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Keep your home safe Simple barbecue safety

Every year electrical and gas faults and accidents in

homes cause fires, injuries and even deaths.
In most cases these could have been prevented When you buy a barbecue always look for one that is Home electrical
safety certified for use in Australia; it will have a label
and gas safety
by following basic safety advice and carrying out
regular simple safety checks. and data plate showing the certification number.
The tips in this brochure can help you to keep your
home and the people in it safe. Before you use your barbecue
For more safety advice visit Check the barbecue is clean of oil and fat that can catch fire.
Check the barbecue is in good condition.
Find gas leaks by spraying all connections with a
Always use a licensed electrician solution of household detergent and water. Turn
or gas fitter on the gas, if bubbles appear there is a leak.
Never do electrical and gas work yourself, Check the hose. If it is cracked, brittle or leaking
always use a licensed electrician or gas fitter. replace it.
Unlicensed work is illegal and extremely
dangerous. Check all connections. The regulator and hose
should be connected tightly to the LPG cylinder.
You can check if an electrician or gas fitter is
licensed by visiting Check the test date stamp on the LPG cylinders
neck, collar or foot ring cylinders should be
Get a certificate of compliance tested or replaced every 10 years.
for all gas and electrical work When youre finished cooking, always turn off the
gas at the barbecue and at the LPG cylinder.
You should be provided with a certificate of
compliance within 30 days of the completion Watch our gas barbecue safety video online at
of any electrical or gas work carried out by a
licensed electrician or gas fitter.
A certificate of compliance is your assurance
that the work has been carried out by a
licensed gas fitter or electrician, has been
tested and is proven to be safe and complies The Office of the Technical Regulator
with the relevant requirements and standards. works to keep South Australians safe when
If you do not receive an electrical or gas using and working with electricity and gas
certificate of compliance this could jeopardise Online
your insurance if an electrical or gas-related
incident subsequently causes a fire or damage Email
to the property. Phone 8226 5500
12 practical ways to stay
energy safe at home

1. Test your safety switch 5. Never leave heaters unattended 9. If you smell gas, dont ignore it
Safety switches minimise the risk of electric shocks. Unattended heaters can cause fires. Keep flammable If you smell gas, move to a safe location and report
To test press the T or Test button. materials at least one metre away from the heater, the leak on 1800 808 526 (FreecallTM).
and never plug them into powerboards, double
The switch should trip to the
adaptors or extension cords with other appliances.
off position. If it doesnt, 10. Remember to service gas appliances
ask a licensed electrician to
check it. Poorly maintained gas appliances can cause fires,
6. Roll your electric blanket when storing injuries and release carbon monoxide see tip 11.
A good way to remember
Folding an electric blanket can damage the wires so Have your appliances serviced regularly or
is to test your safety switch
always roll it when storing. When using the electric immediately if you suspect they are faulty, by a
when you change your
blanket again, lay it flat and check for hot spots, a licensed gas fitter.
clocks for daylight saving.
very hot spot could signify a fault and fire risk.

11. Beware carbon monoxide

2. Use extension cords safely 7. Clean your clothes dryer lint filter When gas doesnt burn properly carbon
monoxide is produced. Carbon monoxide is an
Always use an extension cord that has a three pin Lint build-up in your clothes dryer can catch fire so odourless, colourless gas that is very poisonous
plug. Ensure the cord is fully unwound so it wont clean the filter regularly. and can be fatal.
overheat and check the plug and cord are not
Follow the manufacturers Always ventilate rooms when using an unflued
guidelines and only place gas appliance and have your appliances serviced
suitable materials in the regularly.
3. Dont overload powerboards
Cleaning the filter will
Connecting too many appliances or appliances
also improve your dryers 12. Check the test date of LPG
with high electricity use to powerboards can
performance and reduce cylinders
overload them and cause fires.
the risk of overheating. LPG cylinders should be tested or replaced every
Never plug one powerboard into another, or use
10 years.
double or triple adaptors in a powerboard. collar
Each cylinder has a test
date marked either on its
8. Have your insulation and downlights
collar, neck or foot ring.
4. Be careful buying appliances online checked by a licensed electrician
If the cylinder is out
Do not buy a gas or electrical appliance online unless Insulation installed incorrectly around electrical
of date it should be
you are sure it has an Australian safety mark. Visit wiring and downlights can cause fires.
foot ring replaced or safety for a list of safety marks. Have yours checked by a licensed electrician. tested. for independent electrical and gas safety advice