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Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Ads can be a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether to build a brand preference or to educate people.

The Five M’s Of Advertising
The organizations handle their advertising in different ways. In small companies, advertising is handled by someone in the sales or marketing department, who works with an ad agency. A large company will often set up its own advertising department or else hire an ad agency to do the job of preparing advertising programmes. In developing a program, marketing managers must always start by identifying the target market and the buyer’s motives. Then they can make the five major decisions in developing an advertising program, known as the five M’s, viz.
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Mission: what are the advertising objectives? Money: how much can be spent? Message: what message can be sent? Media: what media should be used Measurement: how should the results is evaluated?

The above mentioned can be explained by the diagram given below The 5Ms of Advertising Checklist for planning of a marketing or advertising campaign. • What are the objectives? • Mission • What is the key objective? • How much is it worth to reach my objectives? • Money • How much can be spent? • What message should be sent? • Message • Is the message clear and easily understood? • What media vehicles are available? • Media • What media vehicles should be used? • How should the results be measured? • Measurement • How should the results be evaluated and followed up?

 Online advertisement:-

Placing Advertisements Online advertisement Advertisements in the publications of The Tribune group submission form can be ordered and paid for online. Classified/display advertisements of different specifications can be inserted in the print editions of The Tribune, Punjabi Tribune and Dainik Tribune and also in the Online edition of The Tribune. To submit material for the advertisements and begin the easy procedure for payments and placement of advertisements go to the online Advt. Order form For an idea of the advertisement rates click the following links: (Exact payment amounts will be intimated by e-mail once the material is submitted)

The goal of the advertisement is the promotion of The Tribune. As per my view the advertisement sends the mission statement correctly. Through its ad its clear that they want people to advertise in the Tribune through classified and display advertisements. According to people’s convenience they are offering to advertise in any of their three newspapers or online edition of their newspaper.

The advertisement cost $ 9 million to the company and attracted the appeal of the consumers. They spend a large amount on their circulation by also maintaining cost effectiveness.

The ad wants to tell people to advertise through different mediums they are offering. People can for ordering for advertisement or can pay for the same according to their convenience.

Here they have used online publication as today people are increasingly using net and also it helps to cover a good market segment.

The add increased the image of the company as the advanced designed brand. The sales of the brand would definitely increase as the add is going to have a lasting effect on the mind set of the consumers

 Print Advertisement:-

As per my view the advertisement sends the mission statement correctly. Through this ad , The Tribune wants to promote its Hindi publication i.e Dainik Tribune. This publication will help catering to the needs of rural people or those who are not so literate.

The advertisement was a great motivational factor and it was a not a costly affair as it was the one tine ad that too was in newspaper.

They want to tell people to get updated with latest happenings in the world with the help of their Hindi edition.

PRINT ADS are the most effective mode of the advertisement as it has the effective viewership. The print add is in a small coloum of newspaper, thus, provides a short overview of the product.

The ad will attract people to go for the Hindi Edition. This will help increase its sales and increase their market share.

 Print Advertisement:-

The mission of the Tribune is clearly defined here. This ad compares the Tribune with other present English dailies. They are among the famous dailies and are increasingly preferred by the people.

The advertisement cost is not much as it is in print form only.

By comparing , The tribune wants to convey a message that it is considered in topmost preferred newspapers. It has good public image.

Print ads are the most effective mode of the advertisement as it has the effective viewership. The print ad is in a small coloum of newspaper, thus provides a short overview of the product.

The ad will enhance the image of Tribune and people would consider it as a status symbol to read such a newspaper which so much popular.The sales of the brand would definitely increase as the add is going to have a lasting effect on the mind set of the consumers.

 Online Advertisement:-

Thursday, December 27, 2007, Chandigarh, India



This ad shows many aspects of the mission of The Tribune. Since the tribune is most preferred newspaper in North India, it focuses to tell the Punjab Stories and update people with the latest happenings through its online edition.

Money involved was not at all high as it was internet edition and it was limited for particular stream which was mentioned in the ad so not publicized also so much.


The message displayed is clear enough. It shows the trust Tribune has maintained since 125 years and promises to abide by it in years to come. It wants to convey all the latest happenings to the people of Punjab and covers almost all the states of Punjab.

The media used here is online edition, so as to cater to a different stream of people and provide them service according to their convenience.

Measurement :
This ad will surely influence the interest of the readers. This inturn will increase its sales volume thereby increasing its market share.

Competitive Position of the Tribune
The Tribune is a Market Nicher in newspaper industry. It has its focus mainly in North India and specialises by focusing on a very narrow range of products or on a select band of consumers. Firms with low shares of the total market can be highly profitable through smart niching, so the tribune is following this strategy in order to maintain its position in the market. The tribune is considered a premium brand covering people of all demography and is comprehensive. . The tribune has used its value preposition to create an image in mind of customers. And it covers its major costs through advertising income. The company is charging premium prices from its customers and the prices charged does not affect customers. It charges Rs 3 per paper which is high as compared to The Times of India and Hindustan Times as they charge @ Rs 2. Advertisements regarding admissions, Job classifications, matrimonials etc are published for this purpose by giving them required publicity and charging them for the same. The Tribune, the largest selling daily in North India, publishes news and views without any bias or prejudice of any kind. It is an independent newspaper in the real sense of the term.

Promotional Strategy of The Tribune
WHAT IS PROMOTION? Promotion is the activities people use to communicate with others about their product or service and to convince them to use it. Everything you do communicates something about your business. In tourism, this includes a wide variety of activities including brochures, billboards, and newspaper ads. Promotion involves careful planning. THE TOOLS OF PROMOTION

There are four main promotional tools: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity. DEVELOPING YOUR PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Developing an effective promotional strategy demands more than just being aware of the tools of promotion. Promotion is an ongoing process that requires much planning. A strategy is simply a careful plan. The effectiveness of your strategy depends on more than how much money you put into it. Effectiveness results from the thoroughness of your planning and the consistency with which you carry it out.  Have your company profiled in a magazine or newspaper that is read by prospective customers.  Hire an advertising agency or public relations firm.  Hold a promotional contest.  Hold a seminar on your service, product or industry.  Include promotional material with your invoices.  Look for prospective customers at trade shows related to your industry.  Look for prospective customers in associations & at seminars related to your industry  Put signboards and billboards for more publicity.  There can be more television advertisement  Place promotional notes on your envelopes, mailing labels.  Place signs or paint logos on your company vehicle(s)  Prepare a list of product features and benefits to help you plan your advertising and promotional campaigns.  Prepare proposals offering solutions to your customers' needs  Provide free samples of your product or service.  Have an open house at your business  Become a sponsor of a community event

By studying the various promotion mix variables it can be concluded that the company can follow the mix of mass communication variables at general level giving priority to publicity alongwith the personal communications in some selected areas. As the company is a market nicher , so by adopting these promotion strategies it can curb the share of its competitors.

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