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Agenda ( y) r Search Advanced Personalization Cart and Checkout Payment Vouchers and Promotions Commerce & Subscriptions and Entitlements Order B2B Commerce Management Order Management Module Order Management Services Customer Service Module Assisted Services Module V ) Agenda W r • Data Integration Landscape • Data Hub Data • ImpEx and Hot folders Integration • Omni Commerce Connect • Commerce Infrastructure Services \ • Back-End Integration • Product Configuration SAP • SAP CAR Integration Integration • SAP yMarketing Integration J 2 H Y200 © hyb ris. A n S A P C o m p a n y .

com Name Role Previous exposure to hybris Expectations Hobbies © h ybris.instructor@hybris. Agenda • Architecture • Security Technical Automation and Internationalization Basics • Data Validation • Reporting W ho’s Who? Instructor hybris. A n S A P C o m p a n y H Y200 3 .

M odular & Service Oriented Comm erce Solution Releases M 5. Minor. new • New features • New feature which can be • Critical bugs fixed system build etc. Major. 3. A n S A P C o m p a n y . • Every 3 months • Migration guides provided for epic and major releases • Release notes are available on the wiki on the Downloads page 4 H Y200 © hyb ris. 1 Patch • New architecture. Feature. TOUCH POINT EVENTS SOCIAL FEEDS CUSTOMER MASTER 3rd PARTY SYSTEM Complete. 2. • Every 6 months released without API • When necessary • Every 1-2 years changes. The hybris Wiki The hybris website https://wiki.action © h ybris.hvbris. • Since version hybris SAP License M • In order to use hybris products a valid license is required.hvbris.hvbris. • For a detailed step-by-step guide and tutorials please visit: https://wiki. A n S A P C o m p a n y H Y200 5 .com/displav/SUP/Licensina+Procedure hybris Resources The Extend Marketplace The hybris Experts https://www.hvbris. • In order to download software you need to have an S-User ID and the proper https://experts. hybris is using the SAP Licensing Process.

The hybris Wiki ( y) • The hybris wiki is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about hybris and its products. A n S A P C o m p a n y . • It contains: • Product downloads • Pricing information • Product information • Documentation for current and previous hybris releases • Training and Certification • hybris Support • How to get a wiki account: • Sign up on the wiki (only for hybris Partners and Customers) • Your Channel or Customer Account Manager will approve your request shortly • hybris Education has no influence in the approval procedure 6 H Y200 © hyb ris.

if they aren’t please contact us on • Ameya Joshi • Greg Robinson • Radisa Pantic • Cui Jian • Julio Viegas • Shan Kathirvadivelan • Dario Pedol • Luca Gennari (Chinnathambi) • David Scheffel • Manfred Wolff • Shana Blair • David Zekert • Markus Buchberger • Suryakant Surve • Donald Brenner • Michael Albrecht • Tsuyoshi Kawarasaki • Fernando Redondo • Noriko Goto WenJu (Winston) Zhang • Francois Levesque • Phil Ladd • WenQi (Samuel) Yang • Gang (Safin) Li • Pierre Billon • Bernhard Krug • Greg Matus • Piotr Bukala ■A m © h ybris. A n S A P C o m p a n y H Y200 7 . h y b r is _ tr a in in g @ s a p .c o m M Your trainer should be on this list.

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hybris Com merce Accelerator “The hybris Commerce Accelerator. ” 10 H Y200 © hyb ris. C l STOREFRONT COCKPIT D is a ready-to-use Web framework CHANNI that will enable you to jump-start your implementation and easily build COMMERCE ^ H W C and maintain a feature-rich omni­ X 8M fel ^ channel commerce solution. A n S A P C o m p a n y .

express and guest check out Cross selling capability Social-network integration Google analytics integration Support for user generated content © h ybris.fB :i«l m . •• VU SCB7 | FikI h Stem | S91 Ou VonNNI Customer services capabilities M commefce sccdcislor trgun *1 $uso *1 rm <o- t o electronic store Buy online and pick up in store Brand* C*e» ConMtai Ftm Camara* Hard HaOdCamcerdar* fOoaar Buwitta F M Marnjrj C*MM Acoaaaorta* l 8uppta* Checkout. The Accelerator Solution Portfolio Verticals/ G eographies retail j Insurance j telco j | china Solutions Functional Scope Technical hybris to foundation Platform & B2C Accelerator M a « m Pan | Vkur Acrnurl ERM. A n S A P C o m p a n y H Y200 11 .

s)r. a * c t o Available as a b2c addon M h?c telco store I m looking f o r t. A n S A P C o m p a n y .l Functionality to define subscription Devices Accessories Service Plans Service Add Ons TV Channels plans and bundle products My Device My Service Plan My Service Add-Ons Rule-based discounts and bundles Select a D evice Select a Service Plan Choose your S ervice Add-Ons Automatic cross and upsells of compatible accessories A guided selling process feature BOPIS Customization of the standard checkout flow 12 H Y200 © hyb ris. B2B Accelerator ( y) Organization Management • Spend Control Customer Account Management • Guote Negotiation • Order Replenishment • Order Approval Punch Out functionality Telco Accelerator commerce accelerator %*««•»« m m nw fw.

Financial Services Accelerator O '} financial services Custom forms and templates for different insurance types Travel with confidence Guided selling feature P a ck th e s jn o lo c k . © h ybris. A n S A P C o m p a n y H Y200 13 .a M H R » P o « f* s » « 3 T a * w Top navigation drop-down with a featured product components Integration of the Jiathis social toolbar Extended address model Integration to Baidu maps for geo location Alipay is integrated as a hosted order page. • s w a n > 4 .i: ‘ 1 302 205 5067 | | Q Dynamic page scroll M itfc m iwwm ^8 Horizontal and vertical tabbed components S K > ft a h * > « r . le ave the w o rry behind D Easy-to-configure bundling options Get a q u o te The ability to retrieve. save and review quotes during the checkout process GET QUOTE My account area a P HOMEOWNERS RENTERS G s* AUTO Flexible customer payment options “Find agent” feature < §> N o t s u re w n ic h p la n to c h o o s e 0 F in d a n A g e n t Now ! RfTTIIEVf A QUOTE v f w y o u i policies Accelerator for China I z m ...

0 * 14 H Y200 © hyb ris. Relationship between Accelerators W i * H • Add new functionality to the accelerators by adding various extensions to the lo c a le x te n s io n s .x m l file 1 • Rebuild and restart the hybris server • Perform a system update w w • Multiple B2B and B2C Accelerators can run on the same server and platform. M ^ w I W j § * . 1 3 7 • • • IZ7 • • • Manage your B2B and B2C storefronts and catalogs separately inside the Cockpits. A n S A P C o m p a n y 0 .

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