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My Ideal Neighborhood

Stand Presentation
Ss will be required to, first of all, prepare a map in groups of 3 or 4. The teams of 3 or 4 will be
required to prepare and project a photo PPT (on their laptops or tablets) of their ideal neighborhood. Students
are encouraged to use Google Maps or any app or program that allows them to get aerial photos of
neighborhoods. If students prefer, they can draw the neighborhood themselves. We will not use the model
project (maquetas) any more, thus, our Ss can focus more on English and less in modeling. Remember to
emphasize that they are not allowed to display complete pieces of text but just headlines or bullets and visual
aids. If Ss bring snacks or souvenirs to treat the visitors, that will be part of the PrPr grade (roster).

Oral Presentation
The summary should include the 5 following topics about their neighborhood with all the information
they have come up with (so Ss must know they have to be familiar with all this information).
a. Introduction: what part of the city is it located in? Main avenues, streets, safety, people. Is it a good
place to live? Why?
b. Neighborhood: description of the buildings using descriptive adjectives and some determiners.
c. Location: Students have to describe the location of the buildings using prepositions of place.
d. Giving directions: students have to help visitors get to a place in their neighborhoods.
e. Giving advice to tourists: students use the vocabulary and expressions taught in order to suggest
what to do in their neighborhoods and what tourist shouldnt miss.

Ss have to use the grammar and vocabulary theyve learned so far. Teachers should provide students
with language chunks taken from the book so that students have an idea of what they are supposed to say.
We suggest that you prepare some slides to show them.

We can use the class prior to the actual presentation day for a rehearsal. Ss have to be ready
beforehand and teachers shall give feedback on their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, so remind Ss
to bring all the information they have gathered for their stand and oral presentations.

Each student will choose one (or two) of the 5 topics mentioned above. Remember students are not
allowed to read, so stands cant display too much text.

The day of the presentation, the teacher has to listen to every groups presentation and will use the T3
oral quiz assessment sheet to grade his/her Ss.

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