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Supervisor Observation 1 Reflection

Time Celebration/Struggle/Question: Claim about teaching practice

Introduction (Assessing Prior- Struggle- I had to repeat instruction It is important to set clear
Knowledge) again because students did not get the expectations and make sure all
concept or knew what to do. I believe students know what the task is
this is because they were unfamiliar at hand. It is also important to
with the term effect. define and explain any
unknown vocabulary.
Mini-Lesson Celebration/Questions- I believe I believe sing technology and
students enjoyed the story. I noticed a integrating it into lessons
lot wanted to share events during the allows for students to pay
story Sunshine I demonstrated with more attention and be more
a Globe and a flashlight how the sun engaged.
effects the earth. I wonder if all
students were engaged during the
presentation of the book.
Discussion Celebration- students seemed very Learning is a social activity.
engaged in the discussion. Even Promoting discussions in the
though students expressed themselves classroom is very important in
more than they wrote on paper they students growth.
managed to get the ideas across.
Activity (day 1) Celebration/Struggle- Students seemed It is important to determine the
to really enjoy going outside to make weather prior to making an
predictions on the experiment in how experiment or activity outside.
the sun effects certain items we had.
The struggle with this was that it was
kind of a windy day outside and at
times through the day it was cloudy.

Celebration- Students were really

engage the following lesson day. They
Activity (day 2) made observations and wrote down
their results. Students also
collaborated with each other and made
connections to real life situations.

One of the aspects of my lesson that were implemented differently than I planned was
students awareness of the task at hand. For example, in the beginning of my lesson I asked
students to jot down what effects the sun has on earth. The students seemed confused so I had to
repeat the directions and identify the term effect to them. I believe this occurred because I
perhaps did not dig deeper in student understanding of the task at hand. Therefore, if I were to
teach this lesson again I would ask the students first what the term effect means. I would also
make sure all students know what they are supposed to do and also ask them if they had any
questions before starting the task. I would have also make sure that the forecast for that day was
sunny for the experiment the class was going to do outside. For the most part I would leave
everything else the same. Even though students did not show as much written I believe the
overall goal was establish from the conversations and interactions among the students I observed.
The amount of interaction among the students also surprised me because they were engaged and
very helpful with each other.
For the most part students learned what was intended from the conversation and
interaction among the students. I did not see much prove of it written down. If I wouldnt have
heard students conversation I wouldnt of know that the students actually learned what was
intended. Therefore, I feel that by having the students pair up and share was an effective
teaching method. In addition, I also feel pairing up students was also helpful to my low
performing students as well as my high performing students. By pairing up high and low each of
them had a chance in learning. My low performing students received help from my high
performing students and my high performing students were challenge and put in the extra
practice. Both groups achieve there learning objectives. I also feel the activity of investigating
the effectiveness of the sun with actual objects was very effective because students actually got
the chance to predict, make observations, and write down their results. Hands on activities, in my
opinion, are more effective because it makes it an experience rather than a memorization. Based
on what happened in this lesson and what my students now know, my next step is now to teach
students the effectiveness on earth within a smaller context (weather and seasons).