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Up to 16 IEPE

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Early detection of mechanical damage

through permanent condition monitoring
SIPLUS CMS2000: effective condition monitoring

Are you looking to increase the availability of your plants

while simultaneously reducing their lifecycle costs? Our Advantages at a glance
modular SIPLUS CMS2000 Condition Monitoring System
Effective condition monitoring of individual
offers you a simple but intelligent answer.
machines and complex drive trains
Predictive maintenance both increases your plant Higher plant availability and optimization of
availability and sinks your lifecycle costs equipment service life
SIPLUS CMS2000 permanently monitors the state of equip- High level of usability with parameterization
ment subject to wear (motors, bearings, pumps etc.) and and visualization using a Web browser, both
other critical process components. Systematic recording and on-site as well as in remote mode
evaluation of trends enables early detection of impending Implementation of intelligent maintenance
failures and appropriate scheduling of necessary mainte- concepts - including predictive maintenance
nance work during the production cycle such that unplanned Reduced maintenance costs with minimum
downtimes can be minimized. investment overhead

Switch on, parametrize, diagnose

SIPLUS CMS2000 supports detailed damage detection in your
plant by means of frequency-selective diagnostics using up
to 16 IEPE vibration sensors. The data obtained can be
recorded and exported. Parameterization, diagnostics and
visualization are simple to carry out using a Web browser
without the need for additional software.

Answers for industry.

SIPLUS CMS2000: Condition monitoring of a drive train
for further analyses

SIPLUS CMS X-Tools the powerful

analysis software
For more detailed diagnostics, the raw data
e.g. via WinCC, PCS 7 Remote access recorded by the CMS2000 can be exported
SIMATIC IPC Maintenance Station e.g. via cRSP/ePS to the powerful SIPLUS CMS X-Tools, which
can logically link a wide variety of parame-
Ethernet ters and signals. Flexible configuration of
Binary SIPLUS CMS2000* the interfaces to management systems is
signals configuration: possible.
LAN 1 Basic Unit VIB
SIMATIC controller 2 Temperature modules

Modular connection of up to 16 *Order No. for SIPLUS CMS2000: 6AT8002*

IEPE vibration sensors possible (You can find all current ordering data
as well as the conditions of sale and delivery
Additional monitoring: in Catalog CA 01 and on the Internet at:
Temperature measurement
(Pt100, Pt1000, )
E.g. pressure sensors via ana-
log inputs
Drive train: Drive Gear Bearing Pump

Modular, functional
Thanks to its modular design, SIPLUS
Characteristic values (bearing and vibration monitoring) CMS2000 can be perfectly modified to
Frequency-selective analysis using FFT, H-FFT suit your specific requirements. If you
Trend analysis want to connect more IEPE vibration
Limit monitoring of frequency bands, process variables, sensors, for example, it is easy to
temperature expand the Basic Unit VIB with VIB-
MUX vibration multiplexer modules.
Recording with time stamp of trend values,
These facilitate connection of up to 16
raw data, frequency spectra, message archive
vibration sensors. Temperatures can be
Easy damage localization using fingerprint comparison
measured using temperature modules.
Output of system and status messages Further imputs are available for moni-
Raw data diversion for additional diagnostics toring speed and pressure, for
Web server and e-mail notification example.

Picture left:
View of envelope spectrum
in Web browser without
additional analysis software

Picture right:
Monitoring charts of analysis
using SIPLUS CMS X-Tools
showing raw signal,
envelope spectrum,
orbit representation,
2D histogram

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