channel setting.
To cancel the echo effect, select echo level 1 Press FM. to the system via an HDMI cable. You can check the playing time and Press DVD/CD, then eject the disc. This function is available only when for more than 20 minutes.
2 [Control for HDMI] is set to [On].
0. 2 Press and hold TUNING +/ for 2 Available features remaining time of the current title, chapter, Press SETUP. [Off]: The unit does not enter standby mode [Center Speaker]
seconds to start tuning until you find One-Touch Play or track. The setup menu appears. [HDMI Audio] automatically. [On]: Activates the center speaker.
the desired radio station. With one touch of ONE-TOUCH PLAY on Press and hold SHIFT, then press TIME 3 Press / to select one of the setup This setting is only required if you are using [Off]: Deactivates the center speaker.
If howling occurs:
Move the microphone away from the SEARCH + or SEARCH appears in the remote control, the system and your repeatedly. menu categories, then press . the HDMI OUT jack for an audio Speaker Setup Page [Sur. Speaker]
speakers. the front panel display until a radio TV automatically turn on and the TVs Each time you press and hold SHIFT, then [4:3 Pan Scan]: Displays a full-height picture connection. [On]: Activates the surround speakers.
station with sufficient signal strength is input is switched to the system; playback of press TIME while playing the disc, the 4 Press / to select a setup item, then
[Off]: Turns off HDMI audio output. You can
Lower the microphone volume or echo press or . on the entire screen, with trimmed sides. You can adjust the sound level of all the [Off]: Deactivates the surround speakers.
level. found. a disc starts automatically. displayed item changes depending on the still enjoy sound output via the speaker
5 Select the option you wish to change speakers and the subwoofer. [Test Tone]
Lower the overall volume. 3 Press and hold SHIFT, then press System Power Off disc. system.
When you turn the TV off by using the / and press to confirm and go back [L]: Adjusts the sound level of left speaker. It The speakers will emit a test tone to set the
PROGRAM. [All]: The HDMI audio output format will be
button on the TVs remote control or TV To change the Brightness of the to the previously selected item. is possible to adjust the parameter from -6.0 Level.
Changing the key of a song (Key P 01 flashes in the front panel display. same as the audio stream being played. If the
The system enters karaoke mode. dB to +0.0 dB. [On]: The speakers emit the test tone.
Control) / on the systems remote control, the Front Panel Display 6 Press SETUP to turn off the menu. playback audio format is not supported, the
2 Start audio playback following the
4 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the system turns off automatically. Selected category Setup categories audio output will be changed to PCM
[C]: Adjusts the sound level of center speaker. [Off]: The speakers do not emit the test tone.
You can change the key to suit your vocal You can change the brightness of the front It is possible to adjust the parameter from
Steps in Playing a Disc or Playing
number buttons to select a preset System Audio Control panel display.
[OSD Lang] (On-Screen Display) automatically. Tip
range, except when the system is in stop number. You can switch the audio output to either You can switch the display language on the -6.0 dB to +6.0 dB. To adjust the volume of all speakers, press
Files on a Disc/USB Device. [PCM]: HDMI audio output will be
mode. Press and hold SHIFT, then press DIMMER. TV screen. [R]: Adjusts the sound level of right speaker. VOL +/ on the unit or on the remote
3 Sing along to the audio.
5 Press to store the station the TV speakers or this systems speakers -- General Setup Page -- downmixed to linear PCM (2-channel).
It is possible to adjust the parameter from
Press MIC VOL +/ to adjust the
1 Press KARAOKE. frequency. via the TVs menu. TV Display 16:9 16:9 [Control for HDMI] [Screen Saver]
-6.0 dB to +0.0 dB. Press /// repeatedly to select the
The Karaoke Setup menu appears. OSD Lang ENG 4:3 Letter Box
This function is available when you connect
microphone volume. [On]: The screen saver image appears if you [SR]: Adjusts the sound level of right
2 Press / to select [Key Control], To select a preset radio station Sleep timer Control for HDMI On 4:3 Pan Scan
the system and a TV that is compatible with speaker and the desired level or distance.
