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I Miss You Blink 182 Music Video Treatment

Background Information
Production Company Name: SBA Media Productions

The visual product that we will be creating is for the song I Miss You by Blink 182
which will last for 3 to 4 minutes featuring both a narrative and a band performance
within the music video. The reason for why we have picked this particular song is
because it ticked all the boxes that we stated at the beginning of our discussion
which included: aspects of romance and in the genre of rock. This track should
appeal to our target audience and the lyrics will be quite relatable to them. Leading
on from that, our audience might be able to use our narrative and situation as a
basis which will the show them that expressing their true colours isnt a bad action.
Our narrative is based around an adolescent male who is experiencing a tough time
in his love life; facing the challenge of being rejected all within his local streets.
What we want to portray within this product is that no one should be judged based
on their actions and that expressing their inner self shouldnt be something you hide
due to other peoples opinion. The type of person that we are looking to target our
product at would be a young adult, predominately male who is between the age of
17 and 21. They will also need to be part of either the C2 or D demographic. This
describes them as working class, who is in a job that requires a lack of educational
knowledge which reflects their background and childhood upbringing. This could
perhaps see them as people who like pop punk music and that is what they have
relied on throughout their upbringing; which could be the reason for their use of
violence and as its how they have been bought up to do. This tells me that they can
relate to the pop punk genre. Our main goal for this music video is to try and
attempt to change our demographics lifestyle in a positive manner. Away from our
target audience, we attempt to sell the bands image which is why they will be
featuring heavily within this product, in the narrative and the performance part of
the video.

There are two parts to our music video: narrative and performance. These will
overlap each other so the product will keep linking back to the narrative after
watching the bands performance, predominantly when the chorus is playing. Within
the narrative, two themes will be apparent which are: love and romance and the
youth culture. Throughout the visual product these will be visible and represented
primarily through our protagonist Alex who faces these two themes face on. We
have tried to imply a humorous tone in order for us to target all avenues within the
youth. The music video features Alex who has the task of coming to terms with the
fact that his ex-girlfriend, who he still has feelings for, has just got into a new
relationship. From hearing this news via social media, it starts to bring out his true
colours and demonstrates his way of dealing with this tough period in his love life.
We have represented Alex as a deep thinker which challenges the stereotype who
normally rely on violence to get through tricky situations within their life. By doing
this, we hope to give our demographic a different view on how they could perhaps
deal with these types of situations and change their ways in the future.

Alex McEwan This is our main character. He will be the male figure who will face
the situation where he comes across his loved one linking up with another man. He
will experience the heartbreak and we will get to see how he handles the situation.

Laura Mulvey Laura is the female character who is in a tricky situation where her
ex-boyfriend doesnt handle the news well that she is in a new relationship. She will
face a time period where Alex cant help but contact her but she doesnt respond
and acts in a stubborn manner. However later on in the video, she comes to terms
the mistake that she has done and tries to rekindle their relationship by getting in
contact and requesting to meet up with him.

Declan Rudd This is our antagonist. Declan doesnt physically feature within our
product but we see images of him getting abuse from Alex on a dartboard. He is
seen as the villain in Alexs eyes although he hasnt been seen doing anything
wrong from the audiences point of view.

Our narrative is based around a heartbreak which is shown in the males
perspective. The reason for this is because the dominant gender that we are
targeting is males resulting in them being able to relate to his actions and emotions.
Not only that but all the band members are male and we have decided to have Alex
the singer, as the main character because it will allow our demographic to see
how one of their idols perhaps react and this also uses Richard Dyers theory of star
power. Our storyline will relate to the lyrics and the title of the song and will also
convey emotion. The way in which we will showcase this is by framing shots which
show Alex staring at photographs of his loved one, throwing darts aggressively at
the dartboard and doubting himself when proposing to send her a text message.

The music video will start with the camera panning round into a mid-shot of Alex sat
at his desk scrolling through Facebook on his computer with a photo frame of his
loved one Laura Mulvey. The camera then cuts into a close up of Alexs face from
the computer screens perspective with a shocked expression on his face, looking
distraught. A POV shot is the shown allowing the audience to see what Alex has
seen on the screen. From this we see that his ex-girlfriend has updated her
relationship status to in a relationship with Declan Rudd. We then see an over the
shoulder shot of Alex gazing at the photograph of Laura. Now the audience get an
idea of what is happening in this video, the music will then start beginning with
time-lapses of clouds moving in a local woodlands field. Various scenes that will be
shown within the visual product include the following. A long shot will show Alex
leaning against a brick wall on his phone. Then an over the shoulder shot displays
that he texting this female character that he is attracted to still although she no
longer loves him. This demonstrates that Alex is very insecure and doesnt have the
courage to send her the message as we see him quickly delete the message, then
cuts to a mid-shot of him smashing his phone on the floor in anger. He then storms
out of shot. Another scene that indicates his heartbreak is of him viciously attacking
the dartboard with the darts. After seeing that from a quick tracking shot past the
door, we are then shown a close up of the dart board which has an image of the
protagonist attached to the board. This illustrates his feelings for the protagonist
and clearly indicates that he frustrated with himself because he feels as if he didnt
try hard enough before everything didnt go his way. The next scene links to the
lyrics, where are you, Im so sorry, I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight. While
these lyrics are being heard, the visuals begin with a close up of Alex waking up in
the middle of the night seeming very restless and struggling not to sleep due to the
thoughts that are going through his mind about Laura. We are then shown a mid-
shot of an alarm clocks hands spinning out of control suggesting that he has lost his
mind. After several scenes of where we see Alex not having the courage to send his
loved one a text message, the table turns and he receives a text from her stating I
miss you. Are you free to meet? We are then shown a mid-shot in slow motion of
Alex dropping his sandwich and quickly sprints outside to locate his bike. However,
it wasnt quite so simple for Alex because we are shown a medium long shot of Alex
kicking his tyre in frustration because it was flat. This left Alex with no choice but to
use his old skateboard which he cant ride properly in order for him to be able to
meet his loved one after weeks of being heartbroken. This gave Alex a chance to
rekindle their relationship. Once Alex has arrived at the destination, a long shot is
displayed showing the pair standing together looking out over the estate whilst in
conversation. The camera then tilts up into the sky leaving the audience on a cliff
hanger and to use their imagination to think what may have happened in the future
between the two of them.

