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Class : Mutiara 1
Subject : English Language
Date : 6th .January.2016
Duration : 8.00-9.00 a.m. (1 hour)
Number of pupils : 4 pupils

Name Type of disabilities Remarks

Danial Asyraff Down Syndrome
Sofea Amirah Hyperactive
Nurul Azizah Autism
Amirul Faiz Down syndrome

Topic : Greetings
Learning standards: 1.1.1
Skills: Speaking, Listening.
Objective: Pupils should be able to greet a person at a different times during the day.
Learning outcomes: at the end of the lesson pupils will be able to
1. Match 3 out of 4 picture with word in the worksheet
Prior knowledge: Pupils know the times of the day.
Cross-curriculum: Arts,
Moral Values: Self-confidence, Cooperation
Therapy: Music, Communication.
Teaching aids: Music video, Picture cards, Worksheets
Steps Content Activities Remarks
Set Induction The Greetings 1. Teacher will Teaching aids :
(5 minutes) Song play the Music video
Song lyrics song. Moral values :
2. Pupils will be Cooperation, self
Good morning x3 asked by confidence
Good afternoon teacher to
Good evening x2 sing along. Therapy : Music
Good night x1 3. Pupils will be
asked about
Nice to meet you, greetings that
Nice to meet you are in the
too, lyrics of the
Good bye x2
See you

Step 1 Picture cards 1. Pupils will be Teaching aids :

(10 minutes) introduced by Picture cards
the teacher
E.g. about Moral Values :
1. Based on greetings. self- confidence,
picture of courage
teacher will Therapy :
introduce Communication
the greeting skills

2. Based on
picture of
teacher will
the greeting

3. Based on
the picture
of the
teacher will
the greeting
Good night

Step 2 (30 Ketinting 1. Pupils will get Teaching aids :

minutes) in a pair.
Moral values :
2. Pupils will be Confidence,
asked by Teamwork
teacher to
stand behind Therapy: Speaking
the line of therapy,
Ketinting. psychomotor
3. Firstly the
pupils will Skills :
e.g in square 3, jump in all the Communications
the question is squares in the skills
about . What do ketinting with
you say to the their feet, both
teacher you met in or one foot
the morning ? are allowed.
if the students
answers Good 4. After all of the
morning teacher, pupils clear
he/she will get out the first
points. stage.

5. The pupils will

get back in
line. And
queue up
behind the
line of the

6. The first pair

will throw the
gundu. One
of the pupil
from the pair
must jump to
the square
which the
gundu were
7. Pupil will be
asked by the
teacher a
based on the
square he
landed on.
The pair will
get points if
they answer
the question

8. If they answer
the question
correctly they
will also get to
finish one
game of
ketinting and
get another
point from

9. This game will

take turns
with the other
pair, and all of
the pupils
must do it,
unless they
really cant.

10. This game will

be played in 3

11. After that,

teacher will
count the
points and
announce the
Step 3 (10minutes) Worksheets 1. Pupils will be Teaching aids :
Pair and match given a set of Worksheet
worksheet to
be completed Moral values :

. Therapy :
2. Pupils will be Communication
assisted by skills.
the teacher to
complete the

Closure (5minutes) Cognitive and 1. Teacher

Social praises the
Sing along. because of
2. Pupils will be
asked again
about the
greetings their
learned today.
3. Pupils sings
the Greetings