Note TV Audio OPT do not operate the system for about 15 surround speaker. It is possible to adjust the
then press . You can set the system to turn off at a preset the Control for HDMI function via an HDMI [Audio DRC]
Before connecting, press MIC VOL to set 1 Press FM.
time, so you can fall asleep listening to music.
HDMI Audio Off minutes. parameter from -6.0 dB to +6.0 dB.
Screen Saver On cable. You can compress the dynamic range of the
the microphone volume to minimum. 3 Press / to change the key. 2 Press PRESET +/ to select a preset Last Memory On
[Off]: Off. [SL]: Adjusts the sound level of left surround
sound track.
Press and hold SHIFT, then press SLEEP. [On]: You can operate mutually between speaker. It is possible to adjust the parameter
Microphone sound is not output when: Note number. Auto Standby On
components that are connected via an HDMI [Last Memory]
[Off]: No compression of dynamic range.
the microphone is not connected to the Each time you press this button, the minute from -6.0 dB to +6.0 dB.
Depending on the source, you may not be You can also select a preset number by cable. This system recalls the point where you [Standard]: The system reproduces the sound
unit properly. display (the remaining time) changes by 10 [SW]: Adjusts the sound level of subwoofer. It
able to change the key. pressing and holding SHIFT, then [Off]: Off. stopped the disc the last time it was played track with the kind of dynamic range that the
the microphone volume is set to minutes. Selected setting Options is possible to adjust the parameter from -6.0
The key returns to the original when: pressing the number buttons. and resumes playback from that point the recording engineer intended.
minimum. A countdown of the last 20 seconds until the [TV Audio] dB to +6.0 dB.
the unit is turned off. next time you insert the same disc.
you use a microphone other than the unit turns off appears in the front panel General Setup Page This function is available when you connect [A/V Sync]
the playback source is changed. If an FM program is noisy, you can select [On]: The system stores the resume points in [Distance]
monaural dynamic type. display. the system and a TV that is compatible with If sound does not match the picture, you can
a disc or a USB device is removed. monaural reception. There will be no stereo memory. If you move one of the speakers, be sure to
To check the remaining time [TV Display] the Control for HDMI function, via an adjust the delay between picture and sound.
effect, but reception will improve. [Off]: The system does not store the resume set the parameters of the distance from the
Press and hold SHIFT and SLEEP for 3 [16:9]: Select this when you connect a wide- HDMI cable. [Off]: Off.
Press AUDIO. points in memory. Playback restarts at the listening position to speakers.
seconds. The remaining time until the unit screen TV or a TV with a wide mode [TV(HDMI)] [On]: You can adjust the delay between the
STEREO: Stereo reception. resume point only for the current disc in the [L/R]: Adjusts the distance of the left/right
turns off appears in the front panel display. function. The system can receive the digital audio picture and sound.
MONO: Monaural reception. unit. speakers. It is possible to adjust the parameter
signal of the TV via an HDMI cable. from 1.0 m to 7.0 m. Note
Depending on the input stream, [A/V
Sync] may not be effective.

26 27 28 29 30

Video Setup Page 1 Press / to select a rating level from Precautions On cleaning discs, disc/lens cleaners This system can only play back a standard Troubleshooting Bluetooth Picture Operation A JPEG image file cannot be played.
