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A Quick Look Resources and

Contact Info:
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR):
Urgent support 24-hour hotline: (617) 495-9100
Non-urgent requests and general information: (617) 496-5636

RESPONSE Peer Counselors:

Hotline: (617) 485-9600, 7 days a week, 8pm-8am
Drop-in: Lowell Basement E-13, Sun-Thurs, 8pm-11pm

Student Mental Health Liaisons (SMHL):


Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS):

Request an appointment: (617) 495-2042
After-hours urgent care now located in Pound Hall: (617) 495-4414

Room 13:
Hotline: (617) 495-4969
Drop-ins: Every night, 7pm-7am, Thayer basement

Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC):

Phone: (617) 495-2581


HRDC Board Members:

Emily Bergquist: (770) 570-9526;
Madison Deming: (845) 641-1478;
Caro Ribeiro: (786) 423-5484;
Ammunition: the Musical 2

Carla Troconis: (786) 239-0318;

Casey Goggin: (910) 599-4027;
Meghan Onserio: (952) 215-7027;
Eli Schleicher: (610) 220-8737;
Inaara Shiraz: (954) 554-2179;
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention
and Response

OSAPR is a resource that is available to you at any time, for

any need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to OSAPR or
RESPONSE for support, help, concerns, or questions.
The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club has partnered with Harvards
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR), to
provide training and support for all members of our community. In
collaboration with OSAPR, the HRDC will provide mandatory training for
all directors, producers, and stage managers every season, with the
purpose of promoting safer, trauma-informed spaces that are equitable
and inclusive. Upon request, OSAPR will also design unique content-
based training for all casts and staffs of shows that deal with topics
surrounding consent, sexual assault, and gender- or sexuality-based
The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response seeks to eliminate
harm, violence, and oppression through the intersectional promotion of
gender equity and social justice. They advocate for the
compassionate, just treatment of survivors and collaborate with our
Harvard community to effect attitudinal and behavioral change. For
urgent and immediate support and services, please call our 24-hour
hotline: (617) 495-9100. For non-urgent requests and general
information, dial our office line at (617) 496-5636.
To learn more about OSAPR, please visit
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If you prefer to speak with a peer, RESPONSE Peer Counseling

provides support regarding relationship issues including sexual
harassment and assault. Hotline: (617) 485-9600. 7 days a week, 8pm-
8am. Drop-in hours: Lowell Basement E-13, Sun-Thurs, 8pm-11pm.

Mental Health Resources

Struggling with mental health is something a large majority of

Harvard College students go through. We hope that the HRDC can
work together to create an environment that is engaged, supportive,
and aware of how we deal our own mental health and the health of
others in our work and our lives. Please do not hesitate to reach out
to any of these resources for questions, concerns, and support.

Student Mental Health Liaisons are student leaders who work

collaboratively with the Wellness Proctors/Tutors and student groups to
promote a supportive student community at Harvard. Liaisons educate, raise
awareness, and engage in community programs in order to help our
community better understand the issues of emotional wellbeing, early
recognition of students in distress, treatment effectiveness, treatment
options, and to promote emotional support in the community. Find SMHL on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or via email at Visit
their website, for more.

Room 13 is a peer counseling service, with male and female students

available to listen and provide general counseling on any topic. Students are
also welcome to just drop by, sit down, relax, and have cookies. Drop-ins
open every night 7pm-7am in Thayer basement, and they are reachable via
their hotline at (617) 495-4969.

UHS provides professional mental health support through their Counseling

and Mental Health Services (CAMHS). There, students receive
comprehensive outpatient care for a variety of concerns, including anxiety,
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depression, stress, crisis management, transitional issues, grief, and eating,

sexual, or relationship concerns. To schedule an appointment with CAMHS,
call (617) 495-2042, Monday, 8:00am-6:00pm, Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00am-
7:00pm, or Friday, 8:00am-5:30pm. CAMHS is located in the Smith Campus
Center, 4th Floor. After-hours urgent care is located in Pound Hall, or at (617)

Other mental health resources include the Bureau of Study Counsel and
House Tutors. For more information, visit or your
House website.

Actors Equity Rules

The HRDC is committed to creating a comfortable and supportive
environment for everyone in the community. We ask that all actors be
fully dedicated to their projects, and in return we ask that all directors
and producers ensure that these rules are being followed at all times:

The workweek shall not exceed 42 hours of rehearsal and

On a two-performance day, the actor may not rehearse.
On non-performance days, rehearsals shall not exceed 8-of-10
hours (i.e. rehearsals that span 10 hours must include two one-
hour breaks).
There shall be a break of no less than 1.5 hours after five
consecutive hours of work.
Except during dress rehearsal, an actor shall be given a five-
minute rest period after no more than 55 minutes. If the five-
minute rest is not given, a ten-minute rest must be given instead
after 80 minutes.

Any actor who feels that these rules are being violated should
approach their director, producer, or HRDC Board Liaison.
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