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Year 1 English Scheme of Work First Term


1 Alphabet: Capital letters and A short story identifying and Write letters of the alphabet in Introducing and talking about CVC a sounds eg can, pan, bag, sad Collins Grammar and
lower case letters. comparing two characters. order. myself: Punctuation, Collins
Alphabetical order My name is/Im John and I. Phonics and Spelling
2 Greetings for different times A passage involving greeting Write sentences with greetings: Greeting and asking anothers CVC e sounds pen, leg, net Collins Grammar and
of the day (adults and adults and children. with capitalization and full stop name: whats your name? Punctuation, Collins
children) Phonics and Spelling
3 Common Nouns & Proper Comprehension passage: Write sentences using naming Asking Permission: May I. CVC short i sounds being, bin, sit Collins Grammar and
Nouns identify naming words in a words (objects, places, names, May we.. Punctuation, Collins
selected passage. etc.) Capitalization & full stop Phonics and Spelling
4 Doing Words: Verbs A poem: listen, read and discuss Draw a picture of your friends Making Requests: Can I CVC short o sounds pot, cot, lot Collins Grammar and
for meaning face and label it. Can we. Can you. Recite a poem and talk about it Punctuation, Collins
Phonics and Spelling
5 Singular and Plural (s, and - Read a story (beginning, middle Write a sequence of sentences Re-telling a story to a classmate Plural Nouns(s, es, ies and ves) Collins Grammar and
es) and end) with illustrations to form a Punctuation, Collins
story. Phonics and Spelling
6 Using articles (a, an, the) Read and explain the features of Write a simple recipe in Talking about what I do every CVC long i: words meet, seat, beat Letts English; Collins
with nouns a recipe numbered steps: e.g. how to morning: when I wake up. Grammar and
make a cup of tea. Punctuation, Collins
Phonics and Spelling

8 Describing Words: colours, Read, understand and answer Write sentences to describe Recite a selected range of CVC ai, rain, pain, train Collins Grammar and
numbers and shapes, questions from a traditional nouns using colours, numbers, traditional rhymes. Punctuation, Collins
character and quality rhyme. character and quality Phonics and Spelling
9 Comma and Question Marks Read and discuss a fiction and Write sentences with capital Asking and answering questions CVC ay tray, lay, Collins Grammar and
identify the different characters letters, comma and full stop about a character from a story Punctuation, Collins
in the story Phonics and Spelling

10 Sequence words (first, soon, Read a short narrative and Write sequence sentences to Practice sentences with an -ing words ie sleeping, cooking, Collins Grammar and
now, then) discuss the moral of the story form short narratives using: exclamation and show the eating etc Punctuation, Collins
first, soon, now and then. exclamation mark on the board: Phonics and Spelling
e.g. I love ice cream!
11 Animals and their young Read a given text and explain Write descriptive sentences Describe animals and their Words that begin with bl, cl, fl, gl, Collins Grammar and
ones: sheep, lamb, cat, kitten, clearly the understanding of about My Self young from pictures pl and sl. Punctuation, Collins
what is read. Phonics and Spelling
dog, puppy, pig, piglet, cow,
calf, goose, gosling, etc.
12 Words with contraction: Read and perform a simple Read write and perform a Recite a poem about animals or
cant, Im, shes, hes poem simple poem birds.
13 Examination

14 Exam/Closing