1 to 8 or [Off], then press . Do not use cleaning discs or disc/lens circular disc. Using neither standard nor It is larger than 2,048 (width) 1,536
[HDMI Resolution] On placement cleaners (including wet or spray types). circular discs (e.g., card, heart, or star shape) If you experience any of the following There is no sound. There is no picture. PROTECT appears in the front panel (height) in normal mode, or more than
2 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the difficulties while using the system, use this
You can select the type of video signal that is At high volume, over long periods of time, These may cause the apparatus to may cause a malfunction. Make sure this system is not too far from The video connecting cords are not display. 2,000,000 pixels in progressive format
number buttons to enter your 6-digit troubleshooting guide to help remedy the
output from the HDMI OUT jack. the cabinet becomes hot to the touch. This malfunction. Do not use a disc that has a commercially the Bluetooth device, or this system is not connected securely. Connect all channels to their which is mainly used on Internet Web
password. problem before requesting repairs. Should
[Auto]: The system outputs the optimal video is not a malfunction. However, touching On your TVs color available accessory attached, such as a label receiving interference from a Wi-Fi The unit is not connected to the correct corresponding SPEAKERS terminals sites.
signal for the connected TV. [Default] the cabinet should be avoided. Do not place or ring. any problem persist, consult your nearest network, other 2.4 GHz wireless device, TV input jack. correctly.
Sony dealer. A video file cannot be played.
[480p/576p]: The system outputs 720 480p* This feature enables you to reset all the setup the system in a confined space where IMPORTANT NOTICE or microwave oven. The system is not selected via the video Press / to turn off the system, and
On heat radiation The video file resolution is larger than
or 720 576p* video signals. menu options and your personal settings to ventilation is poor as this may cause Caution: This system is capable of holding Note that if service personnel changes some Check that the Bluetooth connection is input of the TV. check the following items after
Due to the slim type of main unit design, you 720 (width) 576 (height).
[720p]: The system outputs 1280 720p* the factory defaults, except for your password overheating. a still video image or on-screen display parts during repair, these parts may be made properly between this system and Check the output method on your STANDBY disappears:
may feel some heat on the top of the unit. The name of a folder or file is not
video signals. for the [Password] and [Parental] items. image on your television screen retained. the Bluetooth device. system. Are the + and speaker cords short-
Do not install the system near heat sources This is normal. Please consult your nearest
Press to confirm the default reset. indefinitely. If you leave the still video displayed correctly.
[1080i]: The system outputs 1920 1080i* such as radiators or air ducts, or in a place Sony dealer if you have any questions. Pair this system and the Bluetooth device Even though you set the aspect ratio in circuited?
video signals. subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, image or on-screen display image Power again. Is anything blocking the ventilation The system can only display numbers
[TV Display] of [General Setup Page], the
[1080p]: The system outputs 1920 1080p* Password Setup Page mechanical vibration, or shock. displayed on your TV for an extended
The power is not turned on. Keep this system away from metal objects picture does not fill the TV screen. holes of the system? and letters of the alphabet. Other
period of time you risk permanent or surfaces. characters are displayed as [_].
video signals.
[Password] Do not install the system in an inclined Check that the AC power cord (mains The aspect ratio on the disc is fixed. After checking the above items and fixing
* i: interlace, p: progressive position. It is designed to be operated in a damage to your television screen. Make sure this system is in Bluetooth any problems, turn on the system. A disc does not start playing from the
The default password is 000000. To change lead) is connected securely. Color irregularity occurs on the TV
horizontal position only. Projection televisions are especially mode. If the cause of the problem cannot be beginning.
the password: screen.
Preference Page Do not place heavy objects on the system. susceptible to this. Sound Sound skips or the correspondence found even after checking all the above Resume Play has been selected.
1 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the
distance is short.
The systems speakers contain magnet items, consult your nearest Sony dealer. During stop, press and then start
[TV Type] number buttons to enter 000000 or On operation On moving the system The sound doesnt output from the parts, so magnetic distortion may occur. playback.
The TV type default setting varies depending your last set 6-digit password in the If the system is brought directly from a cold Before moving the system, make sure that surround speakers. If a device that generates electromagnetic When color irregularity occurs on the A disc cannot be ejected and LOCKED
to a warm location, or is placed in a very radiation, such as a Wi-Fi network, other appears in the front panel display. Program play has been selected. During
on the area. [Old Password] section. there is no disc inserted, and remove the AC Press SURROUND repeatedly and select TV screen, check the following items.
