In 2005 Stephen Feinberg, 45, the CEO of Cerberus submitted the winning
bid for Bank Leumi. Feinberg is a Jewish New Yorker who turned a $10 million
fund into a holding company whose properties sell more than $30 billion
annually. While under Feinberg’s leadership in December 2014 Bank Leumi,
headquartered in Israel, paid $270 million in fines to the IRS and an
additional $130 million to New York’s Department of Financial Services. There
were admissions of wrongdoing and a deferred prosecution agreement from
U.S. authorities. The U.S. Justice Department filed a conspiracy charge
against the bank, but agreed to defer prosecution for two years. Leumi has
admitted that it put client money in tax havens and helped clients create
false tax returns over a 10-year period. Bank Leumi also admitted it helped
clients hide assets under assumed names and numbered accounts, used
loans to get access to undeclared money, and moved undeclared assets. The
bank must hand over the names of more than 1,500 U.S. account holders
and must help the U.S. in other investigations.

Another of Feinberg’s firms, Ally Financial, was bailed out during the
Recession, and currently, the U.S. Treasury still has a 16% stake in the

company. Many money managers and analysts believe that the government
position in the stock is holding Ally Financial back, and Treasury’s occasional
dump of shares can be thought of as a buying opportunity. The fund
managers with sizeable positions in Ally include Dan Loeb, who owns 45
million shares and Stephen Feinberg of Cerberus Capital Management, who
surpasses Loeb’s holding with 47 million shares at a value of $1 billion. Ally
comprises 90% of Feinberg’s portfolio.


In 2008 Veritas acquired DynCorp International, best known for training
foreign security forces for the United States government. By 2005 operations
in Iraq and Afghanistan accounted for 37 percent of DynCorp’s revenues.
April 12, 2010: DynCorp International agreed to sell itself to Cerberus Capital
Management for $1.5 billion. Stephen A. Feinberg is CEO of Cerberus.

Feinberg took over running a CIA logistics and mercenary propriety DynCorp.
Already on Trump’s economic advisory council he is expected to be
appointed to lead the audit of the intelligence agencies. Feinberg bought this
post by contributing the Trump’s campaign.

Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner once considered him for director of national
intelligence or chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s clandestine service.
These were people who had access to CIA documents revealing his covert
role in the Agency.

The origins of DynCorp are murky. Harry Truman established DynCorp around
the same time the CIA was formed, 1948 allegedly to provide jobs for Vets.
The billion dollar company is still a CIA proprietary with contracts from the
DEA, Pentagon, DOS etc. It trains death squads aka police forces in El
Salvador, Panama, Haiti and Bosnia. Many of its top bananas were recruited
from CIA and it is a cut out for many CIA ops. In Ken Silverstein’s book
Private Warriors it revealed that beginning in the early 1990’s the company,
working under State Department cover, and under the pretext of the drug
war, carried out privatized counter insurgency missions against Leftist
revolutionary groups. In Peru Dyncorp was awarded a contract to “do
maintenance” on aircraft loaned by US Government to do drug war missions.
But in 1992, one of these aircraft crashed in the jungle. On board were three
Dyncorps employees including Robert Hickman a CIA covert ops agent who
had worked for Air America in Laos and ran from CIA agent Ed Wilson’s
Libyan op for Muamar Kaddafi.

LIMA, Peru, Jan. 23, 1992 — Peruvian rebels claimed
responsibility today for the downing of an American
helicopter this month in a coca-producing region. Three
Americans aboard the helicopter were killed. The Shining
Path guerrilla movement said in a report in its underground
newspaper that it used surface-to-air missiles to down the
helicopter on Jan. 12. The helicopter crashed as it was
providing illumination for another helicopter that had made
an emergency landing for repairs. The three Americans
killed were employed by Dyncorp, a private company under
contract to the State Department to fly and maintain United
States aircraft on loan to Peru's police base at Santa Lucia.
The base is a center for antidrug operations in the region.

In 2002, the U.S. government hired about 40 private gunmen, from the
American company DynCorp, to keep President Hamid Karzai alive in
Afghanistan. The New York Times reported on AUG. 30, 2004

At least seven people, including at least two Americans,
were killed Sunday when a powerful bomb exploded outside
the compound of an American contractor helping to train
the Afghan police. A spokesman for the International
Security and Assistance Force in Kabul, Squad Leader Peter
Maskell, said a second bomb had been found next to the
explosion site and had been defused by French explosives
experts. The bombing comes just 40 days before
presidential elections, scheduled for Oct. 9, and after
warnings that the Taliban and other militant groups were
planning major attacks in Kabul before the elections. It is the
deadliest attack in Kabul since September 2002, when 26
civilians died in a car bombing. American and Afghan
officials say the building attacked Sunday was used by
DynCorp Inc., which provides security for President Hamid
Karzai and also has a contract to train the police force. The
building also included some residences, the officials said.

CEO: Lewis Von Thaer (Jul 6, 2015–) As Chief Executive Officer at DELTA
TUCKER HOLDINGS, INC., one of Dyncorp’s parent companies Lewis Von
Thaer made $1,783,026 in total compensation. Of this total $338,545 was
received as a salary, $1,400,000 was received as a bonus, Headquarters:
McLean, VA Number of employees: 16,800 Founded: 1946 Subsidiaries:

Global Linguist Solutions Parent organization: Cerberus Capital Management.
The top recipient of State reconstruction funding by total awards was
Dyncorp International Limited Liability Corporation (Dyncorp). Dyncorp
received approximately $2.8 billion in contracts, accounting for 69 percent of
total State Department reconstruction awards. The majority of Dyncorp
contracts were for governance and rule-of-law activities such training and
equipping the Afghan National Police. Dyncorp contracts included police
trainers, construction of police infrastructure, and fielding police equipment
and vehicles. PAE Government Services Incorporated (PAE) received the
second largest amount of total State reconstruction awards, receiving $598
million in contracts. PAE contracts supported development of the rule of law,
including police training, counternarcotics advising, and justice sector

DynCorp is now locked in a major legal dispute over the fate of a $10 billion
State Department contract that it previously held to provide air support for
counternarcotics operations overseas.


This is the nature of the company he purchased: In the 1990's, several
employees of DynCorp, were implicated in a sex-trafficking scandal in Bosnia

involving girls as young as 12. Had these men been soldiers, they would
have faced court-martial proceedings. As private workers, they were simply
put on the next plane back to America.

Originally hired by DynCorp Aerospace, a British subsidiary of US based
DynCorp International, in the framework of a UN-related contract, Kathryn
Bolkovac filed a lawsuit in Great Britain against DynCorp for unfair dismissal
due to a protected disclosure (whistleblowing), and on 2 August 2002 the
tribunal unanimously found in her favour. DynCorp had a $15 million contract
to hire and train police officers for duty in Bosnia at the time. She reported
such officers were paying for prostitutes and participating in child sex
trafficking. Many of these officers were forced to resign under suspicion of
illegal activity, but none have been prosecuted, as they also enjoy immunity
from prosecution in Bosnia.


The private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, announced it was
selling Remington Arms Company, one of America’s largest rifle makers, as it
tried to distance itself from public and political anger against the firearms
industry. The father of Cerberus boss Stephen Feinberg lives in Newtown,
Connecticut, where a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle made by Remington was used
to kill 20 children and six elementary school staff. The gun used by 20-year-
old Adam Lanza in the massacre on Friday is a ‘civilian’ version of the
military M-16. As of February 2017, however, Cerebus still owns Freedom