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4247 NE 7th Ave

Seattle, WA 98105

(3 6 0) 8 2 3- 8 91 7
h il uk id@ uw .e du

University of Washington | Se attle, W A

Education Expected June 2018
Informatics Degree, Human-Computer Interaction
! GPA 3.6 - Relevant Coursework: Design Thinking, Front-End Web Development

Projects Sapling | Mobile App Fall 2016

(High-Fidelity Prototype)
Created prototype for mobile app helping college students struggling with self-care. Designed
the apps screens, performed interviews and usability tests, went through various prototype
critiques, wrote a design specification and prepared a video prototype for the app.

Connect 2 Achieve | Information Service Winter 2016

(High-Fidelity Prototype)
Created prototype for website connecting high school students to mentors for guidance
through the college application processes and other resources. Designed the website,
performed usability tests, better developed the site after prototype critiques, and wrote a
design specification.

K E XP | Sea ttle, W A September 2016 Present

Music Metadata & CD Reformatting Intern
! Assist in the creation and organization of a KEXP music database for DJs
! Digitize library of 40,000 compact discs & catalog records with metadata from external
! Add metadata from online music databases to existing digital music collections
! Perform original cataloging for music library holdings predating KEXPs media asset
management system

D UG | Portla nd, OR September 2016 Present

Web Designer & Developer
! Design & early stage development for Portland arts organization
! Build and maintain the DUG website using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
! Organize and manage original content from DUG members and affiliates
! Update information for current events, maintain accuracy

Odegaard Undergraduate Library | Se attle, W A September 2015

Access Technician Present
! Organize library materials and information
! Assist patrons in navigating library resources
! Answer the phone, organize files, and perform other clerical duties

Technical Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Skills UX Sketch,, Invision, User Research, Usability Testing
Other Photography, Photoshop, Writing, Event Planning, Screenwriting, Video Production