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BDO are referred to as CEO janpad (block) and they carry out all the functions that CEO zila
panchayat does at district level.
They look after implementation of all rural development schemes, they are returning officers in local
elections in the block, they control the gram panchayat secretories, roz far sahayaks and other staff.
Salary of all staff devolved to panchayats and block are drawn and disbursed through them.
All teachers in the block come under CEO janpad panchayat.
Taxation, maintenance of records, work agency for construction at panchayat level, etc are
responsibility of the office of CEO janpad panchayat.

An important post of the Block Development Officer (BDO) was created to support old revenue unit
of the Tehsil or Taluk and develop every village in the respective block. However, this gave rise to a
complex system of multiple controls. In the implementation of rural development schemes, the BDO
has to seek directions of
(i) elected pradhan
(ii) elected zila pramukh
(iii) district collector
(iv)chief executive officer, zila parishad
(v) district level officers connected with line departments of states
(vi) director/commissioner, panchayts
(vii) secretary in- charge of the concerned district
(viii) divisional commissioner
(ix) elected member of the samiti
(x) MLA
(xi) M.P
(xii) Minister-in- charge of the concerned district.
(Hooja 2010).In fact, confusion and tension at the district level administration prevailed during this
period (Chaturvedi 1964).
The Block Development Officer is the official in charge of the block. Block Development Officers
monitor the implementation of all the programs related to planning and development of the blocks.
Coordination of development and implementation of plans in all blocks of district is provided by a
Chief Development Officer (CDO).
BDO office is the main operation wing of the government for the development
administration as well as regulatory administration.
1. Decision Making Process :- Various matter are put up by employees of office
through administrative channel and decision is taken by Block Development Officer. If
it is beyond the power of Head of office, the decision is taken by the Chief Executive
Officer, District Panchayat, as well as Secretary
2. Channel of Supervision and Accountability :- The Village Panchayat Secretary /
Gram Sevika /Gram Sevak work under supervision of Extension officer ( Village
Panchayat ). Overall supervision is done by Block Development Officer for all activities
of the Office. The Block Development Officer is accountable for all related works of
As the name itself reflects, he/she has to perform duties related to developmental works of the
In a Welfare State, State/Govt has dual reponsibility of regulating and ensuring welfare of its people
through development activities. While regulating activities include maintaining law and order,
collecting revenue etc. Development activities include rural development schemes such as NREGA,
pension for widows, old age, differently abled, PDS, housing for the poor, agriculture related
schemes, and any complaints of citizens.
Though there are specialised officers for each department, BDO has to ensure that there is
coordination among various wings.