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Lesson Plan

Cooperative strategies: Think-Pair-Share

I. Describe the Class

Within the kindergarten class there are 24 students. Out of those students there are 4
students who have English as a second language.

II. Subject/Skill:

The subject that the class is focusing on is reading and nutrition.

III. Objective(s)

The students will be able to develop a new ending to the story Gregory, the terrible
eater by Mitchell Sharmat.

IV. Procedures
1. - A book called Gregory, the terrible eater by Mitchell Sharmat will be read
to the students at the carpet section, asking questions and making comments to
keep the children engaged during the reading.
- When the story has come to an end, the teacher will state If you were the
author how would you have ended the story? The students will then discuss
with a partner on how they would end the story; the cooperative strategy is
incorporate within this procedure. Once the students have shared their ideas,
the teacher will ask who would like to share? Ill choose 5 quiet friends.
- When the five students chosen have shared, all the students will go to their
seats and wait for further instructions.
- Each student will receive a piece of paper in which they will illustrate their
ideas on paper with pencil and crayons. When the drawing is made, the
students will explain their image by sounding out the words.
- When everyone is done, the teacher will pick a table by using sticks with the
students name on it, in which those will share their paper with the class if they
decide to. After each of those students share, the students will give them a
round of applause.
2. Review Prerequisites: To complete this assignment, students will have to be
able to have the skill of reading comprehension to understand what is
occurring the book. Students will also have to know the sounds of the letters
within the alphabet to be able to describe their image or come close to it.
3. Modeling: As a model, the teacher will give an example at the end of the
book. The teacher will draw on the board how she would have ended it and
ask the students to help her sound out the words to complete the assignment.
4. Conducting Learning Probes: Through this activity all students will be
involved by discussing in pairs their ideas and then putting their ideas on
paper. Before letting the students, the teacher will quickly review what is
being asked from them.
5. Independent Student Practice: As the students are working on their own piece
of art work the teacher will walk around to see that everyone has understand
the task.

V. Materials
- Gregory, the terrible eater by Mitchell Sharmat
- Crayons
- Paper with lines at the bottom and room to draw on the top

VI. Grouping Structures

- The location is within the classroom
- In pairs the students will discuss how they would end the story

VII. Modifications
- For students who has English as a second language, I will provide an example and
visuals for the students on the board before letting the students do the activities.
- For students who are gifted can participate in the activity by getting a crayon and
drawing what they had comprehended from the story.

VIII. Assessment

- When the activity is completed they will return to their seats and a worksheet will
be passed to each individual where the students will categorize healthy food vs.
junk food. This will introduce the next lesson on My Plate.

- For this activity there will not be any homework given.