Bluetooth device(s), or a microwave oven stop, press and then start playback.
[PAL]: For a PAL-system TV. damp room, moisture may condense on the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet DOLBY PL (PRO LOGIC) to output Install the speakers at least 0.3 meters Contact your Sony dealer or local
[NTSC]: For an NTSC-system TV.
2 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the lenses inside the unit. Should this occur, (mains). is nearby, move away from such sources. from your TV set. authorized Sony service facility. Shuffle play has been selected. During
number buttons to enter a new 6- sound from all speakers. stop, press and then start playback.
the system may not operate properly. In (Depending on the media, sound may Remove any obstacle between this system If the color irregularity persists, turn off Radio stations cannot be tuned in.
[Audio] digit password in the [New Password] On handling discs and Bluetooth device, or move away from The system does not work normally.
this case, remove the disc and leave the not be output from the surround the TV set once, then turn it on after 15 Check that the antenna (aerial) is
You can select the preferred audio language section. system turned on for about half an hour To keep the disc clean, handle the disc by the obstacle. Disconnect the AC power cord (mains
for DVDs with multiple sound tracks. its edge. Do not touch the surface. speakers.) to 30 minutes. connected securely. Adjust the antenna
3 Press and hold SHIFT, then press the until the moisture evaporates. Locate this system and Bluetooth device Reposition the speakers farther away (aerial) or connect an external antenna lead) from the wall outlet (mains), then
[Subtitle] Do not stick paper or tape on the disc. The [Speaker Setup Page] items cannot as near as possible. reconnect after several minutes.
number buttons to enter the new 6- If anything falls into the cabinet, unplug from your TV set. (aerial) if necessary.
You can switch the language of the subtitles digit password again in the [Confirm the unit and have it checked by qualified Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or be changed. Re-position this system.
heat sources such as hot air ducts, or leave The [TV Type] setting does not match A disc does not play. The Control for HDMI function does not
recorded on a DVD VIDEO. PWD] section to confirm your entry. personnel before operating it any further. Press DVD/CD, then eject the disc. Re-position the Bluetooth device.
it in a car parked in direct sunlight as the your TV. work.
There is no sound. Severe hum or noise is The region code on the DVD does not
[Disc Menu] 4 Press [OK] to exit the menu. On cleaning temperature may rise considerably inside Connecting cannot be done. [TV Type] can be reset according to the match the system. Set the [Control for HDMI] setting in
You can switch the language for a discs heard. Perform pairing again. [General Setup Page] to [On].
Clean the cabinet, panel, and controls with the car. following procedure: Moisture has condensed inside the unit
menu. a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild Remove the speaker cords from the Make sure that the connected component
On cleaning discs Pairing cannot be done. 1. Press to take out the disc. and may cause damage to the lenses.
detergent solution. Do not use any type of SPEAKERS terminals, straighten and is compatible with the Control for HDMI
[Parental] Before playing, clean the disc with a extend the contact area of each speaker Bring this system and the Bluetooth 2. Press DISPLAY. Remove the disc and leave the unit
abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent device closer together. 3. Press . turned on for about half an hour. function.
You can restrict playback of DVDs that have cleaning cloth. cord, then reconnect the speaker cords to
ratings. Scenes may be blocked or replaced such as alcohol or benzine. Delete the system from your Bluetooth [TV Type] will be reset. Check the connected components setting
Wipe the disc from the center out. the SPEAKERS terminals. A DATA CD/DATA DVD cannot be played. for the Control for HDMI function. Refer
with different scenes. If you have any questions or problems device and perform pairing again.
concerning your system, please consult Do not use solvents such as benzine, Clean the disc. The DATA CD is not recorded in ISO to the operating instructions supplied
thinner, commercially available cleaners, or 9660 Level 1/Level 2, or Joliet. with the component.
your nearest Sony dealer. The sound loses stereo effect when you
anti-static spray intended for vinyl LPs. The DATA DVD is not recorded in UDF
play a VIDEO CD or CD.
