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Subject English

Class Year 2 Number of pupils 25

Date 06 February 2017 Time 0850 - 0950
Theme World of Self, Family and Friends
Focus skills Listening and Speaking
Integrated skills Writing
Language focus Greetings
Level of Proficiency Low Proficiency
Previous Knowledge
Content Standard -
Learning Standard
Learning Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1. Use proper greetings.
2. Understands rules in classroom.
Learning Activities 1. Teacher introduce himself.
2. Teacher distributes a piece of paper to each of the pupils.
3. Pupils write down their name on the paper.
4. While pupils are writing, teacher write down the
classroom rules in the whiteboard.
5. The piece of paper with the pupils name will be put in
front of their table to make it easier for teacher to know
their name.
6. Pupils read together the rules.
7. Teacher explain the rules.
8. Teacher asks the pupils to recall the rules.