In parts of the music video, predominantly the choruses, the band performance will
be shown to truly meet the pop punk genre. By doing this we will be able to sell the
band as an image and also allow the audience to put an image of band behind the

When it comes to the cinematography that will feature within our music video we
will use a variety of different shot types, angles and camera movements. One of our
main aims is to try and capture Alexs emotion and the fact that he is feeling very
lonely and isolated from the outside world. The way in which we plan to do this is by
using long mid-shots, alongside loose framing in order to portray the emotion that
we desire the product to convey. In terms of representing our protagonists emotion
we will use a mixture of close ups, extreme close ups and mid-shots. We will also
experiment the techniques of a focus pull, pans, tracking shots and POV shots to
empathise our protagonists movements and actions.

In the post-production we will use two techniques of editing which consist of

continuity and montage. Continuity editing is the process where you link
movements from one shot into another so its as if it was all in one motion. This will
be used when we need to piece together an array of shots to show our protagonists
action within a scene. As our visual product is only 4 minutes long we have decided
to use montage editing as well which will enable us to display certain shots for a
short period whilst quickly cutting to a shot which links to the narrative. By doing
this it allows us to vary our shot types. Montage editing is an editing technique in
which shots are juxtaposed in an often fast-paced fashion that shortens time and
conveys a lot of information in a relatively short period. When we plan the
storyboard we propose to make the cuts and transitions at the end of each lyric
which the shot will be linked to and this has the tendency to be on the beat making
it look made to a high quality and more sophisticated. We plan on predominately
having fast cuts to make our product fit into the genre of Pop Punk as we picked up
on that convention when we were researching into the genre. We plan on altering
the colour intensity depending on what shot is being displayed. The reason for this
is because it will create the product to be raw and edgy linking to our chosen genre.
Another editing technique that we have in mind is changing the pace of the shot.
For example in the sandwich scene, we will make it so it is in slow motion when the
food is falling to the floor focusing on the fact that he has had a text from his loved
one and that he is shocked.

Regarding sound, no additional sound effects or diegetic sounds will be added to our
product. The only sound that will accompany the visuals is the song itself I Miss

Location and Setting:
For our music video we will be using different locations that we allow our main
character to reflect on certain situations that have happened in the past; showing
the audience that our protagonist is a deep thinker and is emotionally insecure. For
example we will be using scenic fields, local suburban areas, Holmer Green Senior
School where we will be able to show him daydreaming and streets covered in
graffiti. By using these locations, we will be meeting the stereotypical conventions
of our genre. One of the main reasons why we have decided to use these locations
is due to the fact that our demographic are common to be situated within these
places making them able to create an understanding. Not only that but we will be
able to capture our protagonists emotion in each of these locations adding to the
Learning from the research that I gathered about my genre Pop Punk, I picked up on
the casual stereotypical teenage style clothing is worn which attracts their target
audience. I also noticed that there is a distinct colour scheme throughout,
predominately using dark and dull colours black, white and the odd vibrant colour
mainly from graffiti and items such as hats. The reasoning for planning on
incorporating these colours in our final product is because I have found out that
these colours are constantly being linked and associated with this style of music.
Levi Strauss theory of binary opposites is included within the genre through the
colours black and white. Black connotes death, evil and misery whereas the colour
white signifies innocence and purity which challenges the stereotypical conventions
of the pop punk genre. We will therefore dress our protagonist Alex, in casual
clothing which will be in the colours of black and white. These will vary from jeans,
t-shirts, jumpers, coats and hats. Our demographic are seen to be up to date in the
fashion aspect of life, wearing brands that represent their rebellious behaviour such
as Element, Palace, Supreme and Vans. We will try and match some of
these brands into our music video because it will allow our demographic to connect
with Alex. Our band Satellite 7 who will be featuring in the product, will be wearing
similar clothing to one another to show that they are united. We will also get some
members to wear tattoo sleeves which are a stereotypical convention when it
comes to this genre of music.