(Universal Disk Format).
Set the audio setting to [Stereo] by
pressing AUDIO.

31 32 33 34 35

USB device Specifications Frequency band 2.4GHz band Speakers * Valid when the system is in the following
(2.4000GHz - Front status:
OVERLOAD appears in the front panel Amplifier Section 2.4835GHz) [Control for HDMI] is set to [Off].
DAV-DZ350 (SS-TS124)
display. POWER OUTPUT (rated): Modulation method
Dimensions (approx.) 92mm 272mm
Remove the USB device from the Front L + Front R 100W + 100W (at FHSS (Freq Hopping Dimensions (approx.) 430mm 54mm
97mm (w/h/d) incl.
(USB) port. Make sure there is no 3ohms, 1kHz, 1% Spread Spectrum) 306mm (w/h/d) incl.
projecting parts
problem with the USB device. THD) Compatible Bluetooth profiles*2 projecting parts
Mass (approx.) 0.65kg
The USB device (audio file/JPEG image POWER OUTPUT (reference): A2DP (Advanced Mass (approx.) 2.7kg
Front L/Front R/ Audio Distribution DAV-DZ650/DAV-DZ950 (SS-TS125)
file) cannot be played.
Center/Surround L/ Profile) Dimensions (approx.) 260mm 1,125mm Design and specifications are subject to
Files that are encrypted or protected by
Surround R: 167W AVRCP 1.0 (Audio 260mm (w/h/d) incl. change without notice.
passwords, etc., cannot be played.
(per channel at Video Remote Control projecting parts
There is no playable file in the USB
3ohms, 1kHz) Profile) Mass (approx.) 2.7kg
Subwoofer: 165W (at Supported Codecs*3 SBC*4 Center
3ohms, 100Hz) Transmission range (A2DP)
20Hz - 20,000Hz
Inputs Dimensions (approx.) 241mm 92mm
(Sampling frequency
AUDIO IN and OPTICAL IN jacks 85mm (w/h/d) incl.
CD/DVD System projecting parts
*1 The actual range will vary depending on
Laser Diode Properties Mass (approx.) 0.60kg
factors such as obstacles between devices,
Emission Duration: magnetic fields around a microwave oven, Surround
Continuous static electricity, cordless phone, reception DAV-DZ350/DAV-DZ650 (SS-TS123)
Laser Output*: Less sensitivity, operating system, software Dimensions (approx.) 91mm 203mm
than 44.6 W application, etc. 92mm (w/h/d) incl.
* This output is the value measurement at a * Bluetooth standard profiles indicate the
projecting parts
distance of 200 mm from the objective lens purpose of Bluetooth communication Mass (approx.) 0.55kg
surface on the Optical Pick-up Block with between devices. DAV-DZ950 (SS-TS125)
7mm aperture. *3 Codec: Audio signal compression and Dimensions (approx.) 260mm 1,205mm
USB Section conversion format 260mm (w/h/d) incl.
(USB) port: *4 Subband Codec projecting parts
Maximum current: 500mA Tuner Section Mass (approx.) 2.7kg
Bluetooth section System PLL quartz-locked Subwoofer
Communication system digital synthesizer
Bluetooth Specification Tuning range 87.5MHz -
Dimensions (approx.) 230mm 365mm
version2.1 + 108.0MHz (50 kHz
360mm (w/h/d) incl.
EDR (Enhanced Data step)
projecting parts
Rate) Antenna FM lead antenna
Mass (approx.) 6.3 kg
Output Bluetooth Specification Video Section
Power Class 2 General
Outputs VIDEO: Pin jack
Maximum communication range Power requirements 220 V - 240 V AC,
Line of sight approx. 50/60 Hz
10m*1 Power consumption On: 70 W
Standby: 0.3 W*

36 37 38 39 40