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Mic-line balance


Mic-Line Balance input

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Parametric EQ .

A professional suggestion for those interested in improving sound. The circuit constitutes the part of input mixing console sound from the
microphone or source of high level . It can be used on it's own or be multiplied to the number of channels required. It includes all the useful
functions such as, phantom power , reverse face, signal attenuation for avoiding distortions from high level signals regulating channel gains and
the rest of the stages will be added next stages ,for full mixing console. Attention must be paid to the quality of the materials used. This circuit
may used, previous to Parametric EQ circuit.

Part List
R1-2= 6.8K ohm R16-19= 4.7Kohm C8-11= 10uF25V electrolytic
R3= 56Kohm R17-18= 15Kohm C9-10= 47nF 63V MKT 5%
R4-6= 2.2Kohm R20-21= 27Kohm C12-13= 47nF 63V 5%
R5-7= 220 ohm R22= 22Kohm T1-2= BC560C
R8-9= 39Kohm R23-24-25= 47Kohm IC1= NE5532, TL072
R10-11= 2.7Kohm C1-2= 33uF 63V electrolytic S1-5= On/off Sw

R12-13= 4.7Kohm C3-4= 680pf ceramic or mylar JF1-2= 3 pin-connector

R14= 68 ohm C6= 100uF 25V electrolytic
R15= 10Kohm log. pot. C5-7= 120pF ceramic or mylar ll Registor is 1% metal film

Sam Electronic Circuits 7/01

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