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From: <yvonne2017@tutanota.

Subject: My name is Yvonne. I worked at non profit close to Green
Dot. I want to make up for what we did.
Date: February 4, 2017 at 19:34:13 PM PST
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My name is Yvonne. I worked at non profit close to Green Dot. I

want to make up for what we did.

I know you do, but it needs to be communicated. But many of the

emails are emphasizing the charter aspect...

thanks again


On Jul 12, 2009, at 10:34 AM, Ben Austin wrote:

I think we all agree 100 percent.

The Parent Revolution is NOT about charters or any other
endgame. It is about giving parents power to give children the
education they need and deserve. This resolution represents an
important tool to help effected that.

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From: Yolie Flores Aguilar <>
To: Marco Petruzzi <>; Burton Judy
Cc: Ben Austin
Sent: Sun Jul 12 12:24:36 2009
Subject: My resolution

Marco, Judy:

I am going to need your help in communicating to the Charter

community that we cannot make my resolution about charters.
My instinct is that will kill it. This needs to be about choice;
about parents, students and community having the power to
decisions that are in the best interest of their children; and about
LAUSD stepping up to the plate on reform. And if it doesn't,
then others (like charters, partnerships, etc) should have the right
to offer something better to our children.

I hope you agree with me. Please communicate this with your
colleagues. The emails that are flooding our email boxes (which I
really appreciate)
need to also emphasize this, not charters. Otherwise it will be
as self-interest. It can't be. It has to be about kids/students

Many thanks,


p.s. PLEASE don't forward this email. simply state it in your own
words. Thanks.
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From: Ben Austin

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 09:17:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Support for Resolution
mike piscall is bringing charter parents. Almost all of the parent
revolution parents are traditional lausd parents (many from

From: Yolie Flores Aguilar <>

To: Ben Austin
Sent: Sat Jul 11 01:25:28 2009
Subject: Re: Support for Resolution

I haven't heard anything re nury; some say tamar may be

inclined to support. But again, since we can't speak to them
without violating brown act, I really don't know.

We need to make sure not to make this a charter issue; make

sure parents are lausd parents too.
South Gate parents were very supportive tonight. However,
because many schools are closed for the summer, and parents
are on vacation, they don't think they can
get me a good turnout.

btw - I just updated my blog... let me know what you think


I'm having breakfast with MG. I hear she's getting pressure from
unions... what's coming out of the seiu conversations with stave
and marco?

going to bed.. I'm exhausted. talk tomorrow,

On Jul 10, 2009, at 10:57 PM, Ben Austin wrote:

We've been on a crash course in all things nury over the last 72
hours and we're told that hope is important to her.

What are you hearing re nury and tamar? I'll be talking to

marshall over the weekend about where antonio needs to focus,
so let me know what you're hearing. Steve barr, marco and I are
calling seiu leaders, we're rallying the charter/reform community
in a big way and will flood the board room with parents.

We are going to pull this off and give you cover to keep pushing
the envelope for kids.

From: Yolie Flores Aguilar <>

To: Ben Austin
Sent: Fri Jul 10 23:38:24 2009
Subject: Re: Support for Resolution

great news re HOPE -- but what's the connection to nury?

On Jul 10, 2009, at 6:52 PM, Ben Austin wrote:

Good news re nury...

From: Mary Najera <>

To: Ben Austin;
<>; Shirley Ford
Sent: Fri Jul 10 19:41:24 2009
Subject: FW: Support for Resolution

Great News all I let them know to notify Nury Martinez of this

Mary Najera
Lead Organizer
Los Angeles Parents Union
We ought to be doing all we can to make it possible for every
child to fulfill his or her God-given potential.

-Hillary Rodham Clinton

From: Fanny Arroyo Oliveira []

Sent: Fri 7/10/2009 4:30 PM
To: Mary Najera
Subject: Support for Resolution

Hi Mary,
Good news, HOPE will support the resolution. Can you please
forward this email to Gabe and advice on next steps. Do you
need a letter?
He can follow up with Lisa as well at

Thank you for coming to meet with us, we got an email from
Alliance For a Better Community asking for support as well.
We wish you much success on Tuesday!

Fanny Arroyo Oliveira

Director, Programs and Operations
Hispanas Organized for Political Equality
634 South Spring Street, Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90014
213-622-0606 x5
213-833-1995 Direct
213-622-0007 Fax
Hotmail has ever-growing storage! Dont worry about storage
limits. Check it out.

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